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White Plains Beautification Foundation, Inc.
White Plains Beautification Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 1614
White Plains, NY 10602
Return Service Requested
Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
White Plains, NY
Permit No. 222
Beautification News
Summer 2014
Volume 37, Number 1
WP Gardens Looking for Sponsors!
50th Anniversary!... (Continued from front page)
which will result in a sea of golden daffodils
planted in time to erupt in all their splendor
in the spring of 2015 along Mamaroneck
Avenue and at participating schools in White
Plains. Also, don't miss the Living 50th
Anniversary garden along Westchester
Avenue at Franklin Avenue. These gardens
will be blooming proclamations of this auspicious milestone. And, of course we look for-
Tulips this spring were a not-to-be-missed sensation!
ward to seeing you at a spectacular 50th
Anniversary Gala next fall that you won't
want to miss.
So, get in on the action; be a part of the
amazing work to which White Plains
Beautification Foundation has been dedicated for nearly 50 years. Here's how you can
share our excitement: Become a sponsor of
our 50th Gala and/or our 50th Anniversary
Garden; participate in our Daffodil Program;
make a general donation of any amount
to help offset our watering expenses or
fund our annual School Grants Program
and Arbor Day Celebration; join our
Adopt-a-Park Program. All donations
can be made by check mailed to P.O.
Box 1614, White Plains, NY, 10602, or
by credit card through Pay Pal on our
web site wpbf.org. Volunteer your time
and expertise to our organization check our website for dates and times
of monthly meetings. Help us on our
way to another 50 years of making
R. Barnes
White Plains a beautiful place to live,
work or visit.
R. Barnes
For many years the gateway garden on the
corner of North Street and Rosedale Avenue (pictured
above) enjoyed the security of a Major Sponsor;
however, we lost its funding this past year, so it is
now back on the list of very needy gardens and
available for adoption immediately. We will have it
all planted in the spring so you can see how lovely it
is. A new garden sign with your name or names will
make you proud and all of us happy.
For many years, this particular beauty in the center
of upper Tibbits Park, near the Gazebo, was sponsored by one of our large retailers in White Plains
and was admired daily by North Broadway pedestrians and vehicular traffic. This year the garden will
be dedicated to all who have been touched by cancer in some way and we invite everyone to help
sponsor this garden on whatever level is comfortable. We hope by doing so you will find solace in
the enduring beauty of the blossoms that come
alive each spring.
Other Tibbits Park gardens located south of the Civil
War Statue are also in need of adoption. One borders Westchester Avenue on the left as it comes up
J. Bello
to meet Main Street (above right), and one on the
bend as you leave Westchester Avenue to circle up
to South Broadway. Thousands of cars drive by
these two lovely gardens daily. Become a Major
Sponsor and your name can be displayed on a signature Beautification sign in either (or both!) of these
By adopting one of these gardens you help make the
city more beautiful and welcoming and provide happy
respites from the stresses of daily life for thousands
of people who live, work or visit White Plains.
Countdown to our 50th Anniversary!
Get Ready …
White Plains Beautification Foundation will be celebrating its Golden 50th Anniversary in 2015. Fifty
years as an all-volunteer organization is pretty special and certainly something to celebrate! To commemorate our unique place in the history of White
Plains we are planning some fantastic gardens,
programs and events, including a daffodil program,
(Continued back page)
Honorable Thomas M. Roach Roland N. Barnes
Mayor, City of White Plains
Nanette H. Bourne
Sue Brennan
Mary Briante
Deborah Donahoe
Rebecca Bright
Joanna D'Addario
Suzanne Evans
Renate Daly
First Vice-President
Dorothy Chervinsky
Claudia Doherty
Mary Ann DeRosa
AnnMarie Dougherty
Karen Quinn
Ann Edwards*
Micaela Kelly Goldberger
Dorothy Schere*
Verdell Hilliard
Recording Secretary
Blaine Levenson
Nancy Rice
Beth Levine
Corresponding Secretary
Ruth Manecke
Cormac Daly
Kathleen Masterson
Mary R. Merenda*
Guy A. Terhune
Assistant Treasurer
Judith Meyer Morse
Debra Oleson
Barbara T. Vrooman*
Adopt-A-Park Chair
Hon. Pauline C. Oliva
Jean M. Bello*
Josephine Pellegrino
Marie Silverman Marich*
Thomasina Petrone
Immediate Past Presidents
Robert W. Pollack
White Plains Beautification
Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 1614
White Plains NY 10602
A Non-Profit Organization of Volunteers
Inquiries to the President:
Deborah Donahoe (914) 646-4858
e-mail: [email protected]
A copy of our last financial report
filed with the State may be obtained
by writing to:
NYS Attorney General’s Office
Charities Bureau
120 Broadway
New York, NY 10271
Beautification News, page 2
Barbara Ramsdell*
Cecelia Spilotros
Anthony Spinelli
Charlotte Hope Szabo
Beth K. Wallach*
Jeanne Wilcox
Peter G. Wilcox
Honorary Director
Brian Wallach*
Lucille Claroni
Dolores Curley
Susan Fragala
Alfred B. Gates
Nancy Giges
Rose marie James
Mary Helen Jordan
Frances A. Keegan
Hon. Mary Ann Keenan
Gail Landauer
Rita Marshall
Rosemary Martino
Barbara Mauriello
Esther Natter
Irving Natter
Jaquelyn Pirri
Iwona Rainer
Jeff Rainer
Beth Roach
Germaine Robinson
Rose Sanders
Ellen Stone
Julie Trelstad
Angela Vitellas
John Vrooman
Alison Walsh
Stuart Werner
Lucia Chiocchio, Esq.
