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Member Guide - the Center Club
Member Guide
100 Light Street ▪ Baltimore, MD 21202 ▪ 410-727-7788
410-783-0166 (fax) ▪
Table of Contents
Member Guide
An Introduction
Board of Governors
Standing Committees
Our History
The Basics
Dining Options and Hours
Entering the Building
Making a Dining or Event Reservation
Signing a Chit
House Rules
Dress Code
Coat Check
Tipping Policy
Electronics/Paper Policy
Guest Fees
Spouse/Partner Privileges
Billing & Payments
House Account
Unaccompanied Guest Policy
Guest Credit Card Policy
Features & Benefits
Private Events & Catering
Birthday Credit
Reciprocal Clubs
Local Services
Using the Club
Events to Watch For
Growing our Membership
Sponsoring a New Member
Membership Classification Descriptions
Contact Information
An Introduction
Board of Governors
Howard B. Miller
Saul Ewing, LLP
[email protected]
Gary L. Attman
FutureCare Health and
Management Corporation
Calvin E. Barker, Jr.
Frank C. Bonaventure
Martin A. Brutscher
McBee & Associates, Inc.
Roger L. Calvert
United Way of Central
Robert A. Chrencik
University of Maryland
Medical System
Mark M. Deering
Mackenzie Companies
David C. Deger, CPA
(Vice President & Treasurer)
John H. Denick
John H. Denick & Associates,
John D. Dinkel
Baltimore Business Journal
Cynthia Egan
T. Rowe Price
Guy E. Flynn
Bonnie L. Phipps
St. Agnes Hospital
John B. Frisch
Miles & Stockbridge
Dr. E. Albert Reece, MD,
University of Maryland,
Warren A. Green
Lifebridge Health
Richard E. Hug
(Vice President)
Hug Enterprises, Inc.
Donald P. Hutchinson
The Maryland Zoo in
Thomas Schweizer, Jr.
Brown Advisory
Bonnie B. Stein
PNC Bank
Edward H. Walker III
Alvin D. Katz
David T. Witherspoon
Dr. Karyl B. Leggio
Loyola University Maryland
Past Presidents
Julie Mercer
(Vice President)
American Red Cross
Clarence Miles, 1962-1964
Joseph Meyerhoff, 1964-1974
Williford Gragg, 1974-1979
L. Patrick Deering, 1979-1982
Larry P. Scriggins, 1982-1987
Alvin S. Wolpoff, 1987-1993
George V. McGowan, 1993-2003
Phyllis B. Brotman, 2003-2007
Jeannette M. Mills
Board Member Emeritus
Dr. Maravene Loeschke
Towson University
Patricia J. Mitchell
David Nevins
(President Elect)
Nevins & Associates
Phyllis B. Brotman
Image Dynamics
Henry A. Rosenberg, Jr.
Rosemore, Inc.
Otis Warren, Jr.
Otis Warren & Co
An Introduction
Standing Committees
Membership Committee – David Nevins (Chair), Denise Adah (Vice Chair) and Alvin Katz (Vice Chair)
The Membership Committee is comprised of no more than 30 members who under the direction and control of the
Board of Governors is responsible for the on-going recruitment and retention of members for the Club. The Committee
establishes policies and procedures concerning the admission of candidates to membership and examines the
qualifications of each candidate before making their recommendations to the Board of Governors.
House Committee – Don Hutchinson (Chair) and Bonnie Phipps (Vice Chair)
The House Committee is comprised of no more than 25 members who under the direction and control of the Board of
Governors oversees the internal management of the Club through the review of the monthly financials as they relate to
the budget and prior years. In addition, the Committee monitors the conduct of members, guests and visitors use of the
Club, regulates fees, acts upon complaints and suggestions of members and institutes and enforces the rules of the Club.
In addition, the Committee is responsible for the review of proposed Reciprocal Club relationships before submitting
recommendations to the Board of Governors as well as the monitoring of existing Reciprocal Club relationships.
Marketing Committee – Bonnie Stein
The Marketing Committee is comprised of no more than 20 members who under the direction and control of the Board
of Governors is responsible for the Club’s communications. The Marketing Committee works to optimize the marketing
mix of the Club by developing ideas and new programs which enhance the overall experience of the existing members
and meets the needs of prospective members. In addition, the Committee is responsible for the review of proposed
member benefits and amenities as well as the monitoring of existing member benefits and amenities.
