GLSM Tour Brochure 120909-2


GLSM Tour Brochure 120909-2
Airy Gators & Other In-Lake Treatments
St. Marys Boat Club ~ Edgewater Drive
An Airy Gator is a large, floating electric-powered
aerator with a series of rotating discs that infuses
dissolved oxygen onto the lake’s bottom enabling
beneficial micro-organisms to grow and consume
nutrient-rich organic material in the sediment. By
naturally reducing the amount of organic material at
the bottom of the lake, a reduction in both algae and
toxins is expected. This stop will highlight what is
being done in-lake to address water quality concerns.
Restroom facilities are available next door at the
Auglaize/Mercer Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.
Rough Fish, Alum and Dredging
Otterbein St. Marys Senior Life Style Community
11230 SR 364, St. Marys
ODNR staff will provide demonstrations on rough
fish removal and alum treatment. Learn how the
dredging process works and see firsthand the newest
suction dredge, Brutus, in action.
A step toward improving water quality in GLSM
occurred this spring when an alum treatment was
applied to cover the entire lake. This treatment, in
addition to rough fish removal, dredging, installation
of a treatment train, wetland creation, and watershed
improvements, is an integral part to improve GLSM.
ODNR ensures a balance between wise use and
protection of our natural resources for the benefit of
all. Visit the ODNR website at
Brownhaven Dairy Farm
07535 SR 364, New Bremen
Brownhaven Farm is a family dairy operated by
Lou and Alan Brown along with their families. They
have 220 registered Holstein cows and 150 heifers.
The family raises crops to feed to their livestock.
The Browns are taking many steps to protect and
preserve land, air and water resources, including
planting wide areas of grass along waterways on the
farm, maintaining wetlands and planting cover crops.
They also use no-till practices to prevent erosion and
recycle nutrient-rich manure from the cows to nourish
their crops. They have planted a quail buffer along
wooded areas to encourage wildlife habitat.
The Brown family pride themselves in being good
stewards of the environment, particularly because the
farm sits just 3 miles from GLSM.
They are
committed to what’s right for future generations of
their families, neighbors, and community.
Prairie Creek Treatment Train
East of Aquaview Estates on SR 219
The train starts with a stream bed load collector
with integrated alum dosing. It continues through a
constructed wetland providing secondary treatment
and filtration through a restored wetland for tertiary
Finally, water enters an embayment
where biological filtration and aeration can occur. A
great stop to see one of many innovative ideas being
used to improve the water quality of GLSM.
Mercer Landmark’s Newest Facility
3911 Burkettsville-St. Henry Road, Coldwater
Mercer Landmark is at the forefront of nutrient
Franklin Township Nature Park
Karafit Road ~ North of SR 219
The Franklin Township Trustees purchased 35
acres of land in 2001 that became the Franklin
Township Nature Park. This green space has grown
to over 240 acres, including the restoration and
creation of wetlands, grass prairies, planting of trees
and an 80-acre nature preserve. You can view many
forms of wildlife from the overlook platform.
This stop will feature staff from The Grand Lake/
Wabash Watershed Alliance on hand to lead children’s
activities, guide a nature walk, and provide information
on the watershed project.
St. Charles Center
Enter off of SR 274
The St. Charles Seminary farm has implemented
many conservation practices over the years ranging
from hayland buffers to a treatment wetland. The
farm has always participated in and encouraged no-till
practices and good conservation stewardship of the
land and soil. At this site you will be able to see the
newly constructed treatment wetland and grassed
waterway with concrete headwall. This site is the
future home of a tile bioreactor.
The chapel will be open for tours.
Consultants will be on hand with
Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning, plus
different types of manure and crops.
Edge of Field and Tile Monitoring Station
Depweg Road West of US 127
Several farmers in the Beaver Creek and
surrounding subwatersheds of GLSM have partnered
with Kevin King of USDA’s Agricultural Research
Service to install tile and surface monitoring stations
to facilitate water quality data collection. Farmers
want to know exactly what is running off the field.
This stop gives insight to quantifying what is happening
at the edge of the field and at the end of the pipe.
agriculture programs allow for sampling based on using
specific grid patterns within a field. Mercer Landmark
welcomes you for refreshments. Restroom facilities
are also available at this stop.
Special thank you to all of the sites and hosts
for their dedication to conservation work in the
Grand Lake St. Marys Watershed
Telling the Good News in the Grand Lake St. Marys Watershed
Drive-It-Yourself Tour
~ 12:00 to 5:00 pm Sunday, September 9, 2012 ~
Barcode, post office
4.875 long by .625 tall
Farm Service Agency
Conservation District
Mercer Soil and Water
Mailing address only
Mercer County Farm Bureau
3.5” by 2.125”
Watershed Alliance
Grand Lake/Wabash
Indicia clear
1.5” tall by
1.25” wide
Drive-It-Yourself Tour
Sunday, September 9, 2012
12:00 to 5:00 pm
Steward Sponsors
Cy Schwieterman, Inc. ~ Cooper Farms
Kenn-Feld Group LLC - Lefeld Implement ~ Mercer County Farm Bureau
Mercer Landmark, Inc. ~ Vantilburg Farms, Inc.
Join us for free family fun on a Sunday afternoon! Each stop is identified with
a stop number. Descriptions can be found on the flipside of this flyer. Spend
as much time as you wish at each stop. You may enter or exit the tour at any
point. Restroom facilities and refreshments available at designated stops.
For more information, call 419-586-3149 or check out GrandAgain on facebook.
Partner Sponsors
Cooperator Sponsor
All precautions for your comfort and safety have been taken.
Mercer County Cattleman’s Association
Farm Credit Services
The partners, sponsors and hosts are not responsible for accidents.
Trupointe Cooperative, Inc.

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