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finnish location information cluster
All FLIC member companies
Arbonaut ................................................... 3
Bitcomp ..................................................... 4
Blom Kartta ............................................... 5
CGI Finland ................................................ 6
Dimenteq .................................................. 7
Esri Finland ............................................... 8
FM-International ...................................... 9
Geometrix ............................................... 1 0
Geotrim ................................................... 1 1
Geowise .................................................. 12
Gispo ....................................................... 13
HERE Europe ........................................... 14
Infotripla ................................................. 15
InPlace Solutions .................................... 16
Karttakeskus ........................................... 17
Keypro .................................................... 18
Leica Geosystems .................................... 19
Mapita .................................................... 20
Paikkatietokonsultit ............................... 21
Planix ..................................................... 22
Ramboll Finland ...................................... 23
Sharper Shape ........................................ 24
Sito ......................................................... 25
SKM Gisair .............................................. 26
Spatialworld ........................................... 27
Spatineo ................................................. 28
Terratec .................................................. 29
Tietomekka ............................................ 30
Trimble Solutions .................................... 31
Viasys VDC .............................................. 32
Vionice .................................................... 33
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Keeping you on the map!
Bentley Systems Finland
Blom Kartta
CGI Finland
Esri Finland
Giswell Consulting
HERE Europe
InPlace Solutions
Leica Geosystems
Pitney Bowes / MapInfo
Ramboll Finland
Robust North
Sharper Shape
SKM Gisair
Sova 3D
Space Systems Finland
Trimble Solutions
Viasys VDC
Founded in 1994, Arbonaut is a Finnish technology company specializing in Open Source GIS solution
development and remote sensing data exploitation with a worldwide footprint. We provide invaluable
information for decision-makers in managing natural resources, especially forest resources. Arbonaut,
as a pioneer in web based forest GIS solutions development, has been working in a truly spatial environment since the beginning. Along our innovative work in the area of spatial information systems,
we have developed ArboGIS, a powerful Open Source GIS application platform running in core of our
Arbonaut has a successful track record of helping our private and public customers to collect, refine, integrate and
use location-related information in their tools and processes, and is a leading GIS solution vendor for Finnish forest
companies and public authorities. We act also globally to
support developing countries’ forest administration to enhance their information gathering, analysis and sharing to
ensure better, sustainable natural resource management.
GIS Applications, developing extensive GIS solutions to
meet individual customer needs, is Arbonaut’s long standing area of expertise. Our recognized agile software development method has been proven to ensure customer satisfaction by delivering results fast and cost effectively with
full transparency.
Arbonaut’s desktop based GIS applications include solutions for customers requiring deep and detailed GIS tools
for efficient forest management. For example, timber procurement and road construction planning, as well as nature
conservation area management are all operated with the
use of Arbonaut’s proprietary GIS tools. Most of our desk-
top GIS applications are based on ArboGIS enhanced uDig,
a technology capable of satisfying the most complex spatial
analytical needs. Many Arbonaut employees are active and
widely recognized members of worldwide uDig development community.
Our references in developing versatile web based GIS applications cover a wide range of uses from education to
industry and natural resource management. User friendly
and intuitive use, scalability and ‘getting the job done’ approach are known characteristics of applications powered
by ArboGIS.
Many of the above mentioned Arbonaut GIS solutions include mobile applications or extension for field use.
Contact Information
Arbonaut Oy Ltd
Jari Kinnunen, Director, SW Business Unit
Tel: +358 40 560 3176 ┃ [email protected]
Bitcomp Oy is a company specialised in software engineering in GIS-environment and mobile technolo­
gies. We have nearly twenty years of experience with information system projects, and we possess
know-how on online services where mobile and geographic information services play a central role.
Our customer base is comprised of forestry and energy companies, as well as businesses active in the
agricultural sector.
With our solutions you can manage your forests and land
property as a whole. Based on map data, you can check the
forests and land you own or manage. To help you, there are
multi-level maps, as well as the height models of the trees,
according to laser scan data. You can plan various measures
to be implemented to your forest and land, and order these
measures from your subcontracting partners directly by using this system. You will also be able to look at reports on
how the measures are progressing.
The system takes into consideration various protection objects; you can create storage points, as well as adding images or videos of the landscape to the data. Furthermore,
this system also helps you manage immaterial rights, such
as hunting rights. In our system geographic information can
contain several elements – for example, it can contain the
location of a certain vehicle, the route driven, or the exact
location of a particular storage point or asset.
Maps play an essential role in the visualization of geographic information. Bitcomp’s map service has been designed
as multi-layered, and we can import contents from various
information sources, in order to enrich the maps. We can
use a desired base map for reference add weather information on the map, property boundary information, as well as
the objects of the own work sites. The efficiency of map use
increases when it is possible to combine information from
various sources.
Contact Information
Bitcomp Oy
Development Manager Mr. Jarmo Oittinen,
[email protected] ┃ Tel. +358 400 575 559
Managing Director Mr. Sami Kettunen
[email protected] ┃ Tel. +358 50 386 5555
Blom Kartta is a leading Finnish service provider within acquisition, processing and modelling of
geographic information. Blom maintains unique databases with collections of maps, images and 3D
models. With particular focus on online services, Blom provides data and solutions to customers in
government, enterprise and consumer markets and enables partners to create applications using
Blom’s databases, location based services and navigation solution. Blom’s data capture services include
aerial and oblique imagery, aerial and terrestrial laser-scanning, and street view imagery. For more
information, visit
Data models and BlomURBEX
Forestry and vegetation mapping
Geographical information, in the form of satellite imagery
or low resolution aerial imagery, is a common feature within the maps and directory tools available on the web. Whilst
these images enrich traditional maps, they are far from
complete as they provide only a flat view of the landscape.
When viewing urban environments, vertical imagery is less
intuitive for users as the angle and resolution shows little
more than roofs and pavements.
Blom offers remote sensing based forest inventory services
and are able to deliver inventory services from planning to
final product delivery. Blom has experience in delivering
forest inventory services for millions of forest hectares in
Europe and North America.