Events Committee – Laura Perry
The Events Committee is comprised of no more than 25 members who under the direction and control of the Board of
Governors is responsible for monitoring Club events and IntraClub activities as they relate to the events sponsored by
the Club. The Events Committee works in conjunction with the Club’s staff to evaluate each event and determine
whether the event is deemed successful - should continue as is, be improved or removed. The Events Committee is also
responsible for developing new event ideas that do not pertain to the IntraClubs’ activities.
Young Members Committee – John Pastalow (Chair) and Kelly Harris (Vice Chair)
The Young Members Committee is comprised of no more than 30 Members who under the direction and control of the
Board of Governors works to recruit and retain members under the age of 40. Through various Committee designed
events and other tactics, the Committee introduces the Club to prospective younger members and keeps them engaged
and interested in the Club.
Wine Committee – John Singer
The Wine Committee is comprised of no more than 25 members who under the direction and control of the Board of
Governors is responsible for monitoring the selection, quality and sale of wine within the Club.
Facilities Committee – Tim Schweizer
The Facilities Committee is comprised of no more than 6 members who under the direction and control of the Board of
Governors monitor the care and maintenance of the Club’s facilities. The Committee is responsible for reviewing the
Club’s facilities and long-term planning for capital improvements. Capital improvements, on-going maintenance
programs and other related facility concerns are brought before the Facilities Committee for review before presenting to
the Board of Governors for final approval.
Joining a committee is a great way to become more active and involved with the Club. If you’re
interested, please contact Nancy Sloane at [email protected]
An Introduction
Our History
The Center Club was established in 1962 at a time when prominent Baltimore business and social
leaders were seeking an environment that would offer fine cuisine and attentive service in a setting of
privacy and tradition, regardless of a person's race, religion, color or creed.
Unlike other clubs at this time, The Center Club was founded on a charter of non-discrimination as a
most distinguished private club and easily accessible to the political, legal and business communities.
Since the beginning, The Center Club has been the most prestigious location in Baltimore for members
to meet their colleagues and friends, dine in comfortable and subtle elegance and enjoy entertaining
with others of like mind. Emphasis is placed upon those elements that constitute the essence of a fine
private club.
In late 2009, The Center Club underwent a renovation of the main floor, the first significant upgrade to
the Club in more than 20 years. The renovation gave the Club a fresh, contemporary look with rich, crisp
colors. Renovations included a new wood and marble trimmed Main Dining Room, construction of a
luxurious Wine Room, member bar, lounge area and private dining rooms. In the summer of 2012, the
16th floor underwent an upgrade to match the previous renovation.
Located on the 15th and 16th floors of 100 Light Street in the heart of downtown Baltimore, The Center
Club offers renowned panoramic views of Baltimore's Inner Harbor, Federal Hill and sports stadiums.
The Center Club at One Charles Center in 1962
(From the BGE Collection at the BMI)
Club Opening at 100 Light Street in 1986
The Basics
Dining Options & Hours
Main Dining Room
In the setting of the Main Dining Room, members experience
an exemplary level of service and luxurious dining in a private
atmosphere. The contemporary look and color palate of the
room provides sleek sophistication and unrivalled ambiance.
With panoramic views from every table, there is no
better way to see Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Located on the
15th floor.
Lunch (Monday - Friday) 11:45 am - 3:00 pm
Dinner (Tuesday - Friday) 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Dinner (Saturday) 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Grill Room
The traditional, club-like environment of the Grill Room's
refined artwork, rich cherry wood trim and beautiful Oriental
rugs create and ambience popular for an informal business
lunch. A wide variety of menu selections including soups,
salads and sandwiches are offered along with daily specials
and of course, The Center Club's famous crab cakes. Located
on the 16th floor.
Lunch (Monday - Friday) 11:45 am - 3:00 pm
Also referred to as the "Member Bar," Bar100 is a great
space to meet and mingle with other members and guests
for happy hours, a drink before dinner or to grab a quick bite
to eat. Used for Third Thursday Happy Hour and other
events, the area is a great place to both network and
socialize in a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere.
Complimentary hors d'oeuvres are available in the evening
Tuesday through Saturday. Located on the 15th floor.