Cuddy and Feder
Gary E. Bashian. Esq.
Comm. Wayne D. Bass
Patrick Laidman, Arborist
Comm. Joseph Nicoletti
Newsletter Committee
Jean M. Bello*, Editor
Peter Wilcox, Designer
Roland Barnes
Maintained by
Shelay Hosting LLC
Marie Silverman Marich*
Mary Merenda*
Judith Meyer Morse
Barbara Ramsdell*
Dorothy Schere*
Guy Terhune
Barbara Vrooman*
Beth K. Wallach*
Roland Barnes
* former President
In Memoriam
Mildred Squires
A long time resident of
White Plains and faithful
Adopt-a-Park Benefactor
until her death at age 97,
Mildred continued for
many years to fund the
Squires Parklet on
North Broadway opposite
Pace University although
she had moved to Cape
Cod. This parklet
is a welcome resting spot
along the pathway to and
from downtown.
Marion Broadhurst
A long time resident of
White Plains whose family dates back many generations as active in White
Plains life, and who
remained a faithful contributor to WPBF until
her death at the age of 97.
To place an ad in the
50th anniversary issue of the
WPBF Newsletter, please contact:
Jean M. Bello at
[email protected]
or (914) 761-1391.
Save the Date!
Fall Gala
October 2, 2014
6 - 9 p.m.
Westchester Hills Golf Club
Honorary Chairman
Business Printing
White Plains Beautification Foundation
Board of Directors and Advisers
One stop.
Graphic Design
Corporate Identity
Offset Printing
Business Letterhead
Mailing Services
Sell Sheets
Legal Copy
Summer 2014, page 11
Arbor Day 2014
Left. Mayor Thomas M.
The White Plains Beautification
President Suzanne Evans,
Foundation hosted its annual Arbor
Patrick Laidman of The
President’s Letter
Roach, WPBF First Vice
Care of Trees, Principal
Day celebration on a sunny Friday,
Joseph Cloherty, Arbor Day
April 25th, at the White Plains
Chair Kathleen Masterson,
Middle School's Eastview campus.
Commissioner of Public
About 90 students participated in
Works Joseph "Bud"
Nicoletti, Councilwoman
the festivities and approximately 70
Dear Friends,
Milagros Lecuona and State
people attended the event, which
Senator George Latimer
was chaired by WPBF Director
surround one of the four
Financial Report
Kathleen Masterson.
dogwood trees planted at
WPBF Funds for 2013
Old Man Winter did not want to let go! Mother Nature kept trying to
kick him out, but he held on longer than usual! But finally, spring is
here - our gardens are finally springing to life!
The Foundation Board takes pride
in the fact that it has been successful
in holding administrative costs to 6%
of total expenditures by being an
organization of all volunteers:
This is going to be an exciting year for White Plains Beautification
Foundation as we begin to gear up for our 50th Anniversary in 2015.
We have some exciting surprises in store for you.
White Plains Middle
A total of four pink dogwoods were
School's Eastiview Campus.
planted: one donated by Kathleen
Mae (Britton) Masterson and
The program included a proclama-
Joseph James Masterson in memo-
tion from Mayor Thomas Roach,
ry and in honor of their parents,
performances by the Eastview
Howard Britton and James P.
Orchestra, conducted by William
Masterson and Julie Mae Britton
Tonissen; the Eastview Chorus and
and Gladys Mae Masterson; one
Guitar Club, conducted by Matthew
donated by the school's Student
Hommez, Mike Chappas and John
Organization; and two donated by
Donnelly; the Eastview Band, con-
Pat Laidman and The Care of
ducted by Laura Mazziotti; and the
Trees, who planted the trees and
reading of a poem, "Tree
donated seedlings to students
Transformation," written by student
and guests.
