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news spots - The Dalmatian Club of NSW Inc.
The Newsletter of The Dalmatian Club Of NSW Inc.
April 2010
Committee & Contacts 2010
Mrs Jane Deuble
Ph: 0294178256
Vice President:
Mrs Mary Young
Ph: 0299139424
Mrs Anne Brown
2A Burns Road
Ourimbah NSW 2258
Ph: 0243627114
[email protected]
Pam Rowles
PO Box 75 Glenorie
NSW 2157
Ph: 0296522205
[email protected]
Show Secretary
Mrs Deborah Harbin
[email protected]
Mrs Sandra Francis
9 Woinarski Pl.
Latham ACT 2615
Mrs Cathy Bartley
Ph: 0261617873
[email protected]
Mr Rob Harbin
Ph: 0246596632
Internet Site Manager
Mrs Trish Dyer
Ms Rebecca Woiwade
Ph: 0242849639
Ph: 0262582373
[email protected]
Welfare Co-ordinator:
Mrs Andy Robertson
[email protected]
Welfare Sub – Committee Mrs Linda Mobbs
Mrs Marilyn Miller
Club Historian
Mrs P Rowles
NDC Delegate
Mr Derek Johnson
[email protected]
[email protected]
Ph: 029522205
Ph: 0295023277
Life Members:
Mrs J Atkinson, Mr T Blanch, Mrs S Francis, Mr D Johnson, Mrs M Miller, Mrs
A Robertson, Mrs M Young.
Club Web Site:
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EDITORIAL POLICY: The Editor reserves the right to withhold publication of any
material whatsoever. Views and opinions expressed in this Newsletter are those of
the correspondents and contributors but not necessarily those of the Editor or
Committee of The Dalmatian Club of NSW Inc.
Members Advertising Rates
Front Cover plus editorial (1 page)
One third page per annum
Full page advertisement one issue
Full page breeder/exhibitor inside front cover $20.0 p.a. Members one-third
page $10.0 p.a.
Non-Members advertisements to be 50% higher than Members rates.
Business advertisements whether Member or Non Member 50% higher than
Members rates.
Secretary’s Report for April
The 13 National - everything is in place for a successful Show. Following are
points for information :
 Exhibitor tickets : in „show bags‟ - available Saturday and Sunday at
the Show Secretary‟s tent.
 The Scouts will supply Breakfast and Lunch on Saturday and Sunday.
 Saturday - Flyball – Unfortunately due to „Bubbles‟ being in season,
the flyball demo has to be cancelled. Rebecca Woiwade has
prepared a useful information sheet which will appear in the
catalogue. If you have any questions, please follow up with Rebecca.
 Saturday – 5.30pm BBQ - this casual event will provide a good
opportunity to see everyone. Tickets for the pre-paid BBQ will be in
the „show bags‟.
 Sunday - Silent Auction – two items are up for auction – the first is
Joan Lewis‟ portrait of the highest bidder‟s dog and the second is an
item from the Welfare Sub-committee.
See you at the National.
Anne Brown
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Confirmation of Gen Meeting minutes of 21 March 2010
(Acceptance of minutes)
3. Business arising from minutes
4. Correspondence (Acceptance of correspondence in/out)
5. Business arising from correspondence
6. Treasurer‟s report : Accounts for Payment (Acceptance and
accounts approved)
7. All other reports – President/Secretary/Show
Secretary/Editor/Welfare Service/NDC/Trophy Steward/Internet
Manager/Obedience/Others (Acceptance of all reports)
8. New Members
9. Motions
Amendment to existing motion : Advertising – News Spots
To read :
(a) full page breeder/exhibitor – first right hand page on
opening - $20 p.a. members
(g) that all items in News Spots be placed at the Editor’s
D. Harbin/D. Wright
Notice of Motion : Amendment to Existing Motion : That the
Executive be President, Secretary and Treasurer. D. Wright/D.
Rationale : The current trend with dog clubs is to have 3 executive,
excluding vice-presidents. This will avoid a tied vote if voting is
10. 13th National Show - 2010
11. General Business
Please Note: Advice has been received from Dogs NSW that Club Meetings
for 28 April and 23 June have been moved to the Secretary‟s Room (new hut
on grounds).
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An Invitation to All Members
I’m sure other Members would like to hear about your Dally whether it be their
amusing quirky antics they get up to in and around the home or just brags about
accomplishments in the show ring and obedience. Comments are limited to 100
words as well as a photo . I will print a couple of articles for each edition so first
come best dressed.
