2011 Annual Report without video



2011 Annual Report without video
Annual Report To Contributors
Photo: Brittney Bollay
Cover: Mad Rad at the KEXP BBQ
Photo: Dave Lichterman
Message from the Executive Director
KEXP Mission and Values
Programming Highlights
Management and Financial highlights
Volunteer Leadership
Volunteer Support
Business Contributors
Individual Contributors
KEXP Staff List
Tom Mara speaks at Seattle Center.
Photo: Suzi Pratt
Message from the executive director
From podcasts to events to our award-winning blog, KEXP
connected more people with more music—and through more
mediums—than ever in 2011.
Whether you listened at 90.3 FM in Seattle, online, or used
one of our increasing number of applications for mobile
phones, that upsurge impacted what you heard. We
broadcast a record-setting 572 in-studio sessions and archived
each one on KEXP.ORG within a matter of hours. Our video
team translated those performances into clips that generated
a phenomenal number of views—Florence + the Machine’s
stunning 2010 in-studio alone was viewed by over two
million YouTube users by year’s end. We traveled to Iceland
for our first-ever international live remote. Our new Monday
night specialty show El Sonido strengthened ties to Latin
music lovers, and Dr. Leon Berman’s Friday evening rockabilly
blowout Shake the Shack celebrated its 25th anniversary.
More music reaching more people also meant increased
opportunities to learn from our fellow music lovers. At
community events like Hood-to-Hood Day and our free
Concerts at the Mural, during our fundraising drives, and
in one-on-one meetings with donors, people shared their
passion for KEXP and the difference it makes in their lives.
The dialogue we had with supporters was enormously helpful
as we refined the vision for our new home at Seattle Center,
and prepare for the coming capital campaign in 2013. Artists
and educators, libraries and teachers, museums and elected
officials all shared their insights as we prepared for the work
Ah yes, the future. We signed a 30-year lease for the
Northwest Rooms at Seattle Center with the City of Seattle
and a 30-year operating agreement with the University of
Washington. Entering into those contracts shored up our civic
role in the Emerald City and directs us to concentrate on being
a public resource that reflects the unique character of the
Pacific Northwest and artists like Pickwick, Shabazz Palaces,
and the Head and the Heart.
Ever mindful of our financial responsibilities, KEXP made
the most of its resources in 2011, once again adding to our
operating reserves. Our revenues increased, with growth
from both business support and individual donors, and our
spending remained prudent. Some strategic hires in the
programming department allowed us to markedly increase
the volume of KEXP podcasts, video, and blog content.
When I first heard the Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men
in 2011 during the KEXP broadcast from the Iceland Airwaves
Festival, I thought, “Wow, I feel like I’m one of the only people
in the world who knows about this band … and I have to
tell others about them!” KEXP is entirely built on discovering
and sharing new music, and that passion compels us to bring
it into other people’s lives, but we don’t own that franchise
exclusively. We have hundreds of thousands of listeners who
share in everything we do, and almost 14,000 who, with their
financial support, make it all possible. Thank you for powering
KEXP and bringing people all over the world together with
great music.
Tom Mara, Executive Director, KEXP
KEXP enriches people’s lives by
championing music and discovery.
A world where music connects
and inspires people everywhere,
creating meaning and
understanding in our lives.
Broken Social Scene
Photo: Dave Lichterman
• All good music deserves to be heard.
• Creative programming respects and
inspires listeners and their curiosity.
• Music connects people and creates
meaning in the world.
• Curated music experiences promote
artistic diversity.
• As non-profit, independent media,
public radio stewards the airwaves to
serve the good of the people.
programming highlights
In 2011, KEXP’s relentless focus on carefully curated music and
shared experiences, as well as increased creation of unique
podcasts, blog posts, videos, and photographs, allowed more
people to spend more time with KEXP’s services. KEXP instudio performance videos were viewed 22 million times in
2011 (including 2 million views for Florence + the Machine
alone!), an increase of 100 percent from 11 million views in
2010. We launched Android and Windows mobile phone
applications, and a new 14-day spooling archive that made
it easier than ever for listeners to enjoy their favorite KEXP
programs when it best suits their schedules. KEXP continued
to produce innovative, original programs like visiting producer
8,000 people enjoyed the 2011 Concerts
at the Mural shows, including this young
Pickwick fan.
Photo: Dave Lichterman
Julie Caine’s series The Fabulous Sounds of the Pacific
Northwest, which explored Seattle outposts of Balkan, Greek,
Vietnamese, and Chinese music. Friday night’s rockabilly show
Shake the Shack celebrated its 25th anniversary, and the newly
launched Monday evening program El Sonido connected
audiences to the best in emerging and influential Latin music.