Amanda Nirenberg.
2013 Income: $178,675
Adopt-a-Park Program (75%)
Annual Gala (21%)
General Donations: (4%)
Above. The Eastview Band, conducted b y
L a u r a M a z z i o t t i , p l a y s R o c k y Mountain
Romp by Brian Balmages, beside a newly
planted pink dogwood.
School Grants Benefit High School Garden
Funded in part by White Plains
Beautification Foundation's
School Grant Program, White
Plains High School's Garden
Club, under the direction of club
advisor and science teacher
Maureen Nimphius,(shown at left)
and SAIL students, under the
direction of teacher Janet Pulcini
maintain a greenhouse and six
large planting beds for vegetables, herbs, and flowering
p l a n ts , w h i c h t h e y h a r v e s t
seasonally, enjoying the "fruits
of their labor" with tastings. The
garden is also used as part of a
science research program.
Beautification News, page 1O
S A I L ( St r a t e g i e s f o r A d u l t
Independent Living) students,
through their Life Skills and science
classes, help plant, weed, water, and
harvest the crops, and prepare
dishes and follow recipes in the SAIL
kitchen classes. They learn about
plants and the growing cycle, as well
as skills that for some may lead to
future employment. Pulcini says,
"The joy of working in the garden and
being outdoors can be seen on their
faces and in the excitement they
share when I say we are going outside to work in the garden." These
students also work in the garden
when they attend summer school.
2013 Expenses: $189,258
Programs: Garden Planting, Care
and Watering, School Garden
Funding: (81%)
Fundraising, including Gala: (10%) $18,071
Communications & Education: (3%) $6,362
Administration: (6%)
In honor of our 50th Anniversary, we are planning a new project here
in White Plains - the planting of one million daffodils. Can you imagine driving up Mamaroneck Avenue starting at Bryant Avenue and having the island planted with a sea of yellow daffodils? Of course we
will need your help to attain this. A donation from you to our Daffodil
Fund would allow us to plant the bulbs which will bloom year after
year. It's a great way to remember or honor a loved one. Give the gift
of flowers that keep coming back for someone's birthday or anniversary. The possibilities are endless!
Our "all volunteer organization" has been beautifying White Plains for
50 years! We rely on the support from residents, friends and local
businesses in and around White Plains. Through all your generous
donations, including Adopt-a-Park sponsorships, we have been able to
plant and maintain over 60 gardens throughout White Plains. And, the
work is never done. We have four gardens waiting to be adopted,
including the gateway garden at the intersection of North Street and
Rosedale, a new garden dedicated to cancer survivors and victims and
two Tibbits Park gardens south of the Civil War statue.
We do receive some help from our friends, the city of White Plains,
and three amazing nurseries located in the heart of White Plains:
Amodio's Garden Center, Gedney Farms Nursery and Ridgeway
Garden Center. It is with great pleasure that we will honor these three
nurseries at our 49th fall gala on October 2, 2014 at the beautiful
Westchester Hills Golf Club.
Please stroll our gardens and parks; they are there for your enjoyment.
Deborah Donahoe
Summer 2014, page 3
Adopt-a-Park Appreciation Breakfast
Spotlight on:
Robert W. Pollack, Architect & WPBF Director
Despite the gloomy weather outside, the atmosphere
inside Bloomingdale's lovely La Provence restaurant
was filled with radiant smiles on the
faces of the 100 who gathered to celebrate White Plains Beautification
Foundation's Annual Adopt-a-Park
Appreciation Breakfast on Thursday,
May 15, 2014. It was the 21st AAP
breakfast and the 17th to be held at
Bloomingdale's. Many thanks went
out to Gold Sponsors Steven and
Josh Caspi of Caspi Development
and to Faros Properties for underwriting the cost of the breakfast.
and Deputy Commissioner of Recreation & Parks
Fran Croughan.
The event, chaired by Beth Levine
and Joanna D'Addario, is an opportunity to publicly thank those who support WPBF by their participation in
the AAP Program. Words of appreciation were echoed by officers of the
Mayor Thomas Roach, Comm. Bud Nicoletti, Barbara Vrooman, Steven Caspi, Jean
foundation, Westchester Deputy
Bello, Josh Caspi and Val Morano of Ridgeway Garden Center
County Executive Kevin J. Plunkett,
Westchester County Commissioner of Parks,
The AAP Program, co-chaired by Jean M. Bello
Recreation and Conservation Kathleen O'Connor
and Barbara T. Vrooman, has grown to support 60
and White Plains Mayor Thomas Roach.
gardens and accepts donations starting at $250.
