2005 - The Family Care Network


2005 - The Family Care Network
le of servi
The F
Care Netw
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Family Care Network, inc.
Planting seeds of hope
...one life at a time
Annual Report 2004-2005
Our mission. . .
“Enhance the well-being
of children and families
in partnership with our
Courtesy Armend Muqkurtaj
About Family Care Network, Inc.
FCNI Administration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Letter from the CEO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Agency Elements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
2004-2005 Year in Review. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
FCNI Structure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Financials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Alternative Family Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Basic Foster and Shelter Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Intensive Therapeutic Foster Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Wraparound Foster Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
CALM Foster Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Family Support Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
Familia de Novo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
Therapeutic Behavioral Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
Outpatient Counseling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
Transitional and Affordable Housing Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Transitional Housing Placement Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
Delinquency Prevention Services. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Intensive Community Diversion. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
Community School Services. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
Youth and Family Restoration Program. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
contact information
Administrative Headquarters
3765 S. Higuera Street, Suite 100
San Luis Obispo, California 93401
Santa Maria Office
110 S. Pine Street, Suite 227
Santa Maria, California 93454
Courtesy Marcio Duarte Macedo
Toll Free
[email protected]
[email protected]
Special Services. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Mentors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
Interns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
Educational Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
Community Resources Development Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
Fundraising. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
Community Partners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
Circle of Friends . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36
Letter from the CEO
Courtesy Wynand van Niekerk
Executive Team
James W. Roberts
Jon Nibbio
Bobbie Scott
Vince Giordano
CEO/Executive Director
Deputy Director/Clinical Services Director
Director of Finance & Administrative Services
Director of Santa Barbara County Services
Board of Directors
Mike Sparrow
Jim & Carol Allen
Terri Giacomantonio
Dan Rowe
Marcie Tarpley
Lisa Figg
Sandy Purdy
Chuck Pickle
James W. Roberts
Vice Chair
Secretary of the Board
Adoptive/Foster Parent
Nonprofit CEO
Foster Parent Liaison
Community Representative
Santa Barbara Advisory Committee Representative
CEO/ Executive Director
Dear Friends and Family Care Network Family,
The Family Care Network has completed its 17th year as a Central Coast-based nonprofit, public benefit
corporation. It was a great privilege to serve over 1,200 children, youth and families this past year. Spanning our tenure of work with the most challenging of emotional needs, we have learned the value of
patience, the diligence of perseverance and the process of time. Change rarely comes quickly. Rather, it
emerges slowly like a seedling, sometimes taking ever so long to germinate. Once sprouted, gentle persistence is the rule—patiently nurturing, protecting and eventually “hardening off” to allow it to become
resilient, strong and fruitful. Sometimes we only see a small sprig of growth emerge, while other times
we see a flourishing healthy person. Sometimes we don’t see any visible signs of change, but almost all
of the time growth happens. Thus, we work hard, persevere, wait and hold onto the knowledge that hope
will grow over time.
The Family Care Network is also grateful to see the fruitfulness of this growth process evidenced through
a high degree of success in our programs. As you explore this document, you will see our program-specific
outcomes. But it must be known that our success has to be shared with our amazing, caring community.
We see ourselves not only as part of a larger growth-nurturing system, but also as a conduit for the community to get connected to children and families to help meet their needs. We are what our name states
—a “network” of care. Many agencies, businesses and individuals form a community-based network
working hand-in-hand with our agency to “enhance the well-being of children & families...” It is a remarkable experience to see a community mobilize to help others with challenging circumstances, especially
when it is our own!
The heart and soul of nurturing growth and positive change is passion. I count myself among the very
fortunate to work with a staff who are passionate about seeing our mission fulfilled. Whether a social
worker or secretary, manager or maintenance person, it makes no difference—we share the same
mission—to enhance the well-being of children and families in partnership with our community. There
are multiple roles and jobs to be done, but only one goal—to see lives changed for the better!
This past year the Family Care Network grew internally, maturing in almost every area of our organization. I hope we never stop. If we can perform better, be more effective, be more accountable, improve
cost-efficiency, add diversity and depth, become more inclusive and serve our customers better, we want
to do it! Towards that end, we began the process of accrediting our foster care, mental health, and child
and family services programs, to become the first accredited agency of our type on the Central Coast.
This process will be completed in early 2006.
The 2004-2005 fiscal year was another productive year with many, many lives
being touched by our agency. I extend my thanks and appreciation to everyone
who has contributed to this effort and helped make the Central Coast a great place
for everyone to live.
Jim Roberts
CEO/Executive Director
2 about family care network
“The heart and soul of nurturing
growth and positive change is passion.”
about family care network 3
Year in Review
Courtesy Pierre Michel
Courtesy Karina Zantinge
Circle of Serving
We serve foster and special needs children, youth
and families on the Central Coast. Our partners,
including individual volunteers, families and
organizations, are dedicated to a sole purpose:
improving the quality of life of others by
surrounding them with compassionate assistance,
care and guidance.
The Family Care Network, Inc. was established as a
California nonprofit, public benefit corporation in
August, 1987. Since our inception, we have reached out
and served San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Kern
counties through specialized therapeutic foster care
services, family support services, juvenile delinquency
prevention services, transitional placement services and
special programs. Our services are designed to
strengthen and preserve families and individuals, and
are delivered in partnership with public and private
agencies, and the community.
Guiding Philosophy
Our services are guided by seven principles:
1. Family Centered
2. Strength Based
3. Needs Driven
4. Solution Focused
5. Community Based
6. Culturally Relevant and Inclusive
7. Evidence Based Practices
4 about family care network
Staff Wellness & Satisfaction
Compassion & Mercy
Unconditional Care
Community Partnership
Competence & Quality
Positive Life Changes
The Family Care Network celebrates 17 years.
The Family Care Network served 1,295 children, youth, individuals and families.
Basic Foster Care
Emergency Foster Care
Intensive Foster Care
Wraparound Foster Care
CALM Foster Care
Familia de Novo
Therapeutic Behavior Services
Outpatient Counseling
Transitional Housing
Intensive Community Diversion
Community School Counseling
Youth and Family Restoration
Mentor/Intern Program
Educational Services
FCNI partnered with 30-40 public and community based organizations in providing
services to our clients
FCNI programs averaged about an 85% success rate
FCNI spent $5,644,380 to deliver our services
FCNI averaged 92 employees per month working toward fulfilling our mission
FCNI had 63 foster families providing care
FCNI provides bilingual Spanish services in all programs. 42% of our Master Level
Therapists are bilingual and 18% of our entire clinical staff is bilingual
Approximately 180 volunteers gave time working with clients or helping out at FCNI
FCNI had 1,135 individual donors who contributed financially toward our efforts
FCNI maintained relationships with 1,530 individuals, businesses and organizations
who contributed goods and/or services to our clients
FCNI’s total donations for the fiscal year: $108,332
Staff and volunteers drove 478,145 miles serving children, youth and families
about family care network 5
FCNI Structure
D, I, K
Foster Care,
Partner Agency Key:
A - Social Services
B - Probation
C - Mental Health
D - County Schools
E - Drug and Alcohol
F - Health Department
G - Law Enforcement
I - Other CBOs
J - City/County Planning
K - Community
H, I, K
H, I, K
I, J, K
Santa Barbara
At FCNI, organizational management consists of four elements: 1)
planning; 2) organizing; 3) directing & leading; and 4) evaluating. It is
a continual, circular process responsible for maintaining the viability
and health of the agency in support of the agency’s mission.
The agency has four levels of governance: the Board of Directors, who
meet monthly, focus on broad policy, vision and general oversight; an
Executive Team who meets weekly to provide immediate, direct
all-agency administrative control and decision-making; and the Management Council, which consists of all managers and supervisors,
meets weekly and serves as a forum for disseminating information,
reporting program performance and needs, and for maintaining
accountability; and the Program units, which meet weekly to ensure
consistent and effect program operations.
6 about family care network
I, K
D, B, I
B, E, G
A, B,
C, F, I, K
C, I
A, I, K
Foster Home
and RA
Planning Circle development begins in January each year for the
following fiscal year. It is approved by the Board of Directors and
monitored quarterly. The Planning Circle document is available for
CEO/Executive Director
Director of Clinical Services
Director of Finance & Administration
Director of Santa Barbara
County Services
Management Philosophy and Practice
The Family Care Network uses a participatory, non-hierarchical management structure, built on strong leadership and effective management to foster an environment conducive to giving input, encouraging
creativity and initiating a free exchange of ideas.
& Medical
Executive Team
FCNI maintains a rolling strategic plan entitled the “Planning
Circle”, which is updated annually. This plan serves as:
A. A roadmap for the organization
B. A baseline for agency evaluation and growth;
C. A benchmark for evaluating Administrators,
Managers and Supervisors; and
D. A snapshot of history and accomplishments.
I, K
Strategic Planning
Since its inception, the Family Care Network has operated on the
foundation of ongoing strategic planning. The organization places
high-value in the planning process and utilizes a participatory
approach inclusive of input from all levels of the organization. A
substantial percentage of agency programs, services, and improved
efficiencies and quality is a direct result of our planning process.
A, B, I
A, B,
C, E, F,
G, H, I
A, B,
C, F, I
SB 969
A, B,
C, I
Basic Foster
& Emergency
A, B,
F, G
A, B, C,
D, K
Continual Quality Improvement (cqi)
The Family Care Network maintains a Continuous
Quality Improvement plan which is updated annually.
