november 2012 newsletter - MOUNTAIN MOTORCYCLE



november 2012 newsletter - MOUNTAIN MOTORCYCLE
Volume Number 23
Issue Number 46
CITY OF SHOW LOW’S ANNUAL SPOOKTACULAR WAS AWESOME with an absolute obscene amount of families
participating this past Saturday night. Adorable little ghouls were everywhere and some
even managed to brave the night chill to listen to the live band “ThunderHorse” provided by
Sherrene. Our booth was again one of the most popular and we were able to cover some of
the cost and raised a little charity cash as well. Further highlights are in the Editor’s
Column and for full color pictures of the entire event – go to to print your
own copies!
Mountain Motorcycle Association of Arizona
Volume Number 23
Issue Number 46
Page 1
Mike McCall
(928) 242-9853
Ken Kuusisto
Vice President
(928) 369-6595
Kathy Sleeper
(928) 358-3920
David Butterfield
(928) 205-7264
Johnny (Pharaoh) Angell Member at Large
(928) 532-5375
Kenny Kuusisto
(719) 480-9449
Karen Baily
(928) 369-6595
Jack Croy
Business Coordinator (928) 242-1761
Carol Lefferts
Membership Coord
(928) 369-8763
Johnny “Pharaoh” Angell Lobby Liason
(928) 532-5375
Michael “Bear” Dittmar
(928) 537-0130
Road Captain
The Next
MMAA Meeting
is 11AM Sunday, November 18th at
the VFW Hall in
Show Low off North Central
(all vehicles must park in the far back
of the lot. )
Stacey Lynn Croy
Items for submission in the MMAA monthly newsletter
must be submitted no later than the 20th of the month via
email to [email protected]
Mountain Motorcycle Association of Arizona
Volume Number 23
The Spooktacular Event this past Saturday,
October 27th was fabulous but extremely
exhausting! The event began at noon and ended
right at 8pm. I swear we had well over 1000
people with their children all dressed for the
occasion. I myself didn’t get there until 2pm – but
managed to stay for most the event leaving only
once to feed my animals then hurrying back.
Many were there very early – I heard Gregg
Sleeper started his day at 6 am! Thank you to
Perkins Cinders (i.e., Kathy Sleeper) for arranging
the flatbed trailer for the band. AND Sherrene
deserves a huge amount of membership
appreciation for she made her home into the best
spooky front yard I’ve seen in years. She opened
her home up to our members and provided us
with a fabulous BBQ to keep us fueled during the
event. I did hear a rumor of steaks…but, burgers
and dogs were just the ticket for me! Of course,
let us not forget to mention the others who
brought food and provided drinks. Many of us
took runs to get more candy, prizes or change. I
suggest next year we triple the amount of
candy/prizes as the amount of people will surely
grow. Our membership turnout was OK with over
17 motorcyles on display at one time. Most
worked their little asses off all day into the night.
Our games were the golf putt-putt, sandbag toss
and the ever popular dart/balloon game. Did ya’ll
see the poor fool in the “dunk tank”? He must
have froze his nuts off. Still, maybe we should
consider building a “dunk tank” for our own
events…ya know, just for shits & giggles? Alas, I
do tend to wander in my thoughts. Kids had a
blast and it was so awesome seeing that people
still can take their children out trick-or-treating.
Anyone remember those days? Always been my
favorite pagen holiday. Now a stern warning for
“Peace Out My Friends….Ride Safe”
Stacey “LadyBug” Croy
Issue Number 46
Page 2
Meeting Minutes
October 21, 2012 – Show Low VFW
Meeting Called To Order.
Pledge Of Allegiance Recited.
Read Minutes From Last Meeting – Accepted.
Treasurer’s Report Given – Accepted.
Johnny Spoke About Putting Up A Memorial For Kathy Russell.
Johnny Spoke On The Old Jail Site In Show Low – Motion To Help Clean Up Site – Motion
Love Kitchen In Need Of Help For Thanksgiving Dinner.
Sherrene Volunteered To Be Our Representative For The Family Advocate Center.
Motion To Help Sherrene Pay Band Fees For The Show Low Spooktacular – Motion Accepted.
Voted On Location For 2012 Christmas Party – It Will Be Held At Rumor’s Lounge.
Reminder – We Need Volunteers For Our Activities Director & Road Captain.
