2nd Annual Middle East Solar Awards Ceremony 19, November



2nd Annual Middle East Solar Awards Ceremony 19, November
2nd Annual 19, November 2013
Middle East Solar Awards Intercontinental Hotel
Ceremony Abu Dhabi
Empowering Solar Across The Middle East
ESIA, the predecessor to MESIA, was born in 2009 when a group of solar pioneers came together
at the Al Raha Hotel in Abu Dhabi with the aim of giving life to the vast potential for solar in the
Middle East. This group of solar enthusiasts, led by Vahid Fotuhi, went on to become the Founding
Members of MESIA and they include Alsa Solar Systems, Chadbourne & Parke, Enviromena, First
Solar, Masdar, Power One, Schneider Electric, Standard Chartered Bank, and Taylor Wessing.
Along the way, the group experienced technical, financial and operational challenges. A solar
association had not been established anywhere in the MENA region and there was resistance on many
levels. But the team remained true to their passion for solar and pressed ahead.
Thanks to the hard work and perseverance of MESIA’s leadership team, the foundation was laid for
what has emerged as the largest and most respected solar association in the MENA region.
Today, with more than 120 members from around the world, an increased geographical scope and
an encouraging pipeline of solar projects across the region, we are happy to celebrate our peers for
their fantastic achievements and dedication to creating one of the most promising solar industries in
the world.
Welcome address
Vahid Fotuhi
The strength and impressive scale of this year’s nominees is a reflection of how far the solar industry
in the Middle East has come in the past 12 months. It is an honor for MESIA to bring together the
leading companies and executives from across the region as we celebrate our collective efforts in
promoting solar power in the Middle East. The future looks very bright for our industry and I’m sure
that every year the profile of the candidates and the projects up for awards will become more grand
and more impressive.
Dr. Eesa Mohd. Abdulrazzaq Al Bastaki
Chairman of the jury
The past history has always treated humans in the sense of challenges in order to survive. Earlier,
humanity had to go to wars to either annihilate or survive. The elements of this challenge have
changed through time until we started to enter the twentieth century and beyond to realize that the
new challenges for survival are related to the environment. Clean environment is one of the most
addressed challenges to sustaining prosperous lifestyle in the twenty first century.
Woman of the Year
Michelle T. Davies
Michelle T. Davies is head of the Eversheds Clean Energy and
Sustainability Group. She is a board member of MESIA and a founding
member of the MESIA Women in Solar Group. She also sits on the SASIA
Policy Strategy Group as well as other industry policy groups such as
on the Advisory Board to the Climate Bond Initiative. Michelle advises
across all renewable technologies and is active in assisting governments
and clients on policy and regulation.
Sarah Fitzgerald
Sarah Fitzgerald was most recently the Marketing Manager for MESIA
and was responsible for the implementation of MESIA’s marketing
strategy and running the day-to-day operations for the organisation.
During her 15 months with MESIA, she successfully led the expansion
of membership base by almost 300%. She redesigned and launched the
organization’s new website along with additional features such as job
search, training material and the Information Centre. Sarah was also
instrumental in the design and launch of MESIA’s Women in Solar
Hala Zawati
Hala Zawati is the CEO of EDAMA, the Jordanian business association
dedicated to energy, water and the environment. She is a solar industry
expert and has produced many excellent events, workshops, briefs and
round-table events over the past 10 years. She is the ambassador of solar
in Jordan and has been a real driving force behind the growth of solar
in the country.
Media Personality of the Year
Robin Mills
Robin Mills is the Head of Consulting at Manaar Energy and is an expert
on Middle East energy strategy and economics. He is a columnist on
energy and environmental issues at The National, and comments widely
on energy issues in the media, including the Financial Times, Foreign
Policy, Atlantic, CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, Sky News and others. He has
written extensively on solar power in the Middle East, including cowriting MESIA’s “Sunrise in the Desert” report. He is also the author of
two books, “The Myth of the Oil Crisis” and “Capturing Carbon”.
Florian Neuhof
Florian Neuhof has covered conventional and renewable energy
topics for The National. His relentless efforts to promote solar energy
in particular and spread education about the industry have greatly
contributed to the increase of public visibility of the Middle East solar
power industry.
