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MAY 2016
The Crescent
CHCA Community Clean-up Event
Sunday, May 15, 9am – 2pm
#1 RE/MAX Office in
the world* 1999 - 2011
Re/Max Real Estate Central
[email protected]
Brentwood across from park - SOLD
Just listed detached luxury infill
- hardwood floors on 2 levels.
Crescent Heights - just SOLD!
New wide lot home ready to move in!
Point Mckay townhome
backing onto the Bow River
Proudly serving
Crcent Heights
and area!
The Crescent View
May 2016
Crescent Heights
Community Association
Twitter: @chcaboard
Member of the Federation of Calgary Communities
1101 - 2nd Street NW
Calgary, Alberta T2M 2V7
CHCA activities and operations is provided through volunteer community members
and a volunteer board of directors, whose common interest is to advance and enhance
the quality of life to CHCA residents, and promote partnership and cooperation
between residents and businesses of Crescent Heights.
Volunteer Board of Directors
403.276.1002 + extension # below
Communications / Events
Parks / Environment
Traffic Issues West
Traffic Issues East
Building / Planning
Past President
Daniel Dang, 403.355.0058
Mike Jankovic
Kellee Grounds
Darlene Jones
John McDermid
Volunteer Managers and Police
Hall Rentals Manager
Shannon Kelsick
[email protected]
Hall Rental Information:
Hall Rental Calendar:
CHCA Events Line
Mike Jankovic
Newsletter Editor
Elizabeth Stady
[email protected]
Jonathan and Alison Martin
[email protected]
Newsletter Distribution East John McDermid
Newsletter Distribution West David Leisaunieks
Community Playgroup
Community Rink Manager
Tim Edwards
Crime Prevention
Leslie Marion
Comm. Liaison Officer:
Cst. Glenn Pedersen, 403.428.6300
[email protected], #3241
The Crescent View is published 10 times per year, free of charge, by Ellis-Evans Design Ltd for
the Crescent Heights Community Association. The Crescent View is distributed to households
within Crescent Heights by your neighbours.
The material contained herein is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without authorization.
Letters and submissions from community members are always welcome. Please mail or drop
off at the Hall mail slot at 1101 - 2nd Street NW, Calgary, Alberta T2M 2V7, or submit materials
via email to [email protected]
Opinions expressed in the The Crescent View are not necessarily those of the
Crescent Heights Community Association or of the publisher.
Advertising inquiries?
Please email: [email protected]
More information on page 6.
May 2016
10th Annual Crescent Heights
community clean-up
This year, the CHCA community clean-up day is scheduled for Sunday,
May 15th, 2016, from 9:00am to 2:00pm.
Together with CHCA volunteers, Calgary Community and Bylaw Services
is teaming up with Calgary Solid Waste Services to bring you this annual
event. It is an opportunity for our community residents to round-out their
spring cleaning by disposing of larger items and yard wastes which would
otherwise require a potentially costly trip to a landfill.
At this event, residents will have the opportunity to donate gently used,
unwanted items to WINS, a local charity. Additionally, electronics and
metal recycling services will also be provided in association with the
owner and staff at Technotrash Alberta Ltd. Home electronic items will
be accepted for environmentally responsible recycling under Alberta’s
Recycling Management Authority, while metals can also be recycled to
keep them from contaminating our landfills.
The roaming cube van will also be back this year, making its rounds to
help move larger items that won’t fit in a truck or van. If you are able,
please bring your donations, waste, and recyclables to the community hall
parking lot on May 15. We start at 9:00am, rain or shine.
The CHCA is looking for a volunteer to take this event and develop it into
an even bigger annual event. As always, we are also looking for volunteers
on the day of the event to help with on-site activities. If you have a couple
of free hours, come on out and meet your neighbours and help us in
cleaning up our community. We provide our valued volunteers with free
drinks, food, fun, and the occasional treasure and many surprises in the
re-useable category.
If you have any questions, or require further information, please call
Daniel at 403-355-0058. See you there.
The Crescent View
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The Crescent View
May 2016
Newsletter editorial deadlines
A special “thank you” to
The Crescent View is published ten times per year. Please email your
Michael Willman
for helping to deliver The Crescent View.
Your volunteer efforts are very much appreciated!
