young parents in college abstinence union controversy



young parents in college abstinence union controversy
04 17 09 |
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04 17 09 | VOLUME 58 | ISSUE 27
Andy Rees
| [email protected]
By the time you read this, it’ll all be over. Every year, for two weeks in spring, Student Government (SG)
Ilsa Shaw
holds their elections. For the most part, it’s an under-publicized, under-attended affair. The votes will have
| [email protected]
been tallied and we’ll know which candidates will be representing the student body next year.
David Spiecker
Last year, approximately 3,400 votes were cast in the presidential race, a little more than 20 percent of
| [email protected]
the voting population. Now, I’m not sure what the numbers will look like this year, but I can’t imagine
Michael Conti
that they will have changed very much. The problem is not just low voting numbers. There seems to be a
| [email protected]
general lack of interest in Student Government.
John Howard
Three of the seven senate seats were uncontested this year. I have nothing against the people who ran for
| [email protected]
Madeleine Villavicencio
representing the College of Applied Science and Technology, the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences, and
| [email protected]
Emily Bogle
Women, collectively represent a sizable portion of the student body. It just seems wrong.
Part of the problem is what sort of information is available to the voting public. The only voices
| [email protected]
Adimabua Ofunne
those seats, but being unopposed doesn’t lend itself to the democratic credibility. These three senate seats,
commenting on this year’s election were those of the candidates. Reporter was strangely silent. We dropped
the ball. I might take flak from University News for saying this, but we’re the only media outlet on campus.
| [email protected]
Our job is to report on government. It’s not that we don’t want to cover the elections. We do. It’s that
Michael Barbato, Jim Cottage, Alecia
Crawford, Chukwuma Morah, Jack Reickel,
between the current guidelines and our publishing schedule, we can’t. At least not in print. We do our best
to cover the election online, but it’s not enough.
This year, Reporter helped moderate the SG debates. The audience consisted of about 30 people in a
Caitlin Shapiro
conference room. Of this small group, a good number of them were current members of SG. We had an
opportunity to ask questions submitted by our readership and were able to bring a few outside voices into
the conversation. However, it was a last minute idea and we didn’t have the publicity we wanted. During a
Susie Sobota
break, somebody pulled me aside and said, “I think Reporter moderating the debates was a really good idea,
| [email protected]
Evan Anthony, Jena Buckwell,
This is what I'm worried about: A generally uninformed public filling out a form on a website, making
Nicholas Tassone
decisions based on fliers and Facebook groups. That’s unacceptable and in large part, it’s institutional. I
Lisa Barnes
we got a lot of turn out this year.” I looked around the room and frowned.
understand that people don’t care about what SG does and that very few people read the SG update. You
Steve Pfost
should care and you should read, because on occasion these people do things that matter.
| [email protected]
Robert Carr, Eric
Drummond, Ben Liddle, Robert Luessen,
K. Nichole Murtagh, Rob Weber
Robert Modzelewski,
Ben Rubin
Kory Merritt
Andy Rees
Lindsay Block
Kyle O’Neill
| [email protected]
Danielle Gotschall
Lynne Stocum cleaning in Sol Heumann.
A tournament that sweeps teams off the ice.
Cover photograph by Jeffrey Porter.
Wolf calls for censure of unions.
Batteries now included.
Free cone day.
What was the first thing you’ve ever bought
with your own money?
Kyle O'Neill
| [email protected]
Above photograph by Eric Drummond.
RIT workers consider union representation.
| [email protected]
Chris Zubak-Skees
| [email protected]
Don’t buy these.
Students feeling the squeeze.
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Dealing with kids in college.
Refraining from sex.
Third year Danielle Gatti plays with her
five-year-old son, Daemon at their home in
Greece last week.
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by Michael Conti | photographs by Eric Drummond
Administration and the student body have complained for some time
and death. The article idealizes this method as an acceptable practice
that RIT has no school spirit. It has been debated about why this is.
to solve unwanted pregnancy. Women have fought hard for their right
Is it because of the quarter system? Are students lackluster due to the
to choose, a fight still ongoing today. To promote such actions hurts the
weather? Maybe if we had a football team, then would RIT have school
Women’s Movement and hinders future progress. This also degrades
spirit? A college has an atmosphere, a feel to it, and when walking the
the Women’s Center as a place that condones such activities when in
quarter mile, you can almost feel the estrangement and tension. The
fact they gladly provide students with a safe, informative environment.
weather, the nature of the majors and the quarter system may all play
Not to be overlooked, there were also a few gems in the visual portion
a role in how the campus feels; however, it may be as simple as how the
of the publication. Most notably was the “OMFG” faux television
students feel about themselves and the college they attend.
advertisement. The image depicts five males Reporter staff and four
Annually, the RIT publication Reporter puts out a special edition of
female reporter staff. The females are kneeling, facing the male
the weekly magazine in honor of April Fools Day. The issue is cleverly
students and the general idea being communicated is that they are
named the Distorter and it is filled with faux articles that are meant
giving oral sex to their male colleagues. Advertisements often use sex
to be jokes. This year, the Distorter was released and then abruptly
to sell their product, or in this case, a television show. Pushing such
pulled from the stands. The administration made no effort to explain
overtly sexual images isn’t healthy or appropriate in a culture that
their choice to pull the issue but many speculations were made. Some
suffers from sexual violence, rape, unwanted pregnancies (going back
assumed the magazine was pulled because of its crass humor, others
to the wire hanger article) and STDs. In fact, an image like this isn’t
guessed it was simply bad timing, since the issues was released the
appropriate anywhere on this or any college campus. Women are often
same day as an Open House. A few days later Reporter released its
objectified, seen as objects whose sole purpose is for the pleasure of
own statement informing the campus that the issue would not be re-
men. This ad epitomizes objectification and glorifies the idea that the
released to stands but could be obtained in their office, in the basement
strongest tool a woman has is her body and sexual prowess. Forget
of the SAU.
The issue included many articles. Some titles included: “4th Floor
Prostitution Ring Run By Librarians Exposed,” “12 Ways to Please Your
Professor,” and “Hot Looks for Widows.” Have you picked up on the
that the faceless females in the image are college students, obviously
capable of intelligent thought and hard work, their sole role in this
image is to please the men.