The purpose of CQI is: 1) to provide an ongoing mechanism for evaluating agency programs and services; 2) to
establish target outcomes and indicators which truly
measure performance within acceptable industry standards and in accordance with service contract requirements; 3) to enhance accountability to contractors,
funders, consumers and the communities we serve, as
well as staff, volunteers and the Board of Directors; 4) to
establish an ongoing process for initiating changes and
improvements in service delivery methods in order to
maintain the highest quality programs and services; and
5) to demonstrate that the agency is performing consistently with and in support of the agency mission.
The CQI Plan includes process and performance objectives for each program, fiscal accountability objectives
and human resource outcomes and measures. The CQI
Plan is available for review.
about family care network 7
Audit Information
Since our inception, the Family Care Network, Inc. has received an annual audit or review. For the past fifteen
years Glenn, Burdette, Phillips & Bryson (GBP&B), an independent auditing firm, has audited the financial
position and the related statements of activities in unrestricted net assets, functional expenses and cash flows of
the Family Care Network, Inc. (FCNI). Government standards require that auditors plan and perform these audits
to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free of material misstatements. For
each of the years that FCNI has been audited by GBP&B, we have received an unqualified opinion on our financial statements, meaning that the independent auditing firm believes the financial statements present fairly in
all material respects, the financial position, the changes in net assets and the cash flows of the agency. For the
year ended June 30th, 2005, the agency received an A133 audit as required for our foster care programs.
Statement of Activities
july 1, 2005 through june 30, 2005
04-05 Fiscal Year Expenditures by Program Catagory
2% 1%
37% Alternative Family Services
54% Family Support Services
6% Delinquency & Prevention
2% Miscellaneous programs
1% Donations/Fundraising
Statement of Financial Position
Current Assets
Property and Equipment
Other Assets
Total Assets
Current Liabilities
Long-Term Liabilities
Net Assets
Total Liabilities and Net Assets
june 30, 2005
June 30, 2004
$ 442,327
$ 689,468
$ 341,007
June 30, 2005
$ 783,334
$ 1,884,075
$ 511,707
$ 689,468
$ 341,858
$ 1,194,607
$ 853,565
$ 1,884,075
Detail of Revenue and Expenditures for 04-05
10.60% of total expenses
Administration cost includes:
f Director of Financial & Admin. Services
f Accounting
f Clerical & Secretarial
f A portion of Buildings & Supplies
f Human Resources
f Information Technology
f Information Management
Excess Revenues Over Expenditures
Family Services
Family Support
& Prevention
$ 2,049,380
$ (35,669)
$ 3,079,857
$ 311,655
$ (5,616)
Budgeted Activities
Supplemental Investing and Financing Information
No interest, no payment -forgivable 10 years
HOME Funds
Arroyo Grande Redevelopment
San Luis Obispo Housing Trust Fund
No interest, no payment -forgivable 30 years
No interest, no payment -forgivable 55 years
Interest only, due in 30 years with call options
$ 838,789
8 about family care network
Included in Liabilites until forgiven
$ 68,096
$ 5,671,495
$ 27,115
& Fundraising
july 1, 2006 through june 30, 2005
05-06 Budgeted Expenditures by Program Catagory
In March of 2005 The Family Care Network secured four separate notes payable for
the purchase of an apartment building for the Transitional Housing Placement Program.
35% Alternative Family Services
59% Family Support Services
5% Delinquency & Prevention
2% Miscellaneous programs
1% Donations/Fundraising
Detail of Revenue and Expenditures Budget
Excess Revenues Over Expenditures
Family Services
Family Support
& Prevention
$ 2,578,262
$ 4,328,342
$ 358,500
$ 82,930
$ 15.295
& Fundraising
$ 90,000
$ 60,000
$ 7,438,034
$ 74,545
about family care network 9
Basic Foster
& Shelter Care
Since our inception in 1987, FCNI has served 965
foster children/youth in Basic Foster Care. 86% of
placement days purchased had successful outcomes.
Courtesy Mike Berg
FCNI began as a therapeutic foster
care provider and has worked hard
to provide high quality, family-based
alternatives for children and youth
needing out-of-home care.
Historical Outcomes
In seventeen years, FCNI has served 1,724 foster
children/youth. 85% of all program days purchased
have successful outcomes measured by the indicators
on page 11.
f To provide healthy, nurturing and skilled parents and
caregivers for children/youth needing family care
f To provide a “family-based” treatment model for
children/youth with special needs
f To provide a broad array of services designed to
develop and maintain positive, productive and
healthy behaviors and lifestyles in foster
f To facilitate a successful transition from foster care
to the biological family or from permanent placement to independent living
Foster Children/Youth Served:
Total Client Placement Days:
Successful Placement Days:
Basic Foster Care
provides family-based treatment designed to stabilize
children/youth, helping them transition back to
family, to independence or to another permanent
living situation.
Emergency Shelter Care
provides immediate foster care that is available 24
hours per day, seven days per week for abused,
neglected or disrupted children/youth.
Intensive Therapeutic Foster Care (SB 969)
provides a foster family specially trained in caring for
an emotionally and behaviorally challenged
child/youth, coupled with intensive clinical services
provided by FCNI; such as in-home support,
individual and family counseling and substantial
foster family support.
Wraparound Foster Care (WFC)
provides family-based treatment in a very structured
and rigid behavioral management system to support
emotionally and behaviorally challenging
children/youth, as they work to reunify with family or
a more permanent placement.
CALM Foster Care (CFC)
provides family-based short-term crisis stabilization
in a structured and rigid behavioral management
system to support emotionally and behaviorally
challenging children/youth that are experiencing an
acute crisis, with the intent of family reunification or
transition to a more permanent placement.
10 alternative family services
Courtesy Ruben Joye
FCNI has provided San Luis Obispo County with an
Emergency Shelter Program since August 2000. During
that time, 649 foster children/youth have been served
and 93% of placement days purchased had successful
Both Basic Foster Care and Emergency Shelter Care
have measured successful outcomes based on the
fStable foster placement
fReunification with family
fSuccessful transition to independent living
fPermanent family placement
fSuccessful transitional placement
2004-2005 Outcomes
Basic Foster Care
Foster Children/Youth Served:
Total Client Placement Days: 7936
Successful Placement Days:
to connect with the girls, Chris and Gina spent afterschool hours engaging with the girls in games of
basketball and monopoly. During weekends, the girls
were invited to join them on outings to friends’ and
families’ houses. Soon Chris and Gina noticed that the
girls no longer retreated to their room at the end of the
day, but enjoyed spending time with the entire family
in the living room, engaging in conversations and
playing games without hesitation.
The most remarkable thing about this story is the
change in the girls’ development —they have
flourished. Kayla and Penny have had major gains in
their psychomotor abilities and speech. Penny is
learning how to make friends and is excelling in her
3rd grade class, while Kayla has discovered her love of
reading and is doing well in her 1st grade class. Kayla
and Penny are learning to feel safe through unconditional support and nurturing from their foster parents.
Both children now have two foster siblings and have
become a part of their foster family.
Emergency Shelter Care
Foster Children/Youth Served: 155
Total Client Placement Days: 1361
Successful Placement Days:
Safe Haven
Seven year old Kayla* and nine year old Penny* have
had a rough go of it. The two girls have been living
with foster parents for about six months. Their current
foster parents, Chris* and Gina*, met the two when
they were first placed out of their biological home.
While reluctant to first trust Chris and Gina, the girls
spent the first days in their new foster home solemn
and withdrawn.
Courtesy Amber Donnerbauer
* Names of clients and photos are fictitious to protect their identity.
Soon days turned to weeks and the girls began to
adjust to Chris and Gina and their new home. Wanting
alternative family services 11
Foster Care
Intensive Therapeutic
Foster Care
Courtesy Jyn Meyer
Intensive Therapeutic Foster Care served its first
placement in February 1999. Since its inception, FCNI
has had 75 placements and 80% were successfully
placed based on:
fStabilized family placement
fDiversion from a higher level of institutional care
2004-2005 Outcomes
Foster Children/Youth Served: 16
Total Client Placement Days: 2072
Successful Placement Days: 84%
One Day at a Time
Michael, Steven and Ricky recently entered foster care
for the first time. The boys’ parents suffered from drug
and alcohol addiction and were both placed into rehabilitation facilities. Prior to being placed with Family
Care Network, all three of the boys suffered from
emotional problems which caused each of them to act
out in different ways. Michael, the oldest, dealing with
with alcohol issues, had been having behavior problems
at school and was placed in Community School. Steven,
the middle brother, was recently caught shop lifting and
was also struggling to attend school. And Ricky, the
youngest, suffered the effects of being abused.
Once placed in a Family Care Network’s Intensive
Therapeutic foster home, all of the boys began to grow
and improve, flourishing under the structure and care
given by their foster parents, family therapist, Social
Worker and In-Home Support Counselors. After three
months in their foster home, Michael, maintaining his
sobriety, was able to complete his Community School
plan and return to a comprehensive high school.
Michael is now earning all As and Bs, and looks forward
to tryouts for his high school’s baseball team this
winter. Steven, also earning high grades, was recently
awarded Student of the Month and is currently running
for his school’s Cross-County team. Due to their
mother’s continual improvement, Ricky was recently
placed back with his mom as she continues to reside at
the rehabilitation facility.
Courtesy Shawn Himmelberger
12 alternative family services
All of the boys continue to work towards a better life,
reaching higher than they first thought possible and
enjoying the small successes they have each day.
Recently, Michael was asked how he was able to turn
his live around so quickly. He responded with a proud
smile, “I knew I had it in me. I just didn’t know how to
get to it.”
