How to make... A Thong Crab



How to make... A Thong Crab
Ghost Net Reef- Printable Instructions
Make your own sculptural sea creatures from marine debris
How to make... A Thong Crab
• pieces of colourful thong
• Scissors
• Needles and fishing line and/or glue OR small coloured
cable ties
• templates for crab shapes
• pencil/pen
• “eyes” such as fishing weights, bottle caps, other eyeshaped marine debris or google eyes
STEP 1. Select colourful large pieces of thong to
make your crab
STEP 2. Either draw your own shapes onto the pieces of thongs, or you can use the templates
provided for the shell, claws, antennae etc. (crabs have 1 set of claws and 4 legs each side and 2
antennae )
STEP 3. Options to attach the pieces together:
1. Glue the pieces on the body of the crab; securely fix each part and leave to dry
2. Use fishing line and needle to sew the pieces of thongs together – body to head first, then add
claws and legs, and antennae. Finish each part with a knot to secure the thread and endure it will
not undo.
3. pre-punch the holes with a leather tool or needle and use colourful cable ties to hold it all
STEP 4. Add eyes – you can draw these, or use marine debris such as fishing weighs. Add other
details if you want to such as patterns on the crab shell by drawing these or use pieces of colourful
rope. If you wanted to be fancy you could add a coiled rope woven shell to the crab body.
STEP 5. Ensure all parts are well fixed. Now pincers in the air and claws wide apart, it’s time for
that crab to go dancing!
STEP 6. SHARE WITH US email your creations to [email protected]
Thong Crab templates

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