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3.60MB - Solar Seal
South Easton MA
PRODUCTS AND EXPERT SERVICE - since the company was founded over a half
century ago. Today, we have the capabilities and the expertise to assist not only those
in the glass and glazing industry, but architects and business owners, as well.
Solar Seal provides fabricated glass products that range from the tried-and-true standards
to the innovative and unusual. We take great pride in our products and work hard to
integrate and apply new technologies as they become available. Over the years, our
equipment has become more advanced, our facilities have grown, and we have added
an ever-increasing range of products.
But the commitment to quality, service, and detail has remained the same since this
family-owned business first started back in 1950. We welcome the opportunity to assist
you in you next glass project.
Frederic P. Shaw, Jr.
Customer Service ......................................1
Cutting ........................................................1
Edging ........................................................1
Fabrication ..................................................2
Heat Treating ..............................................3
Heavy Glass Entrances ..............................4
Frameless Shower Enclosures ..................5
Textured Glass ............................................6
Sandblasted Glass......................................7
ClearShield Glass ......................................7
Insulated Glass ........................................8-9
Spandrel Glass ........................................10
Technical Information ................................11
Ordering ....................................................11
Insulated Glass ........................................12
Spandrel Glass ........................................13
Heat Treating ..........................................13
Edgework ..................................................14
Fabrication ................................................14
Entrances and Enclosures ........................14
Delivery ....................................................14
Breakage ..................................................15
Deflection ..................................................15
Thermal Stress..........................................15
Shading Devices ......................................15
Cleaning Instructions ................................16
Glazing ......................................................16
Warranty............................inside back cover
Solar Seal has maintained a very high level of customer service since day one - and that
tradition continues today. Our team is ready to answer your questions and provide the
information you need, whether it's on a specific product or a general industry topic. For this
brochure, we have worked very hard to provide you with both relevant general and technical information
related to our capabilities. This same information can also be found on our website (www.solarseal.com).
Of course, should you need additional information, please give us a call, send us an email, or just stop by.
It's all about accuracy. Solar Seal uses state-of-the-art, 4-stage cutting equipment to ensure that your glass
will always be cut accurately. We have the ability to cut shapes from your drawings as well as from full size
patterns or digital files. We routinely cut glass sheets as large as 204”x 130”, and we are constantly adding
new glass types to our extensive inventory.
If you can envision it, we can fabricate it. Solar Seal supplies glass with a variety of edge types. Whether
you require a seamed edge for handling purposes, a highly polished edge for a shower door, or a fancy
edge like a double waterfall for a tabletop, we have the experience, expertise, equipment and know-how
to deliver on your expectations. We can also edge custom shapes and have the ability to provide you with
polished internal cutouts thanks to our CNC edging and fabrication equipment.
(Grind or Polish)
Double Waterfall
(1/2” only)
Triple Waterfall
(3/4” only)
(radius shapes only)
How do you handle glass as large as 204” x 130”
on a daily basis - very carefully.
Solar Seal can produce glass to your exact
specifications quickly and accurately. Our CNC
fabrication equipment enables us to drill holes, notch
cutouts, and polish glass all on the same machine.
This allows us to process complicated shapes with
high precision. We can work from templates, sketches,
even certain types of digital files to fabricate
your order. Solar Seal is also a master hardware
distributor, and that allows our customers to get all
of their glass, hardware, and installation supplies
from a single company.
The Peabody Essex Museum, Salem MA,
Glazier: Modern Glass and Aluminum
Private residence, Glazier: Mario’s Classic Mirror
Private residence, Cape Cod, MA, Glazier: The Glass House Glass
Heat strengthened glass has approximately twice the mechanical and
thermal strength as annealed glass
of equal thickness. Fully tempered
glass has approximately four times
the mechanical and thermal strength
as annealed glass of equal thickness.
Fully tempered glass, as compared
to annealed glass, also has improved
resistance to rapid temperature
changes and impacts, and if broken,
crumbles into relatively harmless
fragments as opposed to large shards
with sharp edges and corners.
