July 92 - Electric Railway Historical Association of Southern California



July 92 - Electric Railway Historical Association of Southern California
Volume 82
July 1992
Number 7
Mount Lowe Centennial
July 1992
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July 1992
The Southern California Traction Review
produced monthly by
The Electric Railway Historical Association
of Southern California, Inc.
Subscription included in membership. Non-member
subscribtions at $15.00 per year. (Jan to Dec)
Editorial Mailing Address
Circulation, ERHA Business
John Heller
822 No. Alexandria Ave.
P.O. Box 24315
Hollywood, CA 90029-2504
Los Angeles, CA 90024-0315
Association Board of Directors
David G. Cameron
Alan Fishel
Jed Hughes
Bill Smith
John Heller
Robert Lawrence
Jaune Smith
Leroy Demery
Harre W. Demoro
Ralph Forty
Jack Garcia
M.D. (Doc) Isely
Norman K. Johnson
Richard Kotulak
John E. McEnhill
Ralph Melching
Ben Minnich
Jeffery Moreau
David Morgan
Ted Wickson
Paul J. Ward
Gary M. Woodley
Vice President's Column
In honor of the hundreth anniversary of the beginning of construction of Professor Lowe's famous
incline railway above Altadena, the ERHA's annual
banquet will feature Charles Seims with a Mt. Lowe
This year's banquet will be at Bill Smith's house on
Saturday night September 11. Bill's mom will cook
whatever you like so do call her in advance so that
she will know what to buy.
-Alan Fishel
Program Committee Chair
Page 2
Mt Lowe
World Famous
This Trolley Trip is unsurpassed by any mountain scenic ride in the world. Trains leave daily
from Pacific Electric Station, Sixth & Main Sts.,
Los Angeles, at 8, 9 and 10AM and 1:30 and 4PM through
Pasadena via Oak Knoll, Altadena and beautiful
foot-hill hamlets, winding their way through
orchards of oranges and beautiful country places
and then up canyons by steep, curving ways to
Rubio. Thence by an almost perpendicular ascent of the mountainside on the great incline
railway, passengers are conveyed to Echo Mountain, attaining a height of 1325 feet in 3200 feet
traveled. At Echo are the interesting Mt. Lowe
Observatory and that "eye of night" the great
searchlight. From Echo the journey continues
'round mountain walls, through forest and granite gates, mid scenes of ever changing grandeur
to Alpine Tavern. This charming mile-high
mountain resort with its central hotel, dining
room and cottages among the pines, is a delightful haven of rest. Pony trains make trips to the
summit 1100 feet above. Many points, within
easy walk of Alpine, present wondrous views.
Excursion fare of two dollars now available for a
limited time. ($1.75 from Pasadena) Excursion
fare tickets must be purchased from ticket agents
at Los Angeles or Pasadena. They will not be
sold by Conductors on cars. Secure a folder.
-PE Brochure 1911
At the bottom of the incline portion of the Mt.
Lowe Railway. Rubio Canyon above Altadena.
July 1992
Page 3
In later years the original incline cars were replaced with these roof'ed versions. In 1936 the Alpine
Tavern burned to the ground; with no destination the line quickly declined in popularity and was closed
forever in 1938 when a storm washed away parts of the line.
Page 4
Car 32 on the Circular Bridge in the 1920's
July 1992
Page 5
Snow was expected on the Alpine Division.
Page 6
End of the line, Alpine Tavern and car number 3 in 1896.
Two timetables,
at the left March 11, 1935;
and below, 1911.
July 1992
Page 7
3, Friday. MEETING, Bay Area Electric Railroad Association, 8:00 PM, 2024 Durant Avenue, Berkeley
10, Friday. MEETING, Pacific Railroad Society regular
monthly meeting, 7:30PM at Joslyn Recreation Center,
11, Saturday. MEETING, San Diego Electric Railway
Association regular monthly meeting, 7:30PM at SDG&E
Co. 1st & Ash Sts., member's nite, bring 20-30 slides!
15, Wednesday. Glendale LRV hearing, see May/June
17, Friday. MEETING, ELECTRIC RAILWAY HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION regular monthly meeting. in the
Church, Heritage Square. 7:30 PM Business Meeting,
8:00 PM Program: Paul Ward Trolley Buses of North
America 'A-M', slides.
17, 18, 19, 20 Friday-Monday. ERA Convention Seattle
(hist. Trolley Coach charter), Yakima (Interurban trips w/
lots of equip.), Portland (Willamette Shore Trolley charter. Call (212) 986-4482 for info & reservations.
25, Saturday. OERM member's day. Cookout begins 66:30PM, bring your own meat to cook, $3.00 for salad,
dressing, drinks & dessert. (please call (714)943-3020))
Night operations 7-10PM plus slides in Town Hall.
August 21. David Cameron, Traction across America
1970 in slides.
August 29. Walter Abbenseth's annual show.
September 18 Friday. ERHA annual Traction
Collector's memoribilia auction.
October 17 Saturday. ERHA banquet, Mount Lowe
Cenntenial Celebration with Charles Seims.
Meetings By Mail!
We realize that many members live out of the
area and are missing out on some wonderful programs.
ERHA is videotaping some of our meeting's
entertainment portions. Not a slick professional style
video, occasional heads in the way, the audience commentary, white screens from missing slides, etc., the picture
quality is excellent and any naration is picked up with a
wireless microphone. A Hi8 Camcorder is placed on a
tripod just above the slide projector so there is no
Please make out checks to ERHA of SC. Shipment time will depend upon the number of orders we
receive. (Tapes will be duped to order.) Your donation
of $15.00/VHS tape includes postage, please add $5.00
U.S. for international orders.
Ted Damon's PE slides, Glendale/
Burbank, Bellflower, Long Beach & San Pedro. Lots of
work trains, Juice Jacks, regular service and fan trips.
Paul Ward & Bill Volkmer's Trolleybuses of North America "A-M". ("N-Y", Europe planned)
Ken Douglas's slides, Ken Douglas presents his slide show of the British Columbia Electric
Interurban & local service, Toronto, London & Port
Stanley, Grand River Lake Erie & Northern Railway,
Niagra & St. Catherine, Montreal & Southern Counties,
Ottawa, Cornwall Street Railway Light & Power, CN
electrified MU @ Montreal, Quebec Railway Light &
Power, Hershey Railway of Cuba, Puebla Mexico, Mexico
City, Tampico, Vera Cruz plus Bill Volkmer misc. at the
end. Video-taped live, you'll see it all; the heads passing
through, white flashes of missing slides, slides upside
down or out-of-focus and the ever-present murmer of
railfans commenting throughout in the background!
We will only tape presenters with their prior permission.
P.O. Box 24315
Los Angeles, CA 90024-0315
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