Doellken-Woodtape Gloss Line


Doellken-Woodtape Gloss Line
Giving Your Furniture
A Sophisticated Touch!
The trend for contemporary furniture
design is increasing in North America.
Especially in kitchen and bath environments an austere palette of high gloss
surfaces, stainless steel appliances and
modern wood cabinetry provides a warm
and welcoming note. The modern ‘look’
with its clean lines has caught the
attention of most North American
fur-niture manufacturers and can be found
in kitchen and bath interiors across the
Doellken-Woodtape offers three distinct
Edgebanding products that can be incorporated even in the most sophisticated
furniture design in kitchens, baths, retail
as well as commercial and residential
environments. Doellken-Woodtape’s Edgebanding designs match or compliment
surface colors and can tie the material mix
of high gloss, glass, stainless steel and
wood elements elegantly together.
3D 2-in-1
Simply the best. 3D 2-in-1 combines a
unique design of brushed aluminum and
solid and printed color, both in the highest gloss level available. The Edgebanding
extends the high gloss color from the
board surface to the Edgebanding and
combines it with brushed aluminum. The
effect is stunning: a backpainted, glass-like
appearanceproviding a luxurious board
quality combining sophisticated high gloss
with urban looking aluminum designs.
Compliment your furniture design with the
most luxurious Edgebanding available!
Doellken-Woodtape 3D Edgebanding is
made of durable and transparent acrylic
printed from the reverse providing a color
depth unsurpassed by other Edgebanding
options. The design is protected by a 1 or
2mm acrylic layer and remains intact even
when trimmed.
High Gloss ABS
Refine your furniture with high gloss
ABS Edgebanding from DoellkenWoodtape. The glass like surface offers a
gloss level of 100. To protect its elegant
appearance the top of Edgebanding is
covered with a protective film. ABS
Edgebanding is a Green alternative to PVC.
A large variety of high gloss and
metallic colors is available from
stock in Edgebanding sizes
covering the most standard
board thicknesses.
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