11:45 am - 3:00 pm (Monday)
11:45 am until close (Tuesday - Friday)
5:30 pm until close (Saturday)
The Basics
Entering the Building
1. The parking garage is entered from Charles
Street, just north of Pratt Street (101 S. Charles
Street). It’s a private garage on the right marked
by a grey Center Club sign.
2. Approach the closed garage door at the end of
the ramp and show the security guard your
Center Club ID Card (or photo ID).
3. Enter the garage and follow signs to Center Club
4. Take the Low Rise Elevators to the 15th floor
1. Enter the building from either Light Street or Charles Street.
2. Scan your Center Club ID Card at the turnstile and proceed to the elevators.
3. Anyone accompanying you without a Center Club ID Card will need to present a photo ID to
The Club has limited parking beneath the building during business hours. Members and their guests are
charged a flat $12 per car rate between 7 am and 5 pm. Parking is complimentary after 5 pm.
Additional parking is available across the street at 30 Light Street accessible at Light and Lombard
Streets. Pricing may vary. Open Monday-Friday - 7 am to 7 pm.
After Hours Parking: Members may park at the Club when the Club is closed. Building security will
request to see your brown plastic Center Club ID card before granting entrance to the parking garage.
The Basics
Making a Dining or Event Reservation
It is recommended that you make reservations for
lunch or dinner when dining in the Main Dining Room.
Reservations are not accepted for lunch in the Grill
Room. Many special events require reservations.
1. Call the Club Receptionist at 410-727-7788
and make sure to have your member number
2. Log on to using your
member number and password. Click on the
“Reservations” tab.
a. To make a Dining Room Reservation, click on the tab, fill in the information and submit.
b. To make a Special Event Reservation, click on the event you would like to register for by
using the click-through calendar, fill out the number of attendees and special requests
and click submit.
3. Reservations are not confirmed until you have been contacted by the Club.
Cancellation Policy: Cancellations for Club events must be received no less than 48 hours prior to the event or unless
otherwise noted, to avoid any charges. Members who cancel after this period are subject to 50% of fees.
Signing a Chit
Members will be asked to sign a chit at the beginning of your meal or
at the bar.
1. Print your first and last name legibly on the first line of the
2. Use the second line for your signature.
3. Fill in your account number. Remember to include the “D” if
you’re a Dinner member or the “S” if you’ve set up a
spousal/social account.
4. Fill in the number of non-member guests. You are not
charged a guest fee for immediate family members
(spouse/partner, children, parents, grandparents, mother-inlaw and father-in-law). Therefore, if you are dining with your
children and spouse, please indicate the number “0”. If you
are dining with three non-members, please indicate the
number “3”. Please note, if you do not fill in this line, you will
be charged guest fees.
5. Present both the completed food and bar chits to the server
and they will take your order.
The Basics
House Rules
Dress Code
The Club’s staff is required to enforce the dress code. Please assist them in this by adhering to the dress
code, advising your guests ahead of time and responding appropriately if you are approached regarding
the dress code.
• Main Dining Room: Jackets are required for both lunch and dinner; ties are optional.
Please note that gentlemen must keep their jackets on while dining in the Main Dining
Room. (A summer dress code of business casual exists Memorial Day through Labor
• Grill Room and Bar100: Business casual (collared shirt and slacks for men; slacks or skirt
with blouse or sweater for women)
• Children under 12 are exempt from the dress code though appropriate attire is
• No jeans, shorts, t-shirts, flip flops or sneakers are allowed in the Club.
If there is ever a question concerning attire, please call the Club at 410-727-7788.
Coat Check
During the cooler months and on rainy days, the Club offers a complimentary coat check service.
On rainy days, umbrellas are available at the coat check on a signature basis. If they are returned within
30 days, no charge is made to your account.
No Tipping Policy
The Club has a no tipping policy. Once a year, members may contribute to the Holiday Gift Fund, which
recognizes the Club’s staff for their service throughout the year. There is no obligation to contribute,
but it is reasonable that one should consider his/her usage of the Club in making this
Electronics/Paper Policy
The use of cell phones, laptops and other electronics are prohibited in the Main Dining
Room. Cell phones, while allowed in all other areas of the Club, should be used with
discretion as to not disturb others. The discreet passing of papers is now allowed in
the Main Dining Room.
