Samurai Power Chain Manrikigusari


Samurai Power Chain Manrikigusari
Boliard’s Martial Arts and Seishinkan International Present:
The Classical Combat Arts Sampler Series
Samurai Power Chain
WHAT: A one day, two hour, hands-on, no experience necessary introductory Sampler on Manrikigusari - the Samurai power
chain. In Japanese, Man means “10,000”, Riki means “power”, and Kusari means “chain”. This sampler will focus on learning
the very specialized long handle style Manrikigusari (Dai). Learn how to use this powerful companion weapon of the Samurai as
a modern day self defense tool. This introductory Sampler will focus on proper gripping, postures, basic striking, grappling applications, hidden Kata relations, fundamental engagements, and much more. The event will begin with some historical truths so
be sure to arrive early.
WHEN: Saturday afternoon, 6th of May, 2006
TIME: 11:00AM - 1:00PM It is vital that you come early to prepare!
WHERE: Outside, weather permitting, at Freedom Park in Canton, MI (on Sheldon Rd. between
Ford Rd. and Michigan Ave.) Freedom Park is about 1 mile from Boliard’s Martial
Arts: 43663 Michigan Ave., Canton, MI 48188. Phone: 734-397-7010. In case of
rain, please go directly to Boliard’s Martial Arts.
WHO: You! Family, friends, anyone, ages 12 and up. All martial arts practitioners and
instructors are welcome. No martial arts experience is necessary.
WEAR: Loose, comfortable, clean clothing or your martial arts uniform.
FEE: Includes 1 Manrikigusari. Advance registration - $40.00 per person. $50.00 the day of the event. Various Manrikigusari
and other related items will be available for purchase after the event.
REGISTRATION: Sampler size is limited - sign up now! Advance registration please. Call or stop in to register at Boliard’s
Martial Arts School today!
INSTRUCTOR: John Viol Shihan - 39 year career Martial Sciences veteran, trained, tested and licensed in Japan. Mr. Viol is a
combat trainer and instructor for members of elite military, law enforcement and executive protection services. Mr. Viol is the
Chief Instructor and sole United States representative for Seishinkan International, the International Sogobudo Federation, All
Japan Bukijutsu (Weaponry) Federation and more. Visit for additional information.