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Over 400 years in the future, mankind has been driven to a
nomadic existence. Being preyed upon by werewolves and
fellow human Raiders, the last of the human tribes live a life
afraid, and on the run—smelting silver for bullets and knives.
How the werewolves came about is a mystery. Yet, there are
also stories of dragons laying waste to both humans and
werewolves alike. No one knows which of these ancient tales
are true. What is known is that humanity may be hunted out of
In this struggle for survival, two young lovers fight to have a
normal life. An innocent night of passion together could be the
undoing of all the tribe has achieved for generations. What lies
ahead for them, Dragons or Wolves?
After years of being a laboratory
supervisor for North Shore University
Hospital, he began teaching science at
Amityville Memorial High School in
New York, right down the street from
the famous Amityville Horror house.
Studying the martial arts under Renshi
George Santiago, he is now a Sensei at
Master Santiago’s Bushido Karate dojo
in Islip Terrace, New York.
ArcheBooks Publishing
This magical, mystical fantasy is not for children or the
faint of heart. It’s raw and visceral—as sharp as the teeth
of the wolf tearing out a throat, and as hot as the dragons
breath, incinerating all in its path.
A nail-biting Tour de Force! I haven’t read
such a thrilling page-turner in years. Superb!
Robert E. Gelinas
Author of The Mustard Seed
The Dragon Tales & Stories
Book One
Dragons and Wolves
Book Two
The Dragon & the Detective
(Winter 2005)
Book Three
Dragons and Science
(Summer 2005)
Drew Henriksen
Drew Henriksen holds a Bachelors of
Science degree in Medical Technology /
Biomedical research from the State
University of New York at Fredonia, a
Master of Science degree in Immunology
/ Medical Biology from the C. W. Post
campus of Long Island University, and a
Post Masters Certification in Science
Education from Dowling College.
Black Wolf stood there with his
red eyes glowing brighter than the
flames behind him. All the fur was
gone from his body. Open burns and
charred skin were pulled tight over
the massive muscles of his body
covered with oozing blisters. The
once bushy tail now resembled that
of a rat. His head was the worst;
white skull exposed over half of his
face. His teeth and cheekbone were
exposed for all to see. His eye rested
in its socket without benefit of an
As Randy and the rest went for
their guns, Black Wolf leaped off the
porch and bolted toward Kyle and
Amy McQue. He yanked the child
easily from his mother’s arms,
sending her to the ground. In Kyle’s
hand was still a chunk of red hair
from his mother, since neither
mother nor son wanted to let go of
each other. In less then a second, he
turned to Yukie and his mother.
Instinctively, Mrs. Chung started to
turn her back and shield her son.
With his free paw, Black Wolf
swiped her head clean off her
shoulders into the crowd and into the
arms of Doris Radcliff.
By the time the guns were drawn,
the wolf was holding both boys by
the neck. Each claw dug into their
skin like daggers. No one needed to
explain the situation. Any gunshot or
sudden move would kill the boys.