Courtesy Berkeley Robinson
The Wraparound Foster Care (WFC) program was
introduced by the Family Care Network on February
1st, 2004. WFC is a highly successful evidence-based
program (developed by the Oregon Learning Center)
that incorporates a structured and rigid behavioral
management system to support emotionally and
behaviorally challenged children/youth as they work to
reunify with family. Since its inception, WFC has
served 24 children/youth and 99% of the program
days purchased were successful based on:
fStabilized family placement
fDiversion from a higher level of institutional care
fReunification or successful transition to independent
One of Justin’s In-Home Support Counselors discovered
that Justin had a natural talent for astronomy. On a
walk one evening, Justin, his father and his In-Home
Support Counselor noticed a shooting star streaking
across the early evening sky. Justin began to point out
several constellations and retell the stories behind
them. Justin’s dad expressed great pride in his son’s
ability to recall the stories of the stars, stating that it
was a talent passed down to Justin by his grandfather.
Noting the look on his dad’s face, Justin beamed. “It’s
been a rough road,” Justin’s dad recently said, “but the
outcome is more than we could have hoped for.”
2004-2005 Outcomes
Foster Children/Youth Served: 20
Total Client Placement Days: 2754
Successful Placement Days: 97%
Journey Home
At 17, Justin is living with his father for the first time
since he was seven years old. His road towards
reunification has been a long one, filled with difficult
challenges. Prior to entering the WFC program, Justin
had spent several years living in an out-of-county group
home. But Justin longed for the opportunity to return
home. Setting a goal for family reunification, Justin and
his parents recognized the need to mend their relationship to become a family again.
Justin entered WFC as a scared and untrusting young
man. During his 6-months in the program, Justin and
his family actively participated in the program’s
reunification plan, attending family and school counseling, and working together to resolve conflicts and
improve communication. By learning new relationship
skills, Justin and his parents were able to learn to trust
one another again, healing and bonding as a family.
Courtesy Kristal Lindo
alternative family services 13
Family Support
Foster Care
Courtesy Atif Gulzer
In 2004, FCNI transitioned its six-bed group home into
a hybrid program called Crisis Assistance & Lifeskill
Management (CALM) Foster Care (CFC). CFC is
designed to provide a short-term crisis stabilization
service, up to 90 days, in a family setting. CFC utilizes
In-Home Support Counselors and a behavioral management system, while providing the support necessary to
assist children/youth through an acute crisis with the
intention of reunifying the child/youth to their home or
to their prior placement. Since its inception in 2004,
CFC has served 11 children/youth and 75% were
successfully placed based on:
fStabilized family placement
fSuccessful diversion from more restrictive institutional care
fSuccessful transition home or to a less restrictive
2004-2005 Outcomes
Children/youth Served:
Total Client Placement Days: 867
Successful Placements:
Sammy’s Heart
Sammy and her adoptive mother were vacationing on the
Central Coast when problems in their strained relationship surfaced in a defining way. Upset over an argument,
Sammy was unable to express her emotions in a healthy
manner and became uncontrollable. Sammy also
expressed suicidal thoughts and was hospitalized for her
safety. In an attempt to stabilize her, Sammy was placed
in the Family Care Network’s CFC program, where she
would reside with a specially-trained foster parent while
receiving intensive crisis assistance with a therapist,
social worker and In-Home Support Counselors.
When Sammy first came into the program, her defenses
were raised and she hardly spoke a word to anyone.
However, beneath her tough exterior, CFC staff saw a
tender spirit who responded with immediate affection
towards her foster parent’s golden retriever, Sandy. While
she may have been struggling to voice her emotions in
appropriate ways to humans, Sammy had no trouble
expressing care and concern for Sandy.
Sammy received weekly therapy sessions to target her
emotional needs, and began to reveal her tender side to
people as well as to Sandy. By finding a safe and secure
environment with unconditional support and care,
Sammy’s exterior softened as she learned how to express
herself in appropriate ways. Sammy became a joy, drawing pictures of inspiration for her foster parent and staff.
In an effort to support Sammy’s nurturing spirit, CFC staff
found a local program where Sammy could volunteer her
summer days at an animal shelter.
Courtesy Krystian Kostecki
14 alternative family services
One of the most important components of the Family Care Network is
our family support division. These
services strengthen and empower
families, and keep children/youth at
home and in the community.
f Maintain children/youth in a permanent and stable
family setting
f Prevent the removal and placement of
children/youth into institutional care
f Stabilize the behavior of children/youth to encourage
positive life choices
f Strengthen and empower parents and caregivers to
develop the resources and skills necessary to effectively parent children/youth
f Assist families in developing a community-based
support system to become self-reliant
Courtesy Peter Haworth
Familia de Novo
provides Wraparound Services that are designed to
keep children/youth at home as an alternative to
institutional care.
Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)
provides short-term, one-on-one individualized
behavioral counseling intervention designed to
stabilize the behavior of children/youth and prevent
removal from home or to assist children/youth
transitioning back into their home from a higher level
of care such as an impatient hospital or a group
Outpatient Counseling
provides individual and family counseling on a
sliding-scale basis with the primary focus of strengthening and preserving families. Counseling services
include: child therapy, individual and family therapy,
marriage counseling, parent-child conflict resolution,
parent education and training, and grief counseling.
While Sammy’s journey is far from over, FCNI staff and
her foster parent know that she will continue to grow into
a truly inspirational person, as her resiliency and the
support of many lead to her successful stabilization.
Courtesy Adrian Yee
family support services 15
Family Partners
de Novo
Courtesy photential.com
Familia de Novo began providing Wraparound Services
to San Luis Obispo County on July 1, 2000. Since 2000,
120 children/youth and their families have been served.
81% of the program days provided to our clients were
successful based on:
fFamily Stability
fDiversion from a more restrictive placement
2004-2005 Outcomes
Youth/Families Served:
Total Program Days:
Successful Program Days: 84%
A Second Chance
Before Danielle and her mother came to Familia de
Novo, they hadn’t had a home to call their own for over a
year. After supporting her daughter and herself for
several years, Danielle’s mother, Sheryl, was forced to
change jobs, losing their home due to financial hardship.
Suddenly, the family was facing homelessness and the
inability to meet even their most basic needs. In the
midst of the financial turmoil, Sheryl became more
aware of Danielle’s mental health issues. Additionally,
working fulltime in her new job in an effort to provide for
the family, Sheryl’s health began to suffer from stress
and she began to isolate herself from friends and family.
A second chance came for the family when Wraparound
Services started. As the family’s Social Worker stated,
“The team worked to support and empower Sheryl,
helping her to attend to the needs of her daughter and
herself.” Working with a voice choice preference-driven
plan, the team encouraged the family to express their
needs and then worked with them to meet them. The
team linked Sheryl with community support through a
local church to help her find affordable housing, get her
gas tank filled and provide her and Danielle with food.
Also, by enhancing and building upon Sheryl and
Danielle’s communication skills, the family was able to
establish healthy boundaries and relearn how to be a
Sheryl and Danielle’s graduation from Familia de Novo
was due in large part to the family’s strength and the
team’s ability to help the family meet their needs. At
their graduation party, mom and daughter celebrated
their renewed hope for the future.
Courtesy Helmut Gervert
16 family support services
A key ingredient in the success of our Familia de Novo
and Foster Care programs is our Family Partners
Program. The addition of Lisa and JoAnne to our team
in 2005 has greatly strengthened and enhanced this
program. Our Family Partners Program provides our
agency and families with parent-prospectives, having
each raised a special needs child. Each family partner
brings with them their unique personal experiences
and expertise, which serve to assist parents navigating
the system, while representing living examples of hope
and resiliency.
My first two years with the agency were as a family in
need, my son being at risk of being placed outside of
our home into a treatment facility. He had many special
needs, including emotional illness, excessive anger and
self-injury behavior. Family Care Network came into our
lives, and while it took a while for our son to ‘buy’ into
the program, we continued to work with FCNI and
succeeded in salvaging our hope for him and for his
future. By having the FCNI team surround us with
guidance and support, we were able to make and follow
through on some tough decisions. My son was able to
graduate from high school, enroll in college and has
become a tremendous support to his younger siblings—
a far cry from the child of his troubled past.
I am now a Family Partner with FCNI, working to give
back to our family of co-workers as I work with families
in similar circumstances as my own. I feel that I can
offer the parents of these children hope by sharing my
story and truly listening to what they need and hope for
their child.
Courtesy Emanuel Lobeck
As a Family Partner and Foster Parent, I love being a
part of the process of hope, which provides the opportunity for restoration and healing in the lives and
relationships of the children and families FCNI serves.
By providing training, support and mentoring for
parents, foster parents and FCNI staff, I have the
opportunity to contribute my 20 plus years of fosterparenting and parenting experience to families in need.
One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is getting
to establish and maintain relationships with children
and families beyond their time with FCNI. Whether it’s
a supportive phone call, providing needed childcare or
getting the opportunity to walk a past foster child down
the aisle at her wedding, my husband and I continually
strive to be living examples of the wraparound process.
As a Family Partner with FCNI, I draw from my
personal experiences from raising my son, who from
about the age of four, struggled with physical and
emotional needs. The Family Partner position at FCNI
is groundbreaking and I value the opportunity to work
with families in need. By bringing to the team my
personal experience, I have the ability to relate and
connect with our families in unique and critical ways.
Each day I remind myself of these things: each family
has their own story, respect them and what they have
been through; practice listening; work to convey that
regardless how tough today may be there is always
hope in tomorrow; understand the families’ degree of
change may be vastly different than mine; and lastly,
try to understand how I felt as a parent during my
toughest times.
family support services 17
Behavioral Services
Courtesy Marc Amesse
In November 1999, FCNI began providing TBS for
County Mental Heath Services and has since worked
with 171 very high needs children/youth. 86% of the
program days provided to these children/youth have
been successful as indicated by the following criteria:
fDiversion from a more restrictive placement
fFamily and school stability
2004-2005 Outcomes
Youth/Families Served:
Total Program Days:
Successful Program Days: 79%
Hope Restored
When TBS services started, Marcus was struggling with
many emotional issues that were affecting his decisions
and relationships. The lack of control he was feeling
towards himself and his environment caused him to have
emotional outbursts and be defiant towards any limitations placed upon him. Marcus was also beginning to act
out at school by fighting with his classmates. Marcus’
mom desperately needed help, knowing that Marcus had a
history of abuse and had been exposed to domestic
violence when he was young.
