February 2009


February 2009
A monthly newsletter for Saia Employees
February 2009
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rovide the best-in-class
2008 President’s Club
Year-end Winners
Pictured left to right are Mark Hamblin, DVP Sales, Western
Division; Bernie Bernard, CGO RM; Frank Petrozza, MKM
Sales Representative; Steve Perry, GBY TM; Heidi Munsun,
MKE BDE; and Paul Peck, VP Operations, Eastern Division.
Large Terminals
BMT/HST Albert McNeil
John Hargis
DLS/GRL Greg Walker
Jessica Hargis
Chris Brunk
Josh Nycum
Michael Olivas
Rosie Robledo
Garon Eddins
Medium Terminals
Jeremy Jones
CCI/VCT Patti Whitehouse
DAY/SID Randy Trimble
Melody McGinnis
HMA/NOL Joe Zurga
Monica Bellot
Frank Petrozza
Katherine Moreno
John White
Small Terminals
AMR/LUB Angela Keen
Teresa Mercer
Sarah Ocampo
By Rick O’Dell, President and CEO
Kevin Russell
Barak Frydman
Tom Gillen
Brent Legacy
Adrian Panquerne
Jimmy Jordan
Ronnie Moore
FON TM John Wright poses
with 2008 LAX Best-in-Class
Winner Tanya Noorman.
BHM Sales Representative
Jeremy Jones, 2008 President’s
Club Year-end winner.
intense. One of the factors driving competition
Doug Williams
expect carriers to deliver the “perfect shipment”
is the ever-increasing demand by customers who
— in record time for a lower cost.
Craig Bordelon
Miguel Cejas
Steve Cahill
Stacy Shrider
Kevin Szydel
Doug Murray
Furman Smith
There was a time in our industry when cost was
not a factor when it came to which carrier a
customer chose to do business with because all
carriers charged essentially the same price in a
regulated environment. Then, in 1980, Congress
eliminated most of the regulations governing
interstate trucking. At the time of deregulation,
most of the transportation companies were
unionized. In the transition from a highly regulated
Jan. Customer Service Indicators
Pick-Up Performance
On-Time Delivery
POD Turn-Around
Invoice Accuracy
Claims-Free Shipment
Claims Settled In 30 Days
industry to a deregulated one, many carriers were
unable to compete and went out of business.
Tanya Noorman
Dave Urdank
Heidi Munson
Dean Capone
Tammy Hall
John White
Pat Maender
Ronnie Moore
Miguel Cejas
Reginald Ogburn
Nancy Simmons
With deregulation came the opportunity for new
trucking companies to easily enter the marketplace, establish their service areas and set pricing
based on their ability to deliver a competitive
product and still earn a profit. In this free-market
Annette Billingsley
Shane Newman
Greg Mueller
Kim Hebert
Fourth Quarter President’s
Club Winners
times and in bad. In today’s challenging economic
Tim Shoemaker
Medium Terminals
Melody McGinnis
Mike McCaig
Dirk Graves
fiercely competitive. This is the case in good
environment, competition has never been more
2008 Best-in-Class
Large Terminals
Elga Kruger
DLS/GRL Greg Walker
Jessica Hargis
Everyone knows the transportation industry is
Pictured left to right, back row: Mark Hamblin DVP Sales,
Western Division; Brenda James, HST RSM; Patti Whitehouse,
CCI BDE; Monica Bellot, LAF BDE; Annette Billingsley, ALX
TM; Bea Villanueva, HST Sales Representative; Craig
Bordelon, LAF TM; Josh Nycum, HST Sales Representative
and Delbert Bryer, HST RM. Pictured from left to right,
front row: Al McNeil, HST Sales Representative; Tammy Leal,
SAN Sales Representative; Garon Eddins and Michael Olivas,
both HST Sales Representative and Jim Hrabina, AUS Senior
Account Executive.
Competition in Today’s
Large Terminals
BMT/HST Albert McNeil
Bob Taylor
John Hargis
Cathy White
DLS/GRL Greg Walker
Jessica Hargis
Garon Eddins
Josh Nycum
Rosie Robledo
Michael Olivas
Dave Urdank
Medium Terminals
Christina Marvin
Jeremy Leeds
DAY/SID Randy Trimble
Melody McGinnis
Sandra Hernandez
Monica Bellot
Frank Petrozza
Katherine Moreno
John White
Small Terminals
James Page
Teresa Mercer
Sarah Ocampo
environment, regional nonunion carriers have
enjoyed significant growth and market share gains.
