Brochure BEG - babilonia engineering group



Brochure BEG - babilonia engineering group
providing quality service since 1966
Multi-Disciplinary Engineering and Architectural Firm
*Energy Conservation Measures and Leed Projects
1223 Ave. Ponce de León
Marginal Jardin Botánico
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00926-1305
Tel. (787) 751-0003 Fax (787) 753-8373
I. Philosophy
i. Our Mission
ii. Our Vision
iii. Our Staff
iv. Our Clients
II. Profile
III. Engineering Specialties Offered By BEG
IV. Specifics
V. Mechanical Projects
VI. Electrical Projects
VII. Civil/Structural Projects
VIII. Architectural Projects
IX. Energy Efficient and Leed Projects
Our firm, Babilonia Engineering Group provides complete Engineering services in the
fields of Mechanical, HVAC, Electrical and Structural design for commercial, industrial,
pharmaceutical, residential, institutional, educational, governmental and recreational
projects, as well as design, project management and maintenance advise.
Our Mission is to use science and technology to provide cost-effective and technically
comprehensive avenues to sustain development and comply with regulations
addressing environmental, health, and safety issues in a total quality approach and to
understand the requirements of our clients, our jobs and the system that support us.
Our priority is to care for our clients who appreciate our value and contributions to their
Our Vision is to be a creative and exciting company valued by our customers and
admired by our competitors, suppliers and the community. We offer innovative cost
effective solutions to achieve customer satisfaction.
Our engineering team are professionals with proven capabilities in all phases of
mechanical, electrical, civil and structural engineering, also, in production, quality
assurance and management. This has been vital in giving our clients the satisfaction
that they deserve and expect from us. We stay well informed on the constantly changing regulations, and work within these
regulations to achieve cost-effective solutions for our clients. Our staff is regularly taking
continuing education courses in order to stay up to date with the world’s continuous
Our staff is committed to work as a TEAM and become more productive and satisfied
professionals in the job.
We are licensed engineers in Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. We have a Leed AP
specialist and a Certified Energy Manager.
We are certain that to acquire, increase and maintain our clientele, we have to offer
innovative, cost - effective solutions to achieve our customer satisfaction which is
clearly seen that 85% of our business is repeat business with past clients. We work with
private clients as well as with governmental clients.
Babilonia Engineering Group
has an extensive background in the
conceptualization engineering design, and economical construction feasibility,
offering complete coordinated consulting services in the fields of Mechanical, Process
engineering, HVAC, Fire Protection, Electrical and Civil / Structural design; for
commercial, industrial, pharmaceutical, medical, residential, institutional, educational
and recreational projects.
Our professional activities resulted in substantial improvements to facilities, quality of
operations and improved systems reliability.
This success is a direct result of
experience and clear goals to meeting common objectives.
Our firm has proven leadership on projects from conception through start up; has
worked on all phases of projects that are critical of GMP and FDA, and that impose
high technical challenges in terms of clean environments and high purity water & air
requirements. BEG also has experience in renewable energy, energy efficient
projects). Our personnel takes into consideration installation, troubleshooting and
maintenance of the equipment specified in our projects. Main services offered by the
firm includes mainly, although not limited, to:
•Existing conditions evaluation
•Project assessment
• Opinion of probable construction cost
•Construction documents preparation
• Project supervision
• Project inspection
• Permitting
• Leed consultant certification
• Energy consumption evaluation
We specialize in providing “state-of-the-art” electrical systems design and analysis,
facility energy audits and feasibility studies for implementing cost-effective and high
quality projects. We have extensive experience in the design and inspection of new
and renovation projects including commercial, institutional, governmental, and
industrial buildings.
In Babilonia Engineering Group we are committed with the best use of energy
sources. Because of this we offer our services to improve the use of energy sources in
your facilities, fulfilling energy savings that adjusts with the new economic reality the
world is living. We are a multi-discipline engineering firm providing Mechanical,
Electrical, Structural, Architectural (as required), and Project Management.
Our experience has allowed us to save clients 35% or more of their total energy
              Piping and instrumentation diagrams
Process and plant equipment layouts
Plumbing-sanitary and process
Waste and water treatment, and sewage system
Boiler and steam piping, and return condensate system, clean steam
Water treatment - deionized, softening, ozone, filtration, chlorination, etc.
