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West Bradford Township
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West Bradford Township
“Between t he Brandywines ”
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Ice Cream Contest Winner
Recycling Statistics
Congratulations to Sabina Zahiri!
in West Bradford Township
Since the start of single-stream recycling
in 2010, West Bradford residents have
recycled increasing amounts of
materials. Recycling greatly
reduces the amount of
refuse required to be
disposed at the landfill,
for a substantial savings
33.1% Refuse
ongratulations to Sabina Zahiri, Bradford Heights Elementary School,
winner of the 2nd Annual West Bradford Township Ice Cream Contest.
Sabina’s Candyland Ice Cream was named tops among the 65 entries received
from third-grade students at Bradford Heights Elementary School and West
Bradford Elementary School. The future culinary superstars invented
flavors using a menu of more than 75 different ice creams, ingredients
and toppings. Sabina’s winning recipe is noted below.
help, we’ll reach our goal of 35% recycling.
Sabina’s ice cream will
be made by the Strasburg
Creamery, and served at this
summer’s first Movie in the
Park night on Thursday, June
11, at Broad Run Park. Stop by
for a taste! And kudos to Dorothy
Mack, West Bradford Elementary School.
Dorothy’s colorful Rock’N Pop’N Rainbow
Ice Cream was selected runner-up!
Recycling Saves Residents Money
Holiday Collection Day
to our community. In
the first quarter of
2015 approximately
33.1% of that collected
at the curbside was
recyclable materials. During
this three-month period the
Township collected 842.3 tons of refuse
and 416.7 tons of recyclables. With your
Always a Wednesday
West Bradford pays
$63 for each ton of
If a regularly-scheduled refuse, recycling or
refuse dumped at
large item collection day falls on a holiday,
the landfill. West
collection for that day will be rescheduled
Bradford is paid
for the Wednesday of the holiday week.
Sabina Zahiri’s
yland Ice Cream
$7 for each ton of
recyclables it collects. In the first quarter of
HOLIDAY: Independence Day
2015 the Township collected 416.7 tons of
observed Friday, July 3
recyclables. This means the Township saved
COLLECTION: Wednesday, July 1
$26,252 in landfill fees and received $2,916
for the recycled materials. Every dollar
HOLIDAY: Labor Day
saved and earned is retained in the Refuse
Monday, September 7
Fund—helping to keep our annual collection
COLLECTION: Wednesday, September 9
vanilla ice cream,
strawberry ice cream,
cherries, mini marshmallows,
rainbow sprinkles,
fee as low as possible!
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su m m e r 2 015
Nerds candy,
ice cream cone pieces
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su m m e r 2 015
Grinder Pump Power
Inspection Flex-Schedule
and Generators
2015 Road Program
The 2015 Road Program includes
repaving of the following roads:
• Glenside Road (from Beacon Hill Road to
Shadyside Road);
• Lieds Road (from Broad Run Road to West
Strasburg Road);
• Lone Eagle Road (from Romansville Road
to Brownsville Road);
• Poorhouse Road, (from Marshallton-
oes your property have a grinder
pump? If yes, you know the pump
will not operate when electrical power is
lost. And because the pump’s well stores
less than a day’s worth of wastewater, a
prolonged power outage can be problematic.
Many residents have asked
about installing a back-up
generator that supplies
power to the pump when
electricity is lost. In
general, a minimum
6500W generator is
required to activate a
grinder pump.
Thorndale Road to Broad Run Road);
• Shadyside Road (from Crestmont Drive to
Glenside Road);
• Woodward Drive (from Sylvan Drive to
Shadyside Road); and,
• the Sylvan Drive cul-de-sac.
There will be occasional delays on these
roads during work hours, and at certain
The Township Codes
Department can assist homeowners seeking
to install a generator in their home. For
permit and additional information contact
Jim Lucas, Codes Director, at (610)
269-4174, or at [email protected]
Nets Big Savings
t’s a simple concept—contract for more
building inspection services during the
summer months, when construction activity
peaks, and lessen the number of contracted
hours during the “off-season” winter months.