Ch Doonhame Ceasar dob 25/8/1975
Ch Raybrook Velvet dob 31/3 1978
Page 5
Ch Rhoneen Quisto Jack dob 18/7/1981
Ch Trendsetter Longbow dob 2/10/1971
Ch Fernleigh Nagle dob
Mariscat Maraciabo (Imp.U.K.)dob 25/11/1976
Page 6
At one time or another we have all had problems with our dog‟s ears and this
powder sounds like a promising end to the problem. Ed.
THORNIT Ear Powder
For Ear Mites, Itching and Canker
Does your dog constantly scratch or rub his
One of the most common causes is ear mites
that can cause canker.
Brownish wax inside the ears. This is made by
the mite inside the ear canal. The wax can either be dry, or may weep
slightly. The ears tend to be smelly.
The other type is much more offensive, and stinks of gangrene, while
discharging globs of pus.
If your dog is suffering from sore, smelly, or itchy ears - Try THORNIT EAR
POWDER for fast relief.
There are no antibiotics in THORNIT, so it can be used in perfect safety.
EASY TO APPLY - no discomfort for your dog
A pinch of powder is applied using the end of a small spoon.
Lightly dust around the inner ear avoiding the ear hole. Gently massage it in
with your fingers from the outside.
Relief can often come with the first dose, but the treatment should continue
for 1-5 days.
Helps with other skin problems
Can be used on dogs, cats and rabbits
Thornit can also be used for stripping hair
from ears - Apply half teaspoon to the
hair. This makes it much easier to finger
pull the hair, as it comes away easily.
Page 7
Ears, and General Body Itching
A vet in Australia has isolated the mite that causes intense itching and
distress in dogs, who are continually scratching and biting parts of their body.
The vet says the ear mite has transferred itself to the scurf of the body. It is
tiny and very mobile. Vets can find nothing wrong - skin scrapings sent to vet
college give a clean bill of health. Shampooing is useless. Treatment - dust
some Thornit lightly onto the skin. If animal has long hair, part the hair with a
comb, feeding a trickle of Thornit to exposed skin. A Little powder goes a long
Anus Itching
If the animal pulls it's bottom on the floor, and it is not gland trouble, the
mites could have made a breeding bed under the tail. Treatment - Apply a
tiny amount of cream or Vaseline to finger of glove and dip into the Thornit
powder. Apply to just under tail where necessary.
Itchy Paws
Mites can get between the claws, making the animal first lick the paw
constantly, turning the pads to jelly. Then they tear out the fur, and finally
nibble until there are open sores. Treatment - Hold the paw in a plastic bag
containing a small amount of Thornit. Work powder between claws, into
pads and a little way up the leg.
For all treatments only a very small amount of Thornit is needed per dose.
Comes with full instructions for use
Thornit can be purchased on line at the following URL
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Good news is that “Kira” looks like she will be
off to a new home over the Easter holiday.
On the down side we have been asked if we
can help find new homes for 4 male Dals!
These boys vary in age from 2 ½ years to 6 ½
A reminder that Welfare still has some cards available for sale and
designs can be viewed at
We also have some Polo Shirts in various sizes and colours, all
featuring an embroidered Welfare logo (as shown above). Just $27
Those of you who love a bargain, especially a spotty one, please
check out our “Super Sale” at
Many of the items are one off‟s and others come under the hard to find
category and all items are “priced to sell”, so be quick and don‟t miss
Delivery of cards, polo shirts and Super Sale items can be made at
the National Champ Show for those of you that will be attending.
All enquiries and orders to Marilyn Miller ph: 9634 6458 or email
[email protected]
Monies raised will go to Welfare funds to help with the rescue and
rehoming of our breed, the Dalmatian.
Those of you at the National be sure to come and check out Welfare‟s
item in the silent auction. A big basket full of goodies; some for a
very lucky Dalmatian and some for their equally lucky owner!!
Look forward to catching up with old friends at the National,
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Andy (Welfare
Service Coordinator)
This was on the American ShowDals list and was cross posted to
DalNetU.K. Ed.
Last night at agility class, a vet, who is a fellow agility student, was telling us about
a case she had this week. The dog ate a child's teddy bear and was very sick. When
she opened the dog up to remove what she thought was an intestinal obstruction
she found a huge gelatine type mess inside and the dog’s intestines were black
and the tissue dead.
The dog will die no surgery can fix him up there was no living intestine left from
stomach to colon.
This was not an obstruction. .... so she called the manufacturer of the Teddy Bear
on a quest to find out what the gel was and what killed the dog. Turns out the
stuffing in children's toys contains ingredients for flame retardants and mite
control! It is designed to become a gel. It is highly toxic.