Vesela Todorova
With seven years of environmental reporting in the UAE, Vesela
Todorova is one of the most well-established journalists in this field in
the region. She has written extensively on renewable energy and energy
efficiency, as well as other environmental issues, water and waste
management, bio-diversity conservation and air quality. She is currently
the Environment Correspondent at The National newspaper and also a
contributor for the Dubai State of Energy Report, launched in October
this year by the Supreme Council of Energy. She is also a jury member
of the annual student essay competition organised by the Environment
Agency - Abu Dhabi.
Legal Advisor of the Year
Chadbourne & Parke
Chadbourne & Parke has been an early and active supporter of the Middle Eastern solar power
industry. Over the years, the firm has consolidated its market leadership.
Recent assignments include advising a global solar PV project developer on the development of the
first phase of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Solar Park in Dubai, a 13 MW PV
power plant; a global solar PV project developer on the development and financing of 130 MW
PV power plant in Jordan; a major Saudi conglomerate on the establishment of a renewable energy
project development division; Oman’s Authority for Electricity Regulation on the development of a
solar energy program.
Chadbourne & Parke has further strengthened its though leadership on solar by contributing
numerous articles and webinars.
Eversheds Clean Energy and Sustainability Group has advised on over 20GW of renewable energy
projects across all technologies including solar, on shore and off shore wind, geothermal, biomass,
waste to energy and hydro.
The team advises across the entire project lifecycle from securing development assets to construction
to financing as well as capital raising and M&A. Eversheds’ clients include large utilities, governments,
IPPs, banks, infrastructure and private equity funds and institutional investors.
Taylor Wessing
Taylor Wessing has been advising clients on renewable energy projects in Europe, as early as in the
1980s. Ever since, Taylor Wessing has been at the forefront of legal developments in the renewable
energy industry through its 23 offices in the most vibrant markets of Europe, the Middle East and
Since the early beginnings of regional solar markets, Taylor Wessing has worked on preparing the
markets and is advocating the introduction of a sound legal framework based on which a sustainable
solar energy market can be developed. Expanding its reach even further, the firm is currently
involved in several renewable energy projects in West Africa.
Commercial Advisor of the Year
Access is a boutique project development and advisory firm with a focus on the power & water sector
in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa (META). Our strategy is to originate and develop a pipeline
of power projects in the GCC and sub-Saharan Africa, remain the leading advisor on governmenttendered I(W)PP projects in the META region, and support overseas technology leaders in securing
a foothold in the Middle East power sector. Our leadership team consists of seasoned industry
experts with combined references in over 100 power and water projects, including every MENA
I(W)PP project since 2000 as well as the inception of the Saudi I(W)PP program. Currently, Access
is advising on 90% of all active I(W)PP tenders in the MENA region. Our clients include the world’s
largest utility company, solar CSP developer as well as the one of the world’s largest wind developers
and solar PV developer. To learn more about Access, please visit: www.access-advisory.com
Adenium Energy Capital
Adenium was launched in early 2010 as an investment company, specializing in the investment and
development of clean energy and alternative energy-related sectors. Adenium›s mandate is to build a
diversified global portfolio of clean energy assets with an initial focus on the solar markets.
In 2013, Adenium locked in 30 MW of Jordanian solar projects with potential for more. Adenium
closed 20 MW of solar projects in Japan with an additional 80 MW on its pipeline for next year.
BNP Paribas
BNP Paribas has been operating across the Middle East region for over 35 years. The Bank has a
presence in five Middle East countries: Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab
Emirates in addition to covering Oman.
BNP Paribas was financial adviser on the 100 MW Shams 1 CSP project in Abu Dhabi. The project
was precedent setting for a number of reasons, but the key reason is that it was the first utility-scale
solar power facility in the Gulf to be procured on an independent power project basis.
Policy Maker of the Year
Abu Dhabi Water
& Electricity Authority (ADWEA)
The Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority researches and develops ways to more efficiently
produce, distribute and consume water and electricity. Abu Dhabi needs water and electricity to live,
grow and thrive-ADWE is providing that. ADWEA is owned by the Abu Dhabi Government, but is
financially and administratively independent. As ADWEA strives to meet the Abu Dhabi 2030 vision,
ADWEA is not only dedicated to providing the water and electricity the Emirate needs, but also
the guidance, collaboration and partnership that›s needed to help Abu Dhabi reach its full potential.