Solar Seal offers both heat strengthened and fully tempered glass which
meets or exceeds US Federal
Standards CPSC 16 CFR 1201
and complies and ANSI Z97.1 and
ASTM-C1048-97b. We can temper
glass ranging in thickness from 1/8”
(3.2mm)- 3/4” (19mm), and also
handle a wide variety of low E
products, including sputter (soft)
coats. All of Solar Seal's heat-treated
products are stamped with a ceramic
logo or engraved with a laser to certify
that they have been heat-treated. For
more information on heat treated glass
products, please review the technical
information in this brochure, go to our
website, or contact Solar Seal directly.
Gilmartin, Magence, Camiel & Ross, Watertown MA
EMC, Franklin MA, Glazier: Ipswich Bay Glass, Architect: Gorman Richardson
Telco Systems, Foxboro MA, Glazier: Robie Window Systems
Worcester Public Library, Worcester MA
Glazier: The Cheviot Corporation, manufactured in collaboration with Steven Knapp
A glass entryway is a dramatic entryway. Solar Seal's heavy glass doors are
designed to combine the inherent beauty and transparency of glass with the
durability and variety of today's installation hardware. The design and fabrication of glass entrances today provides for easier assembly, lower maintenance,
and improved functionality - all of which can be combined with a seemingly
endless variety of hardware options. Solar Seal can supply you with
everything from the installation tools and expertise to dry set rail systems and
panic/egress hardware to ensure that your heavy glass doors are aesthetically
pleasing and reliably functional. When you need to make your glass entryway
project come to life, the Solar Seal staff can complete your glass size
calculations, provide timely quotations, and turn around the glass and
hardware quickly.
Top right: C.R. Laurence Headquarters, Los Angeles, CA
Glazier: C.R. Laurence
Bottom right: Danvers Savings Bank, Danvers, MA
Glazier: All Door & Lock
Showers have certainly come
a long way. Today, everything
you need to complete your next
frameless shower is available
from Solar Seal - including the
glass, the hardware (in a variety
of finishes and models), and the
expertise. We can complete
the front elevations including
deductions, make hardware
recommendations, and fabricate
the glass from your tight opening
dimensions. That way, you get the
entire installation package from
one supplier. Also, if you are
looking for something that is more
unique, try sandblasted or textured
glass - and don't forget to add
ClearShield™ for its easy-clean
Private residence, Glazier: Holliston Glass & Mirror
Private residence,
Glazier: Mayflower Glass & Aluminum
Private residence,
Glazier: Sarno Glass and Mirror
Private residence,
Glazier: New Hampshire Glass
Private residence,
Glazier: Bristol Glass, Inc.
Private Residence, Glazier: Monique Studio, Inc.
Manufactured in collaboration with Monique Studio, Inc.
There's nothing more unique than
a cast glass texture. Solar Seal has
been creating unique cast glass
textures for over 25 years. Kiln cast
glass, or slumped glass, creates a
feeling of warmth, dimension, and
a uniqueness that can only come
from such a special product and
process. We can incorporate any
of our standard textures or create
a unique design for your next cast
glass project.
Most of Solar Seal's textured designs
can be post tempered to meet safetyglazing requirements. Some of the
uses for textured glass typically
include: exterior windows, interior
panels, flooring, counter tops, table
tops, logo designs, commercial
doors, shower doors, handrails,
displays and backsplashes.
Aria Day Spa, Easton MA,
Glazier: City Glass Company
Sea Grass
Sea Foam
Worcester Public Library, Worcester MA, Glazier: The Cheviot Corporation,
Manufactured in colaboration with Steven Knapp
Sandblasting can add a totally new
dimension to any glass project. Solar
Seal is a full service sandblasting
specialist capable of artwork design,
surface preparation, sandblasting, and
sealing of your design. We can produce corporate logos, patterns, full
surface sandblasts, or even faded
in/out designs on almost any type of
glass and in a variety of coverages
and blast depths. Sandblasting can
add that unique look on any glass
installation from a shower enclosure
to a corporate conference center. Wi t h
our CNC equipment, we can produce
and reproduce glass projects with
consistent coverage and repeatable
Private Residence, New
Orleans LA, Designed in
collaboration with Mike
Private Residence,
Glazier: Mayflower
Glass & Aluminum
Private Residence,
Norwood MA, Glazier:
Modern Glass Design
St. Vincent’s Hospital, Worcester MA,
Glazier: Modern Glass and Aluminum
Without ClearShield™
Solar Seal offers ClearShield™ which works
much like non-stick cookware and will help
to protect your glass (especially sandblasted
glass) from stains like fingerprints and dirt.