Students are allowed to express themselves in many ways on the
pattern yet? These are just the articles and images that were deprecating of
RIT campus. Reporter has been a source of entertainment and Friday
“Will I have a job?”
women. The Distorter also made sure to make their bigotry known towards
morning class boredom relief for a long time. There is no question
“Where’s all this magical money going to come from?”
in mid-March, is a student group not affiliated with RIT
the Jewish community and transgender individuals.
that students have the right to have such a publication; however, the
“I think it’s crap that you guys don’t make a living wage!”
who “supports the workers in their unionization effort and
questions is, are you proud to be a Tiger when RIT is producing such
“We don’t want no union!”
demands that RIT recognizes a potential union and halts
By far the most offensive article was the “Expanding Options for
Young Women.” According to the Women’s Center website, their
a magazine? Perhaps there is no school spirit at RIT because some
mission is “to foster an educational environment in which women can
students are ashamed to be apart of a campus that allows this kind of
be personally, academically and professionally successful.” The article
jests that in addition to offering condoms at the Women’s Center, they
will also offer free wire hangers. It was not until the late 1960s that
“humor” and the rest of the students are too busy making jokes about
wire hangers and sharpening their misogyny.
to RIT. The United Student Labor Alliance (USLA), formed
its illegal interference.” The demonstration was peaceful
Words were heavy on Monday, April 6, as a panel of RIT
and generated a significant amount of discussion over the
administrators, a local Service Employees International
next few weeks.
Union (SEIU) organizer and other interested parties
participated in an open forum concerning recent union
RJ Bean, who has a BS in Computer Science and is a
current graduate student, is an active participant in the
abortion was legalized in Mississippi in cases of rape. Abortion was not
activities on campus. Ingle Auditorium was packed,
USLA and the International Socialist Organization. He
legalized for all of the U.S. until the Supreme Court handed down Roe
Kristi Murphy, Third Year
crowded with questioning and lively voices from RIT
outlined his intent, “If the workers feel that a union is
v. Wade. This was in 1973. Until 1973, wire hangers were the common
Visual Media
employees in dining services, facilities and maintenance
what’s best for them but can’t discuss because of fear for
self-induced method of abortion and often caused illness, infertility
and custodial services. Student managers and seasoned
being terminated, then we would like to be the voice of the
veterans were present, representing a strong interest in an
worker.” The notion of the worker is an ever-present yet
issue that has become the talk of the workplace on campus.
somewhat abstract entity at RIT, in the sense that not one
“The stakes are very high,” remarked Patty Spinelli, vice
Email [email protected]
Reporter will not print anonymous letters.
president of Human Resources.
But things weren’t always this tense. It began on a crisp
tirelessly on behalf of the school. The people who labor for
RIT are from a variety of educational, economic and ethnic
Friday morning, March 27. An empowered band of students
backgrounds, each coming in with their own expectations
took to the pavement outside of Gracie’s, raising their
of what constitutes a proper workplace environment.
voices and their signs in support of bringing labor unions
6 Letters | 04.17.09
person can truly purport to speak for all that work done
With rumors flying on both sides and USLA members
Lynne Stocum cleaning in Sol Heumann
Pages 7 and 8: Students and workers gather outside of
Gracie’s to demonstrate Unionization.
requesting action at a Student Government (SG) meeting,
relate to custodians,” said custodian Tasha McKenzie. Charles Phillips, a deaf
and passed it and now I’m a licensed masters electrician, all due to RIT.” Paula
the potential advantages of collective bargaining
Ed Wolf, SG president, decided to bring everyone to the
custodian, spoke of struggling to understand meetings when no interpreter was
Guadeloupe, a senior custodian, was able to take English courses on RIT’s dime. Ten
are considered necessary in uncertain times. At the
same table. Panelists during the forum included Spinelli,
provided for him. He also commented, “I did not feel comfortable when the HR
year RIT electrician Ryan Crittenden elaborated, “Any trade-specific type [courses],
conclusion of the first panel discussion, it appeared that
Bean and Calvin Ott, an organizer for SEIU local 200United,
[Human Resources] mandated that those working night ‘C’ shift had to either move
RIT is willing to pay for if it means doing our job better.”
which represents service workers of Upstate New York.
to ‘A’ shift or find another job.” Since talks of unions began, a new program has been
While RIT pays “competitive” wages, the reality is that the wages and benefits
those opposed to the SEIU coming to RIT were the most
numerous, if not the most vocal. The answers provided
During the panel discussion, students and RIT employees
implemented to take one custodian from each crew and sit down with management
offered for entry level positions do fall fairly well within national averages. While
by Ott were speculative, as he was at the disadvantage
were invited to come down and share their opinions and
to talk about issues in the workplace. Spinelli was eager to confront the issue:
this may not be the kind of living wage requested by the members of the USLA
of representing the possible yet unknown outcome of
ask questions of the representatives. Lasting two hours,
“Those are things every employer needs to work on ... the issues of respect and
and the pro-union reps, it is a policy that was defended intensely by the workers
the talks were often emotional and pointed.
“We’re like a family here,” commented Lynn Stocum, a
On Thursday, April 9, only non-management employees were invited to a meeting
themselves. A rarely reported benefit of working at RIT is the tuition waiver policy,
which allows RIT employees to enroll themselves, their spouses and their children
Questions remain about the status of student employees
under unionization, but all rumors are unconfirmed.
custodian working in Sol Heumann hall, “RIT has stood
with RIT human resources to open a dialogue. Issues that were raised included
in RIT at discounted rates or for free, dependent upon the amount of years of service
However, the talk of collective bargaining, legal contracts
behind me in the worst of times.” The sentiment was
the possibility of layoffs, what RIT could guarantee, and more avenues of raising
they have put in. There also exists a tuition exchange program that allows workers
and employee rights have indirectly shed light on many
reiterated on both sides that the relationship between
grievances against management. While there is a certain amount of agreement
to take classes at MCC or other universities for free. These systems have allowed
inner-management grievances that might have not
employees and administration was healthy. With that
concerning some workers’ dissatisfaction, a major point of divide was the issue of
workers to put their entire families through school, amounting to millions of dollars
otherwise received attention. The talks that were held on
family spirit in mind, the first employees that spoke
wages and benefits. A spokesman for the disgruntled workers was Garret Davis, a
of education put towards the interests of the employees. Some tuition waivers
the sixth and ninth of April were as much education for
seemed to view the presence of labor unions as an
custodian, “Sometimes when you don’t have what you want, you join together in
are tax free, further benefitting the employee. Of note is the fact that the rates for
employees about how to report grievances as they were
unnecessary intrusion into their work life. “Why were
order to get more.”
tuition waivers were changed so that workers hired on or after January 1, 2006 have
information about unionizing at RIT.
people being harassed?” questioned Stocum.
