2016 July Newsletter - Skagit Bicycle Club



2016 July Newsletter - Skagit Bicycle Club
Saddle Post
The voice of the Skagit bicycle club
May 15 Parkinson’s Ride
By Barb Klein
Rick Hermann from Bellingham was
organizing a ride for people with Parkinson's Disease. Rick had partnered with
Outdoors For All (OFA), Adam Amundsen
of Different Spokes, and The Pedaling
for Parkinson's class at the Bellingham
YMCA. OFA and Adam provided high
performance tricycles and support for
the riders. A total of 40 people met at
the Nakashima Barn on May 15th to ride
approximately 16 miles to Arlington and
back on the Centennial Trail. Lot's of positive energy abounded from the riders and
support volunteers throughout the rainy
day. Thank you all for helping the Parkinson's community to get outside and have
fun cycling.
How to make a Ride Map 101
By Phil McLoud
Have you ever wanted to make a map for
ride? Maybe it’s a club ride or maybe it’s
just some of your friends but you’d like
to have a nice map to give to everyone
so they know where they’re going. This
is very handy for people like me who
are directionally challenged and haven’t
lived here for 20 years and memorized all
the roads. A map is also handy if you’re
headed someplace new and want to get off
the beaten track. Here’s the process I use
when I make a map for a club ride. These
directions are based on using Microsoft
software but other similar software should
work just as well. MS is what I’m familiar
with and my son-in-law works for Microsoft
so I try to support the brand.
I use a website called Ride with GPS.
To be able to print a map you need to be a
registered user. This is a free and painless
process. You just register and get a login.
First I use the website to plan the route.
The maps are just Google maps and navigation around the map is similar.
In This Issue:
Word of the Domestique
Board Briefs & Ride Reports
Club Info
Membership form
pg 2
pg 3
pg 4
pg 5
Pg 6
Skagit valley washington
Start by clicking on Plan at the top of the
page. The default is to follow existing
roads but you can go off road by clicking on Draw Line on the lower right of the
page. Pan around to your starting point
then click along the roads you want to
follow. I’ve learned that you don’t want to
click right on an intersection because this
will mess up the turn by turn directions. It’s
easy to try different routes and the Undo
button in the lower right corner of the map
lets you undo what you’ve drawn segment
by segment.
Once you have completed your route,
click the Save button on the left side of the
screen above the turn by turn directions.
You then get a screen to name your route.
Fill in whatever you want then click Save
again. Now you get a popup that says you
have successfully saved your route. In
orange type it also says view your route
here, click on that. This will bring up an
overall view of your route. To the right of
the map there will be more orange text,
click on the one that says Get Map Image.
This will bring up an image of just the map.
Put your cursor on the map and right click.
One of your options will be to save the picture. Select that and you can save the picture
as a .png file. This is a file format for a picture
that can be loaded into another document.
Save the picture someplace handy.
Next I use Microsoft Picture Manager to crop
the picture down so that it is mostly just the
route. Save the cropped picture. Next I use
Microsoft Publisher to create the final map.
One sheet contains the map the other contains the turn by turn directions. Insert the
map into the Publisher document. Click on
the corners of the map and pull it out until it
fills up the page. You can stop here and have
a very readable map or you can add text to
label additional roads, lunch stops, directional
arrows, etc. and have a deluxe map.
Ride With GPS also provides turn by turn
directions. They are displayed on the left side
of the map. Highlight these directions, right
click, then click Copy. Copy the directions
into Excel, cleanup the column width and
row height so that the table is readable and
fits onto one page. Finally highlight the table,
right click and Copy. Now just Paste the table
onto a second page in the Publisher document. You now have a map you can be proud
of and that everyone can read. If they get lost
it’s not your fault. This may sound like a lot
of trouble but it really isn’t, and for me, since
I don’t know the roads here intimately, it’s
much easier than making a hand drawn map.