Compressed air - piping, plant and process; Clean, low dew point, oil-free
Dry and wet vacuum systems
Plant Steam and Boilers
High Purity Process Water (USP 23, Water for Injection USP)
Fire protection - sprinkler systems, water and chemicals agents for kitchen
Fountains and pools
Water park wave pools
Kitchen Areas
         3.
Industrial, institutional, pharmaceutical, health care and commercial,
among others, air conditioning requiring pre-selected ranges of
temperature, humidity, sound abatement, and custom tailored designs.
Ventilation, industrial hoods, breathing systems
Dust collection systems (hood designs, computations) and particles control
Environment - central chilled water plants, as big as 6,200 tons.
Clean rooms - conventional and laminar type, meeting complex and
critical process specification requirements; micro contamination and
contamination studies.
Dry rooms- Low humidity (as low as 2%)
Computer rooms
Magnetic Resonant Imaging rooms
Kitchen Areas
 Management
 Conservation
 Economical and feasibility studies
 Solar power application
 Energy conservation - heat wheels, heat pipes, hot gas reheat, double bundle
U.S. Green Building Council Member
 Interior and Exterior Lighting Distribution and Control.
 Signaling Systems
 Electrical Design For:
 Classified (hazardous) Locations
 Clean Rooms
 Process Areas
 Power Plants with Synchronizing Equipment and Switchgear.
 High , Medium and Low Voltage Distribution
  Substations (outdoor and indoor )
 Switchgears (outdoor and indoor )
Communication Systems
 Fire Alarm
 Telephone
 Data
 Sound (paging)
 Security (CCTV Monitoring, Intrusion Detection, others)
 Electrical Energy Sub-Metering
 Peak Shaving, Peak Demand Control, Load Sharing
 PREPA Electrical Energy Rate Analysis
 Renewable energy systems
   Photovoltaic systems
 Wind turbines
Power quality measures and improvements
 Power factors
 Harmonics
 Voltage variations
 Frequency variations
Measurement and Verification (M&V)
 Energy Efficiency
 Performance Contracts
 Savings Verification
 Structural Analysis and Design of single and multi-story buildings
▲ Steel
▲ Cast-in place concrete
▲ Tilt-up panels
▲ Precast panels
▲ Post-tension slabs and beams
 Foundation design
▲ Spread footings
▲ Piles
▲ Mat
▲ Geopiers
 Structural assessment of existing structures
 Retrofit of existing structures
 Equipment bases and supports
    Grading
Sanitary sewer system design
Storm sewer system design
Water distribution
      Each year, Babilonia Engineering Group receives a variety of engineering
assignments from clients, many on a repetitive basis ranging from small to medium
size in the commercial, institutional, and recreational fields; and from medium and
heavier projects in the industrial, pharmaceutical and health care facilities. Our
experience already exceeds 1 billion in constructed plant value.
Many of our projects are from the ground up engineering design, procurement,
and construction management, where others projects are upgrading installations
of a new process into existing facilities. Our engineers prepare design concepts to
master plans, conducts cost estimates and time schedules.
Additional experience also includes process and operation under sterile
conditions and low levels of sub-micron particulate contamination clean steam
systems, and systems to produce deionized sterile and pyrogen free water, also
personnel equipment and material flow patterns which minimize contamination
and maintain a clean or aseptic environment.
The classifications of clean rooms designed for pharmaceutical plants range from
the simpler ISO Classification 8 to the complex ISO Classification 5, or 4. These
facilities have used air locks and pass through rooms, sterilizers employing steam,
ultra violet light, and dry heat. Our designs have specified appropriate walls,
floors, and ceiling finish, proper light fixtures, and hvac systems to insure laminar
and conventional flows with the appropriate particulate counts
Our energy management commitment is noticeable when, for example, we
achieved our goal on saving over $250,000 annually in a 350 tons project.
We are continuously updating our designer’s applicable codes, standards
regulations associated with current design.
