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November 2012
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Hundreds killed in Palestinian bombings
By Kevin Gonzalez
Editor in Chief
Israeli aircraft struck crowded areas in the
Gaza Strip and killed a senior militant with a
missile strike on a media center Monday, driving up the Palestinian death toll to 100, as Israel
broadened its targets in the six-day-old offensive meant to quell Hamas rocket fire on Israel.
Escalating its bombing campaign over
the weekend, Israel began attacking homes
of activists in Hamas, the Islamic militant
group that rules Gaza. These attacks have
led to a sharp spike in civilian casualties,
killing 24 civilians in just under two days
and doubling the number of civilians killed
in the conflict, a Gaza health official said.
The rising toll came as Egyptianled efforts to mediate a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas got into gear.
While Israel and Hamas were far apart in
their demands, both sides said they were
open to a diplomatic solution — and prepared for further escalation if that failed.
The leader of Hamas took a tough stance,
rejecting Israel's demands that the militant
group stop its rocket fire. Instead, Khaled
Mashaal said Israel must meet Hamas' demands for a lifting of the blockade of Gaza.
don't accept Israeli conditions because it is the aggressor," he told reporters in Egypt. "We want a ceasefire along with meeting our demands."
An Israeli official said Israel hoped
to find a diplomatic solution to the cri-
sis as well and signaled Egypt was likely
to play a key role in enforcing any truce.
"We prefer the diplomatic solution if it's
possible. If we see it's not going to bear
fruit, we can escalate," he said, speaking on condition of anonymity because of
the sensitive diplomatic efforts under way.
The official said Israel doesn't want a
"quick fix" that will result in renewed fighting months down the road. Instead, Israel
wants "international guarantees" that Hamas
will not rearm or use Egypt's neighboring Sinai peninsula for militant activity.
Overall, the offensive that began Wednesday
killed 100 Palestinians, including 53 civilians,
and wounded some 840 people, including 225
children, Gaza heath official Ashraf al-Kidra said.
On the Israeli side, three civilians have
died from Palestinian rocket fire and dozens have been wounded. A rocket-defense system has intercepted hundreds
of rockets bound for populated areas.
Hamas fighters have fired more than 1,000
rockets into Israel in the current round of fighting, including 95 on Monday, among them one
that hit an empty school in the coastal city of
Ashkelon. Israeli police spokesman Micky
Rosenfeld said 29 rockets were intercepted by
the Iron Dome anti-missile battery. Rockets
landed in open areas of Beersheva, Ashdod, Ashkelon, and caused damage in a number of areas.
Schools in southern Israel have been
closed since the start of the offensive on
Wednesday, and large police units deployed in the area to respond to any potential damage and injuries from rockets.
A poll published in the Haaretz daily on
Monday showed widespread support in Israel for the offensive. It said that 84 percent
of the public supports the operation, with 12
percent opposed. At the same time, it said just
30 percent of the public supports a ground invasion of Gaza. The poll, conducted by the
Dialog agency, surveyed 520 people and had
a margin of error of 4.4 percentage points.
In Monday's violence, an Israeli airstrike on
a high-rise building in Gaza City killed Ramez
Harb, a senior figure in Islamic Jihad's military
wing, the Al Quds Brigades, the group said in
a text message to reporters. A number of foreign and local news organizations have offices
in the building, which was also struck on Sunday. A passer-by was also killed, medics said.
Thick black smoke rose from the building.
Paramedics said several people were wounded.
Islamic Jihad, a smaller sister group to Hamas,
said it believed Harb was the target of the strike.
Israel has killed dozens of wanted militants
in surgical strikes throughout the operation,
the result, officials say, of intelligence gathered from its collection of high-flying drones
overhead and a network of informants.
Before dawn Monday, a missile struck a threestory home in the Gaza City's Zeitoun area,
flattening the building and badly damaging
several nearby homes. Shell-shocked residents
Black Friday
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Israel bombs Gaza supply tunnels.