Guest Fees
A $3 per non-member guest fee will be charged. You are not charged a guest fee for immediate family
members (spouse/partner, children, parents, grandparents, mother-in-law and father-in-law). Please
note, if you do not fill in the guest line on the chit, you will be charged guest fees based on the number
of entrees.
Spouse/Partner Privileges
The spouse/partner of a member has all the privileges and responsibilities of a member. They may use
the Club without the presence of the member, may bring guests, and may sign chits for food, beverages
and service. A separate account may be set up for an annual fee of $100.
The Basics
Billing & Payments
House Account
Charges to your account are billed at the
beginning of each month and cover the
previous month from the first through the last
day of the month. Statements are typically
mailed around the 5th of each month.
Payment is due upon receipt.
A 22% service charge and 6% sales tax (9%
beverage tax) is automatically applied to food
& beverage charges. This is indicated as a
“++” after the price.
There is a $3 per person non-member guest
fee applied to ala carte dining.
House charges and dues may be paid by check
or credit card. To pay by credit card (Visa,
MasterCard or American Express), a new
credit card authorization form must be
completed and signed each year.
Those with a credit card on file will receive a
statement in the beginning of the month
indicating their charges. Credit cards will be
charged around the 20th of the month and the
payment will be reflected on the next month’s
Membership runs from January – December. Dues statements are mailed in the beginning of November
to be paid by January 1 of each new year. If you wish to pay your dues quarterly or semi-annually, you
must notify accounting each year no later than the last day in February. If you wish to pay by credit
card, you must submit a new credit card authorization form every year.
As stated in the By-Laws, if a member wishes to resign, they must notify the Club in writing no later than
the last day in February of the current calendar year. If the resignation is not given timely, the member
shall be obligated to pay the annual dues, regardless of the method of payment (including installments).
The Basics
Unaccompanied Guest Policy
As a member, you can extend a Guest Card to a friend or colleague which allows them to use the Club
when you are not accompanying them. You may request that your guest’s charges be billed to your
account, or if you prefer, to your guest’s credit card. You are responsible for the charges incurred by
your sponsored guests if they do not pay.
You are able to provide a Guest Card to 2 different people up to 2 times per year with no one
unaccompanied guest being able to access the Club more than 2 times a year.
1. Call the receptionist at 410-727-7788 and indicate that you would like to extend a Guest Card.
2. State the name of the guest, a contact phone number and date/time for the reservation.
3. Indicate whether the charges should go to your house account or be paid by the guest by Visa,
MasterCard or American Express.
4. A guest is not able to make a reservation or use the Club without prior notification by the
At the Request of
John Smith__ #__9999__
The Center Club tenders a Guest Card to
Jane Jones
The privileges of the Club for
__ September 15, 2012
Credit Card  House Account 
The Center Club
100 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
John Warnack
General Manager
September 1, 2012
Guest Credit Card Policy
As a courtesy to our members, we allow their guests to use a credit card however please be aware that
we are not able to provide a total or itemized receipt before they leave the Club.
When you are making a reservation, please let us know that your guest will be using a credit card so we
may note their charges on a separate chit. They will be asked to sign a blank credit card slip (much like
you sign a blank chit when you arrive) and their credit card will be charged accordingly. Upon request,
we will send a copy of the receipt.
Features & Benefits
Center Club News is a weekly newsletter sent to the email address you have on file with us for yourself
and if applicable, your spouse. It provides updates on upcoming events and activities within the Club.
Three times a year, you’ll receive our print publication, Uncorked, in the mail. If you do not receive
these items, please contact Kiersten Thomas at [email protected]
The Club also has private groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Club staff posts updates
for events, closings and emergencies, promotions, menus and more. Members can
use the site to interact with each other and grow relationships. The Center Club will
not endorse, authorize, or approve of anyone using the group for personal/business
solicitation. Violation of this stated Club policy may result in disciplinary action.
For the most up to date Club information, including events, visit the Club’s convenient website, Our website is a gateway to all the information you need about the Club. The
“public side” is accessible to anyone and offers information about the Club, its history and current
activities. The “private side” is accessible only by username and password.