Reported incidents of harassment on the part of union
This is also an important issue for many interested students who have rallied for
the cause of workers trying to unionize. A fact frequently quoted as incentive to give
to work a full five years before seeing any kind of benefit, while workers hired before
then may be benefitting from other rates.
officials elevated the tension on campus. Pro-union
workers better wages is the average salary determined to be the national poverty
representatives stated that they were trying to help
line. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the 2009
level of interference that isn’t interested in the workers’ specific needs. John Hrmoi,
continue, from the lips of President Destler to the open
people make informed decisions, but many expressed that
poverty line is set at a wage of $22,050 a year for a family of four. The starting salary
a senior custodian and staff council member, commented, “I was with the UAW
mouths of socialists outside the Wallace Library. In the
they felt hounded by frequent encroachments on their
of a custodian at RIT is approximately $10 an hour, which roughly adds up to $20,800
[United Auto Workers], and they did absolutely nothing. I don’t think we need a
middle of the talk is the worker, whose voice may come to
privacy. Surely there was a reason for the persistence of
a year. This is perceived to be the problem by union supporters and is expected to be
union at RIT.” Crittenden went on to say, “You know, it’s times like this, when people
collectively speak in the form of democratic process. •
those who were involved with pro-union activities. In
the target of improvement through collective bargaining.
are getting laid off, when you do realize you have a strong leadership team. We’re
fact, there exists an amount of disgruntlement among
A sentiment that was often expressed was that the SEIU is another expensive
The debate is not over. The local SEIU continues to get
union cards signed, while those who do not think a union
Not all are convinced that these wages are inhumanly low. Furthermore, many
[RIT] not in a crisis ... we’re going to weather this just fine, we’re going to have to
RIT staff members, who feel that their relationship with
more see RIT as a place of opportunity where they have been able to acquire more
tighten our belts a little ... but I’m happy to forgo a raise so we can keep our jobs.”
management and administration has not been as warm as
skills and increase their own wage. Bill Drum, an employee of RIT for 27 years and
A revealing moment came towards the end of the panel discussion on Monday,
it has been reported to be. While those who represented
current senior electrician, lent his perspective to the issue of wages and career
when Bean was asked why “they [the USLA and ISO] were so passionate about
the union spoke of increases in wages and benefits, much
development. “When I started working in the Greek tunnels ... when alcohol was
the cause of the workers.” Bean responded by citing the current economy and
of what dissatisfied workers had to say were related more
legal on campus, I don’t have to tell you what I found down there. Then I moved to
the contemplation of their own careers as reasons for their empathy. Bean would
to the improvement of communication in the workplace.
maintenance ... got some training in electrical, took some night courses [through
later say, “When RIT needs to tighten its belt, it’s going to need to fire workers ... if
“Management as a whole needs to change the way they
RIT’s career services], then took the four year course, then took my masters test
RIT is such a great place to work, let’s keep it that way.” From their perspective,
8 News | 04.17.09
is necessary continue to be more vocal than ever. The talks
On Friday, April 10, SG voted unanimously to approve Resolution
0809-1, in which SG censured the formation of a union, citing that
unionization was not necessarily in the best interest of students
(see SG Update, pg 11).
by Alecia Crawford
compiled by Alecia Crawford
Student Government (SG) voted unanimously to approve Resolution 0809-1,
in which SG censured the formation of a union, citing that unionization
SDC Rooms 1300 and 1310. 7 – 9 p.m. The RIT pep band, our
musical entertainment at hockey games, tickles your funny
bone with Comedy Troupe and Kelley Doane. Cost: $3.
was not necessarily in the best interest of the students. This decision was
based on “no guaranteed benefits as a result of unionizing for students,
specifically student employees” and “no ability to forecast the effects
unionization will have on student tuition and how it will affect the shared
governance system of the institute.”
Behind Residence Halls. 3 – 5 p.m. Don’t be the last one
picked, or the last one to get to the food table for this
Two representatives from Alpha Sigma Alpha came before SG to talk about
event! Cost: Free.
their fundraiser with Phi Kappa Psi for the Imagine RIT festival on May
2. “So You Think You Can Act?” is a talent show and will be from 11 a.m. to
3 p.m. It will be a fundraiser for the Fisher House Foundation, which relocates
families of injured serving military persons.
Entire Campus. Until the end of April 23. To the
The Caribbean Student Association (CSA) President and Vice President
came before the Senate as well to promote their upcoming events for CSA
Week, during week seven. Their main event is the carnival on Saturday,
April 25, when all clubs and major student organizations will parade their
school pride on the quarter mile.
participants: Good luck and keep those Nerf guns stocked
at all times. To everyone else: BEWARE AND TAKE COVER!!!
Any Ben & Jerry’s. All Day. Forget Christmas, this is the day
everyone has been waiting for: A free cold and sweet treat.
Phillip Amsler, RHA Representative wanted to get a general consensus on
Cost: Free.
how or if leftover food debit should be carried over. One of the problems is
that food debit, according to New York state law, must be spent each year,
meaning that it has a shelf life of one academic year. Another problem is
that many students have large amounts of debit left over at the end of each
Clark Gym Breezeway. 9:30 p.m. This interesting fundraiser
quarter. With rollover debit, that large amount (for instance, $400) rolls over
is raising money for Hole in the Wall Gang Camps, a camp
to the next quarter and again the next quarter. That student could end up
for children with terminal and serious illnesses. May the
with $1,200, defeating the purpose of it rolling over in the first place.
best band win. Cost: Students: $3, Others: $5.
Amsler proposed that a small amount, like $100, of unused food
debit be rolled over to the next quarter. Kiersten Shinrock, Director of
organizational recognition and Adam Richlin, CIAS Senator both suggested
that a percentage of the leftover debit be passed on rather than at a set
RITz. 9:30 – 10:30 p.m. Bailando and hips swaying from live
amount. Before a decision to approve or deny can be passed, exact numbers
salsa music will fill the RITz for one night. Cost: Students:
of the amount of students with leftover debit and the amounts would need
$3, Others: $5.
to be presented.
Café Underground Railroad. 480 W. Main St. 6 – 9 p.m. Can’t
live with them and can’t live without them, so why not test
The Greek Council representative voiced the concern and dissatisfaction
each other with facts about the opposite sex? Cost: Free.
of his constituents who are directly affected by the Global Village
construction. Residents weren’t notified in a timely manner about the
construction that would happen around them. As a result, one of the
fraternities’ memorial tree for one of their deceased brothers was dug up
Any Theater. Check for movie times. Jamie Foxx and Robert
and almost thrown away. Greek Circle, where most of the Greek events
Downey, Jr. star in this film based on Nathaniel Anthony
happen, is blocked, walking paths from the houses to campus varies from
Ayers, a real life musical prodigy who became homeless
day to day and the list goes on. After the rep voiced his concern, more
after dropping out of Julliard. Cost: Varies.
members of the Senate voiced their opinion about their dissatisfaction with
the construction. As a solution, Dr. Heath Boice-Pardee, SG Advisor will
arrange a meeting with those responsible for the problem. •
Advertising Manager:
Must have good communication skills. Appropriate coursework and work experience a plus.