ClearShield™ Glass is a unique and higher
quality of glass with exceptional clarity,
visibility and cleanliness. It is easier to clean
and keep clean, eliminating the need for
harsh and abrasive cleaning methods.
ClearShield™ Glass normally requires
washing half as often as ordinary glass,
saving time, effort and money.
With ClearShield™
701 Edgewater Drive, Wakefield MA,
Glazier: Total Glazing Systems
Nokia, Burlington MA, Glazier: Ipswich Bay Glass
Solar Seal has been a primary supplier and recognized leader of insulating glass for over 30 years.
We are able to produce units of almost any size,
thickness, shape, and color that you can imagine
using annealed, heat strengthened, fully tempered,
or laminated glass. In order to meet your project
specifications, Solar Seal's Insulating Glass Units
may be ordered with a wide range of options and
possible makeups including:
• Glass thicknesses ranging from Single Strength (3/32”) to 3/4”
• Glass types including: tints, reflectives, pyrolitic (hard coat) low E, sputter (soft coat) high performance
low E, laminated, wire glass, pattern, and sandblasted glass from almost any float glass producer
• Spacers that are roll formed, laser welded, bent at the corners (continuous), and filled with 100%
molecular sieve (desiccant) to absorb moisture and hydrocarbon vapors
• A variety of spacer colors including clear anodized, bronze and black
• Spacer thickness ranging from 3/16”-1” or more
• Spacers that are stamped with an order number and glass dimensions for easy reordering
• Argon gas filling to improve sound and thermal performance
• Muntin bars or grids to aid in aesthetics
• CBA unit ratings (the highest available from IGCC)
which meet ASTM E773 and E774
• Dual Seal units with a polyisobutylene (PIB/Butyl)
primary seal and a silicone secondary seal which
are ideal for structural glazing
Liberty Publishers, Beverly MA
Silicone Seal
Spacer - Standard
Aluminum or Warm Edge
Float Glass
Float Glass
Aavid Thermalloy, Concord NH, Glazier: Granite State Glass
• Breather tubes are available for shipments to high
altitude areas
Interior Surface #4
Surface #1
• Spandrel glass
Air Space
• Standard Shapes and Custom Patterns
• Step Glazed Units
Polyisobutylene Thermal Moisture Barrier
• Boxing and Boom Deliveries
1/2” Siteline
• Heavy and oversize units
The components of a typical insulated glass unit
• 10 year written limited warranty
7 Technology Park Drive, Westford MA, Glazier: Ipswich Bay Glass
7 Technology Park Drive, Westford MA,
Glazier: Ipswich Bay Glass
Cummings Center, Beverly MA, Glazier: Ipswich Bay Glass,
Architect: Michael Pascavage and Bruce Oveson
Spandrel glass is glass that has been rendered opaque with a water-based,
lead-free opacifier or ceramic frit. It is often used to conceal an area from
direct viewing. Solar Seal offers eight standard colors and also has the ability
to match custom colors with the use of a spectrocolorometer.
Corporate Way, Concord NH,
Glazier: Granite State Glass
Spandrel glass can also be used to satisfy the criteria for fallout protection.
However, Spandrel glass is not designed for use in transoms, partitions, areas
exposed to traffic flow, or any other place where diffused light may be a concern. Spandrel is typically applied to the second surface of the glass, and most
applications require a clear substrate which must be heat strengthened or fully
tempered to avoid thermal stress. To learn more about Spandrel glass from
Solar Seal, please review the technical information in this brochure or visit our
website. For more information regarding your next Spandrel project, please
contact Solar Seal directly.
Standard available colors
Dark Red
Examples of custom possibilities
RSA Security, Bedford MA,
Glazier: Ipswich Bay Glass
Dark Blue
Colors shown here are representative only. Solar Seal will be glad to provide actual color samples as
The following pages contain technical information
including requests of or standard practices of Solar
Seal, safety standards which must be adhered to
by law, and/or common practices and recommended
guidelines of the glass industry. This is only a
partial list and we request that our customers
review Solar Seal's Terms and Conditions of
Quotations and Orders (which is available upon
request) as well as to ask questions and review
industry information when ordering products they
are not familiar with.