Since establishing its building inspection flexschedule in 2012 the Township has continued
to provide the higher quality services our
community deserves, at a big savings to
taxpayers. In addition, the arrangement helps
to increase the overall efficiency of inspection
operations… we’re doing more for less!
Just take a look at the numbers:
• In February 2011 the Township conducted
94 plan reviews and inspections at a
consultant cost of $7,620.
• In February 2015 the Township conducted
186 plan reviews and inspections at a
consultant cost of $4,464.
Finding ways to deliver great services at an
affordable cost—it’s the West Bradford way!
Land Development Update
in West Bradford Township
times sections of each road may be closed
to all non-emergency vehicles. West
Bradford will notify residents living on
these roads in advance of the work, and the
Township will provide detailed information
on any required road closures. As always,
The following projects are now under land
development review:
• StanAB, LP: A 112 townhome
subdivision at Boulder Drive.
• Stargazer Village at Romansville: A 95
single-family home and 39 townhome
subdivision at the intersection of
Stargazer Road and West Strasburg Road.
we appreciate your patience as we work
to improve our roads and to keep our
community a great place to live!
School’s Out; Slow Down
The Township frequently receives
complaints about people driving too
fast in residential neighborhoods. Many
complaints come from residents who live
on cul-de-sac streets. Since these streets
have no through traffic, most offenders are
neighbors. Please take the time to consider
your neighbors and their children and pets.
It’s not worth trying to get somewhere a
little bit faster if it causes an accident!
The following projects are among those
approved in recent years, and construction
has not yet begun:
• Armstrong Engineers: A 10,000 sf office
building at 1845 West Strasburg Road.
• Buck Hill Farm: A 129 single-family
home subdivision at Chestnut Lane.
• Faith Community Baptist Church: A
6,180 sf addition to the existing church at
1585 Glenside Road.
• Granite & Marble World: A 25,000 sf
warehouse and office building at 1401
Marshallton Thorndale Road.
• Hirst: A three single-family home
subdivision at Telegraph Road.
W e s t B r a d f o r d To w n s h i p
“Between t he Brandywines ”
w e st b r a dfor d.org
The following projects are now under
• Bright Glade Farm: A 37 single-family
home subdivision at Glenside Road.
• Meadowview: A 69 townhome
subdivision at Lone Eagle Road.
• Marshallton Walk: A one single-family
home and 12 twin home subdivision at
1440 West Strasburg Road.
All project plans are available for public
review at the West Bradford Township
Building, Monday to Friday, 7:00am
to 4:30pm.
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su m m e r 2 015
QuickN otes
Pennsylvania Leash Law
and West Bradford Parks
How Much Candy
in the Fishbowl?
2015 Marshalton Triathlon
Registration Starts June 1st
Pennsylvania law
There is a fish bowl in
requires dog owners to
the lobby of the West
The 42nd Annual
control their animals
Bradford Township
Triathlon will take
at all times. When a
Building. And in this fish
place on Sunday,
dog is safely confined
bowl there is candy…Sour
October 4, 2015,
to its owner’s property,
Balls, to be exact. And
and participants
leashing isn’t needed. But while the dog is on
lots of them. How many Sour Balls is your guess,
who register during the month of June
another’s property a leash is the best way to
and if your guess is the closest without going
will receive a $10 discount off the $40 fee!
control the dog, and in West Bradford Parks the
over the actual number you’ll win the candy, and
A $5 discount will be offered during the
use of a leash is required at all times. Thank you
sweet bragging rights. Submit your guess at the
months of July and August, and the full
for considering our neighbors’ safety when Township Building, or by e-mail to [email protected]
$40 fee will be charged beginning in
walking Fido!
westbradford.org by 4:00pm on July 2. One guess
September. So register early, and be a part
per person please. The winner will be announced
of Chester County’s premier community
in our next newsletter. The candy is kindly
and sporting event.
