Jan/Feb 2012 - Park Ridge High School


Jan/Feb 2012 - Park Ridge High School
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January/February 2012
From the Desk of Mr. Lederman
Hard to believe that the first half of the school year is behind us. As the saying goes, it is all downhill from here. I hope that everyone had a safe and relaxing winter break. Luckily, we have had a very mild winter this year. I have to admit that after dealing with the huge amounts of snow from last year, I am pleased that my shovel still re‐
mains tucked away this season. There is still a chance to see some additional bad weather, but with March just around the corner, I think we might be in the clear. ‐dimensional. If there is no balance between the time and energy spent on a career, family, education, friend‐
ships, and community service, we can become unbal‐
anced internally. Late February and early March mark the beginning of the scheduling process for us at Park Ridge. On Friday, Feb‐
ruary 17, a letter was sent home to all high school par‐
ents outlining the scheduling process for selecting next year’s courses. The tentative 2012‐2013 Program of Studies is available at www.parkridge.k12.nj.us/hs as a With the second half of the academic year underway, our PDF file. Please read through the Program of Studies and guide your son/daughter in selecting courses that will seniors are making plans for their life after high school; eagerly waiting to hear from their colleges of choice. For meet the District and State requirements while accom‐
modating his/her goals, interests and abilities. Online many seniors and their parents, this experience is as course selections will be available from Friday, March 9, stressful as it is exciting. Being uncertain about the fu‐
2012, until Friday, March 16. If you have questions or ture can be scary for some yet alluring for others. No matter what emotions you may be encountering, the ad‐ concerns about the process, please do not hesitate to ministration and staff at Park Ridge stand ready to pro‐
contact the guidance office. vide support and wish you the best of luck along the way. For members of our junior class, the second half of this year is also an important time. Juniors should be discuss‐ Starting a new semester is occasion for students to begin ing and making initial plans for the college search process with a fresh, new attitude and perspective. It is a time to review successes and challenges and set new goals for or for any post graduate plans they wish to pursue. the remainder of the school year. This mid‐year point is Recently, your son/daughter’s guidance counselor ar‐
ranged “Junior Conferences.” I hope this opportunity to also a great time for you to open a dialogue with your son/daughter and review his/her progress. Communica‐
consider future plans and learn as much as possible about the services they can provide was helpful. While tion is the key to favorable results. Be sure to contact your child’s teachers and request a conference if neces‐
the preparation for life after high school is vital, I often sary. Achievements are at the highest levels when par‐
like to remind students and parents about the impor‐
tance of “balance” and “moderation” in their lives. I have ents and teachers are on the same page and work in part‐
recently been reading a book written by Mike Krzyzewski, nership to witness success. the hugely successful coach of The Duke Basketball Team. The next “Discussion with the Principal” is scheduled for The book is titled Beyond Basketball. The author de‐
Wednesday, March 28th at 7 PM in Room 105. I look for‐
scribes how drive, passion and intensity are all good at‐
ward to the opportunity of seeing you soon! tributes and are elemental to finding success in life, edu‐
cation and career. But he states, “Just as important to Sincerely, life as all of these things… is balance.” He continues to explain that being motivated with education and a career Troy Lederman, Principal Park Ridge Jr. /Sr. High School. is significant, but we must be cautious not to become one
Athletic Winter Highlights
Bowling - On Saturday February 11th, Dan Wuhrman rolled 242-220-247, for a
709 total, at the North 1A Bowling Sectional, qualifying him for the State Individual Tournament of Champions on Wednesday, February 15th in North Brunswick. On that day, Dan started with a 212-217-225 (654 total), which advanced
him to the top 18 in the State. Trailing by a substantial amount, Dan started the
second round with a bang, bowling the first-ever perfect 300 game in Park Ridge
history and only the 4th in State Tournament history. This round propelled Dan
into the top 5 in the State; his 748 series helped him to finish 3rd in the state. This was the best-ever
finish by a Park Ridge bowler. Dan also received the NJIC Bowling Sportsmanship Award for his 4 year
Wrestling – The wrestling team had a tremendous season with numerous highlights. The season started on a historic note as Senior Steven
Schneider won his 100th career match in the Paulsboro Tournament. The
victories continued for Steven as he became the All-Time Wins leader in
Emerson – Park Ridge wrestling history. Two more Park Ridge wrestlers
followed in Steven’s footsteps as Nick Maselli won his 100th match vs.
