February 10, 2016



February 10, 2016
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Country Courier
Volume 27, Issue 9
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Winner of H&R Block’s 1,000 Win $1,000 Sweepstakes
Celebrates at Tax Office
Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Supervisors vote 3-2 Against School
Budget Changes
Tran Forbes, Franchise Owner, April Siron, Joshua Siron, Delores Trainham, Tax Professional,
Phyllis Rapp, Office Leader
H&R block is putting the “fun” back in
Refund Season. Joshua S. and his wife , local
winners of the H&R Block 1,000 Win $1,000
Daily Sweepstakes, celebrates at the H&R
Block office at 4917 Rich-Tappahannock Hwy,
Aylett VA and is presented with a giant check.
The staff from the Aylett office join in on
the January 31st festivities.
This is the SECOND $1000 WINNER IN
THE AYLETT OFFICE!!! We have also had
one winner in Tappahannock and one in
H&R Block is giving away a total of $32
million in the first month of tax season. Anyone
who files their taxes at a participating H&R
Block office by Feb. 15 can be automatically
entered into the sweepstakes; thirty-two
thousand people will win $1,000 from H&R
visit www.hrblock.com/grand.
Tommy Redd, Stephen Greenwood & Otto Williams
By Danny Clark
The King William Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 against Resolution 16-10R.This would have
given the Board of Supervisors the control to allocate local appropriations to the school board
using a categorical system.
Please see BOS, on page 15.
MPRA Celebrates the Start of their 26th Year
Bobby Allison Visits Bareford Buick GMC
L-R Bobby Allison, General Manager Joey Fore and Allison’s Grandson Robbie Allison
Please see full story on page 7.
Kitty Cox receiving the Ripple Award from Dawn Shank for 25 years of service.
Please see full story on page 15.
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King & Queen Sheriff’s Office
On Wednesday January 27, 2016,
Dakevius Tyreise Hunter, 23, of
Tappahannock Virginia pleaded guilty to
18.2-61Rape by force;18.2-90 entering a
dwelling house with intent to commit
rape, robbery;18.2-47 Abduction; and 18.2
-95 Grand Larceny; after a fierce
encounter with an 83-year-old woman at
her home on May 4, 2015. Hunter was
sentenced to 90 years in prison, with all
but 25 active years suspended in King and
Queen Circuit Court.
Hunter was charged after entering the
victim’s home on Owens Mill Road in
King and Queen County and held her by a
knife against her will, sexually assaulting
her, taking her wallet and fleeing the scene
in the victim’s car. The car was found
abandoned in a corn field, approximately
5 miles from the crime scene on Martin
Town Road.
DNA evidence exists linking Hunter to
the incident. During an interview with the
King and Queen Sheriff’s Office, Hunter
confessed to the crimes, and led Deputies
to the keys to the victim’s car. During
police interviews Hunter requested a piece
of paper where he wrote an apology letter
to the victim. The Commonwealth
Attorney Charles Adkins also described
video evidence that showed Hunter
driving the victim’s car to Bradley’s for a
drink after the incident along with taped
audio confessions of Hunter.
The victim did not want to testify during
the trial, saying she “just wanted it over,”
which lead to the defense and prosecution
reaching a plea agreement. The exact
terms of the plea agreement were not
agreed upon between both parties until the
morning of the trail.
There was sufficient evidence to convict
Hunter on all four charges. Hunter would
have gotten more than 25 years if the plea
agreement had been different according to
Judge Bondurant. In order to get the
sentence he deserved, the victim would
have needed to testify.
After serving his jail term, Hunter will be
on probation until a probation officer
releases him. Hunter will have random
drug screenings and searches, no contact
with drugs or alcohol and be required to
register as a sex offender.
The King and Queen Sheriff’s office had
tips that lead to Hunters arrest on
outstanding warrants within an hour of the
incident. The cooperation of the
community and excellent police work led
to a successful prosecution of Hunter.
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Publisher’s Message
This year it seems the winter is going by faster than before. It could be because I’m
older and more aware of the passing days. At any rate spring is not far away.
February is the shortest month only 29 days. Each winter I work on indoor projects,
but my thoughts are on longer and warmer days.
It’s a cycle I’ve learned to live with. Having something to look forward to keeps
me content and moving ahead. Don’t give in to cabin fever, find something to keep
your mind engaged and before you know it, spring will be knocking at your door.
A 119 Year
Tradition of Caring
8014 Lee Davis Road, Mechanicsville ●746-8665
Bennett Funeral Home was established in 1897 to serve the needs of
Richmond families. Since then, this locally owned and operated business has continued to serve the community with its unique combination of caring and convenience.
This tradition of excellence can be seen in the four beautiful chapels located throughout the Richmond area: centrally located on Cutshaw Avenue in the
city, on Broad Street Road past Innsbrook, serving the Hanover-Mechanicsville
area on Lee-Davis Road and Chesterfield Chapel on Ashbrook Pkwy. in Chesterfield. All four facilities are under the personal direction of Charles D. Morehead,
In a time of need, you can turn to Bennett Funeral Home with trust and
confidence. It serves families of all faiths with personal service, before, during,
and after. There is a long tradition of professionalism and caring.
One way in which Bennett cares for families, is by offering a convenient
and personalized pre-need program. Through this program pre-need planning, you
can spare your loved ones the burden of making decisions at an emotional time.
Call Bennett Funeral Home at 746-8665 to schedule a pre-planning consultation.
funeral home
Caring Since 1897
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Equine Talk Sponsored by:
360 Hardware and T-Town Tack
By Allen Brintley and “Pip”
We got a quite a bit of snowfall
and it sure was pretty. It slowed
things down for a few days but
then the temperatures rose and it
all melted quickly. That’s the best
kind of snow, sort of like family
visiting. You’re happy to see
them, as long as they don’t
overstay their welcome.
I was at the hardware store the
other day and this nice lady and I
were discussing horses and mules.
She asked about Pip and what kind
of mule she was. I told her that she
was a Tennessee walking mule.
Pip’s mom was a registered
Tennessee walking horse and her
dad was a smooth riding Jack. She
asked “Well how many gates does
she have?” I thought for a minute
and said “Five.” She asked “How
many of them are smooth?” I said
“All of them.” She asked me to
explain. I said “There are 2 metal
gates in the lower pasture and 2
metal gates in the upper pasture
and then there’s a wooden gate
that’s beside the barn. That makes
five.” She laughed and said “I
meant g-a-i-t not gate. A gait is a
way of moving sort of like how
many speeds.” I thought “Here we
go again. I’m confused with this
horse language stuff.” I said “Let
me list them. There’s the walk,
which is like first gear. Then
there’s this little running walk or
shuffle which is pretty smooth.
There’s the gallop. Then there’s the
run. And last is w.o. which is like
overdrive. That makes five gaits.”
She looked at me confused and
said “I understand them all but the
last one. What is w.o.?” I said
“W.O. is wide open!” We both had
a good laugh.
You can email me at
[email protected] or call
690-7870. I’ll see you on the trails.
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Arts Alive brings The Rock & Roll
Jubilee to West Point!
Do you like '50s music? The Rock ‘n Roll
Jubilee makes its debut at the Robinson/
Olsson Auditorium in West Point on
Saturday, February 27, 2016. The show
features music from the Titans of Teen Town:
Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison,
The Everly Brothers and Ricky Nelson.
Show time is 7:00 PM.
Arts Alive, Inc.
would like to thank C&F Bank for being the
Silver Sponsor for this show.
The Rock n’ Roll Jubilee is a musical and
theatrical performance that channels the
spirits of the founding fathers of rock n’ roll,
presented in the context of a live 1958
broadcast on fictitious WJKS radio (“Where
Joy Kills Sorrow”). The show combines the
theatrical elements of the Grand Old Opry,
the sensibilities of the Prairie Home
Companion, and the excitement generated by
the founding fathers of rock, as they
barnstormed across America, spreading the
gospel of rock & roll.
The music is authentically presented by
Craig Evans, Brad Tucker (both of The
Taters), Brian Sulser, George Garrett, Jim
Wark, and BJ Kocen. In addition to the
greatest songs ever written, The Jubilee
includes 1950s period advertisements, skits,
and lots of laughs and surprises. You won’t
want to miss this cavalcade of cool.
Tickets are $25 for adults, $20 for seniors
(65+), and $10 for students. Group rates are
available at $15 each for groups of 10 or
more. Tickets may be purchased by phone at
8 0 4 - 8 4 3 - 3 4 7 5 ,
e m a i l
[email protected] or online at
Prior to the performance on February 27, the
Visual Arts Committee of Arts Alive will
host an opening of the "Participants' Art from
Arts Alive Workshops" exhibit at 6:30 pm.
Anyone who would like to display their art
work is invited to enter the exhibit. All work
for shows must be ready for display and
delivered by 9:00 am on Tuesday, February
9th. Questions should be directed to Sue
[email protected], Gail Nichols at 804843-4418 or [email protected] or
Jeanette Wagner at 804-994-9668 or
[email protected] This exhibit will
be on display from February 9 to March 15 in
the exhibit area of the Robinson/Olsson
auditorium adjacent to West Point High
School on Thompson Avenue. It may be
viewed during regular school hours by
entering through the high school office.
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Off An
y Othe
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with A Be Combine
ny Oth
er Offe
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Feb 24, 2016
Coupon Expires
Feb 24, 2016
Kiss Me
$59.99 Alignment
Coupon Expires Feb 24, 2016
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50 Horse Alley King William, VA 23086
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Mileage Warranty on ALL Repairs.
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Hamilton Holmes Middle School Student Selected
as Regional Winner in Essay Contest
W e d n e s d a y ,
F e b r u a ry
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Hamilton Holmes MS Student’s Artwork
Selected as Finalist in Poster Contest
By Tina Oberg
Michelle White, Governor’s Office
By Malynn Unser
Alyssa Levy, seventh grade student at Hamilton Holmes Middle School, was selected
as the Region 8 winner in the Virginia Municipal League’s “If I Were Mayor” essay
contest. Alyssa received a $150 cash prize. Governor Terry McAuliffe presented a
plaque to the winner of each region in a ceremony held on January 27, 2016.
Congratulations to eighth grade
student, Raine Cook. Her poster
entitled, Phone Calls was selected as a
finalist in the 6- 8 grade category, for
the 2016 Virginia “Kids Safe Online”
Poster Contest. Raine's poster focuses
on cyber bullies and how they are like
phone calls, stating, "If you don't want
to talk to them, you can always just
ignore ‘em."
The poster will be submitted to the
national Multi-State Cyber Security
Awareness poster contest. If Raine's
work is selected as a national finalist, it
will be displayed in the 2017 National
Stay Safe Online Calendar and may
also be used in campaigns to raise
awareness among children of all ages
about internet and computer safety.
Raine Cook
HHMS Students Create Art That Heals
Edge Hill Alumni Association Donation
Edge Hill Alumni Association Donated $1,350 dollars to Central High School’s new sound
system for the auditorium. Pictured are members of Edge Hill Alumni Association.
HHMS students in the Art for a Cause Club have created more than 100 pinwheels as a part of
Students Rebuild’s Healing Classrooms Challenge—a service learning project that serves to raise
funds for Syrian youth refugees in the Middle East.
By Andrea Eisenberger
Students in the Art for a Cause Club at Hamilton Holmes Middle School spent their fall
meetings creating pinwheels for Students Rebuild.
(www.studentsrebuild.org), Students Rebuild is
a “collaborative program of the Bezos Family
Foundation that inspires young people to connect, learn and take collective action on critical
global issues”. For each pinwheel contributed
to the Healing Classrooms Challenge, $2 is
Ellis Contracting Inc.
Providence Forge, VA
donated to assist with Syrian youth refugees in
the Middle East. The members of the Art for a
Cause club were able to create more than 100
pinwheels for this worthy cause.
Students in grades sixth through eighth meet
one to two times per month to work on art and
service projects that have an impact outside of
school. Future projects the club is planning to
work on include the Leukemia & Lymphoma
Society’s Student Series (formerly Pennies for
Patients) and painting ceiling tiles for display
in cancer centers.
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C o u n t r y
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Johnson Names Interim Superintendent of
King William Schools
By Florence Cooke
By Florence Cooke
On Sunday, January 31, 2016 Colosse
Baptist Church held its annual Fire and
Rescue Sunday at the 11 a.m. service.
This service of appreciation for local fire
and rescue groups has been observed
many years by the pastor, Rev. Steve
Rev. Smith states, “In my previous
church I served as a chaplain for the area
rescue squad, attending meetings, participating in training, responding on some
calls, and supporting members and their
families as needed. I learned first - hand
about the great and wonderful blessings
and sacrifice of fire and rescue personnel
and their families.
I also came to believe that as another part
of the community, our church should set
aside a special Sunday to worship with,
recognize, support and express our appreciation for their time, training, and services, day and night, to help make our
community a better place to live. One
Sunday in January of each year was set
aside for this purpose, plus providing
lunch for fellowship and further appreciation.
I have been a part of leading Colosse in
sharing this special Sunday, believing it is
very important for our continued appreciation to Mangohick, King William, Mattaponi , Walkerton, and West Point.
At the January 19 meeting of the King
William School Board, Stacy Johnson was
appointed the Interim Superintendent to
replace Interim Superintendent David
Holleran, who resigned on January 14 for
medical reasons.
Dr. Holleran was appointed
Superintendent in November 2015 when
Superintendent Dr. Mark Jones became
Superintendent of Schools in Pittsylvania
Johnson, Assistant Superintendent of
Instruction, has been with King William
Public Schools for 20 years as teacher,
assistant principal and principal.
seemed natural that I would step up to fill
the position while we search for a new
superintendent because of my experience
in other school positions. In my new role,
I will continue to work with teachers,
administrators, students and parents to
achieve academic success for all students
in King William.
I hope to see the superintendent position
Stacy Johnson
filled before the end of this school year,
although I am confident the School Board
won’t rush the process to find a suitable
Kathy Morrison, a member of the School
Board, stated, “I am grateful that Stacy
accepted the challenge of being Interim
Superintendent, and she is doing a terrific
“Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.”
Wayne Dyer
Bobby Allison Visits Bareford Buick GMC
By-Danny Clark
NASCAR’s Bobby Allison stopped by Bareford Buick GMC in Tappahannock last Friday.
Bobby was named one of NACAR’s 50 greatest
drivers. He was the 1983 Winston Cup Champion and won the Daytona 500 three times. He
was inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame
of America in 1992, and inducted into The
NASCAR Hall of Fame in May 2011. Bobby
visited with fans and signed autographs.
Bareford Buick GMC of Tappahannock has
proudly served the Northern Neck area for over
60 years. They are family owned and offer a
vast selection of new Buick and GMC vehicles.
Next time you are in the Tappahannock area
stop and see General Manager Joey Fore, you
can also visit them on line at Barefordbuickgmc.com.
Chase, Brandy (the dog), Ethan, Landon, Hunter and Johney
Jojo’s thanks Fred for sharing this great pictures. You’ll
get 25% off your next purchase at Jojo’s plus a free gift!
Please POST and SHARE your outdoors, hunting and fishing pictures online at:
Jojo’s Fishin’/Huntin’ Express
109 Commons Park Circle—Ste C
Manquin, Virginia 23106
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C o u n t r y
C o u r i e r
The Virginia Landowners Association (VLA) Continues Fight for Property Rights
DGIF offers “Too Little Too Late”
The VLA announced today that as a result of their repeated demands for reform protecting property owners
from well-known deer dog hunting infringements, the DGIF released an analysis outlining their current
stance. The discussion at the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) January 21, 2016 Board
meeting concerning Deer Dog Hunting were productive, although DGIF stopped short of any new regulations. The VLA believes NOW is the time for new regulations.
Aaron Bumgarner, VLA’s executive director, says “Our primary goal is the protection of property rights, we
are also a pro hound hunting organization and want to see it continue to thrive, but that can only happen if
we quickly adopt actual changes to regulations that have proven successful in reducing landowner conflicts
and protecting public safety as other states have done. Having another study that will most likely repeat the
recommendations of the 2008 hound study, which were never acted upon, is too little, too late for both
landowners and the future of hound hunting. ”
Irrelevant and Inadequate Statistics
The majority of the DGIF’s board observations focused on statistics collected by DGIF concerning dog
related incidents reported in 2014-2015. DGIF also revealed that current DGIF reporting methods are inadequate for the purpose of tracking deer dog hunting complaints. The VLA believes that the two primary landowner issues are: trespassing deer dogs and deer dog owners trespassing to retrieve them. Currently, both
of these activities are legal, so statistics on convictions and complaints for these “legal” instances of trespassing are not reflected in DGIF statistics because they are not reported. According to Bumgarner, “The
hound community and DGIF simply do not acknowledge that deer dogs and deer dog hunters on land
where they do not have permission is an absolute violation of property rights.” The VLA supports a solution
similar to those in other states, where land registration and permit systems hold hunters accountable for
keeping deer dogs where they have permission to hunt. The permit system in conjunction with revoking the
unconstitutional Right to Retrieve law along with new laws to deter road hunting, will provide landowners
with property rights protection while insuring the future of deer dog hunting.
Land use has changed, hound regulations have not
DGIF’s “A Report on Deer Hunting with Dogs” was completed at the request of the board as a result of the
October 15, 2015 meeting where landowner’s expressed their issues with deer dog hunting. The report
makes it obvious to see why conflicts are increasing and change is a necessity:
Studies show that the average deer chase extends 0.8 - 2.4 miles.
Historically, hound-hunts for deer took place on farms with contiguous areas in excess of 20,000 acres
Between 1978 and 2004, Virginia’s private forest owners and landholdings that were greater than 1,000 acres
declined from nearly 30% to less than 10%.
In dog hunting areas of the southern Piedmont and Coastal Plain, greater than 80% of forested land consists of
nonindustrial private forest land that averages 75 acres (as of 2007).
Despite the demographic changes and the conflicts they are creating, Virginia’s regulations remain frozen
in time:
There are no regulations that prohibit deer dog hunters from allowing their dogs to run on private property where
they are not wanted
There is no statewide prohibition on hunting in public roadways (there is a firearm discharge law, but it is virtually
unenforceable unless a law enforcement officer see’s the individual shoot)
Virginia is the ONLY state with legal deer dog hunting that allows hunters onto private property where permission
has been expressly denied to retrieve dogs.
VLA asserts that the lack of regulations have created an ethos in the deer dog community of entitlement to
use surrounding land and public roadways as an extended hunting area, trampling landowner rights and
endangering public safety.
Landowners demand protection now
For years, landowners have encountered property damage, livestock injury and death along with the denial
of the basic right to peaceful enjoyment of their land.
Jack Swayze’s pony “Wings”, which was in his wife’s family for over 20 years, was killed by a member of a
deer dog club shooting from a public road in Westmoreland County on November 25, 2015. Swayze laments, “Horse owners who live in deer dog country live in constant fear that the frequently trespassing dogs
will spook a horse and injure it or will be shot by a careless road hunter, but to actually experience it is
devastating.” Swayze says he is a big supporter of second amendment rights and has no issue with ethical
hunting, but is outraged by how deer dog hunters feel entitled to use his land and the surrounding public
roads as part of their hunt. “How many more horses need to be injured and killed, or god forbid a child,
before the state sees fit to enact regulations,” Swayze asks?
Landowner’s say the time for non-regulatory solutions has passed
The DGIF’s first Hound Study, which came out in 2008, documented issues and made recommendations
which resulted in no new laws or regulations. “The hound community had since 2008 to get their house in
order with non-regulatory solutions and landowners’ patience has expired”, says Bumgarner. He continues,
“It was pretty clear from the hound community’s comments to the DGIF board that they don’t believe there
is a problem, so to expect to see behavior change without it being forced with regulatory action is a farce.”
Like any other infringement of property rights or threats to public safety, the VLA insists that Virginia has an
obligation to enact laws and regulations to protect them. “The idea that an eighty year old widow,
or anyone else, should have to go to a group of dog hunters and negotiate for basic property rights is deeply
offensive,” says Bumgarner.
If regulatory changes are not made, Virginia may see landowner’s going to the courts to enforce their property rights. Landowners have successfully sued timber companies and private landowners in other states
who leased land to dog clubs, and the result was those landowners discontinuing leasing to dog clubs. The
VLA believes Virginia’s courts will likewise conclude landowners have a fundamental right to the quiet enjoyment of their private property free from the threat of harm to their livestock and families.
The VLA will continue its efforts for reform with DGIF and will work with legislators who are increasingly
concerned with the issues surrounding property rights. The VLA is developing a rating system for legislators
concerning their level of support for the fundamental rights of property that are inherent in our democracy.
These legislative ratings will be released to the public and the press.
About the VLA
The VLA is a grass roots organization focused on protecting private property rights. VLA’s membership spans the Commonwealth and consists of landowners of all size and purpose. They are a pro hunting organization and one of their primary goals
is to reduce conflicts between hunters and landowners. The Virginia Landowners Association can be found on Facebook at
https://www.facebook.com/groups/VirginiaLandowners/ www.virginialandowners.org Or email at [email protected] to learn more.
W e d n e s d a y ,
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King & Queen resident names to University Dean's List
Delaney Canfield Beattie of
Little Plymouth, received
academic honors at Virginia
Tech by making the
University's Dean's List for
the Fall Semester. Delaney,
a sophomore at Virginia
Tech, is pursuing a major in
Natural Resources and
C o n s e r v a t i o n .
Congratulations Overstreet!
Congratulations to
Kevin Overstreet on
his 100th win on the
King William
Cavaliers Wrestling
Team. Kevin is one of
only three wrestlers
that have
accomplished this
Hi, I'm "Jolene"! I'm a delightful female kitten that is about 3
months old. I came into the shelter with my siblings, "Gerard",
and "Genevieve", after we were found running around our
neighborhood. We are all very friendly. It can take a minute
for us to warm up to you, but once we do, we can't get
enough love! We seem to get along well with other cats, and
do not seem to mind dogs, either! Mew! Regional Animal
Shelter Phone (804) -769-4983 [email protected]/
F e b r u a r y
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T h e
C o u n t r y
JV Cavalier Jake "Spider Man" Duresky (#42) repels the wall as he valiantly tries to keep the
ball in play.
By Gene Campbell
It was a "nip and tuck" game but the
King William Cavaliers pulled away in
the final minutes as they defeated the visiting King & Queen Central Tigers 59 - 42
on Friday, January 29. Cavalier Dylan
Leach led the way with 19 points and Tresean Mickens added 14 points. The Cavaliers continued their winning ways with a
50 - 44 win over West Point on February 2
to increase their record to 11 - 5. The JV
team also continued their winning ways
with a win over both King & Queen and
West Point. KW beat Charles City Friday
night 78 - 42
C o u r i e r
p a g e
King William Won Conference Championship
King William wrestled in the Conference 33
Championships this past Saturday and won with
188 points. Maggie Walker Governor's School
finished second with 148 points.
Out of 10 wrestlers on the squad they had 8 in
the Finals. They ended the day with 6 individual
champions, 2x - runner ups, 1x - 3rd place and
1x - 4th place.
The individual champions were: Shane Shannon - 126, Kevin Overstreet - 132, Aaron
Duzynski - 138, David Church - 145, David
Jones - 182, and David Shields - 285.
Leading the Cavaliers were 3x former King
William wrestlers, Assistant Coaches were Ken-
dan Shoup, Chad Wester and Head Coach Greg
Coach Johnson had a successful wrestling
career during his tenure at King William High
School earning 3x - District Championships and
a District MVP award in 2004, 4x Regional
Championships along with a Regional MVP
award in 2003 and 4x state place finishes (4th 2001, 3rd - 2002, 3rd - 2003, & 4th - 2004). He
finished his high school career with a record of
They are heading to Wilson Memorial High
School next Friday and Saturday for the 2A
East Region Wrestling Championships.
Expires 2/14/2016
Varsity Cavalier Michael Johnson (#3)
completes a fast break as teammates
Owen Longest (#54) and Tresean Mickens (#4) back him up.
*King William Store Only
*Must enroll or be enrolled in Speed Perks
The following farm equipment items will be sold by
closed bid.
Lowe’s Arlington Farm
18238 King William Road
King William, VA 23086
Owner has the right to refuse all offers. It is to be understood all items
are offered as is and where is
Tractor: 3600 Ford Tractor with quick hitch, 6 foot blade, and
2015 Tarter Bush Hog
J.D. Gator: 2004 John Deere Gator CS manual dump
J.D. Gator: 2006 John Deere Gator CS manual dump
Dixie Chopper Classic Mower Zero Turn 72 inch cut
Landscape Trailer: 5ft. by 10 ft. drop down rear gate
1999 Chevrolet Astro Cargo Van
Items viewed at farm February 13&14 from 10:00A.M.-2:00P.M.
Any questions call 804-513-2382.
Battery Testing and Installation
Wiper Blade Installation
Electrical System Testing
Oil & Auto Battery Recycling
*Most Vehicles, Most Locations
Free Installation With Purchase
Commercial accounts welcomed
A d v a n c e
Customer Instructions:
Bring to the nearest participating
Advance Auto Parts Store
Team Member Instructions:
If Bar Code will not scan: scan
all product(s) being sold, select
F10 / tender, select F8 / coupon,
enter CPN Number, you must
include “CPN” when entering
A u t o
P a r t s
4935 Richmond Tappahannock Hwy, Aylett, VA 23009 · ~7 mi
(804) 885-3775
Open 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
P a g e
1 0
T h e
C o u n t r y
Sparks Leaves King William
Sheriff’s Department
By Florence Cooke
As of January 31, 2016 Robbie Sparks gave
up his position as a dispatcher for the King
William Sheriff’s Department after 14 years of
service. He will become a full time driver for
James River Transport in Richmond. Robbie
had been a part time driver for Newton’s Bus
Service in Gloucester for 7 years, also Tour
Time American Motor Coach and the Martz
Strangers who will be getting on Robbie’s bus
will be a group of friends at the end of the trip
because of Robbie’s friendliness, and ability to
listen and talk to people. Robbie has been very
active at King William Fire and Rescue for 21
years, serving as president several times and
C o u r i e r
W e d n e s d a y ,
F e b r u a ry
1 0 ,
2 0 1 6
Indian Rivers Humane Society Donation
other leadership roles. Another activity that is
very important to Robbie is his work with the
Youth of Colosse Baptist Church. He has
helped with the Youth for 18 years as a counselor, friend and mentor to the youth from ages
12 – 18.
He also is very active with the music program
of Colosse serving as the organist. He can play
most any song because he plays by ear (can
hear a tune and replay without sheet music).
Robbie says, “I have always being in the servant role by helping others in the fire and rescue, church
and the Sheriff’s Department.
At this stage of my life, I want to explore new
adventures and meet new people, and see the
United States.”
Federal Recognition for the Pamunkey Tribe
By Danny Clark
The Pamunkey Tribe now joins 566 other tribal nations nationwide that have Federal
Recognition. It has taken the Pamunkey Tribe more than 10 years to gain this
recognition. U.S. Senator Tim Kain wrote, “With this long overdue designation, the
Pamunkey is the first Virginia Tribe to be recognized and receive access to critical
federal benefits.
If you have lost or found a pet please contact the Regional Animal Shelter to make
a report. Owners are searching.
(804)769-4983 email: [email protected]
www.kingwilliamcounty.com/animal shelter
20201 King William Road, King William, Virginia 23086 www.petfinder.com Fax
Locally Owned and Operated
Ellen Shifflett and Anne Mason
Anne Mason, President of Indian Rivers
Humane Society, presents a check to Ellen
Shifflett, Manager of Tappahannock/Essex
County Animal Shelter, to meet their financial
goal for the construction of an exercise yard.
The yard will provide enrichment, play time and
socialization for the dogs in the care of TECAS
while waiting for adoption.
Indian Rivers Humane Society promotes
adoption of homeless animals from county
shelters and animal rescue groups. We also
strongly encourage spaying and neutering pets
to prevent unwanted litters of puppies and
kittens, which adds to the burden of the county
To promote both adoptions and spay/
neutering, IRHS is partnering with
Tappahannock/Essex County Animal Shelter
and the King William Regional Animal Shelter
for the month of February. IRHS will pay for
the spay/neuter surgery for any cat or dog
adopted directly from the shelters.
Indian Rivers Humane Society is a volunteer,
501(c)-3 non-profit organization serving King
William, King & Queen, and Essex Counties.
We provide low-cost spay/neuter options, as
well as some animal adoption. All animals in
our care are fostered in people’s homes. We are
only limited by the number of active fosters.
For more information on our services, or to
volunteer or make a donation, please contact us
at 804-885-3109 or email us at
[email protected] We can also
b e
f o u n d
o n - l i n e
a t
www.indianrivershumane.org or on Facebook.
Donations made are tax-deductible to the extent
of the law.
3 Locations to Serve You
King William
4917 Richmond Tapp Hwy.
Hanover Commons Shop. Ctr.
9502 Chamberlayne Road
8982 Quioccasin Rd.
(Near Regency Sq.)
Buy any dinner entrée & receive
2nd of equal or lesser value at
50% off
**Dine-in or Take-out. Not valid with
any other offer.
Expires 3/10/16
Kids Meal (12 yrs. Old & Under)
**Dine-in or Take-out. Not valid with
any other offer. Expires 3/10/16
$5.00 off
Any purchase of $30.00 or more.
**Dine-in or Take-out. Not valid with
any other offer.
2 Dinners
Expires 3/10/16
Choose any Fajita Dinner
Before Taxes
**Dine-in or Take-out. Not valid with
any other offer.
Expires 3/10/16
Locally made Chocolate by Kelly
F e b r u a r y
1 0 , 2 0 1 6
T h e
C o u n t r y
Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary
Buck & Judy Burton
Buck & Judy Burton celebrated their 50th
Wedding Anniversary on January 15,
2016. they celebrated the occasion with a
family dinner at the Chillin & Grillin
Shack in King William VA.
Buck can be found in his shop Burton’s
Repair Service every day piddling with a
project or napping in his chair. Judy works
two days a weed at First Virginia Propane
in West Point. When not working, they
enjoy traveling, car/truck swap meets, auctions and flea markets. They have one
daughter & son in-law Becky & Steve
Dunaway, and two granddogs Baleigh &
Katie Belle.
4 P.M. Burning Law In Effect Feb. 15
Virginia’s 4 p.m. Burning Law goes into effect Feb. 15, 2016 – the start of spring fire
season in the Commonwealth. This law prohibits burning before 4 p.m. each day (Feb.
15 – April 30) if the fire is in, or within 300 feet of, woodland, brushland or fields
containing dry grass or other flammable materials.
75 ft. Bucket Truck
Tree Removal
Stump Grinding
Dead Wood Removal
Storm Damage Removal
Brush Chipping
Tractor Work
Power Raking
C o u r i e r
p a g e
1 1
P a g e
1 2
T h e
C o u n t r y
C o u r i e r
W e d n e s d a y ,
F e b r u a ry
1 0 ,
2 0 1 6
23116, interment to follow at Signal Hill ROWE
Memorial Park. Arrangements being handled
Neagle, Joseph Orin, went to be with the Lord by Monaghan Funeral Home.
Joseph Claborn Rowe, 85, passed peacefully
on January 28, 2016. He was 74 years old. He
into the arms of Jesus on Thursday, January
is survived by the Love of His life, his wife of HELMICK
21, 2016. He is survived by his loving wife of
54 years, Madeline W. Neagle, and his four
almost 60 years, Mary Lou and their five
children, Randy, Patti, Mary Theresa, and Helmick, Eugene “Larry”, went to be with dedicated children; Beth Ciucci (Nick), Ann
Frank. Joe is survived by two sisters Jesus on January 28, 2016. He was 58 years Belvin (Stuart), Donna Lambert (Scott), Lisa
Rosemary Lowry and Linda McGhee. He is young. He is survived by the love of his life, Hester (Steve) and Joey Rowe (Tami Jones).
also survived by his much-loved his bride of 37 years Kelly A. Helmick; as He is also survived by 18 precious
grandchildren; Megan, Candace, Morgan, well as his only child and cherished daughter, grandchildren. Joe was predeceased by his
T h e r e s a A n n , A m a n d a , J o s e p h , Kristie Helmick Proctor, husband Aaron and parents, Howard and Florence Rowe; brothers
Rebecca, Christin, and Chase. Additionally, adoring granddaughter Savannah Grace. Larry John, Richard, Russell, Gordon and Raleigh
he is survived by numerous nieces, nephews is survived by his mother, Marie Helmick, and his granddaughter, Sarah Elizabeth
and cousins, all of whom he loved as his sister Diane Rice (Chris), brother Michael Ciucci. He is survived by three sisters; Mary
children.Joe was the consummate family man, Helmick (Diana). Additionally he is survived Lillian Martin, Anna Fogg and Gladys Jones
a devoted husband, father, grandfather and by numerous nieces, nephews and (Montel). Joe graduated from Marriott High
uncle. He started life modestly and built his cousins. He is preceded in death by his father, School and was honorably discharged from
own company, Neagle's Flexo, from the Eugene “Bud” Helmick. Larry was the the U.S. Army. In 1987, he retired as Service
ground up and became extremely successful consummate family man and was grateful that Manager of Murray Oldsmobile. He was a
in business. Joe used his talents and his his wife, daughter and son-in-law were his member of Washington & Henry Masonic
business to provide for his large and extended caretakers as he battled cancer. He started life Lodge #344 and served as a deacon at
family earning their love, respect, devotion modestly and built several successful small Mechanicsville Baptist Church. Joe loved to
and admiration. A lover of cars and a man businesses with his family. Larry enjoyed rabbit hunt and grow beautiful Hanover
who could fix anything, Joe enjoyed rabbit hunting with his daughter and cherished tomatoes and other vegetables in his garden.
collecting vintage automobiles and building the dogs that assisted with this hobby. Larry The Rowe family would like to thank Dr.
street rods. He enjoyed a wide variety of was a devoted Christian and taught many how Samuel Janney and his staff for their
friends and loved to play practical jokes. Joe to live life. His family will receive friends compassionate care for so many years. Joe
was a man who taught many how to live life from 4 to 8 p.m. Monday February 1, 2016 at considered him a dear friend as well as trusted
and everyone who met and knew him was Monaghan Funeral Home 7300 Creighton physician. Visitation will be held Friday,
better for the experience. Joe will be deeply Pkwy, Mechanicsville, VA 23111. His funeral January 29 from 2:00 to 4:00 and 6:00 to 8:00
missed but we are thankful for all he did and will be at 11 a.m. Tuesday February 2, 2016 at at the Mechanicsville location of Bennett
all he gave to us. His family will receive Pole Green Church of Christ, 8319 Lee Davis Funeral Home. The funeral will be held
friends from 6-8 pm, Sunday, January 31, Road, Mechanicsville, VA 23111, interment Saturday, January 30 at 11:00 at
2016 at Monaghan Funeral Home; 7300 to follow at Hanover Memorial Park.
Mechanicsville Baptist Church, 8016 Atlee
Creighton Pkwy; Mechanicsville, VA
Road. In lieu of flowers, please consider
23111. A Mass of Christian Burial will be
making a donation to the Wheelchair Ramp
held at 11 am, Monday February 1, 2016, at
Ministry at Mechanicsville Baptist Church.
The Church of the Redeemer; 8275
Meadowbridge Rd; Mechanicsville, VA
Zenola Ann Gillenwalters 77, of St. Stephens
Church, went to be with the Lord On Saturday
February 6, 2016. She was preceded in death
by her husbands Earnest Miles Martin, Sr. and
David E. Gillenwalters. She is survived by her
children Earnest Miles Martin, Jr. (Donna),
Pamela M. Modr, David Winston
Gillenwalters, Sr. (Joan), Timothy Neal
Gillenwalters, (Michelle),and James Wesley
Gillenwalters(Margaret), her children, great
grandchildren, brothers John Wesley Broache
and Michael Broache and her sisters Marjorie
Hamilton and Linda Martin. The family will
receive friends Monday (today) from 5 to 8
pm at B.W. White Funeral Home, Rt. 360,
Aylett. Funeral services will be held 2 pm
Tuesday at St. Stephens Baptist Church with
interment in the church cemetery.
Bereavement Support
Group is organizing
Hospice of Virginia will sponsor an
upcoming Bereavement Education and
Support Group.
According to Spiritual Care and Bereavement
Care Coordinator, Leslie M. Park, MDiv,
sessions will be held every Tuesday from
February 23 through April 19, 2016 from 5:00
until 6:00pm at the Hospice of Virginia Office
1328 Tappahannock Blvd, Tappahannock, VA
22560. All sessions are free and open to the
The group is limited to twelve participants.
To reserve a spot, or if you have any
questions, please contact Leslie M. Park at 804
- 4 4 3 - 4 0 9 0 ,
o r
[email protected]
F e b r u a r y
1 0 , 2 0 1 6
T h e
C o u n t r y
C o u r i e r
p a g e
1 3
Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor,
Once again, Bob Shannon (tea party) has gone
on the attack against an individual who dared to
challenge his tea party agenda. J. N. Mills, a
long time, well respected farmer in King
William and Hanover County wrote a
thoughtful letter to the editor informing our
citizens of his concerns and issues with the tea
party’s ongoing attempt to eliminate land use
tax exemptions for agricultural and forestall
lands in King William County. You may get the
idea that Mr. Shannon is just an angry old man,
but no, Bob Shannon and his tea party
followers are on a mission. They are believers
in the agenda of such far right wing
organizations as the Heritage Foundation and
the Cato Institute. These organizations advocate
smaller government and privatization of
schools among other things. King William
County and our citizens are Shannon’s
laboratory for his experiment to bring these
goals to fruition.
Mr. Shannon’s ranting about land use come
from his readings of old studies by the Heritage
Foundation which primarily targeted large
farming operations owned by large corporations
using their farm holdings as a tax break. This is
a now to common a ploy by Mr. Shannon to
compare water melons to lemons. The farms in
King William County are family owned
operations that, for the most part have been
passed down from generation to generation.
These farmers take pride in their stewardship of
the land.
This is not an argument about the power
brokers in Richmond as Mr. Shannon asserts,
rather this is a matter of a long ago choice by
the residents of King William County to allow
incentives for the farmers and foresters to
continue their stewardship of the land. King
William residents have confirmed over the
years that they want to protect and preserve our
forest and farm lands and concentrate the
growth to the areas along Route 360 and around
the Town of West Point. This is what zoning
controls are all about and from his rants I don’t
believe Mr. Shannon is familiar with Zoning
I really wonder if Mr. Shannon has followed
the plight of our farmers and foresters over the
years. No, they are no longer looking at the
south end of a north bound mule. Now, in order
to keep up with the demand for food products
they have had to modernize their equipment
and operations investing millions in equipment,
land and storage facilities. In good years profits
may be good but these farmers well understand
that they have to plan financially to get through
the many bad years.
Once again Mr. Shannon attempts to compare
King William with King & Queen County but
there is no comparison unless you look at all
the factors. Suffice it to say, King & Queen
residents are happy with what they have and
King William residents are happy with what we
Mr. Shannon, in his criticism of J. N. Mills,
stated that in November we rejected the status
quo. How does he come to that conclusion? The
election results were in large part a result of the
often repeated lie that the previous board had
raised our taxes. They promulgated this illusion
by pointing to the increase in the real estate tax
rate from $0.82 per $100 to $0.94 per $100.
This was not an increase in real estate taxes as
was inferred but an adjustment in the tax rate to
level fund the budget. This was necessary since
the latest assessment reduced the property
values, in most cases by 5% to 10%. The fact
is, the majority of the property owners will pay
less in real estate taxes. The only true tea party
candidate was in the fourth district and he
received only 38% of the vote, hardly a
mandate for the tea party agenda. Mr.
Greenwood in the third district, while
conservative, has proclaimed that he is not a
member or follower of the tea party agenda and
Mr. Hodges, in the first district, is obviously
not affiliated with the tea party.
Mr. Shannon, you have not gained control of
the hearts and minds of the citizens of King
William County as you might suspect. We like
our open spaces that are preserved by the good
stewardship of our lands by our farmers and
foresters and we reject your attempts to
eliminate land use tax exemptions.
Don Wagner
King William
Dear Editor,
The Real Work Begins.
I wish again to Thank all of you who wrote
“Letters To The Editor” addressing our local
King William election and all the candidates
who ran for office.
I want to point out – If you voted for change –
Election Day was Step one. The forces who
wish to increase or at least keep county
spending at present levels are out in force and
influencing the budget decisions of the new
Board of Supervisors by Emails, Letters, Phone
calls, Facebook posts, Twits on Twitter and
Letters to the Editor.
Wanting Change means - You have to go the
next step. Use the means of getting your
message across that works best for you (Emails,
Letters, Phone calls, Facebook posts, Twits on
Twitter and Letters to the Editor).
This is not a one shot deal and you need to
Call to Order your new High Speed Satellite Internet from EXEDE that
is now available in King William County and King & Queen County
● Speeds up to 12-Mbps down and 3-Mbps up. ● Plans starting at $60/month.
Home & Business Computer Services
●PC Cleanup, Optimization & Virus Removal
●Network your PC’s, Games, Phones & Tablets
●Basic Web Design & Business Facebook pages
●I’m your LOCAL EXEDE Internet Sales Dealer!
learn from history. We got to where we are
because the big government types did not give
up after a defeat – They just made more noise
until they got what they wanted and then they
wanted more. It mattered not that what they got
did not work (the goal was to just get more).
You want Change? Do not sit on your laurels.
Start making your opinions known to your
district supervisor now - before the budget is set
and voted on.
Paul Jamerson
King William
Dear Editor,
Rumors abound -- and there is some evidence
as the new budget is being put together -- that
newly-elected members of King William's
Board of Supervisors are waffling over
campaign promises to cut spending and lower
If true, why ? Don't go "Republican" on us
and fail to act on your campaign
promises. Elections have consequences and
you won !
And Aylett District Supervisor Greenwood
was returned by a popular vote landslide based
on his record as fiscal conservative.
He has consistently pushed to cut spending all
four years of his previous term but was outvoted every time.
Well, last November's ballot box revolt
kicked out three of the old tax and spend crowd.
Now, Mr. Greenwood has allies and all it takes
is three of the five member Board to pass much
needed and loudly promised reforms.
Last budget cycle he voted in vain to cut the
Forestry Land Use Tax Exemption. But now
that it's doable, he's straddling the fence.
Why ? Is he caving to pressure from powerful
interests, does he have a personal stake in
this indefensible exemption, or is it
contemptible "bait and switch," hiding until
after the election to expose his real intentions?
A clear majority of the five Supervisors
serving now publicly promised to cut spending
and reduce taxes.
Elections have consequences and YOU WON !
Robert "Sarge" Bruce
Dear Editor,
Lowe’s Arlington Farm has been sold. I would
like to thank all my friends, neighbors,
businesses, and Sheriff Walton and his staff for
the opportunity to meet all of you in King
William County. I can truly say that this area
shows “southern warmth and hospitality.” I will
leave this area with a heavy heart, but will
always cherish the time spent here.
Janet Lowe
Letters to the Editor
We welcome signed letters to the editor. Each letter must
carry the writers signature, full valid address, and daytime
phone number. We reserve the right to edit for accuracy,
brevity, clarity, legality, and taste. We do not guarantee that
every letter received will be published. Letters reflect the
opinions and positions of the writers and not The Country
LETTERS, continued on page 14
P a g e
1 4
T h e
C o u n t r y
C o u r i e r
W e d n e s d a y ,
F e b r u a ry
1 0 ,
2 0 1 6
Dear Editor,
First, I would like to thank Bob Shannon for
his letter to the Editor in the last issue of the
Country Courier, in response to a letter I had
written and submitted in the prior issue.
Simply put, as I read his rebuttal to my letter, all I can say is … He has only confirmed
the points I had made regarding Land Use in
the 1/13 issue, showing that he really and
truly doesn’t comprehend and/or just chooses
to misrepresent the factual concept and significant value of the Land Use Program.
I know for a fact that there was a Land Use
presentation made at one of his Tea Party
meetings some time ago, because I was there
and I also know the true intent of the program
was given honestly and concisely by the
speaker, however, to our surprise, Mr. Shannon allowed no further discussion RE: Land
Use as the speaker concluded. By the time of
the next Tea Party meeting (which I also attended) he had completely dismissed the information delivered at the prior meeting; at
that point, it became very obvious that he had
totally turned a deaf ear to what the speaker
had accurately stated and went right back to
talking about the Land Use Program with
continued and complete bias, as if the information had never been presented at all.
What has become very obvious is that Mr.
Shannon, neither being a Farmer nor a owner
of Farm or Forestry Land in King William
County, could clearly care less about those
that are, nor does he have any appreciation for
the significance of the work they do and what
they contribute to our County. Furthermore,
he plainly doesn’t comprehend the economics
that are involved for those working in agriculture or recognize that American farmer’s produce the cheapest and safest food supply of
any country in the world, bar none.
in truth, he would prefer to make offensive
remarks pertaining to our farmers such as he
made in his last editorial saying, “Let's stop
with the nostalgic picture of some man with
sweat running off his brow behind a mule and
a plow, that isn't a realistic picture of farming
today”…REALLY?! To that I proudly say that
today’s farmer may not have “a mule” out in
front of him, but he most certainly doesn’t
spend the majority of his days in an air conditioned tractor either! Most of the year, a
farmer’s workday is typically 6 days a week
and 7 during the busiest seasons, 12+ hours a
day and most any hot day you WILL see “…
sweat running off his brow…” AND he feeds
the world, so how about you walk a mile in
those shoes, Sir!
Now, moving back to the taxes, my question
to Mr. Shannon is … If the Tea (Taxed
Enough Already) Party is in favor of reducing
taxes why are they advocating raising taxes
on the Land Owners of King William, when
in actuality this will NOT reduce the tax burden on anyone else (as I explained in my
1/13/16 editorial) and would most likely raise
EVERYONE else’s taxes in the long-run?