 Allergan
 Baxter / Travenol
 Biovail Labs
 Bristol
 Coopervision
 Eaton
 Johnson & Johnson
 Legacy Pharmaceuticals
 Lilly del Caribe
 Medtronics
 Merck, Sharp & Dohme
 Pall-Biomedical
 Pfizer
 Roche
 Roche Manatí
 Schering Plough
 Upjohn
 Warner Chilcott
 Arecibo & Aguadilla Hospital
 Ashford Presbiterean Hostpital
 Caguas Regional Hospital
 Centro Médico - ASEM
 Correctional Medical Center
 Doctor's Center Hospital
 Dr. Pila Hospital
 Dr. Serrano Thomotherapy
 Humana Offices – Telemundo
 Industrial Hospital
 Montellano Medical Building
 Municipal Hospital
 Pavía Hospital
 Ponce CDT
 San Juan Municipal Hospital
 St. Lukes Hospital
 Tito Mattei Medical Tower
 Veteran's Hospital
 Alimentos Líquidos Industriales
 Borden
 Matsuchita – Panasonic
 Nestlé
 Procter and Gamble
 R.J. Reynolds Tobacco
 Universal Container
 Wheaton Plastics
 Belz Factory Outlet World
 Best Buy Stores
 Capri – Plaza Carolina
 Citicentre Office Building
 Costco Stores
 Gastby Stores
 Home
Depot Stores
Depot Stores
 Plaza Carolina Shopping Center
 Plaza Guayama Shopping Center
 Plaza del Caribe Ponce
 Plaza Las Américas
• Food Court
• Tenants
• Office Tower
• Parkings
• Chillers
 Sam’s Kennedy Ave.
 TJ Maxx – Plaza Carolina
 Yogurfit
 Office
 Departamento de Justicia
 El Capitolio
 Fundación Luis Muñoz Marín
 Museo de Arte e Historia, San Juan
 Puerto Rico Telephone Co.
 Televicentro de Puerto Rico
 V. I. Telephone Co.
 Caguas Judicial Center
 Federal & Courthouse Bldgs., GSA
 Police Superintendence
 Ponce Government Center
 PR 102 Pump Lift Station
 Virgin Island Department of Justice,
 U.S. Customs
St. Croix
 Coliseo Pedrin Zorrilla
 Fuente Paseo La Princesa
 Fuente Parque Muñoz Rivera
 Paseo Tablado La Guancha
 Plaza de Armas y Plaza Colón, SJ
Tecnológico de Arecibo(CUTA)
 Interamerican University
 Gilberto Concepción de Gracia School – Carolina
 Guayama Vocational School
 Police Academy
 Ponce Vocational School
 R.U.M, Mayaguez
 Santiago River Vocational School – Yauco
 UPR - Rio Piedras
• Escuela de Arquitectura
 Colegio
 Caribe Hilton Hotel
 Condado Beach Hotel
 Condado Plaza Hotel
 Regency Hotel
 Celis Building, RUM
 Colegio Universitario de San Juan
 Sacred
Heart University
Chemical Building
Business Administration Building
Rivera Vocational School - Yauco
 Santiago
Corazón, Guayama Baseball Park
 Bo. Olimpo, Guayama Baseball Park
 Clinton Phipps New Grandstand Racetrack, St.
 Bo.
▲ Arnaldi’s Salon
▲ Catwalk
▲ La Defensa
▲ Rest. Santaella
▲ YC Marble and Tile
▲ Yogurfit
▲ Comandancia
de Humacao
▲ Cuartel de Ballajá
▲ Department of State
▲ FICIT Offices
▲ Virgin Islands Department of Justice, St. Croix
▲ Water and Power Authority – USVI
▲ Minillas Government Center
▲ Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico
▲ Museo de Arte e Historia de San Juan
Mutuo Hospital
 Correctional Medical Center
▲ Dr. Center Hospital, Manati
▲ Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Center
▲ Hospital de la Concepción
 Auxilio
▲ Humana
Offices - Telemundo
Arecibo CBOC
 VA MOCP Flouroscopy Mayagüez
▲ VA Oncology Pharmacy
▲ VA OR Storage
▲ VA
 Bristol Myers Pharmaceutical, Manatí
 Boston
 Johnson
 Legacy
 Lilly
and Johnson, Dominican Republic
del Caribe
 Roche
 Warner
 Dr. Kolodziej
 Miracle Point
 Paseo Caribe
 Tanner-Flores
 Agosto-Vega
 Ortiz-Coletti
 Sánchez–Sosa
 Best Buy – Plaza Las Américas
 Best Buy – Plaza Carolina
 Costco
 Home Depot –Reina del Sur Ponce
 Las Catalinas North Track – Best Buy / Office Depot
 Office Depot – 65th Infantry
 Office Depot – Los Jardines
 Office Depot – San Patricio
 Plaza Peñuelas
 Sam’s
 San Juan Commercial Park
 Walgreens –Juana Díaz
 Walgreens Peñuelas
 Escuela Vocacional de Guayama (Entrance Tower)
 R.U.M, Mayaguez
• Computer Center.
