Data-Driven Pages Survey 123 (Free) Layered pdfs Import Useful


Data-Driven Pages Survey 123 (Free) Layered pdfs Import Useful
Jacobs Dublin GIS/Ecology
Paul Walsh FRGS (GIS Analyst)
Robert Fennelly MCIEEM
Corey Cannon ACIEEM
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Import Useful Data
Data-Driven Pages
Save time - automate map production over a
Online data : Land zoning (Myplan), Designated sites (NPWS/NIEA), High-Res aerials, ESRI Height Models (DTM).
large area from a single data frame.
Free Tools
Equivalent to ArcGIS Spatial Analyst/ geoprocessing.
Add loads of additional tools from built-in plugin store.
Share Data to Google Earth
Save data to Google Earth (GE).
Simply click the link to open GE at zoomed location.
Import Free Web-Mapping
Only software package with Google plugin.
Easy GIS
Survey 123 (Free)
ArcGIS Web mapping (FREE)
Layered pdfs
Download free for Android/IPhone.
Free online version of Arc GIS.
Get PDFs from ArcGIS users with layer functionality
Record survey data from your phone, including
User-friendly, free web-based mapper.
(turn layers on/off).
georeferenced photos and much more!
Easily analyse, edit, and share your/others’ data.
PDF contains grid-references!