KEXP.ORG won three major prizes at Seattle Weekly’s 2011
Seattle Web Awards. Our latest compilation album, Live at
KEXP Volume Seven, showcased 17 of the finest exclusive
KEXP performances by artists like the Head and the Heart, Fitz
& the Tantrums, Wild Flag, Susana Baca, and Wire.
programming highlights
“As a community-based arts therapist working with disadvantaged
children and their families, I’m in my car a lot. I’d been flipping
back and forth from NPR to various stations, not expecting
anything good, and paused on an unfamiliar station for a
Talking Heads song, followed by a beautiful folk rock song I’d
never heard before, and then a song in French. I was amazed
at the diversity and have been listening to KEXP ever since.”
– Wendy in Shoreline
“After spending four years in China, I recently relocated to Korea.
Whilst living behind the Great Firewall, my only sources of
guaranteed impeccable new music were your podcasts. Now
that I have been released from censorship, I am able to enjoy
KEXP streaming at all hours of the day. When KEXP comes on in
the morning, I always experience an instinctive inner jubilation
that says, ‘That is the voice of freedom!’”
– Natalie in Korea
“Although I live in a large metropolis it fails miserably at feeding
our musical needs. KEXP saved my musical soul. All the music I
have purchased is by artists I have been exposed to through you.
Thank you from the bottom of my Midwest heart.”
– Laurie in Chicago
“KEXP gets everything right: the music, the DJs, the in-studio
performances, the website, the whole shebang. Plus, I can listen
to The Morning Show online here in England and think about my
brother and sister-in-law listening to the same show right there
in Seattle — and that makes the world feel a little cozier to me.”
– Jessica in Brighton, England
“I have not found anything like KEXP in my city. There are a
substantial number of KEXP stickers here in San Francisco! I
see them everywhere I go. I have one on my bike and every so
often I’m locking it up when someone approaches me and
says, ‘Dude … KEXP!’ and we instantly strike up a conversation.
You guys connect people all over the country!”
– Phil in San Francisco
“I love music. KEXP is the most comprehensive station on the
dial in Seattle; I can listen to world beats, American roots,
contemporary singer-songwriters and more. What I really
appreciate is the availability to listen to KEXP anywhere in
the world … with an Internet connection. Because of these
benefits, I Power KEXP.” – Sommer in New Zealand.
“Since that first Internet click, you’ve had me hook, line and sinker!”
– Dallas in New Jersey
Background: Grynch
Photo: Dave Lichterman
John Richards during our very first
international remote broadcast at the
Iceland Airwaves Festival. KEXP recorded
34 performances at multiple locations
during the six-day festival.
Photo: Michael Matynka
SITY Foundation
Brent Stiefel is a self-confessed “music junkie” and the CEO
and founder of Votiv, a Seattle-based media group that works
with bands including My Goodness, Craft Spells, and Beat
Connection. His wife Courtney hasn’t touched an instrument
since she mimed her way through playing the recorder in a
4th grade student assembly, but she loves music, too. “I listen
to KEXP all the time with our girls in the car,” she says. “It’s a
great opportunity to hear music from all over the world and
get to know the local scene better.”
Three years ago, Brent and Courtney launched the SITY
Foundation—named for their daughters, Sienna and Tyler—
to assist non-profits that work with the arts, education, and
environmental concerns, especially ones that impact young
people. Partnering with organizations that they feel connected
to is important to the Stiefel family and SITY Foundation. So is
giving targeted gifts that address a specific need, as they did
with their $14,000 donation to KEXP in 2011.
More than 200 of KEXP’s live sessions in 2011 were captured
outside of the station’s broadcast facility. But when our
Programming and Production teams worked off-site in the
past, they had to rent live sound engineering equipment,
which drove up operating costs (and didn’t always guarantee
top-quality gear). Brent and Courtney recognized that
KEXP’s commitment to public service hinged on the success
of community events like our Bumbershoot Music Lounge
performances and Musicfest NW broadcasts, and wanted
to ensure that they sounded as great as the rest of our
programming. Thanks to SITY Foundation, KEXP was able
to purchase a new audio engineering remote kit—nearly 30
pieces of state-of-the-art equipment—to help ensure that
featured bands sound their best.
The Stiefel family first got to witness their gift in action during
the Musicfest NW celebration in Portland last fall, and Brent
has every intention of checking in on the remote kit regularly
when he attends events including Bumbershoot and Hoodto-Hood Day. Heck, that’s part of why SITY Foundation made
that high-impact gift in the first place. “I’ve often found that
the KEXP sessions are more fun than the actual festivals,” he
admits. “They’re just awesome.”
The Vaccines perform live on KEXP.