Jordan Electricity
Regulatory commission
ERC objective is to mainly ensure applying the rights of consumers and to resolve any complain that
may occur between the consumer and Electricity companies. Key responsibilities are to apply the
government policy of restructuring the electricity sector on bases of equity and fairness, provide
Electricity services to more than one and a half million consumers, ensure that electricity companies
are providing high quality safe services, provide electricity services with acceptable competitive
prices and overview, monitor and solve complains submitted by consumers.
K.A.CARE has been at the forefront of establishing the framework for renewable energy
development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 2013, K.A.CARE has made public the country’s
ambition to develop 54GW of renewable energy facilities by 2032, including 41GW of PV and
CSP. Identifying the country›s solar potential was a crucial step towards attracting local, regional
and international developers and building the foundations for what promises to be the largest single
market for solar in the world.
Technology of the Year
Alion Energy
Founded in 2008, Alion Energy has fundamentally redesigned the way we build and maintain utility
scale solar. As an innovative solar EPC and O&M solutions provider, Alion Energy combines robotic
installation technology with established construction practices to build local, utility scale projects
faster and up to 25% less, while producing more energy than standard fixed-tilt projects. Through
its patented technology, Alion Energy is able to build utility scale systems twice as fast and with less
than half the labor. At Alion Energy, we go beyond simply building the most cost-effective utility
scale solar systems; we build solar plants with LCOEs that can compete with any generation source.
For more information about Alion Energy, please visit www.alionenergy.com
The Research Center for Renewable Energy Mapping and Assessment (ReCREMA) - Masdar Institute
has developed a solar mapping tool to meet the country’s prospecting and resource assessment needs.
The UAE solar atlas utilizes satellite imagery through a robust ANN model to map the solar potential
across the country. Most of the existing models typically overestimate solar irradiance in this region.
The bias is primarily due to the model›s inadequate accounting for the impact of airborne dust.
The ANN model has demonstrated high accuracy for UAE climate and has the potential to be reliably
used for similar arid environments. The model produces direct normal irradiance (DNI), diffuse
horizontal irradiance (DHI) and global horizontal irradiance (GHI) maps at a 3 km spatial resolution
and in a near real-time manner, i.e. updated each 15 min.
SMA Fuel Save Controller
SMA is nominated in this category for two landmark projects in the Middle East.
The 10MW PV project installed on the covered parking of Saudi Aramco’s headquarters in Dhahran
is the largest PV project in the kingdom. It is also the largest parking PV installation in the world.
The parking lot hosts 5,000 cars and has an area of 16 hectares. The 120,000 CIS thin-film modules
will cover the daily electricity demand of the entire North Park Office Complex.
The Sheikh Zayed Solar PV Plant is Mauritania’s first PV power plant and is equipped with the latest
SMA inverter technology. Among others, a Sunny Island 2224 with remote control has been installed
to provide back-up power. The 15 MW PV power plant will provide 10 percent of Mauritania’s
energy capacity. Mauritania currently has an installed capacity of only 144 MW which consists
mostly of expensive diesel generators.
Regional Company of the Year
ACWA Power
Founded in 2004, ACWA Power is a developer, investor, co-owner and operator of a portfolio of
plants with an installed capacity of 15,731 MW of power and 2.4 million m3/day of desalinated
ACWA Power is a front-runner in the development of solar energy projects in the Middle East
and Africa. In 2013, the company launched construction of the Noor 1 - 160MW CSP project in
Morocco as well as the 50MW CSP Bokpoort project in South Africa. The company also owns and
operates a 60MW PV plant in Bulgaria.
Sun & Life
Sun & Life
Sun & Life is a subsidiary of Acwa Holding active in the fields of technology development,
manufacturing and turnkey solar EPC. The company’s pillars are based on localizing products and
services through optimizing solar solutions, and developing technologies with promising solar
2013 marked a major milestone for Sun & Life with the acquisition of Flabeg. German Flabeg Solar
is a technology provider and manufacturing leader of solar mirrors used in all kinds of CSP and CPV
power plants.
Value Addition
Value Addition is a leading provider of renewable energy solutions especially solar PV, thermal and
LED lighting. The company›s services range from conceptualization, design, supply, installation,
testing, commissioning and sales services.