When TBS services started, an In-Home Support Counselor worked closely with Marcus’ mom to help her
strengthen her parenting skills, helping her to establish
and follow through with limits, apply appropriate consequences and communicate better with her son. TBS also
worked to help Marcus make better decisions and explore
alternative activities. Marcus felt encouraged enough to try
out for his school’s soccer team and began to focus more
of his time on his grades.
Life continues to improve for Marcus and his mom since
TBS services have ended. Marcus recently enrolled himself
in a nutrition class at a local community center. After
completing the class, Marcus realized that he had a
passion for creating unique recipes and working with food.
Marcus’ mom also saw the importance of reaching out to
her community, and has since revitalized her relationship
with her local church. Now Marcus and his mom share a
new sense of optimism for the future, as Marcus dreams
of becoming a celebrity chef while his mom continues to
support and encourage her developing son.
Courtesy Evan Earwicker
The Family Care Network provides outpatient counseling services to children, youth, individuals and families
with the primary focus of strengthening and preserving
2004-2005 Outcomes
46 individuals received outpatient counseling services.
95% had a positive outcome as indicated by:
fCompletion of treatment goals
fResolved crisis
fImproved functioning
Sonya’s parents also learned that by working together
to set limits and follow through with appropriate consequences, a lot of miscommunications and conflict could
be avoided.
Sonya, after having learned how to communicate her
needs and express herself in more appropriate ways,
has reduced dramatically her desire to cut on herself.
Additionally, her parents have been able to remain a
cohesive front, addressing Sonya’s needs as a united
family who just happen to not live under the same roof.
Coming Together
Sonya was referred to FCNI’s counseling services by
her middle school teacher. During a recent class, Sonya
and her classmates read a story involving a young
girl’s struggle with cutting on herself. When the class
ended for the day, Sonya approached her teacher and
shared with her teacher her own battle with cutting.
When Sonya began her individual counseling with
FCNI, she met with a therapist several times a week,
the time focused on building trust and exploring
different aspects of Sonya’s life. Sonya’s parents’
pending divorce and consequential separation seemed
to be one of Sonya’s largest fears coming to life; Sonya
often verbalizing her fear that she would disappoint
her parents by not handling it better or that she would
be forced to choose between her parents. Within
family therapy, Sonya and her parents delved into their
current communication problems, learning new communication skills and addressing conflict. Sonya’s
parents learned the importance of working together to
ensure that Sonya felt safe, supported and cared for.
Courtesy Joanna Marqueritte
Courtesy Cornelis Steenstra
18 family support services
family support services 19
and Affordable
Transitional Housing
Placement Program
Courtesy Viva Tung
Since 1999, THPP has served 95 youth. 73% have had
successful placements as evidenced by:
fPlacement stability
fSuccessful transition to independent living
fAvoidance of incarceration or homelessness postprogram
Courtesy Marc Amesse
The Family Care Network is committed to assisting high-needs youth
transition from adolescence to
responsible adulthood.
Due to the trials of her young life, Mia was forced to
grow up many years before she was ready. But in spite
of this, Mia has been able to flourish within her circumstances, taking advantage of all the support of THPP
while continuing to reach for her personal goals. With
aspirations to one day become a Juvenile Court lawyer,
Mia, while having to overcome a lot of adversity, continues to demonstrate her resilient spirit.
2004-2005 Outcomes
Foster Youth Served:
Total Client Placement Days: 2430
Successful Placement Days: 73%
f Provide affordable housing to high-needs youth ages
College Bound
16 to 21 that were formerly or are currently in the
foster care system
f Provide services designed to develop life skills that
teach youth how to live successfully on their own
f Assist youth in developing a community-based
support system in preparation for emancipation
Courtesy Adrian Becerra
Transitional Housing Placement Program (THPP)
provides a structured, intensive program for foster
youth preparing to leave the foster care system. This
program provides independent housing, substantial
one-on-one counseling, support, instruction and
Transitional Living Center (Halcyon Property)
was purchased in 2005 by FCNI, through partnerships with various local and public agencies, to
provide affordable housing to emancipated youth
between the ages of 18-21 as well as housing for
clients in the Transitional Housing Placement
20 transitional and affordable housing services
Nine years in foster care and multiple foster homes
later, Mia ended up in Family Care Network’s Transitional Housing Placement Program (THPP) at the age of
16. “I was really determined to get into the THPP
program,” Mia reports, “I have always been independent and I felt that the program could offer me more
freedom, as well as teach me the skills I would need to
live on my own.” Mia has been in foster care since she
was seven years old and living in various homes hasn’t
always been easy for her. Now, at 17, Mia is on the
brink of her high school graduation and looking forward
to starting college in the fall with a full-ride scholarship.
Mia describes her life in THPP over this last year as a
step towards independence. “I like making my own
decisions, but I also like the support I receive in THPP,”
Mia explained. Mia has utilized the assets of the
program to their fullest, learning how to budget, organize her apartment, manage her part-time job, all while
maintaining good grades and participating in an afterschool sport. Mia states that learning to budget has
been her favorite new skill. While Mia’s scholarship will
pay for school and most expenses, it was important to
her to learn how to spend and save her extra money.
She believes that what she learned about managing her
expenses while in THPP will help her in college and
Courtesy Brenda Lamothe Coulomme
transitional and affordable housing services 21
Community Diversion
Courtesy Gail Kewney
ICD began as a new partnership with County Probation
in 2001. Since then, FCNI has provided communitybased counseling to 676 youth. 79% of the participants were successful in their diversion program.
Courtesy Artem Mazunor
The Family Care Network provides
treatment programs designed to
prevent juvenile crime and divert
youth from involvement in the
juvenile/criminal justice system.
2004-2005 Outcomes
Youth/Families Served:
Successful Placement Days:
Promising Future
f Divert youth from involvement in the juvenile
justice system
f Reduce parent/youth conflicts by strengthening
family relationships
f Develop assets and life skills in high-needs youth
f Improve the skills of parents and caregivers
f Assist youth to become responsible, healthy and
productive members of their community
Courtesy Lotus Head
Courtesy Jessica Browne
22 delinquency prevention services
ICD services helped Lacey to process her stresses
differently, helping to elevate her need to escape
through drug use. Lacey was also able to reconnect with
her Dad, her dad enjoying the opportunity to get to
know his daughter again. Lacey is a young lady with a
promising future, having rediscovered that she is a
valuable person with a lot to offer herself, her family
and her community.
Intensive Community Diversion (ICD)
provides mental-health services through geographically located community diversion teams in partnership with Probation and local city police departments.
Community School Services
provides counseling services to all San Luis Obispo
County-based Community Schools and is operated by
the County Office of Education.
Youth and Family Restoration Program
provides a community placement alternative for
probation youth in a secure setting for up to six
months, as well as aftercare services, in collaboration
with San Luis Obispo Probation Department.
Lacey is a 17-year old high school senior who was
referred to ICD because of her struggles with substance
abuse. Lacey’s first interaction with ICD staff was a
difficult one. As one staff member recalled, “She was so
emotional it was difficult for her to articulate a
sentence.” Lacey admitted to abusing drugs on a daily
basis as a way to escape the stress in her life and deal
with unresolved issues. She felt disconnected and alone.
While she maintained that her sole lifeline was her
father, Lacey admitted that her father had a difficult
time relating to her and her needs.
Lacey was encouraged in therapy to change those
things in her life that were causing her the greatest
amount of stress. Lacey’s therapist also attempted to
show Lacey how to see issues in her life with a different
perspective, demonstrating how her drug use was not
solving her problems, but making them worse. Lacey’s
self-esteem and self-expression where also targeted
areas, Lacey having to learn new ways of seeing and
expressing herself.
Courtesy Georgios M.W.
When ICD services ended, Lacey’s therapist saw a
much different girl sitting before her than the one that
first came in. Lacey had learned to appreciate herself,
improving her self-expression and communication
delinquency prevention services 23
Youth and Family
Restoration Program
School Services
Courtesy Jose Torres
Community School Services began serving all five San
Luis Obispo County’s Community Schools in 2004. The
community Schools saw a 57% reduction in incidents
of serious school behavior, e.g., violence, weapons,
substance-related incidents, vandalism and disruptive
Logan was placed in the Community School program
after being expelled from his local high school due to
poor attendance. Under the influence of drugs, Logan
had stopped going to school and had started acting out
with friends and family. Logan was also caught stealing
on numerous occasions and was at risk for being sent to
juvenile hall.
Once placed in Community School, Logan struggled with
remaining on task in the classroom and appeared to be
behind in several subjects. To provide Logan support, his
counselor set aside time to meet with him one-on-one
and began building a relationship with Logan based on
trust. During their time together, Logan was eventually
able to disclose that his father had died three months
earlier and that he and his family were not coping well
with the loss. Logan’s counselor connected Logan and his
family with community resources, contacting a local
hospice in order to help Logan and his family deal with
their loss and its aftermath.
2004-2005 Outcomes
Youth Served:
Successful Program Days:
Regaining His Footing
Another concern of Logan’s counselor was his behavior
in the classroom. Continuing to meet with his counselor
on a weekly basis, Logan soon learned better coping
skills and more positive means of expressing his needs
and emotions. Eventually, Logan began to improve his
classroom behaviors. Once Logan was able to function in
the classroom, his teachers were able to focus his energy
on his schoolwork.