Photo: Dave Lichterman
serving artists
KEXP listeners seek out new sounds, and exposure on KEXP
often provides artists with some of their earliest and most ardent
fans, which in turn can drive record sales, concert attendance,
and additional career opportunities. Being featured in a KEXP
podcast or video of an in-studio performance means that an
artist’s music can captivate an audience of millions, and the
enjoyment of live music is not limited by the capacity of a
single venue. “KEXP is an excellent support network for artists
of all kinds,” says Reed Jeunger of Beat Connection. In 2011,
KEXP hosted 572 performances in our studios in Seattle; at
the Cutting Room in New York City; from Mellow Johnny’s
Bike Shop in Austin, TX; the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland,
OR; and from major festivals including Bumbershoot, Capitol
Hill Block Party, and Sasquatch Music Festival. We produced
our first international remote broadcast at Iceland Airwaves
music festival in Reykjavik, Iceland, recording 34 bands in six
days from multiple locations. Partnering with NPR on a live
web stream from Sasquatch Music Festival was also a popular
broadcast, exposing a significant number of music lovers to
both KEXP and Sasquatch artists.
management and financial highlights
Responsible stewardship of donor support governed KEXP’s
fiscal decision-making in 2011, allowing us to invest further
in developing programming services while ending the year
strong with 6.2 months of operating coverage in our cash
reserves. KEXP’s total revenues in 2011 were $5,670,628.
Contributions from 13,939 individual donors, donor-directed
funds, corporate matching programs, and family foundations
generated $2,547,150, representing 45 percent—and the
largest portion—of KEXP’s total revenue. Boosted by media
attention around KEXP’s campaign to move to Seattle Center
and signs of a stabilizing economy, support from businesses
surpassed projections, with more than 300 local and national
businesses accounting for $1,179,199 (or 21 percent of total
revenue), a significant 15 percent increase from the previous
Programming ventures beyond the airwaves—including
concession and ticket sales at events and concerts, as well
as sales of Live at KEXP Volume Seven—accounted for three
percent of total revenue.
KEXP received support from several private organizations
in 2011, including ongoing contributions from Microsoft
Community Affairs for the improvement of online services
Lay Low perform at Iceland Airwaves.
Photo: Michael Matynka
and to boost unified internal communication and calendaring
services. In addition, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting
provided funding through the American Archive Content
Inventory Project to facilitate an inventory of KEXP’s music
library in preparation for digitization; support for KEXP’s
Community Partnership Initiative came from U.S. Bancorp
Foundation; and a grant from The Seattle Foundation helped
to offset general operating expenses.
Government support for KEXP included a grant from the
Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs to finance Audioasis,
Seattle’s longest-running local music radio show. In addition,
KEXP received funding for its 2011 programs—including the
fourth annual Concerts at the Mural series—from 4Culture.
KEXP received notable in-kind support from individuals,
organizations, and local and national businesses in the form of
goods and services worth $1.5 million. Of that in-kind support,
$1.4 million came from KEXP’s key partner, the University
of Washington, from whom we received engineering, IT,
fundraising, and business system support.
KEXP’s total expenses in 2011 were $5,377,446, with 60
percent of that amount dedicated to Programs. Fundraising
and Administrative costs accounted for the remaining 34
percent and 6 percent, respectively.
Individual Support
In-Kind Support
Business Support
Program Service Revenue
Online Ads
The Vaccines. Photo: Dave Lichterman
kexp expenses
The Fleet Foxes at the Paramount Theater. Photo: Jim Bennett
KEXP volunteer leadership
Friends of KEXP Board of Directors
President, Merchandising
Nordstrom Inc.
Gamehouse Studios
Wyncote Foundation NW
Vice President
Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and Collections
Community Volunteer
Vice Provost, Planning and Budgeting
University of Washington
Business Development and Media Rights Manager
Associate Director, Venture Investment
Vulcan Capital
Chief Creative Officer
Publicis USA
Vice President and CIO, UW Information Technology
University of Washington
Chief Financial Officer
Story Worldwide
Friends of KEXP Advisory Council
Sellen Construction
Managing Partner
Cairncross & Hemplemann, P.S.
Fortune 500 Veteran
Musician, Humanitarian
Vice President
External Payment Services
Director of Product Development
ESPN Interactive
General Manager, Competitive Strategy
Senior Director of Programming
Seattle Theatre Group
McKinsey & Co.