Empties for equipment
Crescent Heights High School’s monthly drop-off bottle drives have
begun again. Thanks for helping support various clubs and teams - your
donations make a huge difference to us!
Drop-offs take place the second Saturday of the month (excluding
January): May 14, Jun 11. Thanks for your continuing support!
Lost and found:
Found: Ring found on February 28, 2016 on 2nd Street NW, between
Crescent Road and 14th Avenue. Call 587-834-3462 to identify.
articles or event listings, as an attachment in MS Word, to Elizabeth
Stady at [email protected]
Editorial deadline: The 10th of each month for the following month. For
example: To be published in the June issue, the deadline is May 10.
Special September issue deadline: August 5 (to accommodate all the
‘back-to-school’ material).
Remember: the July/August issue is combined into one publication
and so is the December/January issue. The deadlines for these two
issues are June 10 and November 10 respectively.
Ward 7 update by Druh Farrell
In a growing and maturing city, change is constant. Change, in the form of
City-led public projects and private developments, is important to building
a resilient city. The inclusion of local wisdom improves these projects to
better address the hopes and needs of current and future Calgarians.
On significant projects, sufficient public consultation is considered an
essential public right, as well as a key responsibility of government. Over
- Continued on page 7
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May 2016
The Crescent View
Crescent Heights Community Association
Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Tuesday, June 28 from 7:30pm - 9pm
• Adult Classes Beginner to Advanced
• Workshops
• Canadian Step Dancing - Ballet Jazz - Zumba and more!
• Private and Corporate Parties
Visit us at our NEW
Mayland Heights
Inside “Spaces”
1709 - 8th Ave NE
(former Fitness Plus)
Have you verified your
property information?
You should have received
a letter recently with
information to access
a new online service.
This convenient and secure
service allows you to easily
verify and update your
property information online.
You will need:
• A personal myID account
• The roll number on your letter
• The access code on your letter
Go to to get started.
For more information: Telephone: 403-268-2888
(Monday to Friday; 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.)
The Crescent View
May 2016
Ward 7 update cont. from page 5
Neighbour Day 2016
the years, I have seen both good and bad examples of public engagement.
I firmly believe that progress happens at the speed of trust.
This year Neighbour Day will take place on Saturday, June 18.
In 2011, I introduced a motion to City Council requiring The City to improve
the quality and consistency of public consultation. While some progress
has been made, Council further discussed public engagement at a recent
strategic planning session to learn how we can do better.
For public engagement to achieve its objectives, it is important for
everyone involved to understand the rights and responsibilities associated
with their roles. Organizers should start by providing notification to
affected stakeholders to solicit as much feedback as possible. The terms
of engagement should be established up-front. Whether the engagement
is led by The City, community or developer, organizers must facilitate an
open, objective and respectful dialogue where all participants feel safe to
express their views. Two great examples are the Crowchild Trail Corridor
Study and the Bow to Bluff project.
The organizer must outline the decision-making process, including the
current status, the scope of the project, and answers to commonly asked
questions: What is on the table? What decisions have already been made?
What is the background of previous decisions? How will future decisions
be made? Feedback should be documented, carefully considered, and
included in a report back to the public. Offering this level of transparency
produces credibility for the project and builds trust.
Organizers should also structure engagement to fit the scope of the
project. More opportunities and multiple ways to provide feedback are
needed on large city-shaping projects like a new CTrain line, as compared
to smaller projects like local traffic calming.
Public participants share in some important responsibilities. The first is to
understand and respect the terms of engagement, as well as the subject
matter. Participants also have a responsibility to listen and contribute
respectfully. Intimidation at public meetings may discourage earnest
participation, with disenchanted participants leaving the process. We
need to ensure the quiet voices are heard too.
At Council’s recent strategy session, we talked about the number of large
projects on the go and the risk of consultation fatigue. City staff agreed
to work on a more co-ordinated approach, combining engagement on
several related projects.
City Council and staff still have more work to do on improving the public
engagement process, but I am confident that we can learn from our best
examples to ensure all voices are heard in a respectful manner.
Need help?
Check the Classified Ads
on page 14.