Other guests included long-time and new sponsors,
Major contributors, currently those donating at
including many area businessmen and women and
least $1,000, are entitled to a signature WPBF
individual donors, as well as members of the
sign bearing their names in their sponsored garCommon Council, Assemblyman David Buchwald,
dens. To join the AAP Program, or for more inforCounty Legislator Ben Boykin, White Plains
mation, call Jean at 914-761-1391 or Barbara at
Commissioner of Public Works Joseph Nicoletti,
914-949-5790 or email [email protected] or
Commissioner of Recreation and Parks Wayne Bass [email protected]
Special thanks to
Rev. Everett Parker,
(right, seated) who at
101 years young,
continues to be an
Adopt-a-Park Gold
"Please know that the gardens, street medians, and small
pockets of happiness that your organization creates bring a
smile to my face every time I drive through this city. It's
always a pleasure to watch the cherry blossoms "pop" or
enjoy the change of seasons through our gardens. White
Plains is truly a wonderful place to live and work because of
the amazing things you and your organization do.
Know also that John and I will continue to support your
organization because we believe in what you do - the beauty
that you create brings more people to downtown White
Plains, which has spurred more restaurants, shops, and
nightlife. More people want to live in a city that values beauty and that means continued growth and prosperity for White
Plains. I can't think of a better investment for the future."
Anne Uglum and her husband are
Platinum Sponsors of the WPBF
Beautification News, page 4
Since 1968, White Plains Beautification Foundation Board
Member Bob Pollack has given his all to the foundation.
Bob was a young architect when he was introduced to us
by his employer, the late George van Geldern. He was
invited to become a member of the very small board of
directors, and since that time has created magic that we
never dreamed possible.
of the collapsing Summerhouse, a Calvin Vaux creation,
on South Broadway at Martine Avenue. Using pressuretreated wood and modern methods, he designed a structure so like the original that people never even knew it
had been replaced. Even those lovely green signs thanking Adopt-a-Park sponsors in all WPBF gardens were
designed by Bob Pollack.
Bob's creativity dates to Saunders Trade and Technical
High School in Yonkers where he pursued an architectural
curriculum followed by architectural study at Pratt Institute
in Brooklyn. He won a national design
competition for the design of the
Metropolitan Opera House staircase in
Lincoln Center.
To this date, Bob continues to volunteer his expertise,
time and creative genius to WPBF. He and his wife Donna
are the parents of two grown sons.
In 1979, Bob started his own practice in
Valhalla. An inventor of hundreds of
items, many architectural devices for
transportation and energy conservation
and generation, Bob has 10 patents
The magic that Bob has created for the
WPBF and the City of White Plains is
endless. He saved the granite steps from
the old courthouse and repurposed them
as benches. He designed the Edwin G.
Michaelian Gazebo and the G. Kent
Hawks Water Cascade in Tibbits Park
(shown at right), as well as the replication
Please help this generous, civic-minded group which provides funds and volunteers for the beautiful
gardens and parklets you see decorating White Plains. For further information, please call or e-mail:
Jean M. Bello (914) 761-1391 or [email protected]
or Barbara Vrooman (914) 949-5790 or btvrooman @gmail.com
Arnold & Sandra Bernstein
Richard Bernstein & Janice Abbott
Hon. Benjamin & Carsandra Boykin
Mary & Bob Briante
Rebecca W. & Harry O. Bright
Dorothy W. Chervinsky
Club Pointe Condo Association
Deborah & John Donahoe
Gilda & Murray Forseter
Kalmon Dolgin Affiliates
Deidre K. & Matthew S. Kimble
Hon. Dennis Krolian
Jim & Leslie Levy
Ellen Lynch
Mary & Anthony J. Marano, MD
McCarthy Associates
Mary Merenda
New York Presbyterian Hospital
xxxx/Westchester Division
North Street Area Civic Assoc.
Leslie & Chris O'Gorman
Jack & Pat Orben
Oxman Tulis Kirkpatrick Whyatt
& Geiger LLP
Andrea Paladino
Hon. James B. & Nancy J. Reap
Ridgeway at White Plains HOA
VHB, Inc.
Fred M. Schildwachter & Sons
Gregory J. & Hon. Beth N. Smayda
Barbara & Barry Wenglin
Chip, Brenda, CJ, Hunter Williams
John & Marylu Williams
Zarin & Steinmetz
Names current as of 4/28/14
Summer 2014, page 9
The 2013 WPBF Fall Gala
With Grateful Thanks to Our Very Generous
2014 Adopt-a-Park Program Sponsors.
Kudos to White Plains Beautification Foundation President Deborah Donahoe and her tireless gala committee for a spectacular 2013 Fall Gala held October 3rd at the elegant Westchester Hills Golf Club and enjoyed by nearly 180 guests.
Gedney Farms Nursery*
Peter Gisondi Painting Co., Inc.
