Annual Report - Social Impact Exchange



Annual Report - Social Impact Exchange
Annual Report 2015
From day one, City Harvest’s focus has been feeding hungry New Yorkers, neighbors
helping neighbors. This past year, we rescued and delivered our 500 millionth pound
of food and, to date, we have helped feed generations of New Yorkers.
Year over year, we source more surplus food and explore new methods of distribution
to ensure that we reach as many people in need as possible. In addition to delivering
51.3 million pounds of food free of charge in 2015, we marked the tenth year of
our Mobile Market distributions of free produce and launched second locations in
Staten Island and Northwest Queens. We now host 16 markets each month and our
Healthy Neighborhoods programs continue to grow.
Our work is important for a variety of reasons. Hunger is a daily reality for nearly
1.4 million city residents. As shown by the 2014 Self-Sufficiency Standard Report,
co-commissioned by the Women's Center for Education and Career Advancement,
City Harvest, the United Way of New York City, and New York Community Trust, close
to half of households in the city lack the income needed to cover basic necessities
like food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and healthcare. As a result, lines at soup
kitchens and food pantries across the five boroughs are long.
In 1982, City Harvest recognized the abundance of food waste and the practical
purpose it could serve in helping feed hungry New Yorkers. What began with a
24 hour phone line and volunteers driving their own cars has evolved into 21 trucks,
160 staff members, thousands of volunteers, and support from over 40,000 financial
donors and 2,400 food donors.
Together we are helping community food programs serve greater numbers of people
nutritious meals. We are also helping make the healthy meal choice an easier one
through our Healthy Neighborhoods programs, which work to ensure that low-income
residents have access to affordable, fresh produce and to nutrition education so that
they know how to integrate fruits and vegetables into their diets.
The food rescue model that we pioneered and our hunger relief programs continue
to be replicated. Organizations across the country and around the world, from
Massachusetts and California to Greece, Argentina and Australia look to City Harvest
for best practices.
To quote a line from City Harvest’s first Annual Report, “Everyone involved with our
work benefits: the donor who can see his surplus food used and not wasted, the
community food program which can provide more food, and the hungry neighbor
who has something good to eat.”
The same holds true today. Thank you to the food donors, individuals, corporations,
foundations, volunteers, and community partners in this report who allow us to grow
our efforts and feed our people.
Jilly Stephens
Executive Director
City Harvest is accomplishing
so much good, feeding the
food insecure, and I appreciate
being a part of their efforts.
City Harvest has educated
me on the value of my produce
and what it can do for my
city neighbors to the south
of me.
Chris Pawelski, Pawelski Farms
City Harvest Food Donor
In March, we delivered our 500 millionth pound of food since City Harvest’s founding,
to New York Common Pantry where we have made deliveries for decades. Reaching
this milestone was a testament to all the supporters in this report, and those from the
previous 32 years, who make it possible for us to help feed hungry New Yorkers.
City Harvest is committed to continually identifying new sources of food to collect,
and 2015 saw a growth in donors, variety and special event rescues.
Hunt’s Point Produce Market donated 2.7 million pounds of 56 different types of
fruits and vegetables.
We rescued 16% more high-quality protein items, such as chicken, than in 2014.
Through relationships with local farms, we rescued nearly five million pounds of
produce, including over one million pounds from both Lynn-Ette & Sons in Kent, NY
and Harvest Queen Farms in Florida, NY.
We added overnight pickups from FreshDirect and their food donations increased
by one third, totaling close to 1.5 million pounds for the year.
Blue Apron donated over one million pounds of food and we added pickups at
other meal kit delivery companies including Plated, Munchery and Marley Spoon.
During the Daily News Food Drive, we collected over one million pounds of nonperishable food, and more than 400 schools participated.
Chobani donated one million cups of yogurt for the community food programs
and after school programs we serve through City Harvest Fruit Bowl.
With the help of 300 volunteers, we rescued over 96,500 pounds of produce,
cheese and gourmet items from the Fancy Food Show. We added food rescues at
Resorts World Casino and New York Road Runners finish lines.
Shake Shack added five new pickup locations for our Chef’s Special program, in
which restaurants prepare meals for us to deliver each month.
All told, we rescued 51.3 million pounds of good food that would have otherwise
gone to waste and delivered it free of charge to 500 soup kitchens, food pantries and
other community food programs across the city. Over 50% of this food was produce
and 75% was nutrient-dense. City Harvest was recognized for its work by winning the
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Waste Challenge “food bank
At City Harvest, even our minimal amount of food waste does not go to waste. We
work with Build It Green, a local organization that produces high-quality compost
used in our city’s community gardens and in public beautification projects, and we
send the remainder to a pig farmer in Connecticut.
City Harvest goes beyond just
donating food. Their workshops,
trainings and annual conference
are great tools for emergency
food programs. They are flexible
and understand what is happening
on the ground. City Harvest
works hard sourcing high quality
items that are hard for many
soup kitchens and food pantries
to afford.
Abby Burke, former Food Pantry
Coordinator, Hour Children, Queens
City Harvest Food Delivery Location
Food rescue is an important way we can address the gap between the manufacturers,
producers and distributors who have too much food and our neighbors who do not
have enough to feed their families.
In 2015 the New York City poverty rate remained constant at over 20%, higher than
the national poverty rate. For many families, the question wasn’t what to have for
dinner, but am I going to have dinner.
pounds of fresh fruit
and low-fat dairy
delivered to nearly
7,000 children through
City Harvest Fruit Bowl
There was an overall increase in visits to our network of soup kitchens and food
pantries from the previous year and, in response, we distributed 12% more food
including 22% more in Brooklyn and 11% more in the Bronx.
We opened our second Mobile Markets in Northwest Queens and in Staten Island,
marking the tenth year of the program. We started with one site in the South Bronx in
2004 distributing 35,000 pounds of fresh produce free of charge in a farmers market
setting. Today through our 16 Mobile Markets each month across the five boroughs,
we distribute 2.8 million pounds of produce, and it is all still free of charge. Richmond
County Savings Foundation supported the launch of our second Staten Island Mobile
Market and other Healthy Neighborhoods programs in the borough with $150,000.
pounds of fresh
produce distributed at
Mobile Markets
In 2015, we distributed close to two million pounds of produce via the Hub & Spoke
model, 68% more than the previous year. City Harvest contacts community food
programs in a given area (“spokes”) and invites them to come to a central location
(“hubs”) to pick up produce to supplement their regular City Harvest deliveries. Each
distribution ranges from 15,000 to 45,000 pounds and is typically completed in less
than two hours, making these distributions a quick and cost effective way to channel
large quantities of food into communities that need it. 3.9
pounds of kosher food
rescued and delivered
We also increased distributions from our Food Rescue Facility directly to community
food programs with vehicles. Through this rapidly growing program, we distributed
4.2 million pounds to over 40 soup kitchens and food pantries.
I remember serving butternut
squash soup on a freezing day
at a Mobile Market in the Bronx,
and a sweet, grandmotherly
woman came to the table who
had never heard of butternut
squash. I will never forget the
look of delight on her face when
she tried it for the first time. I was
thrilled to provide her with that
Ivy Stark, Executive Chef, Dos Caminos
City Harvest Food Council Member
City Harvest’s Healthy Neighborhoods programs can be found in communities
where residents face high rates of food insecurity, poverty and diet-related disease,
and where healthy, affordable food is often not easily accessible. We partner with
residents, local organizations and businesses to improve access to fresh fruits and
vegetables, provide nutrition education and share resources.
Overall, 2015 saw increased programming and collaboration among our community
partners. Through our nutrition education programs, we reached 56,000 residents.
Thanks to a five year $2.3 million grant from the USDA and New York State, we were
able to grow our nutrition education and healthy retail work significantly. Our Healthy
Retail program staff worked with nearly 70 supermarkets and corner stores this year
and, to date, has improved produce access for more than 300,000 people.
Through City Harvest Fruit Bowl, we distributed approximately 625,000 pounds of
fresh fruit and low-fat dairy to nearly 7,000 children in pre-school, Head Start and after
school programs.
Community Action Networks (CANs) have been created with support from City Harvest,
bringing together passionate residents and retailers to help develop neighborhoodbased food access initiatives. This year, we hosted 36 CAN meetings and worked with
hundreds of partners in each of our Healthy Neighborhoods. We also began connecting
supermarkets to GrowNYC and FreshConnect to increase the amount of fresh, quality
produce available in our Healthy Neighborhoods.
Special thanks to the Newman’s Own Foundation which donated $150,000
to continue supporting Healthy Neighborhoods work, including our nutrition
education offerings.
Total pounds delivered: 1,845,443
People reached through our Healthy Retail
program: 52,500
People reached through our Nutrition
Education programs: 11,682
People served per Mobile Market: 3,915
Total pounds delivered: 6,362,482
People reached through our Healthy Retail
program: 127,500
People reached through our Nutrition
Education programs: 14,410
People served per Mobile Market: 6,537
Total pounds delivered: 1,102,758
Total pounds delivered: 2,184,258
People reached through our Healthy Retail
program: 25,500
People reached through our Healthy Retail
program: 39,000
People reached through our Nutrition
Education programs: 11,568
People reached through our Nutrition
Education programs: 7,543
People served per Mobile Market: 7,029
People served per Mobile Market: 4,335
Total pounds delivered: 5,075,391
People reached through our Healthy Retail
program: 66,000
People reached through our Nutrition
Education programs: 10,660
People served per Mobile Market: 4,125
The City Harvest Fruit Bowl
program is important because
it helps teach children about
eating healthy and also reminds
parents to help their children
make good choices. City Harvest
deliveries support our community
by giving people essential cooking
items such as onions, potatoes,
fruits, yogurt, and apples. Without
these deliveries, I know many
people in the community would
not eat.
Jessica Acosta, HANAC
Astoria Cornerstone, Queens
City Harvest Fruit Bowl Leader
pounds of food
in Healthy
I have been volunteering for two
years and I do it because I like
helping people and giving back.
City Harvest has a great impact
on the community, especially
for senior citizens. A lot of them
are on fixed incomes, and rent
is expensive, but because of
City Harvest, people can wake up
and know they have a meal.
Barbara Womack,
St. Mary’s Mobile Market, South Bronx
City Harvest Volunteer
Thanks to generous donations, volunteer hours and committed advocates,
City Harvest continues scaling up hunger relief efforts as the need for food across our
city grows. We engage the entire five borough community around our mission.
In 2015, we worked with 15,300 volunteers on 2,300 projects, and we increased the
number of corporate volunteers to 5,975.
Whole Foods donated 5% of sales across the city to celebrate the opening day
of their Upper East Side location, resulting in nearly $100,000 to support
Healthy Neighborhoods.
Skip Lunch Fight Hunger raised $1 million for the second year, engaging thousands
of employees from over 200 corporate teams and more than 5,100 individual
donors citywide.
National Basketball Association (NBA) All-Stars joined 400 volunteers to sort and
pack 160,000 pounds of food for more than 10,000 New Yorkers in need.
The Credit Suisse Holiday Charity Initiative raised $230,000.
An Evening of Practical Magic raised a record-breaking $3 million, including a
$1 million bid for a private dinner for 20 prepared by City Harvest Board of Directors
Vice Chair Eric Ripert, who is chef and co-owner of Le Bernardin, and a private
performance by Academy and Grammy award-winning musician John Legend.
400 volunteers sorted and packed over 231,000 pounds of food for Thanksgiving.
During this 24 hour Repackathon, Chelsea Clinton and Clinton Foundation staff
took the early morning shift, and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand joined the next afternoon.
Individual and institutional donors fully supported the Green Fleet Fund, following
a challenge grant from the Mnuchin family in 2008.
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Army
General Martin Dempsey, the Brooklyn Nets, and Sony Computer Entertainment
America staff volunteered with Ft. Hamilton service members to repack food at our
Food Rescue Facility on Veteran’s Day.
We convened the NYC Alliance for Child Nutrition Reauthorization (
to advocate for strong federal programs that would feed the most children with
the best food possible, and help ensure free school lunch in middle schools and
breakfast in the classroom for elementary schools.
volunteers worked
on 2,300 projects
Together, we are the largest privately supported hunger relief organization in
New York City.
In response to the rise in hunger across the five boroughs, City Harvest adopted a
strategic plan in 2011 that mapped out five-year growth.
There are two key goals: significantly increasing our annual food deliveries, from
30 million to 60 million pounds per year, to meet the immediate need for food, and
expanding Healthy Neighborhoods programs to increase access to fresh fruits and
vegetables for hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers.
To expand our infrastructure and build capacity, City Harvest developed a campaign
to raise $30 million so that by the close of 2016, City Harvest will be better positioned
to help feed hungry New Yorkers. The 30-30-30 Campaign has now raised $25 million
in commitments from more than 113 foundations, corporations, individuals, and
members of our Board of Directors to support our strategic plan.
pounds of
food per
day in 2015
pounds of
food in 2015
in 2015
Highlights this past year include the following gifts:
$500,000 from Judith and Kim Davis for our work in Healthy Neighborhoods
$500,000 from the Borrego Foundation to expand City Harvest services
$400,000 from The Clark Foundation to help increase food deliveries
$300,000 from Paula and Tom McInerney to support New Yorkers in need
$250,000 from the Wilf Family Foundation for the Kosher Initiative
Over the first four years of the strategic plan, City Harvest has achieved several
important milestones.
Our Food Rescue Facility in Long Island City increased short-term storage space
from 3,000 square feet to more than 45,000, and expanded daily food distribution
from 83,000 pounds to over 150,000.
City Harvest’s annual deliveries have increased from 30 million pounds in 2011 to
more than 50 million pounds in 2015.
We expanded our Healthy Neighborhoods programs to five boroughs, from three
in 2011. We launched five new Mobile Markets, bringing our total to eight, with
two to open next year.
Healthy Neighborhoods evaluations have shown promising results. 60% of Mobile
Market participants report eating vegetables almost daily, compared to only 33%
before attending the market.
With the continued support of our generous partners, we will secure the remaining
$5 million to invest in delivering additional services to hungry New Yorkers.
pounds of
food per
day in 2011
pounds of
food in 2011
in 2011
$500,000 from Credit Suisse to grow food rescue and delivery operations
$25 million
raised by City Harvest’s
30-30-30 Campaign
$30 million
City Harvest maximizes
its impact by developing
partnerships in all aspects
of its work and sharing its
know-how with others.
We know that our support is
not only helping to address
food insecurity, but is also
strengthening communities
near and far.
Roula Siklas,
Stavros Niarchos Foundation
City Harvest Supporter
New York is one of the
wealthiest cities in the
world, yet far too many
of its families struggle
with hunger every day.
One of the most effective
organizations in the
struggle against hunger
is City Harvest. It is a
privilege to support it.