Blom is specialised in the creation of detailed geodata models, ranging from traditional vector maps to LiDAR data, urban 3D models and high resolution aerial imagery including
oblique views of thousands of cities in Europe. Blom has a
powerful, cloud-based platform, BlomURBEX that can serve
geodata models both off-line and on-line into a wide variety
of software platforms and GIS tools
BlomSTREET™ is a collection of georeferenced, high-resolution, 360 degree panoramic images that are captured from
ground level. Compared to other free street level services
on the web, BlomSTREET users have the ability to take measurements directly from the imagery. It’s also possible to
download data in various file formats and use information
for various inventory purposes such as traffic sign, light pole
and road condition inventory. Metadata is included, meaning it’s possible for clients to know exactly what time and
day the images were captured.
In a typical forest inventory project Blom uses LiDAR, aerial
imagery and field sample plots from the target inventory
area. With these datasets stand attributes can be predicted by tree species. In Scandinavia attributes are predicted
for pine, spruce and deciduous trees. For each tree species
many attributes are provided, including mean diameter,
mean height, number of stems, basal area and volume.
Blom’s vegetation analysis services are targeted for all kind
of linear assets such as powerlines, pipelines, roads and
Contact Information
Blom Kartta Oy
[email protected] ┃Tel. +358 10 322 8940
Pasilanraitio 5, FI-00240 Helsinki Finland
Founded in 1976, CGI is one of the largest IT and business process services providers in the world, deli­
vering high-quality business consulting, systems integration and managed services. We have over 65,000
experts, of which 3,200 in Finland.
Location based solutions – Maximizing the
power of business
Digital transformation should be systematic process for
businesses to keep up with constantly changing market
needs and customer demands. The aim of digital transformation is to provide extraordinary value both for business
and its customers - it is a leap towards the future of tomorrow’s service business.
We are experiencing a digital transformation
that means:
• Redesign of customer experience
• Change for traditional business models
• Continuously increasing amount of digital enablers
other IT and solutions and taking advantage of the power of
location intelligence to better understand how both communities and individuals behave and their need for related
With vast spatial experience and expertise, CGI offers the
latest technologies and related services to deliver solutions
to customers worldwide. With global map data services we
enable spatial context to any solution, also in mobile use.
We also bring extra value to the clients by modifying maps
according to the client specifications and client’s expectations.
Contact Information
Pia Lähde-Lyytinen
In CGI we believe location is one of the key components in
making successful business in digital transformation era. No
matter what is the context we help our customers to understand the status of their current business. Organizations
are increasingly integrating location based services with
Director, Location Based Services
[email protected]
Powered by CGI: Retkikartta
(Excursionmap) helps over 1,4 million
users yearly to find destinations in nature
by providing detailed maps as well as
routes, fishing and hunting areas and
other hiking-related destinations in
Finnish nature.
Dimenteq is an IT services company with a specialization in GIS solutions. We create applications with
spatial data features for your business and are dedicated to developing services with GIS technologies.
Our solid experience in software development includes a range of GIS solutions for the private and public sectors.
Through our experience in information system development with different software technologies for workstation,
server, and mobile environment, we create professional
solutions in close cooperation with our customers. Our services include tailor-made information systems for several
industries, such as energy, public transport, and environmental resource management.
The map-based survey tool Harava, developed by Dimenteq, promotes participatory planning and provides a
smart way to collect information from your environment. It
is a user-friendly survey tool that enables citizens and organizations to communicate and share ideas about their living
environment. Harava can be used as a diverse tool e.g. in:
• land use and urban planning
• feedback collection and analysis
• documentation of environmental observations
• mapping cultural environment and a lot more!
Harava has been listed among the Good Practices by the UN
Human Rights Council in March 2015.
Contact Dimenteq to know more about competitive and
cost-efficient tailor-made GIS solutions and the map-based
survey tool Harava.
Contact Information
Dimenteq Oy
Salorankatu 5-7, 24240 Salo, Finland
[email protected] ┃Tel. +358 20 789 0250
Esri Finland is the official distributor of Esri’s market-leading GIS and Location Analytics solutions in
Finland and a provider of extensive professional GIS services. Our services include e.g. consultancy, GIS
analysis, and customer specific solutions, as well as training, maintenance, and support services.
Esri Finland has a strong and deep expertise on Esri’s ArcGIS technology and industry-specific solutions
as well as professional GIS services. We operate in a wide range of industries and in close cooperation
with selected partners in order to provide customers with the best solutions.
Esri – the global market leader of GIS
Esri, founded in 1969, is the world-leading developer of
geographic information systems (GIS) that function as an
integral component in nearly every type of organization. Esri’s ArcGIS platform provides open geospatial capabilities to
any user and environment. Over 9000 people work for Esri,
and it has 1900 partners and 350.000 clients worldwide
with 40 % global market share. Further, 2/3 of the Fortune
500 companies in the United States use Esri’s products. Esri
collaborates with major technology leaders to ensure product compatibility and provide users with a wide range of
technology solutions – ensuring the technology leadership
by investing 20 % of the annual revenue in R&D.
Part of S-Group
Esri Finland is part of the Swedish S-Group, a corporate
group of some of the most prominent Nordic GIS companies. S-Group provides IT-based business solutions for e.g.
transport, logistics, forestry, industry, defense, security, environment, infrastructure, health, energy and telecommunications. S-GROUP has close to 500 employees in Sweden,
Finland, Poland and Lithuania with a turnover of SEK 400
Contact Information
Esri Finland Oy
Wide range of customers
Bertel Jungin aukio 3, FI-02600 Espoo
Esri Finland’s customers include both public organizations
and private companies on diverse industries, such as the
Finnish Transport Agency, Metsähallitus, VR, Itella, Fingrid,
S-Ryhmä, SRV, Newsec, McDonald’s, and Finnkino.
[email protected]
Tel. +358 207 435 345
FM-International Oy FINNMAP is an independent international consulting company based in Finland
specialising in spatial data capture, processing and related services. FINNMAP provides both production
and consulting services for private and public sector organisations all over the world.
FINNMAP was established in 1951 as a mapping and planning company. Thanks to the expertise and progressive attitude of its founders the company soon established itself as
the leading actor in the field of aerial photography and photogrammetric surveys in Finland. This position FINNMAP
has maintained until today, with services in digital aerial
photography and LiDAR airborne laser scanning presently
forming the major part of the company’s domestic activities.