Ridgeway Garden Center
GOLD SPONSORS $2,500-$4,999
Anonymous Good Friend
Bloomingdale's & The
Bloomingdale's Fund of
the Macy Foundation
Wendy S. Blum
Capital One Bank
Caspi Development
Heyman Properties
Amodio's Garden Center & Flower Shop*
Michael Bellantoni Landscaping*
Drs. Nancy Rice & Millard Hyland Barbara & Richard Dannenberg
Rev. Everett Parker
Lauren M. & Robert Fales
Mr. & Mrs. Rotonde
Maier Markey & Justic, LLP*
& Cambria Suites
The Syd & Jan M. Silverman Foundation
Shelay Hosting LLC*
Linda & Mel Teetz
Anne & John Uglum
Guy A. Terhune
Westy Self Storage
Hopeful winners eye the raffle prize table.
Lisa Chiappetta, Peter Gisondi Sr., Maria Gisondi & Anthony Gisondi
Peter Gisondi Sr. of Peter Gisondi & Co., Inc., a long-time Adopt-a-Park sponsor, current Diamond sponsor and recurring
in-kind sponsor for painting The Gazebo, was the special honoree of the evening. In her presentation to Mr. Gisondi,
Adopt-a-Park Chair Barbara Vrooman announced the parklet on Aqueduct Road would be dedicated to Mr. Gisondi, and
a signature green WPBF sign bearing his name would be placed in the garden.
MAJOR SPONSORS $1,000-$2,499
AKRF, Inc.
Anonymous Good Friends
Ballard-Durand Funeral Home
Roland N. Barnes & Charlotte Hope Szabo
Gary E. Bashian, Esq.
Paul & Jean Bello
Better Homes & Gardens - Rand Realty
Laurie MacDonald Coe
Crowne Plaza
Cuddy & Feder LLP
Elias Dagher
DeRosa Builders, Inc.
Jean & Mike Divney
Ann & Bob Edwards
Empire State Realty Trust
Preston & Yvonne Farr
Marjorie & Robert Feder
First Church of Christ Scientist
Charlie & Micaela Goldberger
MaryJane & Alan Goldman
Houlihan/Lawrence Real Estate Center
Rose marie James Graphic Design*
Hon. Rita & Thomas Malmud
Hon. John M. Martin & Family
The Tom Minck Family
Albert A. Nolletti
North Broadway Citizen's Assoc.
North Street Community, LLC
Paul & Thomasina Petrone
PIP Printing*
Jaquelyn P. Pirri
Prato Capital Management
Rakow Commercial Realty Group, Inc.
Reckson, a Division of SL Green
Silverman Realty Group, Inc.
Clarence C. Strowbridge
The Care of Trees*
The Container Store
The Tobin Family
Herbert & Elizabeth Tulchin
Barbara & Bill Vrooman
Brian & Beth K. Wallach
Assemblywoman Amy Paulin & Mayor Thomas Roach
American Legion Post 135
Benerofe Properties, Corp.
Benfield Electric International, Inc.
Joy and Paul Bergins, Esq.
Sue Brennan
Dr. Laura Butterfield & Peter Wolfson
Combe, Incorporated
Joanna D'Addario
Cormac & Renate Daly
Mary Ann DeRosa
French American School of New York
Hope & John Furth
Jeane & John Garment
Beautification News, page 8
The Edward Handelman Fund
Hocherman Tortorella & Wekstein, LLP
Mary Helen Jordan
Gail & Alan Landauer
James Louis Leinwand Fund
Blaine & Stephen Levenson
Beth & Jerry Levine
P. Robert & Marie Silverman Marich
Markey Realty Company
Jean A. & Kenneth W. McComb
Pamela & Roger Moyer
Deirdre & Rudy Nabel
NILOC Operating Co., LLC
Hon. Pauline C. Oliva
Mayor Thomas M. & Elizabeth P. Roach
Jonathan & Dorothy S. Schere
Gail & Max Schwartz
Scully Construction Corporation
Nancy & Robert Stone
Karen & Guy H. Terhune
The Kempner Corporation
Graham & Julie Trelstad
Karen & Richard Trepp
Harriet & Paul Weissman
The Westchester Bank
*Denotes gift in-kind
Anthony Gisondi, Amy Paulin, Lisa Chiappetta, John Gisondi, Peter Gisondi, Sr.,
Assemblyman David Buchwald & Peter Gisondi Jr.
Surrounded by family and friends, Mr. Gisondi was also presented with proclamations from White Plains Mayor Thomas
M. Roach and New York State Assemblywoman Amy Paulin
proclaiming October 3rd Peter Gisondi Day in the City of
White Plains and the State of New York.