May 2016
Held annually on the third Saturday of June in commemoration of the 2013
floods, Neighbour Day is an opportunity for neighbours to come together
to get to know one another and celebrate your community. Neighbour Day
events can be as big or as small as you’d like, ranging from:
• Front yard BBQ
• Block party
• Community potluck/picnic
• Movie in the park
• Community clean-up
• Neighbourhood walking tour
• Paint the pavement event
• Community garden party
• And so much more!
The idea is to meet one another, make new friends, have fun, and maybe
work together on a project that benefits the entire community. So make
Saturday, June 18, 2016 the day you get to know your neighbours! Check
with your community association to see if they have anything planned,
and to find out how you can get involved! And don’t forget to share your
experiences on social media using the hashtag #yycNeighbourDay.
Visit for more information, ideas, and resources
to help you with your Neighbour Day activities!
Get Out and Walk!
May is a great time for getting out into your community! Walking has
many benefits – getting to know your neighbours, know what is happening
around you, fresh air and exercise.
Here are some safety tips for walking in and around your community:
1. Tell someone where you are going, which route you are taking, and
when you will be back.
2. Be aware of your surroundings.
3. Listen to your instincts. Something that doesn’t look or seem right
probably isn’t.
4. Walk facing the traffic.
5. Stay away from shrubbery, darkened doorways, and alleys.
6. Avoid using headphones so you are aware of the sounds around you.
7. Wear colors that are bright and reflect light.
8. Walk in well-lit areas.
9. Bring a friend or your dog with you for company.
10. Have fun!
For more information on walking alone or starting a community walking
group, please check out our walking guide resource called Around The
Block: Let’s Walk! You can find the walking guide on the Federation of
Calgary Communities website
The Crescent View
All new fashions
all the time!
May 2016 CHCA Calendar
03............................ CHCA Traffic & Planning Meeting
10 ........................... CHCA Board Meeting 7:30-9pm
17 ........................... CHCA Traffic & Planning Meeting
24 ........................... CHCA Traffic & Planning Meeting
31 ........................... CHCA Traffic & Planning Meeting
Traffic and Planning meetings are open to the public.
Arriving now!
May at the Hall
The Hall is getting a facelift and some groups have temporarily moved for the month of May.
Pentecostal Church Public Service 10am – noon
Taoist Tai Chi 7:30 – 9:30pm
For a more detailed Hall Calendar and for event and activities contact information visit:
We are now accepting
new patients!
Early morning, evenings and Saturday appointments available.
Linens and
We’re on
36 - 4th Street NE
1½ blocks north of Memorial Drive
on southbound Edmonton Trail.
939 General Ave NE • 403-262-1581
The Crescent View
Mon: Noon-6pm
Tues to Thurs: 11am - 7pm
Fri: 11am - 6pm
Sat: 10am - 6pm Sun: Noon - 4pm
FREE On site Parking!
May 2016
Planters are NOT Ashtrays
A May safety tip from your Calgary Fire Department:
Today’s potting soils contain large volumes of peat moss. When peat
moss gets too dry, it becomes highly flammable. On top of that, you’ll
often find shredded wood, bark, Styrofoam, vermiculite, and fertilizer in
potting mix. Like peat moss, all of these ingredients ignite easily under
dry conditions.
Over the past number of years we have received numerous 911 calls from
citizens who have witnessed potting soil fires on the exterior of homes.
These fires are typically attributed the careless disposal of smoking
If any of your friends or family smoke, ensure that you have an appropriate,
non-combustible container to place the cigarette butt in. Cigarette butts
that have been disposed of in a planter can smoulder for hours and may
cause a fire when you least expect it...possibly when you’re asleep!
A few simple precautions will help to keep your home safe:
- Do not butt out cigarettes in any potted planters
- Make sure smokers have a safe place to dispose of their butts, indoors and
outdoors, so they aren’t tempted to use your pot of geraniums instead.
- Keep potting soil and potted plants away from other combustible
materials such as firewood, stacks of old newspapers, aerosols, paint
solvents, gasoline and cleaning products.
- Make sure the soil around your potted plants stays moist. Keep in mind
that the soil in pots dries out more quickly than soil in garden beds, so plan
on more frequent watering.
Did you know? Our engines carry 550 gallons of water for immediate fire
attack, as well as 30 gallons of foam for flammable liquid fires.