We update our website regularly. By signing in at, you can:
• Make Dining Room reservations
• Access the Membership Directory
• Find out about upcoming events and make reservations
• Look for Reciprocal Clubs and request Letters of Introduction
• Check on Club information and policies
• Update your contact information
• Access Private Function information
• Review Membership Benefits including local hotel relationships, golf privileges, etc.
• Notify Membership about a prospective member
• And more…
Features & Benefits
Logging on to
1. On the home page, click on “Member Login” in the gray border at the top of the screen.
2. Enter your Member Number and Password. (Default passwords are the primary member’s last
name all lowercase.)
To Change Your Password, Update Your Profile or Update your Privacy Settings
The names of the primary and secondary members are included in the Membership Directory along with
the primary member’s title, email and business information. To update your information or to change
what information is shown in the directory:
1. Click on “My Profile” on the upper right hand side.
2. Update your business & personal information and/or password.
3. Update your privacy settings by selecting “Yes” or “No” to what you want visible to other
members in the directory. When you select “Yes,” that information will be displayed in the
membership directory. By selecting “No,” that information will not be displayed and will only be
seen by Center Club staff.
Membership Directory
The Membership Directory is a valuable information tool allowing you to select what company or
personal information you would like other members to know about you.
Your membership profile may be updated at any time to notify us of changes to your personal
information. Only the information that you select will be seen by the membership. (Please note: when
we added you to the on-line membership directory, the default is to show the names of both the primary
and secondary members, the primary member’s email address and the primary member’s business
contact information.)
Please note that the directory is to help in networking with your fellow members and is not permitted
in the hands of non-members or to be used in compilation of mailing lists or for other commercial
purposes. Disciplinary action will be taken if the policy is not observed.
Features & Benefits
Private Events
Private meetings and banquets are a specialty of The Center Club.
Our expert staff will help members and their sponsored guests
plan any occasion – from a discreet private dinner party to a
spectacular banquet for hundreds of guests. Weddings, family
celebrations, professional seminars and business functions are all
handled with meticulous attention to detail and impeccable
service. Members may sponsor family, friends and colleagues
who wish to host a special event at the Club.
Harbor Room – Can accommodate up to 200 people (89’ X 35’)
With views of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and over 2,800 sq. ft., the Harbor Room provides the
flexibility needed when planning any special event. When rented with the 16th Floor Lounge,
the area can accommodate more than 375 people for a cocktail reception.
16th Floor Lounge – The 16th Floor Lounge may be reserved on its own or for parties of 150 or
more in connection with the Harbor Room (for an additional fee). This allows you and your
guests to enjoy cocktails and hors d'oeuvres and then move into the Harbor Room for dinner.
Grill Room – Can accommodate up to 70 people (32’ X 44’)
The Grill Room's refined artwork, rich cherry wood trim and beautiful oriental rugs create an
ambiance that is perfect for any event. For business meetings and presentations, the Grill Room
is equipped with a built-in video screen.
President’s Room – Can accommodate up to 40 people (38’ X 16’)
The Presidents’ Room offers a space for any meeting or special event.
Federal Hill Room – Can accommodate up to 30 people
Located in the back of the Main Dining Room, this private room offers expansive views of the
Inner Harbor, with its own service bar and private doors.
Wine Room – Can accommodate up to 12 people
Surrounded by The Center Club wine collection, the Wine Room offers an elegant private dining
space inside the Main Dining Room.
Room 2 – Can accommodate up to 10 people seated (17’ X 12’)
Room 3 – Can accommodate up to 12 people seated (20’ X 20’)
Room 5 – Can accommodate up to 20 people seated (19’ X 17’)
Room 6 – Can accommodate up to 10 people seated (19’ X 11’)
Room 7 – Can accommodate up to 30 people seated (28’ X 24’)
Features & Benefits
Reading Room
The Reading Room is a quiet area to use as a temporary office
between appointments. Computer workstations are provided
in addition to the latest business magazines and newspapers.
15th & 16th Floor Lounges
The Center Club offers two lounges. Whether waiting for a colleague or during the time between
meetings, members may take a seat and relax in the 15th or 16th Floor lounge. Wireless internet is
available on both floors.
Pool Table
Located in the 16th Floor Lounge, the pool table is open to
both members and their guests. Please call the Club before
use to ensure availability.