Ensuring technology and skills transfer through capacity
building on institutional, community and individual levels
has always been a central part of FINNMAP’s overseas
operations. By combining the technical expertise of
international experts and the socio-cultural understanding
of local and regional professionals with our solid knowhow of the latest innovative technologies, FINNMAP can
successfully provide advice, technical assistance, services,
and project implementation to its various customers.
FINNMAP´s international experience started four decades
ago with a mapping assignment of the 1971 Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The assignment was a success that
opened the doors to further overseas projects. Today the
company has working experience from over 40 different
FINNMAP’s portfolio consists of the following services:
• Aerial Photography
• Land Administration
• Spatial Data and Consulting Services
Contact Information
FM-International Oy FINNMAP
Mr Kimmo Pajula, Sales Manager
Malminkaari 5, FI-00700 HELSINKI
Tel +358 9 25221700 ┃ fax +358 9 25221717 ┃ [email protected]
Geometrix is a Finnish software company, whose core competence is in geographic information and its
application for various purposes. Geometrix offers effective solutions for the control of mobile work and
reporting, with the aid of geographic information and mobile solutions.
Property management
Work supervision
With Geometrix’s property management solution, you get
a GIS-based management tool for the management of your
property information, condition and documents.
Geometrix’s work supervision solution provides efficient
control of mobile work. With the map-based interface,
work supervisors can allocate work to the correct teams
and monitor the status of jobs in real time.
The service-based model allows access to property information from any location, with either mobile, browser or
workstation based applications.
Our mobile tools offer you an advanced map user interface.
The tools can be used to view and to update the property
data, as well to attach the inspection results as history data
of the property.
Document management can be carried out with Geometrix’s own document management tool, or via the use of
another external solution. All other data can also be easily
distributed to other applications through the use of export
The use of geographical information can increase efficiency
by allowing distribution of work to the correct workers. A
snapshot-like map view gives supervisors a real-time view
of the work situation.
Field workers can get their tasks displayed on mobile
devices. Work locations can be found easily with the mapbased application, and completed tasks can be reported
using photographs. Fluency is increased in the flow of
information in the processing of tasks.
Contact Information
Geometrix Oy
Olli Alanko
Tel. +358 50 369 4478
[email protected]
Geotrim Oy is a leading location based reseller company in Finland producing complete solutions for
surveying, engineering, infrastructure, construction, GIS and agriculture. Geotrim offers versatile and
integrated geospatial solutions based on GNSS positioning.
Geotrim is an importer and an authorized reseller of the
products of Trimble, a technology leader of the industry.
Best known for GPS technology, Trimble integrates a wide
range of positioning technologies including GPS, laser, optical and inertial technologies with application software,
wireless communications, and services to provide complete
commercial solutions.
Geotrim offers complete solutions and services for different
fields of operation, both the public and private corporate
sector. It is responsible for Trimble’s authorized maintenance service, technical support and training. The services
of Geotrim include Trimnet VRS as well as other versatile
and flexible services from equipment rentals to consulting
that can be tailored for the enterprise.
Founded in 2001, Geotrim is the market leader of the industry in Finland. The main objective of the company is to help
its customers to succeed and improve their manufacturing
efficiency by offering Trimble’s integrated solutions which
allow customers to collect, manage and analyze complex
information faster and easier, making them more productive, efficient and profitable. A profound knowledge of the
customers and local special requirements is the basis of
Success and knowledge are based on many years of experience, the regular Trimble training of the staff and on the
commitment to be the best of the industry in Finland. Of
all the application providers Geotrim has to offer the most
individual resources for support, training and maintenance.
Contact Information
Geotrim Oy
Timo Sääski, CEO
Tel. +358 40 502 6666 ┃[email protected]
Perintötie 2c, FI-01510 Vantaa, Finland
Geowise, operative since 2011, is an expert firm with expertise in the areas of Environmental Tech­
nologies, Geospatial Information & Earth Observation (EO) and Safety & Security. Experienced all over
the world, Geowise coordinates and carries out international as well as domestic development, research
and marketing projects.
Our main services
Geospatial Information & EO
Commercialization and Project Coordination – Project
coordination services: analysis of research programmes,
selection of consortium partners, project plans, workshops,
seminars, reporting and dissemination. Commercialization
of new technologies: Geowise delivers expert assistance in
finding the most promising route, method and partner for
turning the idea into business.
Geowise activities range from traditional digital database
processing to remote sensing and navigation. Special
focus is on finding new methods in areas where traditional
geographic information has been used. Earth observation
data increases day-by-day with new satellites and this gives
us enormous possibilities to explore the environmental
changes and the status of the earth.
Profitable Global Growth – Strategic planning: evaluation
of today, vision, mission and values, goals & road map. Internationalisation: market research and analysis, tools for
communication, international pricing, contacts, support in
acquisition and export manager service.
Geowise is working for the European Space Agency (ESA)
in their ARTES IAP and Competitiveness & Growth programmes by promoting new space opportunities for the
industry. Geowise also hosts the ESA IAP Ambassador Platform for Finland. The aim is to enhance the use of space assets by integrating them into existing systems and services.
Horizon 2020 Tuition – Helping and supporting SMEs to
participate in H2020: e.g. networking, finding right partners
and calls, as well as guidance in general Framework matters.
Communication and Marketing – Presentations, sales
pitches and marketing materials make the first impression
of your business. We provide services to support your companies marketing and communications.
Contact Information
Geowise Oy
Miranda Saarentaus, CEO
[email protected]
Tel. +358 40 747 8822
Geowise possesses a proven track
record and impressive references
within the field of traditional
geographical information and
earth observation data.
Gispo Ltd, founded in 2012, helps customers to take advantage of the FOSS4G (Free and Open Source
Software for Geospatial) and Open Data. Our services include consultation, training, system integration,
support and hosted software and data services (SAAS, DAAS).
Join our open source GI training
Can decisions be based on facts and maps?
Our highly skilled team can guide you on your path to openness. We offer short courses to power up your organisations
knowhow on Open Source GI software. Our training session
include 1-3 day courses on how to start using QGIS (desktop
GIS software), GeoServer (map service software for publishing your geodata) and PostGIS (database for maintaining geographical information). Check out the next available
course on our website, or ask for a suitable course specially
tailored for your organization’s needs.
