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Erie, PA
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As one of Pennsylvania’s leading health insurers, Highmark
Blue Cross Blue Shield is committed to its vision of
ensuring all members of the community have access to
affordable, quality health care.
Caring for the community is an integral part of Highmark’s
strategy to build stronger, healthier places for people to call
home. Through sponsorships like the Highmark QUAD
Games, Highmark supports community-based programs that
work to improve people’s health.
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Sponsored by:
3 0 T H
To help community members have a greater hand in their
health, Highmark offers wellness programs throughout the
region at hospitals and community centers. Programs on
nutrition, stress, smoking, osteoporosis and heart disease
are currently offered at a location near you. There is no
fee for Highmark members to participate in these wellness
programs, and non-Highmark members only pay a nominal
fee. Call 1-800-879-2217 for more information on program
locations near you. They include the Eastside and Glenwood
branches of the YMCA of Greater Erie.
Your participation means more!
All proceeds from the Highmark QUAD Games benefit the
YMCA of Greater Erie’s annual scholarship campaign “We
Build People.” Learn more at www.webuildpeopleerie.org.
-Walt Horner
Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and
Blue Shield Association. Blue Cross, Blue Shield and the cross and shield symbols are
registered service marks of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.
Highmark is a registered mark of Highmark Inc.
Erie, PA 16501
YMCA of Greater Erie
“The QUAD has served as a wonderful opportunity
for my family to do something healthy together when
they were growing up. Since the kids have grown and
moved on, the QUAD has been my own personal fitness
program. Moreover, I have seen that the QUAD has
been a great activity for many companies in our area to
develop employee wellness programs. Let’s go for
30 more years of the QUAD!”
31 West 10th Street
The Highmark QUAD Games are also sponsored by:
All photos compliments of Mark Bowen Studio.
http://[email protected]
A Community Outreach program of
the YMCA of Greater Erie.
Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield is an independent licensee of the
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
Join us for the 30th Anniversary Highmark
Blue Cross Blue Shield QUAD Games!
Since they began in 1983, the Highmark QUAD Games
have been the region’s premier fitness program with four
year-round events designed to keep you and your family in
great shape. Now, three decades later, the Highmark
QUAD Games celebrate 30 years dedicated to offering this
one-of-a-kind fun and unique way to have a greater hand in
your health.
Get in the Games!
REGISTER ONLINE! It’s fast, secure and there’s no
additional fee. Go to register.bigwhitetrailer.com or register
by mailing the enclosed application or downloading an
application from www.highmarkquad.org.
100-Yard Swim Meet
2012-2013 Highmark QUAD Application
Registration for the Highmark QUAD Games and QUAD Kids is now available online at register.bigwhitetrailer.com.
o Male
o Female
Date of Birth (mo/date/year):
April 15, 9 a.m. (first heat)
McComb Fieldhouse, Edinboro University
Highmark QUAD Kids 25- or 50-yard swim
Street Address:
The Highmark QUAD Games offer the opportunity to
participate in four events throughout the year as a perfect
incentive to stay healthy.
12-Mile Bike Ride
T-shirt Size: o S o M
o XL
Events are designed for participants of all levels. For those
interested in testing their athletic skills, the Highmark
QUAD offers a competitor level with timed results and
event awards. For those looking for a fun way to stay
healthy all yearlong, the Healthy Lifestyle category lists
all results alphabetically and encourages you to approach
the Highmark QUAD and its four events as short-term
fitness goals that bring variety and fun to your exercise.
5-Mile Run (Or Walk)
Get Your Team On!
The Highmark QUAD Games can be a big boost to your
company’s wellness program. Employees can represent their
company or business by filling in their company’s name on
the corporate team line on the registration form. Employees
can help the team even if they participate in one event. If
you don’t have a company team, you can still represent
your organization. It’s noncompetitive, but we’ll list your
organization next to your name in the standings.
Fun for the whole family
It is especially fun to participate with your family and
introduce your children to healthy life sports. The Highmark
QUAD offers a rare chance to participate with your kids in
swimming, biking, running and winter sporting events. To
further encourage your family, all children 12 and under get
a free entry (and T-shirt) when accompanied by an adult.
The excitement, anticipation and fun of the events make
for lively conversation around the dinner table and family
memories that last a lifetime.
July 14, 9 a.m. (first rider)
Edinboro University
Highmark QUAD Kids half-mile or one-mile ride
September 8, 9 a.m.
Gibson Park, North East
Highmark QUAD Kids half-mile or one-mile run
5-Mile Cross-Country Ski Race
or 2.5-Mile Snowshoe*
January 6, 2013, 1 p.m.
Peek ‘n Peak Upper Golf Course
Highmark QUAD Kids half-mile or one-mile race
* Healthy Lifestyle Participants only
Category: o Competitor (results posted in order of time)
Corporate Team (must be full-time or regular part-time employee)
Community/Club Team (noncompetitive, but we’ll list your organization next to your name in the standings)
All Four Events:
Single Event:
o $40 prior to 4/10/2012
o $20 more than three days prior to event
o $50 after 4/10/2012
o $25 less than three days prior/day of event
o $0 Free for children 12 and under when accompanied by an
adult participant*
o ski o swim
* 12 and under participants must complete a separate application.
Highmark QUAD Kids sponsored by Wegmans
The Highmark QUAD Games are a great event for the whole
family and even your young children can get in on the fun.
QUAD Kids is a noncompetitive series of shorter distances
for your child. QUAD Kids events are held the day of the
regular QUAD events, but later in the day to allow parents
to participate separately and still get to watch your QUAD
Kid. The YMCA even provides free babysitting while you are
participating. Distances for QUAD Kids include the choice of
a 25-or 50-yard swim, half-mile or one-mile bike ride, run or
ski and snowshoe.
All of our little participants will get a QUAD Kids T-shirt and
a medal for completing their event. QUAD Kids is a great
way to introduce your child to the fun of active fitness.
Go to register.bigwhitetrailer.com for an application.
o Healthy Lifestyle Participant (results posted alphabetically)
NOTE: Free entry for 12 and under is for regular QUAD
events and does NOT include Highmark QUAD kids.
Highmark QUAD Kids sponsored by Wegmans: Single
Event $15/Four Events $25.
o bike
o run
Enclose check or money order payable to:
Highmark/YMCA QUAD Games
Please return application and fee to:
Highmark QUAD
P.O. Box 6322
Erie, PA 16512-6322
Disclosure: Before taking part in physical activity, it is advisable to see your doctor and have a complete physical examination. In consideration of
the entrant being permitted to enter and participate in these events, the undersigned hereby releases and discharges the organizers, sponsors,
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, municipalities in which the events are conducted and any sponsors, agents, servants, representatives, employees,
successors, affiliates and assignees from all claims, demands, actions, damages, judgments and executions which the undersigned, their heirs, executors,
administrators, representatives or assigns might have now or in the future for any harm, injury, damage or occurrence, whether foreseen or unforeseen
which might arise from or be related to the entrant’s participation in these events and the entrant specifically assumes all risks in connection with this
event. The undersigned also agrees to release rights to allow the use of photographs or videos in which they appear.
Signature of entrant: