How to Install a Fuel Pressure Regulator


How to Install a Fuel Pressure Regulator
How to Install a Fuel Pressure Regulator
First of all you have to make sure you have all your Item’s needed. Here is a list of
everything you will need:
Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fuel Pressure Gauge
Fuel Rail Adaptor
4 feet of 1/4 inch (6.4mm) Fuel line
Fuel line clamps
1 Foot 1/8 inch (3.2mm) Vacuum Hose
Once you are sure you have everything we can begin.
You’ll first start of by disconnecting the negative terminal form the battery with a
10mm wrench or socket. Then open your gas tank to release the pressure. Once
you’ve done that we can begin with installation of your new Fuel Pressure
Now you’ll want to disconnect the fuel hose form the retune line. It’s right behind
the transmission (gear box) Be ready with a rag or cloth to clean any liquid that
may come out.
Next disconnect the vacuum line on the stock fuel pressure regulator. With a
10mm socket unbolt the regulator.
There is one more bolt to remove and it’s on the other side of the fuel rail.
You should have this once it’s off.
Now install your fuel rail adaptor. You can use your existing O-ring or you could
buy a new one, which is recommended.
Now find were your going to mount your regulator.
Now measure your fuel hose to the retune line and cut. At the same time measure
and cut your vacuum hose. Now install. On the fuel pressure regulator make sure
you connect the retune line to the OUTPUT.
Now install your gauge and hose to the fuel rail.
The installation is finished. Now close your gas tank and reconnect your battery.
Turn on you car and look for any leaks. If any found shut engine off on make sure
you have tighten your clamps right.
Now its time to set the fuel pressure! Turn on your car once more. Now go take a
look at you gauge. Some people do this next step with the vacuum hose off and
some do it with it on. You choose. I did mine with it on. On top of the new
regulator there will be a bolt with a nut. Undo the nut and turn the bolt clockwise
to raise the pressure to the desire setting. Once you’ve achieve the desired pressure
turn the nut clockwise to tighten.
I set mine at 45psi (3.1 Bar) because that the recommended pressure to run 14.5psi
(1 Bar) of boost safely.
There are many different types of regulators so your’s may not look like this. This
is just a guide to help you install your new RRFPR