Represents all students


Represents all students
Youth Democracy in Poland
1. Children and Youth
2. Youth council of the city /
district / municipality
3. Student Council
Children and Youth Parliament
is an action promoting the
parliamentary system since 1994
among young people, currently in
high school and secondary schools.
The term of members is for one year,
and the only session of the year takes
place on the Children's Day 1 June.
Each of the 16 provinces in
Poland receives the number of
seats proportional to the number
of students in secondary schools
in the province.
How to become a member?
Since 2010, candidates work in groups of
two. To qualify for parliamentary seats,
the team needs to do a session on the
subject of social action and publish in
Internet. The best grated groups get the
mandates of deputies, according to the
number of seats per province.
Youth council of the city /
district / municipality is an
optional local government
Youth councils are created by a group of
young people who were elected by their
peers in the democratic elections held in
The members serve as a representation
of youth in the area and are to raise
awareness of local authorities on the
needs of young people.
They express opinions about the
activities of local government bodies in
relation to young people.
\Youth council members are students in
middle schools and high schools.
They are chosen in democratic elections
to represent their peers before the city
Working in the youth council young
people take responsibility for their local
environment, they learn the principles of
independence as well as functioning of
They also have the opportunity to influence
their community, city or county - to take
concrete action in response to specific needs.
The first youth council was formed in
Poland in 1990 in Czestochowa. Only in
2001, together with the amendment of local
laws, to the Local Government Act
introduced Article. 5b, formally authorizing
the creation of youth municipal council.
The most popular form of youth
democracy in every school in
Poland is Student Council.
All students in our school are in the Student
Although we vote for representatives to the SC
Another branch of SC is Student Council Committee:
 Student Council Administration.
 Presidents and vice-presidents of all students.
Student Council is one of the school’s
authorities that represents the requests,
proposals and opinions on school matters to
the Teachers’ Council and the principal. The
most important issue is the realization of the
fundamental students’ rights.
Among many rights the there are for
• The right to get acquainted with the
curriculum and education, its content and
aims as well as the posted requirements
• The right to an open and reasoned
assessment of the student’s progress
and bahaviour.
• The right to organize the school life
that allows to appropriate relations
beetwen the school’s effort and
personal interest develompent
• The right to organize cultural,
educational and sporting events
according to own needs and
school organizational capacity in
consultation with the school
• The right to choose the teacher
who will be the guardian of the
Student Council.
In case of transgressing either of
the rights, students can report
it to the guardian of Student
Council, who represents all
How is student Council Board chosen?
1.Every 9th and 10th grade gives one
candidate to the SC. The candidate is a
student who doesn’t have any problems
with studies and has a good behaviour
2.After the announcement of the list of
candidates the written democratic voting
takes place.
3. Then all the votes are being
counted and the results are
announced by the Principal to the
school society.
4. After choosing the new Student
Council Board memebers choose
the guardian for one year.
Every member’s term is one year long
In the present school rear 2011/2012 the Student
Council Board is:
President : Jakub Rudny
Vice- president: Błażej Kot
Treasurer: Jowita Turoń
Secretary: Ilona Kozłowska
The guardian of the SC is Mr Łukasz Łącała ;)
The responsibilities of the President of School
 Represents all students
 Coordinates the work of SC
 Cooperates with the Principal and SC guardian
 Speaks to teachers and local authorities on behalf of
all students
 Invites all the students to cooperate with the SC
 Plans and organizes the SC meetings
The responsibilities of the vice
Helps the President in all actions
In case of President’s absence,
the vice- president takes on his
The treasurer is responsible for all
the finances within SC
 The secretary writes reports on all
the actions of SC and it’s meetings.
 Collects writen opinions and reqrest
of the students
Student Council organizes many events
such as:
• School discos
• St Valentine’s Post
• Children’s Day
• The annral, national charity event called
Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy
• SC helps weaker students
• School shows
As you can see a lot of things and
events take pleace in our school.
It seems that the work of the Student
Council members is pleasant but in
fact it’s a lot of work.
School dances
Santa Claus Day
The National Day of
Education, Woman’s Day,
Man’s Day
The First Day of Spring
St. Valentine’s Day
Working for charity
Working for charity
Thank you for your attention 
Aneta Ciesla
Aleksandra Kruczek
Jowita Turon
Marta Stachnik
Agata Napora
Hubert Szalwa
Group leader: Anna Laska
Maria Wielgus
Politician: Angnieszka Sochacka