Using this website has the additional benefit,
for those of us who are directionally challenged, of producing a map you can upload
to a bike GPS. To do this, click on Export at
the upper right side of the page. A popup will
offer different formats. I use GPX Track for
my Garmin 605. Click on the appropriate format and the map will be downloaded to your
computer. Save it someplace handy. Now
upload it to your bike GPS using the procedure that is appropriate for your GPS. For my
Garmin 605, I just connect it to my computer
with a USB cable and copy it to the Saved
Rides folder. Now you’ll never get lost.
Word of the Domestique
The following is the opinion of the Super Domestique and is not intended to offend any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, gender, sexual
orientation or individual. The views of the Super Domestique are his own or something he copied from someone else, and do not in any way reflect the
views of the Skagit Bicycle Club. Furthermore, they do not necessarily reflect the views of the people who live in the same home, neighborhood or city.
Please also note that the fact this piece is written in English is in no way meant to malign other languages nor to malign those who are illiterate visually
impaired and thus are unable to read the piece. Complements can emailed to [email protected] Complaints can be emailed to Jamie at
[email protected]
Please keep in mind Jamie is a pretty busy guy so if you don’t get a reply email the Domestique instead.
accidents but it looked like a chaotic beehive of riders.
Minimal amount of order.
It was that lack of order that cost Bakerview BMX’s
rider known as the Cheetah, a trip to the 2016 Oregon
So, yesterday I was out doing my good deed of the month:
handing out fliers, in the pouring rain, at the Berry Dairy
Days parade. Our Bakerview Bmx team was participating
in the parade, and I was promoting the track and sport.
On March 20th of this year the Cheetah was at a BMX
clinic honing his skills for the nationals. He was coasting
up to an instructor when he was run into by another rider.
The low speed crash resulted in two broken bones and
two surgeries to his right arm. The Cheetah happened to
be at a BMX event, but this same sort of accident could
We had approximately 12 kids with us riding their bikes.
Their ages ranged from 3 to 12 years old.
One woman, who I offered my handout to, told me “It
looks dangerous” and shook her head no to my handout.
My immediate reply was “At least they’re not on a x-box”
and I moved on. I felt pretty pleased with my off the cuff
smart ass answer. But, waking up this morning I wish that
I had simply said that like most sports there is an element
of danger.
But what did she think was dangerous? The parade or the
sport of BMX?
The Sport:
When racing, the kids all know what they are doing. They
start out of the gate, down the first straight, through the
first corner, down the second straight and soon on to the
The entire time they are seeking the inside line and if
that means cutting someone off they will do it. Yep.
Sounds dangerous, like some kind of demolition derby
on bikes. But what many people don’t realize until they
have watched a few races is that the riders all have an
understanding that the person next to them is going to
attempt to hinder there progress to the finish. This rider
knowledge makes the races become predictable, and for
the most part are without chaos. Yes, crashes occur. On
the rarest occasion the crashes result in injury. Most of the
time the riders dust themselves off, get back on the bike
and finish.
have easily occurred during the parade, or if his sister had
pushed him down a flight of stairs.
Fourteen weeks later in that rainy parade the Cheetah
is back in business riding Peter Sagan style wheelies
that are going well over 100 feet for an enthusiastic rain
soaked crowd. Only one person stands out in my mind as
There was probably little that I was going to say that would
convince the concerned woman that they’re are greater
perils in life than falling off a bike.
I guess I can only hope that she will show up at the track
to watch a race someday.
Yours Truly,
225 lbs
The Parade:
Perhaps the parade was deemed dangerous? Wet
roads, kids attempting to ride in a line but with bikes that
are faster than the pace of the parade. There were no
cccccccccccdc 2 ccccccccccccr
board briefs
General Meeting Minutes Tuesday June 7, 2016
Meeting opened at 6:00 pm by President Jamie Wells.