Logan graduated from Community School in June. At his
graduation ceremony, Logan’s mother shared with his
counselor the impact the resources and support had
made in her son’s life. Logan’s mother praised the school
for supporting the students who seem to have all the
odds against them.
Courtesy Georgios M.W.
24 delinquency prevention services
Courtesy Marie Jeanne Iliescu
The Youth and Family Restoration Program (YFRP), a
collaboration between the San Luis Obispo County
Probation Department and the Family Care Network,
provides a community placement alternative for probation youth in a secure setting for up to six months with
aftercare services. FCNI services includes: strengthbased, cognitive behavioral counseling and an interagency approach to coordinating services and connecting youth and families to community resources. This
program is geared towards assisting youth with successfully completing community service hours and restitution, in addition to providing aftercare counseling
services. Since its inception in March of 2005, FCNI has
served 13 youth within the 2004/05 fiscal year.
In preparation for his return home, Gabriel was
connected to a job readiness class. Gabriel worried that
an employer wouldn’t hire him because of his history.
However, at one of Gabriel’s first interviews, the
employer was so impressed with his interview skills that
he hired Gabriel on the spot.
After being part of YFRP, Gabriel has stopped running
away from home, has been able to secure stable
employment and has become a contributing member of
his community. Gabriel is the first to admit that he
didn’t think his success would be possible, nor could he
have imagined living at home with his parents again.
But as Gabriel states now, “Feeling real feels pretty
2004-2005 Outcomes
Youth served:
Successful Placement Days:
Life Redirection
“I’ve been in Juvenile Hall more than I’ve been at
home,” reports Gabriel, a 17-year old high school senior.
“This is the first time I’ve been real. This is the first time
I’ve realized what I’m doing to my family.” Gabriel’s
story starts when his substance abuse and habitual
running away from home started him down a road that
some kids never find their way back from. Gabriel
entered YFRP after being placed at San Luis Obispo
County’s juvenile hall.
The YFRP team recognized that structure for Gabriel and
his family would be linking them with community
resources where their strengths could be developed and
their needs could be met. Through individual and family
therapy, Gabriel learned how his behavior influenced his
decisions and how his decisions affected his family.
Gabriel’s natural tendency to lead soon became an asset
to his family. As Gabriel learned to take responsibility
for his actions, he began to encourage others in his
family to do the same.
Courtesy Martin R.W.
delinquency prevention services 25
Special Services
Courtesy Hilary Quinn
FCNI began recruiting mentors in 2001 and made its
first client/mentor match on November 14, 2001. Since
then, the Mentor Program has been very successful as
represented by the following:
f61 mentors have been recruited and trained
f56 matches have been made
f26 have completed their mentorship commitment
f7 are currently ongoing
f15 ended prematurely due to a change in the child’s
Courtesy Marc Amesse
Basic program funding sources are
often very limited in scope and do not
allow FCNI to fully meet the needs of
the children, youth and families we
serve. Thus, the agency is committed
to developing community-based
resources to further fulfill our mission.
2004-2005 Outcomes
Successful mentor matchings:
f Create and expand linkage between agency clients
and their community
f Develop resources to meet client needs not covered
by traditional funding sources
f Serve as a conduit for individuals and organizations
to become positively involved in the lives of
children, youth and families in need
f Establish alternative revenue sources to allow FCNI
to expand and develop new programs without
public funding
26 special services
Courtesy Carl Dwyer
Mentor and Intern Program
provides the opportunity for individuals to become a
part of the Family Care Network in two distinct ways:
mentoring and interning. Mentoring allows community members to reach out to our clients who are in
need of a healthy adult in their lives. Interning
provides students with the opportunity to gain experience with high-needs children, youth and families to
help the interns make future career decisions while
earning college credits.
Educational Services
provides additional resources for children and youth
being served by the agency which include academic
assessment testing, tutoring and academic advocacy.
FCNI also provides ongoing human services training
for staff, professionals and parents designed to
improve their skills and abilities.
Community Resources Development
provides goods and services for children and families
by working with the community, as well as develops
alternative sources of revenue, such as: servicerelated enterprise, endowment and planned giving
for expanding and developing FCNI programs.
sorrows, her school drama and even parts of her rough
past. We finally began to bond and our relationship
flourished. It was truly a beautiful thing to experience.
So, there was no changing of the world for me. Nor was
there an extreme emotional makeover for my mentee’s
life. However, there were Jessica’s smiles and laughter
—glimpses of her changing heart.
From what I learned at FCNI, I offer this encouragement to anyone who has a tough child to love on—you
are doing good work. And no matter how small the act
of kindness you are showing towards a struggling child
is, they listen and will remember every tiny thing you
do. Whatever you do—don’t give up!
Life Lesson
So I set out to change the world… and I learned it starts
with one heart at time.
Inspired by my mother’s unconditional love for me and
my family, I acquired the desire to serve others, especially
children. So, when my fifth year in college came around
and my time playing college softball ended, I knew it was
time to invest my heart in a worthy cause. It was time to
start giving back.
I came to know the Family Care Network through a local
church service and fell in love with their mission statement and core values. I took the necessary steps to
become a mentor and eventually I met my mentee
My mentee’s name is Jessica. She is a beautiful, brighteyed girl who changed my life almost from the instant I
met her. At our first several meetings, Jessica’s wall of self
defense was so thick (and rightfully so) that sometimes
we would go whole visits without her exchanging
anything other than a cordial greeting with me. After
several weeks of meeting, however, on the drive to a local
cafe, Jessica suddenly let me into her world and started
sharing her heart. After that meeting, Jessica began calling
me even on days we did not meet; sharing her joys and
Courtesy nelshael.com
special services 27
Courtesy June Collins
FCNI began recruiting interns in 1990 and has served
over 141 since that time. Interns participate with FCNI
events, work with clients and help support staff.
2004-2005 Outcomes
f23 Interns were accepted and trained
f100% of the interns came from California Polytecnic
University, San Luis Obispo
f20 Interns were Psychology, Child Development,
and Social Sciences majors
f2 Interns were English and Business Administration
f1 Intern was a Recreation Administration Major
fThe average number of hours spent interning was
13.5 hours a week
My Interning Experience
My internship at Family Care Network has been a life
changing experience. One of my case assignments was to
provide a short-term, stable, mentoring relationship to a
teenage girl named Serena. On our first meeting, Serena
and I went to the park, played frisbee and talked about
things like our favorite movies, sports and music. Each
week Serena and I would do an activity outside of her
house because her mom was not comfortable having us
remain in the home. I remember one afternoon a few
months into my internship when Serena and I were
deciding where to go to play a board game I had brought.
Her mom piped in saying, “Why don’t you play here?
There’s plenty of room.” This was a pivotal moment in
our relationship because it showed that her mom finally
felt comfortable enough to have me stay in her home.
When I first started my internship, I saw it as a great way
to gain experience about the social service system while
fulfilling my internship requirement I needed to graduate
from Cal Poly. I now see my internship as a personal
growth experience in which I helped to better the life of
one teenager and her family. Even though my obligation
to continue seeing Serena ends in a few weeks, I have
decided to become her mentor for the next year until I
finish college. I have seen Serena’s mom be a great
example to her children by going back to school, talking
about voting and showing them unconditional love. I
know this family will go on to do great things and I am
blessed to be a part of their lives.
Courtesy Sabine Reichel
FCNI has been providing Educational Services to every
school-age child placed within Alternative Family
Services, THPP or Familia de Novo in San Luis Obispo
County since 1990. In 2005, FCNI was awarded funding from Santa Barbara County to provide educational
services to foster children/youth residing in Santa
Barbara County. Working in collaboration with the San
Luis Obispo County Office of Education and the Santa
Barbara County Office of Education, FCNI’s Educational Services include, but are not limited to, the
fAcademic assessment testing
fEducational planning
fAdvocacy and special education support
fCaregiver and staff training
fVocational testing and guidance
fTutoring assistance
fCollege planning and financial aid guidance
2004-2005 Outcomes
Children/Youth Served:
Tutoring Jack
I began tutoring Jack in early spring. Jack is a 14-year
old with a distinct dislike for all things to do with
math. He told me when we first met, "I don't like
taking math tests because I don’t like knowing that
the school is trying to find out what I know." As a
retired teacher who taught for over 30 years, Jack’s
reluctance and apprehension about school were not
new to me.
During our tutoring sessions, I focused our time
together on developing Jack’s skills, while encouraging
him to learn new ones. At the young age of 14, Jack
had already been through a lot. Jack missed a lot of
school early on, and his lack of academic consistency
created a lot of gaps in his understanding of math.
Together we worked on filling his math gaps.
28 special services
Over time, Jack began to enjoy many math successes.
Whether it was learning his multiplication tables or
figuring out how to divide fractions, Jack was filling in
his gaps and math was becoming less frustrating. Jack
also uncovered his talent for solving tricky word problems, a talent he’s enjoyed using to stump his family
and his tutor. By the time summer had past and the
following school year was getting ready to start, Jack
showed much more optimism about starting a new
math class. Jack told me that for once he wasn’t dreading his math tests, but instead he was looking forward
to showing off what he’s learned to his teachers.
Courtesy Stefan Krilla
special services 29
Resources Development
Courtesy Michelle Seixas
In 2005, FCNI expanded our Community Resources
Development program, hiring a full-time director to
help us link the needs of children and families’ with
community resources. Currently, the Community
Resources Development program is working within the
community to provide goods and services for families
and youth, as well as develop alternative sources of
revenue for FCNI, such as: service related enterprise,
endowment and planned giving for expanding and
developing FCNI programs. The Community Resources
Development program also recruits and works with
volunteers from the community who wish to help us
accomplish our mission.