Did You Know?
contributed by the employees of West Bradford
Answer on page 7
Township, who are not eligible to submit a guess
How did a potential theft of fruit
(sorry folks!). Congratulations to Tico Petrosian,
the West Bradford Fire Company and the
change the history of Marshallton?
whose winning guess of 230 was closest to the
Marshallton Conservation Trust. To register
actual number of Nordic Gummi Fish in the fish
for the event and for more information visit
bowl (237) in our last contest!
Ramsey’s Recycling Corner
Recycling Ideas from Township Codes Clerk Ramsey Reiner
ince pizza boxes are made from cardboard, you would
think they would all be recyclable. Not necessarily. The
cardboard that’s soiled by grease and cheese is not recyclable. When paper products are recycled they are mixed with water
and turned into a “slurry.” Grease from pizza boxes causes oil
to form at the top, and paper fibers cannot separate from oils
during the pulping process. This will ruin the entire batch.
Be mindful of adhesives that may be on the pizza box as those
may ruin the batch as well. Tear out the soiled portions of
your pizza boxes and trash them. If the entire box is greasefree, the whole box can be recycled or composted. And you
can be left to enjoy your pizza!
The Marshalton Triathlon is proud to benefit
Friends of Martin’s Tavern
2nd Annual Ice Cream Social
Join the fun at the
Blacksmith Shop
on West Strasburg
Road in Marshallton
on Sunday, June 14,
from 1 to 4pm, at
the Friends of Martin’s Tavern 2nd Annual Ice
Cream Social. Enjoy homemade blueberry ice
cream and other great flavors, offered with an
assortment of toppings. The event is proudly
hosted by the FOMT, a group of volunteers
who donate their time and talents to preserve
the remains of the Village’s historic Tavern and
Do you have a recycling question or a great recycling idea to share with others?
Blacksmith Shop. For more info on the ice cream
Contact Ramsey at (610) 269-4174 or [email protected]
social, and the FOMT, visit martinstavern.org.
W e s t B r a d f o r d To w n s h i p
“Between t he Brandywines ”
w e st b r a dfor d.org
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West Bradford
Youth Athletics
su m m e r 2 015
West Bradford Youth Athletics is a
non-profit, volunteer organization that
provides year-round sport programs
for children in Chester County. WBYA
promotes good sportsmanship, while
helping children develop the physical
skills needed to play the game.
he Downingtown Area Recreation Consortium (DARC) has many great upcoming
recreational opportunities! For more information on these and other DARC
programs visit darcinfo.com, or call (610) 269-9260. Here’s a sample of the great programs
being offered:
Spring 2015 Programs and Events
• “Have-A-Go” Program Let your child try
a sport before signing up for an entire
season! Golf, girls & boys lacrosse,
soccer, basketball, baseball, softball
and street hockey. Try one or try all! For
children with little to no experience,
and all equipment is provided!
• Fall Sports online registration begins
May 25. Soccer (ages 3 - Grade 12),
Challenger Soccer for children with
special needs (ages 8 - 21), and Little
League Baseball and Softball (ages 8 to
Grade 12).
• Soccer Opening Day Celebration
September 12.
• Winter Sports Registration
starts in October.
• 2nd Annual Golf Outing coming this fall.
• Lego, Drawing &
Cartooning After School programs
• Aquatics programs &
Swimming lessons
• Online Education &
Computer courses
• Culinary workshops
• Fitness, First Aid & CPR
• Adult Softball &
• Programs for adults,
seniors, and…
• So many summer youth
sports programs!
• Buy-A-Brick Purchase an engraved brick
to repair the walkway adjacent to the
Quick Hits…
Beacon Hill snack bar. It’s a great way to
Fun all summer long
at Full-Day Camp,
Teen Camp & Half-Day
Playground Camp;
as well as Specialty
Camps for Art, Lego,
Dance, Science and more!
honor family and friends, or celebrate a
favorite team or cause.
Visit wbya.org for more information on
all programs, coaching and volunteer
positions and fundraising and sponsorship
Bus Trips
Discount Movie Tickets
New York City
Thurs., Jul. 16.
Shop Fifth Avenue, tour
Central Park, visit the new
WTC…enjoy the Big Apple
your way. Must pre-register.
