Dues Card Instructions - Grand Chapter of Texas



Dues Card Instructions - Grand Chapter of Texas
Open Duescards.pdf. Save file to your Computer. Reopen saved file. Then Click View in menu bars; Select Rotate; and
Push the Tab key or select the upper left box. Enter the dues card # it will also be entered on the Dues card when you
move to the next box.
Tab or select the next box and enter issue date, tab or select the next box and enter last 2 digits of year. Tab or select
the next box the date and year will be entered on the dues card.
Tab or select the next box on the stub and enter the Member’s name it will also fill in the dues card when we move to
the next box.
The next box on the stub is the $ amount. Or as I have been informed some secretaries like to put endowed member; 50
year member, etc.
The next boxes are for the ending date of the dues card. When these boxes are filled in it will fill in all the end dates on
all the cards. If you only do one or two use the left side first. And the next time you print remove the date from these
boxes and they will not reprint over the existing dates printed on the form.
The next tab or box selected is the center of the dues card where we type the chapter name and number. This box will
auto adjust the font if you want to add more information such as shown below, There has been a second line added just
hit enter and you can enter information on it see second graphic.
Once you have entered all the information for the whole sheet or for just the ones you need; the printer has to be set up
to print properly. These have been tested on an Epson; an HP; and a Brother they all came out fine. To Set up select
print, when the print box comes up there is a box labeled page scaling you must select NONE or actual size otherwise
the dues cards will print ok on 1,2 ok on 3,4 but 5,6 7,& 8 will be way off. I always print a copy on plain paper and hold
up to the dues card to check. If you have access to typing or very thin paper this is easier to do and will save on printing

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