Birthday Credit
At the beginning of the Primary Member’s birthday month, a card inviting the member to enjoy a
complimentary dinner including appetizer, entrée and dessert will be mailed. The birthday credit can be
used the month of or the month immediately following the member’s birthday.
Features & Benefits
Reciprocal Clubs
The Club has reciprocity with 100 clubs worldwide. Members must request a Letter of Introduction be
sent to the reciprocal club in advance of a planned visit. Letters will be issued for members in good
standing and are valid for 30 days from issuance. Members should call the reciprocal club prior to their
visit for reservations, rules and operational information. As guests at reciprocal clubs, Center Club
members are to settle their accounts upon departure.
1. Consult the reciprocal club list or log onto and click on “Exclusive Access”
to view our reciprocal arrangements.
2. Contact the club you plan on visiting directly to make your reservation. Verify payment
methods, hours of operation, dress and parking with the club you are visiting.
3. Call The Center Club or submit your request online (under “Exclusive Access – Reciprocal Clubs”)
for a Letter of Introduction to be sent to the visiting club.
Features & Benefits
Local Services
For any of the benefits below, unless otherwise specified, please contact the organization directly and
identify yourself as a Center Club Member.
Premier Show Tickets – Hippodrome Theater
Tickets available for premier seating in the Grand Suites and include a Grand Garage parking pass and access to the
VIP Lounge. Please login to or contact [email protected] for
Overnight Accommodations
Royal Sonesta Harbor Court
Room rates available at 20% off their best rate. Some blackout dates apply. Call hotel at 410-234-0550 and ask for
The Center Club rate.
Golf Privileges
Country Club of Maryland
Dues paying members permitted to use the golf course (up to 6x per year September-August) or dining facilities.
Please call 410-823-3869 for tee times or 410-823-6710 for dining reservations.
Turf Valley Resort
Rates starting at $70 and include greens fees and cart. Play is limited to one time per member per month.
Reservations may be made 10 days or less from the date of play. Contact Kiersten Thomas at
[email protected] or 410-727-7788 for a tee time. Center Club Members also have access to the Member
Grill. All charges must be settled up before departure with a Visa, MasterCard or American Express.
Fitness Facilities – 100 Light Street Fitness Center
Members can access the Fitness Center located on the 18th floor of 100 Light Street for a fee of $25 per month,
billed in three month increments to your house account. This full service fitness center includes cardio facilities
and free weights. Contact Kiersten Thomas at [email protected] or 410-727-7788 if you are interested.
Availability is limited.
SecurityDawgs LLC
SecurityDawgs provides 24-hour driver and security services to corporations, business professionals and leisure
travelers throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan area and beyond. 20% discount on rates for the first 3 uses, 10%
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
10% off regular rates at any location. Use the code 18B3869 and pin CEN.
Personal and Business Support
Vircity: Your Virtual Office in the City
Vircity is a complete small business resource center, a virtual office, working with business owners and nonprofit
organizations to help them achieve their objectives through the creative utilization of their resources. 10%
discount on all services. Call 410-522-5888.
Using the Club
Events to Watch For
As a member, you are invited to attend over 100+ events per year. From themed wine/spirit dinners to
special buffets to networking over breakfast, all events are planned to bring members together in a
relaxed sophisticated atmosphere. Popular Club events include:
Seafood Buffet - a favorite that includes a signature fresh raw bar and impressive spread of the freshest
seasonal seafood
Third Thursday Happy Hour - meet and mingle with guest bartenders, fellow members and
guests and see why it is the place to see and be seen
Conversations With... - learn and network in a small group setting with local business and civic
Mix It Up - an informal, interesting and informative evening roundtable discussion with panelists
of Baltimore's foremost business and community leaders
New England Lobster Bake - a four-course seated Lobster Bake with a Maryland twist
Mother's Day Brunch - treat Mom to a stunning view of the Inner Harbor, a relaxed atmosphere
and a wonderful buffet selection
4th of July Celebration - bring the entire family and enjoy a spectacular view of the fireworks while
dining on fine cuisine
Santa Brunch - a popular holiday brunch for all ages that includes special guest, Santa Claus
New Year's Eve Celebration - bring in the New Year with a variety of festivities, including a fabulous
fireworks display and a champagne toast at midnight
*Please note that most events feature a Member Table for those who wish to meet other
members or come solo. When making your reservations with the receptionist, please check on
Using the Club
Make the most of your membership by sharing your interests and hobbies with other members of like-mind.