Raffle prizes were donated by The Grafton Inn in Vermont,
Westchester Hills Golf Club, Pernod Ricard USA, The
Crowne Plaza, Gaucho Grill Argentinean Steakhouse and
White Plains Performing Arts Center.
Proceeds from the gala directly benefit WPBF's gardens by
helping to offset the high cost of watering during the heat of
the summer - this year estimated to top $35,000.
To be sure you're on our mailing list for the 2014 Fall Gala,
email us at [email protected] or call (914) 761-1391.
Guests enjoy great food and conversation.
Summer 2014, page 5
WPBF Donors
(6/1/13 - 4/1/14)
Abatino's Pizza & Pasta
A.G. Williams Painting Co. Inc.
Ahearn - Holtzman, Inc.
AKF Group
AKRF, Inc.
All New York Title Agency, Inc.
Rosemary Alley
Louis & Laura Amadio
Zelda M. Ambrose
American Hair Ltd.
American Terrain Outdoors
Mary Ann & Jim Amodio
Amodio's Garden & Flower Shop
Lee Anderson
Walter & Loretta Anderson
John J. Annunziata, P.E., P.C.
Malcolm H.& Sandra E. Baehr
Ballard-Durand Funeral &
xxxxCremation Services
Charlotte H. Szabo &
xxxxRoland N. Barnes
Frya E. Barnes
Commissioner Wayne Bass
Isabel Becerra
Beecher Flooks Funeral Home Inc.
Mary Logan & Paul Beekan
Mary M. & Robert S. Begun
Jean & Paul Bello
Todd G. Benjamin
Lawrence A. Berglas
Janice Abbott & Richard Bernstein
Better Homes & Gardens
xxxxRand Realty
Ellen Blauner
Esta Blum
Nina Blumenfeld
Joe & Kathy Bova
Carsandra S. &
Hon. Benjamin Boykin, II
Hon. Noam Bramson
Andrew E. &
xxxxDeborah L. Brennan
Sue Jacobine Brennan & Family
Mary & Robert Briante
Rebecca W. &
Hon. Harry O. Bright
British American Teak Benches
Broadway Pizzeria Restaurant
Frances & Ray Broderick
Brookdale Associates, Inc.
Alice McCormick &
James R. Brower
Renee Saliano & Fred Brown
James & Iris Brucks
Hon. David Buchwald
Patrick & Karen Buckley
Carole A. Buehler
Donna Burke
Calian Dental Group
Cameo House Owners, Inc.
Dr. Irene Cannon-Geary
Donna Carmichael
Richard Cass
Ray & Marjorie Castro
Dorothy W. Chervinsky
Beautification News, page 6
Elizabeth Cheteny
Edward C. Chorley
Bernard & Jane Ciaramella
City Limits
Roni & Steve Cohen
Colonial Inn Catering Hall
Susan Colson
Timothy P. Connors
Lica Contescu
Aaron & Barbara Cooper
Copies Unlimited
Robert Corrado
Mrs. Ben B. Cox, Jr.
Deputy Commissioner
Fran Croughan
Crowne Plaza
Patrice E. & Dennis C. Cuddy
Cuddy & Feder LLP
Dolores & John Curley
Mr. & Mrs. George Curtis
C. W. Brown, Inc.
Joanna D'Addario
Sebastian D'Alessandro
Cormac & Renate Daly
Vincent & Mary D'Amico
Richard & Barbara Dannenberg
Hon. Jo Falcone
Preston & Yvonne Farr
Karen & John Ferguson
Ferguson Cohen LLP
Elsa Ferrari
Jeanie Ferretti
Mike & Gina Fiorentino
Holly Flieger
French American School of New York
Arlene Friedman
Judge Robert J. Friedman
Sheila Friedman-Black
Eli & Caro Fritz
Rose Gagnon
Gains Realty
Kevin & Kathleen Gallagher
Brady Garber
Alfred & Mary Gates
Gaucho Grill Argentinean
Gedney Farms Nursery
Campbell Geeslin
Joanne Giangrande
Peter Gisondi Family
Gisondi Generator Group
Marjorie R. Gleit
"I'm looking at this gorgeous planting just on the east
side of 'The Westchester' entrance on Bloomingdale
Road. It's exquisitely done! What a beautiful blend of
color and use of the various species of plants."