Centering Pregnancy –
You are not alone
The Alex has partnered with Centering Pregnancy to provide a system of
care that meets the health and social needs of your growing family.
Pregnancy should be a healthy and stress/free time in a woman’s life.
Centering Pregnancy makes sure that women, in need of support, have
access to the medical care and resources that give baby the best start in
life. We do this by taking care of mom first.
We know that getting medical care early in pregnancy is important to your
baby’s healthy development, that’s why Centering Pregnancy provides
access to:
• Prenatal Care by Female Doctors
• Community and medical support
• Maternal mental Health care
• Partner/support person participation
• Resources
May 2016
• Ten easy two hour prenatal/group sessions to fit your schedule
• Births at Peter Lougheed Hospital
*Registration is easy and can be done by phone or email
*You can register yourself, or have a doctor/nurse do your referral
To join Centering Pregnancy or for more information call Mylene at 403513-7406 or email us at [email protected]
Centering Pregnancy is offered at Genesis Centre 7555 Falconridge Blvd NE
Women’s Safety in
the Community
The Women’s Centre, Neighbour to Neighbour and residents of
Bridgeland-Riverside came together on March 9 to organize a second
annual Women’s Safety Walk. Joined by Ward 9 Councillor Gian-Carlo
Carra, we gathered at the Women’s Centre to walk through Crescent
Heights (led by Neighbour to Neighbour, a resident group) and Bridgeland
(led by Deb Lee, a resident from that neighbourhood).
Returning to the Women’s Centre for pizza, generously donated by
Canadian Pizza Unlimited, we talked about individual and community
actions we could take to make our communities feel safer, and shared
ideas for improvements that we could pass on to the City. Suggestions
for action included calling 311 or the police non-emergency line (403266-1234) to report issues, writing letters to city councillors, continuing to
map spots where women feel unsafe in the community, sharing feedback
with police, challenging stereotypes about folks who are homeless and
welcoming them as members of the community, and holding more selfdefence workshops at the Women’s Centre.
Walkers also said a cleaner community feels safer, so we are organizing
a team a volunteers to meet at the Women’s Centre (39-4th Street)
on Saturday, April 30 at 9am to participate in the Bridgeland Riverside
Community Clean-Up. We will be picking up trash on the west side of 4th
We are currently working to follow up on the other suggestions. If you
identify as a woman and want to share your feedback about safety in your
community, or you’d like to join the clean-up team, please call Sarah at
403-264-1155 or email [email protected]
The Safety Walk was made possible in part by the Calgary Foundation,
which supports the Women’s Centre’s community development work.
Women’s Centre Upcoming Events & Opportunities
- Kathleen Lahey will be speaking about gender and taxes on May 31st
from 6-8pm! Join us for a meet and greet, followed by a talk by one of
Canada’s leading tax policy researchers and time for questions. Register
at [email protected] or call 403-264-1155.
The Crescent View
- Continued on page 12
Area Events and
Resource Guide
Winston Hts - Mountview Community Association
Hall: 520 - 27 Avenue NE
Hall Rentals: Call 403-276-5474 or
Email [email protected]
Newsletter email: [email protected]
Mount Pleasant Community Association
Hall: 602 - 22nd Avenue NW
Hall Rentals: Call 403-282-1314 or email:
[email protected]
Newsletter email: [email protected]
Book Club: This easygoing group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each
month from 7-9 p.m. at the Winston Heights Community Centre Board
Room. To join our group or for information on upcoming books, please email Kendra at [email protected] Here’s a list of upcoming selections:
Tuesday, May 17 - Burial Right by Hannah Kent.
Tuesday, June 21 - Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood.
Tuesday, July 19 - Imposter Bride by Nancy Richler.
On Tuesday, August 16- If I Fall, If I Die by Michael Christie.
Playgroup: We meet in the Lower Hall from 9:00am to 11:00am on
weekdays. At the time of writing, there are openings on Wednesdays
and Fridays. You can register through the MPCA website; just look for
Winston Heights-Mountview Playgroup
Playgroup is held each Monday morning from 10 to 11:30am at the
hall. If you have any questions, or would like more information, please
contact Sarah Wiedmer Jarabak at [email protected]
Fitness for the Older Adult: Tuesday morning yoga classes starting
at 9:30am and lasting one hour. The cost is $5/person. For information,
contact Maidie at [email protected] or Sidney at 403-705-7559.
