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“Training for the Real World” www.rangemaster.com 901-­‐370-­‐5600 2611 South Mendenhall Road, Memphis, Tennessee 38115 Advanced Pistol Skills One Day Training Primary Instructor – Tom Givens Place: Eustace, Texas Time: 9am – 6pm Date: Sept 6, 2014 Saturday Rounds: 400 Price: $215.00 Advanced Pistol Skills is an extensive
work-out of the essential skills
involved in self-defense with a
handgun. Topics covered include
presentation from the concealed carry
holster; accurate shooting at high
speed; fast, reliable reloading
techniques; one handed shooting;
malfunction remedies; and much
more. Students will fire approximately
400 rounds.
Directions to the range, detailed equipment list and other info will be sent to registered students prior to class date. Contact Steve Moses, [email protected]