Photo: Renata Steiner
KEXP volunteer support
In 2011, 589 volunteers donated a total of 20,000 hours to
KEXP. The continued generosity and support of our volunteer
team enables KEXP to achieve more than ever, providing
valuable resources for programming and production needs,
fundraising and administrative duties, serving the KEXP
community better, and engaging new listeners. Many thanks
to the volunteers who donated the most hours in 2011: Bailey
Kitka, Annie Wilson, Sabrina Bowers, Phillip LaRose, Michael
Beck, Sean Morrow, Dylan Flesch, Timothy Meinig, Anne Allen,
Jerry Green, Susan James, Kat Metrovich, and Kerry Weinrich.
PJ Welsh Volunteer of
the Quarter Recipients:
2011 KEXP Volunteer
Appreciation Party.
Photo: Michael Antares
KEXP business contributors
4 Your Eyes Only
8 Limbs Yoga
Aclu Of Washington
Act Theatre
Aeg Live
Alaska Usa Federal Credit
Alpine Hut
Alternative Distribution
American Fisheries Society
Anti- Records
Antioch University
Arts & Crafts Productions
Asthmatic Kitty Records
Atkins Intellectual Property
Ato Records
Bainbridge Graduate
Ballard Counseling Group
Bastyr University
Beacon Plumbing
Bedrooms & More
Bellevue Arts Museum
Bellevue College
Bicycle Alliance of
Bloodshot Records
Blue Room Music
Bold Hat Productions
Broadway Across America
Broadway Center for the
Performing Arts
Brooklyn Bowl
Caffé Vita
Canvasback Music
Capitol Hill Block Party
Capitol Hill Vision
Capitol Records
Card Kingdom
Caribbean Blue
Center For Spiritual Living
Central Co-Op
Central Saloon
Chaplin’s Bellevue Subaru
& Volkswagen
Charley + May Co.
Cherry Street Coffee
Chiso Sushi
City Arts Magazine
City of Renton
City University of Seattle
Clif Bar
Cloud Strategies
Columbia University School
of General Studies
Community Power Works
Cornish College of the Arts
Cortiva Institute
Crispin Cider
Crooked Trails
Cupcake Royale
Cushe Footwear
Cypress Wine Bar
Dangerbird Records
Daniel 13 Press
Dead Nation Presents
Decibel Festival
Delicatus Seattle
Delicious Planet
Deluna Festival
Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley
Dogs On The Hill
Downtown Seattle
E.E. Robbins
Easy Street Records
Edmonds Center for
the Arts
El Corazon
Ellensburg Film Festival
Emerald City Comicon
Ethan Stowell Restaurants
Evergreen State College
Everyday Music
Experience Music Project
Experience Shoes
Eyes On Fremont
F5 Networks
Fibercloud Inc.
Film Industry Night
Flying Squirrel Pizza
Fox Broadcasting Company
Fremont Chamber of
Gage Academy of Art
Garage Billiards
Glazers Camera
Go Kustom
Grand Illusion
Green Cleaning Seattle
Green Tea Plumbing
Group Health
Guiding Lights Network
Hagerty Insurance
Hard Rock Cafe
Harriott Valentine Engineers
Hattie’s Hat
Hearth Music
Henry Art Gallery
Hotel Deluxe
Hotel Max
Iceland Naturally
Ideal Network
Ifc Films
Infinity Acupuncture
Intiman Theatres
J Shoes
Jra Bike Shop
Kill Rock Stars
King Cat Theater
King County Water Taxi
Kirkland Performance
Kirtland Records
La Isla
La Tienda
Lagunitas Brewing
Laugh Lover’s Ball
Lifelong Aids Alliance
Lifewise Health Plan of
Little Water Cantina
Live Nation
Local 360
Lost Highway Records
Low Income Housing
Lowell’s Restaurant & Bar
Lynwood Center
Mattress City
Mayo Performing Arts
Merge Records
Microsoft Corporation
Molly Moon’s Homemade
Ice Cream
Monqui Presents
Moon Rock Massage
Mount Bachelor
Mount Baker
Community Club
MPress Records
Museum of History and
Music To Know
Nature Consortium
Nectar Lounge
New Belgium Brewing
Newport Folk Festival
Noise for the Needy
Nonesuch Records