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Swedish House Mafia making
Page 2
November 2012
their last stop at Ultra 2013
By Chris Amador
Staff Writer
Greetings, Firebirds. I’m sure you’ve all
had the most outstanding shows this year,
but sadly the year is,now ending. Don’t cry
though, the party has just begun! For those
who don’t know, Ultra Music Festival is having its 25th anniversary show and yeah, to
many it’s just another show, but to millions it’s
a very,important show. Electronic music group
legend Swedish House Mafia is having their
very last show this year. They mentioned on
the online website of Ultra “One Last Tour…
The Final Curtain… It had to be…Swedish
House Mafia will return to ULTRA Music Festival for their FINAL performances!!! Don’t
miss your chance to see US for the last time!”
In addition, great acts include Avici, Skrillex, Tiesto Hardwell and many others who will
also join in their last “big bang.” Sadly, the
tickets are quite expensive. Since it’s the 25th
anniversary the prices range from one weekend
being $299.95 and both being $574.95.I know
it’s expensive, but you get to see the world’s
best electronic acts all under one roof for six-
days. “Its worth it,” said junior Eduardo Salazar
who added that this is the chance of a life time to
see Swedish House Mafia one more time before
they split as a group. The set list of artists are still
being added on the website Ultramusicfestival.
com, but so is the intensity. Be sure you add an
Ultra Ticket to your wish list to Santa, I promise
it’ll be the best give that you’ve ever received.
Swedish House Mafia performing at Ultra 2010.
courtesy of
courtesy of
Wreck-It Ralph brings
in big bucks
By Gaetano Calagna
Staff Writer
Wreck-It Ralph premiered to large audiences in the United States on November 2.
The PG-rated animated film features the voices
of John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch. It is directed by Rich
Moore and produced by Clark Spencer and
John Lasseter. The film tells the story of an
arcade game villain who becomes tired of his
role in the game and embarks on a journey to
become a hero. The plot seems rather innovative and the use copyrighted characters such
as Bowser and the Pac-Man ghosts gives the
movie credibility.
Trailers and previews have shown
anticipated its theatrical release. Sophomore
Michelle Diaz said, “I like that the protagonist is a villain. It gives the film a good perspective for children who are usually taught
that the bad guy will always be the bad guy.”
Indeed, it is pleasant to see a film targeted
toward children that depicts the bad guy
with a full range of emotions. There must
be simply more to the bad guy than just evil.
Performing Art student and yearbook
co-editor Diana Martinez looked forward
to hearing the voices of her favorite actors.
She said, “I love Jane Lynch. She’s so comedic
and her sarcasm is so great. She makes me smile.
And Sarah Silverman is also really funny. I mean
she’s a comedian. She knows how to use her
voice effectively to give the character emotion.
The day it comes out everyone was so happy.”
Until then, Firebirds patiently waited for WreckIt Ralph to come to a movie theater near them.
courtesy of
courtesy of
Wreck-It Ralph breaking through the two worlds
of gaming presented in the movie.
New singles rock November Top 10 charts
By Nicole Soler
Features Editor
This fall has been full of music that speaks to
people’s souls and blows them away with incredible lyrics and moving melodies. From romance
and breakups to letting loose and having fun,
the top ten songs from this month cover it all.
The top 10 song charts have been full of popculture kind of music. Topping the charts is One
More Night by Maroon 5, Gangnam Style by
PSY, I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift,
Some Nights by fun, We Are Never Getting
Back Together by Taylor Swift, As Long As You
Love Me by Justin Bieber, Too Close by Alex
Clare, Die Young by Ke$ha, Blow Me One Last
Kiss by P!nk and Good Time by Owl City. This
doesn’t necessarily mean everyone loves these
songs for the same reason or likes them at all.