Tom McInerney
City Harvest Supporter
June 30, 2015
June 30, 2014
Cash and cash equivalents
Contributions receivable, current portion
Grants and awards receivable
Prepaid expenses and other current assets
Property and equipment, net
Contributions receivable, net, long-term portion
Security deposits
Total assets
Accounts payable
Accrued expenses
Leases payable, current portion
Deferred rent
Leases payable, long-term portion
Total liabilities
Temporarily restricted
Permanently restricted
Total net assets
Total liabilities and net assets
Donated Food 76%
Program Services 93%
Individuals 9%
Development 6%
Foundations 6%
Management and General 1%
Corporations 3%
Special Events 4%
Government Grants 1%
Other 1%
Year Ended
June 30, 2015
June 30, 2014
Public Support
Donated food
Special events
(net of direct benefits to donors of
$1,280,550 in 2015 and $1,086,245 in 2014)
Total public support
3 ,459,254
$ 113,817,962
$ 101,874,835
$ 112,518,713
Government grants and awards
Investment income (loss)
Other income
Total revenues
Net assets released from restrictions
Total public support and revenues
$ 115,690,914
Emergency food operations
Healthy Neighborhoods and
other programming
$ 104,341,899
Total program services
$ 108,703,831
Management and general
Total supporting services
Total expenses
$ 115,066,173
$ 102,802,284
$ 104,341,899
$ 108,703,831
$ 96,583,496
$ 116,484,327
$ 116,484,327
$ 103,919,788
Donated services – revenue
Donated services – expenses
Change in net assets
Program services:
Supporting services:
Net assets, beginning of year
Net assets, end of year
$ 13,418,073
$ (1,418,154)
$ (1,117,504)
$ 19,381,903
$ 20,800,057
Hundreds of generous
corporations and foundations
supported City Harvest’s fight
against hunger last year.
Horizon Media
$500,000 – 999,999
Robin Hood
$250,000 – $499,999
Credit Suisse Americas Foundation
Stavros Niarchos Foundation
Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund
$100,000 – $249,999
American Express
Anonymous (2)
The Clark Foundation
Duane Reade Charitable Foundation
Fashion Accessories Benefit Ball (FABB)
Food for Needy, Inc.
Sol Goldman Charitable Trust
Guggenheim Partners
The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley
Charitable Trust
Humana Foundation
NBA Cares
The New York Community Trust
Pernod Ricard USA
Richmond County Savings
The SJS Charitable Trust
Solon E. Summerfield Foundation, Inc.
Vital Projects Fund
Wallace Genetic Foundation
Walmart Foundation
Watermill Trading
Whole Foods Market
$50,000 – $99,999
Louis and Anne Abrons
Foundation, Inc.
Alpha 1 Marketing
Bank of America Charitable
Edith C. Blum Foundation
Empire Merchants LLC
Ernst & Young LLP
Feeding America
Charles A. Frueauff Foundation
Gemiluth Chessed of Greater New York
Joyce and Irving Goldman
Family Foundation
Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen
Macquarie Group Foundation
Manhattan Lincoln
Henry and Lucy Moses Fund, Inc.
Picower Fund
Newman’s Own Foundation
Specialty Food Association
The Starr Foundation
The Staten Island Foundation
Two Sigma Investments, LLC
The Wasily Family Foundation
$25,000 – $49,999
The Achelis Foundation
AMC Cares Charitable Fund
BJ’s Charitable Foundation
The Centerbridge Foundation
Frank E. Clark Charitable Trust
CME Group Community Foundation
The Robert V. Hauff and
John F. Dreeland Foundation
Dunkin’ Donuts & BaskinRobbins Community Foundation
The Durst Family Foundation
Epstein Teicher Philanthropies
First Eagle Investment Management
Goldman Sachs
The Green Fund
The Indian Point Foundation
The Rona Jaffe Foundation
McKinsey & Company
The Ambrose Monell Foundation
Municipal Credit Union
Oak Point Management
Omer Foundation
William J. and Dorothy K. O’Neill
OSP Group
Penguin Random House Foundation
The Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund
The Seth Sprague Educational and
Charitable Foundation
Tribeca Film Festival
The Ruth Turner Fund, Inc.
Wells Fargo
The Yum-o! Organization, Inc.
Zuberry Associates, LLC
$10,000 – $24,999
Herbert Allen Foundation
American Century Investments
Ameriprise Financial
Amica Insurance
Aurelius Capital Management, LP
Rose M. Badgeley Residuary
Charitable Trust
The Barker Welfare Foundation
The Theodore H. Barth Foundation, Inc.
BC Partners
BNP Paribas
Botwinick-Wolfensohn Foundation
Brooklyn Nets
Canino Family Charitable Foundation
Change Happens Foundation
Cisco Foundation
Collegiate Church Corporation
Deutsche Bank
The Walt Disney Company
Durland Co., Inc.
The Durst Organization, Inc.
Epoch Investment Partners, Inc.
ESPN, Inc.
The Ferguson Foundation
Food & Wine Magazine
Rochelle and David A. Hirsch Foundation
The Hyde and Watson Foundation
The JPB Foundation
JPMorgan Chase
The Donna Karan Company, LLC
The Elroy and Terry Krumholz
The LB & TD Foundation
Le Bernardin
Maimonides Fund
Mandarin Oriental, New York
Mellam Family Foundation
Moët Hennessy USA
Morgan Stanley Annual Appeal
Henry Nias Foundation, Inc.
The NoMad
Oceanic Heritage Foundation George L. Ohrstrom, Jr. Foundation
Open Society Institute
The Osterman Family Foundation
P/Kaufmann Inc.
Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP
Pershing Square Capital
Management, LLC
Pillsbury Winthrop LLP
Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation
The Louis & Harold Price
Foundation, Inc.
RealNetworks Foundation
Samlyn Capital, LLC
Sarah I. Schieffelin Residuary Trust
Adolph and Ruth Schnurmacher
Foundation, Inc.
Charles and Mildred Schnurmacher
Foundation, Inc.
Seward & Kissel LLP
Share Our Strength
The Murray G. & Beatrice H. Sherman
Charitable Trust
Sidley Austin LLP
The Slomo and Cindy Silvian
Foundation, Inc.
Supply & Demand
Tabbed Out
Tripura Foundation
John T. Underwood Foundation
United Hospital Fund of New York
Vatera Holdings LLC
Victoria Fine Foods
Voya Financial
W. P. Carey Inc.
Wellspring Foundation
Judith C. White Foundation
$5,000 – $9,999
Andrews Kurth LLP
Atlas Advisors, LLC
BNY Mellon
Bordeaux Wine Council (CIVB)
Milton and Fannie Brown
Family Foundation
Elias B. Cohen & Associates
Constatine Cannon LLP
Cowen Group Inc.
Cushman & Wakefield
Daily News
Davis Polk & Wardwell-Flik International
Debevoise & Plimpton
Elara Foodservice Disposables
Empire State Building
Entertainment Weekly Inc.
FactSet Research Systems Inc.
Feeding America, thanks to
Family Dollar
Fitch, Inc.
FoodMatch, Inc.
Fourth Wall Restaurants
The Giants Foundation
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
Give With Liberty
Great Big Food Events LLC
Hall Capital Partners Fund
Harper Collins Publishers
HealthPlus Amerigroup
Jack Resnick & Sons, Inc.
Katten Muchin Rosenman
Foundation, Inc.
Kingdom Capital Management LLC
LCH Clearnet
Leaves of Grass Fund
Luke’s Lobster
MacDonald-Peterson Foundation
Magnum Cream Liqueur™
Manolo Blahnik USA Ltd.
Marian Goodman Gallery, Inc.
Maxim Group LLC
MAXimum Research
McGraw Hill Financial
Meredith Corporation
Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.
New York Life Foundation
New York Media LLC
Henry E. Niles Foundation
Palm Bay International
Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison
PayPal Giving Fund
People Magazine
People’s United Community
Pfizer Foundation
Pine River Capital Management
PMI Global Services Inc.
The Rivendell Foundation
Rizzoli International Publications, Inc.
Rums of Puerto Rico
Seventh District Foundation
Sodexo Foundation
Taste of the NFL
Taylor Global, Inc.
TC Ravenswood Services Corp
Thendara Foundation
TOSA Foundation
Twoseven Inc.
TZP Management Associates
Venable Foundation
The Rafael & Diana Vinoly Foundation
Warburg Pincus LLC
Yeah! Management
City Harvest’s work is possible
because of the generous
support of our donors. The
dedication of these donors and
thousands more like them
allows us to continue the fight
against hunger in New York City.
Bill and Jessica Koenigsberg
Eric Ripert and Maguy Le Coze,
Le Bernardin
$250,000 – $999,999
Anonymous (4)
Borrego Foundation
Judy and Kim Davis
Harry and Misook Doolittle Foundation
Daniel and Mitra O’Neill
Geoffrey and Margaret Zakarian
$100,000 – $249,999
Desiree Asher
Louis Ceruzzi
Lise and Michael Evans
The William R. Kenan, Jr.
Charitable Trust
The L.A.W. Foundation
Patrick Mauro
Thomas and Paula McInerney
Melkus Family Foundation
Ms. Pamela Schein Murphy and
Chef Marc Murphy
The Howard and Maryam Newman
Family Foundation
George and Abby O’Neill
The Spass Family
$50,000 – $99,999
Anonymous (2)
Alex and Jacqueline Berenson
Richard S. Berry and
Lucy A. Commoner
Ashish and Leslie Bhutani
Kimberly Cooper and Orin Wilf
Andreas C. Dracopoulos
Céline Dufétel
Josh and Victoria Feltman
Estate of Anthony Geiss
Kris and Marc Granetz
Chris and Tom Guba
Jeffrey and Paula Gural
Christine Hikawa
Stacy and Joel Hock
Eric Holder
Joy H. Ingham
Abram and Ray Kaplan Foundation
Grace Koo and Kerry Heffernan
Ralph Laucella
The Ruth and David Levine
Charitable Fund
Ambassador John L. Loeb, Jr.
Estate of Julie McGowan
Patrick and Kristen McMahon
Jeremy Mindich
Nadine A. Mirchandani
Alexander and Amanda Morcos
Robert and Lorraine Reeder
Marcus Samuelsson
Francesco Scattone
The Thompson Family
Foundation, Inc.
Jeannie Tseng and Colin Rust
Wilf Family Foundation
Michael A. Young
$25,000 – $49,999
Marjorie and Steven Adams
Dominique Ansel
Catherine and Joseph Aresty
Herbert and Phyllis Bachelor
Charitable Gift Fund
Barbara C. and Christopher W. Brody
Margaret and Randy Brown
Daniel and Patricia Bumgardner
Mr. Robert L. Cahill, Jr.
Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation
Jon Favreau
Kathleen Fisher
Sharon H. Jacquet
Carola and Bobby Jain
Alison and Jim Kallman
Pamela and Andrew Kaufmann
David and Sandee Kirchhoff
Alice Lawrence Foundation
Kerrie D. MacPherson and
David A. Gatchell
William J. Mills
Heather and Steven Mnuchin/
The Steven and Heather Mnuchin
Clement C. and Elizabeth W. Y. Moore
David and Katherine Moore
Family Foundation
Victor Ozeri
Peco Foundation
Rachael Ray and John Cusimano,
The Yum-o! Organization
Denise Sobel
Antonia Stolper and Robert Fertik
Steven and Alexis Strongin
Mrs. Topsy Taylor
Tsunami Foundation –
Deb and Anson Beard, Jr. and Family
Peggy Van Munching
Timothy and Marie Walsh
Jonathan Weiss and Barbara Asch
$10,000 – $24,999
Anonymous (15)
Alyson and John Archer
Terry & Regina Armstrong
Family Charitable Foundation
Shirley Au and Kemal Askar
The Eugene and Carol Atkinson
Family Foundation
The Sandra Atlas Bass and Edythe and
Sol G. Atlas Fund, Inc.
The Frances and Benjamin Benenson
Foundation, Inc.
Bergen Foundation
Patricia Bergheiser Living Trust
Harold Berkowitz
Melissa A. Berman and Richard Klotz
Stephanie Bernheim
Scott and Roxanne Bok
Mr. Rich Bonaventura
Margaret Calkins Charitable
Franklin J. Carmel
The Chervenak-Nunnalle Foundation
Jonathan and Martha Cohen
Christopher H. Cole
Thomas and Roseann Conheeney
Laura and Howard Corb
Stuart and Betty Cotton
Dana B. Cowin
Joyce B. Cowin
Theodore Cross Family Charitable
Paul and Jennifer Diamond
Gregory Diskant and Sandra Baron
Mark Dodds
Arthur S. Doerner Private Foundation
Rita Duggan
Jamie and Craig Dunton
Abby Eletz
Martin E. Elling
The Charles Engelhard Foundation
Charles and Elaine Engelstein
Lili and Wilson Ervin
The Fine and Greenwald
Foundation, Inc.
Darren and Jeanne Fogel
The Mary Alice Fortin Foundation, Inc.
Lynn and Joel Frank
Elliot Friman
Sarah and Michael Gerstenzang
Cathy Glaser and Steve Semlitz
The Goldie Anna Charitable Trust
Mark Gottlieb
Jeremy and Abbi Halpern
Kerry and Jim Jacobson
Pat and Paul D. Kaplan
Laurie Kayden Foundation
Eleanora Kennedy
The Roger Klauber Family Foundation
The Knight Family Foundation
Mrs. Marlise C. Konort
Barbara and Mark Kronman
Mark and Cheryl LaBelle
Yoko Ono Lennon
The Howard & Irene Levine
Family Foundation
Marjorie R. Lewis
Carina Liebeknecht and
Andy Dietderich
Estate of Ruth Loewenstein
The Mailman Foundation
Martin E. Maleska and Julia A. McGee
Worthington Mayo-Smith Fund
Rebecca and Kirk McKeown
Matthew T. Mellon Foundation
Susan L. Merrill and Tom W. Faneuff
Brian J. and Heidi G. Miller
Matthew Mirapaul
Guillaume Morin
Charles B. and Paula M. Moss
Foundation, Inc.
Dr. Martin Nash
Oaz Nir
Julie Nolan
Estate of Tracy O’Kates
John K. Orberg
Marvin Pestcoe and Liz Mitchell
Marybeth and Jay Petschek
Cecily L. Pinkerton
Martin and Elizabeth Poole
The Bogosian Quigley Foundation
Linda Ransom and James Capra
Mr. Michael S. Rosenthal
Richard Rubin, Hawkeye Capital
Management, LLC
Andrew Sabl and Miriam Laugesen
Emilia A. Saint-Amand
Jennifer Schneck
Shahriar and Nicole Shahida
Manoogian Simone Foundation
Grant and Jacqui Smith
Julie Smith
Charles Spear Charitable Trust
Michael Stadnick
The Jane & Frances Stein Foundation
Rob and Jackie Stein
Yuka and Robert Stern
Laure Sudreau-Rippe
David Wassong and Cynthia Clift
Roger Waters
Lynne Waxman Foundation
Jill and Jeffrey Weiss
Whispering Bells Foundation
Adam and Abigail Winkel
Katie Workman and Gary Freilich
Peter E. Wunsch
Demetrios P. Yatrakis
$5,000 – $9,999
Acorn Hill Foundation, Inc.