$9 discount movie tickets
honored at all Regal
Entertainment Group
locations (Regal, United
Artists and Edwards theatres).
Call ahead for availability.
Valid for all show times;
surcharge applies for IMAX
giant screens.
American Girl Place
in New York
Thurs., Jul. 16.
Tour American Girl Place
and lunch at the American
Girl Café. Bring your
favorite doll! $81pp.
Discount Amusement
Park Tickets
Purchase tickets at the
DARC Office mid-May
thru Labor Day. Call ahead
for availability of tickets to
Baltimore Aquarium, Busch
West Point Military
Gardens, Camelbeach Water
Academy and the
Park, Colonial Williamsburg,
Hudson Valley
Dorney Park & Wildwater
Sat., Oct. 24. Tour the
Kingdom, Dutch Wonderland,
history-rich US Military
Hershey Park, Morey’s Pier,
Academy. Enjoy the
Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire,
breathtaking views on a
Philadelphia Zoo, Sesame Place,
Hudson River cruise. $142pp. and Six Flags Great Adventure.
W e s t B r a d f o r d To w n s h i p
“Between t he Brandywines ”
w e st b r a dfor d.org
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su m m e r 2 015
Movies in the Park
Our movie system
includes a massive
16x9 inflatable movie
screen, a booming sound
system and an amazing
projection unit.
Join us this summer!
Park Recreation
Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Clinic
for Children Ages 6-12
Wednesday, July 15, 10 to 11am
Shadywide Park
$10 per child, Pre-registration required
ring a blanket and enjoy terrific family fun under the stars each Thursday evening
this summer. Featuring seven movie & ice cream nights at Broad Run Park (All
movies rated PG) and two Kids’ Nights at Shadyside Park! Visit westbradford.org for more
information, including inclement weather cancellations.
Limit 60 children
The Philadelphia Flyers are getting children
hooked on hockey this summer! The
Hooked on Hockey program is a fun way
Summer 2015 Thursdays in the Park
to learn the basics of street hockey from
former pros—including Philadelphia Flyer
Thursday, June 11, 8:00pm
Thursday, July 9, 6:30pm
Thursday, July 30, 8:00pm
Ice Cream at the Movies
Kids’ Night:
Ice Cream at the Movies
at Broad Run Park
Makin’ Music Concert
“The Croods”
at Broad Run Park
at Shadyside Park
“SpongeBob SquarePants Movie:
Sponge Out of Water”
Thursday, June 18, 8:00pm
Thursday, July 16, 8:00pm
Bob “The Hound” Kelly.
Each child will learn stick-handling, passing
and shooting through interactive drills
and games. The clinic will feature one hour
of hockey instruction from Bob Kelly and
Ice Cream at the Movies
Ice Cream at the Movies
Thursday, August 6, 7:30pm
members of the Flyers staff, which includes
at Broad Run Park
at Broad Run Park
Ice Cream at the Movies
current and former college hockey players.
“Book of Life”
at Broad Run Park
“Penguins of Madagascar”
Each child will receive a Mylec street hockey
stick, Flyers activity book, hockey cards
Thursday, June 25, 8:00pm
Thursday, July 23, 6:00pm
Ice Cream at the Movies
Kids’ Night: Magic Show
Thursday, August 13, 7:30pm
trivia session will follow each clinic, with
at Broad Run Park
Shadyside Park
Ice Cream at the Movies
fantastic prizes including Philadelphia
at Broad Run Park
Flyers autographed photos, hats, t-shirts,
“How to Train Your Dragon 2”
and other giveaway items. And a hockey
“Night at The Museum 3”
pucks, bobble-heads and more!
Summer Sponsors
A West Bradford Township Registration
West Bradford Township thanks the sponsors of our 2015 Summer Program.
Pack must be completed before the event
Their generous support helps to keep our community a great place to live and raise a family!
and payment must be made at the time of
Want to join our fantastic team of sponsors?
Contact Mike Euler at (610) 269-4174 to learn how!
registration. Included in the Registration Pack
are mandatory waiver forms for both West
Bradford Township and the Philadelphia
Flyers organization. These forms must be
signed by a parent or legal guardian. To
download a Registration Pack, or obtain more
E.B. Walsh & Associates
information, please visit westbradford.org.
