JSS Tradequip AD 1.indd


JSS Tradequip AD 1.indd
Join the Revolution
Gagemaker’s Blue Line Revolution
It’s a revolution to save money, improve connection performance,
and deliver orders ahead of schedule without searching for rental gages.
Gagemaker’s new TDWIN TAPER Software and Joint Strength System puts
the control back in your hands.
The first time you use it, our new method of threading and inspection pays
for itself. You can now set up and thread any API rotary shouldered connection
immediately to a higher quality than ever before. The system controls the
pitch diameter and thread cone interference fit of both connection members
so well, you may never have to reface or rethread a connector again.
For nearly 30 years, Gagemaker has provided quality inspection products to
the energy industry, and we’re just getting started.
Visit Gagemaker.com to explore all of our time saving products.
Joint Strength
System for
Rotary Shoulder
Gagemaker’s TDWIN TAPER software program produces
dimensional drawings and inspection data for API
downhole tubular connectors based on the most current
industry standards. Everything you need to machine,
inspect, and document tubular connection threads is
available in this convenient software program.
Gagemaker, LP • (713)-472-7360
P.O. Box 87709 • Houston, TX 77287-7709
[email protected]

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