Production Manager:
Must be a sophomore or junior Print Media student.
Contact us at [email protected]
his creamy voice that’s sure to target a
market. Understanding that “mainstream”
primarily female crowd. Those same females
generally means “watered down,” Benjy Davis
The Victorinox SwissMemory 1 GB. This is about as RIT as
who find themselves liking the Plain White
Project might have a role to play in serving as
a Swiss Army knife can get. A 2¼ inch keychain accessory
by Jim Cottage
T’s might also like Benjy Davis Project. Both
a segue for many people into an appreciation
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of the genre. It may also force the genre’s
with screwdriver, scissors, and a thumb drive! Upgrade to
market to expand into the “pop culture”
the Translucent Ruby model (just $49 on Amazon) for an
sentimental quality.
world. If that seems like a good idea to you,
additional LED mini light component. With both versions, the
“I don’t need to get laid. RIT fucks me every day.”
buy this album and help with the cause. •
drive itself flips in and out as if it were any traditional Swiss
knife attachment. You can argue privacy protection settings
Speaking of things that aren’t spectacular,
most people recognize from listening to
all you want but, at the end of the day, there’s really no better
Benjy Davis Project seems to want to be the
country music, even just by accident.
way of protecting your personal files than strapping a blade
In their defense, they are good at what they
do; their instrumentals are seemingly flawless
and the vocalist isn’t horrible at singing with
bands have a tendency to use an upbeat
the same bouncy and twang-y rhythm that
either of those things, then stay clear of this band.
by Daffy Duck
melody to accompany songs with a longing,
The songs, especially the choruses, have
Nickelback of country music. If you don’t like
However well crafted, the tracks are
Male student to friend in SAU
“I’ve come to the conclusion that splatter painting is good.”
Woman to colleague over lunch
to them.
incredibly mediocre, which is a quality many
“They were legit handicaps”
attribute to Nickelback.
Not to bash country music, it does have its
place. However, country’s definitely a niche
Kale, a green cabbage, is also known as Borecole and Brassica oleracea. This species includes such variations as broccoli,
Girl to group of friends near Crossroads
CARTOON by Kory Merritt
cauliflower and BRUSSELS sprouts.
BRUSSELS is the capital city of Belgium, as well as the coun-
by Chukwuma Morah
res internal and external cameras, SD card
new portable device. There are no original
try’s largest urban area. The city is also home to the European
support for pictures and music files, a more
DSi-only retail games that harness the
accessible operating system and access to a
gadget’s unique features that accompanied
UNION and NATO headquarters.
Completed in 1908, UNION Station’s construction in Wash-
wireless store for digitally delivered video
the handheld at launch. For now, I’m stuck
ington D.C. cost $125 million. Eisenhower was the last of 17
games (Wario Ware: Snapped is an absolute
playing the same selection of titles that
presidents to use the station’s presidential SUITE.
must-play, by the way).
A bit wider than the DS Lite, long fingers
were available on the DS Lite. So then, what
The penthouse SUITE in the Las Vegas Hilton was home to
do I need the two new cameras and higher
Elvis Presley for seven years after his return to live perfor-
and large hands will come to appreciate it
price point for? Fortunately, this was the
mance in 1969.
since they don’t feel cramped while playing.
same case when the original DS was released
What do you do when the iPhone threatens
Although you won’t notice at first, you’ll
in 2004, so expect the handheld’s truly
stock festival. Rod Stewart generated seven times that num-
your handheld gaming empire? Well, if you’re
come to value the larger dual-screen real
defining titles to appear a year from now.
ber at Copacabana BEACH in 1994.
Nintendo, you make a new version of the
estate while playing games like Elite Beat
popular DS handheld with features to combat
Agents (my personal favorite). All of this
the “Jesus Phone.” Ladies and gentlemen, say
doesn’t mean the DSi is a must-buy, though.
RATING / SKIP IT (for now)
hello to the Nintendo DSi.
So what makes the DSi different from the old
DS Lite? It has bigger and brighter screens, low-
My real problem with the DSi isn’t with the
Should you buy it? No. Not right now at
In 1969, nearly a half million people attended the first Wood-
The BEACH area at Fig Tree Bay in Protaras, Cyprus was cov-
least. Your cheaper DS Lite will do just
ered last June with over 20,000 square feet of cotton as the
fine for now. Save your money for the time
world’s largest beach TOWEL was constructed.
when titles that make good use of the DSi’s
TOWEL day has been celebrated on May 25 since 2001. On this
gadget itself but with the lack of software
capabilities start rolling in next year. Go buy
day, fans of Douglas Adams carry towels in reference to the
support Nintendo has provided for this
food instead. Food’s good for you. •
author’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the GALAXY.
Difficulty Rating / Hard
GALAXY chocolate of the Middle East and United Kingdom
is the same as Dove chocolate, which is sold in the U.S. Galaxy’s name plays off the astronomical theme of the brand’s
manufacturer, Mars.
14 Leisure | 04.17.09
by John Howard
College is the time when many students begin to grow up. We learn to
be critical, ask questions, make deadlines, and take care of ourselves.
We learn to party. We learn about friendships. Some of us learn about
love. At first glance, many of us seem to be seeking similar goals:
Beaming at that camera, degree in hand.
For $2,640 per quarter, infants or toddlers
before 10 a.m. and after 2 p.m. because she
will mean something different. Some will
On graduation day, each of these smiles
can be part of the Margaret’s House program,
needs to be there for him when he gets home
(Pages 16-17) Danielle Gatti, plays Candyland
reflect how proud someone has made their
while for $2,568 per quarter, preschoolers can
from school. “My neighbor has a daughter in
with her five year-old son, Daemon, at their home
families, while some will smile with the
attend too. “It’s definitely the most expensive
my son’s school. So on days when I have class
in Greece after spending the entire day on a field
thought that work is over. This May, Elissa
daycare I’ve sent my kids to even though
until 4 p.m., my neighbor helps out,”
trip with his kindergarten class.
Nyerges, a sixth year Profession and Technical
students get a discount,” says Nyerges, who
explains Gatti.