Might it be because, he thinks that as long as
a tax doesn’t personally affect him, he is in
favor of more Taxes???
Lastly, in a feeble attempt to support his
position, he has referenced several online sites
and while I recognize most of his sources,
they are are not believed to be credible by
most, rather, more very liberal bias; so I
would like to offer up some reliable online
information from a source that most believe to
be an extremely credible source of information … Virginia Tech. I would strongly encourage anyone seeking unbiased, trustworthy
and reliable information RE: the Land Use
Program to go to the VA Tech website,
https://pubs.ext.vt.edu/448/448-037/448037.html, which is, “A Citizens' Guide to the
Land Use Value Taxation Program in Virginia”.
We’re all in this together and we need to
stand together for the best interest of ALL
King William Citizens!
J. N. Mills Jr.,
KW County, 5th District
Dear Editor,
King and Queen Supervisors support Fire/
Rescue Volunteers
I would like to recognize the King and
Queen Supervisors in support of our volunteer
responders. Recently, the Supervisors approved funding to support replacement of
aging Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
(SCBA) used by emergency responders in
hazardous environments.
worked together to review competitive bid
packages and select one vendor to provide
new SCBA units common across the
county. This will provide greater interoperability between departments. The Board’s
decision to provide a large portion of the
funding which complements the grants and
fundraising efforts of each department, continues to show their appreciation for the hard
work of our volunteers. It is becoming harder
to attract and keep qualified volunteers and
support from our Board as well as the citizens, allows us to continue to provide high
quality volunteer service to our community.
Robbie Coleman, Chief
Walkerton Fire Dept
newly elected members of the KW B.O.S
weigh in on the topic, voting this past week
on a approach that allows the B.O.S to channel funds into specific categories ( the measure lost 3-2) School Board Member Kathy
Morrison made the public statement “we’ve
done nothing to deserve this”, referencing of
course the measures intended effect , to instill
tighter controls over how funds are spent
within KW Schools. Of course the defenders
of the status quo will support Ms. Morrison’s
statement, and setting aside the self -serving
interests of those who benefit by current practice of unfettered spending, let’s take a look at
it from another point of view----the taxpayers.
All of 2015 the KWTP made it a major point
to contrast the KW Schools spending some
$90,000 a week more than Nottoway County
Schools, with some 300 more students and 2
more schools than KW’s 4. This is a very
generous comparison since our analysis excluded the 2.3 million KW Schools spent last
year on just debt service ( Nottoway allocated
$230,000.00 for debt service, 1/10 th the
amount spent here).
In 2014 our group distributed copies ( Ms.
Morrison and all SB Members received a
copy ) of the Heritage Foundations report
entitled “ The School Staffing Surge” which
documents over a period from 1950—2009
the increases in the number of students
( 96% ) Teachers ( 252%) and Administrative
Staffing ( 702%) This data has also been
prominently featured on a number of our beloved yellow signs over the last year.
To date not a single member of the school
board, nor the former Superintendent has said
a word about the Heritage Foundations report. Many elected officials , to include
members of the previous B.O.S admit to not
even reading it . One might ask an obvious
question as to why the side always advocating
for more money and higher school budgets
always gets an audience, when a contrarian
point of view doesn’t even merit examination ? It is a fair question. Since the issue of
the additional $90,000.00 a week that KW
Schools spend above and beyond a system
larger than our own was also so prominently
featured all of 2015 why not any objections or
push back from Ms. Morrison on that point ?
“we’ve done nothing to deserve this” If
Novembers election results mean anything,
taxpayers think otherwise Ms. Morrison.
Dear Editor,
As the school budget debate heats up and the
Bob Shannon
King William
Fast – Efficient – Reliable
(804) 427-7000
Now Offering Onsite Repairs and One-On-One Training
$25.00 Value
We’re Here To HELP You - Not SELL You
Certain Exclusions and Limitations Apply.
Offer Valid Until 12/31/15
2234 Exol Road
Center Cross, VA 22437
(804) 443-1002
Authorized E-File Provider
F e b r u a r y
1 0 , 2 0 1 6
T h e
C o u n t r y
BOS, continued from front page. Photos by Gene Campbell
Eagle Scouts are Stephen Luke Bliley L-Social Service Board member Ann Mitchell
presented Tommy Redd a Resolution.
(left) and Seth Christian Bliley (right) of
R- Thasia Bradley
Stephen Greenwood
Board chairman Stephen Greenwood, Aylett
District, Travis Moskalski, Courthouse and
Sweet Hall District and William Hodges, West
Point District voted against the resolution.
Manquin District, David Hansen and
Mangohick District, Bob Ehrhart voted for the
Supervisor Moskalski, stated, “I think what
this is, is some how a veil of criticism of the
school board and how they spend their money. I
don’t think it’s warranted, I don’t think it’s
Supervisor Ehrhart disagreed with Moskalski
statement, saying, ”This is an issue of creating
transparency; it’s an issue of not being able to
shift money around from one place to another.”
During the public comment period, School
Board Chairwoman Kathy Morrison and School
Board member Linsey Robinson both voiced
their disapproval of the resolution.
In closing comments Supervisor Moskakski
welcomed the new board members and said he
was looking forward to working with them.
Supervisor Bill Hodges thanked the school
board members and citizens for coming out.
Supervisor Erhart commented this board was
elected to be servants, the voters were clear;
they want a change in direction in this county.
Board Chairman Stephen Greenwood thanked
everyone for coming out, and was looking
forward to working with this new board.
In other Board business the board passed a
resolution of appreciation for Eagle Scouts
Stephen and Seth Bliley. Stephen and Seth
belong to troop 505 in Mechanicsville. The
Board also passed a resolution of appreciation
for past board members, Thomas Redd, and
Otto Williams. Redd served 28years and
Williams 12 years. The board also passed a
resolution supporting the use of hunting dogs in
King William County.
C o u r i e r
p a g e
1 5
Old St. John's Concert
On Sunday, February 21, at 4 p.m., Jay
Beville will present a solo vocal concert at
Old St. John's in King William County. Jay
BeVille holds a Bachelor of Music
Education degree from Virginia
Commonwealth University and a Master of
Music in vocal performance from Boston
University. He studied under L. Wayne
Batty, Wilma Thompson, and John Bullock
as well as coaching with Genevieve
McGiffert. Mr. BeVille has been a soloist
in the Richmond area for many years. He
appeared as a soloist with the Richmond
Symphony under the baton of George
Manahan and has performed with other well
know conductors such as Thomas Dunn and
Dale Warland. His opera and oratorio
credits include La Traviata, Le Nozze di
Figaro, Die Fledermaus, Tartuffe, The
Consul, Amahl and the Night Visitors,
Elijah, Judas Maccabaeus, and The
Messiah, and many others.
His teaching career spans thirty nine years
and he is currently retired from Hanover
County Public Schools where he last served
as Performing Arts Specialist for the school
division. Since 2002 BeVille has led the
Williamsburg Choral Guild as artistic
director and conductor in over thirty
performances of full-length masterworks
and numerous other choral selections
representing a wide array of choral
literature. In 2011 he oversaw the creation
of the Williamsburg Youth Chorale which
regularly performs with the Williamsburg
Women’s Chorus and Williamsburg Choral
In September 2009 Mr. BeVille prepared
the Children’s Chorus in Carl Orff’s
Carmina Burana for the Richmond
Symphony Orchestra season premier,
performed at the newly renovated Carpenter
Theater at Richmond CenterStage.
BeVille is on the faculties of Virginia
Commonwealth University and Randolph
Macon College where he serves as adjunct
professor of voice. He also maintains a
private teaching studio and is an active
clinician, adjudicator and guest conductor.
Mr. BeVille will be accompanied by Ms.
Kristi Reynolds, pianist and organist.
Old St. John’s is located at 103 St. John’s
Church Lane, 10 miles north of West Point
on Route #30. A link to a map of its location
can be found at http://oldstjohns.org.
Admission is free, with an offering collected
during intermission.
MPRA Celebrates the Start of their 26th Year
By Gene Campbell
The Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers Association (MPRA) is a "force to be reckon with"...
just ask the City of Newport News after their
failed attempt to draw water from the Mattaponi
River several years ago. From its humble beginnings the Association has become a "voice
for the rivers"....and twenty-five years later they
are still going strong !!! On January 29th at the
King William Fire House over 60 members
gathered for their Annual Meeting and Pot Luck
After a delicious meal, Board member Dawn
Shank presented member Kitty Cox with the
Ripple Award for her twenty-five years of service in planning and leading the Annual River
Clean up and River Stewardship Day. For the
past 25 years, MPRA has coordinated a River
Stewardship Day. Starting this year, the organi-
zation is planning an entire month of events.
There will be paddles, workshops, environmental education and a picnic during the entire
month of June!
Chris Hager, CEO of Chesapeake Scientific,
LLC, then spoke to the group on research his
group and others have been doing on sightings
of sturgeons in the Mattaponi and Pamunkey
rivers. At the meeting officers and board members for 2016 were elected. They include Brad
Davis, President.; Billy Moore, Vice President.;
Joyce Hepper, Secretary.; and Karen Moore,
Your family can join the MPRA for just $15.
Business memberships are also available. To
stay updated on all the MPRA's events ‘Like’
their Facebook page:
MPRA.org and visit their website: MPRA.org
Auction notice is hereby given that the contents of rental units:
A-18 10 x 20 Wanda Fields
E-16 10 x 15 Amanda Atkinson
E-36 10 x 15 Beatrice Holmes
Will be offered for sale by public auction for non payment of rent. Terms of sale
CASH. We reserve the right to reject any or all bids.