IntraClubs are a way for members to develop new relationships, gather with friends and network. Each club is
organized by a member for the members and encompasses the ideas of all who join. IntraClub memberships run
from January-December. There is a nominal fee to join each IntraClub. To sign up for an IntraClub, please visit
Humanities Roundtable
The Humanities Roundtable offers engaging programs that thematically connect history, culture, anthropology or
linguistics with literature, language, visual and performing arts, fashion, music, philosophy, or current events.
Consider “The Evolution of Opera in the 19 Century” or “Etiquette from the Middle Ages to the Digital Age.”
Meetings and events are held quarterly.
The Executive Forum
The Executive Forum connects like-minded, experienced business owners, presidents, CEOs and executive
directors interested in learning from each other to improve how they do business. If you own your own company
or have P&L responsibility for your organization, this is the group for you. Monthly meetings engage members to
share best practices (as well as successes and failures), discuss relevant operational topics, explore ideas and
opportunities to increase profitability and expand their external network among trusted colleagues. The Executive
Forum will also sponsor events with outside speakers.
Gourmet Club
The mission of the Gourmet Club is to gather members together who have an interest in the education,
appreciation and enjoyment of outstanding food and beverage. The Gourmet Club sponsors a series of events
throughout the year including themed dinners, tastings (food and beverage), and culinary demonstrations, formal
and informal.
Government Contracting Group
The GovCon IntraClub is focused on individuals involved in government contracting business across all industries
with the goal of discussing the business environment, networking and building business relationships. Bi-monthly
events include breakfast meetings with speakers, peer roundtable discussions and evening happy hours.
Spanish Roundtable
Mesa Redonda, “Spanish Roundtable,” was formed to give members and their guests the opportunity of indulging
in the pleasure of speaking the language of 400 million people around the globe. This IntraClub meets monthly,
rotating between lunch and dinner, in the Main Dining Room to speak Spanish together to become more fluent,
less rusty and to have fun. There is only one rule – no English!
Mini Mesa
A division of Spanish Roundtable, Mini Mesa welcomes those of all skill levels (focusing on conversation speech)
monthly over lunch.
Women in Business
The Women in Business IntraClub gives professional, entrepreneurial and working women members of The Center
Club a venue to connect and network together. Events are held quarterly with an informal happy hour and dinner
held the first Tuesday of every month.
Do you want to enhance your ability to negotiate your salary, network at business functions, effectively pitch to
clients or motivate colleagues? Then join your fellow members during Toastmaster sessions and allow yourself to
become the confident, charismatic leader you aspire to be. Through participating, partnering and practicing you
will gain the confidence to effectively formulate, express and sell your ideas to others thus opening a whole new
world of career possibilities.
Growing our Membership
Sponsoring a New Member
If you would like to sponsor a family member, friend or colleague for membership in The Center Club,
simply invite them to a Prospective Members Reception or contact Nancy Sloane, Director of
Membership & Marketing at 410-727-7788 ext. 35 or [email protected] to have an application sent
to them.
Membership Classifications & Class Changes
The Center Club offers numerous Classifications of Membership depending on age, proximity to the Club
and individual vs. corporate. Once a Junior or Intermediate member reaches the maximum age for their
category, they will automatically move to the next class. Once a Retired 65 member reaches 75, they
will automatically move to the next class as well.
We offer three types of Retired Memberships (Resident, Non-Resident and 75). Once a member retires
from business and reaches the age of 65, they may apply to switch their classification. Members may
also apply for Non-Resident status if their situation changes and they now live further than 25 miles
from City Hall. For a description of all membership classifications, see page 20.
Initiation Fee
Annual Dues
Individual Memberships:
Resident (Members age 40 and Over)
Intermediate (Members age 30 to 39)
Junior (Members age 21 to 29)
Retired Resident 65
Retired Non-Resident 65
Retired 75
$ 500
$ 500
$ 625
$ 625
$ 625
$ 625
$ 1130
$ 685
$ 380
$ 465
$ 465
$ 235
$ 235
Entity Memberships:
Corporate / Firm / Institutional
Intermediate (Members age 30 to 39)
Junior (Members age 21 to 29)
$ 1,250
$ 500
$ 500
$ 1130
$ 685
$ 380
Governmental/ Nonprofit
$ 875
$ 1130
Non-Resident Entity
$ 625
$ 465
Entity Transfer Administrative Fee
$ 100
The Dinner Membership class is at capacity and is no longer available.