Communications major, will smile because she
gets $840 off per quarter from United Way,
is one step closer to giving her two young sons
which gives scholarships and grants based on
campus daycare, which cost $200 per week.
the life she dreams they’ll have.
financial need. Margaret’s House also offers a
She didn’t enroll him in the Margaret’s House
She sits alone in Java Wally’s, hunched over
Before kindergarten, Daemon was in an off-
(Left) “Playing with him is like a work out,” says
Gatti about her son.
10 percent discount to families who have one
kindergarten because she lives in Greece
her computer wondering why she can’t log on
or more children enrolled at a time. Tuition
and wanted to stay in that school district.
to her email. As she peers over the screen, her
includes a morning snack, hot lunch and an
“From what I hear, they have really, really
I won’t have any student loans. I would never
young 24 year-old face reveals a frustrated
afternoon snack.
good schools,” says Gatti. The Greece district
take that for granted because there are a lot
has the Signature school program, where the
of students with $80,000 in loans when they
look. The back of one hand is covered with
So, how does a student parent pay for all of
written reminders scribbled in different
this? Nyerges did grunt work for the Democrat
curriculum puts a greater emphasis in one
graduate from school and they spend the next
colored inks. “I call it my palm pilot,”
and Chronicle’s sports section while she and her
area. Daemon is enrolled at the Technology
10 or 20 years paying it off.” Gatti has a trust
jokes Nyerges.
husband were still living together. She would
and Communication Signature schools. “I find
fund set up for her from her grandparents. On
work from six to midnight, “but it got to be
[it] ironic because I’m a communication major
top of that, she had saved up almost $10,000
married and have kids … unanimously,” said
too much and [she] ended up giving up a lot of
at a technology school,” jokes Gatti.
from working at the gas station. “I didn’t really
Nyerges. “I actually never wanted to have kids.
things.” Nyerges stopped going out more than
The old me didn’t like kids and never wanted
once a month, buying clothes and ordering
after graduation and settling down with her
“I got lucky with the trust fund, though. Really,
to get married.” At 18, her life changed when
pizza. She bought a really inexpensive car and
fiancé. “As far as middle and high school goes,
really lucky.” Gatti’s trust fund pays for tuition
“All of my friends voted me least likely to get
Gatti looks forward to moving to Toronto
buy anything except formula,” explains Gatti.
she found out she was pregnant. After her
One morning, after giving Ian a bowl of cereal,
her idea, she is still having a difficult time
started working as a notetaker, which earns
everyone tells me to get the hell out of there
and rent, but doesn’t cover food, books or
son, Ian (named after his father) was born, the
he decided that he wanted something else.
dealing with a roller coaster of emotions. Still,
her just enough to pay her car payment.
[Greece],” explains Gatti, as one of the many
her car.
two parents decided to marry. As if becoming
“Sometimes I say, ‘Why can’t you just eat what
she looks to her future with optimism.
a student parent wasn’t hard enough with
I put in front of you?’ ” says Nyerges, looking
one baby, nine months after getting married,
guilty. “But then he feels sad, and I feel bad
House, the on-campus day care center. “I
have kids,” says Nyerges. Danielle Gatti, a
Nyerges found out she was pregnant again,
that he’s upset because he’s only a four year-
tried a couple of other day cares first and had
fellow Lambda Pi Eta member and third year
the night shift at a gas station for 60 hours
when I’m sitting there doing homework and
this time with her second son, Daniel. “I would
old and four year-olds do change their mind.”
horrible experiences,” explains Nyerges. “This
Advertising and Public Relations major, longs
a week. Her schedule was so hectic that she
Daemon’s like, ‘Mom, watch a movie with me’
never consider not having my kids though,”
Nyerges explains that she frequently reminds
is the first place where I’ve dropped my kids
for the convenience of being surrounded
never got to see Daemon for more than a few
or ‘play with me,’ ” explains Gatti. Her personal
declares Nyerges.
herself that “they have nothing to do with the
off and go to class and, as bad as it sounds, I
by family.
hours per day. Because she wasn’t making that
goal is to get her Ph.D. in communications, but
As an involved RIT student, Nyerges
fact that you decided to have kids when you
don’t think about them.” Nyerges feels that
much money while working there, she was
she doesn’t know “how feasible that is with
maintains her position as President of
were eighteen. It’s not their problem, so you
Margaret’s House is the most secure daycare
prepares for a presentation for her Campaign
on the Women, Infants, Children Nutrition
the whole family thing.”
the Xi Upsilon chapter of the National
can’t make it their problem.”
that she has ever seen. This could be due to
Management class, where she is the group
Program, “which isn’t really food stamps —
the fact that everyone who enters needs a
leader. The 23 year-old glanced down at her
but they give you checks for things like
I want to finish school.” Gatti plans to have
Communication Association Honor Society
“I’m married although separated right now,”
Nyerges brings her children to Margaret’s
“It helps having family close by. It makes
a huge difference if you’re a student and
Looking at the time on her phone, Gatti
reasons why she is leaning toward living
in Toronto.
When Gatti lived with her sister, she worked
Gatti’s biggest struggle with being a student
parent is balance. “It’s not so much balancing
my workload, but balancing my time. I feel bad
She adds, “My fiancé wants to have kids but
(Lambda Pi Eta). This quarter, she has
explains Nyerges of her ailing relationship.
valid RIT ID to swipe before the front door
hand. One finger in particular glistens with a
formula and juice and cheese because they
at least one more child with her fiancé. “I had
committed to 20 credits — more than a full
“For the longest time it was ‘let’s do what’s
will unlock.
diamond ring. She has just gotten engaged to her
want you to be healthy and have a
my child at 17 and I kinda lost my whole life
course load. She is keeping up her status as an
best for the kids and stick together’ because
fiancé, Robert Hainsworth, a Toronto resident.
healthy kid.”
when I had him,” says Gatti. Daemon calls
active sister of the Phi Sigma Pi National
that’s what I was taught. So, that’s what I
is its focus on students. “Because we are part
Honor Fraternity.
did.” Coming from a large religious family,
of student affairs, students have top priority,”
and she doesn’t take it for granted. Gatti
job and went back to school.” She began taking
Nyerges explains that only two people in
says Margaret’s House assistant program
doesn’t have any family here, except her five
classes at Everest Institute and eventually
weekly Yoga class, Nyerges manages to find
her whole family have divorced. Her family,
director Deborah Bullock. The daycare
year-old son, Daemon. She got pregnant in
graduated from there with a 4.0, which is what
payments, schoolwork and time. Though
time to be a mother. “A typical day is like
especially her grandparents, looks at divorce
encourages student parents to spend time at
high school while living in Delaware. She
got her into RIT. “If you’re relatively smart
the two are very different, they face similar
me running around, not eating very much or
as something very sad and it’s something that
the library after class and do their homework,
was 17. She had moved to Delaware when
and you do good work, it will be a breeze.”
challenges every day. Their situations are
sitting down very much unless I’m in class,”
is not often talked about.
so that when they come to pick up their kids,
she was 15 to live with her father but moved
Gatti explained that she didn’t do well in high
not tasks that they are simply trying to get
time can be spent together. Bullock remarks, “I
back in with her mother in Buffalo to have
school and has been making up for it ever
through, but lifestyles that they are learning
since. At RIT, she holds a cumulative 3.8 GPA.
how to balance and enjoy. Both have high
Somewhere between this schedule, plus a
says Nyerges. Ian, four, and Daniel, who just
“This was the last option for me,” she says.