Ninth grader Nicole Nieto said, “I only like
the song One More Night because of the music
video to it because it features my all-time favorite actress Minka Kelly.” “I feel that Gangnam
Style is only popular because it has a dance beat
to it, otherwise no one would really listen to it,”
said ninth grader Lucca Barbaris, who contributed ideas on why this music might be so popular.
There have also been many new singles that
might’ve not made the top 10 but have people
talking. New singles such as Skyfall by Adele,
State of Grace by Taylor Swift and Diamonds
by Rihanna have been very popular lately.
Skyfall is the theme for the new movie Skyfall 007 that hits theatres November 9th. State
of Grace by Taylor Swift is one of five of the
singles that will be featured in her upcoming
album Red which was set to be released October 22nd. Diamonds is the latest single from
Rihanna that was released September 27th,
leaving people wondering what her new will be
album and when it will be released. Freshman
Stephanie Pino-Moore said, “I like the song
Diamond because it is really catchy and has a
good beat. I also have a tendency to like most
of Rihanna’s songs and this is one of them.”
All in all, the music that has been on the
radio is giving hints of many artists who might
drop new albums and songs before 2013.
courtesy of
Adele’s single brings together movies and music
in a creative way.
courtesy of
courtesy of
Morone five’s Adam Lavine preforming One More
November, 2012
Creative Corner
Page 3
Courtesy of Adriana Arcia
Courtesy of Andrea Proce
Brian Pino-Moore
Daniel Simpson
Courtesy of Mariana Fermin
Courtesy of Mariana Fermin
Courtesy of Adriana Arcia
Courtesy of Andrea Proce
Page 4
School News
November 2012
Senior Breakfast marks the last year for seniors
By Isabella Ruiz
Managing editor
ceeded the morning playing games such
as Chubby Bunny and musical chairs.
October 25 was surely one day to remember.
Chubby Bunny and musical chairs winner
The Senior Class had their first event. Students Giancarlo Rodriguez was rewarded with both
free Grad
buses at 8
Bash and
AM and
Prom tickwere off to
ets. “It was
the Interan amazcontinening experital Hotel
ence I will
for Senior
never forBreakfast.
get. I thank
While stuthe Gindents ate
ger Gods
a delicious
by the hosaid Rotel,
Superlaafter wincourtesy of Kristen Cruz
tive win-Ariel Guerrero breaks it down at Senior Breakfast.
ning tickners were
ets to two
announced and called onto the stage to of the most expensive senior events.
take pictures with their sashes. They proOnce winners were chosen, students spent
Homecoming spirit
sweeps Doral
the remainder of the breakfast dancing with
their classmates. The time Student Government
rest of the senior events are just as fun; because
if they are, I’m sure it is going to be an amazing
year,” she continued.
“Senior Breakfast
came out a big success.
I’m extremely proud
of all the people who
helped give us such a
memorable start to Senior Year. We definitely
wouldn’t have been
able to do it without
each other or the rest
of the Firebird family,” said Student Body
Alessandra Carlucci. Seniors
seemed more than satisfied. From the breakfast
courtesy of Kristen Cruz
Girls take pride in their attire as they take a group shot.
to the games, and
dedicated to putting the event together really the time spent on the dance floor, it was
came through. “Senior Breakfast turned out a no doubt a memorable moment for all.
lot more fun than I expected, I’m so glad I got to
be a part of it,” said Melanie Lopez. “I hope the
Firebird Pride soars
Junior Powderpuffs put on an invigorating performance.
Football players prepare to shake hands with their opponents.
By Natalia Ammon
Staff Writer
Thursday, November 8th was the Homecoming Game against Champagnat Catholic High
school. The crowd of supporters for the Firebird football players gets more colossal as the
years go by, so there was no telling how many
Firebirds and parents would be at this year’s
game. Gianny Aponte said, “I remember last
year’s game. It was so much fun and I loved
being on the stands supporting our school.” It’s
always a fun and exciting time at each year’s
Homecoming Game and this year wasn’t any
different. Daphne Gure said, “I definitely
didn’t want to miss this year’s game, it was so
much fun. I love watching our Firebirds play.”