In attendance: Anita and Marty Johnson, Phil Mcloud, Don and
Diane Torsett, Cindy McGuiness, Whit Whitford, Jerry Ziegler, Marshall
Will, Steve Rutz, Jean Sattler-Will.
Secretary’s Report: There were no corrections or additions to the
minutes. Phil made a motion to accept the minutes Marty seconded
motion carried.
Rides & Ride Reports
The June 6, 2017, March Point Monday ride was Dian Jahn’s 70th
birthday & was the largest Monday ride of the year! She was surprised by 30 + SBC riders who sang “Happy Birthday” and escorted
her on a pleasurable ride to The Corner Pub in Bow. Riders were
joined by some of Dian’s hiking and Anacortes friends for a Taco
bar buffet lunch & Linzer Tort B’day Cake (Brigette special). It was a
perfectly beautiful day to turn 70, with 45ish friends, good food, and a
good ride in Skagit Valley! HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Ride Coordinator’s Report: There were three new members leading
rides. It’s nice to see new members stepping up, this is really appreciated! A big thank you goes out to them!
Old Business:
Spring Classic: There were nine day-of registrations that didn’t have
cash or checks.
So far six have sent in their money. There are new regulations coming from the Feds for non-profits using credit cards for payment or
donations. Sounds like we are better off keeping the ride checks or
cash only.
The club is looking for a Spring Classic Chair person! There is a
booklet “ Spring Classic the Easy Way” a step by step description of
what is needed and when. If you are interested see Marshall Will.
New Business:
“Open Streets” an event that takes place in Anacortes on August 28th.
The Club will be there promoting cycling and promoting the benefits of
joining the club.
A motion was made by Phil seconded by Whit to donate $200.00 for
promotion and artwork for this event.
Jerry Zeigler discussed the “Classic Bike Show” to be held at this
event. The plan is to get speakers and to display bikes from professional collectors. There is already a commitment from Bob Freeman
to display and speak. Jerry will be contacting more collectors and
Phil spoke with a member at a ride on Monday, who would like to volunteer to give a talk on first aid. Phil was thinking this would be more
about what to do if one of your friends went down on a ride involving
trauma. He will write something for the newsletter and get a feel for
how many members would be interested in this.
He also suggested doing a monthly informational meeting on maintenance, first aid or whatever else the members would like. These
would be help during the winter months.
Members are invited to view BMX racing on Sunday afternoons at
Bakerview Park in Mt Vernon, 3:00 pm. The club supports and encourages participation.
Meeting adjourned 6:44 pm
Next meeting August 9 at Dimensional Communications
1120 Anderson Rd, Mt Vernon, WA
Respectfully submitted
Jean Sattler-Will; Secretary
Monday Rides- March Point Park And Ride All riders welcome for
this ride leaving every Monday from March Point Park and Ride. Distance of 35ish miles 15-17mph pace.. No maps, riders stick together
with leader(s), and a stop for a light lunch/ coffee at or toward end of
the ride.. Fun social riding in the heart of Skagit Valley.Rain / Wind
/ Ice May Cancel Ride. Note: Ride leader will asses the group and
determine if a second more moderate pace group & leader is desired.
July Wednesday Night Rides
Starting at Seafarers Park-Anacortes
Potluck to follow
Wednesday night rides in July will be special. They are departing at 6
pm from Seafarers Park in Anacortes & includes potluck dinner & social after the ride. There will be ride leaders for short(social) and med
(moderate) / long (brisk) rides, as well as a social group ride lead by
Liz Jenkins of Skagit Cycle. There is a ride for everyone!
Potluck-appreciated but not mandatory. All items appreciated. Food
can be left in cars or placed on the picnic tables. A bbq will be available with some “salmon burgers and dogs”, and a cooler for drinks
available, along with picnic items (plate /cups/utensils). Bringing a
camp chair might be appropriate !
We hope this venue brings some added fun to our summer riding
Directions- Hwy 20 to Anacortes. Turn North on R Ave for 1 mile.