One thing that sets Margaret’s House apart
For Gatti, it was a long road to get to RIT
The plan wasn’t working out, so she “quit the
Hainsworth, Gatti’s fiancé, “dad.” He comes to
New York to visit almost every weekend.
Both mothers are students, struggling with
turned two in March, are “very well behaved.”
“But what we both wanted from [each other],
don’t know how student parents do it ... I have
the baby. Afterwards, she jumped back and
Nyerges explains that she is strict with her
was something that the other one wasn’t fit
kids and I was a student, but putting the two
forth between living in either her mother’s or
boys because she needs to be.
to give.” Nyerges explains that, even though
together — I can’t imagine.”
sister’s house. Since then, both her mother and
year-old. “It’s not like I’m going to the bars
as their own. It seems that Gatti and Nyerges
sister have moved out of New York, and Gatti
or clubs. I don’t have the time or the money.”
have learned that life is unpredictable and
raises Daemon without his biological father.
Her family is all over the place. Her mother
have learned to embrace its surprises, which
and sister now live in South Carolina. She has
many of us won’t ever learn how to do. •
Nyerges’s biggest struggle in college is
her mother-in-law makes a wonderful
For the amount of money a parent spends
Her social life is not that of an average 23
attitude. Society sees college students as
grandmother and Ian makes a great dad, the
sending a toddler to daycare, they could be
people who are broke and up late doing
couple never fit personally. They plan to stay
sending their baby to an in-state college. “I
homework. “I’m a college student who’s broke
close friends and be that couple who isn’t
actually did a call around at the end of the
core requirements. “Right now I’m taking 12
another sister in Australia and her father lives
with two kids.” While reflecting on her own
together but can attend family get-togethers
winter asking about prices because we want
credits so I’m not too overwhelmed, but I take
in Delaware.
attitude, she explains that “you still need to
with each other. Right now, they share
to stay as competitive as we possibly can,”
summer classes, so it makes it even.” Because
One thing that Gatti has that most college
get up and not let the drama, the work, and
custody; she has them one week and Ian has
says Bullock. “We’re not the highest but we are
Daemon is now in kindergarten and takes the
students don’t is a fully-paid college tuition.
being tired affect how you treat your kids.”
them the next. Although the separation was
probably more expensive than some places.”
bus to school, she is unable to take classes
“So I’m going to start off fresh when I graduate.
Right now, Gatti’s course load consists of all
expectations for their sons’ futures, as well
by Caitlin Shapiro | photographs by Jeffrey Porter
The ring on his finger or that extra bracelet on her wrist isn’t just
“The big benefit of being abstinent is you don’t have to worry about
for decoration. Some are expressions of abstinence. These trinkets
getting any STDs,” states Eric Delmedico, a second year Electrical
serve as little reminders to save one’s self for a romantic counter-
Engineering Technology major. Being abstinent, for Delmedico, is
part comparable to no other. Many people practice abstinence as
part of his faith. He feels that sex should be the result of a relation-
either a personal conviction or as an expression of their faith. For
ship between spouses, not the cause. His religion calls for him to
some, it is a matter of perspective. Imagine the things you do with
observe abstinence until he is married, which he feels makes the
your significant other. Then, imagine what someone else is doing, at
bond of marriage even more sacred. The downside, for him, comes
the same time, with your future wife or husband. Would this disturb
in the form of negative stereotypes associated with his belief.
you? After all, that conversation regarding how many people your
“Being a virgin is sometimes met with contempt and regarded in a
current love interest has dated (or slept with) is never something
negative light,” adds Delmedico. We’ve all heard the statement that
you’re going to look forward to.
a boy doesn’t become a man until he has sex. Of course, whether
• making it count
Sexuality is a powerful and inspirational force. We’ve all heard of
someone is abstinent or not has no bearing on how mature they are
and, in some cases, having sex is a clear indication of immaturity. He
tries to ignore the negative aspects of virginity and focus on his commitment to the sanctity his faith places on marriage.
Helen of Troy, the catalyst of one of the most famous wars in his-
Some people use the phrase, Crazy Christians, in regards to practic-
tory. Similarly, sexuality has led to some of the most moving and
es like this. Delmedico disagrees. He believes that the level to which
creative musings. Consider practically any of Shakespeare’s sonnets.
one observes his faith is completely up to a parishioner. Grouping
“I don’t believe that sex is just an act,” states Catherine Gudaitis, a
Christians together based on practices of others is as accurate as say-
second year Theatre Performance major at Nazareth College. She
ing that everyone in Hawaii surfs. Avoiding religious stereotypes has
likens sex to a powerful commitment with all the formalities of a
been a difficult aspect of being committed to abstinence for Delmedico.
promise of a lifetime of love. “I only want one man, and that one
“I have always been abstinent,” says Delmedico. He started this
man is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.” It seems,
practice as a personal choice and as a product of his religion but con-
for Gudaitis, that to not be abstinent would tarnish the sacred com-
tinued through personal conviction. “Even if I were, all of a sudden,
mitment expressed through sex. To her, it is as if having sex trivial-
not religious, I would still be abstinent until marriage,” he mentions.
izes the future commitment she will have with her husband.
He went on to discuss pregnancy. As a student, he isn’t ready to pro-
“I haven’t always been abstinent. I decided to abstain when I was
vide for a family, let alone a child. “Abstinence is a good way to avoid
in high school,” informs Gudaitis. She continues, “It is not solely
accidentally becoming a father before I’m ready. I plan on being ab-
for religious reasons, though my choice has been influenced by my
stinent until I am out of college and married,” imparts Delmedico.
faith.” Gudaitis continued to discuss how the decision was more
instinctual and personal for her. She couldn’t let herself become
physical with someone unless she really cared for him. “If I didn’t
• social abstinence
have feelings for the person and got physical, it felt like I was lying,”
Three little letters f launting a ten letter emphasis. TV
she mentions. The decision hasn’t always been easy for her and she
Some look to abstinence for inspiration and purity. Consider Rivers
has lost friends over it.
