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Vol. 7, No. 4
North News
Clovis North Educational Center
February 2015
Career Center
holds open house
for college/career
By Carina Tokatian
CNEC holds Med Careers Conference
By Carina Tokatian
CNEC hosted the first annual Medical
Careers Conference on January 27, with
students ranging from 8th to 12th grade
attending. It provided students an opportunity for networking and exposure to
possible careers in the medical field.
There was a wide variety of medical
professionals speaking for the group of
120 students. It’s an “opportunity to connect with leaders of the medical field,”
states CTE Medical English Teacher Erin
Garcia. The speakers at the conference
included nurses, a therapist, a general
practitioner, a representative for American Ambulance, and the Head of Human
Resources from Children’s Hospital.
In addition to the conference, the
CNEC Medical Program offers courses
such as Medical English and Medical
Science classes, which later advance to
CART and ROP classes for juniors and
The main point Garcia wants students to
recognize: “You don’t have to be a straight
A student to be involved.” Garcia stated that
the Central Valley is in dire need for careers
relating to the program. “The program is
dedicated to opening students’ eyes to other
Begun in 2007 by nurse Sarah Mikolavich,
co-advisor Erin Gunn feels that the Medical
Careers Program has definitely evolved. She
has the goal of adding more classes for students to take, and states that the program is
“working to get classes for college credit”
and “a class that will give CNA certification,” or a class that gives enough credit for
students to work in a medical career straight
out of high school.
In a few years, Gunn pictures the program
with “students double the amount of students
we have in courses 9th through 12th grade.”
The CNEC Career Center is giving students the opportunity to browse the internet, peruse catalogs and brochures about
colleges and other career opportunities,
learn important information for assessments such as PSAT/SAT, discover scholarship and financial aid, and investigate
volunteer/job opportunities. These informational opportunities are available Monday through Friday from 7:15 am to 3:15
pm with the assistance of Career Center
Coordinator Ann Kalashian.
The Career Center is holding an open
house in the Counseling Center on February 11 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. It “is a day
inviting staff and students to take a peek,”
states Kalashian. “We want everybody to
be more aware.” She wants the open house
to introduce the public to what the Career
Center has become.
All ages are invited to both the open
house and to the Career Center. Kalashian
says, “Everyone is welcome to come.” This
event, as well as the Center itself, will give
students the opportunity to explore plans
for their future.
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CNEC teachers put in the hours
Anxious to see what you got on your
test in math, you flip open your laptop and
check your grades. When you open your
grades, you get frustrated. Why hasn’t your
teacher put your grades in? You took the
test a week ago. Shouldn’t it already be in?
It’s only one test. Many students often find
this happening to themselves. They can get
frustrated at their teachers for not putting
grades in, not answering
their emails, not giving
homework if they are absent, and more. What students don’t realize these
days is how hard teachers
actually work.
Teachers work for many
long, hard hours. We
talked to three teachers
at CNEC: one Math and
AB teacher on the middle
school side and a Math
teacher on the high school
side. Eighth grade Math
teacher Ron Ramos typically puts in long days. He
stated, “When I am not coaching I would
say 9 to 10 hours a day, which is including
the grading I do at home.” According to 8th
grade AB teacher Mary Allen, “In an average week, I work about 70 hours, which
includes before and after school meetings,
helping kids in labs after school, coaching, lunch detentions, School Site Council
meetings, after school detentions and supervision duty.” Allen was at school until
11:30 PM one night helping set up for the
high school rally. Not do only teachers stay
to finish their work, they also stay to help
the school set up for fun and entertaining
things for the next day.
Despite this, many students still don’t
consider how hard teachers actually work.
They can be very impatient when it comes
to teachers putting grades in, or responding to emails. Students
should be patient when
it comes to these things,
because teachers are very
busy and still have other
important things to do.
High school Math teacher David Hobbs says,
“Many of my students
know that I put in a lot of
time, but there are always
some that have no clue.”
Teachers should be appreciated more by these
students. Even though
teachers not putting in
grades or responding to
emails can be a little frustrating, we still
need to consider everything that teachers
Teachers still have families to take care
of on top of all the hours of meetings, grading work, coaching, detentions, and other
responsibilities. Students these days definitely need to appreciate teachers more,
because they do so much for us.