Neighbourhood Pot Luck: The third Friday of every month, the
WHMCA hosts a family-friendly pot luck dinner. There are toys and
activities for children and a great opportunity to meet new neighbours
and friends. Contact Christine at [email protected]
MPCA Book Club: We meet from 7 to 9pm on the fourth Tuesday of
each month in the Lower Hall, 602 22 Ave NW. Everyone is welcome to
attend to enjoy discussing books (and snacks!) with those with similar
interests in a fun, casual atmosphere.
Our May 24th book will be To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.
Our June 28th book will be The Dinner by Herman Koch
MPCA Adults Game Day: Join us every Wednesday afternoon from
1:15 to 3:15pm in the Upper Hall. Contact Linda at [email protected]
or (403) 289-8390 for more info.
Seniors Strength & Flexibility Program: Wednesday mornings
from 11:00 to 11:45 a.m. (10:45 to 11:30 a.m. on the 4th Wednesday
each month). For more information and registration, please contact
Linda at [email protected] or call 403.289.8390.
Pleasant Time Day Trips: Pasu Farm on Tuesday, May 31st and to
Aspen Crossing on Friday, June 10th. There’s also a possibility that we’ll
join the Pineridge Seniors in grandstand seats sometime during the
North American tournament at Spruce Meadows, July 6 to 10.
Pasu Farm costs $52.00 per person and includes motor coach transportation through the countryside, a 3-course lunch, and free time to visit
the animals and check out the retail shop.
Aspen Crossing trip costs $75.00 per person and includes motor coach
transportation, free time at the station’s garden centre and gift shop, a
2-hour train ride with high tea served on board!
Crossroads Community Association
Hall: 1803 14 Avenue NE Ph: 403-277-6201
Hall Rentals: Call the hall at 403-277-6201
Newsletter email: [email protected]
Facebook page:
7th Annual Multicultural Festival - May 28th
Multi Cultural entertainment, international buffet, world sport lessons
and demonstrations. Email [email protected]
Crossroads 36 Scouts Bike Raffle - You could win one of two
Mountain Bikes (1 Boys & 1 Girls). Tickets on sale until May 28, 2016.
$2 / ticket. Please call James or Marilyn at 587-354-0272 to get yours!
Tickets will be available at the Multicultural Festival.
Pub Night - Community spirits are in abundance at Pub Night. Join us
for games and drinks in the upper hall on Friday, May 27. Doors open
at 7 pm.
Movie Night: Join us for free family night of fun in the main hall.
Please note: movie night is cancelled for May only.
Crossroads Community Association 50+ Club: We are looking for
some new members! We meet every Monday from 6 to 10 pm, and on
the first Monday of every month there is a Potluck.
If interested, please contact Peggy Fitzpatrick at 403-451-8508.
Join us for Jane’s Walk: Learn more about our community with a
historic walk led by Jerry Rourke.
Vista Heights walking tour is on May 7 from 12 – 1:15 pm. Meet up
behind the rear parking lot behind the Denny’s Restaurant.
Belfast/Mayland Heights walking tour is on May 8, 1 – 2:15 pm. The
walk begins at Crossroads Hall 1803 14 Ave NE.
Sir John Franklin School 50th Anniversary Celebration
Thursday, May 19. 7pm to 9 pm. The celebration will include fine arts
performances; displays of student art; food and refreshments; and
displays of previous class photos from 1966 to the present day. Current
and former students and staff are encouraged to attend.
Parade of Garage Sales: A parade of garage sales coming to the
Crossroads community June 11 from 9 am to 2 pm. To register or for
more information please leave your information at this website www. or call Crossroads Community Centre at 403-276-1263.
Community Cleanup Day
Saturday, June 18, from 9 am to 2 pm
Crescent Heights Community Association
Hall: 1101 - 2nd Street NW
Hall Rentals: Call 403-804-5600
Newsletter email: [email protected]
SUNDAYS: Pentecostal Church Public Service 10am – noon
MONDAYS: Lana Blast Fitness 5-7pm, call Lana 403-999-5373
Dance and Fitness 7:30 – 9:30pm.