Saia is one of these companies. Saia’s growth and
success is a result of a number of factors. First
and foremost, we can attribute our achievements
to the hard work and dedication of every Saia
employee. For that, we thank each and every one
of you.
Secondly, we have made responsible decisions.
Unfortunately, sometimes the decisions that
have to be made are difficult in the short-term,
but allow us to best compete in the long run.
One recent example of this was our decision to
temporarily suspend 401K contributions, which
is helping save the company about $500,000 a
Lastly, we believe that dealing directly with our
employees without the interference of a union
has allowed us to best respond quickly to changing
market conditions, seize upon opportunities,
Brad Williams
and provide customers the best-in-class service
they demand at a competitive price.
continued on page 4
continued on page 4
Benefits Corner
By John Ferguson – Director of Insurance & Privacy Officer
Links Offer Easy Access to Dental
and Vision Information
This year, as you now know, we have a new dental
SAVE, SAVE, SAVE – Not saving enough has
provider, MetLife. A link to their Website has been
long been a chronic problem with 401(k) plans.
placed on Saia’s online Employee Information Center.
Not surprisingly, it is even more important in this
Network and plan information is available by logging
difficult environment to save as much as possible.
onto their Website via this link or if you prefer,
Indeed, The Wall Street Journal indicates that if an
visit their Website directly at www.metlife.com/
employee’s company-match has been suspended,
mybenefits. Additionally, if you would rather
they should boost their own contributions.
speak to someone, call their toll free number,
Remember, the tax-deferred benefit still remains
and contributions are not included on your W-2.
We have placed a link on the Employee Information
Set It and Forget It – The market is in a state of
Center as well for our new vision provider,
flux. Some have described it as a roller coaster ride.
United Health Care Vision. Their Website is
Don’t let sharp drops influence your investment deci-
www.myuhcvision.com and their toll free number
sions. Do your due diligence and risk assessment
is 1-800-839-3242.
and then make any investment decisions — wisely.
Managing Your 401(k)
Play Catch-up – If you are over 50 years of age,
take advantage of the “catch-up” provision, which
In the midst of the current economic crisis, many
permits additional contributions that are not subject
401(k) balances have taken a beating. Understand-
to the general limits that apply to 401(k) plans.
ably, everyone is concerned about how to best
manage finances during these uncertain times. Our
administrator for the 401(k), Fidelity, offers some
comments on shoring up accounts:
During times like these, the more information you
have the better investment decisions you will make.
Contact Fidelity at 1-800-835-5095 to speak to an
investment advisor.
Saia’s Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer
Xtreme Guarantee Sells
By Kevin Peacock – JAX Sales Representative
I wanted to share what turned out to be a success
story on how Saia’s Xtreme Guarantee helped build a
steadfast relationship with a national organization.
awareness trailer has recently garnered a lot of mebill, the net charges,
whether they were
on-time, and the
delivery days versus
the standard service
Coach Glass has been a Saia customer for many
time. I explained this report would automatically
years, but had only used our services in one of their
generate weekly, which would give his staff an
four distribution centers. We had always marketed
entire week to file an Xtreme Guarantee claim, if
the benefits of the Xtreme Guarantee to a local
necessary. Needless to say, he was hooked.
audience in Jacksonville, FL, but never had success
in truly communicating the value of the service
to their upper management in Eugene, OR. A few
months ago, the JAX terminal warehouse manager
called me to say the owner of the company would
be in town and suggested I stop in to talk to him
about our services.
Within a few weeks, Saia was handling 90% of the
business in JAX, and for the first time, was awarded
the majority of traffic moving from the company’s
Elkhart, IN location. Coach Glass is considering
using the Xtreme Guarantee service to market
which our best-in-class regional competitors cannot
offer. In fact, several of the company’s previous
including how we measure and guarantee them,
carriers have come back to the table with discounted
the owner was curious. However, he did question
rates, which Coach Glass has turned down in lieu
how his traffic staff would keep up with managing
of our “xtreme” service.