North News Staff
Editor in Chief: Amy Zaninovich
News Editor: Carina Tokatian
News Staff:
Ani Abajian, Lily Crook
Editorials Editor: Oliviana Oaks
Editorial Staff:
Lea Hernandez
Features Editor: Gracyn Torigian
Features Staff:
Jordan Cusator, Julianna Rios
Sports Editor: Gracie Webb
Sports Staff:
Justin Adams, Jacob Hall
Contributing Editor: Alex Scott
Be aware of
pitfalls of
In 2014, the word of the year in the
Chambers Dictionary was “overshare.”
The Chambers Dictionary defines it as being “unacceptably forthcoming with information about one’s personal life.” Most
people are clueless with what the term
oversharing means or have never even
heard about it. North News conducted a
random survey on whether or not students
at CNEC know what the word oversharing
means. Out of 50 students surveyed, 42 did
not know what the word oversharing means
and hadn’t even heard of the term.
In years past, people were more likely to
know the difference between what was personal and what was not. They kept personal
diaries or journals, actually writing in these
diaries with a pen or pencil onto a paper;
they were considered private. Nowadays,
people overshare with the public in a variety of platforms. On Instagram, about
11,257,738 posts are selfies, and about
79,202,865 post pictures with the hashtag
“bored.” This proves the fact that people
overshare constantly, and don’t even realize it. Teens these days don’t think it’s
unusual that people post pictures or tweet
something saying, “getting Jamba Juice”
or “can’t go to sleep, getting a midnight
snack.” Those are just some of the many
things people overshare about.
Oversharing can cause cyberbullying.
Think about it: if you overshare on Instagram, people can comment rudely on whatever you posted for many reasons. They
might ask why you posted it, or may just
not like it. For example, a girl might post
a picture of herself in a swimsuit. Another
person could then comment “you look fat”
or any other rude and hurtful things.
Did you know that oversharing can actually cause damage to your body? The angle
at which many people check their smartphones can create stress on your neck that
is like a 60- pound weight, with the potential to cause permanent damage.
Hopefully, 2015 will find people more
aware of what oversharing is and the potential downsides to it, and go on to other,
more constructive pastimes.
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Celebrity Love Matchup
By Julianna Rios
Who was Mila Kunis’s first kiss?
Who did Kim Kardashian marry in 2014?
Jennifer Lawrence’s latest fling has been with…
Katy Perry’s ex-husband, who she divorced in 2012, was…
Who is today’s power couple?
Who did George Clooney marry in 2014?
Ariana Grande is currently dating…
Which Kardashian couple just had their third baby?
Suri Cruise, Tom Cruise’s daughter, is from his marriage with…
Justin Timberlake’s wife is…
How many ex-boyfriends does Taylor Swift have?
Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston for…
Jennifer Lopez divorced ________, the father of her two kids.
Willow and Jaden are the kids of…
The Victoria’s secret angel that Adam Levine married is…
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have ____ kids together.
Which pair was a couple while filming High School Musical?
Miranda Lambert is married to The Voice coach _________.
American Idol judge Keith Urban is married to…
Who was T. Swift talking about in “I Knew You Were Trouble”?
Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend at the moment is…
This pair plays an onscreen couple in The Fault in Our Stars.
Mariah Carey recently split from whom?
Selena Gomez has an on/off relationship with…
Channing Tatum’s wife is…
T. Swift’s “Back to December” refers to which ex?
See Answer Key on Page 4
Trivia Crack addicting, challenging fun
By Gracyn Torigian
The new game Trivia Crack is number
one on the App Store charts and received
four and a half stars from over 7,000 players. The game even inhabits teachers’
phones on our campus with its addicting
Trivia Crack tests your knowledge of
entertainment, science, art, history, and
geography. To play the game, you simply
spin the wheel and land on one of the six
categories. Once the subject is chosen you
have thirty seconds to answer. Three correct answers reward you with a choice of
subject. If you answer the question right,
the icon on the subject shows up next to
your scoreboard, making your winning
chances better. You win the game by having all six icons before your opponent, but
when you answer a question wrong it is
no longer your turn and you must wait for
your opponent to finish their turn.
App Store Reviews calls Trivia Crack a
“great trivia game” and “addicting.” Trivia
Crack has taken over people’s phones and
in some cases their time. Classrooms are
filled with the rainbow glow of the Trivia
Crack wheel, and brains are filling with
challenging facts that test your judgment.
Trivia Crack is described as fun, but also
repetitive. After playing for so long questions reappear, so will Trivia Crack stay
popular for long without new questions?