Glass can be as functional as it is beautiful, but
it is not without risk. We encourage building
and homeowners, architects, and our customers
to be aware of the risks associated with any
installation, and to always err on the side of safety.
For additional information, visit our website or call
us directly at 1-(800) 225-0430.
• Please review Solar Seal's terms and conditions
prior to ordering.
• All dimension should be supplied as base x left
x right as viewed from the exterior
(Exterior=Surface #1).
• When a pattern is required Solar Seal requests
full size templates that are on a rigid material that
is free from protrusions (i.e. screws, nails, etc.).
• Federal, State, and local laws require the use
of safety glazing materials in certain situations.
The purchaser is solely responsible for specifying
and using the appropriate materials for each
application. The use of non safety glazing
materials in an inappropriate location is both
illegal and hazardous.
• Surface requests for coated glass should be
specified as viewed from the exterior surface
(Exterior=Surface #1).
• All glass sizes are supplied within a standard
tolerance for overall size. For insulated glass
units, please refer to SIGMA's Voluntary
Guidelines and for monolithic glass, please
refer to ASTM C 1036-01.
The Peabody Essex Museum, Salem MA, Glazier: Modern Glass and Aluminum
The Peabody Essex Museum, Salem MA, Glazier: Modern Glass and Aluminum
• Solar Seal's Insulating Glass units meet or exceed
the CBA rating (the highest available) as tested by
independent laboratories per IGCC specifications
and are constructed with materials that comply with
the performance characteristics established by ASTM
specification E-773 and E-774 for sealed insulating
• Insulating glass units are constructed with flat glass
which meets the requirements of ASTM C-1036-01,
and if heat treated C-1048-97b. Overall unit dimensions are supplied in accordance with SIGMA's
voluntary guidelines for Commercial Insulating Glass
Dimensional Tolerances.
52 Second Ave, Burlington MA
• Solar Seal requests drawings where three or four sided
structural glazing is to take place for approval prior to
• Distortion may occur from changes in temperature,
barometric pressure, and elevation. Distortion may
• Insulated glass units are backed by a 10 year written
also occur from the heat treating process, frame binding,
limited warranty which is available upon request.
and other factors. This distortion is inherent in the
• Unless otherwise specified, Solar Seal insulated
product and is not considered a defect. This distortion
glass units are fabricated with lites of the following
will be more apparent in units with reflective coatings.
• Sealed insulating glass units, when viewed at an acute
angle, may exhibit a surface distortion similar to an oil
3/8” units
3/32” glass
stain. This condition is a characteristic of the flat glass
7/16” units
1/8” glass
surface of float glass and is often referred to as “Jamin
1/2” units
1/8” glass
5/8” units
3/16” glass
3/4” units
3/16” glass
7/8” units
3/16” glass
1” units
1/4” glass
Waverly Oaks Office Building, Waltham MA, Glazier: Academy Glass, Inc.,
Architect: Clinton Design Associates
All overall thicknesses are provided at +/- 1/16”
• Insulated glass units must use a minimum glass
thickness for the following unit sizes:
3/32” glass
Up to 12 square feet
1/8” glass
Up to 16 square feet
3/16” glass
Up to 32 square feet
1/4” glass or thicker
Up to 70 square feet
One Wall Street, New York, NY,
Glazier: Skyline Windows
• If fallout protection is required, it must be specified
when requesting a quotation and at time of ordering.
• Solar Seal recommends applying spandrel
to surface #2.
• Spandrel glass should be glazed against a dark
background and in a non-vision area.
• Spandrel glass is not designed for use in transoms,
partitions, areas exposed to traffic flow, or any
other place where diffused light is a concern.
• Most applications require a clear substrate which
has been heat strengthened or fully tempered due
to the potential for breakage caused by thermal
• When applying spandrel to a substrate a minimum
of 1/4” airspace is required. Fiberglass or rigid
insulation may be used to meet this requirement
if the insulation is foiled on two sides and factory
approved before application.