Adelson Family Foundation
Carl Adkins and Dianne Balfour
Gary Aidekman Family Foundation
Roger and Elizabeth Ailes
Jonathan G. Ambjor
Anonymous (14)
Estate of Joan Antonucci
David and Lynda Archer
Jonathan Babkow
Arthur F. Backal
Eric Banks
Kate Barnett
Adam Barrick
Jonathan S. Bauer
Ms. Leora Ben-Ami
Rajeev Bhaman
Penelope and John Biggs
Anna Bosch
Tor and Cathleen Braham
Jonathan L. Brandt
Mary and Craig Brundage
The Bulova Stetson Fund
Jane M. Byrne
William H. Calamia
Calico Fund
Kenneth Caplan
Thane and Jennifer Carlston
Nathaniel and Elizabeth Carr
The Bonnie Cashin Fund
Cavali Foundation
Andrew Chang
Charis Fund
Charles G. Cho
Joseph F. Coleman
Tom Colicchio and Lori Silverbush
Vins Jean-Luc Colombo
Corinthian International Foundation
David Cross
Judy and Allan Curran
Chris Cuzme on behalf of Brewnity
The Joanne and John DallePezze
Dancing Tides Foundation
Leslie H. Danoff and
Lawrence S. Robbins
Sandra Davidson
Laura and Stephen DiMichael
Gordon and Lorraine DiPaolo
Doppelt Family Foundation
John B. Dougherty
Dr. Joy to the World, Inc.
Douglas Durst
The Frederick and Diana Elghanayan
Family Foundation
Anna and Jim Fantaci
Craig and Megan Ferguson
Jeanne Donovan Fisher
Gary and Svitlana Flom
Roman Fuzaylov
Brian Gavin
Gaylord Donnelley Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin D. Geballe
Jerome and Dolores Zuckerman
Gewirtz Charitable Trust
Dr. Michael Ghalchi
Ms. Cathe Giffuni
Jane L. Gilbert
Gail Goldsmith
Richard and Linda Goldstein
Alice Gottesman
Jonathan and Mindy Gray
Elizabeth Tracy Grinnell
Charles H. Gross and Joan D. Gross
John Gruber
The Emanuel & Riane Gruss
Charitable Foundation
Guilford Publications
Caroline Halmi
Martha and David Hamamoto
H. Peter Haveles, Jr.
Hilibrand Foundation
Anita Hoffman
Holzer Family Foundation
Margo and Paul J. Hooker
Howard Family Foundation
Philip Neil and Nancy F. Humphreys
Mary and Michael Jaharis
Hamilton E. James
Pamela Jarvis and Anthony E. Davis
Jessee Gift Fund
Jewish Communal Fund
Richard Johnson and Sharon Agar
Sarah and David Johnson
Patricia Jones
Matthew Kabaker
Mr. David W. Kaiser and
Ms. Rosemary Corbett
Milanee and Sujal Kapadia
Leslie and Gary Katz
The Katzin Foundation
Melissa Ko
Denise Kohn and Adam Blank
James and Barbara Korein
Krell Family Foundation
Stephanie Krieger
Nicholas A. Kronfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kunzer
Chef David Lapham
The Bernard and Muriel Lauren
The Thalia and George Liberatos
The Lichtenstein Foundation
Kamie and Richard Lightburn
Elicia Ling
Matthew L. Lippert
Bryce C. Liu
Arthur L. Loeb
Dr. Nancy Long and Mr. Marc Waldor
Alexander and Marisa Lorenzo
Todd J. Lowen
Philip Mactaggart
Burton G. and Nancy W. Malkiel
Michael Richard Malm
Stephane and Camille Mantelin
Susan and David Marcinek
Susan and Gregory Marks
Nicholas Martini Foundation
Andrew W. Mathias
Kevin McCafferty and Alison Hein
Robert and Calli McCaw
Alan and Maria McIntyre
Anne Welsh McNulty
Richard and Jane Mescon
Steven Messer
Messler Family Foundation
Timothy Messler and Tara Marchionna
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund –
Albert Shemmy Mishaan and
Jennifer Colyer
Leo Model Foundation, Inc.
James and Lauren Molloy
Diana M. Moore
Morrison Family Foundation
Dr. Rafael A. Munoz-Carreras
The Dorothy and Mark Nelkin
Charitable Fund
Adina Newman
Hope and Joshua Newman
Tracy Nieporent, Tribeca Grill,
Nobu, Bâtard
Diane A. Nixon
John O’Connor
Helen O’Donnell
Janet and David Offensend
Timothy O’Hara
Shannon and Edward Otte
Michael and Maria Paskowitz
Maurice Passy
Jodi Peikoff
Judy Polzer and Julian Flear
Ben Posel and Jessica Bauman
Adam Posner
Jerome and Gerta Posner
Gary Press
Lisa Quattrocchi
Dr. Mukund Raghavachari
James C. Remez
Mary Renaud
Bryan D. Richards
Richard and Heidi Rieger
The Irene Ritter Foundation
Lauren Rome
Toni Ross
Ruggles Family Foundation
Phyllis and Albert Russo
Maureen Ryan and Erik Hepler
Caroline Samuels and Michael Sturmer
John F. and Lynn M. Savarese
Schaps Family Foundation
Steven Schechter and Diane Winston
Martin Schneider and Debra Fine
Alfred G. Schulz
Richard Seyferlich
Mildred H. Shashaty Charitable
Lead Annuity
Barbara and John Shaughnessy
David and Elizabeth Sherman
Dr. Richard Sloan and Dr. Jessie Gruman
The Sloman Foundation
Sarah and Howard Solomon
John Stage
The Stainrook Foundation
Geoffrey Stein and Patricia Poglinco
Nicholas Stephens and
Lisa Kunstadter
Edward Sulzberger Foundation, Inc.
Susser Family Trust
Ruth and Andrew Suzman
Zubin Taraporevala
Tarshis Family Foundation
Paul J. Taubman
Nancy Teague
The Milton Tenenbaum Charitable
The Alvin and Fanny B. Thalheimer
Foundation, Inc.
Amanda and Christopher Timchak
Joe Titus
Ting Tsung and Wei Fong Chao
Ullmann Family Foundation
Kathleen Ulrich and Stephen Gray
Diane G. Van Wyck
Cynthia and Lee Vance
J. David Velleman
Nicole and Paul Vianna
Laura Waitz
Ben Wasserstein and Julia Turner
Margaret Waters
Gary and Nina Wexler
Glen and Nancy Whitney
Wayne Williams
The Robert W. Wilson Charitable Trust
Richard & Elizabeth Witten
Family Foundation
John Anthony Wright
$2,500 – $4,999
The 1966 Charitable Trust
Barbara Ann Abeles
John G. Addrizzo
Jerilyn Allen
Nancy Allen
Elizabeth and Konstantin Andreev
Angelis-Hero Foundation, Inc.
Jamie Anthony
Anonymous (17)
Charles Arcella
Irwin Arieff and Deborah Baldwin
Robert and Lisa Arning
Ellen L. Asher
Connie Attanasio
Nancy and Richard Axilrod
Vivek Baliga
Steven and Barbara Baum
David and Nomi Berenson
Kevin Ira Berg
Mortimer Berkowitz III
Joshua S. and Rachel W. Bernstein
William and Bleema Bershad
The Louise Blackman
Family Foundation
A.J. Bocchino and Phoebe Washburn
Mel Bochner and Lizbeth Marano
Jay and Gabriela Bockhaus
Michael Bolin and Sarah Graham
Dale and Lisa Booher
Michael Braun and
Victoria Schumacher
The Brook Fund, Inc.
Susan Buckley and Lance Sherman
Anne Burrell
C.A.L. Foundation, Inc.
David Calhoun
Joseph Campanale
Jeff and Susan Campbell
Jonathan Canarick
Canido Basonas Construction Corp.
Norman and Heewon Cerk
Max Chalfin
Elizabeth and Jay Chandler
Theodore C. Chu
Chandra Cirulnick
Rebecca Clements
Taylor Clements
Ellen Cobb Church
Avishai Cohen
Frank Cohen
Iris Cohen
Joshua Cohen
Jonathan Collette
Andrew Collis
Ross and Emily Cooper
Allen Cooperman
Sean and Kelly Corridon
John and Wendy Cozzi
Carla Craig and Stuart Freedman
Giovanni Cutaia
Bob and Leslie Dahl
The David Foundation, Inc.
Kristen M. Day
Mary and Dominick Dell’Imperio
Bruno Di Leo
Hester Diamond Fund
Allyson Dickman
Gregory S. and Karen K. Dimit
Joseph and Catherine Domonkos
Paul M. Donofrio and Ellen L. Reddy
Donald Donovan and Jennifer Lake
Malcolm S. and Virginia Dorris
Catherine J. Douglass
Sandra L. Dunsmore
George Eberstadt and Cynthia Young
Gil Eichacker
Cara Eisen
David Elsbree, Jr.
Embler-Cilenti Fund
Alan M. Epstein and Arden S. Epstein
Fritz E. Erismann
Catherine E. Eulau
Maurice and Carol Feinberg
Family Foundation
Spencer Finch
Jeffrey and Leslie Fischer
Kathleen Chiechi Flores
David and Vicki Foley
Fosdick Fund
Brian Foster
David W. Frankel
Lois Friedman
Peter Friedman
Andrew and Caroline Gelman
The Gendal Family Charitable
Chris and Susan Gifford
David and Shirley Ginzberg
Marc and Kristen Glosserman
Sharon and David Goldfarb
Sean Goodrich
Philip L. Graham, Jr. and
Eileen Graham
Laura Grauer
Jill Greenwald
Mr. Riker Griffiths and Ms. Gena Feist
Louise Grunwald
Roger Gural and Janine Lariviere
† Denotes deceased
The Robert G. and Ellen S. Gutenstein
Foundation, Inc.
Jonathan T. Guyton
Russell F. Hackmann
Sylvia Hassenfeld †
Barbara J. Heggie
Jack and Ilean Helland
Ann L. and Weston M. Hicks
Heather and John Holmes
Trisha Howell and Jason Gross
Tammy Johnston
Cassandra L. Jones
Andrew J. Justin
Deborah M. Kachel
Allison Kade and Boris Kerzner
Kandell Fund
Mary Jo Kaplan
Zachary Karabell and Nicole Alger
Karlitz & Company
David A. Karpa
Rebecca Karpay and Lev Polinsky
Lori A. and Marc E. Kasowitz
The Rosalie Katz Family
Foundation, Inc.
Ronald and Susan Kaufmann
Thomas R. Keene
Virginia L. Keith
The Nancy and John Kelly
Family Foundation
The Honorable Cynthia Kern and
Ms. Jane Boisseau
Leona Kern
Marjorie Klayman
Kyle D. Kniffen
Genevieve Ko
Eli O. B. Koenig
Alfie Kohn
Katherine Kornblau and
Matthew Susskind
Kaliope Kostas and Brian Smith
Rob Krulak
Gilad Kuperman and Marie Murphy
Edith L. and William Landau
Eugene M. Lang Foundation
Margo Langenberg
Mark Lanier
Patricia M. Lee
Ronald and Debra Lefton
Tammy and Jay Levine
Douglas Levy
Steven Lewent
Victor and Leslie Lewkow
Brian S. Lichter
Matthew Linde
Daniel L. Lipton
Antony Loebel
Joanne Lyman
Adrienne and Thomas Lynch
Alan and Jessica Mantel
The Grace R. & Alan D. Marcus
Dr. Prakash Masand
Jay B. McInerney
Melanie Meyers and Edward May
Tara Mirchandani
John and Marilyn Moller
Alexander F. Moore
Karen E. Morano
Michael P. Morrell and
Anne Marie Morrell
Mary Morse
Sahr Muhammedally and Russell Dyk
Lauren Murray
Mike Nash
Alissa and Bruce Nierenberg
Stefan Nowicki
William O’Neill
Stephan and Anna Lynn Oppenheimer
Lisa Orberg
Rosemary O’Toole and
Christopher Young
Sidney Ouyang
Sara Oxfeld
The Frank Pace, Jr. Foundation Inc.
Becca Parrish, BeccaPR
Renee Patronik
Douglas Paul
Morris and Barbara Pearl
Carol Pencke and Mary Laumer
Laurence Penn
Mario Pepe
Mark and Diane Perlin
Leslie Petrick
Nancy H. Pierson
Lauren and Scott Pinkus
Ira and Carole Pittelman
Danita Porter-McGee
Arun Prasad
Daniel and Katherine Priest
Provincial Foundation
John Quisenberry
Anthony Rallo
Salvatore and Lorraine Randazzo
Steven M. Rauro
Recreation Farm Society
Daniel & Paula Reingold
2004 Charitable Annuity Trust
Elizabeth Richmond
Hannah Ring
Philip W. Riskin Charitable
Foundation Inc.
Elisa Rivlin
RMF Foundation
Thelma S. Rodbell Charitable
Sheri Roder and Rich Zahradnik
Christopher Rogers
Robert S. Rosenbaum
James Rosenblum
Warren Paul Rosenstein
John I. Ross
Marcia and Philip Rothblum
Foundation, Inc.
Robert Rowe
The David and Eleanore Rukin
Philanthropic Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Salva
Chris Santos
John Saunders
Mr. and Mrs. Vikrant Sawhney
Randall K. Say
Richard T. Schaefer
Mr. and Mrs. David T. Schiff
Cynthia, Michael, Drew and
Ben Schlegel
Douglas and Allison Schloss
Peter W. Schmidt
Jeffrey G. Schneider
Sheryl and Barry K. Schwartz
James Howard Schwartz
Jonathan and Jennifer Sharret
Michelle and Scott Sherman
Lindenelle Shuttleworth
Joseph Siebecker
Gail Simmons
The Sobel Family Foundation
Jennifer S. and Albert J. Sohn
Beverly Sommer
Hector Soto
The Margaret W. Spofford
Foundation, Inc.
Lee Stahl and Toby Stahl-Maranga
William Stein
Hollis Stern Charitable Fund
Jennifer Strauss
Mark P. Sullivan
Sundheimer Foundation, Inc.
Nancy Taylor
Sarah Tod Fund
Jason Truman
Jon Peter Venetos
Phillipp Villhauer
Arline E. Vogel
Eric von Coelln
David Wachtel and Susan Frunzi
Louise Wakin
David Walker
Herbert Walker
Geraldine and Sheldon Wallman
Edward Weil, Jr.
Elaine G. and Alan Weiler
Howard and Phyllis Weiner
Scott Weiner
Marc Weingarten
Michael L. and Julie Greiner Weiser
Spirit Weston-Lewis
Brett F. Whysel
Michael and Zena Wiener
Dr. Marcia Robbins Wilf
Heather Williams
Margo S. Wintersteen
Michel C. Witmer
David Wong
James Worth
Wyman Family Foundation, Inc.