If you happened to get hungry or thirsty
Football players give it their all.
courtesy of Kristen Cruz
throughout the game there was a food stand
where you were able to purchase drinks, pizza,
chips and other snacks which was a great benefit.
The Homecoming Game also showcased the
school’s Diamond Dance Team, Color Guard
Team, marching band and cheerleaders during
halftime. Adding to that, Homecoming King,
Queen, Prince and Princess were announced.
The game was held on the school field from
7:00-10:00pm. There was a $3-5 entrance fee.
Former Doral Academy student Kassandra Peraza said, “I’m definitely glad I went to the Doral
Academy Homecoming Game this year. Even
though I don’t go to that school anymore I loved
the experience and supporting the Firebirds.”
By Priscilla Correa
Managing Editor
It was that time of year again when students across the board were able to dress
up as their favorite character or have a flash
back to the 80’s, it was Homecoming Week.
This year’s Homecoming consisted of Monday being Cartoon Day, so students were able
to dress up as their favorite TV show, comic
book or other cartoon. Tuesday there was no
school, so Wednesday was Wacky Day. There
were some weird looking students that day.
Thursday was the Homecoming Game
against Champagnat Catholic High, so it was
Spirit Day. Only seniors were able to wear
red. Juniors down to freshman wore white or
their class shirt. Eighth grade was allowed to
wear blue, and any other grade below wore
grey. The last theme was Clique War, each
Seniors cheer on Powderpuff football players.
courtesy of Barbara Arenas
grade level wore their specific genre. For
the grade level genres, students could go to
the bulletin board by the activities office.
“Honestly, this has to be the most spirited
year I’ve seen across the board,” said junior Liz
Ruiz. “I’m especially glad to see that Class of
2013 really got into, because this is their last
year.” Miurel Madriz, junior, had also gave
insight on how junior girls Powder Puff went
down saying, “The nerves on the whole team
were at the extreme because this was our first
year in Powder Puff, but the results were pleasing as we ended in a tie with the seniors, but
overall they put up a good game.” Senior Chris
Abreu said, “Overall, as my last year, I was
very pleased with all the spirit I saw around
the school and was happy to see that everyone
had been wearing tasteful clothing.” All in all,
the majority of the student body was pleased
with the outcome of Homecoming Week.
courtesy of Kristen Cruz
November 2012
Page 5
New CBA implemented, big changes to the game
By Allan Valiente
Sports Editor
The 2012 season of Major League BaseThe most notable changes in the 2011 CBA
ball not only exhibited the rise of previously were the post-season changes. The Wild Card
unsuccessful teams (primarily the Wash- was extended to two teams per league. Thereington National and Baltimore Orioles), it after those two teams would have a one-game
also was the first year the new Collective playoff to determine the fourth spot in each
Bargaining Agreement (CBA) went into ef- league’s post-season. This turned out to be
fect, which made immense changes in the extremely beneficial as numerous teams were
sport – one of the biggest in post-season play. hungry for October baseball this season. “I
The CBA is a contract signed between Ma- think it’s truly amazing that the post-season has
extended itself
Baseball and
to include anthe
other team per
League Baseleague. It proball Players
motes comAssociation.
petition and a
second chance
CBA’s occur
to other strong
in all sports.
came up short
come to light
of their divimore in resion or Wild
senior Kevin
2011-12, Nateams
tional Footseason were
ball League
the Nationthe St. Louis
courtesy of
League 2012- Giant’s centerfielder Melky Cabrera, who test positive for testorone and ( N a t i o n a l
2013), caus- receieved a 50-game suspension.