EMC, Franklin MA, Glazier: Ipswich Bay Glass
• As with any product, we recommend reviewing
and adhering to the manufacturers guidelines as
provided by Solar Seal's supplier. Assistance in
obtaining this information is available upon
• Out gassing from certain products including, but
not limited to insulation, non-silicone setting
blocks, acidic or non-neutral curing silicone etc.
may occur resulting in a failure of the spandrel
coating. Verification of compatibility of products
should be checked for ahead of time. Assistance in
determining compatibility is available if requested.
• Heat treated glass can not be cut, drilled, notched,
edged, etched or altered in any other manner after
the heat treating process has taken place. Any
field alterations may result in failure.
• Heat treated glass retains many of the normal properties of annealed glass including chemical resistance, hardness, expansion, and deflection.
• Tempered glass is more prone to spontaneous
breakage than annealed glass. Spontaneous
breakage is not covered under Solar Seal's
Bruker Daltonics, Inc., Billerica MA, Glazier: C.A. Matson Glass, Co.
• Solar Seal’s heat treated glass complies with ASTM
C-1036-01 and ASTM C-1048-97b. All fully tempered glass shall meet the test requirements of
ANSI Z97.1 and the CSPC standard for architectural
glazing materials 16 CFR 1201 categories I and II.
• Unless otherwise requested, all tempered glass
shall be permanently identified with the SGCC label
indicating certification of the product.
• Heat treated glass will contain surface waves
which are a result of the heat treating process.
These waves are most noticeable when reviewing
reflected images or viewing the glass at an acute
angle. This is also known as roller distortion and
is not considered a defect.
• Heat treated glass often contains iridescence or
strain pattern. This strain pattern is most noticeable under certain lighting conditions and when
viewing the glass at an acute angle. Strain pattern
or iridescence is inherent to the heat treating
process and is not considered a defect.
While glass is both beautiful and functional,
its strength can not be exactly predicted. It is
important to consider both the probability and the
consequences of breakage coupled with industry
standards and recommendations. There are many
reasons why glass can fail and all such possibilities
should be taken into consideration during the design
phase of any project.
• Some of the potential reasons for failure and/or
breakage include but are not limited to: thermal
stress, long and short term loads, mechanical
stress, object impact, spontaneous or delayed
breakage, static fatigue, stones (including nickel
sulfide), and vandalism.
• Solar Seal will not accept responsibility for
incomplete, incorrect, or misuse of any of its
products as they relate to system design(s)
and/or application types.
Deflection is the physical displacement of glass
from its original position under load.
• Laminated glass will deflect equally for short
periods of time when compared to other glass
types of the same thickness.
• Excessive displacement may result in distortion,
edge pull-out, contact with interior components
and or ultimately, breakage.
• Annealed and heat treated products of equal thickness will deflect equally under the same load.
• For more information, please refer to our website
for load resistance calculators and refer to ASTM
E 1300-03.
Thermal Stress
A condition related to temperature changes or
differences between pieces of glass or within
a single piece of glass which can ultimately lead
to breakage.
• The most typical occurrences of thermal
stress/breakage are when the edges of the glass
are cold and the center becomes heated.
The Cliff House Resort & Spa, Ogunquit ME, Glazier: Cumberland County Glass, Inc.
• Some occurrences are results of buildings with
overhangs, deep vertical mullions, or unheated
buildings that have glass in direct sunlight.
• Links to thermal stress calculators and more
detailed information can be found on our website
(www.solarseal.com). Solar Seal will assist
with thermal stress calculations and will make
recommendations when requested.
• Thermal stress/breakage is most often a concern
with tinted, reflective, low-e, and spandrel glass,
but can occur with any type of glass.
Shading Devices
Improper combination of shading devices and glass
(and/or) glazing systems may result in failure.
• A positive stop or lockout is recommended to
prevent complete closure of the blinds.
• A minimum clearance of 2” between the shading
device and the glass is required. Similarly, any
improper combination of shading devices and
glass (and/or) glazing systems may result in
• Ventillation is recommended across the horizontal
head. A natural air vent will give the best results.
Cleaning Instructions
Proper cleaning techniques must be utilized to prevent
unnecessary glass damage. Solar Seal will not be held
responsible for damage not immediately reported to us
after shipment and/or for damage occurring in the field
or during cleaning. The information below is only a partial
list of proper techniques and suggestions. Solar Seal
recommends that its customers regularly review their
cleaning and preparation techniques and adhere to
suggestions made by GANA (Glass Association of North
America). Solar Seal is a member of GANA and works
to promote their standard practices. For more information
please see the GANA web site regarding the cleaning of
heat treated glass surfaces.