WEDNESDAYS: Taoist Tai Chi 7:30 - 9:30pm
THURSDAYS: Lana Blast Fitness 5:30-8pm.
For info call Lana 403-999-5373
The Crescent View
May 2016
Renfrew Community Association
Hall: 811 Radford Road NE Ph: 403-230-7055
Hall Rentals: Call 403-230-7055 and leave message.
Newsletter: [email protected]
Calgary Marlborough Community Association
Hall: 636 Marlborough Way NE Ph: 403-273-5894
Hall Rentals: Call 403-273-5894 or email
[email protected]
Newsletter email: [email protected]
Renfrew Bingo - The little hall with the big payouts!
Saturday and Monday evenings. Nickel Games at 6:10pm, regular
games at 6:50pm, Satellite at 8:45pm. Concession open.
Renfrew Jellybean Dance and Candy Rave: Jellybean Dances (K-5)
from 6 to 8pm then Candy Rave (gr.6-9) from 8 to 10pm. Candy rave
will pump out sound, lights and prizes and any group of 4 will get
special VIP packs. Jelly Bean Dance - May 13, 6 – 8pm
Candy Rave - May 13, 8 – 10pm.
Friday Pub Night: Renfrew Pub is open in the Social Room downstairs
in the hall most Friday evenings from 7pm to close. Friendly bartenders
and free pool, darts, foosball and shuffleboard. Be our guest!
5th Annual Renfrew Bike Festival: Sunday June 5, Noon - 2pm
Join your friends and neighbours on the front lawn of the Renfrew
Community Centre to celebrate our great community and cycling.
Noon-1:30pm - Beautify your bikes with streamers, flags, balloons.
Enjoy a a free picnic of hotdogs, veggies and lemonade.
1:30pm - bike parade around the community centre field.
RCA Stampede Day: Saturday, July 9
Stampede Breakfast & Kids Carnival in the morning and a horseshoe
tournament, canteen and beer gardens in the evening. If you can
volunteer please email [email protected]
May 05 - 7:00 to 9:00pm - Ladies Night Out - Main Hall
May 13 - 6:30 to 9:30pm - Jelly Bean Dance - Main Hall
May 28 - 7:00pm - Open Stage Night - Fireside Lounge
Befit & Age Well Exercise Class: Friday mornings from 9 to10am in
the main hall. Call 403-273-5894 for more info.
Walking Program: Tues. & Thurs. mornings starting at 8:30am
Call 403-273-5894 for more info.
Marlborough Park Community Association
Hall: 6021 Madigan Drive NE
Hall Rentals: Call 403-248-1775
Newsletter email: [email protected]
Seniors Crib Club: Every Friday at 1pm in the Activity Room at the
Marlborough Park Community Centre. The Club runs from September
through June, no registration fees. Community memberships
appreciated. Please contact Virginia Savage at 403-366-3042.
Area Events and
Resource Guide
Jelly Bean Dances: April 22 and June 10 , 6pm
Drop-in Tai Chi: Every Tuesday from 9:15 to 10:15am.
NEW! Drop-in Darts: Every Thursday at the lounge from 7 tp 10pm.
Cost: $4.00 per person
Drop-in Volleyball: Wednesday evening, $4 each
Marlborough Park Preschool: For anyone interested in our preschool
for the fall, registration will be ongoing all summer long and you can
register by visiting the Marlborough Park Community Association office.
Rundle Community Association
Hall: 2409 - 50 St. NE
Hall Rentals: Call 403-280-4752
Newsletter email: [email protected]
The Rundle Summit Pub at the hall - Rundle’s best kept secret!
The Summit Pub also offers pool tables, dart boards, as well as cribbage
games on Tuesday and euchre on Thursdays. Wing night is still on
Wednesdays. Families are welcome! New menu! Check it out!
CARNIVAL & PANCAKE BREAKFAST - June 4 at the community
hall. Put this popular event on your calendar! Games, prizes, food,
entertainment. Breakfast from 8 – 10, CarniVAL from 10 – 2
We will again be holding a community cleanup day, so here is your
notice to start cleaning up your garage, yard, basement to get rid of
your unwanted/unused items and bring them to the community centre
(2409 – 50 St NE), where trucks will be waiting for your junk!
at Foster’s Garden Chapel
3220 – 4th Street NW
Sunday, June 5 • 9am - noon
Proceeds from “Staff Treasures Table”,
table rentals & concessions go to
Buchanan Elementary School
Table Rentals - $20
Donated items for our Staff Table
accepted the week before the sale.