I already had our Website displayed on a computer,
so I quickly built a simple, custom report using
just a few data fields that would show each freight
OMA Line Driver Retires
After 31 Years
dia attention. During its stint in Boise, Idaho, it
was featured in a news report by the local CBS
affiliate, KBCI, and the local ABC affiliate, KIVI.
While in Sacramento, CA, the trailer and campaign
were featured live on Good Day Sacramento!
When it visited Reno, Nevada, it was the center
of attention by a group of local Komen affiliate
members who came by to take some photos for
their newsletter. A special thanks to the terminal
managers and employees at these terminals who
helped put these media and community events
together! At the end of February, the trailer had visited
over 30 terminals and traveled through 27 states.
Saia’s Komen Website has now also received nearly
41,000 hits!
guaranteed delivery times to their customer base,
After explaining each Customer Service Indicator,
the process to ensure we delivered on our promise.
Pictured from left to right are RNO Dock Trainer Tony Kuzmik, City
Driver John Tschopp, TM Bill Krone, and City Driver Tom Snearly.
The bottom line is that Saia can build a very solid
foundation that is hard to penetrate if we can get
our message in front of the right person.
MPS Line Driver Retires
After 26 Years
MPS Line Driver Donald
Richardson has retired after
26 years of ser vice.
Congratulations Donald!
We wish you the best of
Employees Deployed to
We would like to salute two ATL
terminal employees who were
called back to active duty. They
both have been deployed to
Iraq. They are Robert Powell, a
forklift mechanic, and Leround
Mitchell, a city driver.
Daughter of Saia
Employee Receives
Soccer Scholarship
Samantha Dehart, daughter of OKC Linehaul Driver
Bobby Dehart, and his wife, Martha, has received
a soccer scholarship from the University of Science
and Arts of Oklahoma. Samantha started playing
soccer at age 7 with the intent that if she worked
hard, she would one day play at the collegiate level.
While in college, Samantha plans on double majoring
OMA Line Driver Randy Thompson has retired after 31 year of
service. He is pictured, right, with Regional HR Manager Ron Ryan.
Congratulations Randy! We wish you all the best!
in biology and journalism. She is interested in pursuing
a career forensic science and investigations.
Employee Service
Tim Vollor
from the pain, but he was very understanding.
25+ Years
10 Years
National Account Executive
They got the kayak secured and off I went to go
ALX Lester Radford (31)
ATL Michael Walker
home to bed.
AUS James Hrabina (38)
CTN Jeffrey Marks
HST Reginald Caldwell (35)
DLS Adrian Driver
James Owens (29)
FTM Arnold Shell
Paul Roland (35)
KCY Jason Alback
LAF Raymond Romero (31)
LVS Russell Brown
SLC Gerald Averett
I wanted to pass along a very good compliment
I received from Delmar King, owner of Raleigh
I sincerely appreciate all the help your employees
gave me that day. Please let them know I truly thank
Hitch in Raleigh, N.C
He commented recently about the switch over to
Barbara Davis
NFK Dale Hake (25)
NOL Ray Eschette (26)
Southeastern and his discontent with the change.
He told me that Saia was always prompt, the driver
was above courteous, and the delivery truck sent
Brad Hadley
to him always was equipped with a lift gate. The
National Account Executive
change to Southeastern was a disappointment to
Rhode Island
him as he mentioned having to hassle to get the
lift gate and that the service was nothing like that
provided by Saia.
We have changed to using Saia strictly for this
account. Hopefully, Saia will continue on with this
great level of service for this customer as well as all
of the other customers we use Saia to ship to. Mr.
King was quite pleased to learn that Saia would be
handling his shipments from now on.
Lonnie Savoy (27)
Gary Favorite (32)
Henry Harris (32)
Noble Scott (32)
SLC Douglas Major (26)
BHM Michael Estes
CLT William Hunt
and I just wanted you to know they both spoke
Donald Mays
Amanda Queen
highly of GRL BDE Greg Walker. They appreciate
MKE Kevin Ligman
Byron Wilson
his attentiveness and periodic visits to make sure
SEA Michael Sampson
DET Vince Stralle
everything is alright. Communication, which is
critical to developing a solid partnership, seems to
be excellent.
