Model and Serial Numbers


Model and Serial Numbers
Model and Serial Numbers
tricycle, scooter, other), size (12”, 16”, 20”, etc…) and the model year. On a new bicycle,
3. Other A retailer cash register
receipt will often list the model
number or bar code of a product.
number of a hang tag at the point
of sale, and another option would
Finally, your product has a label
1. Product Tag A UPC bar code is
located on a removable tag that is attached
to both the product and the packaging.
number in bold letters.
bike. This 12-20 digit code provides
information about when, where and how
your bicycle has been produced. Only
bicycles have a unique serial number,
2. Packaging There are several locations
on the product packaging where a model
number can be located, most notably on
the carton end panel. There are usually
multiple locations where a UPC code is also
located on a product package. The model
number is the 7th through 11th numbers
on the UPC bar code.
stamped into the metal on the underside
of the bottom bracket during the
manufacturing process (this is where the
pedal crank arms connect at the bottom
portion of the bicycle). To locate your
bicycle’s serial number, turn the bicycle
upside down or lay it on its right side.
The serial number has been painted over,
but should be easy to see as in the photo
illustration provided.
If you have trouble locating
or identifying your model
number or serial number,
please contact the Huffy
toll free customer service
helpline at:
[email protected]
8:00 AM –8:00 PM EST
Español assistance also available!

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