Growing our Membership
Membership Classification Descriptions
Resident Members are individuals who hold title to a voting membership and reside or have their principal place of business
within 25 road miles of Baltimore City Hall, Baltimore, Maryland.
Non-Resident Members are individuals who hold title to a voting membership. Non-Resident Members neither reside nor have
their principal place of business within 25 road miles of Baltimore City Hall, Baltimore, Maryland.
Intermediate Members are individuals 30 to 39 years of age who elect to be Intermediate Members and hold title to a voting
membership. Upon attaining age 40, an Intermediate Member shall automatically become a Resident or Non-Resident
Member, as the case may be. As of 2010, this classification may be designated as an Entity Membership.
Junior Members are individuals 21 to 29 years of age who elect to be Junior Members and hold a voting membership. Upon
attaining age 30, a Junior Member shall automatically become an Intermediate Member. As of 2010, this classification may be
designated as an Entity Membership.
Dinner Members are individuals who hold title to a voting membership which entitles the Member to use the Club after 5:00
pm and utilize the private facilities at anytime by reservation. Dinner Members may use the Club during lunch hours as the
guest of another member, by renting a private room or attending a Club event. This classification may not be designated as an
Retired Resident 65
Retired Resident 65 Members are individuals who hold title to a voting membership. Retired Residents are 65 years of age or
older who have retired from business. When eligible, current Members may contact the Club and request to change their
classification. This classification may not be designated as an Entity Membership.
Retired Non-Resident 65
Retired Non-Resident 65 Members are individuals who hold title to a voting membership. Retired Non-Resident 65 Members
are 65 years of age or older who have retired from business and do not reside within 25 road miles of Baltimore City Hall,
Baltimore, Maryland. This classification may not be designated as an Entity Membership.
Retired 75
Retired 75 Members are individuals who hold title to a voting membership. Retired 75 Members are 75 years of age or older
and have retired from their place of business. When eligible, current Members may contact the Club and request to change
their classification. This classification may not be designated as an Entity Membership.
Entity Membership
An Individual Resident or Non-Resident Member may designate their Membership as a Corporate, Firm, Institutional,
Governmental or Non-Profit Membership (“Company”) for whom the Member is affiliated. By designating the Membership as
an Entity Membership, the Company may transfer the Membership, upon approval of the Board of Governors and with the
payment of an administrative fee, to another nominee of the Company upon the death or termination of the relationship
between the Company and the Member or if the Member withdraws from or otherwise ceases to be a Member of the Club.
The first applicant from the corporation, firm, institutional, government agency or non-profit organization will pay the full
initiation fee and additional applicants from the same Company will pay half the then current initiation fee. Each applicant will
pay full annual dues according to their age category and have voting privileges. All house charges, dues and fees associated
with membership are the financial responsibility of each individual applicant, not the Company by which they are employed.
Any person, who is a child or stepchild of a Resident or Entity Resident Member, may apply for membership without the
payment of an initiation fee but will pay the annual dues corresponding to the selected individual membership category.
Contact Information
Club Management & Staff
Main Phone: 410-727-7788
Fax: 410-783-0166
John L. Warnack, CCM
General Manager
[email protected] / ext. 12
Frank Walsh
[email protected] / ext. 18
Annetta Schiavone
Director of Catering & Executive Assistant
[email protected] / ext. 13
Michelle Walsh
[email protected] / ext. 15
Nancy Sloane
Director of Membership & Marketing
[email protected] / ext. 35
Valerie Manning
Staff Accountant
[email protected] / ext. 16
Kiersten Thomas
Asst. Director of Membership & Marketing
[email protected] / ext. 17
Lisa Chappell
Daytime Receptionist
[email protected]
C. Robert Bannan, III
Executive Chef
[email protected] / ext. 24
Deirdre Miller
Nighttime Receptionist
[email protected]
Andreas Doulamatis
Clubhouse Manager
[email protected]