Dorothy Zeifer
Daniel Zelman
$1,000 – $2,499
Diane and Arthur Abbey
Ethan and Alice Abraham
Janet Abraham
John Abrahams
Alix Abrons
Christopher Achong
David E. Acker
Peter Ackerman
Deborah Adams
Dennis Adler and Robin Aronow
Vanessa L. Adler
Naveen Agrawal and
Bamini Jayabalasingham
Sanjiv and Anju Ahuja
Patricia Ainsworth
Vincent Albanese
Robert Albin
Hope Aldrich
Louis M. Aledort
David Alge and Nan Mutnick
The Allen Family Foundation
Donald and Cathy Allman
James Allocco
Mark Almeida and Theresa Galvin
Eric J. and Annette Altmann
Thomas C. Altmann
Evelina T. Altschiller
Omar Amanat
Nurys Amargos
Robert L. Amdur
Bruce A. Amedick
Jane and Maurizio Ameri
The Anbinder Family Foundation
Elaine A. Anderson
Lydia Andre
Anonymous (37)
Barbara E. Appel
Alan and Lillian Applebaum
Ingrid V. Arneberg
Dwight and Bonnie Arnesen
Carol Ash
Askin Family Fund
Joshua and Jacqueline Astrof
Kambiz Atabai
Lee and Michal Atzil
Aufzien Foundation, Inc.
Peter Awn
Ann Axel
Andrew Axelrod
Peter J. Axilrod
Bachman Family Charitable Fund
Walt and Elizabeth Bachman
Karen Backus
James C. and Veronica C. Baker
Robert J. Balog, Jr.
Natalie Banas
Eugene A. Banks, Jr.
Rachel and Daniel Barber-Schwartz
Brett Baron-Marianetti
Brad and Amy Barr
Michael Barr and Susan Learner Barr
Hugo N. Barreca
Andrew Barry
Randall Baruh
Jacob Baskin
Fred Bass
Lewis Bateman
Jane Leslie Baum
Daniel Baumol
Eugene B. Becker
Dori and John Beckhard
Amy N. Beckman
Melvin Bedrick
Manuel Bellod
Janet Bellusci
Dr. Judith E. Belsky, M.D.
Belvedere Foundation
Courtney Bender
Mr. Michael D. Bennett and
Dr. Juan J. Battle
Harvey S. Berenson
James Berger
Drew Bergman
The Berlin Family Foundation
Mitchell R. Berlin
William and Lynne Bermont
Arlene and Michael Berner
Vivian Bernett
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Berni
Jill and Robert Bernstein
Charitable Gift Fund
Alysse Bezahler
Robert Bielecki
Peter and Marilyn Biggins
Jeffrey Bijur
Michael Birbiglia
Aileen Birch
Richard and Janet Birnbaum
Christopher J. Birosak
Lewis Black
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Blaine
Max Blauner
David Blitzer
Guy and Meital Bloch
Sanford R. Block
Leonard and Jeanette Bloness
Harold and Jeanne Bloom
Robert and Joel H. Blum
Blumenreich Foundation
Michael Blumenstein
Peggy Blumenthal
Blum-Merians Foundation, Inc.
David and Mary Boies
Jill Bokor
Carleen A. Borsella
Robert R. Bose
Jeffrey Boutilier
Sandra Bowers and Ralph Walter
Brendan Boyle
Jessica Brackman and
Charles Melcher
Chris Bradford
David S. Brady and Birte Wistinghausen
Joseph Brady
Maria Branco
Garth Bray and Kathryn Baxter
Edna L. Breecker
Thomas and Inbal Brener
Robert Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Breslaw
Jed Brickner
Gary and Ellen Briefel
Stanlee and Elizabeth Brimberg
Margery A. Brittain
Dr. Richard Brockman, M.D.
Jane Brody
Judith Brody and Bruce Farber
Thomas K. Brooker, Jr.
Rolanda B. Brooks
Brookwood Companies
Gabe Brosbe
David S. Brown
Elliot H. and Victoria E. Brown
Matthew Brown
Nathan Brown
Stuart Brown
Timothy Brown
Valerie and Jay Brown
Scott Browne
James O. Buchanan
Clifton and Dolores Bullard
Pablo Burbridge
Robert and Judith Burger
Philanthropic Fund
The Burnett-Gaudiani Fund
Richard D. Burns
Michael Burridge
Peter B. Busschbach
Zachary Busser
Chris Butler
Douglas and Kathryn Butler
Patricia A. Cabot
Mr. Charles C. Cahn, Jr.
John Calderon
Mary Rockefeller Morgan Callard
Sharon Cameron
Catherine Campbell
Michael Canavan
Robert Cane
Loretta V. Cangialosi
James V. Canora
The John R. and
Dorothy D. Caples Fund
Rosario Caracci
Mr. Douglas J. Cardoni
Christine A. Carney
Mark E. Carney
Michael Caron
Margaret Carson
Gwendolyn M. Carter
Keino Carty
Mike Casey
Richard and Roslyn Cassidy
John J. and Mildred Casson
Costanza Castelnuovo-Tedesco
Robert B. Catell
Joseph Cavatoni
Matthew Caverly
Gerald E. Chait
Jennifer A. Chalsty
Kang G. Chan
Siu Lan Chan
Art Chang
Sheila A. Charney
David and Denise Chase
Ralph Chipman
Jisook Choi
Myoung S. R. Choi
Wasim Choudhury
Anitra Christoffel-Pell
Barbara M. Chu
Civic Entertainment Group
Kate and Jim Clark
Leo T. Clark
Clark/Gentry Charitable Fund
Ann F. Clarke
Rabbi Geoffrey Claussen
Kyle Clayton
Ms. Margot P. Close
Steven Coffey
Charles & Ellen Cogut Family
Daniel J. and Kay R. Cohen
Diane R. Cohen
Ilene P. Cohen
Jason Cohen
Saara Cohen
Jacques and Emilia Cohenca
John and Lisa Cokinos
Charlotte Colavin
Timothy and Carol Cole
Carl H. Coleman
James H. Coleman
Timothy Coleman
Anthony Colletti and Cord Meyer
Jill Conner
Adam Conner-Sax
Francis and Anne Conroy
Jill Considine
Alexis Constantinopoulos
Christopher and Judy Cooke
Ranny W. Cooper and David A. Smith
Noam and Amy Cooperstock
Marc Copland
Thomas B. Corcoran
Holly Cornell
Henry Corwin
Charles Craig
Pamela Crawford
David Crofton and Dawn Casale
Jeffrey J. Cronin
Mr. and Mrs. Carl B. Cronk
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cunningham
Kevin Curley
Paul Curnin and Penny Shane
Catherine V. Curry and Andres V. Gil
Annie Nickel Curtin
Adam D. Cutler and
Nova Nassim Cutler
Fred Daniele and Jeanne Haws
Lawrence and Susan Daniels
D’Artagnan, Inc.
Oliver Daubry
Barbara L. Davidson
John P. Davidson
Richard A. Davies and Gayle K. Haller
Peter Davis
Rebecca Day
Mara Daza
Willem de Bruijn
Michael T. De Stefano and
Priya Neelakantan
Ann and Alfredo DeInnocentis
DeLisi Family Foundation
Frank DeSimone
Savvas Diacossavvas
Ruth Dickler
Camilla Dietz Bergeron
Chris DiLeo
Anita K. Dinerstein
Roger D. and Barbara F. Ditman
Stephen Dizard
Laura and Edward Donelan
Ira Donewitz
Elizabeth Doty
Arden D. Down
Doyle Family Foundation Inc.
Dreamcatcher Foundation
Michael Droege
Judah and Anne Marie Druck
William Dueltgen
Joanne F. Dunbar
Alan D. Dunkelberger
Sandra Dunn-Yules
Jackson and Ann Dykman
Kathleen Eagan
Mary B. Early
Joshua Easterly
Barbara Lee Ebs
Jane Eddy
Erica and Ephraim Edelman
Richard and Trudy Edelman
Jennifer C. Egan
Meridith Egyes
John and Andra Ehrenkranz
John W. Ehrhardt
Harry Eichelberger
Victor Eichorn
Max Einhorn
Kathryn Andrea Taras &
Anthony Jay Elitcher Charitable Fund
Nadine Ellerthorpe
Howard A. Ellins
Donald H. Elliott
Helen Ellis
Samuel Englender
Eleanor A. English
Glenn B. Enoch
Phyllis J. Enright
Peter Entin and Barbara A. Janowitz
Michael Erario
Amanda Erickson
Philip A. Ernst
Edward and Linda Esler
Ali Etezadi-Amoli
Quince Evans
Sheldon Evans and Martha McMaster
“Evergreen Fund” of the Community
Foundation of New Jersey
Lisa Exler
Michelle Ezer
Kim Fabrizi
Paul S. Fan
Sharon M. Fantera
Ms. Peggy Farber
Ronald A. Farese
Antonio and Carmen Farina
Joanne Farkas
Joan Feeney and Bruce Philips
Joyce Fefferman
Andrew Feiner
Laura Feinland Katz
Mr. David B. Feinstein
Andrew J. Feldman Foundation
Judith P. Feldman
Simon Fenner
Sara J. Fertman
Elias Feuer and Ethel Rubinstein
Dr. David and Ailene Fields
Stephen Filler
James K. Finkel
Philip and Susan Fishbein-Druck
Sarah and Robert Fishman
Kimberly Fitzgerald
Douglas Fixell
Flanagan Family Foundation Inc.
Jean M. Flanagan
Eva Flores
Margaret and Howard Fluhr
Dr. Eric C. Fok, M.D.
Elisabeth A. Fontenelli
Thomas Foran and Jane Kim
Anne Ford
Charlotte M. Ford
Kenneth Ford
Lili Forouraghi
The Forsyth - Marchini Charitable Fund
Bethany L. Foster
Marc Foster
Stefanie Frame
Stuart R. Framm
Amber R. France
Brian Francis
Michelle Frank
Steve and Nicole Frankel
Keith Franklin
Barbara R. Fraser
Dr. Daveed D. Frazier, M.D.
James and Teri Freaney
Mr. and Mrs. Burton M. Freeman
Peter C. Freeman
Alan E. Freidberg
Hugh J. Freund
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Friedman
Reverend Robert J. Frueh
Dr. Yael Fuchs, M.D.
Yen Fung
Arlene J. Furfero
The Laurie and Thomas Fusco
Family Charitable Fund
Valentin and Maria Fuster
The Future Hope Foundation
Anand and Rita Gajjar
Gerard Gallagher
Allison Gans
Ira J. Gardner
Anne G. Garonzik
Bob Garrett
Philip M. Gassel and Mollyann Pollak
Emmanuel Gastard
Yukiko and James Gatheral
Amar Gautam
Maria Gea Arredondo
Michael Geiger
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas R. Gelber
Adam and Jen Geller
Stuart Gelwarg and Karen Lipkind
James George
Katie Gerlach
Paul and Alice Gershon
Vincent and Lorraine Gesualdi
Allan Gibb
James T. Gibbons
Gibgot, Willenbacker & Co.
Gifford Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Giles
Clayton P. and Abby L. Gillette
Anthony J. and Susan E. Gilroy
Lawrence T. Gilroy
Mary Ginsberg
Henry and Karen Glanternik
Sabrina C. Glaser
Global Village Publishing, Inc.
Sandra and Laurence Gluck
Sharad Goel
Jerold R. Gold and Roseann Ungaro
Deborah and Thomas Goldberg
Lesley E. Goldberg and Paul V. Hanley
Dr. Michael E. Goldberg, M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Corey Goldfeder
Judith and David Goldfinger
Arthur L. Goldfrank
Darius Goldman
Justin Goldman
Elizabeth G. Gomez
Gary and Nancy Goodenough
Suzanne Goodson
Gordon Family Charitable Foundation
Gallya Gordon
Randi Gordon and Joseph Rosenberg
Sylvia Gordon
Jeffrey Gotlinger
Michael Gottlieb
Sallie T. Gouverneur
Michelle and James Grady
David Gray
Deborah A. Green
Elizabeth Green
Ms. Susan Zises Green and
Dr. Ralph Wharton
Theodore S. Green
Rachel Greenfield
Eric and Linda Greenshields
Barry and Patricia Greenspan
Susan Greenstein
Peter N. Greenwald and
Nancy Hoffman
Reto P. Gregori
Katherine Greig and David Schwimmer
Deborah Greilsheimer
Cathleen A. Griffin
Marey Griffith
Anthony and Catherine Grosso
Leslie Gruss and Michael Rosen
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Gruss
Ms. Britton B. Guerrina
Julia E. Guggenheimer
Geoffrey Gund
Kevin Gundersen
Theresa and Kevin Gurl
Robert H. Hackney, Jr. and
Shauna Holiman
Sam Hafif
Greg Hahn
Jonathan Haidt
Haimes Family Foundation
Peter and Helen Haje
Jeffrey and Nancy Halis
Garth Hallberg
Russell S. Halley
Claudia L. Hammerman
Charles Hamowy
Nicole Haney
Margaret Hannigan and Michael Swier
Elizabeth A. Hansen
Andrei Harasymiak
Jonathan and Maria Harber
Joe Hargrove
Gina Harman
Harpman, Inc.
Rachel H. and Edmund P. Harrigan
Mr. Mark E. Harris
Thomas Harrison
Thomas E. Harvey and
Cathleen P. Black Fund
Mr. and Mrs. James Hasl
The Ellen Haude and Scott Simon
Charitable Fund
Patrick L. Hayden
Justin Haythe and Muriel Soenens
Megan and T. Jeremiah Healey
John Heinbockel
Peter Heinrich
Jean and John Heins
Joshua and Abigail Helfat
Marian E. Heller
Richard Verner and Jean Hellering
Joseph Henchey
Jared and Jenna Hendricks
Cheryl L. Henson
Valesca Hermes
Mark S. Herr
Josh Hersch
John G. Hetrick
Ms. Constance A. Heymann and
Mr. John D. Muller
Miki Higasa
Heather Higgins
The Highland-Mills Foundation
Jennifer Hill and Colin Freund
Eric and Barbara Hippeau
Todd Hirsch
Simon D. Hobbs
Ellen A. Hochberg
Michael Hodnett
Jonathan M. and Judy L. Hoff
Barbara Hoffman
Barry and Marjorie Honig
Susan Hornish
Ari Horowitz
Craig M. and Andrea R. Horowitz
Andrew Horton
Bonnie L. Howard and
Charles M. Charrow
The Pamela Howard Foundation, Inc.
Martha C. Howell
Mayhsin Hsiung
Phyllis Hsu
Marshall S. Huebner
Steven Hulce
John E. Hull
Christina Hwang
Steven and Miriam Hyman
John L. Hynes
Mark Iger and Cathy Kaufman
Il Mare Pizzeria Corporation
Jennifer Indig
Peggy Ingram
Jack Intrator and Debrah Welling
Chloe Jacobs
Dr. Susan Jaffe, M.D.