Do you need to find out how far can a flying squirrel fly? Or
do you need to map out possible environmental risk factors
or exposure areas in your city? We can analyse your data
and provide easier tools for the decision making processes.
Contact us and we’ll find a suitable solution for your organization’s needs.
Afraid to be open? Don’t worry, we’ll help
Gispo Ltd
We aim at encouraging customers to rethink their current
infrastructures and open up possibilities for more agile
processes. Start using QGIS, PostGIS and Geoserver as your
core for geo­data management and it might affect also into
your working culture and cause more openness. We’ll offer
guidance along the way.
Contact information
CEO Pekka Sarkola
040 725 2042
Email: [email protected]
Address: Kalevankatu 31, 00100 Helsinki (office)
Business ID: 2455538-5
HERE is creating the next generation of map technology with powerful location tools and services for
business that want to run smarter, faster and more efficiently. With one of the most robust and accurate
sources of global map data and an innovative set of platform tools to access this data, HERE offers the
exibility that businesses need.
For more than 30 years, HERE has been providing one of the
most robust range of enterprise location services, which is
why we are trusted by partners large and small to deliver
high quality, enterprise-grade location functionality into
their applications. Our platform is based on the most advanced location cloud and mapping technology, allowing
our customers to put unique functionality and accuracy into
their applications.
The HERE location cloud delivers enterprises the best and
most accurate platform for location services, with millions
of points of interest, historical and predictive traffic information, and exceptional geocoding capabilities offered
globally. On top of this platform we have unique enterprise-specific capabilities – from offline navigation to truck
attributes to self-hosting – to ensure that enterprises and
the vendors who serve them can build exactly the service
they need.
Building applications with the HERE location cloud is helped
by excellent, slimline SDKs for iOS and Android, a great developer portal and our extensive customer service and support. Thus, minimizing conversion time and maximizing ROI
for developers and partners.
With 80% of the data in the average customer database
having location attributes, the HERE locatiwon cloud allows
developers to create powerful applications that provide
new levels of analytics and intelligence to enterprises and
Learn how the most robust location cloud can power your
location-based solutions at
For developers:
Infotripla Oy is a Finnish forerunner in new digital age transport system services. Our services and products are especially targeted to smart mobility and transport, with more than 10 years’ experience on
new, emerging technologies and solutions driven by customer needs. The existing solutions and services
are already proven by market – in both private and public sectors.
Solutions approved by the market
The digitalization is changing the way transport system
works. Infotripla provides innovative solutions for traffic
information management, analysis and data exchange to
enable and provide better mobility services in smart cities
and transport networks. Solutions for traffic information,
data collection, services and concepts, business models and
cooperation have made new cost-effective service model
available to our customers. Advanced solutions need to be
built on a good location and geographic information basis.
Infotripla has proven packages for…
Smarter Cities – tools for virtual traffic information and
management centers, transport statistics, information portals, various mobility services…
Information as a Service – tools to help to open public data,
feed service providers with richer content…
Traffic Data Analysis and Aggregation – tools to collect,
merge, analyze and visualize data…
Mobility as a Service – multiuse elements for APIs, intelligent routing, digitized background data…
Cooperative Driving – multiuse elements for floating vehicle data, digitalized background data, standard interfaces…
Our rowing amount of customers are representing both
public and private sector, e.g. transport agencies, cities, local and global navigation and transport information service
providers, mobility operators etc. For more information on
Infotripla, solutions and customers, please visit our web
Contact Information
Infotripla Oy
Kehräsaari B, 4th Floor
33200 Tampere, Finland
[email protected] ┃ Tel. +358 3 2238 311
InPlace Solutions specializes in software and data solutions for Geospatial Intelligence, also known as
GEOINT. With over 20 years of experience in the spatial business, we have a thorough understanding of
the latest technology and are proud to offer our expertise to our customers.
InPlace Analytics
Our newest product is InPlace Analytics. We’ll gather data
from different sources, such as public data repositories or
social media, merge it into our analytic model and from this
basic, every-day data we search for the kind of information
that is impossible to find by means of regular databases or
excel-files. If you already have a database of your own, that
data can be merged with this new data to find trends and
hot spots important to you. All you need to do to select,
analyze and distribute the data, is click a few buttons. Big
Data in a package easy to understand and deliver.
Contact Information
InPlace Solutions Ltd
Säbråntie 2
In 2015 there were attacks in Belgium and France that changed the travel alert level in those countries. This data was collected from public
sources to analyze and visualize a timeline on map.
Karttakeskus helps its clients – private and public sector organizations – to create tangible results from
anything location information related, whether it was IT systems and GIS, consulting services, analytics
and visualization, spatial data sets and services, training or high quality maps and map products. We
are a technology independent company, meaning you don’t have to adjust your company to a specific
software. Instead we will adjust to your needs and find the best solution.
As the largest IT and professional company focused on location intelligence in Finland – and as subsidiary of Finnish
Affecto Oyj – Karttakeskus is a safe choice as a partner for all
your location based needs. Together with Affecto we offer a
unique combination of expertise, covering both BI and GIS
Our selection currently includes a wide range of technologies and GIS software, including open source technologies,
CartoDB, Esri, Fulcrum, Oracle and Pitney Bowes. Kartta­
keskus is also Google for Work and Education partner, authorized Bing Maps reseller, HERE partner and Maps4News
Our offering includes:
• IT and GIS solutions that will be used. By utilizing service
design, we can help you to create a solution that serves
the end users’ needs while meeting your business objectives. Challenging and complex integrations are among
our specialities. We also provide IT maintenance and outsourcing services.
• Spatial data sets, data services and licences for all your
location based needs. We can provide you with high quality spatial data sets and maps, both our own and 3rd party,
as files and through cloud services.
• Maps and map products for retail and publications, both
for consumers and for companies. We can tailor the maps
based on your needs or create a completely finalized product for you.
Contact Information
Karttakeskus Oy
Vesa Niinistö
CEO, Location Solutions
Tel. +358 40 543 7869
Jenni Puupponen
Location Services
Tel. +358 40 765 0553
Keypro is a Finnish software company producing geographical information systems (GIS) and related
services. Within the GIS field, Keypro specializes in network information systems, offering solutions and
services for utilities and authorities in the fields of telecommunications, water, sewer, energy, street
lighting and district heating. Starting business in 1995, Keypro currently employs more than 80 GIS and
software professionals in Finland.