2004-2005 Outcomes
f121 community volunteers helped with FCNI events
and in the office
f54 children, youth and families were assisted though
in-kind community donations
Courtesy Ivan Freaner
A Volunteering Heart
It seemed not too long ago, that I was rushing from work
to deliver my daughters’ to school, practice, shopping or
appointments. Living at Heritage Ranch, there were days
that I would put up to 300 miles on my car, between my
career and children’s activities.
Gradually, little bits of unplanned time cropped up. Then
choices that I never before considered entered my life.
Even with a career, my daughters leaving home created
an empty gap. For me, nothing compared to the satisfying feeling of purpose that came from being a parent. I
didn’t want to replace that precious time with just
Becoming affiliated with Family Care Network, I realized
that there were a lot of choices that satisfied my desire
for purpose. It doesn’t matter what I do for FCNI,
because in one way, shape or form, I’m helping kids. Like
a big family, there’s always something going on at Family
Care network.
Helping out at the Taste of the Central Coast just
happened to be right up my alley. After 20 years of
business ownership in the interior design field, it was no
surprise that I was drawn to the event’s silent auction.
Setting up displays and arranging the beautiful show
pieces brought me loads of pleasure, but this time it was
to help kids. There’s a lot of satisfaction that comes from
being able to use your skills and expertise, while supporting a cause that you value. There was no stress. I choose
the project, and I was given room for creativity. There
were deadlines, sure, and though I worked hard, they
were someone else’s responsibility. Now that I think
about it, when I grow up, I want to be a full-time FCNI
Courtesy Rich DuBose
The Taste of the Central Coast
The Family Care Network’s Taste of the Central Coast is a fall fund-raiser designed to
spotlight Central Coast cuisine, wine, art, gifts and services while bringing together
members of the community to raise money for FCNI. In 2004, this elegant evening
was held at the Cypress Ridge Golf Course in Arroyo Grande. The event includes a live
and silent auction, enabling guests to bid on beautiful items and services donated from
local businesses. All proceeds from the event went to support services and programs
that directly benefit children, youth and families on the Central Coast.
Taste of the Central Coast 2004
fRaised over $18,000 through business and individual donations
f113 individuals participated in the event
fOver 100 local businesses partnered with FCNI to provide guests
with food, gifts and auction items
Annual Christmas Open House
Each year the Family Care Network presents a Christmas Open House to all of our
clients and their families. For some of our clients, this Christmas celebration is their
only celebration. For all, it’s a wonderful display of support and care poured out by the
community. This event is completely community-sponsored and any extra donations
FCNI receives are used throughout the year for clients’ birthdays, incentives or are
given to San Luis Obispo’s Department of Social Services for their use at Christmas.
Christmas 2004
fOver 1,000 gifts were donated to FCNI, totaling an approximate
value of $37,000
f200 children and 150 parents received gifts and stockings
f600 guests attended the Annual Christmas Open House
fOver 300 individuals, businesses, local community groups and
local churches partnered with FCNI to provide gifts and food
Miracle Miles for Kids
Miracle Miles for Kids is the Family Care Network’s 10K Walk-Run from Morro Rock to
Cayucos Pier. This year’s event, held on May 14, 2005, featured a competitive race
with mile and meter markers, team competition, a fun family walk and a grand postrace celebration complete with a tri-tip barbecue, unique prizes and awards, special
vendors and music. The event is sponsored by many key local businesses. All
proceeds from this event went to support services and programs that directly benefit
children, youth and families on the Central Coast.
Miracle Miles for Kids 2005
fRaised over $47,000 through business sponsorships and
individual pledge donations
f722 individuals participated in the event
fOver 50 local businesses partnered with FCNI to provide partici30 special services
pants food and prizes
fundraising 31
community investors
Courtesy Peter Hellebrand
The Family Care Network strongly believes that services are better
accomplished through collaboration and teamwork. All FCNI programs are delivered through partnerships with County and/or other
community-based organizations and individuals. FCNI salutes the
following people for helping us accomplish our mission.
Community Partners
San Luis Obispo County Department of Social Services
San Luis Obispo County Probation Department
San Luis Obispo County Department of Behavioral Health Services
San Luis Obispo County Office of Education
Santa Barbara County Office of Education
San Luis Obispo County Health Department
San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department
San Luis Obispo County Children’s Services Network Council
Santa Barbara County Department of Social Services
Santa Barbara County Probation Department
Santa Barbara County CASA
San Luis Obispo County CASA
San Luis Obispo County School Districts
Economic Opportunities Council
Transitions–Mental Health Association
Food Bank
Agape Christian Fellowship
Grace Church
San Luis Obispo Calvary Chapel
New Life Community Church, Pismo Beach
Mountainbrook Church
Atascadero Community Link
32 community partners
Courtesy Rodrigo Roveri
Dr. Matthew Kim
Robert & Janalyn Simpson
Castillo Family Trust
Howard & Sylvia Drucker
Old Mission Church
Daniel & Elizabeth Krieger
DA Craghead Construction
First Baptist Church SLO
The Gas Company
RRM Design Group
Keith & Betty Sinton
Carl Skrobrak
Templeton Assembly of God
The David & Lucile Packard Fnd.
Jacqueline Cruz
NAIFA Central Coast
James Roberts
Susan Kerekes
Deborah Wettlaufer
Access Foundation
Stephen & Cathy Giovanisci
Jerry Scolari
Joey Scolari
Heritage Oaks Bank
PG&E Corporation
taste of the central coast
business donors
Alex BBQ
Barons Orchids Inc.
Beauty Unlimited
Berry Hill Bistro
Best Friends
Bishop's Peak Wine
Blue Magoo Designs
Bluebird Inn
Castoro Cellars
Chloe's Confections
Coalesee Bookstore
Cypress Ridge
Dark Star Cellars
Days Inn SLO
Del's Pizzaria
Doce Robles
Doggie Spa
Eagle Castle Winery
Edgeware Cutlery
Elizabeth Waters Int.
Erica's Baked Delights
Faces Skin Care
Farm Supply Co.
Feathers Hair Salon
Frame Works
Garden Street Inn
Grey Wolf Cellars
H & G Clothing
Huebner Enterp.
Ingalls Photography
Inn at Morro Bay
Kim & Company
Kiwanis de Tolosa
Laetitia Winery
Las Cazuelas
Marc Amesse Photography
Mare Blu
Marie Calendars
Martin & Weyrich
Mission Cheesecake Co.
Moonstone Cottages
Mosaic Madness
Mosby Winery
Of Castles and Kings
Ollalieberry Inn
Paso Robles Inn
Patriot Sport Fishing
Paul Malouf
PCF Aviation, LLC
Pelican Point
Petit Soleil
Photo 101
Pismo Coast Village
Poor Richard's Press
Porch Home & Gard.
Pritchard Ent.
Robin's Restaurant
Santa Maria Inn
Silver City
Skrobrak Cleaning
Slo Antiques Treasures
St. Mary Mead
Steamers of Pismo
Sunfire Gallery
Sylvester's Winery
Tamara's Antiques
Tarrica Wine Cellars
The Cakery
The Great Skin Co.
The Park
Trinity Quilters
Vienni Vai Trattoria
Virg's Landing
Vista del Rey
Whalebone Vineyard
Willows Bend Ant.