Carl and Sandy Jaffee
Devashish Jain
Howard and Eva Jakob
David Jannetti
Alexander Jaspersen
Jan Jayson-Stein
Assad and Mary Jebara
Michael and Ann Jenkins
Steven and Andrea Jeraci
Courtney D. Johnson
James Johnson and Michael Connell
Jill S. and Alan M. Johnson
Matthew Johnson
Bob P. Jones
Dr. David Jones
Hayden Jones
Robert Jordan
Molly Joseph
Robert and Carol Kafin
Kathryn A. Kalajian
Mildred Kalik
Bina Kalola
Steven Kamali
Stephen Kamsler
Douglas H. Kanarek
Elizabeth A. Kantartzis
Dean N. and Marilyn G. Kaplan
Nancy Kaplan
Joanna M. Kapner
Pooja Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Michael and Erica Karsch
Eric N. and Isabel Kaston
Andrew Katz
Anton Katz
Rabbi Joshua Katzan
Jacqueline Katzel
Judith F. Kaufer
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kauffmann
Derek Kaufman and Leora Horitz
George and Maria Kaufman
Greg Kaufman
Howard and Lauren Kaufman
Joshua Kaufman and Nicole Israel
Vinitha Kaushik
Claudia Kavenagh and Joel Giller
Todd Keeler
James K. Keiger
Benjamin Keith
Charles Kellam and Laura Fidler
Christopher Kelly
Denise T. Kelly
Edward F. Kelly, Jr.
Joseph Kennedy
Mark and Ann Kenyon
David and Sharyn Kerschner
Marcia Keske
Wendy Keys
Ted Killheffer
Matthew Kilty
Mr. and Mrs. John Kim
Helen Kimmel
Stuart Kingham
Joel and Emily Kirsch
Mr. Richard Kirtley
Jonathan and Amanda Klatt
Kleger Family Foundation
Eileen Kleiman and Peter Lurye
The Charles and Jane Klein
Family Fund
Alex Klein
Caroline and Jason Klein
Joan S. Klein
Lawrence J. Klein
Joan Gould Kleinbard
Philanthropic Fund
John Kline
The Thomas D Klingenstein &
Nancy D Perlman Family Fund Inc.
Maria C. Klink
Peter Klosterman
Joele Frank and Laurence Klurfeld
Joanna Koenigsberg
Ilya Koffman
Kenneth Kong
James Koo
Susan and Peter Kopple
Paul and Toby Koren
Helen and Jules Kornblau/
The Kornblau Family Foundation
Anthony D. Korner
Edward Kovelsky
Esther Koven Charity Foundation
Maureen Kozma
Joyce L. Kramer Philanthropic Fund
Jill and Peter Kraus
H & H Kravitz Charitable Trust
RM Krelitz Charitable
Darleen M. Krimetz
Bernard and Wendie Kroll
Andrew Kronfeld and
Samantha Kenig-Kronfeld
Solomon Kuckelman
Dr. Peter H. Kudler
Louise E. Kuebler
Vivian Kunzler
Yumi Kuwana
Neal Kwatra
Lafferty Family Charitable Foundation
Victoria Lai
Carole J. Lainoff
Saira Lal
Karen Lambert
Julia and Henry Landau
Ilene Landress
Sarah Landreth
Ward and Judith Landrigan
Sandra J. Landsman
Elaine and Charles Lansdown
Larsen Fund
Anna M. Laudon
Renee Lautmann
Eric A. Lawrence
Robert Lawrence
Donald H. Layton and Sandra L. Lazo
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lazarus
Robert B. Lederer
Esther Lee
Gregory P. Lee and Gina H. Sohn
Steven Lee and Mary D’Agostino
Leen Foundation, Inc.
Julie Lefkowitz
Roger Lehecka and Ria M. Coyne
Burton and Brenda Lehman
Randy Lehrer
Jim Leichtung
David Leiwant and Aurora DeGasperi
Linda Lennon and Stuart Baskin
Gerarda Leonard
Jen and Roy Leone
Barry B. Lepatner
Suzanne Lesser
Anne Claire Lester Foundation
Morris and Sherre Levene
Levin Family Charitable Fund
Burton and Johanna Levin
Andrew and Michelle Levine
Mark K. Levine
Max H. Levine
Joslyn Levy and David J. Spector
Lewis GVC Trust
Charlton M. Lewis
Isabel M. Lewis
LFH Foundation
Lowell S. and Betsy Lifschultz
Sebastian Lighvani
Belda and Marcel Lindenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Terence Linehan
Milan D. Lint
Madison Linville
Jeffrey Liszt
Larry Littlefield and Jeanmarie Davis
Robert Littleton and Alice Cheng
Serena Liu
Bartley Livolsi
William F. Lloyd
Antonella Lo Monaco
Sharon Locatell and Thomas Harris
Nancy and Alan Locker
Dana B. Lodge
John and Barbara Lofrumento
Lauren London
Loose Family Charitable Fund
Ime N. Lopez
Andrew J. Lorin
Robert Losonsky
Matthew Low
Walter Luby and Joanne Pace
Susan Lukesh
Craig Lynch
Anthony Lyon
Peter and Trisha MacDonald
Marjorie J. MacFarlane
Richard and Christine Mack
David Magier
Robert Magill
Michael Magner
Gigi Mahon
Maison Gerard Ltd.
The Maitri and Vivek Fund
Leonard Majzlin and Carol Hall
The Malkin Fund
Erika Mallin
Mr. Matthew Mallow
Joel and Kayla Mandelbaum
Lynn and Gene Manheim
Jeanne Manischewitz
Manowitz and Drillings
Family Foundation
Grant F. Marani and Anne E. Rieselbach
Leonard and Randi Marcus
Marena Advertising &
Design Studios, LLC
Julian Marinus
Dorothy Marks Fund
The Marlot Foundation
Dr. Katherine E. Marschall, M.D.
Jessica A. Marshall
Robin Marshall
Jim Martin & Heidi Hullinger
George and Elizabeth Martin
William J. Martini
William and Bonnie Marx
Gerald Marzorati and Barbara Mundy
Mason Family Fund
Emily Mason
Ms. Margaret Mastrianni
Merv Matheson
Kevin Mathis
Priscilla and George Matouk
Donald Mauro
Nicholas V. Mautone, Jr.
Peter J. Mayer
Musa and Tom R. Mayer
Kathleen R. Mayo
Ignacio A. Maza
Riyad and Sarah Maznavi
Gerald and Janice Mazzari
Lillian R. Mazzaroli
Dorothy McCagg
James C. McCarroll
Kathleen McCarthy Baldwin
Colin McCarthy
Maureen W. McCarthy
Robert and Michelle McCarthy
Cara McCarty
Michael H. and Julia McComiskey
Eamon and Mary McCooey
Kimberly McCreight
Trish McEvoy
Keri and Patrick McGinness
The Joseph and Christine McGrath
Charitable Fund
Chris McGrath
Judith McGrath and Michael Corbett
Thomas McGrath and Christine Baker
Heather McGregor
Jeannie Marie McGuire
Erin McKinnon
Heather McKinstry
Joseph and Elisabeth McLaughlin
Thomas McLaughlin
Jennifer K. McLean
Mr. Terrence M. McLean
DJ Mcmanus Foundation
Stephen McMorran
Michael McNamara
Sophie McNeill
Melissa McQueen
Dr. Thomas D. McRae, M.D.
Chetan Mehta
S. Christopher Meigher III
Susan B. Mellman
Jed Melnick and Rachel S. Levine
Stephen Memishian
Chef Danny Mena
JR Zachary Menhard
Jean Mensch
Euan and Bethany Menzies
The Meredith Family Foundation
John Merriman
Messing Family Charitable
Ms. Anita Meyer
Anthony E. Meyer Family Foundation
Meyers Foundation
Peter Meyers
John Michalowski
Lee K. Michel
Felice Michetti
Middle Road Foundation
Dr. Myriam Miedzian
Sarah Mies and Michael Jansen
Eliza M. Migdal
Michael Mignone and
Teena Ann V. Sankoorikal
Concetta B. Miller
Gregg Miller
Margaret E. Miller
Wayne and Lisa Miller
Miller-Murphy Family Charitable Fund
Dr. Mark Milstein
Jilian Mincer and G. Ray Warner
Richard Mines
Gillian and Sylvester Miniter
Charles B. Mintzer
John Mitchell
Ronald and Claudia Mizrahi
Jason Moe
Kathleen and Dominick Moloney
The Monaghan Foundation
Dr. Deborah L. Moody, M.D.
Paul Mooney
Linda Moore
Julie and Saul Morgenstern
Melissa and Chappy Morris
Hans and Kate Morris
John H. Morris
Susan L. Morrison
Tom Morrison
Anita Morrissey
Alfred L. Morse and
Annette S. Morse Foundation
Andrew Morse
Michael J. Mortell
Michael Mortenson and Anna Lank
Carrie Mulholland
Samir Munjal
Stevenson O. Munro
David Munves and Sarah Follen
Saleem and Jane Muqaddam
Duncan Murdoch and Wai Ling Chan
John Murphy
Timothy J. and Ruth Murphy
Janice L. Murray
Mr. David Nadelman
Dr. Thomas Nash, M.D.
Aaron and Marcia Naveh
Asha and D.V. Nayak Fund
Nesta J. Nelson
W. P. Nelson
Anders Nemeth
Richard P. and Faye Nespola
Charitable Foundation
New Kalman Sunshine Fund, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Newberry
Carole and Mel Newman
Richard Newman and Marian Decker
Richard Newman and Amy Pollack
Sara Newman and Ana Morales
Stephen and Ruth Newman
Jessie-Jean Newman-Getzler
Abby Newton
Michelle Ng
Ninth Avenue Association of New York
Joyce Nissim
North Star Foundation
Barbara G. Novick
Caroline Novogrod
Adam Nunes
John S. Nunnally Foundation
Mr. Scott D. Oaks
Lisa and Felix Oberholzer-Gee
Margaret O’Connell
Niall O’Connor
Thomas O’Donnell
Edward C. Oelsner
David W. Ogrin
Christine M. O’Hara
Tammy Oler
Landis and Sarah Olesker
Laurie A. Olinder
Anna Oliver Klein
Ms. Christiane Olsen
Kevin and Eileen O’Neill
William and Paula K. Oppenheim
Kimberly and Brian Orcutt
Robert Orlich
David Ornstein
Joel Osnoss
Julia and Doug Ostrover
Lois K. Ottombrino
Patricia Pacelli and Eric Wepsic
Constance W. Packard
George Packer and Laura Secor
Daniel Padwa
O. Stephen Paganuzzi, Jr. and
Janine King
Geraldine Paige
The Paine, King, Ellsberg and
Snowden – Champions of Liberty
The Parke Charitable Fund
Martha Moeller Parke and Rob Parke
Mark and Caroline Parker
Roger N. Parker
Andrew Parks
Alan and Ronnie Parnes
Dr. Jeffrey Passick
Ernest Patrikis
Mr. Clyde P. Patton
Ari and Jennifer Paul
Jonathan Paulk
Clio Pavlantos
François Payard
Heather Payne
Steve M. Payne
Ulrike Susanne Mack Payot
Kenneth I. Pearlman, M.D., and
Sharon D. Katz-Pearlman
Jeffrey and Liz Peek
Carla M. Pehowski
Ms. Lesley Peng
Julie and Josh Penzner
M.D. Perera
Harry Peress
Ryan Perfit
Connie C. Perla
Rebecca Perrenod
Gil Perry
Mrs. Sandra S. Pershing
Mary and Francis Peters
Margery Peters
William Peters
James M. Petitto
Steven Petrie and Ellen Hexter
Philanthropic Fund
Thomas G. and Pamela G. Petrosino
Judson Pewther
Craig A. Phillips
Henry Phillips
Louise Helen Piacentini
Anthony Piccolo
Catherine and Louis Pietronuto
Sharon Pietrzak
Janet Piez
Linda C. Pilaro
Helen and Robert Pilkington
Leslie Pintchik
Jason H. Pizer and Rachel B. Weinstein
James G. Plackis
Estate of Beverly Robinson Placzek
Manoj Plakal
Sara F. Plath
Nicholas and Sheila Platt
Stephen D. Plavin
Susan and Joe Plumeri
Henri P. and Barbara A. Podowski
Ann C. Poll
Anjali Pollack
Terri Pollak
Pollock Communications, Inc.
Portny Philanthropic Fund
The Posner-Wallace Foundation
Post Family Charitable Fund
Lorna H. Power
Suma Prasad
Richard Preiss and Carolyn Levine
Steven S. Pretsfelder and
Barbara D. Gochberg
Rolande Prince
Frances Pritchett
Tal Pritzker
Andrea Prochniak
Joanne S. Propp
Othon Prounis
David and Nancy Provost
David Pugh and Tina Silvestri
Mr. Chris Puma
Nancy Quade and Paul Kaplan
Laura Quigg and Bjorn Flesaker
Timothy Quinlan
Francois Quintard-Morenas
Anna G. Rabinowitz
Bernard L. Rachlin
Liz Radke
William Rahm
Mr. and Mrs. Don M. Randel
Steven A. Rank
Gerald H. and Barbara K. Ranzal
Isabelle Rapin
Charles Rappaport and Val Ackerman
Irwin and Barbara Rappaport
Michael Ratpojanakul and
Caryn LoCastro
Matthew H. Rauch
Michael J. Razny
Eva Reda
Angela M. Reed
Jay and Amy Regan
Arthur Reichstetter
Michael Reifman and Rachel Goodman
RetailMeNot, Inc. Marketing
William V. Reynolds
Amy Richards
Robert B. Richardson
Leslie A. Richartz
Clifford Richner
Sharon Pearson
Douglas Rimsky
Adam Ring
Joshua Ring Philanthropic Fund
Beth A. Ripston
Bruce and Faith Rittenberg
Jon H. Ritter
James Riviezzo
Linus W. Roache
Cory S. Robbins
Ann and Guy Roberts
Linda Roberts
Linda Adrienne Rock
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
John A. Rodger
Geoff W. Rodkey
Rodney Corporation
Charles and Karen Roemer
David Roeske
Michael and Lisa Rome
Roman and Joan Rome
Gail and Daniel Rosen
Kim and Ralph Rosenberg
Rebecca Rosenberg
Nancy and Paul Ross Foundation, Inc.