Since the very beginning, Keypro has had a different vision
on how network information should be made available and
operated. Be it water pipes, power lines, telecom lines or
any other geographically mappable asset, keeping network
information up-to-date should be easy and accessible.
Keypro answers to these demands by using modern web
technologies. In fact, Keypro has pioneered in fully webbased, utility-specific, professional network planning and
operation tools that provide full functionality in any mo­
dern web browser, eliminating the need to install specialized desktop software anymore. With a web-based solution, all utility network stakeholders can reliably access the
same data at the same time, anywhere and with any device.
This makes it possible to keep the data fresh, accurate and
At the moment, Keypro has almost 200 customers in Finland
spanning different areas of utilities, authorities and municipalities – telecom, water, energy, airports, seaports, and
more. In addition, Keypro has international activities and
local retailers in 10 different countries in Europe and Asia.
Accurate, up-to-date information about network status and
location is critical. With Keypro’s tools, network owners and
other stakeholders are able to increase operational efficiency and safety at reduced costs.
Contact Information
Keypro Oy
Kai-Uwe Prokki, CMO
Tel. +358 40 762 9131 ┃[email protected]
Toni Paila, CEO
Tel. +358 50 483 7389 ┃[email protected]
With close to 200 years of experience pioneering solutions to measure the world, Leica Geosystems pro­
ducts and services are trusted by professionals worldwide to help them capture, analyze, and present
spatial information. Leica Geosystems is best known for its broad array of products that capture accurately, model quickly, analyze easily, and visualize and present spatial information.
Leica Geosystems is a globally active company based in Switzerland. It is known world-wide for technically innovative
solutions and customer focus. With its advanced technology, Leica Geosystems has been revolutionizing the world of
measurement and surveying for nearly 200 years. Quality,
innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit are components of
our success story and our employees are the foundation for
this accomplishment. Therefore we place the greatest value
on professionalism, trust and efficient employee management - only with motivated employees we can achieve peak
Sustainable development has a long tradition at Leica Geosystems. The company was one of the first to sign the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)’s Business Charter
for Sustainable Development and, as such, is bound to high
international standards.
At Leica Geosystems, responsible corporate citizenship is
about respect. Respect for our environment today and for
future generations. Respect for our employees, their families and the communities in which we all live and work.
Respect for our customers, who use our products with trust
and confidence. Respect for the rights of individuals who
produce the resources we need to develop, manufacture
and market our products. And respect for the interests of
our investors, who entrust us with their capital.
The way to sustainability is very much focused and influenced by our employees. Ways in which Leica Geosystems
has endeavoured to improve and develop the social aspects
are presented in our policies and our “Code of Conduct”.
In order to achieve our mission and goals, we have outlined
six values to which we are committed: sustainable profit,
professionalism, entrepreneurship, high energy and commitment, image and corporate responsibility.
Contact Information
Leica Geosystems Oy
Keilaranta 8, FI-02150 Espoo
Mapita is a spin-off company spawned from the Aalto University. Mapita specializes in ensuring a
smooth communication in planning processes. Our map based questionnaires bring together resident
insight and planning expertise. Our tool Maptionnaire is an essential ingredient of modern community
development that offers local knowledge in readily analyzable form.
Maptionnaire – when you need to ask
Where is a new bus route needed? Which places require
renovation? Ask the locals – they are the experts of their
own surroundings. Just be sure to ask with the right tool,
one that reaches everyone, records precise information and
delivers data in an easily analyzable form.
Maptionnaire is a cloud-based service that integrates survey questions with an interactive map. It enables efficient
collecting, analyzing and visualization of map-based data.
It is easy to make a Maptionnaire survey – and even easier
to respond. The data can also be downloaded in formats
supported by all major GIS software. The surveys produce
insight that makes planning processes more efficient and
inclusive, and facilitates interaction with stakeholders.
Maptionnaire was developed by Mapita, a Finnish company
originating from Aalto University. As inventors of the softGIS method, we have extended experience in geographical
survey research in urban planning. We offer consultation
for successful data collection and comprehensive support
for all the stages of your project.
Choose Maptionnaire!
• With an interactive map you can ask ‘where?’ and get
clear and accurate answers. Respondents pinpoint places
and draw routes and areas on map, and the coordinates
can be connected with other answer data.
• Electronic participation reduces the cost of data management. Vast amounts of response data can be processed
smoothly into maps and charts.
• Everything happens in a cloud, so no installation of new
programs is needed.
• Maptionnaire integrates smoothly with web map services
and optionally with your custom WMS servers.
• It is easy to use with smartphone touchscreens and on
Try Maptionnaire by creating a free test account at
Contact us – we are happy to tell you more.
Contact Information
Mapita Oy
Maarit Kahila
Development director, M.Sc.
Tel. +358 40 562 6951 ┃[email protected]
Sakari Ellonen
Chief technology officer, M.Sc.
Tel. +358 415396661 ┃[email protected]
GIS Consultants Ltd (Paikkatietokonsultit Oy) is a Finnish technology-neutral consulting company focused on spatial data and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The company helps its clients in planning how to make GIS and spatial data support their business and/or operation. The company does e.g.
GIS based study and analysis projects, helps in drafting GIS strategies and also helps in managing projects
for acquiring or developing GIS.
Support for GIS implementation
Case: FORMIS Project
GIS Consultants often supports its clients in strategic implementation of GIS by helping to describe a target state for
GIS in five years’ time and the steps to reach that target.
The company also helps in organising data, designing and
setting up a spatial database, performing spatial analysis or
configuring a reporting routine.
Currently GIS Consultants Ltd is involved (as sub-consultant
to Niras Finland) in supporting a development cooperation
project to develop a Forest Management Information System (FORMIS) for Vietnam.
Support in GIS acquisition and development
Rather than providing applications GIS Consultants Ltd is
focused in helping its clients specify and buy GIS solutions
and manage GIS acquisition projects.
These consulting services include support in writing requirements specifications, managing the tendering process, tender evalution and supervision of the system implementation.