New Member Welcomed – Dennis Archer w/Archers Motorcycle Towing.
50/50 Drawing Held.
Motion To Adjourn – Motion Accepted.
Mountain Motorcycle Association of Arizona
Volume Number 23
Issue Number 46
Page 3
Debbie Ward
Martin Ramsrud
Marc Hood
*** VIP NOTICE! November 3RD 12:00pm - ACMC
Meeting being held at the Lost Dutchman
Motorcycle Club House, 1826 Broadway Road #42,
Directions are West of Country Club
(HWY87) and South of the 202 Loop in a
warehouse/industrial complex. Pharoah has room
for 4-5 riders to carpool down – Will be meeting at
the Victorian House in Show Low at 7:30 a.m.
November 22nd – The Love Kitchen is sponsoring their Annual Thanksgiving Dinner and is
calling for Kitchen/Diningroom Volunteers to help serve and clean-up. They are also in
need of Thanksgiving supplies. Donations in cash, food, supplies, or to volunteer please
contact Lynn Lewis (928) 367-6505.
December 15th – MMAA 2012 Christmas Party will be held at Rumor’s Cocktail Lounge.
Contact Aaron by calling the lounge at (928) 537-3639.
December 15th 12:00pm - Wreaths Across America Ceremony. The ceremonial wreaths
are 7 wreaths only with a red bow and an American flag accompanied by a service flag.
The ceremonial wreaths consist of one wreath for Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force,
Coast Guard, Merchant Marines and one for POW/MIA.
Cpl. Joe McCarthy Veteran’s Memorial (phone number Mrs. Ronda McCarthy
(928)337-3440) gold star mother
Pinetop/Lakeside Veteran’s Memorial (phone number John Beeler [(928)368-6166]
American Legion Post 80 Overgaard (phone number Marty Jarvey [(928)537-4327]
Laying of the wreaths on individual grave:
American Legion Post 130 Concho Cemetery (phone number Alfred Avenenti
[(928)245-9629] Post is helping at the Cpl. Joe McCarthy Veteran’s Memorial also
American Legion Post 80 Overgaard Heber/Overgaard Cemetery [phone number Marty
Jarvey (928)537-4327]
American Legion Taylor Cemetery (phone number Robert Trent [(928)536-3769]
(I have no idea what this one is about or what is going on).
Each wreath costs $15.00; the cutoff date for this year is November 26th for all
wreaths. I know Concho has not met their goal for wreaths, of which they have 123 in the
Concho Cemetery. I set up a booth at one of their event and made $83.00. You could
direct aid and assistance with the cost of their program if you like or pass the hat sort
of, to help raise more funds as they are short for this year.
Mountain Motorcycle Association of Arizona
Volume Number 23
Issue Number 46
Page 4
This is National Remembrance Ceremony and it will take place on December 15at noon
or 12:00PM! If you have more Q & A just give me (Marty (928) 537-4327) a call or email
[email protected]
The 5th Ace...
Another good fussing or discord and things got done. There “was” one hitch, I
invited an agent to provide an overview and present a what I thought would be a short spiel on
their program, and due to “my” not doing enough talking [imagine that] and the fact that she
couldn't read my mind, she brought a “team” to present their entire program. One more time,
Kathy stepped up as I was in the back of the hall, attempting to signal their presenter to "wrap it
up" and flat told the guy to cut it off, we were behind schedule and there were football games to
watch !! ....There were some good points to what they presented and some of the child
protection packets were scooped up. For further info on the packets contact Kathy or Karen who
got a lot of their grandkids these packets and can fill ya in on the "who n' what's".
The Christmas Party committee presented what was thought to be a somewhat short list of
options and there was sensed to be a bit of tension, between the committee, the membership and
the Board, when questions about the lack of the choices were voiced. Due to the situation and the
short time line left to finalize the choices, plans and location, a vote was held and even though it
was not a favored location, Rumors was chosen by a vote of 12 to 8 with 6 not voting. This rider
will speak with Aaron in regard to some voiced concerns prior to the December 15th "End of the
World"/ "Christmas Party".
Additional items discussed were the introduction of the proposal for the MMAA to "adopt"
the location of the Old Show Low Jail as a MMAA community clean-up project. Further details
regarding the clean-up involving tree trimming, grass cutting, and general attention to the site will
be announced and published. The City will provide a trash barrel, and a couple of benches, and the
Historical Society will be contacted in regard to their possible usage of the newly restored site.