Paul Ross
Marco Rossetti
Steve and Marsha Roth
Steven Rothbloom
Laura Rothschild
Gidon and Elizabeth Rothstein
Michelle Roufa and Eliyahu Teitz
Paul and Barbara Roux
Rita and James Rowan
Royce Family Fund
Amy Rubenstein
Howard Rubin
Jeffrey and Suzanne Rubin
Maria Ruffilli
Stephen Rupp
Georgina T. and Thomas A. Russo
Sabatine Foundation
Shawn Sabin
Michael Safir
Robert and Lynda Safron
Irinia and Dmitry Sagalovskiy
The Saint Paul Foundation
Nader Salehi
Ajay Salhotra
Arlene and Chester Salomon
Claudia T. Salomon
Salzberg-Smith Family Fund
The Sam Spiegel Foundation
George A. Sanchez
Heather Sanderson
The Sandler Family Fund
James R. Sandner
Sandpiper Fund
Norman and Doris Sandys
Olga Santiago
John and Carol Santoleri
Susan Slesinger Sanyour
Beth Sapiro and Aaron Kasman
Reverend Michael A. Saporito
The Susan Sarandon Charitable
Oriana Sarkar
Esther H. Saskin
Susan Satter
Marcin Sawicki
Julie and Robert Schaffer
Dr. Robert Schapire
Robert and Mae Scheff Fund
Dr. Jac Scheiner
Elizabeth Scheines and Ron Elton
Catherine Schepis
Martin H. and Judith V. Scherzer
Richard and Sheila Schlesinger
Marc Schliesman
Julie Schloss
Robert Schlosser
Roberta Schneiderman
Jeffrey and Cari Schnipper
David and Toni Schoen
Michael Schoen
Andrew Schonebaum
Judah and Gail Levey Schorr
Erich Schram
Alissa and Michael Schrieber
Susan W. Schulman
Lori Schumann
Michael Schussler
Cathy Schutz
Erica Schwartz
Jonathan Schwartz
Kenneth M. Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Michael I. Schwartz
Nancy R. Schwartz
Nancy S. Schwartz
Brad Scott
Gail M. Scripko
Robert K. Scripps Family Foundation
Marc Seago
Celia and Stuart Sealfon
Carlton and Lucille Sedgeley
Laura Seidman
Laurence and Carol Seigel
Terri Seligman and George Hagen
Eric J. and Margaret C. Selle
Patricia Kopec Selman and
Jay E. Selman
Barbara Seril
Richard Serra
Noah Shachtman
Mary and Jeffrey Shafer
Jean Shafiroff
Sami Shaio
AD Shankman LLC
Shapiro Family Foundation
Adam J. Shapiro
Ellen Shapiro and Carol Page
Jay P. and Karen Shapiro
Juliet Sharrock
Michael and Vivien Shelanski
Daniel Sheng
Timothy Shepard and Andra Georges
Susan Stein Shiva Foundation
Barbara K. Shuster
Mark Sicilian
Lesley Sigall
Jeremy Silber
Isaac Silverglate
Jeffrey and Kendra Simes
Esther Simon Charitable Trust
Rachel E. Simons
Anila Sitaram and Sanjay Venkat
Ryan Slack
Lawrence Slaughter
Kate Sloan
Isabel H. Sloane
Hunt Slonem
Lorie Slutsky
Abby Smith
Adam Smith
James and Margaret Smith
Jeffrey Smith and Rebecca Romano
Mark Smith
Robin Smith
Michelle Sobers
Michael and Chhaya Sobotka
Andrew W. Solomon
Joshua Solomon
Susan Solomon
Jennifer Sondag
Barbara Soo Hoo
Chris Sorensen
Rebecca Sparks Philanthropic Fund
Daniel L. Speyer
Samuel Spielvogel
Andrew and Christine Springer
Laurence Srebrenick
Frank Stadelmaier
Carl Stanton
Marc Starr
Barbara Pollard Stein and
Mitchell Stein
Isabel Steinberg
Jane Steinberg
Lewis Steinberg
Jean Steiner
Brian Steinwurtzel
Adam Stella
Thomas Stelmach
John Stephens
Jonathan Stern
Lynn S. Stern
Eleanor Linda Stetson
Beth Stevens
Leslie Stevens
Marti Stevens
Susan C. Stevens
Mamie Stewart
Stocks Family Fund
Anne F. Stone, Esq.
Agnieszka M. Stonehouse
Cydney and Keith Strand
Jill Streisand
Carter Strickland and Nicole Gueron
Marianne Strong
Strong-Cuevas Foundation Inc.
John and Eleanor Sullivan
Susan D. Summa
Dr. P.R. Sundaresan
Alexandra Suppes
Stephen Switzky and Laurie Izes
Szoke Klein Herman Foundation
Rodica Szuder
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher K. Tahbaz
Salvatore E. Taibi
Chun Lam Tam and Yuet Ming Tam
David Tane
Chin Tang
Joseph and Anne Taranto
Robyn Tarnofsky
David and Leigh Taub
Nancy Taubenslag and Mauri Rosenthal
Peter Tavis
Alexandra Taylor
Carol L. Teamer
Craig and Nancy Tenney
Jacqueline Terrassa
Ms. Colette N. Thaw
Mr. and Mrs. William S.
Thoman-Sterns III
Allison Thrush and Arthur Chang
Mark and Arlene Tibergien
Tiger Baron Foundation
Michael Tiger
Vickie A. Tillman
Helene W. Tilney
Julia C. Tobey
John and Stephanie Tobin
Rebecca Todd
Penny E. Toepfer
Asher Toporovsky
Michele Trapani and Dominic Rogo
Abigail Treu and Pavel Vaynshtok
Kathleen H. Tripp
Frank Trotta and Susan Piening
Vasili Tsamis
Rachael Tucker
Daniel Tulovsky
Ronnie Tureck and Jeanne Macrae
Karyn L. Twaronite
Joan and Oliver Twigg
Mark Uhlemann
Paul Ukena and Rima Vargas-Vetter
Mitchell H. Umanoff
Stephen J. Vaccaro
Mark Valkenburgh
Sandra van der Zwan-Katz
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Van Orman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Van Wyk
Jeffrey Vandenberg
William Vanderson
Peter and Georgia VanDyke
Nancy J. Vang
Julien Vernet
Nomi Victor
Elizabeth Villar
Amelia Vinal
Andrew and Monica Vogelstein
Stephen R. and Diane K. Volk
Marcio and Lilian Voloch
Paul and Ellen Wachtel
Claudia Wagner
Jonathan and Candace Wainwright
Helena Walkowiak
Lew H. Walter
Maureen V. Walter
Ronald and Marilyn Walter
Patricia J. Wang
Michelle Warra
Leonard M. Wasserman
Michael and Gayle Wasserman
Pamela Wasserstein
Raymond Waterhouse
Frederick J. Watts
Joshua Weedman
Mervyn L. Weeks
Joel and Marjorie Wein
Rita Weinberger
Linda B. Weingarten
Joshua Weingast
David Weinstein
Ann B. Weisbrod
Samuel Weisenberg and
Sari Bernstein
Jeffrey and Nina Weissman
Marilyn and Ken Weissman
Pete A. Wells
Jonathan Werlin
Carolyn Westhoff
Douglas S. Wheeler
Steven Wheeler
Ted and Betsy Wheeler
Shelby White
Robert L. Whitehair
Daniel Wichs
Dr. O. Paul Wielan
Deborah E. Wiely
Samuel Wiener
Andrew Wiley
Rory Wilfork
Francis Williams
Lois and Mark R. Wingerson
Elaine Winters
Titus D. Winters
Joshua Wise
Michael and Devera Witkin
John and Beth Wittenberg
David Witthuhn
Joanne Witty and Eugene Keilin Fund
Melissa Wohlgemuth
Joel Wojnilower
Randi Wolf
Ronald and Anita Wolfgang
Howard Y. Wong
Vienna Wong
Gro and Jeffrey Wood
Jean and Charles Wood
Pat and Allen Wooster
Workman Publishing
William Wright
Stepheny Xiang
Eric M. Yee
Stephen Yegelwel
Rose and Scott Young
Henry R. Zachary
Ms. Naureen Zafar
Evelyn Zafran
Zai-Lee Charitable Fund
Aaron Zakem
The Zalner Foundation
Zegar Family Fund
Michael Zeller
Rabbi Irwin Zeplowitz
Michael and Rae Zimmerman
Scott and Samantha Zinober
Karen Zitnick
Amelia J. Zoler
Dana M. Zukofsky
303030 CAMPAIGN
With the leadership of these
generous partners, City Harvest
launched the 30-30-30 Campaign
to advance our strategic plan,
which will increase our impact
on hunger in New York City.
President’s Circle $1,000,000+
Lois M. Collier* †
Michael and Lise Evans
Bill and Jessica Koenigsberg*
Clement C. and Elizabeth W. Y. Moore**
Robin Hood
The Starr Foundation*
Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund*
Partner’s Circle
$500,000 – $999,000
Anonymous (3)
The Clark Foundation*
Credit Suisse Americas Foundation*
Judy and Kim Davis*
Stacy and Joel Hock*
Joy Ingham*
Maryam and Howard Newman*
Stavros Niarchos Foundation*
George and Abby O’Neill*
Eric and Sandra Ripert*
Watermill Trading*
1982 Circle
$250,000 – $499,999
American Express*
Richard S. Berry and
Lucy A. Commoner*
Kris and Marc Granetz*
Chris and Tom Guba*
The Institute of Culinary Education
and Smilow Family*
Sharon H. Jacquet*
Kerrie D. MacPherson and
David A. Gatchell*
Patrick Mauro*
Thomas and Paula McInerney*
Melkus Family Foundation*
Newman’s Own Foundation*
The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg
Wilf Family Foundation*
Meghan and Michael Young*
* Denotes a multi-year grant
Trustee’s Circle
$100,000 – $249,999
Anonymous (3)
Alex and Jacqueline Berenson*
Ashish and Leslie Bhutani*
Booth Ferris Foundation
Margaret and Randy Brown*
Daniel and Patricia Bumgardner*
Frank E. Clark Charitable Trust*
Alison and Jim Kallman*
Abram and Ray Kaplan Foundation*
Grace Koo and Kerry Heffernan*
The Mailman Foundation*
The New York Community Trust
Rachael Ray and John Cusimano,
The Yum-o! Organization*
Richmond County Savings
The Trustees’ Philanthropy Fund of
Fidelity Charitable
Jill and Jeffrey Weiss*
Director’s Circle
$50,000 – $99,999
Marjorie and Steven Adams*
Barbara C. and Christopher W. Brody*
Victoria and Josh Feltman in honor of
Susan Stein and Marilyn Tunick*
The Hyde and Waston Foundation
Katie Workman and Gary Freilich*
Patron’s Circle
$25,000 – $49,999
Arthur Backal and
Liana Silverstein-Backal*
Dana B. Cowin*
Victor Ozeri
Robert and Lorraine Reeder
Timothy and Marie Walsh*
Phyllis Wiener
Additional Support
Vittorio and Charlotte Assaf
Natasha Augoustopoulos
Barker Welfare Foundation
Elliot and Andrew Berndt
Deborah R. Bernstein
Jonathan and Susan Bram
Vincent Cannariato, Jr.
Bertrand Chan and Yelin Song
Vanessa and Harry Cornell
Michael R. Eisenson
Mark Elacqua
Lili and Wilson Ervin
Joshua Gruss
Gina Harman
Adam and Deborah Heine
Louis V. Henston
Anita Hoffman
Holman Consulting*
James Iorio
Milanee and Sujal Kapadia
Erica and Michael Karsch
Kenyon Charitable Foundation
James and Barbara Korein
Mark Lassi
David Lombardo
Jessica Newman
** Denotes a planned gift
† Denotes deceased
Michelle Ng
Ronald Palmese, Jr.
Sheri Roder and Rich Zahradnik
Timothy Scanlon
Caroline Schmidt-Barnett
Irving and Judith Shafran
Anthony Shepherd
Stacie P. Sherer
Michelle and Scott Sherman*
Gail Simmons
Raymond Slicock
Dr. Allen Stewart, M.D.
Gary and Rachel Sumers
Lauren Sumner
Lisa Todd
Ron Trichon
Margaret Wang
Liza R. Zaneri
Mark Zittman
May and Samuel Rudin Family
Foundation, Inc.*
Rick Smilow*
Katie Workman and Gary Freilich*
$10,000 – $24,999
Marjorie and Steven Adams*
Melissa A. Berman and Richard Klotz*
Matthew C. Bryant*
The GE Foundation
Goldman Sachs
Carol Pledger*
Jilly Stephens*
Clifton and Gina Strain*
$5,000 – $9,999
Mr. Arthur F. Backal*
Herb Karlitz*
Nicholas V. Mautone, Jr.*
Zubin Taraporevala*
Natalia Zaldivar-Bonzon
$1,000 – $4,999
Individual and institutional
donors fully supported the
Green Fleet Fund, following
a challenge grant from the
Mnuchin family in 2008.
Alan Katz*
Pamela and Andrew Kaufmann
Mellam Family Foundation
Emily H. Susskind
M. Thorne L. Shakkour
Joana Vincente and Jason Kliot*
Harry and Misook Doolittle
The Steven and Heather Mnuchin
Clement C. and Elizabeth W.Y. Moore*
$100,000 – $249,999
Booth Ferris Foundation
Joy Ingham*
Alison and Jim Kallman*
Bill and Jessica Koenigsberg
$50,000 – $99,999
Carol Atkinson*
Alex and Jacqueline Berenson*
Richard S. Berry and
Lucy A. Commoner*
Jeanne Donovan Fisher*
Kris and Marc Granetz*
Sharon H. Jacquet*
Kerrie D. MacPherson and
David A. Gatchell*
Mrs. Topsy Taylor*
Wells Fargo
Jill and Jeffrey Weiss*
Meghan and Michael Young*
$25,000 – $49,999
Randy and Margaret Brown*
Daniel and Patricia Bumgardner*
Dana B. Cowin*
Zvi Eiref †
Tom and Chris Guba*
Abram and Ray Kaplan Foundation
Grace Koo and Kerry Heffernan
Levin Goffe Family Foundation*
John Paulson
Sandra and Eric Ripert
These individuals have included
City Harvest in their estate
planning, leaving a legacy of
support that will help continue
the fight against hunger in
New York City in coming years.
Mr. David S. Barr
Ms. Helen Bartoshuk
Ursula BeauSeigneur
Dr. Martin H. Birnbaum
Henry and Lottie Burger
Mr. Robert L. Cahill, Jr.
Ms. Alexandra Damien
Robert and Rita Delia
Ms. Diana Douglas
Neil S. Fox
Ms. Eleanor L. Fulcher
Mr. Frederic Goldsmith
Gerard Gravallese and J.P. Gendron
Lucy Bondi Grollman
Ms. Kristine Haag
Ms. Joanna Cochrane Harris
Joy Ingham
Sharon H. Jacquet
Ms. Jan Jayson-Stein
Ms. Barbara Kirsh
Mr. John T. Klammer
Mrs. Marlise C. Konort
Jerry and Sondra Kuskin
Avis Lang
Jeanette Loeb
Lone Pine Foundation
Mrs. Betty Marks
Susan and Gregory Marks
Mr. Goichi Matsumoto
Worthington Mayo-Smith Fund
Patrick and Cindy McLaughlin
Norma McMillan
Constantin and Gabriella Melinte
Ms. Regina M. Motreuil
Dr. Martin Nash
Ms. Charlotte Peisner
Ms. Mary Bender Poelzlbauer
Lawrence and Lisa Risi
Ms. Sheila M. Rosen
Mrs. Amy Baker Sandback
Peter Schmidt, Esq.
David and Toni Schoen
The Helena Segy Foundation
Ms. Carole Shelley
Mr. Paul Sommerlund
Ms. Rebecca A. Sparks, R.D.
June C. Starck
Jilly Stephens
Mr. Morton S. Stern
Mrs. Topsy Taylor
John and Kathryn Townsend
Joan and Oliver Twigg
Mrs. Elisabeth K. Wachtel
Glen and Nancy Whitney
Stephen and Laura A. Winningham
Evelyn Zafran
The support provided by these
agencies helped City Harvest
distribute good food to partners
throughout the five boroughs.