The app most likely won’t last a few more
months in the top charts of the App Store; a
new game will undoubtedly arise and leave
Trivia Crack labeled as irrelevant.
Katie Holmes
Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith
Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick
Harry Styles
Behati Prinsloo
Russell Brand
Blake Shelton
Marc Anthony
Beyoncé & Jay Z
Chris Martin
Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron
Nicole Kidman
Nick Cannon
Ansel Elgort & Shailene Woodley
Jenna Dewan Tatum
Justin Bieber
Kanye West
Ashton Kutcher
Taylor Lautner
Angelina Jolie
French Montana
Jessica Biel
Amal Clooney
Big Sean
CN alum youngest
to earn BA degree
at UC Merced
By Jordan Cusator
A member of CN’s first graduating class
in 2011, Lara Jaber, now 20 years old and
in medical school, is the youngest student
to graduate from UC Merced with a Bachelor’s degree.
Jaber graduated from CN at 16, a year
ahead of her class. To be able to do this,
she took eight classes instead of the usual
six, did zero period and lunch PE, took
summer school every year, and two English classes at the same time. Jaber had to
work hard and manage an almost impossible schedule, but was ultimately able to
keep up with everything. She says, “I was
hesitant because it entailed that I graduate
with the class above me and not with my
See CN ALUM, Page 4
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CN boys’ soccer: GR 8th grade girls’ varsity basketball
Experience plus tough competitors
teamwork and determination. Kiehlmeier
The GR 8th grade girls’ varsity basket- states that the biggest improvements he
By Gracie Webb
By Justin Adams
The CN boys’ soccer team is finishing
off their strong season looking to learn from
the experience and the competition they’ve
faced. It seems head coach Chad McCarty
has felt that his team is on a mission to be
first, adding, “Everyone in TRAC [are our
rivals]. Everyone is trying hard to become
the champions.”
A very experienced group of players has
molded chemistry throughout the season.
Showing great progress, the team’s current
record is 10-3-1, and next year is getting a
group of very talented players looking to
bring their best to the team. Looking forward to the next season and what it brings,
McCarty added, “I have seen both our
Granite Ridge teams play several times
and can say I am excited for the future of
Bronco soccer.”
ball team has proven to bring tough competition to all opponents this season. With an
overall record of 13-3 and a league record
of 8-2, the team demonstrated immense
talent and dedication throughout the entire
season. Not only did the girls have great
success in games, but they also became
better players individually and as a team.
Head coach Shane Kiehlmeier has been
coaching high school-level basketball for
20 years. He says that his main goal for
the team is to “play as hard as we can and
compete every game.” As the season progressed, the team began to display great
has seen were that the team began to play
better together and play harder. The girls’
relationship towards one another supported
their performances in games, especially in
crucial moments. All in all, the team had an
outstanding overall season and established
intense competition.
GR boys’ soccer
goes undefeated,
wins league
By Jacob Hall
Photo courtesy of Sportswurlz
Matchup Answers
The GR soccer team had a great season.
They are celebrating their undefeated record, making them league champs. According to head coach Dan O’Hara, a lot of
work went into this accomplishment.
O’Hara has coached soccer for 24 years,
at the levels of youth, junior high, and high
school. The reason he coaches is that he
enjoys “passing my love of the game to
young athletes.” The team seems to have
met every goal they had for the season.
O’Hara expected his team to “practice hard
with a purpose,” and to “get better every
There were nearly no goals scored on
this year’s team. This goes to show you
how well-rounded this team is. “This
year’s team is very skilled,” O’Hara states.
Before every game, the team focuses on
only their assignment. “We have a focus
for each game,” O’Hara says.
It isn’t easy making this team; in a soccer
player, O’Hara looks for athleticism and if
the player is coachable or not. This year’s
team had a great season, and hopefully so
will the next.
Annemarie Allison catches ball in
championship game versus Kastner.
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Jaber took advantage of the 15% program
at Willow International and took two community college classes on Saturdays. When
she graduated high school, she already had
32 transferrable collage credits. Jaber attended UC Merced with sophomore standing. She took 18-21 units a semester and
attended summer school. Next thing she
knew, Jaber earned her Bachelor’s degree
at 18.
Jaber says, “Sometimes, we scare ourselves and don’t give ourselves a chance to
go beyond our comfortable zone. With my
family’s encouragement and support, combined with my motivation and determination, I was able to do it.”