Sherrene stepped up to be the official Point of Contact [POC] for the Navajo County Family
Advocacy Center and speak with the Director Aaron, [not Rumors Aaron], in regard to what we
Mountain Motorcycle Association of Arizona
Volume Number 23
Issue Number 46
Page 5
can do with a yet to be planned fund raising "Spring Ride", and her acceptance was duly noted in
the minutes.. While on the subject of rides, it was also announced that we needed to replace our
just newly elected "Road Captain" as the position was now vacant, no further details were
released nor discussed. If you would like to fill this position, contact either Mike, Ken or myself
for details regarding the slot...and the very vital position of "Activities Director" is still wavin' in
the wind....IT IS NOT a do it alone position, and will be a team effort, just need a person to head
the cattle drive...Step up!!!
Contact had been made to the Board by Marty who had been the Director of the "Young
Marines" in regard to our assistance in the "Toys for Tots" the well known Marine project. A vote
of acceptance was given and further details will be presented to the Membership as they are
received. The "Wreaths Across America" project will also be done at the Heber/Overgaarde
Cemetery on the Morning of the 15th of December. This 15 year old program provides Wreaths
at $15.00 each that are to be placed on the graves of Military personnel. Wreaths can be
purchased by individuals or by organizations and or associations. More at the next meeting.
Pat Dildines wife Richele has finally recovered from the odd accident that damaged her leg
and made it to the meeting and Pat announce he had a wooden plaque to place at the site of
Jimmy's tragic accident where Kathleen died. Plans are being made to place the marker and will
be announced ASAP...
Lastly...The Love Kitchen is in need of Thanksgiving items, food, money and servers. It was
discussed that since we had made several monetary donations in this quarter that it would fall
upon the membership to contribute as they thought best. Several of us will report to the Kitchen
as "KP's" [Kitchen Police] to assist as needed. Further info at 928-367-6505, speak with Lynn
Lewis regarding pre-serving as well as serving and clean up assistance. There is nothing but air
between a person and "their family who have" spending their Thanksgiving in the service of those
" who have not" to show the true meaning of "Giving Thanks to God for our Salvation" which was
the real reason for the 1st Thanksgiving.....think about your family and what you [we] really have
to be thankful for..
Amen....and don't forget to Vote.
Member at Large
From the Rumble Strip:
The first good news in a while..Since this effort to abolish the emissions testing for
Motorcycles in Maricopa County has been "in the works" for the better part of 10 years, the Az.
Dept. of Environmental Quality [ADEQ] has announced that the State Implementation Plan [SIP]
they submitted will be approved..!! When the Federal level of Ozone Levels had been revised
downwards, the State filed their SIP to discontinue the emissions testing but were told by the
EPA at State level not to plan on it being approved. When our SIP was submitted to the DC office
they told the State EPA office that they "were" to approve the ADEQ's request...Period !
Mountain Motorcycle Association of Arizona
Volume Number 23
Issue Number 46
Page 6
The ADEQ figures that the action to be signed this week and published in the Federal
Register within 2 weeks. There is a 30 days waiting period on Public Comment and the EPA's
response to any comments, once that period is over then there is another 2 week period of
"things to do" and once that is completed the new law regarding emissions should be in effect at
State DMV's including any and all revisions to registration[s] within Area A. [ Maricopa/Pinal
Counties] by spring of 2013.
MRF News:
The guy that was tagged to conduct the investigation regarding motorcycle accidents by the
Federal Highway Safety Commission, one Dr. Ahmed, has chosen to resign. Since he was a Civil
Engineer, with no background in Traffic Management, and had never ever been on a motorcycle,
and said that the 5 Million dollars allotted to the study, was only "half of what he needed", he
stated that he was resigning from a study that could only produce "dubious effective results".....
ABATE Tid-Bits:
** At the last meeting it was proposed and seconded that "no" additional ABATE Chapters
would be allowed to be formed without a minimum of 40 members signed up/registered prior to
any inaugural meeting to be allowed or conducted, this included the 11 Chapter Officer positions
filled as well. The measure was forwarded to the ABATE BOD for approval...
