RV Camping Checklist


RV Camping Checklist
RV Camping
Going on an epic RV adventure road trip can be the experience of a lifetime. But with so
much to pack it’s easy to forget something. Use this handy checklist as a guide to help you
remember to bring the things you need!
Before Departure
Food & Kitchen Supplies
• Make sure RV is roadworthy
• Verify registration and insurance is
• Confirm AAA coverage is active
• Reserve campsites or familiarize yourself
with reservation process ahead of time
• Watch weather forecast to plan for
• Inform friends and family of travel plans
• Basics: salt, pepper, sugar, butter, spices,
and seasonings
• Meal plans
• Pack Mountain House® for quick,
hassle-free meals
• Can opener
• Corkscrew
• Grill
Basic RV Equipment
Spare tire
Wheel chocks
Jumper cables
Freshwater tank
Solar panels
Greywater tank
Blackwater tank
Person Hygiene / Health
Toilet paper
Shampoo & soaps
Insect repellent
Pain relievers
Glasses, contacts & lens cleaner
Pet Supplies
Plenty of pet food
Treats & toys
Water dish
Portable water dish for hikes
Leash & harness
Camping Equipment
• Flashlights, headlamps & lanterns
• Knife or multi-purpose tool
• Hatchet or axe
Emergency Supplies
• Well-stocked first aid kit
• Extra blankets
• Fire-starting equipment in a waterproof
• Flashlight
• Backup batteries
• Extra food like Mountain House Just in
Case...® Kits
• Extra layers for mornings and unexpected
• Rain gear
• Sun gear: wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses
and uv-protective outerwear
• Clothing appropriate for the season and
• Clothing for the odd night on the town
Right Before Departure
• Stop the mail
• Lock the doors
• Hire someone for lawn care if you’re
going to be gone for several weeks

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