North American Breweries
Northwest Chocolate
Nube Green
One Reel
Pagliacci Pizza
Pan Pacific Hotel
Patterson Cellars
Pcc Natural Markets
People’s Republik
of Komedy
Piccola Cellars
Piece Of Mind
Pike Place Market Pda
Piraeus Data
Planned Parenthood of the
Great Northwest
Poor Boyz Productions
Pratt Fine Arts Center
Prost German Pubs
Public Media Interactive
Puffin Glass Studios
Puget Sound Energy
Puget Sound Puppers
Puyallup Fair
Pyramid Communications
Q Cafe
Radar Hair & Records
Razor & Tie
Red Light Vintage Clothing
Redeye Distribution
Ride Bicycles
Rock The Village
Royal Potato Family
Saddle Creek Records
Salal Credit Union
Sarathan Records
Scarecrow Video
School of Rock
Sealed With A Kiss
Seattle Aquarium
Seattle Art Museum
Seattle Bike Polo
Seattle Biomedical
Seattle Center
Seattle Community College
District VI
Seattle Divorce Services
Seattle Film Institute
Seattle Logo Pro
Seattle Metropolitan Credit
Seattle Opera
Seattle Pacific University
Seattle Repertory Theatre
Seattle Shakespeare
Seattle Symphony
Seattle Theatre Group
Seattle University
Seattle Weekly
See Kai Run
Señor Moose
Shepherd’s Counseling
Shout! Factory
Silver Platters
Slow Food Roots Festival
Smg Entertainment
Soaring Heart Natural Bed
Sonic Boom Records
Sony Music Distribution
Soul’d Out Productions
Sound Fest
Soundhouse Recording
Square Peg Concerts
Starbucks Coffee Company
Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Subaru of America
Sunset Tavern
Swenson Say Fagét
Take Warning Presents
Tashkent Park Llc
Team Up For Nonprofits
The Behemoth
The Columbia City Theater
The Crocodile
The Cutting Room
The Forge Lounge
The Saint
The Seattle Times
The Summit At Snoqualmie
The Triple Door
The Wing Luke Museum
Third Man Records
Tom Douglas Restaurants
Top Pot Doughnuts
Tractor Tavern
Treehouse Cafe
Triamp Group
Trophy Cupcakes and Party
True West
Underdog Sports Leagues
University Bookstore
Urban Craft Uprising
U.s. Fund for Unicef
Usc Events
University of Washington
Verity Credit Union
Verizon Wireless
Victrola Coffee Roasters
Visions Espresso
Wake Up Productions
Walker’s Renton Subaru
Warner Music Group
Warren Miller Films
Washington Beer
Washington Wine
West Seattle Junction
White Rabbit
Whitefish Mountain Resort
Whole Foods Market
Winery Alliance of
Bainbridge Island
Woodland Park Zoo
World Affairs Council
Zaw Pizza
KEXP individual contributors
The Microsoft Matching
Gift Program
Wyncote Foundation NW
at The Seattle Foundation
The Stuart and Jesse
Abelson Foundation
The Goodfellow Fund
Peter, Brandy, Micki &
Chet Nordstrom
Becky Roberts
Bill & Melinda Gates
Foundation Matching
Gift Program
Paula E. Boggs &
Randee S. Fox
Scott B. Redman
Sasquatch Music Festival
SITY Foundation
James Utzschneider &
Jenna Miller
Lisa Baker & Dave Stewart
Will & Jennifer Daugherty
Fredricksen Green
Foundation at the
Community Foundation
of Western Nevada
Michelle Gengler &
Jared Ream
Chris Gossard &
Lee Ann Johnson
Darryl Havens
Sherri Havens
Bjorn B. Levidow &
Diana Knauf
Euan & Bethany Menzies
Adobe Systems Inc.
Matching Gift Program
Scott & Becky Bell
Boeing Matching
Gift Program
Vanessa Cannon
Jennifer A. Cast &
Elizabeth Franklin
Danielle Crandall
Ewan Duncan &
Carol Crews
Dave & Karen Fulmer
Caroline Goles
Eric R. Hanson &
Cheryl Hanson
Robert Harvey &
Sarah Ziegenfuss
Doug Hauger &
Christine Trigg
Susan Hood & Tom, Nora &
Rory Leonard
Kristie & Mike Howard
Devon T. Jackson
Christopher &
Alida Latham
John Lucero
Tom & Mary Mara
Beth Naczkowski
Lori Noto
Pacific Northwest
Warehouses, Inc.