- A Resident Admirer
Marjorie Davies
John Davis
Ruth Davis
Ruth & Jerry Davis
Dennis & Constance De Filippis
Beth DeLaurentis
Hon. Joseph Delfino
Mary Ann DeRosa
Thomas & Linda Devine
Louise Dietz
Doris L. Dingott
David & Jenny Dinoffer
Anthony DiRusso
J. Michael & Jean Divney
Claudia & Raymond Doherty
Linda & Robert Doherty, DDS
John F. & Deborah L. Donahoe
Donahoe Family
Robert & AnnMarie Dougherty
John & Patricia Douglass
Downtown Music at Grace
John Doyle
Nancy & Paul Durante
Robert & Ann Edwards
James & Mary Egan
Rudolph & Alane Ellenbogen
Janet Elmiger
Emma's Ale House
Ernesto's Ristorante
Evangelista Hair Salon
Suzanne Evans
Ellen & Richard Gold
Micaela & Charles Goldberger
Mary Jane & Alan Goldman
Beatrice Goodkin
Patricia Gougelmann
William & Catherine Grant
Great Clips Salon
Helen Greer
Ruth L. Grossman
Doris & Norbert Gruenfeld
Leonard N. Gruenfeld
Paul & Donna Guarino
Terence Guerriere
Martin & Mildred Gurny
Brynne Haines
Charles A. & Sarah G. Hall
David & Ann Hall
Kyle Hallstrom
Jeanne & Joel Harris
Scott A. Nammacher &
Constance L. Haslett
Victor B. Hatcher
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Hert
Mary T. Hillebrecht
Verdell Hilliard
Milton Hoffman
Libby Hollahan
Alicia Hubbard
Hudson City Savings Bank
Hudson Valley Bank
Mary Anne Hughes
Robert Hyland
Betty Innamorato
Coleen & John Iodice
Jean & Hisham Istwany, M. D.
J & S Auto Service, Inc.
Germaine M. Jacquette
Gail & Hugh Jasne
Mary Helen Jordan
Gail E. Young & Kenneth F. Jurist
Doris Juster
John & Ann Kaufman
Eugene & Beth Kava
Susan Strickler & Richard Kaye
Hon. Mary Ann Keenan
Gerard Kiernan
Susan & Hon. John Kirkpatrick
Olga A. Klimek
Susan & Richard Kraner
Hon. Dennis E. Krolian
Judith Kuhlmann
Gail & William Kuschman
Natalie LaFace
Patrick & Terri Laidman
Elizabeth Landauer
Karl & Margaret Lasseter
Roberta Lazarus
Hon. Milagros Lecuona
Jo Anne Lee
Mrs. Kay D. Lendt
Martha Jane Lent
Mrs. Hugh D. Leslie
Blaine & Stephen Levenson
Beth Levine
Martin Levintin
Wendy Liebowitz
Geane Lima
Lombardo's Pizza & Pasta
Lorraine Frye Design
Peggy & Chris Lo Vergine
Barbara R. Loucks
J.R. & Roberta Lowell
Christine Lowry
Mary-Ellen Crehan &
Tony Magnotta
Maier Markey & Justic, LLP
Ruth M. Manecke
Mary & Anthony Marano, M. D.
Vincent & Susan Marchewka
P. Robert & Marie Silverman Marich
Marich Family - Marie, Bob & Nick
MarkeyxRealty Company LLC
Audrey & Dr. Stanley Markovits
Rita & Frederick Marshall
Hon. John & Patty Martin
Rosemary Martino
Edgar & Margery Masinter
Joseph & Kathleen Masterson
Mary Jane McAteer
Marilyn McCauley
Nancy M. McClatchie
Alice McDormick
Dorothy McEnaney
Kevin Krug & Eileen McGarvey
Marie F. McMahon
McMahon Lyon & Hartnett
Funeral Home, Inc.
Leah L. Mendelsohn
Roberto Mendieta
Mary Merenda
Carola Michael
Bruce Milliken
Edward & Virginia Mills
Eliot & Doris Minsker
M. L. Condon Company, Inc.
Margaret Moline
Cynthia Moro
Judith Meyer Morse
Mary Anne Mullen
Patricia Mullins
Kevin Mulvey
Chandar Natarajan
Irving & Esther Natter
Comm. Joseph J. Nicoletti, Jr.
Linda Baer & Dr. Lewis G. Nieberg
Elaine Kirsch & David Z. Nirenberg
Carla Nolletti
Norman DiChiara Architects, P.C.
North Street Community LLC
O'Connor McGuiness Conte Doyle
xxxxOleson Watson & Loftus, LLP
John M. & Lori J. Ohrnberger
Edmund & Margit Oliva
Patrica Lynn Oliva
Hon. Pauline C. Oliva
Orange Splot Art Studio
Carol & Arthur Ostrove
Owen & Eddy, Attorneys
Andrea Paladino
Michael & Katherine Passarella
Hon. Amy R. Paulin
PEACE OUTside Campus, The
xxLindsey M. Bonistall Foundation
Sula Pearlman
Lois & Art Pearlmutter
Michelle Rosedale Perkins
Pernod Ricard
Thomasina & Paul Petrone
Petrone Family - Thomasina, Paul,
xxxxEvelyn, & Carol Ann
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts
John E. Phelan
Marianne Phiebig
Diana Pickett
Laura & Matthew Pinson
PIP Printing & Marketing Services
Jean & Henry Pollak
Post Road Service Center
Margaret M. Postlewaite, PhD.
