Report: Israel has detained 3,000 Palestinian children since 2010


Report: Israel has detained 3,000 Palestinian children since 2010
Report: Israel has detained 3,000 Palestinian children since 2010
Thursday, July 03 2014
Middle East
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Report: Israel has detained 3,000 Palestinian children since 2010
Israeli settlers kidnap, burn and kill Palestinian
boy in Jerusalem
Report: Israel has detained 3,000
Palestinian children since 2010
Wednesday, 02 July 2014 14:06
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Israeli forces arrested nearly 3,000 Palestinian children from the beginning of 2010 to
mid-2014, the majority of them between the ages of 12 and 15 years old,
Addustour newspaper published a new report saying yesterday.
The Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights' report documented dozens of video recorded
testimonies of children arrested during the first months of 2014, pointing out that 75 per cent
of the detained children are subjected to physical torture and 25 per cent faced military trials.
The report revealed details of the children's suffering, starting with the arbitrary arrests which
are in violation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child to which Israel ratified in 1991.
The report listed a series of violations practiced by Israeli forces against children during the
arrest process itself, where the Israeli forces raid the children's homes after midnight as they
sleep using actions that terrorise the child and his family, without clear justification or an actual
security need.
The Geneva-based watchdog said: "The majority of the detained children were subjected to
threats and physical torture including beatings during the investigation. The Israeli authorities
responsible for the investigation often use 'isolation' against one in every five detained
children, as a means of pressure during the investigations which may extend to 10 days on
average and up to 30 days in some cases."
During the "isolation", the report points out, the investigating authorities place the child alone
in "narrow cells" and do not allow anyone to meet him, including in some cases his lawyer.
The organisation called on international bodies and human rights organisations to stop Israeli
violations against Palestinian children and stressed on the need for Israeli authorities to hold
the children's trials in the occupied Palestinian territories to give their families and lawyers the
opportunity to meet them and accompany them during the interrogations and to ensure that
they are not subjected to torture, and to provide them with fair compensation in case it is
demonstrated that their detention was arbitrary.
It called on all parties who have signed the Geneva Convention and related international
institutions to "practice the largest possible pressure against Israel, including denying it from
financial agreements and aid to immediately stop its human rights violations".
Euro-Mid researcher Sandra Owen said that at least 1,406 Palestinian children have been
killed since 2000, including 263 children under the age of eight and 450 children under the
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03/07/14 18:36
Report: Israel has detained 3,000 Palestinian children since 2010
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