League), and
ing lockouts
in the sport’s season until the two associations Rangers and Baltimore Orioles (American
come to an agreement. Major League Base- League), of which the Cardinals and Orioles won.
ball has had the longest streak of years withOther significant changes seen this year due
out a lockout, and with the new CBA signed in to the CBA were the permission of randomized
2011 it has extended to 21. “It’s such a relief drug testing at any time of the year, as long as
knowing baseball won’t be having a lockout it had “reasonable cause.” San Francisco Giants
anytime soon. It was so nerve-wracking see- centerfielder Melky Cabrera who led the Maing other sport’s seasons almost disappear jors in batting average and hits at the time and
into thin air,” said junior Walter Gutierrez. seemed to at the peak of his career, tested posi-
tive to testosterone.
It resulted in a 50game suspension,
and ultimately his
the race for the
batting title. Other
players who tested positive were
Marlon Byrd and
Guillermo Mota.
Among these
new game-changing rules are many
more to be implemented. Such incourtesy of
clude the Houston
Astros becoming The 2012 MLB post-season bracket, showing the two new Wild Card brackets.
part of the American League West
scheduling of Interleague
whole season, and
helmets that can
withstand 100 mph
fastballs. All these
additional rules are
to be implemented
in the 2013 season.
“It’s always a tough
decision to see
tradition change,
but who knows,
maybe the game
will change for the
better with these
courtesy of
rules,” said player
Houston Astros players and minor league players sport their new uniforms at an
Jose Vazquez.
unveiling at Minute Maid Park.
High expectations set for Doral winter sports
By Allan Valiente
Sports Editor
Soon, continuous days of scorching heat
will wane and then a chill, breezy climate will
begin to take over South Florida. An exciting
time for Doral Academy will begin: winter
sports. Months of Friday night football games
end and fierce soccer games and intense wrestling matches take over the athletic news at the
school. Some of the most successful sports in
Doral Academy history begin at this time, including varsity boys’ soccer, varsity girls’ soccer, varsity boys’ basketball and wrestling.
State qualifiers, a district title and two district
runner-ups are just some of the many accomplishments these teams acquired last season.
The soccer program at Doral produces some
of the most talented athletes and is run by boy’s
head coach Pamela McDonald and girls’ head
coach Martin Gross. “We have high expectations
for ourselves this year after winning districts
last year. Our ultimate goal is to win States,”
said senior Ariel Ramirez. The boys were eliminated in Regional Quarterfinals where they lost
to nationally ranked Ransom Everglades. However, they were able to defeat some of the toughest schools in all of South Florida, and nothing
less is expected this year. Led by a senior-dominated team, they hope that their talent and their
experience lead them to a successful season.
They have begun their season right, by winning two games, tying two and only losing one.
The wrestling program has been known to
send players every year to the State Championships, and this season is no different. Last year
they sent a handful of players to Regionals
and senior Chris Alfaro placed sixth at States.
This years’ squad looks overly qualified, as it
has paired together numerous returning players and a handful of transfers from Mosignor
Edward Pace. Daniel Garcia, Christian Perez
and Christopher Moreno all made it to States
last year and are prepared to join their talent with the returning wrestlers. “Doral is already one talented team. I’m hoping we can
contribute and work together to take the State
Championship as a team. That would be one
for the books,” said senior Daniel Garcia.
Girls’ soccer has been known to be just as talented and successful as their male counterparts.
They came up short last year in a suspenseful
game against rival LaSalle, where they took the
game to sudden death and lost on the last kick.
The team looks more talented this year though,
as its mainly comprised of upperclassmen now.
Senior Melissa Campaña said, “I know we
can take the mistakes
we’ve made in the past
and learn from them.
We’re a really close
team and that chemistry can take us far.”
Varsity boy’s basketball also lost to LaSalle
in their district championship game. After
leading the majority of
the game, LaSalle was
able to catch up in the
fourth quarter and take
the game into overtime,
photo by FoxMar
where they eventually
The varsity boys’ soccer team gathered in a huddle at the pep rally where
won. “We’re ready this
they were introduced.
year. We have a lot of talent and we’re determined to
win that District title,” said
senior Nicolas Marcondes.