Now you would think a child's toy would be safe because it is for children, but they
don't expect a child to eat the stuffing of the toys... huummmm that seems a bit
scary too. But we all know dogs demolish stuffed toys.
So do not give or buy your dog any children's stuffed animals... some people get
them at goodwill, yard sales and the like. The vet will be posting a warning and
story and I will send any other facts as needed and as I learn more. Maybe some
children's toys do not have this ingredient, but better to be safe than sorry. So
meanwhile, make sure all your dog toys are for dogs.
Permission has been granted by Gail Levy, to reprint what she knows re dog &
children toys from her experience in both industries. Ed.
Dog toys are manufactured for dogs and contain stuffing which is non toxic for
dogs, squeakers which are safe, a special design and are manufactured knowing
that the dog will chew it and almost certainly destroy it in time.
Children’s toys are manufactured for children and have completely different uses
and components. Designers and manufacturers spend millions designing material
and products to meet specific requirements. I have worked for 17 years in the toy
business and 18 years in the pet business and the components are quite different
to meet the obvious different requirement.
Most blockages in dogs are where they have chewed something not designed to
be chewed, socks, and other things and children’s toys!!! Unfortunately the
dog does not know what is designed for him. Buying cheap children’s toys from
second hand shops etc. can be a recipe for disaster.
Page 10
History -A Decade Ago 8th NationalWith a record entry of Dalmatians from all over Australia and New Zealand for their
8th National Specialty Championship Show and Obedience and Agility Trials, The
Dalmatian Club of NSW Inc and their sponsors PEDIGREE knew it would be a day
to remember.
Under blue skies on Easter Monday 24th April 2000 at the Bill Spilstead Complex for
Canine Affairs, the programme began with Show Manager, Ian Miller, welcoming the
exhibitors and visitors (including Dalmatianists from Sweden, South Africa and the
UK), and introducing Mrs Olive Macdougall, Foundation and Life Member of the
Club and the three judges; for conformation, Ann Hennigan, Demontjuic Dalmatians
from Canada judging for the first time in Australia, Di Easter from the ACT for
Obedience and NSW judge Diane Scheimer for Agility. The total of 281 entries, with
239 for conformation, 24 for obedience and 18 for agility, set a new record for
Dalmatians in Australasia.
The formalities over and judging commenced. First up for Ann Hennigan were the
Special Veteran sweepstakes with Ch Malworth Red Flare owned and bred by John
and Elizabeth Hingston of NSW taking out Best, much to the delight of his handler,
Elizabeth, with Opposite Sex going to Dalriant Wicked Witch owned and bred by
Paul Aston-Meehan and Robert Lucas, NSW and handled by Robert. Best Veteran
sweepstakes winner was Gr Ch Dizzidot Cicciolina owned, bred and handled by Lynn
Williams from Queensland, Opposite Sex going to NSW dog Gr Ch Paceaway
Kustom Made, bred by Mrs F Matthews and owned by Ron and Dianne Besoff and
Glen Vernon and handled by Glen. A glance at the catalogue reveals that Cicciolina
and Kustom Made are sired by the same dog!
Challenge Dog
By lunchtime Ann Hennigan had found her dog Challenge winner, selecting from the
Australian Bred class, the black spotted, Ch Paceaway Greased Litenin, owned, bred
and handled by Fran Matthews from Queensland. Reserve Challenge dog award stayed
in NSW, with the black spotted Open winner, Gr Ch Swiftgait Rock My World,
owned and bred by Ron and Dianne Besoff, Glen Vernon and Geoff Love and
handled by Glen.
Meanwhile in the Obedience ring, Di Easter was putting the Dalmatians through their
paces and the good news was that two dogs had qualified. Best in Trial and Novice
with 188 points was Zamashon Romulus owned, bred and handled by Eileen Pickles
from Queensland. Relatively new to trailing this was their first qualifying pass and
where better to get it than at the National! Best in Open with 183 points was Sutania
Summer Sarina CDX TDX bred by the late Michael Starkey and owned and handled
by local NSW trialler, Ineke De Wit.Following lunch the first Agility trial ever to be
held in conjunction with the National Specialty got underway and in the conformation
ring judging recommenced with the bitches. ( Page 11)
Bitch Challenge was awarded to the liver spotted Australian Bred Bitch class winner,
Gr Ch Dalcrest Rustic Fantasy owned and handled by Carryn Birch from Victoria,
and bred by Carryn's mother Fran Birch. Reserve Challenge going North to another
liver spotted bitch, Ch Dizzidot Divine Brown owned, bred and handled by Lynn
Williams from Queensland. Interesting to note that the dam of this bitch had won
Best in Veteran Sweepstakes earlier in the day.
