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Petal pointers
bouquet: blooming gallery
bY kristin bustamante
Your bouquet sits front and center as You make Your bridal debut. .create a spotlight-WorthY design With help from the countrY’s leading Wedding florists.
lilies, roses or orchids. hand-tied, loose or natural. ribbon wrapped, accented with heirlooms or stems on display. these choices are on the short list of what top florists are delivering for sensational spring and summer bridal bouquets. so where’s a bride to start planning her own picture-perfect bouquet? right here, of course! We’re breaking down the hottest bouquet trends for 2011, pointing you toward fabulous flower choices and unveiling totally original bouquet ideas.
208 • W
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6/14/11 11:09 AM
White Wedding
analogous colors—colors that are next something old
“We’re seeing two big color trends,” to each other on the color wheel. “i “stephanotis is a very tradition-
says casey sparks, co-owner with prefer the flow of one color into the al flower,” says tran. she adds that dode martin (a texan!) of martin-
next, versus a stronger contrast. a nearly every bouquet in the 1930s roberts design, with locations in soft raspberry hue paired with fuchsia through 1950s was made of these kauai, hawaii and in san francisco—a and accented with eggplant is stun-
delicate white flowers. this simple, nationally lauded floral firm whose ning,” she says. even after its third fragrant genus of flowering plant can celebrity clientele includes céline year leading the color pack, purple be dressed up with pearl pins insert-
dion and elton John. “there’s been is still the most popular request she ed in the middle of each bloom. a huge resurgence of whites and also receives for colored bouquets, espe-
When Jessica simpson married nick of more natural colors, because brides cially in weddings where the focus is lachey, she chose this traditional style really want bouquets that feel and largely on the flowers. and carried a bouquet made of 500 look more organic.” and with an average of 30 to 50 weddings per month When brides do use color in their stephanotis blossoms with pearl cen-
bouquets, more is more. instead of ters. these gleaming centers and the on the company’s schedule, sparks pink and gray, now brides are choos-
star shape of the stephanotis are a should know. the designer notes that ing palettes of ballet pink, antique perfect complement to a lace-embel-
martinroberts accents pristine white pink and rose paired with dove gray, lished gown. bouquets with natural grasses and cement and slate. blends of vintage-
mosses in shades of green. inspired colors, like cream, eggshell, something neW
beige, caramel and “tea-stained” florists note that modern brides who shades are replacing pastels in 2011.
crave a contemporary bouquet are one of the beautiful things about all-white bouquets is that they work well for both traditional and modern weddings. lisa tran of houston’s blooming gallery suggests white mini calla lilies for a contemporary bridal bouquet. for a traditional all-white bouquet that’s timeless and romantic, carl schwartz of carl alan floral design in philadelphia (celebrity clients include fergie, lady gaga and former first lady laura bush) prefers “beautiful ivory and white flowers with a sheer ribbon to wrap the stems.”
noW hue this
While white is white-hot, color isn’t totally out—though there is a push for more unique color combinations, the pros say. instead of blending two or three wedding colors, brides are beginning to focus on subtly different shades of a single hue for their bouquets. daniela isabella ferdico faget, owner and creative director of seattle’s bella signature design, has been recognized nationally for her floral designs. she likes to work with W e d d i n g s i n h o u sto n .co m • WIH_11b_193-224-Flowers.indd 209
6/14/11 11:09 AM
tossing out tried-and-true stand-
trY out texture
favor using a variety of flowers with bys, such as tight roses and trendy faget is a fan of david austin roses various sizes of petals, like hydran-
add-ons of crystal embellishments. as well, because they’re more dra-
geas mixed with roses.
instead, the hottest flower choices for matic and evocative than traditional traditional bridal bouquets with a modern bridal bouquets are lush peo-
roses: “that ruffled, petaled look is mix of flowers like roses, hydrangea nies and loose, feathery rose hybrids. so romantic,” she raves. the textured and orchids are extremely textural, “peonies are always popular choices, look of these roses also lends volume notes ben shamooelian of houston’s but we’re really loving the david aus-
and interest to the bouquet—some-
Village flowery, who says these types tin roses,” says sparks, noting that thing that florists are really focusing of bouquets are among brides’ favor-
the texture of these roses and the on this year. for faget, this texture ites. structure is also an important way they open make them a perfect can also come from the addition of element of the contemporary bou-
complement or even replacement for berries, unusual grasses, herbs, suc-
quets he creates using calla lilies, peonies, which are limited to pink, culents and foliage.
orchids, tulips and dahlias. white and fuchsia, and are prohibi-
now that the trend toward rhine-
“layers also make a huge statement tively expensive when not in season stones is receding, sparks’ brides in regard to contemporary designs,” says (which is pretty much any month are using white ostrich feathers with darryl murchison of houston floral and that is not may or June). david aus-
white peonies to give their bouquets event design firm darryl & co. he recom-
tin roses, on the other hand, come a fluffy, vintage-inspired feel. rebekah mends blooms like phalaenopsis orchids in intriguing shades, including peach graves of houston’s dream bouquet and lady slippers, and likes extending and lavender, and are in flower for agrees that texture is a big compo-
the texture to the handle by using a cus-
eight to nine months a year. nent of bridal bouquets. her brides tom wire design or beaded grip. 210 • W
WIH_11b_193-224-Flowers.indd 210
6/14/11 11:09 AM
WIH_11b_193-224-Flowers.indd 211
6/14/11 11:09 AM
let loose
orchids are more popular than roses elegant and look as if the gentleman hand-tied bouquets remain the most for boutonnieres, says tran. nontradi-
has simply plucked a bloom for his popular choice for both brides and tional elements, like the berries, small buttonhole, says lewis miller of new bridesmaids, but they’re not quite as greenery and the grass she uses, are York’s lewis miller design. “We rec-
formal as in years past. “brides want a a great option for the groom who ommend against a boutonniere at all loose, natural feel to their bouquets,” doesn’t want flashy floral on his lapel.