Pierre & Rita Poux
Premier Atelier
Tom Preston
Jane Prout
Jeanne Quinn
Karen & Mike Quinn
Judy, Doug, Alan & Jeff Ramsay
Barbara & John A. Ramsdell, M. D.
Karen Rapala
Jeanette & Curtis A. Redmond
Reka's Thai Restaurant
Mitzi Renz
Waldo & Digna Reus
Millard J. Hyland, M. D. &
Nancy E. Rice, M. D.
Ridgeway Garden Center &
xxxxMorano Landscape
Riemann Auto Body Shop
Beth & Mayor Thomas Roach
Stanley Robinson
Mark & Christine Roithmayr
Vivian Rooks
Rosedale Pharmacy
Robert Roston
Royal Palace
Gail R. Ryan
Robert & Barbara Sandler
Dorothy & Jonathan Schere
Richard Scherzer
Daniel & Elfriede Schildwachter
Schnurmacher Center for
xxxxRehabilitation & Nursing
Michele Schoenfeld
Rosalind J. Schulman
Rhona Merker & Paul Schupak
Elizabeth A. Schutt
Ed & Susan Schwartz
Paul Schwarz
Scully Construction LLC
Barbara Selbst
Monica & Jim Selk
Teresa Sherwood
Elizabeth Shollenberger
Marie Sicuranzo
Sign Stop
Frederick Sigona
Doreen Silano
Paul E. Silano
Ruth & Barney Silverman, M. D.
Hon. Beth N. Smayda
Judith & Stanley Sokol
Sola Salon Studios
Laura B. Solomon
Cecelia J. Spilotros
Victor C. Spinelli
John Spohler
Vicki & Norman Stein
Richard E. Stout
Theresa Stratta
Susan Strickler
David Rhodes & Diane Tabakman
Guy A. Terhune
Karen Terhune
Peter Termine
The Care of Trees
The Grafton Inn
The Iron Tomato
The Ritz Carlton
John Tolomer
Mary Travis, PhD.
Robert Troiano
True Value House Center
Susan Turnbull
Uno Chicago Grill
Angela K. Vitellas
Barbara & Bill Vrooman
Susan Wackerow
Elizabeth Wallace
Brian & Beth Wallach
Cynthia A. Wallquist
Alison & Rob Walsh
Gloria Ward
Lorraine & Dr. Bernard Weber
Richard S. Scanlan &
Diane T. Webster
Liza Weiner
Linda Rodney & Marc Weinstein
Robert Weintraub
Barbara & Barry Wenglin, M. D.
Stuart Werner
Westchester Hills Golf Club
Westmed Medical Group
Constance Whitaker
White Plains Performing Arts Center
Lynton & Joan Wiener
Peter & Jeanne Wilcox
Rosemary & John Williams
Bice C. Wilson
Mary L. Wilson
Nancy D. Wilson
Kelvin & Lorine Worrell
Alphons Yost
Laurette Young
Janet Younkin
* Deceased
Gifts In Memory of:
Ronald T. Alley
Dr. Stephen S. Baer
Kuba Beck
Tom Burke
Charles Chervinsky
Sally Coe - Past President WPBF
Robert & Sally Coe
Catherine Sheldon Dagher
Raymond Davis
Fred Elmiger
Hon. Robert Greer
Bob Hausler
Ethel Heitz
Catherine McNally Holland
Frank & Dorothy Kassed
Sam LaFace
Susan LaFortune
James Louis Leinwand
Shirley Lind
James Masullo
Parents of Marilyn McCauley
Berry Farinas McNally
Marie R. Northcutt
Pat Oliva
Daniel O'Shea
Ralph Palmer
Geneva Parker
Noreen Preston
Eric Scaringi
James J. Schaefer
Jan McMally Silverman
Patricia L. Terhune
Hope & George Szabo
Libby Wagner
Virginia McNally Whitehead
Received from 4/1/13 thru 3/31/14
Gifts in Honor of:
Roland Barnes
Jeanne Beaumont
Peter Gisondi
Rachel Gordon
Libby Hollahan
Rita Marshall
Henry G. Miller, Esq.
Judy Meyer Morse
Thomasina & Paul Petrone
Syd Silverman
Charlotte Hope Szabo
Received from 4/01/13 thru 4/31/14
Summer 2014, page 7

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