• When dirt and residue are noticed, the glass should
be cleaned as soon as possible. Stickers, tapes, banners,
etc. should be removed from the glass surface(s) promptly.
• Care should be taken to avoid cleaning tinted
or coated glass in direct sunlight.
• It is recommended that a small section of the glass
be cleaned first and then examined for damage.
• Glass should first be rinsed and then cleaned with large
amounts of a water and soap solution which will help
to loosen any dirt or debris. A mild and non-abrasive
commercial window washing solution should be applied
with a non-abrasive applicator and again rinsed with large
amounts of water and a clean squeegee.
• Glass should always be inspected immediately after
receipt to determine if any issues are a result of the
manufacturing process.
• While glass cleaning is generally required, Solar Seal
suggests taking precautionary steps to avoid unnecessary
damage. Glass should be stored indoors away from
adverse weather conditions. It should also be monitored
at the jobsite to avoid damage from other trades people.
Tools should not be leaned against the glass and any
splashed on or spilled materials should not be allowed
to dry onto the glass.
• Cleaning should begin with the upper portions of a
building and at the top of any glass and should continue
• A common mistake when cleaning glass is to use razor
blades and/or scrapers on large sections of the glass.
Solar Seal does not recommend the use of any scraping
devices. If a scraping device must be used, we suggest a
new razor blade that is 1” or smaller. Any scraping should
be done in one direction only and should never be done
on a coated glass surface.
Proper glazing techniques must be adhered to in order for
units to function properly and to meet safety requirements. The information below is only a partial list. Solar
Seal recommends that its customers regularly review the
most current edition(s) of the manual “Glazing” which may
be obtained from GANA (Glass Association of North
America). Solar Seal is a member of GANA and works to
promote their standard practices.
• A minimum perimeter clearance of 1/8” should be maintained for units up to 12 square feet and a 1/4” minimum
perimeter clearance for larger units.
• Units should be set on two 80-90 Shore A durometer
neoprene setting blocks which should be located at the
quarter points of the base edge of the lites. The setting
blocks may be installed within 6” of the vertical edge of
the lite or unit when the conditions are acceptable. The
length of the setting block should be 0.1” in length for
Blemish Type
Q3 Levels
Point Blemish
includes knots, dirt, stones,
gaseous inclusions and other
similar blemishes
Measure the length
and width and average
the two dimensions
Not to exceed 2mm (.08”)
every square foot of the glass areas, but not less
than four inches in length. Setting Blocks should
be 1/16” less in width than the channel and sufficient
in height to provide nominal recommended bite
and minimum glass edge clearance.
• Units should be blocked in place with soft rubber shims
at the sides to prevent movement. Use lateral centering
shims on 12”-18” centers when applicable. Continuous
shims are recommended in high wind loading applications.
• Do not use oil based glazing compounds or putties.
Use only resilient, non-hardening materials which are
compatible with the sealants used by Solar Seal.
• Glazing beads, sash sections and gasket systems must be
a minimum or 3/4” in height to adequately cover both the
clearance space and metal spacer in Solar Seal's units.
Linear Blemish
includes scratches, rubs,
digs, and other similar blemishes
Crush Blemish
a lightly pitted appearance
View glass at a distance of 3.3M
(132”) and if detectable see
Not to exceed 75mm
(3”) if detectable at 3.3M (132”)
View glass at 2M (78”)
and if detectable see below
Not to exceed 2mm (.08”)
Shell Chips
a circular indentation in the glass edge
caused by a small fragment of the glass
being removed
Measure the chip depth, length, and width
Depth = 50% of glass thickness.
Width <
_ glass thickness
(min=6mm) Length <
_ 2 times chip width
Glass Quality Standards - Solar Seal's glass products meet or exceed Q3 level quality as is referenced in ASTM C 1036-01. All blemishes should be viewed at 90° angle (perpen dicular) using daylight, but without direct sunlight. This table applies to 1/4” thick glass. Thicker glass may contain proportionally larger blemishes or further viewing distances.
