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Wife to Record Holding NFL Running Back Darren Sproles • Philanthropist • Mother •
The Brand Group Client Profile 2014
Entrepreneur • Breast Cancer Survivor
Michel Sproles
ichel Sproles
CEO Sproles Empowered Youth
Owner/ CEO 7 Image
Certified Life Coach
Certified Image Consultant
AICI Member (Association of Image Consultants International)
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Journalism & Media Studies (University of Nevada Las Vegas)
Masters (M.A) Leadership Studies (University of San Diego – in-Progress)
Michel Sproles was born November 29, 1983 in Harbor City, California. Raised in the greater Los Angeles area she
was introduced to athletics early and began running when she was only seven-years-old for a local track team, the
Los Angeles Jets.
Michel carried her passion for running throughout high school, and in 1998 at J.W. North High in Riverside, CA she
became the Ivy League Champion in the 400 meters as a freshman, and a Varsity two-year letter winner in track and
field by her sophomore season. After her sophomore year in high school, Michel transferred to Long Beach Poly
High, continued her academic and athletic journey, and among many accomplishments, her team was crowned CIF
Division 1 Champions and State champions her senior year.
Continuing to realize her athletic dreams, Michel received a full-ride scholarship for Track and Field to the
University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV), where she majored in Journalism and Media Studies. After graduation in
2005, combining her passion for empowerment and education, she went on to teach 7th grade History at an at-risk
school in Las Vegas, NV. Michel is also currently working on her Master’s Degree in Leadership Studies at the University of San Diego. Though no longer teaching, she still has a desire to serve others, which she accomplishes
by serving as a mentor for inner city teens and through her philanthropic work with the L.A. Jets Track Club, Long
Beach Poly High School and her own foundation Sproles Empowered Youth with husband Darren Sproles.
June 12, 2010 Michel married NFL Player Darren Sproles, and together they share 2 daughters. Aside from her fulltime commitment as a wife, mom, and CEO to Sproles Empowered Youth, Michel has found time to start her own
business, “7 Image.”
While leading a life that many women only dream of, Michel’s life took a major turn that would change her forever. October 17, 2012, at only age 28, she was diagnosed with Ductoral Carcinoma In-Situ (DCIS) aka Stage 0 Breast
Cancer. DCIS is a Non-invasive, Non-life-threatening form of breast cancer that is not often discussed or detected in
this early form, however after learning this, Michel underwent a double mastectomy exactly seven days later and
removed both breasts to ensure her future safety for herself and her family. Now an advocate for health care Michel
spends a great deal of her time educating young women about this disease and encouraging them to be more
proactive in their health no matter what age they are.
The Brand Group 2014
Michel Sproles
The Philanthropist
Centered around the Sproles'
passion for teamwork and sports,
teens will learn useful skills such
as handling finances, business
education, health and sex
education, self-image, fitness,
sportsmanship, and of course, the
guys will learn from Darren
Sproles about the fundamentals
of football.
The Brand Group 2014
Philadelphia Eagles running back Darren Sproles
and his wife Michel have a passion for youth and
athletics. Together they’ve created Sproles
Empowered Youth, a non-profit organization to
benefit underserved youth. SEY's mission is to
empower teen boys and girls with essential lifeskills that will encourage them to become
responsible and successful adults. Michel and
Darren's goal is to inspire these future leaders to
face life's challenges with hope and dignity.
Michel Sproles
The Entrepreneur
What is 7 Image?
7 Image is an Image Consulting and Life-Styling Boutique that specializes in helping
individuals and small businesses convey confidence and success in corporate and social
settings. The name "7 Image" is inspired by Michel's Christian Religious beliefs
symbolizing spiritual perfection and represents the day God rested. "Seven" derived
from the Hebrew language, is from a root word meaning "complete". Therefore, 7
Image means a complete image both inside and out. .
7 Image, is a "one stop shop" for all your beauty needs. This three-part beauty boutique
includes a Full Service Salon, The Pink Line and Image Consulting division fully staffed
with the top Hairstylists, Estheticians, and Makeup artists ready to service you in hair,
skincare, waxing, or makeup. Also, 7 Image has an exclusive hairline, The Pink Line, retailing
some of the finest quality Remi Indian and Brazilian hair. A portion of the proceeds go
towards making hair units and wigs for breast cancer survivors undergoing
chemotherapy. Lastly, 7 Image offers a wide variety of services to small businesses
whose employees are looking for fashion advice, restorative beauty, as well as image
and life coach consultation. (Image consultants and Life Coaches are certified and
active members of AICI "Association of Image Consultants International".)
The Brand Group 2014
Michel Sproles
My goal in life is to help
others become a better
version of themselves. I call
it styling from the inside
out. – Michel Sproles
Michel speaks to over 500 attendees at the
Annual Ochsner Hospital Breast Cancer
Awareness “Pink Luncheon” – New Orleans
Darren and Michel Sproles continue to make strides as a
dynamic duo with accomplishments that encompass TV
appearances, speaking engagements, blog and magazine
features. Together they plan on creating a brand that
exemplifies family, healthy living, and hard work.
The Brand Group 2014
Michel Sproles
Michel's Husband NFL Player Darren Sproles
featured in GQ Magazine
Michel Sproles featured in San Diego's Pacific
Magazine sharing her journey through her
Double Mastectomy in October 2012.
Michel's husband NFL Player Darren Sproles
featured in Men's Health Magazine
Michel Sproles speaking on Good Morning San
Diego about her foundation Sproles Empowered
Michel Sproles appeared on San Diego 6
giving 3 deserving moms a Mother's Day
Makeover on behalf of her salon 7 Image located
in San Diego.
Michel Sproles' husband NFL Player Darren
Sproles makes history in 2011 as he breaks the
NFL Record for most single-season
All Purpose Yardage at 2,696 Yards. This
record still stands.
YBF covered Michel's 30th Birthday Party gift
to her husband Darren Sproles
The Brand Group 2014
PYNK talks with Michel Sproles about facing
Breast Cancer, balancing business, family, school,
and empowering young women about this disease.
Michel Sproles
Candis “Miss Diddy” Brown
The Brand Group
[email protected]
The Brand Group 2014

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