These sports are definitely those to be on the lookout for. Their talent and
success has paved a path
for their respective programs for years to come.
What awaits them the 20122013 season is unknown,
but a journey to success.
photo by FoxMar
Senior Giancarlo Rodriguez recovers the ball and prevents a goal.
FIFA Ballon d’Or
By Giancarlo Rodriguez
Staff Writer
Voting started on Wednesday, November 14, Zurich on Jan 7, 2013. The following names
for the annual Fifa goal of the year -award, but are the nominees for 2012: Hatem Ben Arfa:
Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s incredible overhead kick (Newcastle United - Blackburn Rovers, 7 Jan
against England, a nailed on winner, came too 2012), Gastón Mealla: (Nacional Potosí v The
late to be considered in the
Strongest, 29 Jan 2012) ,
2012 poll. Ibrahimovic’s
Agyemang Badu: (Ghana
fourth goal in Sweden’s
v Guinea, 1 Feb 2012) ,
4-2 victory came just
Miroslav Stoch: (Fenerhours after voting opened
bahçe v Gençlerbirliği, 3
for the 10 candidates at
Mar 2012) , Moussa Sow:
2:00pm on November 13,
(Fenerbahce v Galatasaray
2012, but Fifa is refusing
, 17 Mar 2012) , Eric Hasto budge. The goal will
sli: (Vancouver Whitecaps
instead have to be considv Toronto FC, 16 May
ered for selection by its
2012) , Radamel Falcao:
experts as a candidate for
(América de Cali v Atletithe 2013 Puskas’ award.
co Madrid, 19 May 2012)
The 2012 trophy, named
, Lionel Messi: (Brazil v
after legendary HungarArgentina, 9 June 2012) ,
ian footballer and manOlivia Jimenez: (Mexico
ager Ferenc Puskás, will
v Switzerland, 22 Aug 12)
be chosen by popular vote
and Neymar: (Santos v Incourtesy of
and announced at the Fifa The “Ballon d’Or,” the trophy awarded to the ternacional, 7 Mar 2012).
Ballon d’Or 2012 Gala in player who wins the goal of the year.
Page 6
Baumgartner makes historic
jump from space
By Jack Marquez
School News Editor
Jumping from the stratosphere on October 14, Felix Baumgartner broke the speed
of sound reaching an estimated speed of
833.9 mph. Baumgartner and his team decided to commemorate Chuck Yeager, who
first broke the sound barrier flying in an experimental rocket powered airplane, by jumping on the 65th anniversary of Yeagar’s flight.
When certified, Baumgartner will be the
first man to have broken the speed of sound
in a freefall. Baumgartner climbed to 128,100
feet in a helium-filled balloon, and then jumped
with a pressure suit and helmet. Alison Lopez
said, “That was a very high altitude for a person to jump with a pressure suit and still survive, it’s like jumping off from Mount Everest.”
The trip back to earth lasted 9:09 minutes,
with only 4:22 of that time in freefall (without
drogue). Baumgartner said, "It was an incredible up and down today, just like it's been with
the whole project." He broke two other world
records (highest freefall, highest manned balloon flight), leaving the longest freefall record
to project mentor Col. Joe Kittinger. Michael
Paz said, “The space jump was like something
from the movies, it was just so unrealistic.”
Getting prepared for the first launch of
a space jump took over seven years.
•2005: The first steps to the space jump
began when Baumgartner and Red Bull began to
lay the groundwork for a stratospheric freefall.
•2007: Art Thompson directed the
planning and recruiting for the space jump program, with the capsule’s development in Sage
Cheshire Aerospace in Lancaster, California.
•2008: National Aviation Hall of
Fame member Col. Joe Kittinger joined the
Red Bull Stratos team, and David Clark Company agreed for the first time ever to produce
a suit for a non-governmental space program.