Cuomo, a multimillionaire who has sold over seven million albums
“My last relationship ended in November. Our first big argument
with his band, Weezer. He stayed true to a two-year commitment to
was about sex,” she says. Her partner wanted to express their love
celibacy as part of a meditation in Vipassana, a Buddhist tradition.
physically as a testament to his commitment. “Respecting my de-
He hoped to become more at ease with his songwriting, his band
sire to wait for marriage would have been the greatest testament
mates and the universe in general. Here, we see a performer with a
he could have given to prove that he loved me,” states Gudaitis. The
profitable, world-famous band rejecting countless women (and prob-
relationship ended shortly thereafter. Even though abstinence has
ably men) to gain purity of thought. People practice abstinence for
led to some arguments and lost friendships, she defends her deci-
many reasons — religion, personal commitment, and to gain peace.
sion as preparation for the future. Gudaitis concludes, “It’s a choice
They do it because they believe the future reward will be more valu-
that I’ve made for me and my future spouse.”
able than any physical embrace of fleeting pleasure. •
• being safe
Along with the pleasure of having sex, there are some less enjoy-
by Michael Barbato
able medical concerns. AIDS, herpes and HPV are all common sexu-
photograph by Ben LIddle
ally transmitted diseases (STD). Condoms work to an extent, but
shows like Nip/Tuck and Californication romanticize a life of indiscrimi-
STDs, especially all three mentioned prior, can be and are some-
nate sex. Like little whispers softly nibbling at our ears, our libido-
times transmitted with contact, not necessarily genital contact.
driven society tells us it’s okay to take an expression of love and call
This renders a condom mpotent.
it casual sex. Referencing popular magazines like Maxim, Vogue and
Esquire, sex clearly sells. Unfortunately, not all of us are buying.
Student Government is proud to present
SG Distinguished Speaker
Sunday, April 19th
Clark Gym
Book signing & photos available
Students $5
Faculty $10
Public $15
Purchase at Gordon Field House
or at
Tickets can be purchased at the
door for $15, starting at 5pm.
Cash only
Co-sponsored by
NTID, NSC, Student Affairs,
Center for Campus Life
& Leadership Institute
Academy Award
Winning Actress
& Activist
Marlee Matlin received
worldwide critical acclaim
for her motion picture debut
in Paramount Pictures’
Children of a Lesser God,
earning her the Academy
Award for Best Actress. At
age 21, she became the
youngest recipient of the Best
Actress Oscar, making her one
of only four actresses to receive
that honor for a film debut. In
addition to the Oscar, Matlin
was honored by the Hollywood
Foreign Press Association with
the Golden Globe Award for
Best Actress in a Drama.
In 2007, Matlin joined the cast
of Showtime’s cutting-edge
drama The L Word starring
opposite Jennifer Beals.
Marlee has penned her
autobiography, I’ll Scream
Later. It’s scheduled for
publication in April 2009.
Arrangements for the appearance
of Marlee Matlin made through
Greater Talent Network, Inc., NY, NY
A RIT broomball player shoots on goal during the Alpha Phi
ment. In the first round, they played one of the two Com-
Omega broomball tournament April 3.
puter Science House (CSH) teams and not only won by goals,
but pounded the CSH team, 4-0. When asked about their
ball and a softball. There are five players
dominance, Trevor Fabian, a second year Mechanical Engineering major
to each team, plus a goalie, making for a
guessed, “Beginner’s luck?”
total of twelve on the ice at once. Unlike
The Low Budget Ballas, along with the Eng ineer ing House Alum,
hockey, players sport sneakers instead of
continued to play well through the tournament. It was a double-elimi-
skates. On sneakers, players are unable to
nation affair, so Engineering House losing one game on possession did
move in a straight line as quickly and have
not stop them from meeting the Ballas in the championship game. Ballas
a far greater inability to turn. Sliding colli-
had not lost a game so if they did lose the “first” championship meeting,
sions were common.
there would be another immediately following it.
Regulation broomball lies closer to hock-
The lack of refereeing was blatantly apparent during the championship
ey than the brand that was played in RIT’s
game. One player dominated the game: The Engineering House Alumni
tournament. In hockey, there’s a myriad
goalie. In regulation broomball, goalies count as regular players when
of possible penalties, ranging from illegal
not in the crease. In the RIT tournament, there was absolutely no limit
types of contact to passing over too many
on goalie movement. This led to the Engineering House Alum goalie sure-
center lines to icing. Official broomball
footedly zooming around one third of the ice to catch the ball, making it
across the USA and the world contains
unplayable for the Ballas. The Ballas’ goalie was not so bold and generally
these types of penalties, but not at this
remained within the crease. Not only would this difference have made it
tournament. In the Frank Ritter Ice Rink,
nearly impossible to win by position, it also enabled the goalie to clear it
there were three or four penalties called
away from the offense too easily.
the entire tournament, focusing mostly on
penalizing overly aggressive contact.
The games were played with two five-
A Tournament That Sweeps
Teams Off the Ice
24 Sports | 04.17.09
Alum goalie was so active and dominated so surely, but in the same way
minute halves. Rather than over t ime
that it would be exciting to see someone ride a bike through a track meet.
or a shootout, in the event of a tie, the
Engineering House dominated both the championship and championship
winner was determined by possession.
rematch, winning them the trophy.
Possession does not mean who had the
I had never seen broomball before and this was a fun first experience.
ball in their direct control, rather it was
That being said, RIT and the Frank Ritter Ice Rink could help make it so
determined by where on the rink the ball
much more. This event was held from 10 p.m. to approximately 3 a.m.
was. If a team’s players could keep the
on a Friday night, but did not appear widely publicized. This was just
ball on their opponent’s side of the ice,
not enough forewarning and too awkward a time to gather a big crowd.
they could win the entire tournament
If this was advertised further in advance, possibly as a two-day affair
without ever scoring a goal.
like it used to be and held at a more reasonable time for the general pub-
Although most players I talked to had
It was very disappointing for such an exciting tournament to watch
end in such boredom. Sure, it was impressive that the Engineering House
lic, this event could be much more popular. The Alpha Phi Omega mem-
embraced this oddity as a necessity for
bers who sponsored the event said it was difficult to get rink time at the
Upon entering the Frank Ritter Ice Rink on Friday April 3 to watch a
victory, it didn’t mean they were very happy about it. The goalie of the
ice rink so they could not get much warning for advertising purposes.