if a pocket square is being worn. it’s says graves. instead of wrapping a boutonniere too much clutter! a well-maintained with green design tape, schwartz rec-
groom with a perfectly tailored suit quets now,” agrees tran. she explains ommends using different colors of certainly doesn’t need a distraction.”
that these bouquets are no longer wire for an interesting effect that “there’s more looseness in bou-
ball-shaped, but they’re not wild look-
draws attention to this often forgot-
bridesmaid blooms
ing, either. “they use small flowers like ten part of the floral design.
“brides should figure out their own freesia or small orchids, and are tied a bit looser.”
the brides sparks works with in bouquet first and everything else falls hawaii often choose orchids for the into place,” says sparks, adding that traditionally, the stems of hand-
groom’s boutonniere. orchids are a more often than not, his bridesmaids tied bouquets are bound with rib-
great choice for mainland grooms, end up carrying smaller versions of bon, but sparks prefers using unex-
too, because they’re so resilient. “so a bride’s bouquet. tran agrees, say-
pected materials to add another layer much happens during the wedding ing she always does something more of dimension to the bridal bouquet. day, by the end of the day orchids extravagant for the bride, and a little some ideas include grass handles, simply hold up the best,” the florist less for the bridesmaids. for example, wrapping the stems with twigs or notes, suggesting cymbidium orchids if she uses green cymbidium orchids bamboo, incorporating shells as bead-
as a particularly elegant and hearty for the bride, she switches to green ing around the handle, tying with raf-
choice. “adding raffia, leaves, grass—
hydrangeas for the maids.
fia and creating wraps out of leaves. those are the things that end up bridesmaids’ bouquets are also taking a great flower and making it highly dependent on the bridesmaid wonderful,” says sparks.
dresses. their bouquets should be here comes the groom
masculine flowers like calla lilies and Flowers: Darryl & Co.
Photos: © Weddings in Houston
212 above all, boutonnieres should be done in a color that doesn’t match Flowers: Clear Lake Flowers
Photos: © Weddings in Houston
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6/14/11 11:09 AM
their dress exactly to help the flowers bring them to hospitals, convalescent and boutonnieres. and you can really stand out. this makes for much better homes or homeless shelters in honor let your light shine by using small lan-
photographs, too. of the bride or groom’s family. terns in your bouquet—a technique bridesmaids have been wearing dis-
that murchison employs with minimal similar bridesmaid dresses for many forget floWers?
years, and now this trend is transferring a bouquet without flowers? it’s not as floral accents.
to the flowers they carry. by creating strange as it may sound! “succulent d ef i n e Yo ur stYle
the same bouquet in four or five dif-
bouquets have become very popu-
“it’s important to pick a color scheme, ferent hues, faget puts a distinct floral lar,” says shamooelian, who recently look and style to set the right tone for signature in each bridesmaid’s hands.
designed a bouquet with succulents, the wedding,” says shamooelian. this craspedia, white button mums, green tone will become the basis for select-
go green
moss and driftwood accents. he’s also ing centerpieces and overall design White may continue to be the popular had requests for fruit, dried wheat elements. color choice for spring and summer, and even small photos.
bring pictures of floral arrange-
but brides are also requesting more “succulents have been huge,” ments and other elements—land-
and more green—in the way their agrees faget, who recently did a scapes, gowns, even homes—that flowers are grown, that is. kim foren beautiful organic yet modern wed-
resonate with you. finally, rely on of geranium lake flowers in port-
ding featuring a lot of succulents and your florist to suggest flowers that land is a leader in sustainable and unusual textures. some of her other work well together. “colors and styles eco-friendly arrangements. “brides unusual bouquet ideas include plants, should represent the bride, not just are asking about fair trade roses, berries, and non-organic elements the trends,” shamooelian says. locally grown flowers, reusable con-
like vintage brooches, crystal draw-
choose something you love, tainers, live options and repurposing er pulls and antique buttons. candy regardless of what’s popular. You’ll wedding décor and flowers after the bouquets, feathers, newspaper-flow-
feel confident with your choices, and wedding is over,” she says. also, she er bouquets, vegetables, birch bark, proud to carry what will likely be the notes that brides frequently ask her to copper wire and vintage ribbons are most significant floral arrangement of pick up flowers after a wedding and unique ideas foren uses for bouquets your life.
Flowers: Plants ‘n Petals
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flowers: dream bouquet
Photos: © Weddings in Houston
W e d d i n g s i n h o u sto n .co m • WIH_11b_193-224-Flowers.indd 213
6/14/11 11:09 AM