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Untitled - Morrell Ranch
Mother Nature has created an ultimate environment
for us. At Morrell Legacy Ranch there are countless
activities to fulfill your every desire, whether you want to
pamper your mind with the tranquility of meditation or
take an ATV adventure with the kids. It is the ideal place
for family vacations, reunions and retreats with
something every generation will enjoy.
Trail Rides
Riding with us at the Morrell Legacy Ranch will be a
delightful and memorable experience. We have a herd of
Quarter horses that will be your trusted partner and take
you through the forested hills of the ranch. Our trails
are suitable for beginners but challenging enough to be
interesting for more experienced riders. Our instructors
will match you with the right horse for your ability level.
Cattle Drive
Join in on a real cattle drive on our working ranch, a
great team building exercise or memorable family activity.
We round up and move cattle across our pastures to new
ranges, all while enjoying the beautiful
Missouri countryside.
Hiking &
Mountain Biking
Experience the land on foot or by the power of your pedals.
Nothing is easier than lacing up your hiking boots and
strolling along the lake or through the wooded hills. Relax
and absorb the sounds of nature, letting the stresses fall from
your body. Bring your camera and capture the beauty forever.
Choose from our fleet of mountain bikes and cruise through
the hills and meadows at Morrell Legacy Ranch. Our fleet of
bicycles are well-maintained and most trails are mild and will
accommodate young or inexperienced riders.
Lake Recreation
A simple lake provides great summer fun. Grab your fly rod
for some crappie and bluegill fishing or take a canoe for a
float and drop a line to see if you get lucky with the fish. And
when those hot Missouri days roll around, you can hop off
the dock and take a cool dip.
All of our lake recreation is centered around non-motorized
water craft- so grab a canoe, paddle boat or the newest craze,
a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board, and cruise the lake.
Rent an ATV and go offroad at Morrell Legacy Ranch. Both
young and old will get a taste of riding adventure in our easy
to drive vehicles. Trails wind through the forest and over
rolling hills with panoramic views of the meadows.
Legacy Ranch House
The Morrell Legacy Ranch House is central to the resort and
provides exquisite gathering space for families and friends.
We offer guests a music room with a grand piano, a Native
American Art Gallery, puzzles and family games. You can also
head to the lower level recreation room for movies, billiards,
take a dip in the indoor swimming pool or grab a quick workout in our fitness room.
Outdoor decks and rocking chairs surround the Legacy
Ranch House perfect for enjoying a Midwest sunrise or
Historical and cultural sites surround The Legacy
Project so you'll always have something new to
Amish Community
Jamesport, MO (11 miles from The Legacy Project)
Jamesport, Missouri is the largest Old Order Amish
colony west of the Mississippi and the largest colony in
the state. Visitors will experience an authentic Amish
town filled with town and country shops, restaurants
buggies, farming and true Amish furniture workshops.
LDS Visitors Center
Independence, MO (74 miles from The Legacy Project)
The Independence Visitors’ Center honors the past and
the present, telling the story of the Mormon settlers in
Missouri between 1831 and 1839, as well as exhibits,
displays and films.
National Frontier
Trails Museum
Independence, MO (74 miles from The Legacy Project)
The Trails Museum tells the story of the exploration,
acquisition, and settlement of the American West.
An award-winning introductory film prepares visitors for
the interpretive exhibits that guide them along the Santa
Fe, Oregon, and California Trails. Quotations from trail
diaries are extensively used, allowing pioneer travelers to
tell of their experiences in their own words.
Liberty Jail
Liberty, MO (58 miles from The Legacy Project) The
Liberty Jail was built in 1833 and is also where Joseph
Smith, founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints, and several other church leaders were
imprisoned in 1838. Joseph Smith received three
revelations in the Liberty Jail that are included in the
Church’s Doctrine and Covenants today.
Jesse James
Bank Museum
Liberty, MO (58 miles from The Legacy Project)
The Jesse James Bank, located on the historic square in
Liberty, Missouri, was the site of the nation’s first successful
daylight peacetime bank robbery. While the robbers were
never caught, the crime as attributed to the infamous James
Gang. Photographs and other documents are on display for
the public to view.
The Pony Express
National Museum
St. Joseph, MO (55 miles from The Legacy Project)
In 1860, the Pikes Peak Stables in St. Joseph served as the
start of the Pony Express, where riders travelled over 2000
miles west to California on horseback to deliver messages.