Charles Padgett
Lawrence Plummer &
Gretchen Fennema
David L. Roberts
Michael Robertson
Leesa Schandel &
Joshua Sanford
Chris Schmidt
The Seattle Foundation
GiveBig Campaign
Josef Vascovitz
John P. Vechey
Peter & Shelly Vosshall
Anonymous (2)
Denis Adair & Mike Sousa
Diane Adams &
Spencer Ayers
Michael J. Ahearn
Stephen Allen
Amgen Foundation
Matching Gift Program
Nancy Anderson &
Sandra LeDuc
Pandora Andre-Beatty &
Jeff Ament
Leanne & Paul Andrepont
Kathleen M. Aulwes
Vanessa Baker &
Brian Onstot
Joel Barton
Laurie Baughman
Anne G. Bean &
Mike DiPetrillo
Niels & Kathleen Beck
Zachary Bender
Wolter F. Benning
Faith Berry
Sue, Adam & Roger Bialous
Tim & Risa Bierman
Gregory M. Bishop
Eric R. Blume &
Eva Nachmanson
Ernest Booth
David Boyd
Bill Bozeman
Kirstin Briefs
Toby Bright
Howard Brown
Mark P. Brown
Rebecca Brown
Tierna & Robert Buchmayr
The Bungie Foundation
Denise & Brian Burnside
Chris Burris
David Cagen
Philip Cammarano &
Barbara Duffy
Kelly J. Campbell
Shannon Carter &
Steve Withycombe
Jim Catalano &
Christina Emerick
Vincent Celie &
Aileen Murphy
Evan Chaney
Meryl & Eric Charles
Jean H. Cho &
David A. Mankoff
Brad D. Clayton
Kevin Cole
Gwen & Aaron Colwell
John M. Cook
Shelly Corbett &
Andrew Carson
Andrew Corey
Michael & Patricia Corey
John Costello
John & Carole Danielson
John Davis & Kim McIver
Julie Davis & Jill Briggs
Anne Dederer &
Walter Feen
David Diedrick
Ulric T. Dihle
Brecken & Shauna Diller
Nicholas Dimiduk
David Dunn
Cathy Edens
Nancy Elder & Conor Sisk
Christina Ellis &
Adam Prairie
Joanne & Ed Ellis
The Ellis Foundation
Lea Ennis & Scott Egan
Expedia, Inc. Matching
Gift Program
Ben Exworthy
Scott & Heather Falkin
Jimmy Fallon
Aaron Feakins
Andrew & Sarah Fenzl
Fidelity Charitable
Gift Fund
Linda Finn
Fletcher Bay Foundation
Chris & Ethan Floyd
Joe & Kathy Freedman
Alice Freilinger
Cory & Michelle Fritzsching
Teresa Gallo & Eric Ward
Michael Galloway
Andrew Gardner &
Randi Hedin
Jeff & Lynn Gold
Sandra Gomez
Google Matching
Gift Program
Jay L. Gorham
Michele Gould &
Dan Havel
Alice Grasset &
Ripley Ballou
Charles Groom &
Lisa Logan
Taran & Dennis Grove
Roman & Dana Guenther
Duncan A. Haas &
Birgit Walbaum
Scott A. Hamilton &
Angela Trout
Julie Hanson
Eric Harrington
Katrina Harvie-Watt &
Marc Faerber
Audrey Hendrickson
Susan H. Hicks
Mathew Hill
Peter Hill
C. David Hopkins &
David Kersey
Peter & Missy Igel
Luke, Jessica & Pela Ivey
Deborah Jacobsen
Chase & Kate Jarvis
Paul & Alisa Jenny
Bryan E. Johnson
Kent R. Johnson &
Cody Blomberg
Spike Kane
Kristofor Kannarr
Stan Kaufman &
Julia Reitan
Barry Kellems
John P. Kenny
King County Combined
Federal Campaign
Michele Kinsey
Paul Kisicki & Ashley
Brett & Cassandra Kvenild
Susan E. Lanphere
Jonathan T. Lasser
John & Nanette Latham
Eric S. Layland
Jon LeCroy
Ann Lefert & John Davis
Olivia Leland &
Van Chappell
Jeffrey M. Lembeck
Steven P. Letson
Adam Lewis
John & Joy Liechty
Scott W. Lien
Sherri Lucas
Dave MacDonald
Kristie Macris &
Ricardo Ariza
Sarah Maitre
Ron & Angela Majerus
Vanessa & Bradley
Vance Martin
Greg A. Martinez &
Francie Zant
Willie Matthewson
Melinda & Olivia Maxwell
Thomas & Teresa McCann
Jon McClintock
Andrew McCombie
Julie, Pat & Ashley
Ian McGonigle
Jill McVey & Thomas Fuller
Jon C. Mendrick &
Shannon R. O’Brien
Lisa Mennet &
Gabe Newell
Matt & Jennifer Meyers
Amy Michael
Michael & Mindy Miller
Loulie Molloy
Mark & Kristie Monroe
Craig Moore &
Stephanie Krimmel
Charles Moore
Tammy Morales &
Harry Teicher
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Phil Morley
Sarah Morton
Audrey Morton
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Nicole Devine
Elizabeth Murphy
David Musselwhite
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Gene Nash
Jackie Nichilo
Emily Niles
Timothy Noonan
Erik B. Nordstrom
Suzanne Nunez
Brooke O’Neal
Jason Page
Chad Painter
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Michael Allen
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Bernadette Pauls
Joshua M. Pelman
Angel Perez
Katie Peterson
Mary Pigott
John Piscioneri
PlayNetwork, Inc.