Windancer Gallery
taste of the central coast
individual donors
Leslie Abernathy
Carol Allen
Jim Allen
Cheryl Altman
Marc Altman
Ron Andrs
Teri Andrs
Beth Appel
Chip Appel
Tiffany Bierly
Catherine Blair
Tim Blair
Charles Braun
Marsha Braun
Stephen Breidbach
Dennis Cementina
Kay Cementina
Rotary Club
Andrew Cohen
Tara Conrad
Paul Cram
Carolee Dasmann
Dick Dasmann
Bill Dauphin
Dave Dauphin
Katie Dauphin
Nikki Dauphin
Sally Dauphin
Steve Dauphin
Lora Dawes
Wesley Dawes
Kathy Dieter
Lawrence Dieter
Jeannie duBois
Jim duBois
Joanna Duhon
Jeanne Dukes
Annie Echeverria
Annie Fargo
Andy Figg
Lisa Figg
Chuck Fishman
Sophie Fishman
Brian Francisco
Carolyn Freitas
Mark Frice
Natalie Frice
Dean Georgatos
Debbie Georgatos
Henry Giacomantonio
Terri Giacomantonio
Jim Graham
Kathy Graham
Jim Halls
Leslie Halls
Obie Hansen
Gary Harkins
Muriel Harkins
Bill Hayes
Thelma Hayes
Janet Hedges
Mike Hedges
Susan Heiden
Angel Hurtado
Joanna Jones
Larry Jones
Susan Jones
Jeff Krueckel
Camille Lucio
Frank Lucio
Louis Martinez
Susan Martinez
Rod McKinsey
David McShea
Karen McShea
Linda Millard
Harry Miller
Vonne Miller
William Montoya
John Ormande
Vickie Ormande
Cheryl Priolo
Jeff Priolo
Dan Qualey
Dawn Qualey
Debra Ramsgard
John Ramsgard
Lorraine Rapp
Jim Roberts
Meg Roberts
Jennifer Salio
Jim Salio
Barbara Santcez
Bobbie Scott
Keith Scott
Janalyn Simpson
Don Smith
Jan Sparrow
Mike Sparrow
State Farm
Dick Stepanian
Liz Stepanian
Darlene Swain
Ed Swain
Patricia Taylor
Crystal Twomey
Ray Wallin
Aaron Ward
Alan Willard
Carla Willard
Lisa Zisa
taste of the central coast
Alicia Collins
Amanda Masters
Ashley Dorn
Ben Hartlet
Bonnie Giordano
Cal Poly Rec 210 Class
Corinne Bierly
Erin Hartlet
Hannah Johnson
Hannah Johnson
Jeannie duBois
Jenny Hutchinson
Jim Gardner
Jim Rogerts
Joel Roberts
Lisa Zisa
Marc Amesse
Marsha Braun
Meg Roberts
Michelle Liu
Natalie Ward
Nikki Dauphin
Shawn Mansager
Solomon Cheng
Tamara Murphy
Terri Giacomantonio
Vince Giordano
miracle miles volunteers
Alissa Gordon
Amanda Masters
Ashley Hart
Ben Hartlet
Bianca Sales
Bobbie Scott
Carol Allen
Corinne Bierly
Dana Nichols
Danny Silva
Desiree Brewer
Erin Hartelt
Evelyn Kroeker
Hannah Johnson
Harry Miller
Heidi Wheeler & Friends
Hollie Buchanon
Jaquiline Cruz
Jeannie duBois
Jesse Wheller
Jessica Dale
Jessica Glasgow
Jessica Mock
Jim Allen
Jim Buchanon
Joel Roberts
John Silva
Jon Berezay
Jonathan Sorbello
Julie Nanninga
Kenneth Burrows
Lacey Allen
Leah Prendez
Leah Tucker & Roomates
Lindsay Slay
Maggie Marchand
Matt Thompson
Melissa Moralis
Michele Lady
Michelle Liu
Natalie Frice
Natalie Ward
Nate Richey
Nikki Dauphin
Paul Cram
Rebecca Kaldunsky
Sara Lady
Steve Anselm
Steven Sherman
Trisha Kellerman
Valerie Gatchalian
William Steffenouer
miracle miles
individual donors
Chuck Abbe
Vanessa Adame
Lauren Adams
Nicole Adams
James Allen
Karen Allen
Amanda Alpiner
Gabriella Amador
James Amaih
Marilyn Ameer
Chris Anderson
Mary Ano
Tina Anrich
Beth Appel
Linda Aranda
Ruth Armour
Wes Armstrong
Ashley Ashmore
Michael Ault
Yi Mon Aye
Amanda Baker
Jennette Ballas
Maureen Barbieri
Jeffrey Barksdale
Heather Barone
Rosanna Barr
Niklas Barreto
Jared Barrilleaux
Bonnie Bastain
Matthew Bastain
Krista Baucher
Adria Beaman
David Beaman
Martin Beckett
Emily Beckman
Greg Bell
Priscilla Bennette
Katie Bentley
David Berry
Natalie Berwick
Maya Bettencourt
Nick Bilich
Josh Bishop
Andrea Bittick
Xandy Black
Erin Blake
Carrie Bledsoe
Jill Boaz
Julia Bolger
Lindsey Bolton
Alan Bond
Valerie Bond
Erin Botzon
Tawny Bracken
community partners 33
cont. miracle miles
individual donors
Debbie Braden
Don Braden
Daren Bradley
John Brady
Samantha Brandon
Scott Brandt
Carla Braunschweig
Boris Bravo
Ashley Brenneman
Diana Brewster
Michael Brewster
Paul Brink
Christopher Britigan
George Brizendine
Glenda Brooke
Aleea Brooks
Alanna Brown
Carrie Brown
Chris Brown
Brooke Browning
Jaclyn Brownlee
Lisa Bube
Carol Burch
Clinessa Burch
Roy Burch
Margaux Burkholder
Jolie Burns
Kristel Calderon
Chris Call
Danielle Camarena
James Campbell
Luana Campbell
Katherine Campbell
Jessica Canales
Kelly Capell
Diana Carmany
Holly Caron
Kim Carrington
Tom Carroll
Linda Castanedo
Brittany Catron
Vicky-Joanne Caulen
William Chan
Beth Chance
Frances Chang
Stephen Chee
Brianna Chenevey
Solomon Cheng
Ned Cherry
Marjorie Cherry
Leanne Cheung
Jennifer Chew
Tim Chew
Lisa Chisholm
Jenny Christensen
Alyssa Christofferson
Kacey Chun
Kenneth Chung
Nolan Civian
Brittney Clark
Garth Clark
Lindsay Clark
Tracey Cleeland
David Clifford
Taylor Cohe
Alixandra Cohen
Jason Cole
Sheryl Collmer
Will Corcoran
Susy Corriea
Maia Crable
Carrie Crafton
Kit Cressaty
Jennifer Crockett
Justin Cromsigt
Caleb Cross
Judy Cross
Kevin Crossley
Suze Crowley
Dave Cummings
Andi Cunningham
Sarah Cutler
Katie Dahl
Paula Dahlgren
Jennifer Dale
Jessica Dale
Bev Dana
Sarah Davenport
Vicki Davenport
Jaul David
Aloma Davis
Nicole Davis
Syneva Dekker
Jeremy Del Real
Linda Delahanty
Jessica Deleuw
Janie Derderian
Dana Desrosiers
Cheryl Dettrick
Aleece Diaz
Jackie Diaz
Servando Diaz
Chris Diez
Denise Dillon
Nathan Ditmore
Sam Dodge
Stephanie Dollahite
Tanya Downing
Jim du Bois
Janet Duke
Mike Dunham
Eileen DuRoss
Paul DuRoss
Sarah DuRoss
David Eberle
Dustin Eccles
Asali Echols
Brooke Ecklund
Jennifer Eichelberger
Aubrey Ellzey
Ron Eminhizer
Sarah Eminhizer
Joanne Endo
Kelly Enrico
Sandra Erb
Kristen Erhard
Liliana Escobar-Thies
Matt Esswein
Sandy Fairfield
Robin Fapp
Megan Farrell
David Fee
Valeri Felger
Danika Felix
Karlo Felix
Ash Finn
Nanette Finn
John Fitch
Laura Folkrod
Jacque Fondren
Carmen Fong
Gerardo Fonseca Jr
Heather Forney
Dennis Fox
Lauren Fraser
Taren Freeh
Sarah French
34 community partners
Carly Frice
Garrett Frice
Gene Frice
Natalie Frice
Kelly Fries
Denise Fritz
Mark Fritz
Todd Frommeyer
Lenore Gallagher
Megan Gaskyi
Leo Gastaneau
Mark Gate
Jennifer Gau
Suzanna Geary
Cynthia Geller
Riley Gerbrandt
Henry Giacomantonio
Teresa Giacomantonio
Terri Giacomantonio
Shannon Gibbons
Chris Gibbs
Amy Gilman
Jo Ann Giordano
Shaina Giorgi
Liz Girouard
Garrett Girvan
Goldie Glaser
Hugo Godoy
Alonso Gonzalez
Rob Gordon
Steve Gordon
Leslie Gorman
Kathy Graham
James Graham
Kenneth Gray
Jonathan Graybill
Brent Griffiths
Karen Grundler
Jose Guerara
Robert Gundert
Jamie Hadler
Casey Haggerty
Chris Haggie
Viquel Haley
Kathy Hall
Nathan Hall
Lauren Halliburton
Linda Hamilton
Robert Hamilton
Jessica Hammes
Sarah Hammes
Wendy Hammes
Brian Haner
Paul Hanges
Jeff Hansen
Sandy Hansen
Cody Hanson
Libby Hanson
Martin Hanson
Adam Hardcastle
Robyn Hardcastle
Amanda Harper
CJ Harris
Maguerite Harris
Ashley Hart
Lori Hasin
Alex Hathaway
Kristen Hauber
April Hawkins
Melinda Heaslet
Nancy Heffner
Erin Hehus
Emily Hein
Keeley Heintz
Joseph Henry
Katie Herbst
Paul Hernandez
Brittny Hertoghe
Rebecca Hicks
Kris Hiemstra
Danielle Higginbotham
Brenda Hill
Patrick Hill
Christine Himmelrich
Cindy Himmelrich
Jackson Ho
Betty Hodges
Jim Hodges
Amy Hoffman
Annika Hoffman
Katie Hollingsworth
Scott Holzer
Erika Homestead
Malia Howard
Michelle Howard
Colleen Hubbard
Lisa Huet
Alexis Hultine
Brant Hutchinson
Frank Hutchinson
Trent Hutchinson
Amy Hutputtanasin
Lea Hyatt
Shelby Hyosaka
Bob Imes
Marci Imes
Robin Inouye
Brittany Jacobson
Erica Jacobson
Sasha Jalowsky
Christian Jamison
Katie Jamison
David Jeffery
Josiah Jennings
Michael Jew
Laura Jimenez
Suzanne Jobling
John Jobling
Matthew Johnson
Sandra Johnson
Keri Jones
Larry Jones
Susan Jones
Scott Juretic
Peter Kardel
Ardia Kelker
Sarah Kelley
Becky Kennedy
Robert Kennedy
Gregory Keogh
Kimi Kieft
Ryan Kiley
Amy Kim
Christian Kim
Sherie Kim
Clay Kim
Amanda King
Heidi Kirkpatrick
Kelsey Klein
Katie Klenner
Katie Kluenker
JT Knox
Margae Knox
Kris Kofoed
Michelle Kong
Yvonne E. Koob
Benjamin Koonce
Darren Kraker
Jennifer Kraker
Robyn Kress
Kristen Kronenbitter
Carmen Kunz
Kai H. Kwok
Michele Lady
Lam Lam
Kym Lamison
Greg Lankard
Janet Lankard
Derek Lauritzer
Parker Lauritzer
Derek Lawirtzen
Paul Lee
Simon Lee
Danelle Lees
Greg Lehmann
Jeff Lehmkuhl
Jackie Leverenz
Barry Lewis
Jamie Lewis
Rain Lewis
Jan Lewis
Kam W. Li
Lourdes Licon