15 Years
AUS Michael Hanson
DLS Patrick Donoghue
David Stegall
recommendation. Please pass along a “thank you”
Derrick Taylor
to Greg and please tell him to keep up the good
LKC Thomas Boone
Cequent Towing Products
MSP Thomas Donnohue
NOL Brian Henry
NSH Brian Wilson
Jason P. Colacchio
ORL Timothy Happe
Kristi Hebert
Claims Manager
Adcco Incorporated
SAN Jeffrey Johnson
Lynn, MA
Bradley Mailahn
Richard Monreal
enormous patience and customer service. I’ve been
very upset at the outcome of my first experience
BHM Scott McCormack
I met with two personnel at Spirit’s Dallas plant
Elgin Dillard
Cargo Claims Associate Heather LeBlanc, for her
BGO Trina Isham
I’d like to commend one of your employees, HGO
ATL Derek Thomas
CGO Lakandiwa Cruz
very pleased to hear they are satisfied with Adcco’s
Dear Kristi:
AQE Joseph Lucero
ATL Jenny Nelms
HST Roy Batiste
Florida Distribution Center
5 Years
20 Years
As Spirit’s transportation logistics company, I’m
Thanks for the great service!
SSX Gary Tranmer
Stacy Shrider
Letters Are Edited
Jorge Perez
DLS Leslie Dawson
FON Elias Perez
FWN Christopher Smith
GBY Alan Steinke
GRL Cynthia Sharp
HRL Samuel Ayala
HST Richard Espinoza
Jose Gonzalez
Reynaldo Rodriguez
IND Michael Schrowe
JAX Howard Crognale
LAX Sergio Ramirez
LUB William Hester
MPS Marlvell Richardson
PHX Eugene Reed
PUB Mark Dynes
SAG David Schotts
Letters to Saia Directions are edited for length and
SAM Frank Thompson
clarity. The editor strives to preserve each writer’s
STK Alfredo Aguirre
TPA Jose Perez
making an eBay/PayPal purchase of a kayak. Upon
opening, I found a crack in the hull. Heather was
extremely patient with explaining the claim process
and helping to assist with huge faxing problems
Employees Recognized
for 2008 Performance
Employees Celebrate
Mardi Gras
we were having. I know I kept her probably well
past her workday’s end on a Friday! For over two
and a half hours that day, she fielded calls from me
until every page of the claim fax was confirmed as
That kind of quality in service in exceptional these
days, and I wanted you to know what a great
employee you have. Please give her my sincere thanks
If possible, could you also pass on my compliments
to Keith Stallings, a lead dockworker, and Linda
Hilton, an operations clerk, both out of TPA? I
do not live close to your facility and the limited
daytime customer pick-up hours made it impossible
for my fiancé to come help me pick up the shipment. I mentioned to Linda that I’d be going to the
hospital for a procedure and that I might be able to
stop then if someone could load the shipment on
Recently, HST Assistant Terminal Manager Don
Langford wrote to commend two outbound dock
employees for their outstanding work in 2008. Don
said Derrick Taylor, who has been with Saia since
1995, was HST’s best last year with a 117 DBE for
the whole year. He handled 23,377 shipments out
of HST last year. Felix Flores, who has been with
Saia HGO Programmer/Analyst Mary Bergeron
the company since 1999, was HST’s second best at
pictured above with her husband, Tony, and her
105, as he handled 20,870 shipments.
daughter, Alayna, celebrated Mardi Gras as
the Jeep. When I arrived, Keith was on duty. I was
“I wanted to thank them for their daily commitment
in a lot of pain from my procedure. Keith was very
to our customers and claims reduction through
helpful. He grabbed a driver off the dock who was
‘best-in-class’ loading practices, explained Don.
familiar with my tie downs that I couldn’t get working
“Their outstanding performance wasn’t an accident
properly due to my pain level. I was literally crying
as these two gentlemen are as good as it gets!”
a member of the royal court of the “Krewe of
A monthly newsletter for Saia Employees February 2009
Company Update
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As a result of these factors, Saia has grown from 23
Horvath Named New CGO RSM
Gary Horvath has been named the new Chicago
Employees Promoted to NAE
terminals in five states in 1987 to 148 terminals in
34 states with nearly 8000 employees today. Again,
I want to say thank you for your cooperation, com-
Regional Sales Manager. He has 19 years of
As Saia continues to grow and expand our
experience in the transportation industry having
national account presence, several employees were
previously worked as a corporate account
recently promoted to the position of national
executive, operational supervisor, and sales repre-
account executive.
sentative, among other positions. He graduated
in 1991 with a bachelor’s degree from Kent State
University. He and his wife, Darleen, have one
mitment, and teamwork as we work towards staying competitive during this economic downturn.