Sale will be held on February 13, 2016 at 9:00 a.m.
Aylett Mini Storage
8103 Richmond Tappahannock Hwy.
Rt. 360 Aylett, Va. 23009
Bridget Grindstaff
Jeremy Yorke
Call to Compare
Our Rates
& Save!
P a g e
1 6
T h e
C o u n t r y
C o u r i e r
W e d n e s d a y ,
F e b r u a ry
1 0 ,
2 0 1 6
Church Calendar
Non Profit Only - 50 word LIMIT. Over Pastor: David Anthony, 1-804-384- who's strength and dignity during the 769-1949 and Pastor Jon Baker will
50 will be charged 40 cents a word.
7721. Sunday School (10am) Worship 1960's helped to change history. gladly return your call. Hope to see you
Christian Fellowship Ministries (CFM)
February Announcements 2016
Come join us for our annual 40 Day
Fast! The Fast starts on Ash
Wednesday (February 10, 2016) and
there will be revival services at
Christian Fellowship Ministries (CFM)
each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
night at 7:00 p.m. during the 40 Day
Fast! Feel free to give praises to God
while receiving a Blessed word from
God! CFM is located at 304 W.
Chinquapin Rd., King William County,
VA 23086. (Phone) 804-769-1985 or
804-769-1192. You can email Christian
Fellowship Ministries for more
information about the 40 Day Fast at
[email protected]
New Life Community Church
formerly New Mount Olive Christian
Center is under new pastoral
leadership.NLCC is located at 109
Commons Park Drive Suite J,
Manquin. Sundays at 8a.m. and Bible
Study on 2nd/4th Wednesdays at 7pm.
NLCC is connected and committed to
relational Kingdom building by
empowering people through God's
Word to love God, self and others.
Bethlehem Baptist Church. located
4389 The Trail (Rote 14) Burlington,
VA. 23023. Call 804-363-1167 for
additional information.
Colosse Baptist Church events
located on Rt. 30, 4 miles south of
King William Court House.
has moved to 7753 Richmond Tapp.
Hwy, Aylett. Worship service on
Sundays @ 9:30 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.,
preceded by Coffee House. We want to
invite you to our exciting worship
experience. For more information,
contact: Pastor Gus Agostino (804) 572
-8054 www.visitfamilylife.com
Mattaponi Baptist Church
Service (11am) Prayer Meeting Second
Thursday, 7pm Bible Study Third and
Fourth Wednesdays, 7pm. 11468 The
Trail, King & Queen Courthouse
Mount Olive Baptist Church located
at 2370 Mount Olive Cohoke Road,
King William, VA 23086. The Apostle
Donald A. Moss welcomes you to
Sunday School at 10am and Church
Service at 11:15am every
Sunday. Bible study at 7pm every
Wednesday night.
Providence Baptist Church of 4570
Dorrell Road in Aylett begins
celebrating 145 years of Christian
Service with a Pulpit exchange. This
historic event will take place on
Sunday, February 21, 2016. The Rev
Dr. Ed Shepard, Pastor of Beulah, will
preach at the 11:30 morning service at
Providence. And the Rev. Evans C.
White, Jr, Pastor of Providence, will
preach at Beulah during their 11:00
morning service. Please come out to
witness this glorious service(s) and be
blessed. The public is invited. For more
info please call (804)769-2951 or the
church office (804)769-3990.
Rehoboth Baptist Fellowship Church
at weekday lunch and Bible study
held 2nd Tuesday every month. Lunch
served 12–12:30, Bible study 12:301:30. Study covers “what the Bible
says about?” different topics each
meeting. Lunch expense “donation
only”. Questions, 769-8400. 5904
Acquinton Church Road, King William
St. Luke Baptist Church/Plum Point
A2 District meeting of the Baptist
General Convention of Virginia will be
held on Saturday, February 6, 2016 at
10:00 a.m. Missionaries from churches
in King William, New Kent and West
Point are encouraged to attend.
Saint Paul Baptist Church MOVIE
1995 Globe Road will show the movie
entitled "Ruby Bridges" on Friday,
February 26, at 7:00pm. This movie is
an inspiring story of one little girl
CALL 804(769-0259
[email protected]
Refreshments available. Door prizes
given. All are welcome to join us!
Sharon Baptist Church The annual
Fish Dinner has been rescheduled to
March 5th. We still have tickets
available to purchase at the church, no
tickets will be sold at the door. Adults
$8 and Children $3 (hot dog, chips &
drink). We are located at 901 Sharon
Road across from King William High
School. Sunday mornings coffee &
doughnuts at 8:45am followed by
Sunday School for all ages at 9:15 am.
Worship Service 10:30 am. Nursery
provided. Sunday Evening Bible Study
6pm. Additional Bible Study. Church
office hours are 9 am to 2 pm Monday
– Thursday. Call the church at 7692320 for more information.
SHARON BC invites the community
to Peanut Butter Jelly Time, on the 4th
Sat every month from 9-12. Come by
for clothes, shoes, toys, books at no
charge. We accept donations by appt.
we can use boys new or gently new or
gently used clothes or shoes especially
teen sizes. Call Bobbie 543-76O2
St. Stephens Baptist Church
Visit our historic church. Sunday
school 10:00am, worship service
11:00am. Bible Study Wed. at 7:30pm.
We’re easy to find, right off Route 360
at the St. Stephens Church stoplight.
Go ¼ mile south on Route 14 (The
Trail) Telephone 804-769-8833
Rev. Dr. Wilbert D. Talley & Third
Union Baptist Church, located at 452
Walkerton Road in King William
County, invites everyone to worship
with us during our Annual Family &
Friends Day on Sunday, February 21,
2016. Our Theme & Scripture for the
day will be “Behold, how good and
how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell
together in unity!” Psalm 133:1. The
guest Preacher for our 11:00 AM
worship service will be Rev. Shawn L.
Knight, Pastor of Baptist Liberty
Church in King William, VA. Rev.
Knight will be accompanied by his
Choir, Ushers and Congregation.
Upper King & Queen Baptist
Church at 1693 Bradley Farm Road
welcomes you to Sunday School at
9:45 and Worship at 11:00. Bible
studies on Wednesday and Friday.
Childrens Church and Mission Friends
for children. Men's Prayer Breakfast on
1st Sunday at 8:30 a.m. WMU for
ladies, Youth Group.
Epworth United Methodist Church
worship with us on Sunday mornings at
9:00 for our church service followed by
fellowship time and Sunday School
classes for all ages. further information
McKendree United Methodist
Church Come join the fellowship
every week 4347 Manfield Road,
Manquin; Pastor Chad Beck 804-7692 7 9 8 o r 4 3 4 - 9 0 7
7202, [email protected] Sunday
Worship @9:30am, Sunday School
@10:45am located at 4347 Manfield
Road (Rt 605) in Manquin.
Shepherd's UMC Please join us
on Sundays for worship service at 9:30
am and Sunday school at 11:00 am.
Shepherd's UMC, A Church For All
Immanuel Episcopal Church, 3263
Old Church Road, Mechanicsville.
Legendary organist Charles Lindsey Jr.
will perform at 7 p.m. Feb. 20. Tickets
at the door, cost $15 per person, $25
for two and $5 for children under 12.
More information at the church, (804)
779-3454 or immanoch.org. A
reception follows.
Saint David’s Episcopal Church
“To Know Christ Jesus and to make
Christ Known” All are welcome to our
11am Worship Service and Children’s
Sunday School. 1st Sundays of the
month Youth Service & Morning
Prayer, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays are
Holy Communion. 11291 West River
Rd. Aylett (next to public boat landing)
St. John's Episcopal Church St.
John's Hall, 916 Main Street, West
St. Paul's Episcopal Church West
Point men's fellowship is sponsoring a
trip to Chicago. The dates are August
21-27. The Cost is $759,oo (double
occupancy) and $1008 (single).
Contact Charles Randall-804-8437497, Clarence Burrell, Jr. - 804-8434000, Ashton Bell 84-387-9442 or
Albert Gresham - 804-843-2498 for
additional information. All payment
should be made to: St. Paul's Episcopal
Church Men's Fellowship, 3155 Taylor
Avenue, Apt. 502, West Point, 23181.
St. James Presbyterian Church (the
little church next to King William
Courthouse) 411 Courthouse Lane.
Worship service is held on Sundays at
10:30 AM. Communion held on first
Sunday every month. Our music is a
blend of contemporary praise &
traditional hymns, led by guitar and
F e b r u a r y
1 0 , 2 0 1 6
T h e
C o u n t r y
C o u r i e r
p a g e
1 7
Community Calendar
Non Profit Only- 50 words. Over 50 will
be charged 40 cents a word.
due to snow.
600 Hunt Club
Salt Fish Breakfast last Sat. of the
month, Feb. 27 & March 26.
King William Children First
Lions Club
Club meets 3rd Tuesday of each
month at 7:00 p.m. at St. David’s
Episcopal Church, Aylett. Join us to
develop projects that will help King
William children by providing free
vision and hearing screenings,
books, and other services. For more
information, call 769-3511.