(becomes Q Ave @ 22nd) . Turn right / East on Seafarers way (just
past 15th St & the Safeway) . Proceed to the end of the street to the
Seafarers Memorial with benches, picnic tables, grass & Beach.
Parking is directly in front of the memorial & park.
vbbqqzxvcft 3 742cbd1sacmng
Wednesday Thursday
RR=Road Ride
MTB= Mtn Bike Ride
TT=Time Trial
RLH-Ride Leaders
Pace: mph
E=Easy, under 10
S=Social 10-12
M=Moderate 12-15
B=Brisk 16-20
Rain will cancel
unless noted
Independence Day
10:00 am MRR
March Point Park&Ride
Steve Jahn
Hanspeter Gehrig
Dan Sandstrom
6pm MTB 20-25m
Arlington VeloSport
Mark Everett 360.629.6415
Board Meeting
MRR 20-25m
Arlington VeloSport
Mark Everett
vv July 1-4 NW Tandem Ralley nwtr.org vv
A Potluck will
follow both rides
6pm/MRR Ladies Ride
Skagit Cycle Anacortes
Liz Jenkins360.588.8776
Sweetcakes Ride
Arlington Velo/
Centennial Trail
Mark Everett
Seafarer’s Park Anacortes
Janice Lisherness
Gary Minor
6pm SRR
Seafarer’s Park Anacortes
Liz Jenkins 360.588.8776
10am SRR Joy Ride
Bayview School
Phil McLoud
Clear Lake Triathlon
Clear Lake Beach
MRR 20-25m
Arlington VeloSport
Mark Everett
July 8-10 Cycleoregon.com ccccc
Potluck will
follow both
10:00 am MRR
March Point Park&Ride
Steve Jahn
Hanspeter Gehrig
Dan Sandstrom
6pm MTB 20-25m
Arlington VeloSport
Mark Everett 360.629.6415
10:00 am MRR
March Point Park&Ride
Steve Jahn
Hanspeter Gehrig
Dan Sandstrom
6pm MTB 20-25m
Arlington VeloSport
Mark Everett 360.629.6415
6pm/MRR Ladies Ride
Skagit Cycle Anacortes
Liz Jenkins360.588.8776
6pm SRR
Sweet Cakes Ride
Centennial Trail
Arlington VeloSport
Mark Everett 360.929.6415
Seafarer’s Park Anacortes
Cheryl Minor
Joella Solus
6pm SRR
Seafarer’s Park Anacortes
Liz Jenkins 360.588.8776
10am SRR Joy Ride
Bayview School
Jane Monroe
6pm/MRR Ladies Ride
Skagit Cycle Anacortes
Liz Jenkins360.588.8776
Seafarer’s Park Anacortes Short-SRR
Dan Sandstrom
6pm SRR
Sweet Cakes Ride
Centennial Trail
Arlington VeloSport
Mark Everett 360.929.6415
6pm SRR
Seafarer’s Park
Liz Jenkins
Potluck will
follow both
9am SRR
Centennial Trail
Snohomish or less
Nakashima Barn
Jane Monroe
MRR 20-25m
Arlington VeloSport
Mark Everett
Washington Bike Ride
July 16-23
10am SRR Joy Ride
Bayview School
Jack McTaggart
Breakfast Ride
Conway Red Barn
Jean Sattler-Will
9am MRR
Conway Red Barn 60+
Phil McLoud
MRR 20-25m
Arlington VeloSport
Mark Everett
Potluck will
follow both
10:00 am MRR
March Point Park&Ride
Steve Jahn
Hanspeter Gehrig
Dan Sandstrom
6pm MTB 20-25m
Arlington VeloSport
Mark Everett 360.629.6415
6pm/MRR Ladies Ride
Skagit Cycle Anacortes
Liz Jenkins360.588.8776
6pm SRR
Sweet Cakes Ride
Centennial Trail
Arlington VeloSport
Mark Everett 360.929.6415
Seafarer’s Park Anacortes
Joella Solus
6pm SRR
Seafarer’s Park Anacortes
Liz Jenkins 360.588.8776
10 am MRR
50 miles
Conway meet
across from Pub
Lou Rivetti
10am SRR Joy Ride
Bayview School
Whit 360.202.9283
July 30- August 6
f Ride Around
G Washington
h ccccc
qecjlSkagit bicycle Club Informationfcgb
Mailing Address
The Skagit Bicycle Club P.O. Box 363
Burlington WA 98233
Officers & Board
Jamie Wells
[email protected]
Vice President
Phil McLoud
[email protected]
Jean Sattler-Will
[email protected]
Marshall Will
