Keystone Cup



Keystone Cup
August 14th and 15th 2015
Other Matches and Guests
Friday Night
David Starr vs Clutch Adams
BJ Walker vs Patrick Clark
Shatter vs Officer David Hetfield
Tony Mask vs “The Party Animal” Brian Keisel
Saturday Night
Mandy Leon and Hania
Miranda Vionette and Jordynne Grace
Powers of Pain
Card Subject to Change
Chance Tucker
Chairman of the Board
Hailing from Lancaster PA, Chance Tucker has
defeated “The Perfect Owner” in a one on one
grudge match for control of the LCW franchise.
Sudden Impact (Lio Rush and Patrick Clark)
Height:5’6”/6’3” Weight: 391lbs
Fresh off Patrick’s controversial release from Tough
Enough and Lio’s 2015 MCW Shamrock Cup Victory, they reunite to compete in the 2015 Keystone
Powers Of Pain (The Barbarian and The Warlord)
Height: 6’2” / 6’5” Weight: 618 lbs
Past WCW and WWF favorites and former
WWWA tag team champions, the Powers of
Pain will offer a massive challenge for anyone
that takes them on.
Sons of Samoa
Height: 6’2”/6’2” Weight: 593 lbs
Afa Jr and Llyod Anoa’i are the latest in a long
family history of great tag team wrestling.
Da Gunnaz - King Blackie and Ty Reno
Height: 5’6” / 6’2” Weight: 459 lbs
One of the most popular tag teams in local Indy
wrestling. A unique combination of size and
Pretty In Pink - C.M. Serenyi, Twisted Tate
Height: N/A / 6’2” Weight: 538 lbs
Fan favorites in local Indy wrestling, their years
of experience make them a dangerous team no
matter where they wrestle.
That 80’s Team
One of the most entertaining Pro Wrestling Tag
Teams on the East Coast. Mixing retro style
with a new generation of competition!
Bloodhound Warriors
Height:5’8”/5’11” Weight: 470 lbs
Fresh off their latest appearance on ROH wrestling, the Read Scorpion and Greywolf ready
to add a Keystone cup victory to their list of
Push Brothers (Good News Hughes and LSG)
Height: ?/5’10” Weight:?/195
Good News Hughes and Leon St. Giovanni are the Canseco and McGuire of professional wrestling. They have taken
their talents from the baseball diamond to the squared circle
and are ready to push their way to the top the tag team
scene. #PUSHiT
Mötley Tüe
Height: 5’11”/5’10” Weight: 339 lbs
At long last the bad boys of rock and roll have made their
way to LCW. Feelgood, Livewire and Wildside have been
kickstarting hearts all over the northeast and now they
are here to take the Keystone Cup home sweet home to
Mark Mest and Cremator
Height: 5’11”/6’5” Weight: 674 lbs
One of the most respected trainers in the area
and one of his trainees team up to set LCW on
Height: 6”/6” Weight: 520 lbs
From wherever your minds may wander come
the Bloodhound and Nemesis. They have held
several tag team titles and are coming to claim
the Keystone Cup
Eddie Valentine and Stefon
Height:6’/ Petite Weight:420 lbs
The “Sexiest Man Alive” joins Stefan in a
colorful team of talented men shooting for the
Keystone Cup title.
Height: 5’9”/5’9” Weight: $2 mil
Hailing straight from the bank, “The King of
Currency“ Shawn Andrews and “The Prince of
Profit” Clay Drasher are going to try to cash out
the rest of the competition
M.O.B aka Maulers of Barnari
Height: 6’/5’11” Weight: 555 lb
The M.O.B consist of “IL Capo” Jason Gotti and “Infamous” Ace Klopenza, two tough guys from the mean streets
of South Philly. Known for their brawling style, they are
the current Atomic Championship Wrestling Tag Team
Shane Strickland and Jon Gresham
Height: 5’9”/5’6” Weight: 330 lbs
Two high flyers bring their styles together in
a truly dynamic duo ready to stun the LCW
Jay Diesel and Donovan Dijak
Representing the Ring of Honor’s House of
Truth, Diesel and Dijack will be securing the
ring against the competition.
Punisher Martinez and QT Marshall
Height: 6’1”/6’6” Weight: 516 lbs
We’ve been dominant as single competitors for
12 years so together there will be no stopping
us. We’ve already invaded ROH, next stop...
LCW! Welcome to our anarchy.
The Dixon Line
Height: 6’1” Weight:215
With backgrounds in diplomatic security, The
Dixon Line employ whatever means necessary
to accomplish the mission - Dominating the
Keystone Cup.
Clutch Adams
Height: 6” Weight: 215 lbs
Some people are good some people are great but
nobody is clutch like Adams baby!!!
David Starr
Height: 5’11” Weight: 206 lbs
The “King of Taunts” is the perfect hybrid of
professional wrestling & sports entertainment.
He puts his excellent in ring talent and charisma
on display every time he performs.
Hania “The Howling Huntress”
Height: 5’5” Weight: 128 lbs
This high flying, wild and free spirit with a
ferocious kick. She has the heart of a wolf
and leads the pack in the ring.
Mandy Leon
“The Exotic Goddess” is 23 years old. Hailing
from Brooklyn, NY she was trained at the Ring
of Honor dojo.
Miranda Vionette the MV
Height: 5’4” Weight: 132 lbs
Making her LCW debut MV, is not just another
pretty face, the arm bar queen was born to wrestle and standout!
Jordynne Grace
Height:5’2” Weight:150 lb
Young, talented and hungry. Jordan is the current LCW Vixen Champion.
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