Trophology and Your Health


Trophology and Your Health
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March 12, 2009
Trophology and Your Health Annual G.V. Clark
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of these gases when you are
your friends couldn’t hold
it in, just imagine what’s
happening inside with the
gases that cannot escape.
Reid’s rule, “eat concentrated proteins such as
meat, fish, eggs and cheese
separately from concentrated
starches such as bread,
potatoes and rice.” All these
proteins have different
digestive requirements. The
strongest enzymatic action
takes place on meat within
the first hour, but for milk
it is in the last hour. That’s
why God commanded Moses
to tell his people to never
combine meat and milk.
So much for the beloved
Another Reid rule is to
only eat one major type of
protein at a single meal.
What the hell, no more bacon
and eggs with hash browns and
toast along with hot coffee and
cold water Liquids and solids
should never be consumed
together and neither should
hot and cold food or drinks.
Any acid food taken together
with starch suspends secretion
of ptyalin. Lemons, limes,
oranges etc. are acid foods
so if you eat a baked potato
followed by a glass of orange
juice “no ptyalin is secreted in
the mouth to initiate the first
stage of starch digestion.” The
result would be that the starch
would hit the stomach without
the crucial alkaline juices needed
for digestion so bacteria could
attack it leading to fermentation. Don’t you just wish you
could see your insides about
now? Wow!
Also avoid combining proteins
with acids. “When acid foods
enter the stomach, they inhibit
the secretion of hydrochloric
acid, and the protein-digesting
enzyme pepsin can work only
in the presences of hydrochloric
Ever tried cake and steak?
Don’t! All sugars, without
exception, inhibit the secretion
of gastric juices in the stomach.
Sugar suppresses the digestion
of protein because the sugars get
trapped in the stomach instead
of moving into the intestines.
Denser and less liquid foods
are harder to digest and take
longer to pass completely
through the digestive system,
according to Pristat Internal
Cleaning. They offer a list
of fastest to longest foods to
0. Juices and Water: 20-30
0. Soups, Fruits, or Smoothies:
30-45 minutes
0. Vegetables: 30-45 minutes
0. Grains, Starches: 2-3
0. Beans, Poultry, Meat, or
Fish: 3 or more hours
If you think of your digestive system as a highway just
imagine what would happen if
the slower cars were allowed to
go first and the faster vehicles
tried to get through behind
them. It would be like IH-35
in Austin at 5:00 p.m. If Austin
had high occupancy vehicle
lanes or better mass transit
the daily congestion might
be avoided. If you space your
consumables wisely you can
avoid many illnesses and much
of the weight you carried in
non-digested waste.
The bottom line is that for
the best possible trophology
eat one food group at a time.
Start with the liquid and end
with the solid. Don’t combine
foods that cancel out each
other digestive functioning.
I know that for most of you
that will be as hard as losing
weight, but success doesn’t
come easy and neither will
a firm physique. I’m not
suggesting that you make a
dramatic change in your diet;
you probably already have
more drama in your life and
your bowels than the law
allows. But, I am suggesting
that you consider a gradual
shift in how you manage and
maintain your health. It will
doubtlessly feel strange at
first, but gradually it may get
good to you and it will feel
good to you. It might even
lead to better sex and even
a little more longevity.
Love ye, one another as I have loved
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