Pompton Lakes, and James DiGregorio won his 100th match vs. Wayne Valley. The team placed 3rd
overall in the Bergen County Championships, being named the Group 1/2 Team of the Year. They also
won the NJIC Division Wrestling crown with a victory over Manchester, and finished the season with a
19-4 overall record. The team advanced to the State Sectional Final losing a heartbreaker to Kittatinny. The team finished 2nd in the District 8 tournament, and performed well in the Region 2 Tournament sending three wrestlers, Steven Schneider, Nick Maselli, and James DiGregorio, to Atlantic
Winter Track – John Malespina was the State Sectional Champion for North
1, Group 1 in the 400 meters. John also won the 400 Meters in the Group 1
Championship and went to the State Meet of Champions.
Congratulations! Steven Schneider was one of 49 players in New Jersey
to be Honored by the Maxwell Football Club. He was presented with the
2011 Maxwell Club Mini-Maxwell Award. The Maxwell Club, the oldest Football Club in America, has traditionally honored young men’s accomplishments on the gridiron and in the classroom for years. The Maxwell Club is
known for Excellence in Football, Academic Achievement and Community
Steven Schneider and Jake Vitaliano were just named to the Super 100 AllState football team. This team is voted on by the coaches in the state, and there are only 100 players
across the State of New Jersey who are picked for this team.
Middle School Students Wow the Crowd
On Thursday, February 16th, the Middle School
Variety Show was held in the Little Theater.
Twenty students performed everything from Taylor Swift’s “Fifteen,” sung by Cassandra Guglielmo, Maia Rippe and Devyn Molinari, to “Defying Gravity” from
Wicked, performed by Gianna Grosso.
Interesting new additions to our Little Theater stage were an Indian
Drum solo by Kunal Gangolli and NJ
Extreme Six: Julie Appelblatt, Karlie
Fleming, Gianna Grosso, Alyssa Sansone, Gianna Stark and Rose Rubenstein, doing an artistic acrobatic number. Kunal
Gangolli and Hari Akella reprised a rap duo on
“grade dilemmas” as Kunal and Haris, and
Melissa Papirio reprised “Forget You” from last
year’s show with a brand new twist. Alyssa DiCarlantonio sang with Daniel Tallman and played
guitar on “Two is Better than One,” and sang a
second duet with Cassandra Guglielmo on Taylor
Swift’s “The Best Day.”
Eunique Nyonly sang “Not Over You” by Gavin
DeGraw with Danny Beer on the piano. Danny Beer was a star accompanist, accompanying many singers on
guitar and piano. He also played guitar for Devyn Molinari on “Drops of
Jupiter” and Maia Rippe on “Back to
December.” Other solo numbers included Emily Vangelakos singing
Avril Lavigne’s “Freak Out” and
Daniel Tallman singing “Live Like We’re Dying.”
Frau Erdmann and Madame Luce appreciate the
talent seen in this enthusiastic group of young entertainers. The students show talent and a love of
The PRMS Math team traveled to the annual MATHCOUNTS competition on Saturday, Feb. 11. They competed
against over 200 other middle school students from throughout Bergen County at Bergen Community College. The students pictured participated. Back Row: Dan Beer, Steven Rizzie, Nick Corso, Jacqueline Sun and Michelle Baird. Front
Row: Michelle Zhou, Casey Osborn (PRMS high scorer) and Kanul Gangolli.
Field Trip to CSI: The Experience
On February 6, Mr. Wilson’s AP Biology class took a trip to CSI: The Experience, located in New York. The students had a chance to experi‐
ence first‐hand what it is like to be a crime scene investigator. The students had to take detailed notes on the crime scene, investigate the collected data, analyze the information, and come up with a conclusion regarding the death of the victim. At the crime scene, the investigators had to draw a vivid picture of the location of the body, certain physical alterations due to the dis‐
astrous event, and look at other objects surround‐
ing the body which could help pinpoint a cause of death. After taking a close look at the crime scene, the students went to analyze the collected data. They had to go through processes like exam‐
ining blood types, while matching DNA to potential suspects, looking at past text messages that could identify the possible death of the victim, putting together tire tracks to identify the type of car that may have caused an accident, and finally looking at an autopsy to see if there was any physical damage done to the victim. If there was physical damage, one could conclude that the victim may have been in some sort of accident. If there was no physical damage, the victim may have died from drug over‐
dose or something like food poisoning that would show no signs on the exterior of the body. After the students were done analyzing the data, they answered questions based on the col‐
lected information. They had to identify the possi‐
ble murder and the cause of death. The questions The PRE (Park Ridge Exchange)
club is participating in an exchange
with Rio Vista High School located in
Rio Vista, CA. The PRE club is traveling to California from February 29
through March 4. PRHS is hosting
the California group from March 21
through March 25. We're looking
forward to a great exchange!