King & Queen Branch Library
Storytimes Thursday, January 28
Family, 10:30 a.m., all ages
Ages 5-10 Storytimes Thursday,
February 4, 11, 18, and 25 Family,
10:30 a.m., all ages Call 804-7691623 or visit the library at 396
Newtown Road for more info.
Upper King William Branch
LibraryStorytimes Feb. 10, 17,
and 24 Family, 10:30 a.m., all ages
Call 804-769-3731 or visit the
library at 694-J Sharon Road for
more information.
West Point Branch Library
Second Saturday Matinee
Saturday, February 13, Noon - 2:00
p . m . L E G O M a n i a F r i d a y,
February 19, 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. Ages
5-12 Storytimes Friday, February
12, 19, and 26 Family, 10:30 a.m.,
all ages Call 804-843-3244 or visit
the library at 721 Main Street for
more information.
DCSE Service Point Assistance
Entering the New Millennium
DCSE Personnel will be at King &
Queen Social Services on the Third
Thursday of each month from
9:30AM to 3:00PM to assist you
with Child Support Related
Questions and/or Inquiries. DCSE
Contact Information: 1-800-4688894
Free Afternoon Off for
Bring your senior loved ones to a
special event on the third Thursday
of every month! Caregivers get an
afternoon off (1:00-5:00p.m.) while
their seniors enjoy fellowship in a
safe environment with fun-filled
activities planned especially for
them. Information-registration, call
804-769-4407. Sponsored by
United Methodist Women,
McKendree UMC, 4347 Manfield
Road, Manquin.
Good Homes Needed For Good
Regional Animal Shelter, 20201
King William Road, King William
804-769-4983. Kennel visiting
hours Mon.–Fri. 11a.m.-4p.m.,
Wed. eve. until 6pm., Sat.11am.2pm. www.petfinder.com email:
[email protected]
Help Wanted!
If you love animals please consider
becoming a foster parent. You
provide a safe and loving home,
Indian Rivers Humane Society will
provide food and medical. Please
call 804-885-3109 x2 for further
information. Someone will call you
back. You can help save lives!
Three Rivers SWCD Board of
Directors Meetings The Three
Rivers Soil & Water Conservation
District will hold its monthly Board
of Directors meetings on the third
Monday of each month. The public
is invited. If you would like to
attend, please contact us at (804)
443-2327 ext. 101.
King William County On-Going
Nurturing Parenting Program
Every Monday 6:30pm - 8:30pm
King William Counseling Center,
1041 Sharon Road, KW. $20 Per/
Session + $20 Handbook. 15-week
On-Going Nurturing Parenting
Program takes place year round
parents can enroll any time. Preregistration is required. To register
please call us at:1-888-PREV550 or 804-642-5402 or email us
at [email protected]
K . W .
R e c
P a r k
King William T.E.A. Party
KWTP meets the second and fourth
Thursdays each month at 7 PM.
Had enough of lies from both major
political parties; openly squeezing
the middle class to pay off rich
donors and poor voters? Take
action! Starting with effective
strategies to deal with critical local,
state and national issues. Meetings
of KWTP are open to all citizens of
good will. Usually held at the Upper
King William Library, but
oc c asi on al l y a t Luci o C 's
Restaurant. For more information
visit www.kwteaparty.com
(Parents Only) King William
Counseling Center, 1041 Sharon
Road, King William, VA 23086:
Mondays 6:30-8:30 pm Preregistration is required. Cost: $20
per person/per session +$20
Southern States in King William is
having “Made With Love”
February 13th 10-2. Local handmade
crafts, scarfs and blankets will be up
for sale. Please come out and
support our local vendors. If you
would like to sell handmade items
contact the store @ 804-769-3100
Three Rivers SWCD Board of
Directors Meetings
The Three Rivers Soil & Water
Conservation District will hold its
monthly Board of Directors
meetings on the third Monday of
each month. The public is invited. If
you would like to attend, please
contact us at (804)443-2327 ext.
The NAMI Mid-Tidewater Family
Support Group will meet at 7PM on
February 18, 2016 at the King
William Counseling Center. Call
If you are reading this, so are thousands of others!
Place your ad in the Country Courier for 2016.
Get seen by King William and King & Queen residents and businesses.
P a g e
1 8
T h e
C o u n t r y
C o u r i e r
W e d n e s d a y ,
F e b r u a ry
1 0 ,
2 0 1 6
P.C. Lurry Home Painting &
Make a difference in the lives
Repairs: Interior & Exterior.
of others. King and Queen Social
High Speed Internet
Gutters, Roofing, Siding, Decks
Services is seeking a Family
Order the High Speed Satellite
and other home repairs. Affordable
Services Specialist IV/CSA
Internet that is now available in
Rates, Licensed & Insured.
Coordinator F.T. $36,886King William and King & Queen!
Call 804-769-2253 or
$43,750. EEO. A full job
Speeds up to 12-Mbps down and 3cell 804-994-3128
description is on Virginia Jobs
Mbps up. Starting at $60/month.
Posting # 1007873 at http://
Order now by Calling 874-3294
Call: Doug Hancock
Computer Services & Repair
We accept online
(804) 337-5226
Home or Business
applications only.
Call Armistead @ 874-3294
Lawn and Landscape
Residential and Commercial
Call Armistead.com
electrical service and installations Maintenance Supervisor and team
Norman’s Tree Service: Tree
members Duties include
Also generator installations.
removal, topping, trimming, stump Licensed and insured. BBB. Call maintaining customer accounts o a
grinding, brush chipping, storm
weekly basis. Experienced and
746-4350 for a free estimate
damage and tractor work. No job
with zero turn mowers,
or visit: mallory-electric.com
too big or small, 75 ft. bucket
mulching and recognizing
truck. Free Estimates, reasonable Lamp Repair & Restoration: Do opportunities within the landscape
you have a sentimental lamp that’s and an eye for detail. Maintenance
prices. Licensed & Insured.
not working? FEAR NOT.
Locally owned & operated.
of equipment, excellent
service Available! Call communication skills, strong work
Call 769-7197
DOC Anytime at 804-247-3370
ethic, and the ability to keep your
Steven’s Handyman Jr.:
team motivated are essential.
Reasonable, quality work, well
Driver’s license is required. Good
experienced, any type yard work, Interior, Exterior, Deck Staining
driving record a must. Drug
painting, mulching, tree work,
screening is required. Year-round
Firewood for Sale, grass cutting,
employment. Salaried position
power washing, etc.
available. Pay based on experience.
Free Estimates & Insured.
Call L.A. Grounds Management,
Call 852-8403 (c)
Inc. (804)769-9414
Pollard’s Landscaping, Trees
Over 30 years of experience in
trimmed and removed. 60ft. Bucket
and repairing hardwood
Truck, Asphalt Repair & Sealing,
and laminate floors. We offer
TOP CASH PAID -We’re buying
Mulching, Grass Cutting,
antiques, old tools, old guns,
Fertilizing, Seeding, Power raking,
swords, guitars, old trains, military
Tree Pruning, Driveway Repair ,
items, old toys, glassware, clocks,
Fine & Rough Grading, Lot
nautical things, other old items. If
Clearing, Trash Removal,
cleaning out a house, shed,
Experienced bookkeeper
Demolition, Drainage Problems,
attic, garage, basement, etc.,
Install and Repair Septic Systems, accepting new clients. AR/AP/PR /
Call 804-337-5329
Payroll and sales tax
Top Soil, Fill Dirt, Pressure
Service and Fair Prices
reports. Walkerton area. Call
Washing, Painting, Staining,
Wendy at 804-241-7309.
Bricks, Blocks and Concrete Work.
References available.
Call 445-1063
Licensed & Insured.
Repairs, Inside and Out. Fixed up, Seasoned firewood for sale, all
S. A Dunbar Construction
804-402-5019. ALL your Home Cleaned up and Hauled off! Local, Oak and Hickory with delivery.
Call 769-7197
Honest and Dependable. Fairly
Improvements and Repairs!
priced. Veterans, Seniors and
Decks and Handrails Custom Tile
widows Discount.
Work Replacement Interior and
Call: Kenny 804-929-6882
New Brakes, Leather Interior,
Exterior Doors Custom trim
Sunroof, Hunter Green in Color
Auto Glass Installed: Bullzeye
$2,000 or Best Offer
Glass, Windshield replacement,
Part Time Seasonal Truck
rock chip repair, same day mobile
Driver, CDL, drug test, DMV
required. Retired Person
Direct billing for Insurance.
welcomed. Please apply in person.
Locally owned.
Call 804-335-4807
Crop Production Service. Aylett Critter Care Pet Sitting: We offer
affordable and professional care for
your pet in the comfort of their
We also offer walking programs.
Call: 804-339-7265
Boarding, Twin Ponds Kennels,
Indoor/Outdoor runs, heated & air
conditioned. Obedience Training &
Gun Dog Training. Call Patty or
Danny Waltman 769-3095 or 3708793 www.twinpondskennels.com
Aylett - Brick 2 Bedroom, large eat
-in kitchen, washer-dryer, excellent
location, From $755. per month.
“Rent Special”769-0867
F e b r u a r y
1 0 , 2 0 1 6
Lawn Tractors ● Chain Saws ● Mow-
T h e
C o u n t r y
C o u r i e r
p a g e
1 9
P a g e
2 0
T h e
C o u n t r y
C o u r i e r
W e d n e s d a y ,
F e b r u a ry
1 0 ,
2 0 1 6