2015 | new series



2015 | new series
| 2015 | NEW SERIES
Wouldn’t it be great to have a friend who has made all the mistakes in life there are to make, and then tells you exactly where he went wrong,
so you don’t have to? THE GUIDE TO SURVIVING LIFE (working title) is a new comedy that explores what we all go through on our way
to figuring out what life is all about. COOPER BARRETT (Jack Cutmore-Scott, “Kingsman: The Secret Service”) still doesn’t have the job he wants; he’s accidently fallen in love
with his across-the-hall neighbor, KELLY BISHOP (Meaghan Rath, “Being Human”); one of his roommates, NEAL (Charlie Saxton, “Betas,”
“Hung”), just can’t seem to dump his bodybuilder girlfriend; his other roommate, BARRY (James Earl, “Ground Floor,” GLEE), is a “loveable
jackass” who can’t stop getting into trouble; and his 40-year-old-brother, JOSH (Justin Bartha, “The New Normal,” “The Hangover”
franchise), a married father of two, is constantly popping in to come hang with the fellas. The one thing they do have is each other.
As Cooper struggles to survive each of life’s many challenges – a night in jail, an inappropriate text he never should have sent, an ill-advised
household pet – he will guide us through the often-messy, always-hilarious ordeal, so that our lives don’t have to be nearly the entertaining
disaster that Cooper’s is turning out to be.
@guidetolifefox / #guidetolife
20th Century Fox Television
The Jackal Group
Jay Lacopo
Jay Lacopo
Gail Berman
Bill Callahan
James Griffiths
James Griffiths
Jack Cutmore-Scott as Cooper
Meaghan Rath as Kelly
James Earl as Barry
Charlie Saxton as Neal
Justin Bartha as Josh
Maureen Sebastian as Leslie

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