Agility Trial
Down in the Agility ring Dianne Scheimer had 2 qualifiers; from the Open class well
known NSW dally Sutania Runaround Sue CDX ADM ET, bred by the late Michael
Starkey and owned by Alison Abbott. On this occasion "Lucy" was handled in a trial
for the first time by Alison's husband John and judging by the grin on his face at
trophy presentation, John was very pleased with the outcome! Qualifier from the
Novice class was the Queensland bitch Ch Brewen Wicked Waze, owned by Terry
and Sandra Irving, bred by Brett and Wendy Johns and handled by Christie Jenkins.
The trials proved once again that Dalmatians are" not just a pretty face" but smart
dogs who enjoy the challenge that obedience and agility brings.
Best Exhibit in Show
And then back to the conformation ring for the climax as Ann Hennigan selected her
Best In Show. It was a thrilled and emotional Carryn Birch who accepted the top
award with her 10 year old bitch, Gr Ch Dalcrest Rustic Fantasy to cheers and
clapping from the crowd. Quiet fell around the ring as the Reserve Challenge bitch
entered the ring to compete with the Challenge dog winner for Runner Up to Best In
Show. More excitement as RUIS goes to a delighted Lynn Williams and her bitch, Ch
Dizzidot Divine Brown and Best Opposite Sex in Show to Fran Matthews with Ch
Paceaway Greased Litenin.
Applause and congratulations continued as Ann Hennigan selected her remaining
Baby Puppy in Show Exchecka Etcetera owned and bred by Jill Atkinson, NSW
Minor Puppy in Show Sutania Anna Belle owned and bred by Denise Starkey, NSW
Puppy in Show Dillidale Queen Laya owned and bred by Michelle Sharp, Qld
Junior in Show Blairwick Storminateacup bred by Lilian Blair and Patrick Chadwick
and owned by V Maitland, NSW
Intermediate in Show Ch Retma Dark of the Sun bred by Margaret Ferrara and owned
by Jeff Parsons, NSW
Australian Bred in Show/BIS Gr Ch Dalcrest Rustic Fantasy bred by Fran Birch,
owned by Carryn Birch, Vic
Open in Show/RUIS Ch Dizzidot Divine Brown owned and bred by Lynn Williams,
Page 12
BIS BCC BABIS Ch Dalcrest Rustic Fantasy
Res BCC & RUBIS BOIS Dizzidot Divine Brown
DCC Opp.SIS Ch Paceaway Greased Litenin
Res DCC Gr Ch Swiftgait Rock My
Sutanna Anna Belle BMPIS, no photo. No photos of the Obedience or Agility winners
Page 13
Checkerboard Etcetera BBPIS
Dillidale Quen Laya BPIS
Blairwick Storminateacup BJIS
Ch Retma Dark of The Sun BIIS
BSVIS Ch Malworth Red Flare
BVIS Ch Dizzidot Cicciolina
Page 14
RASNSW Sydney RoyaL Easter Show
Judge:Mr J. Nallem (Uruguay)
Class 3 Puppy Dog 2/2
1 Krystaway Weekend Hustler
2 Texico Isle B Cool (AI)
Class 4 Junior Dog 3/3
1 Sprintaway Smooth Satin
2 Starswept Bound For Hollywood
Davies, Wright
3 withdrawn
Class 5 Intermediate Dog 3/3
1 Ch Paceaway Kold Kash
2 Ch Sprintaway Chief Cheroke
3 Ch Gentry Justa Rock Star
Class 10 Aust. Bred Dog 2/3
1 Seanmya Irish Lord
2 Gr Ch Paceaway Rum Ruffian
Class11 Open Dog 7/7
1 Gr Ch Krystaway Dot Com
2 Ch Krystaway Dream Catcher
3 Ch Paceaway Kiwi Konexion (IID)
Class3A Puppy Bitch
1 Texico Miss Izzy B Cool
2 Paceaway Kit Kat
Class 5A Intermediate Bitch 3/5
1 Pampard Phirst Phling
2 Ch Paceaway Fairytales
3 Krystaway Knock Your Spots Off
Class 10A Aust Bred Bitch 5/6
1 Ch Hillofsilver Paparazzi
2 Ch Seanmya Gift of Rocco
3 Ch Gentry Swept By Stars
Class 11A Open Bitch 4/7
1 Ch Krystaway Moet Chandon
2 Gr Ch Pampard Phrench Kisses
3 Ch Paceaway Nite Fire
BOB BCC Ch Hillofsilver Paparazzi
Res BCC Ch Krystaway Moet Chandon
RUBOB DCC Gr Ch Krystaway Dot Com
Res DCC Krystaway Weekend Hustler
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