Emergency Food and Shelter Program
at United Way of New York City
Mayor’s Fund to Advance
New York City
New York City Council
New York City Department of Youth
and Community Development
New York State Department of
Health – Hunger Prevention and
Nutrition Assistance Program
New York State Office of Temporary
and Disability Assistance
Office of Manhattan Borough
Last year City Harvest rescued
51.3 million pounds of food for
hungry New Yorkers thanks to
thousands of generous food
donors, including those listed
Affiliated Food Banks
Central Pennsylvania Food Bank
Community Food Bank of New Jersey
Feeding America
Feed the Children
Food Bank of Central New York
The Food Bank of Delaware
The Food Bank of South Jersey
Foodlink, Inc.
Forgotten Harvest
Greater Boston Food Bank
Island Harvest
Maryland Food Bank
Aladdin Bakers Inc.
All Natural Products
Amy’s Bread
Bagel Express
Bakery of New York
Bergen Bagels
Bread Brothers
Bread of Union Square
Eli’s Bread
Grandaisy Bakery
Il Forno
Maison Kayser
MRS Baking Distribution Co.
Murray’s Bagels
New Yorker Wholesale Bagels
Old Poland Foods
Orwashers Bakery
Pain D’Avignon III LTD
Rollo Mio Artisan Bakery
Sullivan Street Bakery
Tom Cat Bakery
Produce Brokers
Benny F. Hall and Sons LLC
Columbia Fresh Produce
Dave Ludlum Produce, LLC
Global Foods
Szawlowski Potato Farms
Western Harvest/P and K Services, LLC
Western Veg-Produce Inc.
Caterers / Meal Delivery Services
Blue Apron
Centerplate Jacob Javits Center
Do & Co. Catering NY
Flik International
Gourmet Boutique
Levy Restaurants
LSG – Sky Chef
Restaurant Associates
World Fair Marina Restaurant &
Amalgamated Bank of New York
Apple Bank
Blackstone Group
Food Network
Jones Lang LaSalle/Grand Central
JPMorgan Chase –
Corporate Challenge
Kirkland & Ellis
The Rachael Ray Show
Rockwell Imports, Inc. C/O APA
Ross Stores Inc. Corporate Office
Silverstein Properties, Inc.
Slalom Consulting via You Give Goods
SL Green Realty Corp.
Vice Media
Peking Food LLC
POM Wonderful
Ruggiero Seafood, Inc.
Tower Isles
Twelve Beverage LLC
Vita Coco
Allman Fruit Farm
B & B Farms
Dagele Brothers Produce
Eastern Fresh/Sheppard Farms
Fino Farms
Greco Family Farm and Orchard
Greiner Bros. Farms, Inc.
Harvest Queen Farms
Irving Farms Marketing, Inc.
J. Glebocki Farms
Lynn-Ette & Sons
M&M Packaging, Inc.
Patsy Vigneri & Sons, Inc.
Yurchuk Farms
Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan
Millennium Broadway Hotel
St. Regis Hotel
Warwick New York Hotel
The Westin New York at Times Square
Wyndham New Yorker Hotel
Hunts Point Cooperative
Terminal Market
A & J Produce Corp.
D’Arrigo Brothers
DM Rothman Co.
Erasmo Armata Inc.
Fierman Produce Exchange
Fruitco Corp.
Gold Medal Produce
J Margiotta & Co.
LeeLoi Industries Inc.
M&R Tomato Distributors, Inc.
Morris Okun
Nathel & Nathel
Pan Hellenic
Robert Cochran
Rubin Brother Produce Corp.
S Katzman Produce Inc.
Top Banana
2B Drinks
Bartlett Dairy
Borden/Farmland Dairies Distribution
Classic Cooking
ConAgra at Water Lillies Food
Dr. Praeger’s
Goya Foods
The Hain-Celestial Group Terra Chips
KIND Healthy Snacks
Mediterranean Majestic Foods
Stonewall Kitchen
Beth Israel Hospital
Beth Israel South – Petrie Division
Department of Consumer Affairs
Department of Transportation – FAA
St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital
Quick Service Restaurants
Acitrezza, LLC c/o Agata & Valentina
Au Bon Pain
Bagel Smith
Bagels & Co.
Cafe Duke
Connecticut Muffin
Everything Bagels Cafe
Glendale Bagels
H & H Midtown Bagels East
Hale & Hearty Soups
Highway Bagels Corp
Juice Press
Leo’s Bagels
P&C Bagels
Panera Bread Bakery-Cafe
Pret A Manger
Zucker’s Bagels & Smoked Fish
Religious Institutions
Congregation Rodeph Sholom
East End Temple, Food For Families,
Sisterhood of East End Temple
Kabbalah Center of Manhattan
Stephen Wise Free Synagogue
Temple Shaaray Tefila
Areo Restaurant Corporation
The Capital Grille
The Corner Cafe & Bakery
Cucina & Company
Eventi Hotel – Humphrey Restaurant
Georgia & Aliou’s Tiny Treats Cafe
Le Bernardin
Le Pain Quotidien
Mama’s Backyard Cafe/
Leo’s Latticini Deli
Mercer Kitchen
Per Se
Red Lobster
The River Park Restaurant
Shake Shack
Virgil’s Real Barbecue
Special Events / Food Drives
Associated Supermarket Food Show –
Resorts World Casino
Bozzuto’s and Food Bazaar Food Show
Canstruction® NY
Citi Field – New York Mets
Cub Scout Pack 754
Fancy Food Show –
Specialty Food Foundation
Feeding Children Everywhere
Five Boro Bike Tour
Goodwill Industries
International Restaurant and
Foodservice Show of New York
KeyFood Food Show –
Resorts World Casino
LeadDog Marketing Group, Inc.
National Association of Letter Carriers
Food Drive
The New York Produce Show and
New York Road Runners
Porky – Yankee Stadium Food Show
US Foods Food Show – Citi Field
Agata & Valentina
BJ’s Wholesale Club
D’Agostino Supermarkets Inc.
Dean & Deluca
Duane Reade
Fairway Market
Food Bazaar
Food Emporium
Jetro Cash & Carry/Restaurant Depot
Key Food
Max Delivery
Milano Market
Park Slope Food Coop
Perelandra Foods
Trader Joe’s
Union Market
Western Beef
Whole Foods Market
Amazon Prime Now
Ace Endico
Ace Natural
America New York Ri Wang Food
Group Co.
Axxion Import
Baldor Specialty Foods
Bally Produce
Banana Distributors of NY
Dairyland/The Chef’s Warehouse
David Monn, LLC
Eli & Ali’s Love Tomatoes
Four Seasons Dairy, Inc.
Gourmet Guru
HB Day
John’s Market
Kosher Salad
Level 5 Beverage
Lucky’s Real Tomatoes
PepsiCo Inc.
Performance Food Group
Pocas International Corp.
Sun King Produce
Tay Shing Corp.
Teri Nichols Institutional Food
Zerega Frozen Logistics, Inc.
City Harvest serves the following
community food programs
throughout the five boroughs.
Together we help feed the nearly
1.4 million New Yorkers who face
hunger each year.
Abraham Residence I
Abrigo Del Altistimo
Abundant Life Tabernacle
Action Center for Education and
Community Development
ACTS Community Development
African Redemption Alliance Inc.
African Women’s Dream Inc.
Agape Social Services-Beulah Church
Aishel Shabbat
All Souls Church
Allen Outreach Ministry Church
Ammi Evangelical Baptist Church
Anchor House
Antioch Outreach Ministries
Arc XVI Ft. Washington Senior Center
Barrier Free Living
Bed Stuy Campaign Against Hunger
Beraca SDA Church
Berean Seventh Day Adventist Church
Beth Gavriel Shaare Zion
Bethany Baptist Church of Jamaica
Bethany United Methodist Church
Bethel Gospel Tabernacle
Bethel Mission Church
Bethel Prayer Ministry International
USA Inc.
Bethel Sunshine Camp
Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church
Beth-Hark Christian Counseling
Center, Inc.
Black Forum of Co-op City
B’nai Raphael Chesed Organization
Bowery Mission Ministries
BRC Cecil Ivory House
The BRC Food Service Program
Bread of Life Mission c/o
Mt. Olivet Church
Broadway Community Inc.
Bronx AIDS Services
Bronx SDA Church
Bronx Temple SDA Church
Brooklyn Faith SDA Church
Brooklyn Rescue Mission
Brooks Memorial
United Methodist Church
Brown Memorial Baptist Church
Brownsville SDA Church
Cabrini Immigrant Services
Calvary Baptist Church
Calvary Pentecostal Church
Calvary UFW Baptist Church
Calvary’s Mission Food Pantry
CAMBA – Beyond Hunger Emergency
Food Pantry
Canaan Senior Service Center
Caribbean American SteelPan
Ed. Center
The Carter Burden Lunch Senior Club
Cathedral Family Life Center, Inc.
Cathedral Kitchen –
St. John the Divine
Cathedral of Joy Church of God Inc.
Cecil Hotel
The Center for Family Life
Child Development
Support Corporation
Children of the Light Ministry
Children’s Aid Society – East Harlem
Christ Disciples International
Ministries, Inc.
Christ The Rock International
Christian Church of Canarsie
Christian Cultural Center
Christian Fellowship SDA Church
Christian Pentecostal Church
Christina Home Care Services Inc.
Church of God Feeding The Hungry
Church of God in Christ Jesus
Church of God in Christ on the Hill
Church of God Inc.
Church of God of Salvation
The Church of God Seventh Day
Pentecostal Inc.
Church of The Epiphany
Church of the Village/UMC
Citiwide Harm Reduction
Coalition for the Homeless
Columba Hall
Community Action for Human Service
Community Center of Immigrants
Community Food Pantry of
Community Health Action of
Staten Island
Community League of
West 159th Street
Community Lounge Senior Center
Friendly Soup Kitchen
Congregation B’nai Jeshurun
Congregation House of Israel
Congregation of the House of Israel
Cornerstone SDA Church
Cothoa Luncheon Club
Council of Jewish Organization of
Staten Island
Creston Avenue Baptist Church
Crossover Baptist Church
Crossroads Community Services
Crown Heights Jewish
Community Council
Deliverance Temple Church
The Door
Ebenezer Haitian Baptist Church
Ebenezer Seventh Day
Adventist Church
Educational Alliance Inc.
Ega Hall
Ehrlich Residence
El Amanecer de la Esperanza Ministry
ELOHIM – Community Development
Emmaus House Inc.
Emmaus S.D.A. Church
Evangelistic Communities
Outreach Bronx
Every Day is a Miracle
Faith Assemblies of God
Family Services Network
The Father’s Heart Ministries
Fernande Valme Ministries
First Baptist Church
First Church of God in Christ
First Corinthian Food Pantry
First Presbyterian Church –
Springfield Gardens
First Presbyterian Russell Sage
Memorial Church
Five Loaves and Two Fishes
Fraternite Notre Dame Inc.
Full Gospel Assembly Church
Garden of Prayer
Gay Men’s Health Crisis
Gema Hall
Genesis Supportive Housing
George Daly House
Gethsemane Baptist Church
Gethsemane SDA Church
Give Them To Eat
Goddard Riverside – The Other Place
Goddard Riverside – The Senate
Good Counsel Inc.
Good News Deliverance Tabernacle
Goodwill Tenants Association
Gospel Assembly – Queens –
Assemble Evangelique
Grace Episcopal Church West Farms
Grand Central Neighborhood
Grand Concourse SDA Church
The Great I am
Greater Unified Freewill Baptist
Greene Avenue Senior Houses
The Greenpoint Reformed Church
Hannah Kosher Food Shabbat
Hanson Place SDA Community Service
Hazel Brooks Senior Center
Hebron SDA French Church
Help House – Love Kitchen
Help Supportive Employment Center
Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen
Holy House Of Prayer
Holy Innocent Church Inc.
Holy Tabernacle Church Inc.
Holy Temple Church
The Holy Trinity Neighborhood Center
Hope Christian Center
Hope City Empowerment Center –
Beulah Church Nazarene
The Hope Line Resource Center
Horeb SDA Church – Food Pantry
Hour Children – Our Outreach
Food Pantry
House of Prayer
Iglesia Alianza Cristiana
Misionera Ebenezer
Iglesia Pentecostal el Maestro
Immaculate Conception
International Pentecostal City Mission
Iris House
Jackson Heights SDA Church
Jan Hus Presbyterian Church
J-CAP Queens Village Committee
JCC of Washington Heights
Jericho Project
Jericho Residence I & II
Jewish Community Council of
Jewish Institute of Queens
Emergency Food Program
Jewish Service Coalition
John Wesley United Methodist Church
Kehillat Sephardim Synagogue
Kenmore Associates LP
Las Maravillas Del Exodo
Lenox Hill Senior Center
Liberation & Healing Food Pantry
Liberty Hall Church of God
Little Sisters of the Assumption
Los Redimidos en la Sangre de Cristo
Lower East Side
Harm Reduction Center
Macedonia AME Church Community
Development Corporation
Machon Chana Women’s Institute
Masbia of Boro Park
Masbia of Queens
Metro Baptist Church
Metropolitan Community Church
Metropolitan Council Food Pantry
MHA of NYC Recovery Works
Mid-Bronx Council Services Inc.
Miller Avenue Block Association
Mizpah Assemblies Inc.
The Momentum Project
More Grace Redemptive Center Inc.
Morris Brown Helping Hands
Soup Kitchen
Morrisania Revitalization Corporation
Mount Calvary Baptist Church
Mount Hebron Food for Life
Food Pantry
Mount Hope Pilgrim Spiritual Baptist
Mount Horeb Baptist Church
Mount Olive House
Mount Paran Baptist Church
Mount Sinai Baptist Church
Movement of Pentecostal
National Committee for the
Furtherance of Jewish Education
National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa
Neighbors Together
New Church International
New Covenant Community
Development Corporation
New Haven SDA Temple
New Hope Family Worship Center
New Life Community Development
New Life SDA Church
New St. John Baptist Church
New York City Rescue Mission
New York Common Food Pantry
Newman Memorial United Methodist
Northeast Brooklyn Housing
Development Corporation
NY School of Urban Ministry (NYSUM)
Oneg Shabbos
Open Door Outreach Ministry
Our Lady of Good Counsel Church
Our Lady of Lourdes Church
Our Lady of Refuge
Roman Catholic Church
Overcoming Love Ministries
Overcoming Love Ministries Pulaski
Family Residence
Overcoming Love Ministries
Soup Kitchen
Park Slope Christian Help Inc. (CHIPS)
Part of the Solution (POTS)
Pentecostal Rescue House
Praxis Housing Initiatives –
Barbour Hotel
Praxis Housing Initiatives –
Riverside Place
Project Hope Charities
Project Hospitality
Project L.E.A.D – Kosher Kitchen
Project ORE of Educational Alliance
Project Renewal – Manhattan Bowery
Prospect SDA Church
Queens Church of The First Born
Queens Jewish Community Council
Queens Tabernacle Church Inc.