broomball tournament, a question immediately arose in my mind:
Engineering House Alumni team expounded that the previous year their
With some help from Ritter, the broomball tournament has the potential
where are the brooms? The idea that a sport so clearly called broomball
team lost the tournament on possession twice, despite several shut-out
to be much more than it was this year. •
(as opposed to say a sport called curling) does not include brooms at all
games defensively.
baffles me. I was informed that players used regulation broomball sticks:
The first two games were decided exclusively by possession, as both
essentially little plastic wedges at the end of shorter-than-broom handles.
ended with a score of 0-0. Based upon these first two games, it looked like
In many ways, broomball is like hockey, where hockey sticks have ob-
watching the tournament would be a rather dull affair. Then the team Low
viously been swapped out for the “regulation” broomball sticks. In place
Budget Ballas, mostly made up of second year Mechanical Engineering
of a puck, there is a ball that looked like it was sized in between a soccer
majors, made a statement on the rink to the other teams in the tourna-
by Jack Reickel | photograph by Rob Weber
photographs by Robert Carr and Robert Luessen
“Baseball cards. They
materialized my love of
the game.”
compiled by Neil DeMoney
Nicholas Conn
Fourth year
All calls subject to editing and truncation. Not all calls will be run. Reporter
reserves the right to publish all calls in any format.
MONDAY, 9:18 P.M.
Booo! Rings, you don’t have Verizon and I sent
you a long, awesome message that you only
got the first 160 characters of :( You should
fix that! Thanks!
I just wanted to let you know that we just got
flashed at the Commons. Um... yeah. Don’t know
what to say about that.
“Red power ranger. A
guy's Barbie doll!”
Ben Gage
Graphic Design,
First year
“Smashbox CD. I would
carry around a boombox
everywhere I went just to
listen to it”
Jon Weed
Business Management,
First year
Ugh... RIT Rings, I just had a
heavy night partying.
It’s like 7 something in the
morning and all I can hear
are [jumbo] geese outside
[flippin’] honking their [lovin’]
honkers. Could you please tell
them to stop before I puke
everywhere? [Lovely] geese.
“Street Sharks toy with
rollerblades. Intense
spinning action!”
Seth Gersbach
First year
“A Spice Girls CD!”
Laura Slotkoff
Fine Art Photo,
Third year
“A Betsie Smith Vinyl. Or an electric saw,
I’m not sure which.”
Tito Chavez-Nguyen
Third year
“GI Joes!!!”
Will Stanton
Fifth year
26 Views | 04.17.09
FRIDAY, 3:36 A.M.
Now that Rings can get text messages I should reprogram my
friend’s phone to send his tweets to you instead of Twitter...
I’m tired of reading them.
80085!!!! I mean BOOBS!!!!
FRIDAY, 2:06 P.M.
“Bass Guitar, a FERNANDEZZZZZZZZ. . .”
Alec Johnston
Fifth year
Pro tip: Don’t date CS majors, you’ll lose them
to their computers. Date the SE majors:
They shower, are way cuter, and they will care
about you. <3
RIT Rings, I just
want to let you
know that I play
techno music
every Thursday
because that is
the beginning
of my weekend
and I’m a Photo
major and it
is a real major
as opposed to
what people
said about me in
Rings last week.
“A Fairy Dream Castle
Polly Pocket. I still
have it.”
Tara Thorn
Fifth year
MONDAY, 6:23 P.M.
SUNDAY, 1:03 A.M.
Rings, help! I need a ride to
Toronto for a rave. I swear I’ll give
you gas money. I’ll give you all the
hookers you can eat.
Please, Rings, help!
I’m in Park Point right now and I
hear my hot neighbor going at it
hardcore. God, that headboard’s
banging. She’s so loud.
Don’t stop! Woops, that didn’t
sound good...
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basement of the SAU, room A-426.
been surprised by construction, as they have been fenced into
their row of houses. While the sense of confinement may be
enough to cause stress, many fear that in an emergency, there
is no easy way to get to help. Shannon Patrick, a third year
Digital Den stopped carrying
batteries, a compromise was
reached in the vending machines
Photograph by Christopher Valites.
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Due to student demand after the
CONSTRUCTION can be experienced all across campus as RIT
Graphic Design major, considers herself lucky to be living
continues to expand. Every day, sparks shoot from within
in the Alpha Xi Delta house since it has back doors in their
fenced-in zones and sounds of crashing metal and workers
basements which allow for escape from the dreaded fencing.
shouting to each other can be experienced from Crossroads
“So many [people] have been jumping the permanent fenc-
to the Clark Gym. New fencing seems to go up hourly as
ing in between Phi Kappa Psi, Alpha Xi Delta and Triangle,
construction projects race to be completed within the next
which is a safety hazard.” At the very least, dozens of stu-
few months. Just as the workers feel the pinch of these
dents have had their routines completely interrupted as
deadlines, those that need to maneuver around these
they have to head away from academic buildings in order
hazardous areas also experience considerable stress.
to walk around the fencing to get to class. When all of this
Those venturing to or from dorm-side feel the compres-
construction is over, RIT will have shiny, new buildings for
sion while trying to shimmy by the chainlink
students and faculty to enjoy. However, this fu-
fence protrusion between the Clark Gym and
ture seems increasingly farther away as these
the old swimming pool. People with backpacks,
hazardous areas seem to intrude even more
portfolios, 3D models, bags and other necessary
into our daily lives. I worry for the prospective
items fight for space as they squeeze past each
students that have only seen the campus in this
other in attempt to make it to their destination.
disheveled state. They have a more stressful
Prospective students and their families get sep-
view on travel in between classes than those of
arated from their tours amidst the brisk shuffle.
us that know that RIT will return to a less con-
Evenings on the Quar ter Mile pose anoth-
gested foot traffic pattern. I look forward to the
er challenge when students on their bikes,
This freshly dug area was not marked off except
time where all RIT students, from Riverknoll
skateboards, scooters and rollerblades at-
for a piece of orange fencing against the din-
to Colony, will be able to peacefully travel
tempt to navigate through the narrow passage
ing hall’s wall, just out of my sight as I passed
to and from academic buildings with only
while avoiding obstacles such as the fencing,
by. My seemingly efficient mean of transporta-
limited obstacles. Until this construction be-
br ick wa l ls, t r ash cans and t he t r ick iest
tion took an immediate halt as I was forced to
gins to shrink, I suggest leaving a few minutes
of a l l: Ot her humans. Wh i le bi k i ng f rom
pick up my bike over the newly rocky terrain,
earlier to get to class on time. •
Colony Manor to class, I nearly st umbled,
all while trying to get to class on time. The so-
bike and all, into a massive hole outside Gracie’s.
rorities and fraternities on campus have also
by Emily Bogle
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