Scuba Dogs at Escambrón Marine Park


Scuba Dogs at Escambrón Marine Park
The Star
Monday, January 23, 2012
Scuba Dogs at Escambrón Marine Park
cuba Dogs is now also located in the
Escambrón Marine Park, part of the
Third Millennium National Park in
San Juan. We offer memorable experiences
to groups and individuals including scuba, snorkeling, and kayak tours. On land
we offer a short exciting walking tour to
learn about 500 years of historic and natural value in the Third Millennium National Park. In the water, the “Escambrón
Marine Park” is a bowl-shaped cove with
very calm waters on the inside which is
perfect for beginners. Outside the cove
there are amazing coral structures in the
Labyrinth Reef and Elkhorn Reef where
we take the more advanced certified divers. Our facilities are located right next
to the water and they are complete with
showers, bathrooms, lockers, a beach volleyball court and kiosk with snacks and
souvenirs. Our mission here is clear: To
INSPIRE YOU to treasure the natural and
historic heritage of the Escambrón Marine
derwater statues and roman columns
The snorkeling tour opens a window followed by the seaweed forest where
to view the city of San Juan under- manatees may come and eat. You’ll
water and come in direct contact with take a break under the sea grapes and
this amazing world with over 15,000 if their in season go ahead and try one
identified marine species in the Atlan- :) As you continue along the Fish Protic Ocean. During the guided tour you tection Wall you can submerge to feed
will discover the Atlantis City with un- the fish, see the Taino Reef Balls, explore the wall ruins and finally return
to shore passing the natural snorkel
reef. This tour is available for participants of all ages.
KayakThe kayak tour allows us to sit on top