Rebecca & Hannah Priebe
Alec & Cathy Ramsay
Dan Rathman
John & Amy Richards
Tom Richardson &
Carrie Bryon
Janette Rising
Joseph S. Rogers
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Rose Tatlow
Michael K. Ryan &
Dawn M. Hopkins
Christine Salazar
Saltchuck Resources
Matching Gift Program
Theresa & Giancarlo
Glen Saurdiff
Elizabeth & Patrick
Adam Schofield &
Rachel Strasz
Loren Schwartz
Steven Severin &
Leigh Sims
Julie Shapiro &
Shelly Cohen
Chad R. Siefert &
Jill S. Lamberts
SkB Architects
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Serena Maurer
Ron Smith
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Jessica Sommer
Amy Sorokas &
Jason McConnell
Jeb & Anne Spengler
Kerrie Spoonemore
Patrice Stankavich
Starbucks Coffee
Matching Gift Program
Andrea, Tracey &
Elizabeth Steig
Stacey Sterling
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Mark Stromberg
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Marty Thayer
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Jennifer Benner
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Jeffrey Tschumperlin
Madalyn Urdal & Liz Harris
Barry R. Vail &
Dascha Bright
Trey & Angie Valenta
Donna & Bill Van Buren
Shaun & Brooke Van Eyk
Derrik Van Nimwegen
Thom Votteler
Thomas Walsh
Beth Walsh
Martin N. Watterson
Joe Weil
Amy Weinstein &
Crasta Duggan
Jennifer Weiss
The Wellworth Foundation
Carolyn Wennblom
Jennifer Westberg
Brian Whiting
Scott Wilson
George & Erika Winters
Jamie & Ethan Young
Anonymous (3)
Russ & Kim Adams
Elizabeth G. Adams &
Chris Williams
Nance & Steve Adler
J.C. Aevaliotis
Katy & Michael Afruma
Hannah Ahmed
Bob Albert &
Robin Haglund
Dwight Anderson
Jill Anderson
Jeremy & Michele Andrasik
Jill & Jim Angelo
Brooke Asbury
Christopher Ashley
Ian Babcock
John Bailey
David Baker
Damon Baker
David Ballantine
Matt Baney
Bank of America
Foundation Matching
Gift Program
Jacqui & David Barnes
Sean & Lachlan Barnes
John H. Barr &
Arlene Martin
Jim & Caroline Barrett
Darcy Barry
Thomas Barwick
David & Emily Bates
Aubrey Bean &
Chris Thompson
Julia Becke
Alex Belafuente
Brooke Belman &
Debra McCarroll
Erik Bennett & April Hunter
Eric & Susan Benson
Brian Bernitt
Andrew Birck
Mary & Eric Black
Rob & Allison Blackwell
Clint Bland
Russell J. Blazier
Bobcat Dynamite
Clark Bodyfelt &
Julia Holden
Andy Bokanev
Cindy Bolton
Kathleen Borowski &
Gene Vaatveit
Krista Braaksma &
Mark Monlux
Paul & Kate Bradley
Joanne & Bob Bradshaw
Steven Brady
Greg & Tina Brake
Anne Marie &
Clay Brandes
Kimberlee Brillhart
Susan Brock
Aaron Bronow &
Erin Momany
Brotherton Strategies
Eric Brown &
Tracy Tompkins
Robert W. Brown &
Jacquie Chee
John Mark Browne
Tracy Bucher
Susan & Dave Buckley
David L. Budd
Mercy, Daniel, Havah &
Calli Dudiansk
Karen & Mike Buelterman
Chris Burrows &
Kieran Snyder
Stephanie &
Jason Cameron
Heather D. Campbell
Chris S. Campbell
Lisa Campbell
Jacob Carlson &
Kelly O’Bannon
Andrew & Darcy Carr
Kristen Carter
Carrie Carter
Cascade Golf Course
Joey Cavallaro
Adam Cecchetti
Matt Cekosh &
Kim Crayton
Christopher Cellars &
Denise Clifton
Casey & Andrea Cerretani
Kelly Chaplin
Neil Charney &
Nancy Whitaker
Marissa Cheshier
Jenny R. Cheshier
Elizabeth & Herman Chien
Angela Ciceri
Allison & Dave Cieri
Carrie Clark &
Daman Novell
Brian & Heidi Clawson
Sean Clemmons &
Lacey Henson
Carrie & David Clogston