•2009: Baumgartner started to
train for the first time in a high-altitude
pressure suit, including several parachute jumps from aircraft at 27,000 feet.
•2010: Baumgartner obtained his
U.S. gas balloon license and began wind
tunnel testing/ training in a pressure suit.
•2011: Chamber tests began; they
were conducted at Brooks-City Base in San Antonio, Texas. There the Capsule was "man-rated"
(confirmed for human transport) to 121,000 feet.
•2012: The first manned test
was completed in March: Baumgartner freefalls successfully from 71,615 ft.
•In July 2012 the second manned test
was achieved, the highest jump and fastest speed
for Felix Baumgartner so far (Altitude: 97,063
feet and a freefall speed of 536 miles per hour).
Millions of people around the world tuned
in to watch Baumgartner’s ascent and jump
live on television broadcasts and live stream
on the Internet October 14. At one point it
appeared as he was spinning rapidly, but he
quickly regained control and several movements later opened his parachute to land with
ease. Ground crew and viewers sighed with
relief. Miguel Ramirez said, “I was astonished
that Felix Baumgartner was able to land successfully without injury such an incredibly high
jump, but I was an amazing accomplishment.”
November, 2012
Courtesy of
Baumgartner seconds away from his record breaking jump.
Wall dedicated to Christian Aguilar
The data on the records set by the
jump are preliminary pending confirmation from the authorized governing bodies.
Family and friends recently gathered to paint and dedicate a portion of
“The Wall” near the University of Florida in Gainesville to Christian
November 2012
Issue 2
Phoenix Staff
The Phoenix
Doral Academy Charter Preparatory
11100 N.W 27th St
Doral,Fl 33172
Ventura’s novel exposes CIA plans to asssassinate President Kennedy
Courtesy of
Ventura book presents conspiracies
By Jonathon Warring
Co-Editor in Chief
I recently read a novel entitled American
Conspiracies by Jesse Ventura. In addition to being an author Ventura is also a politician, former
governor of Minnesota, actor, naval veteran and
former professional wrestler. Ventura has also
hosted TruTv’s show Conspiracy Theory with
Jesse Ventura where he attempted to confirm the
validity of several rumored conspiracy theories.
Ventura’s show has gone off the air but is
expected to return sometime in 2012. He has
used the novel American Conspiracies in order
to continue educating the masses about possible conspiracies. Television host Larry King
said, “If you’re talking outspoken, unconventional, and no-holds-barred, you’re talking
Jesse Ventura.” King is absolutely right. In this
book he details the theories that the CIA ordered the assassination of President Kennedy,
and that the American Government is secretly
involved in the drug trade. These are just a few
of the shocking theories exposed in the novel.
I found this novel to be an interesting read.
It brings to light suspicions about our government in ways that make them appear as absolute rather than simple theory. Readers will be
horrified to hear that their government would
ever commit any of the acts mentioned, but it
is so well written you just can’t put it down.
Ventura has another book out called 63
Documents the Government Doesn’t Want
You to Read. This book is set to expose fake
terrorist attacks planned by the U.S, military
experiments on its soldiers, and homeland
security’s “emergency” detention camps. The
reviewers at posted, “Is Jesse Ventura crazy? Maybe. Is Jesse Ventura a genius?
Maybe that too. But one thing is for sure: He’s
never boring” I’ve yet to read this book, but
I can guarantee you that, much like American Conspiracies, it will be worth the read.
Editors in Chief
Managing Editor
Sports Editor
School News
The Phoenix is published by the
Doral Academy Preparatory Journalism Department. The opinions
expressed are those of individuals
credited and are not to represent the
Kevin Gonzalez
Jonathon Warring
Isabella Ruiz
Priscilla Correa
Allan Valiente
Jack Marquez
Nicole Soler
Catherine Kononoff
Douglas Rodriguez
entire student body or staff. The Phoeninx welcomes letters to editors. Letters must be
signed and submitted, and may
be edited for space and content.