(Thanks – but no clothing,
linens or towels)
Please call 403-297-0888
to reserve your table!
Foster’s Garden Chapel
3220 – 4th Street NW
May 2016
The Crescent View
Women’s Safety cont. from page 9
GenX is:
• Earth Friendly
• Non-Carcinogenic
- We are launching a leadership and activism group for girls 15-17 years
old. The program is set to start in the fall, but we need your help! Are you a
girl in this age group who is interested in saying what this program should
look like? Do you know anyone who fits that description? Sarah, the Girl
Power Coordinator, would love to talk to you! Girls can either email her at
[email protected] or call her at 403-264-1155.
Your CHCA Membership
Why be a member? Members are the key to our community!
GenX is:
• Biodegradable
• Superior Cleaning Power
1105 Centre St. North
$5 OFF
Your next order.
Minimum order of $25.
With this coupon.
Expires May 31, 2016
Personalized service for your vehicle...
With your support, the CHCA:
• Brings our community together with sponsored programs such as the
Stampede Breakfast and other seasonal events.
• Is the voice of the community. Serves as a spokesperson and liaison
to ensure that our community related issues are heard and given proper
attention by the City of Calgary.
• Is responsive to all community traffic concerns and strives to correct and
improve these concerns through City Hall.
• Contributes financially to enhancement projects such as park and
playground revitalization programs and maintenance of the ice rinks.
• Preserves and maintains the community hall.
• Meets regularly with the Ward 7 Councillor to address concerns.
• Facilitates the community, river and pathway cleanups.
• Ensures that proposed developments meet the needs of the community
by providing input to the City of Calgary on planning issues and
• Contributes to the organization of plant exchanges and garden tours.
• Maintains relationships and contacts with other communities, helping to
pursue common concerns.
Serving your community for over 21 years!
In order to provide all of the above services and areas of support, the
CHCA needs your financial and volunteer assistance. Please help support
your community by purchasing a membership.
Fuel system compents such as the intake
manifold, injectors, combustion chamber and
throttle valve should be cleaned before fuel
economy or performance begins to suffer.
The cost is only $20 for a household/family, $10 for a single and $5 for
seniors. The membership is valid for one year starting on the day of issue.
For all membership inquiries please contact: [email protected]
• Brakes and Tune-ups
• Fuel injection diagnostics
• Oil/Lube/Filter
• Coolant flush
• Transmission and
Power Steering flush
New! Cloverdale Paint discount
• General Repairs
• Vehicle Inspections
• Brake flush
• Tires/Batteries
• New car and old car
scheduled maintenance
Owner: Earl Reimer
Cloverdale Paint is now offering wholesale pricing to community
association members and organizational members of the Federation of
Calgary Communities!
1212 Edmonton Trail NE
Present your up-to-date Crescent Heights community association card
and you will receive more than 25% off paint and more than 15% off paint
Lets work together to make this a great community to live in!
The Crescent View
May 2016
Support your Community!