• Biology Building
• Chemistry Building
• Electrical Bldg. (Preliminary Design)
• Fine Arts Building
• Business Administration.
 Santiago Rivera Vocational School - Yauco
 UPR Rio Piedras
• Edificio Arquitectura y Bellas Artes
• Carlota Matienzo Building
• Natural Science Building
 Edificio Multiusos El Cinco
 Edificio de Oficinas Mediavilla
 Las Cumbres Office Building
 Nestlé Entrance Modification
 Clinica Las Americas Multi-Level Parking, Hato Rey
 El Mundo Parking Building, San Juan
 Galería Office Towers, Guaynabo
 Instituto Tecnológico de Ponce, Ponce
 Millenium Park Plaza, Guaynabo
 New Municipal Parking, Barranquitas
 San Patricio Office Center, Guaynabo
 San Patricio Parking Addition, Guaynabo
 Ashford Presbyterian Hospital Structural
 Hospital Pavia-Fajardo
 Menonita Hospital, Aibonito
 Municipal Hostpial, Bayamón
 San Carlos Hospital, Moca
 San Pablo del Este, Fajardo
 VA MOPC Fluoroscopy
 VA OR Storage
 Baxter
 Bristol Myers
 Boston Scientific Entrance Modification
 Lilly del Caribe
 Medtronics
 Roche
 Searle
 Calderón Residence
 La Paz– Miramar Residence
 Miracle Point
 Sáncehz-Sosa Residence
 Terra del Monte Fitness Center
 Terra Señorial Residences
 Centro Judicial de Mayaguez
 Fort Allen Armed Forces Reserve Center –
Tilt up shop drawings
 Intership Facilities
 Maunabo Water Tank Base
 Oficinas de Administracion de Tribunales
 Tribunal de Circuito de Apelaciones
 Yauco Stadium Precast Alternates
 Caribe Hilton Hotel, San Juan
 Cayo Largo Resort, Fajardo
 Copamarina Hotel, Guánica
 Dupont Plaza, San Juan
 Mayaguez Hilton Hotel
 Lilly del Caribe – PC2 Transition Area
 Lilly del Caribe – PC2 Kit 1
 Lilly del Caribe – PC2 Staging Room
 Lilly del Caribe – PC2 Capsule Room
 Lilly del Caribe – PC2 Laundry Room
 Johnson and Johnson Dominican Republic
 Colegio Universitario de San Juan – Rectoría
 Colegio Universitario de San Juan – Seven Classrooms
 VA (Veteran’s Administration) - Arecibo
 Rebekah Colbergh Municipal Sports School - LEED for Schools Gold Certification
Humacao Chemistry Investigation Laboratories – LEED Gold Certified. Design of a/c,
ventilation, plumbing, gases, water purification system, process system, and design for
nitrogen, oxygen, helium, vacuum line and compressed air.
Río Piedras Natural Science Laboratories – LEED Certified. Design of a 16,800 sq. ft. area
including a/c, ventilation, plumbing, compressed air, fire protection system, sprinklers and
automation control system.
 Colegio Universitario de San Juan – LEED Consultant / LEED Certified
Cordero Bernard (Ponce Vocationa School) – LEED Silver
Belén Blanco de Zequeira School – Loíza – LEED Certified Energy Savings 24%
Colegio Universitario de Cayey – Energy Savings 67%
 Bernardino
 Water and Power Authority – USVI – LEED Platinum Certification
 Minillas Towers, GDB - LEED Silver Certification / Energy Savings 42%
 Cuartel de Ballajá - Energy Savings 57%
 Department of State – Energy Savings 33%
Finca La Julia Wind Turbines – 22 Megawatt
 Caparra Country Club – Energy Savings 22%

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