Today, the original stables house serves as a modern,
interactive and educational tribute to the history and
legend of the Pony Express.
Crowder State Park
Trenton, MO (23 miles from The Legacy Project)
Crowder State Park is a 1,912-acre park in the rolling green
hills of northern Missouri. Visitors can enjoy more than 17
miles of hiking, bicycling and equestrian trails in a forested,
rugged terrain. The park also offers fishing and boating in
the 18-acre Crowder Lake.
1836 Mormon
Settlement and
Temple Cornerstone
Far West, MO (26 miles from The Legacy Project)
Far West is the settlement Mormons founded in 1836 that
served as the church’s headquarters during most of 1838.
Cornerstones for a planned temple were laid here in July
1838, however it was never completed. A small visitor’s
center is open to the public to explain the significance of
this landmark.
Haun's Mill
Caldwell County, MO (27 miles from The Legacy Project)
Settled in 1834, Haun’s Mill was the second settlement in
what came to be Caldwell County. This is also the site of the
Haun’s Mill massacre, an event in the history of the Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Gallatin, MO (Adjacent to The Legacy Project)
A historic site located along the east bluffs above the Grand
River in Daviess County, Missouri. According to The
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it is the site
where Adam and Eve lived after being expelled from the
Garden of Eden. They believe it will be a gathering spot for
a meeting of the priesthood leadership, including prophets
of all ages and other people, prior to the Second Coming of
Jesus Christ.
Squirrel Cage Jail
Gallatin, MO (2 miles from The Legacy Project)
Built in 1889, the Squirrel Cage Jail in Gallatin, Missouri is
one of the three remaining rotating jails in the United
States. Rotary jail cells were arranged so that they rotated in
a carousel fashion; allowing only one cell at a time to be
accessible from the single opening.
BransonIt's Your Show
Branson, MO (253 miles from The Legacy Project)
Just a short drive from Gallatin, Branson offers top-notch
entertainment for the whole family. Live music shows, Silver
Dollar City, champion golf courses, and premier shopping
are just a few activities offered.
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anch life is rewarding, and there is a real simplicity
about working with the earth. A simplicity that reminds us
the land is a gift and provides for us in so many ways.
We invite our guests to unplug from modern technology and
reflect on the beauty of this place.
Lowline Angus Cattle
The quiet tempered Lowline Angus Cattle breed grazes
the green pastures of the Morrell Legacy Ranch. This
breed is ideal for the ranch as they are an extremely efficient range animal that produces high quality meat.
Lowline cattle are generally quiet-tempered with a brilliant black coat making them a beautiful addition to the
Whitetail Deer
Whitetail Deer are one America’s most beautiful and
distinct animals. Named for their long white tail that is
displayed when a deer senses danger, the Whitetail deer
are the smallest members of the North American deer
family. Whitetail bucks can weigh up to 300 pounds,
and grow an impressive rack of antlers every fall. Once
threatened, Whitetail deer population became dangerously low, but with the help of wildlife managers and
whitetail deer farmers, the population is restored to a
healthy number.
Quarter Horses &
Percheron Horses
The compact body of the American Quarter Horse is
well-suited to the intricate and speedy maneuvers
required as a working cow horse. When it is time for a
trail ride, one of our nimble, yet gentle quarter horses
will be your trusted partner and take you through the
forested hills of the ranch.
Our Percheron horses provide another function on the
ranch as a draft horse pulling a passenger carriage for
our guests. They are well-muscled, and known for their
intelligence and willingness to work.
Alpacas are most well known for their soft and silky hair
that is woven into yarns and used for sweaters, scarves
and other attire. And their coat is naturally hypo-allergenic. Our Alpacas live in families and are generally
social animals that spend their days together grazing on
grasses and leaves at the farm.
Honey Bees
Morrell Ranch’s bees live in sturdy wooden hives, which
they happily fill with rich and flavorful honey year after
year. Bees pollinate the fruits and vegetables of the farm
as well as the gorgeous flowers and we are grateful for
their gifts.
Picking a fresh apple from the tree on a crisp fall day is
one of life's beautiful pleasures. You are welcome to
come stroll the orchards at the Morrell Legacy Ranch.
We have a variety of apple, pear and peach trees planted
alongside the grape arbors.