• Unless otherwise specified or requested, annealed glass
is supplied with clean cut edges. Heat treated glass,
unless otherwise specified or requested, is supplied with
seamed edges.
• Flat ground edges may contain linear and random
abrasion marks.
• Other edge types including polished and finer
edges are available by request.
All heat treated glass (regardless of manufacturer) with holes must conform to the following guidelines
at a minimum.
Guidelines for tempered glass with holes
Glass thickness
Distance from rim to edge
Distance between rims
1/2” or half the diameter (whichever is greater)
Minimum hole diameter
Distance from corner to rim
• Solar Seal manufactures its shower enclosure
glass in accordance to specifications provided
by its customers.
GANA guidelines and hardware manufactures
suggested guidelines.
• Solar Seal will calculate customer's glass sizes,
offer engineering and configuration advice, and
distribute hardware to its customers as a service.
• Solar Seal requires its customers to comply with
the glazing guidelines and recommendations of the
hardware manufacturers' products which are being
• Solar Seal makes every effort to avoid distributing
hardware and/or glass for any use which does not
comply with standard safety procedures. However,
it is ultimately up to the glazier to ensure that all
legal, logical, and suggested safety practices are
• Solar Seal engineers its Heavy Glass Doors,
Entrances, and Enclosures in accordance with
• When requested, Solar Seal will offer design
advice and recommendations based on the
information provided about any particular
applications. We strongly recommend the
use of wind-load fins, silicone butt joints
or other structural supporting features where
necessary or as required in accordance with
GANA guidelines.
• Solar Seal can produce front elevations, cut
sections, and other drawings for representative
purposes or to assist in the architectural approval
process as a service.
• Solar Seal reserves the right to refuse fabrication
of any project in which proper glazing guidelines
are not adhered to.
Solar Seal Delivery Trucks
• Solar Seal quotes and delivers glass loose unless
other arrangements have been made. Additional
charges may be added for boxing, jobsites, boom
deliveries, storage, and/or redeliveries. For more
information please refer to Solar Seal's Terms and
Conditions of Quotations and Sales which is available upon request.
• Due to the nature of glass and the difficulty
associated with determining when a lite of glass
becomes scratched, chipped, etc. Solar Seal
requests that customers inspect shipments
immediately and report any issues within 24
hours. Solar Seal may not be held responsible
for quality issues not reported to us within this
time frame.
55 Bristol Drive
South Easton, MA 02375
Tel 508-238-0112
Fax 508-238-0103
[email protected]
Solar Seal offers the following limited warranty
on units supplied with a dual seal:
This Warranty is given by Solar Seal Company
(Solar Seal) only to customers (the customer)
purchasing insulating glass (the unit) directly
from Solar Seal.
Solar Seal warrants that each unit will be free
from material obstruction of vision as a result
of fogging or film formation on the internal glass
surfaces caused by failure of the hermetic seal
due to defects in material or workmanship, for
a period of ten years from and after the date of
Solar Seal's manufacture of the unit. This
Warranty does not cover defects resulting from
or related to: improper use, handling or other
abuse, sloped glazing, units installed in high
humidity areas, vehicle installation, units not
paid for by original purchaser, failure to adhere
to Solar Seal's instructions, glass breakage, or
any cause other than those specified in the
immediately preceding sentence.
If any breach of the Warranty is reported to
Solar Seal before the end of the tenth year from
the date of manufacture, Solar Seal, at its exclusive option, will either: A) Provide a replacement
unit or B) refund to the customer 100% of Solar
Seal's original selling price for such defective unit.
If Solar Seal elects to supply a replacement unit,
the Warranty thereon will extend for the balance
of the original ten year period. All replacement
units shall be F.O.B. Solar Seal's plant.
Replacement labor costs are not covered under
this warranty.
This Warranty is the only warranty made to any
person by Solar Seal. This Warranty is in lieu
of all other warranties, expressed or implied,
including but not limited to any implied
warranties of merchantability or fitness for a
particular purpose. The remedies set forth in
this Warranty shall be the exclusive remedies
available to any person. Solar Seal shall under
no circumstances be liable to any person for
incidental or consequential damages of any
description. No person has any authority to alter
this warranty.
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