The company emphasizes its position as a neutral consultant working solely from customer interests by not engaging in the business of developing tailored IT solutions or
offering system integration projects.
By storing and managing versatile forestry information
FORMIS will support Vietnam Forest Administration and its
regional offices in the 63 provinces in planning and decision
making. The system also offers a platform and data interfaces for sharing forestry data to all actors in the forestry
System implementation (using open source software) is
done by local companies according to the specifications laid
out by the project.
Contact information
GIS Consultants Ltd / Paikkatietokonsultit Oy
Pohjantie 3, FI-02100 Espoo, Finland
Kari Mikkonen, CEO
Tel. +358 40 560 3159
[email protected]
Planix Oy is an accredited distributor with more than 20 years’ experience representing reputable brands
of scanners, printers and software in the European market, including partnerships with major public and
private companies in Finland and we possess know-how on digital archiving services for government and
We know that not one brand alone can be the perfect fit for every customer, so we offer a variety of
Nowadays buying virtually any product on the open market
is not a problem. Often expensive equipment can seem to
be the best option. However better buying decisions are
made when qualified advice and solutions follow a thorough assessment of the individual need.
Our primary goal is to establish a long-term relationship
with each customer. That’s why we focus not only on the
latest equipment, but also provide a complete package of
services, with options that include equipment customization, installation, technical support and related service
agreements, document scanning and archiving, and training. By drawing on more than two decades of experience,
we have the strategies and product knowledge to develop
the best solution for your needs.
Our products
• Have high resolution scanned
• Can work with thick, dirty,
folded documents
• Can work with large-format materials (drawings, maps or
work of art)
• Unrestricted Design Modifications
• Fastest Design Methodology
Our archiving services
• Only for needs and goals of your company
• Updates and restores old documents
• Automatically converts documents into different formats
• Reduces the size of documents for easy emailing
• Adapts the document to be printed on the printer (A4)
• Can save one hundred percent color after scanning
• Can quickly search and send the document
• Has unique opportunity for easy editing of documents
• Has many others options
• Can create whatever you want
Contact Information
Planix Oy
General Manager Harri Laitinen
[email protected] ┃Tel. +358 207 890 700
Manager in Belarus Viktoria Hubanava,
[email protected] ┃Tel. +375 296 409 880
Ramboll Finland Oy is part of Ramboll Group, a leading international engineering, design and consultancy company founded in Denmark in 1945. We employ close to 13,000 experts around the world and
have a significant presence in Northern Europe, India, North America and the Middle East. With close to
300 offices in 35 countries we emphasize local experience combined with a truly global knowledge-base.
Ramboll utilizes GIS on daily basis
Ramboll is the largest consulting engineering company
in Finland, with close to 2,100 employees in 29 locations.
Ramboll offers a comprehensive set of services related to
infrastructure, water and environment, construction management, buildings, and management consulting. Our turnover in 2015 was 175 M€.
Ramboll constantly strives to achieve inspiring and exacting
solutions that make a genuine difference to our customers,
the end-users and society as a whole. We acknowledge that
our solutions depend on the creativity, insight and integ­rity
of our employees. Therefore, we empower people within
our organization, welcome individual differences and create
multi-talented teams to produce inspired solutions.
Ramboll utilizes geographic information system (GIS) widely in different community planning projects; for example in
transport and land use planning, designing building structures and making environmental impact assessments. GIS
data is an essential part of almost every project Ramboll
is involved in. The software for handling geographic data is
used daily by our experts on versatile assignments. GIS is
an IT tool that provides overview of data with a geographic
relation. By combining data and connecting it to a map, it is
possible to identify and analyze different data relations. GIS
makes it easier to communicate complex data relations in a
visual way that is easily understood by everyone.
Several new technics, such as laser scanning, 3D photography and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) measurements, are
merging with GIS. Utilization of GIS data in an effective way
offers new prospects for our clients. Future megatrends
like industrial internet, building information modeling, city
models, infrastructure facility management, machine guidance and indoor navigation are all based on location information.
Contact Information
Ramboll Finland Oy
Accurate 3D models are crucial for city planning. Initial data can be produced for example by combining
underground 3D models to laser scanning and 3D photography.
Veli-Pekka Koskela
Project Manager
Tel. +358 50 593 5354
[email protected]
Sharper Shape, established in year 2013, is the leading supplier of drone-based asset management solutions for infrastructure. Sharper Shape provides fully automated inspection and maintenance planning
services for infrastructure asset owners. Our Next Eagle® solution is the world’s first automatic asset
inspection solution utilizing drones, which drastically reduces inspection and maintenance costs for high
value assets such as power lines, pipelines, railways and more. We provide actionable plans for both the
financial decision makers to help with budgeting and resource allocation, and for engineering in planning
and placing work orders for asset maintenance and vegetation management.
Sharper Shape spearheaded the first commercial Beyond
Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone flights for utilities in Europe, and accelerating the use of the technology in the U.S.
What we offer:
• Highly automated and optimized inspections
• High accuracy drone-based data collection
• Automatic identification of critical asset condition
• Economic optimization of the action plans
Sharper Shape redefines the infrastructure
maintenance inspections:
üüEverything is measured, fact-based – no unreliable,
subjective assessment
üüFast lead time for the results – fully automated analysis
üüExcellent cost efficiency – limited need for manual labor
üüBusiness-optimized work plans – enables maximizing of
asset value
Highly integrated sensor system with state of
the art telemetry:
• Drone enabled for long-distance surveys
• Inspection planning pre-defines and optimizes the flight
• Sensors collect the required data sush as Lidar data and
aerial imagery
Contact information:
Sharper Shape
Finland: Lintuvaarantie 2, 02650 Espoo
USA: 530 Lytton Avenue, 2nd Floor
94301 Palo Alto, California
4200 James Ray Drive, Suite 188
58202 Grand Forks, North Dakota
[email protected] ┃
Sito is a multi-talented Finnish consulting company, which operates in 16 service areas covering infrastructure, transport, environment and ICT solutions.
Sito – Creating the Best Infrastructure
The company employs close to 500 experts and strives to
provide the best working environment, great service for our
clients and superior quality design and consultancy.