Food Pantry
Queens Village Hollis Avenue
Congregational Church
Queensboro Temple SDA Church
Reaching Out Community Services
Ready Willing & Able –
Harlem # 1
Ready Willing & Able –
The Doe Fund Inc.
Recovery House of Brooklyn
Richmond Senior Services Inc.
River Fund Inc.
River Watch Inc.
The Riverside Church Food Pantry
Rush Temple A.M.E. Zion Church
Salem Service Council
Salt & Sea Mission
The Salvation Army – Bronx
Tremont Corps
The Salvation Army – Brownsville
The Salvation Army – Bushwick Corps
The Salvation Army – Citadel
The Salvation Army – Harlem Temple
The Salvation Army – Jamaica
The Salvation Army – Manhattan
Citadel Corp
The Salvation Army – New York
Temple Corps
The Salvation Army – Queens
Astoria Corps
The Salvation Army – Stapleton Citadel
The Salvation Army – Sunset Park
Sephardic Bikur Holim
Shelter and Food For the Homeless
Shiloh Church of Christ
Shiloh SDA Church
Shorefront Jewish Community Council
Solid Rock Baptist Church
Solid Rock SDA Church
South Road Tabernacle
St. Albans Baptist Church
St. Albans Gospel Assembly Inc.
St. Ann’s Corner of Harm Reduction
St. Ann’s Pantry & Soup Kitchen
St. Anthony’s Baptist Church
St. Augustine American Catholic
Church Inc.
St. Augustine Food Pantry
St. Cecilia’s Parish Services
St. Christopher Ottilie
St. Clements Food Pantry
St. Edmunds Youth Program Inc.
St. Edward Food Pantry
St. Jerome’s Community Food Pantry
St. John’s Baptist Church
St. John’s Bread and Life Program
St. Luke’s Lutheran Church
St. Mark’s The Evangelist
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
Food Pantry
St. Paul’s House, Inc
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church
St. Phillip’s Christian Church
St. Phillip’s Episcopal Church
St. Stephen Outreach
Stapleton UAME Church
Staten Island Liberian Community
Staten Island SDA Church
Steinway Child and Family Services Inc
Stuyvesant Heights Christian Center
Teen Challenge
Thurston Memorial Outreach Ministries
Tomche Shabbos –
Borough Park/Flatbush
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
Trinity Human Services
Triumphant Full Gospel
True Baptist – True Gospel Tabernacle
True Holy Church
Union Baptist Church Community
United Bronx Parents Inc.
United Methodist Center
Unity Faith Outreach
Upper Manhattan Mental Health Center
Upper Room Gospel Baptist Church
Urban Pathways – Travelers’ Safe Haven
Urban Pathways Olivieri
Urban Strategies Inc.
Va’ad Hakol Crown Heights
VETS, Inc.
Vineyard International Christian
Volunteers of America
Walk In Love Family Life
Christian Center
Washington Heights Community
Services Inc
Washington Heights Ecumenical
Food Pantry
Way Out Church Ministries Inc.
Wayside Baptist Church Senior Citizens
West Side Campaign Against Hunger
Word of Life Christian Fellowship
World Wide Missionary Movement
(Centro Evangelistico)
Worldwide Evangelical Outreach
Xavier Mission
Yeshiva Ohel Moshe
YM-YWHA/Washington HeightsInwood
Zichron Acheinu Levy-Menachemtzion
Zion Church of the Truth
Community Service
The following individuals and
organizations have generously
donated their time and talent to
fight hunger in New York City.
These are just a few of the 15,300
volunteers that supported
City Harvest last year.
Adrienne Adams
Helene Alalouf
Juhy Ali
Edith Alzona
Ashby Anglin
Kim Belk
Loretta Bennett
Rebecca Berg
Patricia Bertin
Mario Bertuglia
Yogesh Bhade
David Bobbitt
Soania Bolt
Robert Bolus
Oleywise Boone
Cassandra Bowlin
Susan Boyd
Nancy Bramham
Leticia Bravo
Fredrica Brooks
Pearl Brooks
Keesha Brown
Marisol Brun De Leon
Ronald Butler
Rose Calderon
Pamela Cando
Ramona Carvajal
Susan Casella
Megan Casper
Amelia Cerda
Kiko Charles
Danny Chen
Jessica Chen
Trix Cheung
Lucia Chou Zheng
Dorothy Clarke Himmelstein
Chelsea Clinton
Yancy Coby
Bryan Collado
Carmen Collazo
Felicia Collins
Asia Cooper
Carly Cooper
Crystal Cruz
Nailah Cummings
Rachel Darden
Norma del Rosario
Robin DeMagistris
Robyn Duda
Rachel Epps
Lynn Estriplet
Jonathan Feder
Robert Fish
Yarisel Fleet
Carolyn Footman
Claire Gaffney
Dan Ella Gales
Kyra Garber
Geneva Gardner
Stefanie Gibbs
Kirsten Gillibrand
Charlotte Giraud
Jesse Gissen
Silvia Gonzalez
Beverly Gregory
Denise Hall
Odessa Susie Harden
Dena Hayes
Marcela Hernandez
Carmen Higgins
Justin Hoffman
Jeffrey Hunter
Brooke Hunter
Maria Irizarry
Olga Ivanov
Theresa Jackson
Fannie Johnson
Alice Johnson
Lois Johnson
Cheryl Johnson
Dani Katz
Leora Keith
Elisabeth Kent
Jonathan Kong
Tiffany Kunhart
Karen Kwan
Vicki Kwok
Alroy Lam
Edna Lam
Rodney Lance
Sheila Lawson
Jacky Lee
Cindy Leung
Joey Li
Laurie Liner
Ziu Wing Michelle Lo
Lydia Love
Maria Lugo
Martha Lynch
Grace Madu
Stephanie Malatestinic
Christine Maly
Angel Martinez
Corinne Matthew
Patrick Mauro
Amanda Maxwell
Pauline McCaulla
Kearney McDonnell
Iris Melendez
Dania Mendoza
Maria Mercado
Delores Meyer
Mary Miller
Sara Mitchell
Julianne Moore
Camilla Moraes
Amy Morneweck
Marvin Morris
Tracey Morrissey
Yuet Mui
Hyun Woo Nam
Maria Negroni
Jenny Noriega
Latishia Norman
Marlene Odusanya
Elizabeth Ortiz
Steven Pankey
Nastassia Panter
Linyue Peng
Rogelina Peralta
Buckuos C. Ron Piaget
Davia Prego
Anthony Rallo
Joseph Ramos
James Rivers
Lisa Rivera
Emma Rivera
Margaret Rodgers
Diana Rodriguez
Olga Romero
Andrea Saenz
Carlie Saint-Laurent
Lhundup Sangmo
Giselle Santiago
Martina Santos
David Schoen
Annie Schwartz
Wendy Schwarz
Jennifer Seda
Michael Seto
Natalie Shahsavarian
Neha Sharma
Barbara Shoates
Donald Siemer
Margaret Smith
Michelle Somers
Andre Stith
Christine Stringfield
Stephanie Sze
Eddie Torres
Jane Treuhaft
Denzil Turton
Noni Vaughn-Pollard
Gloria Villatoro
Caroline Walder
Diana Wayburn
Chris Wei
Lucille White
Nichole Whitney
Eugene Williams
Jamisha Williams
Rebecca Winzenried
David Wisniewski
Michael Wong
Christopher Wood
Jessica Yafei
Hyo Yang
Patti Youngwood
Jacky Yu
Doreen Yu
Susie Zachman
Yana Zeltser
Izzie Zhang
Adrienne Zhou
All Hands Volunteers
American Express
Ameriprise Financial
Bank of America
BJ’s Wholesale Club
BNY Mellon
Brooklyn Nets
Clinton Foundation
Credit Suisse
DC 37
Deutsche Bank
Dreams/Youth Build
Dunkin’ Donuts
Engage Jewish Service Corps
Ernst & Young LLP
ESPN, Inc.
Evenings & Weekends in NYC
Front Liners EBC
Give Them To Eat
Goldman Sachs
Grant Thornton
Guggenheim Partners
Horizon Media
Hostos Community College
JPMorgan Chase
Liberty Mutual
Macquarie Group
Mandarin Oriental, New York
Manhattan College
Mercy Drive Inc.
Merrill Lynch
Morgan Stanley
National September 11 Memorial &
NBA Cares
New York Cares
NYC Service
New York Italians
NICE Actimize
Notar Hospitality
NYC Kitchenettes
New York University
Oliver Wyman
One Medical Group
PepsiCo Inc.
Person Centered Care Services
Point72 Asset Management
Polo Ralph Lauren
The Port Authority of NY & NJ
Restaurant Associates
Robin Hood
Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of
Greater New York
Safety National
Sidley Austin LLP
Specialty Food Association
St. John’s Episcopal Church
St. John’s University
Tec de Monterrey
United Cerebral Palsy
United States Military Academy
Union Square Hospitality Group
Weekend Warriors (
Wells Fargo
Whole Foods Market
Zenith Optimedia
Hundreds of teams participated
in our annual Skip Lunch Fight
Hunger campaign and raised
$1 million to help feed hungry
children and their families over
the summer. Special thanks to
the leadership of the top 25
Guggenheim Partners
Ernst & Young LLP
Macquarie Group
W. P. Carey Inc.
JPMorgan Chase
Time Inc.
Wells Fargo
Bank of America
Debevoise & Plimpton
New York Life Insurance Company
The Circle of Sisters-Divine Divas
Workman Publishing
The Row / Elizabeth and James /
US Bancorp Investments Inc.
Ennead Architects LLP
Big City Volleyball
Douglas Elliman
NYC Department of Finance
Council Members
Matt Abramcyk
Navy, Smith & Mills, Tiny’s & The Bar
Upstairs, Warren 77
Generation Harvest is a group
of young philanthropists who
are passionate about City Harvest
and its mission to fight hunger
in New York City.
Kate Barnett
Russell Breuer
Justin Chan
Lauren Coape-Arnold
William Craig
Victoria Feltman
Ari Horowitz
Chloe Jacobs
Pooja Kapoor
Kyle Kniffen
Patrick Mauro
Adina Newman
James Riviezzo
Lauren Rome
Nick Slavin
Peter Stein
Amy Straus
Joe Titus
Julien Vernet
Thomas Zanios
Dana Zukofsky
Ted Allen
Host, Food Network’s “Chopped”
Jaret Keller
Key Group Worldwide
Vice Chairman
Dominique Ansel
Dominique Ansel Bakery, Dominique
Ansel Kitchen, U.P.
Jim Lahey
Sullivan St. Bakery, Co.
Eric Ripert
Anita Lo
Jeffrey L. Weiss
Michael Lomonaco
Porter House New York & Center Bar
Michael Anthony
Gramercy Tavern, Untitled
Dan Barber
Blue Hill, Blue Hill at Stone Barns
Marco Maccioni
Jennifer Baum
Bullfrog + Baum
Julian Medina
Toloache, Yerba Buena, Tacuba,
Florian Bellanger
Mad Mac Macarons
Danny Mena
Hecho en Dumbo
Ron Ben-Israel
Ron Ben-Israel Cakes
George Mendes
Aldea, Lupulo
David Bouley
Bouley, Brushstroke
Danny Meyer
Union Square Hospitality Group
Terrance Brennan
Marc Murphy
Landmarc, Ditch Plains, Kingside,
Benchmarc Events by Marc Murphy
Ed Brown
Ed’s Chowder House
David Burke
David Burke Group
Anne Burrell
Co-Host, Food Network’s “Worst Cooks
in America”
Joe Campanale
Epicurean Group
Andrew Carmellini
NoHo Hospitality Group
David Chang
Liz Neumark
Great Performances
Tracy Nieporent
Myriad Restaurant Group
Becca Parrish
François Payard
FP Patisserie, FPB, Payard Patisserie &
Ben Pollinger
Tom Colicchio
Crafted Hospitality, ‘wichcraft
Donna Rodriguez
B.R. Guest Restaurants
Scott Conant
SC Restaurant Ventures
Marcus Samuelsson
Red Rooster, Ginny’s Supper Club,
Streetbird Rotisserie
Dana Cowin
Food & Wine Magazine
Chris Santos
Beauty & Essex, The Stanton Social
The City Harvest Food Council
brings together top chefs,
restaurateurs and food industry
professionals from around New
York City to help fight hunger.
Our Food Council donates some
of the city’s best food, raises
funds to support our work and
helps to heighten our visibility.
Ariane Daguin
Tony Fortuna
T Bar Steak & Lounge
Rick Smilow
The Institute of Culinary Education
Penny and Peter Glazier
The Glazier Group
John Stage
Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
Marc Glosserman
Hill Country Hospitality
Chrissy Teigen
Geoffrey Zakarian
The Lambs Club at The Chatwal Hotel,
The National at The Benjamin Hotel,
The National Greenwich, The Palm
Court at The Plaza Hotel
Chairman Emeritus
Eric Ripert
Le Bernardin
Gillian Duffy
New York Magazine
Marc Forgione
Restaurant Marc Forgione,
American Cut, Khe-Yo
Alex Guarnaschelli
Butter Restaurant
Kurt Gutenbrunner
Kerry Heffernan
Grand Banks
Ryan Jaronik
Benchmark Restaurant
Matthew Katakis
Butcher Bar, Pita Pan
Donatella Arpaia
Kefi, Prova
Steven Kamali
Steven Kamali Hospitality
Jesse Schenker
Recette, The Gander
Benjamin Schmerler
First Press Public Relations
Gail Simmons
Food & Wine Magazine
Bill Telepan
Tom Valenti
Jean-Georges Vongerichten
Jean-Georges Management
Michael White
Altamarea Group
Margaret Zakarian
Zakarian Hospitality
James D. Kallman
Marc Granetz
Marjorie Sybul Adams
Carol Atkinson
Alex Berenson
Richard S. Berry
Benjamin Bram
Randy Brown
Jason Carroll
Dana B. Cowin
Misook Doolittle
Céline Dufétel
J. Michael Evans
Marc Granetz
Tom Guba
Christine Hikawa
Stacy Hock
Joy H. Ingham
Sharon H. Jacquet
James D. Kallman
Sujal Kapadia
Pamela Kaufmann
David Kirchhoff
Bill Koenigsberg
Grace Koo
Kerrie D. MacPherson
William J. Mills
Nadine A. Mirchandani
Heather Mnuchin
Elizabeth W. Y. Moore
Amanda Morcos
Marc Murphy
Victor Ozeri
Rachael Ray
Eric Ripert
Mary E. Rubin
Marcus Samuelsson
Richard J. Smilow
Rob M. Stein
Tim Walsh
Jeffrey L. Weiss
Katie Raskin Workman
Michael A. Young
City Harvest rescues excess food and delivers it free of charge to 500 soup kitchens,
food pantries and community food programs throughout New York City, helping to
feed the nearly 1.4 million New Yorkers who face hunger each year. City Harvest takes
a long term approach to hunger relief through its Healthy Neighborhoods initiative.
6 East 32nd Street, 5th floor
New York, NY 10016

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