W e s t B r a d f o r d To w n s h i p
“Between t he Brandywines ”
w e st b r a dfor d.org
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Summer Yard Clean-Up Reminders
Free Mulch Available
Please—No Grass Clippings or Yard Waste in Your Toter!
at the Township Compost Site
Free mulch is
available at the
Compost Site at
2020 West Strasburg
Road, between
Lone Eagle Road
and Persimmon Drive. It’s a great time to
beautify your landscaping, and there’s no
better, natural way to prevent the growth
of weeds in those prized flower beds. Visit
westbradford.org for the times, dates and
fees for our loading service schedule. Mulch
may also be self-loaded at no cost whenever
the Compost Site is open. The Compost Site
su m m e r 2 015
he disposal of grass clipping and other
yard wastes in toters is prohibited
by Township Code and State Law. The
Township will not
empty a toter that
contains yard waste,
and fines will be issued
for violations. Residents
are encouraged to
leave clippings on their
lawn, as this supports
a healthier turf by
returning important
nutrients to the soil.
But please note… Due to the restricted
amount of grass clippings, this service is
available to residents of West Bradford
and East Bradford only.
Contractors working
for residents are unable
to dispose of grass
Still want to bag your
grass clippings? The Compost Site has been
approved by the Pennsylvania Department
of Environmental Protection to accept a
very limited amount of clippings. Before
visiting the Compost Site please check
westbradford.org to see if grass is being
accepted. If you see a green light (above),
bring those clippings over! Grass clippings
must be in biodegradable paper bags, or
delivered “loose,” such as in the back of a
pick-up truck.
The Compost Site is
open each Wednesday and Saturday from
9am to 2pm, weather permitting. Proof of
residency (a driver’s license will do…) is
required to dispose of waste or to collect
mulch. For fees and regulations please
contact the Township at (610) 269-4174, or
visit westbradford.org.
And, as always, the
Compost Site accepts
leaves and brush from
East and West Bradford
residents and contractors.
is open each Wednesday and Saturday from
9am to 2pm, weather permitting.
Watershed Protection Tip
Washing your car in the driveway or
on the street can send detergents and
other contaminants through the storm
sewer system. It’s best to wash your car
at a commercial car wash where the
wastewater is treated and recycled. If you
do wash your car at home, do so near a
grassy area where the water can infiltrate
If you see the above sign at our website,
the Compost Site is currently accepting
grass clippings.
into the ground.
See and Be Seen
Used Toters for Sale
Keep Trees, Brush and Tall Plants at Your Driveway Entrance Trimmed
at the Township Building
Is it the perfect
stocking stuffer?
Absolutely not… but
used refuse and
recyclable toters are
f you have trouble seeing oncoming traffic when exiting your driveway, then it is likely
oncoming traffic has trouble seeing you. Trees, bushes and tall plants at your driveway
entrance will cause this problem. We recommend trimming all growth that interferes with
the line of sight. If hedges are used for privacy or sound barriers, please consider relocating
these back from the road to an area that will not interfere with your line of sight.
great for holding
mulch, organizing yard tools and storing
garage knick-knacks. Used toters are now on
sale at the Township Building for $7 each! For
that price why not buy two? The toters have
In addition, it is a violation of Township Code to plant trees or bushes, or to locate any
structures, within the right-of-way of the street. The right-of-way extends beyond the paved
portion of the street. And while the width of the right-of-way varies by street, along many
roads the right-of-way extends approximately 12 feet from the edge of pavement.
been marked as decommissioned, and their
microchips have been negated, so they can’t
be used for trash and recycle collection. For
more info contact the Township Building at
(610) 269-4174.
West Bradford also prohibits the growth of Bamboo within 40 feet of all public roads.
Bamboo can bend and break (especially when covered by snow), and fall onto neighboring
sidewalks and roads. Restricting the location of Bamboo helps to keep our sidewalks and
streets safe and passable all year long.
