FPVModel RaceGates Setup Manual


FPVModel RaceGates Setup Manual
FPVMODEL RaceGates gives the user the ability to map their tracks out with ease using this simple design that can be
setup in minutes. Using the simplicity of collapsible tent poles and Polyester Oxford 210D fabric, these gates come in a
handy carry along bag, giving you the freedom to race anywhere in just a moments notice.
Step 1: Unpack the box and nylon bag.
Step 2: Unbuckle the belt which connects the two ends of FPVMODEL RaceGates.
Step 3: Put the fiberglass poles together
Step 4: Insert the fiberglass poles into corresponding flaps. Please note that the poles need to get through the second
flap first, and finally the flaps in two ends.
Step 5: The final piece of fiberglass pole need to be disconnected first so as to make it easier to insert the last flap.
Step 6: Raise the RaceGates.
Step 7: Buckle the belt
Step 8: Stake the RaceGates to the ground. If you're in rocky or particularly hard ground, you might need to use a
tiny hammer or other blunt object to hammer them in a little.
Step 9: Insert the two short fiberglass poles into both ends of FPVMODEL RaceGates. This will keep the RaceGates
more stable.
Step 10: Finally the FPVMODEL RaceGates is successfully setup, and you can now enjoy the FPV racing.
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