The company has demonstrated excellent project results, meeting the highest international standards,
with among other others the flagship 695 kWp rooftop PV project on the DEWA Al Quoz Green
Having made its mark in the renewable energy space in the UAE, Value Addition has branched out
regionally with projects in Saudi Arabia and Oman.
Utility Company of the Year
Dubai Electricity &
Water Authority (DEWA)
Over the past few years, DEWA has been working relentlessly to promote the development of
renewable energy, and solar energy more particularly, in the emirate.
DEWA has initiated several projects, among others the flagship 13MW PV park and the DEWA
Green Building in 2013.
DEWA is further contributing to the realization of the Emirates vision to achieve its renewable
energy target ultimately leading to the fulfillment of the 1,000MW Mohammed bin Rashid Al
Maktoum Solar Park.
National Electric
Power Company (NEPCO)
With increasing demand for power and dependence on imported fuel for power generation, Jordan
has been considering and developing renewable energy projects for many years.
2013 has been a key milestone in the country›s energy portfolio and NEPCO has greatly contributed
to this. 170MW of solar power facilities are now expected to be online by end 2014 and some
experts predict 300MW of PV by 2017.
NEPCO has demonstrated a very progressive approach to include renewables in its portfolio and
on its grid and this has put many indicators on green for the development of solar in the country.
Saudi Electricity Company (SEC)
An astounding 41GW of solar is planned to be developed by 2032 in the Kingdom. SEC is determined
to play a leading role in this objective. Ziyad Al Shiha, the newly appointed CEO of SEC and a
strong advocate of solar energy, has made it his personal mission to make KSA›s power generation
more efficient. SEC also signed eight contracts for construction of new substations to help address
increasing power demand across Saudi Arabia. The new projects will greatly assist in the economic
development of the country and increase reliability by providing stable and uninterrupted usage.
Project of the Year
DEWA 13MW Project
It is the single largest solar PV project in the MENA region. The project was built and handed
over in less than 200 days. The plant will generate approximately 24 million kilowatt hours (kWh)
of electricity per year. The electricity generated by the power plant will, on average, displace
approximately 15,000 metric tons of CO2 annually.
The 13MW solar PV power plant is the first phase of the landmark Mohammed bin Rashid Al
Maktoum Solar Park. The Park is expected to eventually cover 40 km2 and host 1,000MW of clean
energy for the national grid using both PV and solar thermal technology.
DEWA Green Building
695 kwp rooftop
DEWA recently inaugurated its LEED Platinum rated building located in Al Quoz. Value Addition,
the Dubai-based solar PV specialist and MESIA member, successfully installed and commissioned the
695kWp grid tied solar PV system at the DEWA Green Building. The generated power is used to
run the chillers and other loads in the building. The system will generate more than 1 million units of
electricity per annum, which helps DEWA to offset close to 1,000 tons of CO2 emissions.
Noor 1 - 160 MW Project ( Morocco )
Noor 1 in Morocco is the first true competitive procurement for CSP including an open bidding with
no Feed In Tariff or Tariff Caps. It is also the largest CSP project in the world with a capacity of 160
MW using parabolic trough technology.
The Noor 1 PPA was signed in November 2012 just 2 months after ACWA Power was selected as
Preferred Bidder by MASEN (Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy), and Financial. Close was reached
in June 2013. Noor 1, representing a total investment of approximately USD 1 billion, is currently
under construction in Ouarzazate.
Al Shoaibi
Managing Partner
Dar Solar,
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
bdulmohsen Mohammad Al Shoaibi is Managing
Partner of Dar Solar, based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
He is also the Chairman of the Saudi Arabia Solar
Industry Association (SASIA).
Prior to that, he served as the Executive Manager
of Solar Arabia Co. Limited (formerly known as BP
Solar Arabia Co. Ltd), which specializes in every
aspect of Photovoltaic (PV) solar modules, including
assembly and development, design, engineering,
system sizing, supply, installation, testing and
commissioning of fully-integrated solar power
Under Abdulmohsen’s leadership, Solar Arabia has
installed more off-grid solar systems in the Middle
East than any other company in the world, with over
2,000 solar PV systems installed to date.
With more than 25 years of industry experience,
his expertise ranges from administration, strategic
planning, operations and projects management to
marketing and business development.
Mr. Shoaibi holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial
Engineering from the University of Toledo, USA.
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