Robert Light
Shelly Light
Julianne Limoli
Anderson Lin
Bianca Lin
Joan Linder
Leigh Lingnofski
Ardi Linsteadt
Michelle Liu
John Lo
Barbara Lorenzen
Tim Loughman
Curt Lowgren
Eric Luchessi
Helen Lueng
Chloe Lyon
Carol MacCorkell
Katie MacCorkell
Ivonne Macias-Mansberg
Kati Mackereth
Frank Madden
Jon Madden
Pat Madden
Briana Magginetti
Iya Mahan
Shelby Mahan
Tina Mai
Mary Malotte
Rafael Mancera
John Manley
Gabriel Manro
Alex Manuel
Nicole Manville
Donald Martin
Frank Martin
Krisin Martin
Ralph Martin
Victoria Martin
Erika Martin
Cathleen Martinez
Matthew Martinez
Andrea Mason
Jeremy Massie
Samantha Mauro
Shannon Mawhinney
Kim Maynard
Elaine McCann
George McClintock
Debbie McCreary
Evelyn McDevitt
Breann McDonald
Karen McGaughey
Michael McGee
Marcia McGee
Tyler McGinn
Becky McIntire
William McKee
Marion McKenna
Paul McKinney
Heidi McQuitty
Sean McRae
Linda Meldine
Angelina Mello
Laurie Merckle
Damian Meyer
Jennifer Meyer
Clem Michel
Glenn Micko
Jo Ann Miedema
Tom Milder
Barak Miles
Julie Miles
Stormy Miller
Jennifer Millsaps
Dana Milstead
Kit Mitsuoka
Michael Mize
Grace Mohr
Tiffany Mok
Beverly Monroe
Andrea Mooney
Kerry Moore
Bryce Moore
Tiffany Mortensen
Erin Moschetti
Alicia Moss
Nick Mule
Kaitlin Murchison
Colin Murphy
Doug Murphy
Tamara Murphy
Liz Murray
Babak Naficy
Christine Nagel
Stacey Nairne
Marissa Nakano
Lisa-Marie Namphy
Matthew Neal
Mike Neeley
Ashley Nelson
Lisa Nelson
Bruce Nenadal
Andrea Nepomuceno
Carissa Nepstead
Christa Nettleton
Doug Nettleton
Carolynn Newton
Larry Newton
Wendy Nguyen
Jon Nibbio
Cal Nishinaka
Charlene Nishinaka
Grant Nixon
Trevor Nomi
Nancy Norman
Darren Norris
Jenni Norris
Tawni Nucklos
Simon Nunez
Queenie Nunez
Eileen Oatley
Belinda Oberem
Frances O'Donnell
Cara O'Hagan
Meggie O'Hagan
Nancy Oldham
Jeff Oleson
cont. miracle miles
individual donors Meg Roberts
Holly Olmstead
Janelle Oneschuck
Frank Ortega
Dustin Orton
Chloe Orton-Cartnal
Lane Orton-Cartnal
Linda Osborn
Steffani Osborne
Mashelle Owens
Rhiannon Owens
Teresa Page
Emily Parker
John Patchett
Scott Patterson
Lindsey Paulick
Heather Paulson
Heather Payne
Jac Pederson, DDS
Andrew Pellicciotti
Nora Pena Klenner
Elizabeth Percival
Darrick Perez
Matthew Peyton
Julia Phend
Rebecca Phillips
Shelley Pineo
Leslie Pint
Laura E. Piper
Michelle Pitman
Kassidy Poet
Elizabeth Polana
Danny Polivka
Damien Porter
Tamara Presser
Megan Price
Christin Pulliam
Jenny Putt
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Dawn Qualey
Abby Radecki
Jesica Ramirez
Gilbert Ramos
Erin Rand
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Madeline’s Restaurant
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Mike's Shoes
Mission Cities Insurance
Mission Linen and Uniform
Ned and Marjorie Cherry
New Life Community Church
Oneschuck Construction
Optimist Club, Arroyo Grande
Optimist Club, Atascadero
Pacific Beverage Company
Pacific Tower
Paco's Restaurant
Penske Truck Leasing Co.
Property Resource Network
Rockview Lending Group
RPM Design Group
San Joaquin Engineering, Inc
SLO Deputy Sheriffs Assoc.
San Luis Podiatry
San Luis Sourdough
SLO Passport
Southern California Gas Co.
Spice Hunter
The Pepsi Bottling Group
The Sign Place
Century 21
Tree of Life
Upper Crust Trattoria
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Wallace Group
christmas 2004
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miracle miles
business donors
7-Up Royal Crown Bottling
Advantage Answering
Agape Christian Fellowship
Atascadero Optimist Club
Bend Chiropractic
Calvary Chapel SLO
Cayucos Lioness
Cayucos Lions
Central Coast Chinese Christian
Central Coast Gymnastic's
Training Center
Chacho's Mexican
Charles McMurray Co.
Coast Hills
Crystal Springs Water
Deputy Sheriff's Association
Dioptics Medical Products
DP Industries
Eldeen Scolari
Finn Plumbing
First Bank
Fresh Choice
Gene Frice
Hedges Insurance Services
House of Bread
Idler & Rodgers
J&E Health Acres
J. Carroll
Jamba Juice
James and Luana Campbell
Jeannie dUBois
Jocko's Steak House
The Money House
JW Design & Construction
Kennedy Club Fitness
K-Jug 98.1 FM
Lambda Chi Alpha
LR Baggs Corporation
Access Foundation
Active Physical Therapy Inc.
Agape Christian Fellowship
Alexander's Jewelers
Alpha Omicron Sorority
Alpha Phi Sorority
American Industrial Paso Robles
Apple Farm
Applebee's Restaurant
Art's Cyclery
Auto Zone
Baja Fresh
Barbich Longcrier Hooper & King
Barnes and Noble
Beast Beauty Supply
Best Buy
Big Daddies Pizza
WS Packaging
Boy Scouts
Cad's Coffee House
Cal Poly Community Services
Calvary SLO
Carlock's Bakery
Champs Sports
Chinese Christian Fellowship
Circuit City
Coast Hill Federal Credit Union
Dominoes Pizza/Foothill
Don Roberts Jewelers
Dophin Shirt Co.
Dr. Campbell's
Duncan Fine Jewelers
Farmers Kites
Firestone Grill
First Baptist Church of SLO
Flower Market
Flying Dutchman
Fresh Choice
Gamma Phi Beta
Girl 2 Girl
Grace Church
Great Britain Shop
Group Dynamics (Cal Poly)
Help-U-Sell Real Estate
Highway Patrol
Hobbees Restaurant
Huebner Enterprises
Interior Affairs
Jamba Juice
Kay Jewelers
Kids n Things
Leisure Time Games
Little Sisters of Maranatha
Lolo's Mexican Restaourant
Los Osos Rexall
Meritage Management
Morro Bay Surf Company
Mountain Brook Small Group
Nautical Bean
New Frontiers
New Life Community Church
New York Style Pizza
Nibble Nook PIzza
Noi's Little Thai
One Way
O'steenis Italian Food
Papa Murphy's
Radio Shack
Ralph's—Los Osos
Red Robin
Rite Aid
Round Table—Los Osos
RRM Design
Salinas Fire Dept.
Salt Water Taffy
San Luis Sourdough
Save On
Sigma Kappa
Skies the Limit
Sole Mate
Splash Café
Sportscard Fantasy
Subway Sandwich
Taylor Rentals
Templeton Assembly of God
The Parable
The Quarter Deck
The Real Estate Group
The Sports Forum
Trader Joes
Upper Crust Trattoria
Uptown Espresso
Utopia Bakery
Vieni Vai Trattouria
Volumes of Pleasure
Walden Books
West Coast Light and Tackle
Westerman Enterprise
Whiz Kids
Windows on the Water
Woodstock's Pizza
community partners 35
of Friends
Planting seeds of hope...
Join our Circle of Friends and help us enhance the well-being of children and families…
You can support our Mission through
a variety of options, including:
hank you for reading the Family Care Network’s
2004-2005 Annual Report. We hope that the stories
Become a volunteer with Family Care Network by serving as a mentor, tutor or an
administrative or event volunteer.
By contributing goods or by donating monetarily through a variety of ways, you can help
us provide necessary items and services to the children and families we serve.
The following are some ways you give to Family Care Network:
f Gifts-in-Kind
f MissionFish (a charitable service provided by eBay)
f Cash
f Long-Term Contribution
f Matching Gifts
have been moving, that our outcomes have been
encouraging and that our mission to “enhance the
well-being of children and families” has been
clearly seen in all we do. The heart and soul of
nurturing growth and positive change is passion.
And we are grateful to have shared our passion
with the children, families and our community on
the Central Coast for the last 17 years.
Planned Giving
Make a gift with lasting impact for the children and families on the Central Coast
through a planned or legacy gift to FCNI. Planned gifts can provide you with enduring
support while offering significant tax savings, increased income, better estate planning
and permanent recognition. Check with your personal attorney, CPA, investment advisor
or simply call FCNI to find out what is the best way for you to invest in planned giving.
Some planned giving options include:
f Securities
f Real Estate Donation
f Will & Living Trust
f Life Insurance
f Charitable Remainder Trusts
f Charitable Gift Annuity
f Endowment
one life at a time
For more information on how you can support our
mission, please visit our website at fcni.org or call
our financial department at 805.781.3535.
36 circle of friends
Courtesy Bill Davenport
annual report 2004-2005 37
All rights reserved. Copyright © 2005 Family Care Network, Inc.

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