Our holistic and straight planning approach and high quality
services cover the entire design, planning and engineering
chain of infrastructure projects and consultation to project
management and maintenance.
We guide our customers towards sustainable and green
infrastructure. In planning we believe in safe and clean environment, functioning society, lively urban economy and
wellbeing. We help our customers to build economically
thriving, sustainable and livable future cities.
Digital Services business unit creates solutions for the information management and data services of built environments. Our know-how is based on extensive experience
in location intelligence, software development, geospatial
data processing and service solutions. Our customer base
consists of major public organizations and private companies active in the field.
Contact Information
Sito Oy
Tuulikuja 2, FI-02100 Espoo
Kari Tuukkanen, Director, Digital Services
Tel. +358 20747 6619 ┃ kari.tuukka[email protected]
SKM Gisair Ltd is a private, full-service mapping and surveying company, registered in Finland.
The company was established over 10 years ago and has provided services since to various organizations
in different parts of the world.
SKM Gisair serves its customers by providing high quality
digital aerial photography and Lidar data, 3-dimensional stereo mapping and digital orthomap production. The
whole range of field surveys with geodetic GPS receivers
and conventional survey equipment form another important part of the activities.
Through our network of connections we are able to produce
the required data also from remote and difficult areas. The
same applies to the data acquisition mean, we can use both
large and small format digital cameras and laser scanning
depending on the requirements, budget frame and time
schedules. Apart of continuous work in our domestic market Finland, we have successfully completed assignments in
Africa, Asia and Pacific region.
Our Business Philosophy
We are a small and efficient entity that concentrates on
acquiring and managing survey and mapping projects in
domestic and international markets. We believe in cooperation and joint venture approaches in completing our assignments. We act as the main or subcontractor as well as
a consultant. Our aim is always to provide good and timely
results to our customers according to given specifications.
Contact Information
SKM Gisair Ltd
Managing Director Mr Jussi Yrjölä
[email protected]
Tel. +358 44304 8175
Our specialty is to provide developing countries and international organizations with comprehensive solutions for
their data collection and handling needs in a sustainable
and economical way.
Spatialworld Oy, founded in 1994, is specialized in systems managing different kinds of location information. Spatialworld Oy is authorized distributor of GE Smallworld GIS-products and services. We are
also Safe Software FME-products reseller, support, training and consultation company. Our main territory is Finland, Sweden and the Baltic Countries. We operate in a wide range of industries and in close
cooperation with partners in order to provide customers with the best solutions.
We provide GIS-solutions to customers based on the
world-leading Smallworld technology for the Utility and
Telecommunications market. Besides these mainstream
solution areas we have other customers like National Land
Survey of Finland which has had over 1200 simultaneous
users accessing the same central database. Our solutions
help organizations design, build, operate, and manage complex facility networks. The solutions are built on proven, object-oriented technology that can be completely integrated
with other business applications to provide a seamless flow
of information throughout the enterprise.
With FME capabilities we help customers to solve their daily
and sometimes very unique problems of how to utilize their
spatial as well as non-spatial data. This can be done using
graphical user interface to define processes which can be
run manually or automatically at certain time or based on
an invoking event. FME support around 350 formats and
450 tools to manage data from different sources. Many of
our FME customers try to solve their different data problems first with FME and then look for other solution if needed. FME has proven to be much more than just data conversion tool and we are more than happy to help customers
using it creative ways.
Contact Information
Spatialworld Oy
Tekniikantie 12
FI-02150 Espoo, Finland
Hannu-Pekka Rantaniemi, MD
[email protected]
Tel. +358 45 670 2941
Spatineo helps you to prove the value of your spatial web services as well as save time and money in your
processes that use spatial data.
Spatineo is the European Quality Assurance expert
for spatial web services with strong INSPIRE and OGC
expertise. We offer easy-to-use SaaS products for
service-level monitoring, usage analytics and performance testing of spatial web services. Our mission is
to help our customers to improve the use and usability
of spatial web service technologies for both public and
commercial uses.
Contact Information
Spatineo Oy
Email: [email protected]
Tel. +358 20 703 2210
Managing Director: Sampo Savolainen
TerraTec Oy (TTOY) is a member of Terratec Group (Terratec) and the subsidiary of the parent company
Terratec AS (TTAS) from Norway. Terratec employs about 170 experts and the sales are over 25 million
euro/year. Terratec is active in Nordic countries, EU-markets and project wise in Africa, Gulf region and
Asia. Terratec is focused on airborne and mobile georeferenced data capture and on processing the geodata. Terratec has always been among the first to take the advantage of the new technology of airborne
and other sensors.
TTOY was established in September 2009 to be the reseller
of the services of TTAS and the Forest Service Company of
Terratec Group. Company is located in Helsinki and employs 6- 10 persons yearly.
Key points of TerraTec Oy:
Key persons: CEO Heikki Luukkonen, Manager Jan Biström,
R&D Manager Pekka Savolainen
Contact Information
Terratec Oy
Field of industry: Mapping and Surveying, Remote Sensing
(Forest Inventory)
Specialized in:
• LiDAR Based Forest Interpretation
• own software packages with state of the art technology
• one of the key players in Finland
• projects for public sector and forest and energy companies from 2010
Jan Biström +358 40 5522 550
[email protected]
Heikki Luukkonen +358 40 4199 238
Tietomekka has offered software solutions and information services for customers since 1988. The most
important customers have been the road management authorities as well as infra-sector contractors and
consultants in Finland.
Our information services and software solutions have
achieved widespread recognition for good practice and
innovative solutions for customers in the usefulness of the
Our competitiveness is based on the continuous development of knowledge, our customers’ business knowledge
and creativity to combine the latest technology for customer-specific software solutions. Tietomekka aims to be widely networked, leading information service and software provider in the infra-sector of Finland. Our operation is based
on active following of global advancements, innovation and
Tietomekka Oy provides advanced information services for
improving working efficiency. Our business idea is that customers who use our services benefit in terms of increased
efficiency, reduced expenses and improved customer service. Our information service is a package which includes
software solutions for working on the road as well as in the
office, software maintenance and development, and customer support. Information services offered by Tietomekka
are based on wireless data transfer, GPS, and map-based
information management. Services can be used on mobile
phone, tablet and computer.