that they had to answer helped draw a conclusion as to why the victim died and who caused his/her death. As an AP biology student, this trip was an interesting learning experience for me. I was forced to think outside the box and use my own knowledge to identify the cause of the murder. My crime scene involved a girl who appeared to be run over by a car behind a motel. Her name tag read “Penny Golden” and there was a torn picture of her next to her dead body. Her purse was a few feet next to her and her phone was shattered. There were tire tracks on her clothing, which ap‐
peared to be a maid’s uniform. Flies surrounded the body. Her body was found in the back of a motel next to a dumpster. There was a bike with a broken lock. Based on these observations, my classmates and I had to analyze this data using other resources provided by the CSI program. However, I will not tell you how she died or who may have killed her. That is your job. I learned to not only look at the clues, but think of the possibilities of the events that may have occurred. I learned to think like a forensic sci‐
entist and use the data that I collected to come to an educated conclusion regarding the victim’s death and who the possible killer was. CSI: The Experience is a worthwhile trip because of the les‐
sons learned and the ability to plunge into a real‐
life circumstance. Julia Perez, 11th Grade Welcome Ms. Jennifer
Brown! Ms. Brown is Ms.
Blake’s maternity leave
replacement through
the end of the school
year. She teaches Anatomy & Physiology, Environmental Science and
takes 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place!
PEAK (Parents Educators Administrators Kids)
practiced rigorously for the past three months at
the Montvale Bowling Alley to participate with
the Bergen County Special Olympics that took place early February
in Wallington. The kids, with the
assistance of their mentors and their
parents cheering on the side, took
home first, second, and third place!
It was an exciting day for everyone
knowing that their dedication, group
effort, and hard work paid off. The
kids had smiles from ear to ear as they piled
into the bus to go home with their parents,
mentors, and the Director of Park Ridge Special
Services, Lisa Bernado.
Eric Tis, a high school mentor, recalls the highlight of the day was watching the kids’ faces
light up when they got their medals. He also
adds, “The experience in this program was just
not gaining community hours; the relationships
I’m developing with the kids are unique and
Jovanni Nunez, another high school mentor,
remembers the highlight of the day
was also watching the kids’ big
smiles as they held their medals
high above their head. He stated,
“Just seeing their smiles made me
smile knowing that I was a part of
their happiness.” The following
week after the Olympics, Stacy
Laxer, Head Administrator of
PEAK, and parents held a pizza party for the
kids and mentors for a job well done during the
past three months.
Upcoming PEAK events include March 1: Snow
Tubing at Campgaw Mountain in Mahwah;
March 15: Square Dancing at West Ridge;
March 25 and April 1,22,24: First Annual Basketball Program at PRHS.
PEAK High School Mentors Top left to right: Zachary Katz, Patrick Smith, Alec Maccaro, Owen Giannangeli, Jill Feigenbaum, and Erin Giannangeli Bottom left to right: Michael Mazur, Eric Tis, Alyssa Laxer, and Jovanni Nunez Future Problem Solvers
The PRHS Future Problem Solvers Team has won a place in the NJ
State Bowl competition by coming in among the top ten teams in the
state. The last time the school won a place in the state championship
was nearly ten years ago. The Future Problem Solvers is an international organization that hosts a competition in which students are asked
to solve problems set in the distant future that would incorporate science, social, personal and ethical issues. Teams are comprised of students around the world who attend school in English speaking countries.
Member teams come not only from the US but also from Australia, New
Zealand, South Africa, and England. Our winning team members include: Janet Sun, Hikari Matsuo, Zack Rippe, Matt Beer, Dan Wuhrman, Amanda Kuron, Karolina Golabek, Kyung-Mi Bae, and Jerry Jing. The team is looking forward to the
next round of competition in March. If they win that round, they, and their advisor, Ms. Smith-Raska, will be
invited to the International Competition at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN.
The 39th Annual
International Dinner
The 39th Annual International Dinner is taking place on March 1st . This cultural and
gastronomic event is one of the highlights of the World Language Department. Students in
grades 9 through 12, as well as their parents, are invited to participate annually in this smorgasbord of cross cultural foods. Each language student prepares a dish typical of one of the
countries where his/her studied language is spoken. Three tables are set up as an international pot luck supper. The food is always plentiful, and there is enough for seconds… and
thirds, although all are usually saving room for the dessert tables!
The International Dinner is an opportunity to celebrate many cultures. The English
Language Learners in recent years have also become part of the party. They bring typical
“American Fare” or food from their country of origin. The World Language Department appreciates the enthusiasm and support for this major event of the school year. It is an opportunity to
allow the students and their families to enjoy an evening of food and culture as a bonus to their
language learning. The World Language Department teachers are Ruth McIlhargy-Fritz
(supervisor and teacher of Spanish), Julie Luce (French & German), Nora Guajardo (Spanish),
Rachel Erdmann (German), Ashley Oliver (Spanish), Julie Melvin (French), and Victoria
Chludzinski (Spanish). Andrea Cellini is our ELL teacher.