** The Hell's Angels are taking the Immigration collective to court after our favorite
Homeland Security Czar has said that NO outta country HA member[s] will be allowed in the US
of A 'cause they are a "criminal element", and the HA kinda disagrees........NOW...who'd thought it
could be so simple...we just gotta get the Mexican Drug Dealers to wear three patch Vests and
Ol' Lady Nappy will win the Drug War..
** There has been a rash of engines being wrecked by bad gas purchased at Whiting Stations,
which are now owned by BP...Just keep that in mind if ya fill up at a Whiting Station, suggestions
are to keep yer receipt for a couple of months just in case...
Will report on the “Riot on the River” in next article.......Next ACMC Meeting November 3rd,
Lobby Liaison
NEED SOMEONE TO RIDE BITCH? Or maybe just a little friend to provide you or someone you love with unconditional love? I
have a young male purebred longcoat Chihuahua who needs a loving home. He is crate trained, however, has been used for
breeding the past 2 years so he still likes to mark his territory. Will require a little amount of socializing and training – he’s
extremely intelligent! Would make an excellent agility dog and I’m sure you could train him to ride (he’d probably love it).
$250 includes full breeding rights and AKC papers. Interested parties must pass a home visit and brief interview with Stacey by
calling (928) 242-2154.
Mountain Motorcycle Association of Arizona
Volume Number 23
Issue Number 46
Page 7
A MUST SELL – 2004 1200XLM Custom. 15K miles, bike is black, beautiful and loaded. $7000 OBO Please call Carolyn at
(928) 241-1834
1979 Triumph 750. Fully restored. Asking $4500. Call Steve at (928) 321-0044.
2000 Custom Fatboy. 19K miles, $7,000 Firm. 1990 Tour Glide. 63K miles. $6,500 Firm. For more information call Jeremy at
(928) 368-8055.
America One Mini Storage
650 S. Penrod Rd.
Show Low, AZ 85901
(928) 537-4521
Native New Yorker
Jaime Adams
391 W. Deuce of Clubs
Show Low, AZ 85901
(928) 532-5100
The Cabin Bar & Grill
Steve & Raynita Carlson
2763 Highway 260
Overgaard, AZ 85933
(928) 535-6117
[email protected]
[email protected]
Rumor’s Cocktail Lounge
Aaron Kenchovia
1457 E. Deuce of Clubs
Show Low, AZ 85901
(928) 537-3639
Show Low Ford
1900 E. Deuce of Clubs
Show Low, AZ 85901
(928) 537-3673
Archers Motorcycle Towing
7936 E. Concho HWY
Snowflake, AZ 85937
(928) 551-0021
[email protected]
Mountain Motorcycle Association of Arizona
Lakeview Bar and Grill
Norm & Francine Rubin
120 CR 5051
Concho, AZ 85924
(928) 337-2204
Volume Number 23
Issue Number 46
Page 8
The Lion’s Den
2408 E. White Mountain Blvd.
Pinetop, AZ 85935
(928) 367-6050
The Ranch House Saloon
Pat & Kara Schroeder
691 W. 3rd North
Snowflake, AZ 85937
(928) 536-7105
Los Corrales
Ampelio Valle
845 E. White Mountain Blvd.
Pinetop, AZ 85935
(928) 367-5585
Romo’s Mexican Food
120 W. Hopi Drive
Holbrook, AZ 86025
(928) 524-2153
Mesa Grill and Sports Bar
Mesa Italiana Resturant/Banquet Center
2318 Navajo Blvd.
Holbrook, AZ 85
Snowflake, AZ 86025
(928) 524-6696/7
Show Low Motorsports
Roger Hatch
1000 N. Automall Pkwy.
Show Low, AZ 85901
928-532-RIDE (7433)
Moose Henri’s
Doug Wetmore
4207 HWY 260
Lakeside, AZ 85929
(928) 368-5127
[email protected]
White Mountain Performance
Tom Kakavas
140 E. Deuce of Clubs
Show Low, AZ 85901
(928) 537-4247
One Eyed Jack’s Sports Lounge
M.R. Letcher
480 W. Deuce of Clubs (Above JB’s)
Show Low, AZ 85901
(928) 537-5929
The Winner’s Circle
Gerald Briggs
466 Navajo Blvd.
Holbrook, AZ 86025
(928) 524-9600
Everyone Please Have A Safe and
Happy Thanksgiving!
Mountain Motorcycle Association of Arizona
Volume Number 23
Issue Number 46
Page 9