Let’s continue this formula of working together to
satisfy customers and build on our 85-year history.
Alan Cunningham has been with Saia for six
Fourth Quarter President’s
Club Winners
years. He has received President’s Club recognition
twice and Best-in-Class honors once. He has 12
four-year-old son, Eric.
years of experience in the transportation industry.
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In his spare time, he enjoys softball, golf, home
Alan will continue to handle a major portion of
remodeling, and pulling for the Ohio State
his Dallas field territory but also assume national
account responsibility in the Fort Worth metro
Ketch Named New SBN TM
Tom Donnohue has been with Saia for five years.
James Ketch has recently been named the new
He worked for Clark Bros. Transfer, Inc. for 10 years.
South Bend terminal manager. Though new to
He is a five-time President’s Club recipient. Tom
Saia, James has over 32 years of experience in
will continue to handle a major portion of his
the transportation industry. He has a bachelor’s
Minneapolis field territory but also assume national
degree from the University of Dayton.
account responsibility in the state of Minnesota.
He and his wife, Judi, have two daughters: Erin
Brent Madden has worked for Saia eight years.
and Jenna. In his free time, James enjoys golf and
He has received President’s Club honors and
been a Best-in-Class recipient twice. Brent will
Kevin Russell
Hank Looney
Barak Frydman
Thomas Gillen
Shane Newman
Adrian Panquerne
Craig Bordelon
Jerry Kilby
Marty Zweifel
Bob Swain
Jason Harlow
Jerry Sumner
John Davis
Share Your Story at Saia Salutes
As you know, Saia has formed a unique partnership with
Susan G. Komen for the Cure to raise awareness about breast
cancer. On Saia’s Komen Website, a special section titled,
“Saia Salutes” recognizes individuals who have been affected
by the disease. If you would like to share a story about how
breast cancer has affected you, a family member or a friend,
please contact Jeannie Jump by e-mail at [email protected]
or by phone at 770-232-4069. Those doing so, will receive a
special Saia on the Road with Susan G. Komen pink t-shirt!
cover national accounts in the state of Georgia.
Laverdure Named New MKE TM
He is based in Atlanta.
Bob Laverdure has been named the new
Paulette Neyman-Glass has been with Saia for
Phyllis Teer has worked for Saia for 12 years.
Milwaukee terminal manager. He has over 20 years
seven years. She has been honored with President’s
She has received President’s Club recognition
of experience in the transportation industry and
Club five times and received Best-in-Class
seven times and Best-in-Class honors twice.
has previously worked as a dockworker, dock
recognition twice. She will cover Alabama and
Phyllis’s career has defined sales excellence. She
supervisor, dispatcher, and office, operations,
her territory. She is based in Mobile.
will continue to handle a major portion of her
account and terminal manager. Bob has a bachelor’s
degree in accounting.
Dallas field territory but also assume national
Dustin Nichols has worked at Saia for five years.
account responsibility in the Dallas metro area.
He has been honored three times with President’s
He and his wife, Tammie, have two sons: Tyler,
Club recognition and twice with Best-in-Class.
Vivian Twilbeck has worked at Saia for 29
14 and Bryce, 12. In his spare time, Bob enjoys
Dustin will continue to handle a major portion of
years. She has been both a President’s Club and
spending time with family and friends and
his Salt Lake City field territory but also assume
Best-in-Class recipient. Vivian will continue to
attending his sons’ sporting events including
national account responsibility in the states of
cover her territory along with Louisiana, Mississippi,
football, basketball, wrestling, and baseball.
Utah and Idaho.
and Arkansas. She is based in New Orleans.
A monthly newsletter for Saia Employees February 2009
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information to: Jeannie S. Jump, Corporate Communications CoordinaWhat would you change? What would you enjoy seeing more of? Send
Share your input on the Saia Directions newsletter. What do you like?
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