Contact Information
Tietomekka Oy
Kiviharjuntie 11, 90220 Oulu
Keijo Pulkkinen, CEO
[email protected]
Tel. +358 (0) 40 8212 646
Trimble Solutions develops software solutions for public administration, energy distribution, water, and
communication network industries. Each solution is a productized set of modular software applications
and services for a certain customer group. The software offering and competences are focused on the
modeling and managing of networks, built environment and related business processes.
Trimble Energy & Public Administration is a business area of
Trimble Solutions and offers its customers high-end process
support tools from planning to construction, operation and
maintenance. The business area also offers its customers
modern eService applications. Essential capabilities of the
software solutions are modularity and interoperability with
other systems. The solutions utilize the extensive GIS capabilities of Trimble technology.
In the public administration sector, Trimble Energy & Public
Administration serves municipal, regional and governmental organizations working with municipal building process
and related technical and environmental services. The solutions offered to public administration customers consist of
software and services for managing built environment data
and carrying out municipal planning and building process
tasks from land use planning to building supervision, asset
management and customer service.
In the energy distribution, water, and communication network sectors Trimble Energy & Public Administration provides software solutions for utilities, companies and organizations working with electricity distribution, district heating,
gas, water and wastewater and communication networks.
The solutions offered to these industries consist of software
and services for network construction, asset management,
operation, maintenance, and customer service.
The key benefits for the users of Trimble Energy & Public
Administration software include
• powerful information management based on intelligent
data modeling
• business efficiency and optimized decisions on planning
and asset management
• possibility to offer first-class customer services to end customers
• high customer satisfaction and work efficiency
Contact Information
Trimble Energy & Public Administration
Mike von Wehrt
Director, Public Administration
Tel. +358 30 661 10
[email protected]
Viasys VDC is a software provider that helps its customers to digitize the entire life cycle of construction
from planning and design to the maintenance of built environment. Our VDC solutions support building
information modeling (BIM), 3D modeling and creation of combination models as well as visualization of
projects. Viasys VDC is part of the international Topcon Positioning Group.
We help you implement BIM
Customer Success Stories
BIM-based processes are known to deliver significant
cost savings by improving productivity and quality of civil
engineering projects. Our team is committed to help you
achieve the benefits of BIM such as leaner operations, enhanced collaboration and less errors.
• The Western Metro Extension (City of Espoo, Finland)
• Helsinki City Rail Loop (Finland)
• The Zoo Interchange (Milwaukee, WI, USA)
• Gjønnes subway station (Oslo, Norway)
• Bjørvika, Dr Eufemias gate (Oslo, Norway)
With VDC tools you can create and manage
models – and visualize your projects
Virtual design and construction (VDC) is the most efficient
way of implementing BIM-based processes. Our best-ofbreed VDC tools help project owners, design engineers and
constructors restore profitability and simplify construction
through model-based information management. Information models also provide the best basis for visualizing your
projects. With us, you can create model-based digital prototypes, communicate about the project to all stakeholders
and avoid conflicts early on – all this without changing your
existing design software.
Browse our projects in Finland and abroad:
Scan and watch how VDC works:
Contact Information
Viasys VDC
Vaisalantie 6 C FI-02130 Espoo |
[email protected]
Jani Myllymaa
Director, Global Accounts, Tel. +358 40 728 4879
Saku Viita-aho
Director, VDC Accounts, Tel. +358 50 367 8190
Tarmo Savolainen
Director, Asset Management, Tel. +358 50 463 5742
Visualization of the future Turku market place is based on an accurate
information model.
Vionice Ltd is an information technology company specialized in computer vision and digital signal processing. Vionice is a pioneer in implementing the latest computer vision research to asset management
and surveillance. We are developing solutions that will enable continuous automatic data gathering
within existing processes. We arm simple mobile devices with highly intelligent software. Our process-integrated computer vision system is a key to cost-efficiency in asset management and maintenance reporting.
From manual inspections towards automation
Even today road asset management processes rely on visual
inspections, manual reporting and inventories made by utilizing expensive hardware. All of them require human work
to produce the refined information to a client for decision
making. For that reason they are not feasible options for
producing data extensively as a continuous process. However there is growing demand for a solution to solve the
existing problem: how to cost-efficiently monitor the state
of the assets both in short and long term to have the capability of managing and maintaining them?
environment. Gathered videos and sensor data can be used
for various mapping and shape recognition purposes when
processed with intelligent computer vision algorithms. Our
elaborate technology provides effective way for ITS data
production in real time. Automatically produced data is supported by video for visual inspections. All the information is
available in our intuitive web-based user interface and it is
transferrable to different systems used by our clients.
The fundamental vision of enabling the major part of manual asset management processes to be automated is the
main driving force of Vionice. Our state of the art computer
vision solutions are offering a completely reformed mindset
for asset management. The shift from manual, thus slow
and expensive inspections and inventories to computer vision based data production will make asset management
processes more efficient by saving both funds and human
Vionice Ltd is built on the idea of breaking the paradigm,
the conventional ways of thinking in the field of asset management and data production. We are constantly seeking
new ways to deliver the best value to our clients by having
them involved in our development processes. Not settling
down, together we are on the road to achieving something
exciting, turn after turn.
In the core of our service is streamlined data flow from mobile devices through processing to our client. With our mobile application video feed and data from various sensors in
a mobile device is collected and transferred to our system
to be refined in order to meet the needs of a client. The
collected videos form an up-to-date view from a city or road
We want to be the change
Contact Information
Vionice Ltd
Aleksi Kauppi, Sales Manager
Tel. +358 505229988 ┃ [email protected]
Markus Melander, CEO
Tel. +358 405729367 ┃ [email protected]
Finnish Location Information Cluster (FLIC) is an organisation established in 2013 by Finnish companies operating in the field of location information and geospatial services. The cluster promotes location information business in Finland and supports international marketing activities of its member
companies. Actions are targeted to ensure competence and expertise in global arenas and with rapidly evolving technologies. Co-operation with the public sector organisations is an essential strength
when developing world-class services. At the moment, FLIC has more than 40 members.
FLIC is managed by a Board of Directors representing different type of member companies. It belongs
to the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries and co-operates with all the relevant national
institutions in geospatial sciences.

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