Buy Your Membership Today
Crescent Heights Community Association
Membership Application Form
Voting (Residents)
□ Single ($10)
□ Household ($20)
Please mail this form
with your cheque to:
1101 - 2nd Street NW
Calgary, Alberta T2M 2V7
□ Senior ($5/per person)
Non-Voting (Business and Non-Residents)
□ Associate ($20)
□ Business ($50)
Names : ___________________________________________________________________
Address : _________________________________________
Phone : ____________________________
□ Yes, send me community emails
□ New Membership □ Renewal
Postal Code: ________
Email : _________________________________
Date __________ Amount Enclosed $ ________
Off the Shelf
Book review by Judith Umbach
Heading South, Looking North
by Ariel Dorfman
For most of his life, Ariel Dorfman regarded bilingualism as a sort of theft
of the soul. Heading South, Looking North goes beyond memoir to be a
sympathetic but coldly critical analysis of his own childhood and young
As a young boy, Dorfman was brought to the United States by his parents’
fleeing Argentina because of their Communist beliefs. Vlady, as he was
named then, rebelled by rejecting his Spanish language and by adoring
everything American. Some years later, his parents fled the United States
in the era of McCarthyism. Edward, a name he adopted as Englishlanguage camouflage, refused to give up English and Americanism just
because his home was now in Chile. Eventually, however, his brain and
the Chilean school system dragged him into the Spanish language and
Chilean culture. So much so, that as a young independent adult, now
named Ariel, he tried to erase his American past in horrified recognition
of the imperialist role played by the US government in Chilean affairs. He
became an ardent supporter of Salvador Allende. As an activist, he was
May 2016
valued for his intellectual contributions, even though he wished he could
be a man of physical action. On the day of the coup against Allende by
Pinochet, he was hidden by his friends to ensure his survival as a storyteller who could talk about the defeat of democracy in Chile; once again,
his place of exile was the United States - to his moral chagrin.
Rather than a straight-forward narrative, Heading South, Looking North
is a set of meditations on the reasons for Dorfman’s affiliations and their
shortcomings, many of which he couldn’t see at the time. The chapters
are organized by thought process, that it, as each mediation examines
one part of his life, it sparks memories from other parts of his life. The
ideas flow back and forth throughout his whole life, stimulating profound
observations about the complexities of emotional decisions made within
an environment of uncontrollable political events.
Those of us of a certain age also grew to maturity in the timeframe of this
memoir. Ariel Dorfman’s reflections also belong to us.
The Crescent View
The Crescent View
May 2016
Area Classified Ads
Adopt - Foster - Volunteer - Donate
Our volunteers range in age from
young children to seniors and all
are animal-lovers who are looking to
make a difference.
To learn more, please visit
References/Bonded. Free est. Non-abrasive,
ph-neutral, biodegradable supplies + microfibre cloths for top quality residential cleaning.
Call (403) 719-4052 or (587) 434-0798.
YOGA CLASSES in new year
Monday nights at Rundle Community hall.
Thursday nights at Prince of Faith Church.
Beginners welcome! Call 403.809.2170 for
info or email [email protected] for info.
LOCAL Affordable music lessons
Ph: 587-470-7988
[email protected]
TLC CLEANING Over 18 years experience!
Licensed, insured, bonded, WCB. Excellent
rates and references. Enviro options.
Free estimates. Call Carol at 403-614-8522
Small-Med. Home and Office Cleaning
Wk./Bi-wk./monthly rates. Enviro-friendly.
[email protected]; 403-689-9464
Hughes’ House B & B. Crescent Hts. area.
Family-friendly. Visiting relative specials.
403.804.4431 Visit
Experienced, reliable, bonded residential
cleaner is now accepting new clients.
Please call Natasha at 403-999-3603
All Classified ads must be prepaid
Call 403-276-8108 to book your ad.
Domestic Divas Maid Service
One time, weekly/biweekly, monthly
Move in-move out, For Sale, Spring Clean
Call 403-681-4608 Chemical Free Fibres!
Get a new furnace, save gas and electricity,
low monthly rates. Secure Home Services.
Call Erwin at 403-863-8513.
Deck and Fence Construction & Renovation
Free estimation. Ph.403-999-3603
Drop- In Pilates $8. Tuesdays, 7:30-8:30 pm
1204 Renfrew Dr. N.E. 403 277-2292
Certified Instructor - Everyone Welcome!
Calgary Comfort
by Design Ltd
(403) 404-2255
Tony Peterson Eavestrough Quality work
prompt service. Free estimates on new installs. Call Tony 403-230-7428 (Since 1990)
Plumbing, Heating, Gas Fitting
Kitchens, Bathrooms,
Close to Downtown, TransCanada Highway,
Calgary Zoo, Fort Calgary, Bike Paths
Wireless Internet Available
Comfortable, family-friendly atmosphere.
Specials for visiting relatives!
315 - 11th Avenue NE
Calgary, AB T2E 0Z2
(403) 804 - 4431
May 2016
The Crescent View
[email protected]
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#1110, 1108 6 Avenue SW
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615 10 Avenue NE
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201, 814 Memorial Drive
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Lease $27,600 Annually
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