W e s t B r a d f o r d To w n s h i p
“Between t he Brandywines ”
w e st b r a dfor d.org
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su m m e r 2 015
Free Radon Kits Available
West Bradford Fire Company
Until June 30, 2015
The Shadyside Tavern is hosting a “dine and
adon is a naturally occurring, odorless and radioactive gas that can cause serious
health problems. The EPA estimates radon exposure contributes to about 21,000 lung
cancer deaths throughout the US every year. And because radon levels in many parts of
Chester County exceed the national average, it makes sense to check the radon level in your
home on a regular basis.
donate” benefit to support the WBFC. Enjoy
a terrific lunch or dinner on Friday, July 31,
Saturday, August 1 or Sunday, August 2 and
a portion of the proceeds will be contributed
to help our community’s 100% volunteer fire
company. Visit theshadysidetavern.com for
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the American Lung
Association are offering free radon test kits to West Bradford residents. Each kit includes
easy-to-follow instructions and a postage-paid envelope addressed to a testing laboratory.
The laboratory will analyze the sample and mail a report back to the property owner… at no
cost! But hurry, the coupon below expires June 30th.
event hours and a complete menu.
Downingtown Library News
For more information about these summer
programs below contact the Library at (610)
269-2741 or visit downingtownlibrary.org.
Children’s Programs:
• GSK Science in the Summer Program by
the Franklin Institute (Grades 2-6) Register
at scienceinthesummer.com
• June 6: Summer Reading Club Registration,
9am to noon, begins June 8
• June 17: Pajama Storytime, 6:30pm
• PAWS for Reading: 3rd Wednesday, 6:30pm
Teen and Adult Programs:
• Teens Unmasked: Wednesdays in July, 6:307:30pm. Write your own comic book!
• Investment Insights: 2nd Tuesday,
11:30am-12:30pm, register online
Pool & Hot Tub Regulations
Do It Right, Do It Safe!
• Knitter Group: 1st & 3rd Tuesday, 6-7:30pm
• Writer’s Group: 3rd Thursday, 6:30pm
• Social Security Seminar, June 7, 1-3pm
(part 1) Social Security Seminar, June 28,
ownship Code requires a barrier that completely encloses any swimming pool, hot tub
or spa with water more than two feet deep. A fence is the most common barrier used
for swimming pools, and a safety cover is often used as a barrier for portable hot tubs. Fixed
hot tubs and spas, such as those permanently mounted in a deck, are treated as pools.
1-3pm (part 2)
Did You Know? Answer
In 1786 Marshallton was being considered to
serve as the county seat. The Village’s appeal
All barriers must be non-climbable, at least four feet high as measured from the outside
of the fence, and at least five feet removed from all property lines. In addition, all exterior
entrances to the pool or spa area must possess self-closing and locking gates, and all doors
leading from a residence to a pool or spa area must have audible alarms. Above-ground
pools with steps or ladders, or pools with sides less than four feet above ground level, must
also possess a code-compliant barrier.
was its location (at the center of Chester
County). Many objected to the proposed
construction of a courthouse, offices and prison
in the Village, and among the many concerns
raised was the theft of fruit from nearby
orchards. One Marshallton resident reasoned
the county seat would attract “men and boys
Barrier codes are very detailed, and there are many additional requirements not noted in
this article. Please contact Jim Lucas, Codes Director, at (610) 269-4174, or at [email protected]
westbradford.org, before purchasing and installing a pool, hot tub or spa.
W e s t B r a d f o r d To w n s h i p
“Between t he Brandywines ”
w e st b r a dfor d.org
to the neighborhood who would not scruple
to steal apples and other fruit from the trees of
the residents, and commit other depredations.”