Park Ridge High
School’s Little Theater
Players will present
BAT BOY: THE MUSICAL on March 8, 9
and 10 to adult and
teen audiences. The musical, with story and
book by Keythe Farley and Brian Flemming and
music and lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe, is ripped
from the headlines of the tabloid magazine The
Weekly World News.
Samantha Torsland, Chloe Verducci, Christine
Villano, Jenna von Bradsky, Bryan Zeug and
Jennifer Zuccaro.
The show’s orchestra, led by seniors Aaron Attong and Kyle Dutcher, includes Anna Lemba,
Sydney Sheridan, James S. Smith, Samir Talaware, Jennifer Vasquez and Tianyi Yu.
The crew of BAT BOY includes Matt Allen, Julia
Beatini, Julia Ciccaglione, Christopher Derienzo,
Ashley Floris, Sophie Hassell, Aly Manikas,
Melanie Moran, Tommy Morgan, Max Rizzuto,
Julia Santiago, Michael Shappell, Patrick Smith,
Sophia Smith, Matthew Timpanaro, Anthony Vanacore and Sophia Verducci.
BAT BOY: THE MUSICAL is a classic love story
with a serious bite. This delicious twist on the
modern day musical comedy tells the amazing
story of a strange boy with pointy ears, his
struggle to find a place in a world that shuns
him and the love that can create both miracles BAT BOY: THE MUSICAL is directed by Mrs.
and madness.
Stephanie Buckley, musically directed by Mr.
Brandon Langer and choreographed by Ms.
In between the howls of laughter, BAT BOY:
Sandi Weinthal. Mrs. Maureen Buscareno
THE MUSICAL tackles prejudice, crises of faith, serves as the musical assistant and as lighting
genetic engineering, and more. Part Sweeney
and sound designer. The set is designed by
Todd, part Twilight, the show is a big-hearted, Mrs. Melissa Quackenbush, and Ms. Karli Trosi is
comic horror.
in charge of the production’s properties and costumes. In addition, there are several students
The cast of BAT BOY: THE MUSICAL features
on the BAT BOY production staff: Nicole Zaidan
seniors Matt Beer as Pan and others, Nicholas
(Production Stage Manager), Kole Kilmurray
Bruno as Dr. Parker, Steven Gebhardt as Bat
(Stage Manager), Mairead Fahy (Assistant ChoBoy, Scott Jones as the Sheriff and Lisa Lynne
reographer), Courtney Zanosky (Assistant ChoMoxham as the Doctor and others. Other cast
reographer), Cassandra Guglielmo (Assistant
members include Chris Bruno, Tanya Chernyak, Stage Manager), Erini Papas (Assistant Stage
Lindsay Drubel, Claudia Fendian, Caroline Kehrli, Manager) and David Zdanowicz (Assistant Stage
Deborah Kim, Kevin Leone, Kristy Leone, Stefa- Manager).
nie Levi, Kristi Marcopoulos, Caitlin Martel, Dana
Matuson, Ryan McIlhargy, Danny Morgan,
Tickets are $15 for Adults and $12 for Students
Maggie Salerno, Heather Schlosser, Melanie
and Senior Citizens and will be available at the
Schlosser, Jennifer Smith, Joseph Sosa, Nicole
door. BAT BOY: THE MUSICAL is recommended
Southard, Brian Temple, Kristina Thompson,
for teen and adult audiences.
Recycled Art Project
This year in High School Art class,
which is a 2nd year art elective, the
students did a sculpture unit in
which at least some of the materials
used were recycled. Students researched issues of pollution throughout the world and how we can reduce
its levels by ‘reducing, reusing and
recycling’. We also viewed many
creative examples of modern sculpture made with recycled materials.
The outcome of the project was overwhelmingly successful. The culminating students’ sculptures are as diverse
in subject matter as materials used.
There is an almost 6 foot giraffe clad
in copper whose framework was initially welded at home by Dallas Uychich; a cartoonlike pet dog sprayed
silver by Sage Hirsch; a whimsical
Eiffel Tower constructed from twigs
and covered in glitter by Belen Healy;
an ironic bunny made entirely from
nails by Jen Smith; and a wonderful
interpretation of the title character
from the Pixar movie Wall-E by Michael Levi. All of these and many
more are presently on display in the
showcases in the lobby. The response
to these sculptures has also been
amazing with offers being made by
staff members to purchase some of
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