[email protected]
Past President
Colby Plagge
[email protected]
Board Members
Steve Jahn
[email protected]
Marty Johnson
[email protected]
Cindy McGuiness
[email protected]
Scott Rittscher
[email protected]
Steve Rutz
[email protected]
Diane Torsett
[email protected]
Volunteer Positions
Ride Coordinator
Whit Whitford
[email protected]
360 757 1357
Remember to send in your ride sheets to get credit for your
Spring Classic Coordinator:
Bridge Sweep Coordinators:
Steve & Dian Jahn
Membership List
Marshall Will
[email protected]
Web masters:
Jamie Wells [email protected]
Tom Jacobson [email protected]
Membership Benefits:
Saddle-Post Intelligencer
Published by
The Skagit Bicycle Club
Editor Rose Ploeg [email protected]
Newsletter Deadline date is posted on the ride
Your Contributions Are Welcome!
Got an inspiring story or some great photos? We welcome
submissions! If you wish to contribute an article to a future
issue, contact Editor Rose Ploeg as early as possible.
Articles and photographic submissions are due on or
before the deadline date posted, and will be considered
on a space-available basis. All submissions are subject to
editing for content and space. Send submissions in Word
or InDesign and Photos in JPEG.
If you are having issues with the email edition of the
Newsletter please contact us through the website or call or
email Marshall Will at 360 929 5003 or [email protected]
Copies of the newsletter will be mailed upon request.
Bike Travel Cases: Deposit is $100 and is refundable
upon the return of the case. The borrower is responsible
for the pickup and drop off of the case.
Bike Travel Trailer: “BOB” bike trailer with a
waterproof duffel.
Club Bike Racks: Four Yakima bike carriers attach to
a roof rack 1 inch round bars front and rear. Fork mount/
mounts for the front wheel. Currently kept in the Storage
Unit in Mount Vernon.
To check out and arrange a pick up of any of the above
items contact Jane Monroe 360 391 9062 or Colby Plagge
360 540 4554
Membership benefits also include 10% off at these
local businesses. Please remember to show your
membership card to receive your discount.
Goody’s Rack Shop
1817 Bouslog Rd
Burlington WA 9823
[email protected]
Skagit Cycle Center
1704 S. Burlington Blvd. Burlington 360 757 7910
1620 Commercial Ave. Anacortes 360 588 8776
Arlington Velo Sport
Bicycle Shop
401 N Olympic Ave
Arlington, WA 98223
Skagit Bicycle Club
P.O. Box 363
Burlington WA 98233
Skagit Bicycle Club Membership Form
Annual Dues:
Check One:
Use Pay
Mail this form to:
Individual $15.00
____New Member
Family $20.00
Pal to join or renew your membership online at www.skagitbicycleclub.org
Skagit Bicycle Club
P.O. Box 363
You will receive your Newsletter via Email in full glorious color.
WA 98233
To receive the Newsletter in the paper version (not in color) via US Postal Service.....CHECK HERE ______
Name: _______________________________________
Address: _____________________________________
State: ____________________ Zip ______________
Email ________________________________________
City: _________________________________________
Phone: _______________________________________

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