West Bradford Township
West Bradford Township
Presorted Standard
U.S. Postage Paid
Southeastern, PA 19399
Permit # 50
1385 Campus Drive, Downingtown PA 19335
phone (610) 269-4174 | fax (610) 269-3016
westbradford.org | @westbradfordtwp
Office hours Monday to Friday: 7:00 am - 4:30 pm
Phone lines open at 7:30am
Board of Supervisors & Staff
John A. Haiko
Bruce W. Laverty
Vice Chairman
Mark J. Blair
Tommy Ryan
Township Manager
[email protected]
Nancy L. Althouse
Finance Director
[email protected]
Randy Behmke
Public Works Director
[email protected]
Michael J. Euler
Parks Director
[email protected]
James Lucas
Codes Director, Fire Marshal
[email protected]
Summer 2015 Calendar of Events
June 2015
July 2015
mark your items of interest in the box to the left
mark your items of interest in the box to the left
Planning Commission Meeting
Board of Supervisors Meeting
Special Refuse and Recycle Collection: Friday Customers
Independence Day Holiday Observed – No Refuse or Recycle Collection.
Collection will be on Wednesday, July 1, 2015.
Office Closed
Planning Commission Meeting
Shadyside Park Kids’ Night Making’ Music Concert
15 Recreation Commission Meeting
14 Board of Supervisors Meeting
16 Planning Commission Meeting (if needed)
18 Historical Commission Meeting
Hooked on Hockey Sponsored by Philadelphia Flyers
$10 fee, details at westbradford.org
18 Broad Run Park Ice Cream at the Movies “Epic” (PG)
16 Historical Commission Meeting
23 Board of Supervisors Meeting (if needed)
16 Broad Run Park Ice Cream at the Movies “The Book of Life” (PG)
20 Recreation Commission Meeting
21 Planning Commission Meeting (if needed)
23 Shadyside Park Kids’ Night Magic Show
11 Broad Run Park Ice Cream at the Movies “The Croods” (PG)
Friends of Martin’s Tavern 2nd Annual Ice Cream Social–
Marshallton Blacksmith Shop, visit martinstavern.org
25 Large Item Collection: Thursday Refuse Customers
25 Broad Run Park Ice Cream at the Movies “How to Train Your Dragon 2” (PG)
26 Large Item Collection: Friday Refuse Customers
Household Hazardous Waste Event – Coatesville Learning Center,
1425 E. Lincoln Hwy, Coatesville 19320
27 Large Item Collection: Monday Refuse Customers
28 Large Item Collection: Tuesday Refuse Customers
29 Large Item Collection: Monday Refuse Customers
28 Board of Supervisors Meeting (if needed)
30 Large Item Collection: Tuesday Refuse Customers
30 Large Item Collection: Thursday Refuse Customers
30 Broad Run Park Ice Cream at the Movies “SpongeBob Square Pants Movie” (PG) 8:00pm
31 Large Item Collection: Friday Refuse Customers
August 2015
September 2015
mark your items of interest in the box to the left
mark your items of interest in the box to the left
Planning Commission Meeting
Broad Run Park Ice Cream at the Movies “Penguins of Madagascar” (PG)
11 Board of Supervisors Meeting
Broad Run Park Ice Cream at the Movies “Night at the Museum 3:
Secret of the Tomb” (PG)
Planning Commission Meeting
Labor Day Holiday – No Refuse or Recycle Collection.
Collection will be on Wednesday, September 9, 2015.
Office Closed
Board of Supervisors Meeting
Special Refuse and Recycle Collection: Monday Customers
Household Hazardous Waste Event – Oxford School District
Administrative Bldg., 125 Bell Tower Lane, Oxford, PA 19363
(residency proof required)
15 Planning Commission Meeting (if needed)
17 Historical Commission Meeting
21 Recreation Commission Meeting
27 Large Item Collection: Thursday Refuse Customers
22 Board of Supervisors Meeting (if needed)
28 Large Item Collection: Friday Refuse Customers
24 Large Item Collection: Thursday Refuse Customers
17 Recreation Commission Meeting
18 Planning Commission Meeting (if needed)
20 Historical Commission Meeting
25 Large Item Collection: Tuesday Refuse Customers
25 Board of Supervisors Meeting (if needed)
31 Large Item Collection: Monday Refuse Customers
25 Large Item Collection: Friday Refuse Customers
28 Large Item Collection: Monday Refuse Customers
29 Large Item Collection: Tuesday Refuse Customers
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