Phil, Jocel, Addison and
Boden Co
Ellen R. Cohan &
Rene Costales
Nancey Cohen
Tamar Cohen
Matthew Cole
Michelle M. Collyer &
J. Havner
Joe Conforti
Patrick Conlan
Terry Cook & John Gosink
Cooper’s Alehouse
Lori & Christopher Cora
Kelson Coughlin
Jennifer Coursen
Kevin P. Cousins
Michael Coutant
Brian Cran & Susan Onstad
Adam Crane &
Britta Nielsen
Adam & Heather Crockett
Megan & Joe Cucuzza
William Curtis &
Kristen Hoehler
Andrew Cushman
Keith Cushner
Mary P. Czerwinski
Marco D’Amico
Michelle Darbous &
William Agee
Cullen & Cynthia Davidson
Robyn L. Davis
Jon & Danette Davis
Ryan & Cary Day
David De Vorchik
Deep Roots Tattoo
Jean-Philippe D’Entremont
Jenny, Zack, & Zoe DeWitt
Michael & Julie Dey
Lara Diener
William Dixon
Aaron Dokey
Yancy & Emily Dominick
Tyler Donnelly
Kevin Douma
Kevin Doyle
Walt & Barbara Dryfoos
Margaret Duclos &
Tony Opsata
Matthew Duggan &
Andrew Dawe
Amy Dukes & Michael Chin
Kyle Duncan
Julie & Geoff Duncan
Peter Dunn
Amy & Patrick Durocher
Susan Dziadosz &
Kevin Larson
Kathleen Eder
Jodell & Michael Egbert
Hunter Eggink
Birdie Ehlen & Doug
Wendy C. Ellington-Mehta
Andrew Elliott &
Tiffany Ackerman
Heather Engel &
Mike Raney
Colleen M. English
Amy Enser
Bob Erickson &
Sabrina Dideon
Scott & Jennifer Erickson
Mary Ersek &
Jerry Schellenberg
Jenny Estes
Pat Evans & Caroline Drake
Ace Evans
Jill Evans
Steph & Bruce Fairweather
Andrew & Amanda Farley
Mary Ellen Farrar
Brad Farrel
Paul Fendt
Chris & Lisa Field
Patrick Finerty
Richard & Angela Finlay
Tina Finley
Petrina & Jonathan Fisher
Jenny Flowers
Paul A. Flyer &
Molly L. Fischer
Mark Foltz
Jake Forbes
Kelley Ford & Jeff Flood
Charissa Fotinos
Jim Fowler
Marne L. Fox-Barrow &
Shawn M. Barrow
Eileen France
Sonia & Brian Frank
William Friedman
Robert A. Friedman &
Anita Davidson
Katie Galdabini
Lily Garfield
Adam Garnich &
Maurine Pasi
Douglas & Robert Garrett
Travis & Wendy Gaylord
Michael & Crystal Gee
Brad & Heather Gentner
Karlie & Jordan Gevers
Nora Gibson &
Robert Frasier
Eric W. Gibson
John Gibson
Dan Gidycz
Elise & Todd Gilbert
Stephen Gillet &
Nina Crocker
Sarah Gillings &
James West
Thomas Giroux
Noah Glassberg
Travis M. Godbout
Jeff Gollnick &
Angela Naegele
Jose & Elizabeth Gonzales
Howard Goodfriend
Stone Gossard
Sarah Graham
Lori Grant & Tom Moran
Tony & Victoria Grant
Karen Gray
Nicholas & Christine Gray
Jonathan Green
Allisona Greenberg
Tim Groggel & Annette
Natalie E. Gross
Bradd Guenser
Kelly Guenther
Dixie Guice
Kristina Gustavsen
Rob & Caitlyn Haberfield
Beth Hacker &
Mark Zimmerman
Michelle Hair
Brandon Hallock
Thomas Ham &
Jessica Pitluk
Dave & Kristian Hamilton
Michael Hamm
Devin C. Hampton
Migee Han
Amy & Thaddeus Hanscom
Paul Hanway
Becky & Scott Harbine
Jeff, Barb &
Gretchen Harder
David & Vanessa Harder
Meghan Hardy
Shawn & Amelia
Casey Lucas & Eli Hastings
Kristin Hawes &
Eric Chesley
Tim Hayden
Stephen Henry &
John Gruber
Jack & Jenny Herbert
Sophia & Dave Hernandez
James & Sheila Herndon
Anthony J. Hesseltine
Chad Hessoun
Hewlett-Packard Company
Matching Gift Program
Peter Hilgendorf &
Maren Costa
Nat Hillary &
Mamatha Reddy
Brian Hillyard
Aaron, Kelly & Howie Hilst
Jo Hofmann &
Jeanne Marrazzo
Kathleen Holmes
Shelby Hopkins & Ed Eiker
Michael & Linda Hornung
Herman Hoying
John Hoyt
Damien & Maria Huang
Elizabeth Hughes
Craig & Renee Huizenga
Jeff Hummel &
Beatrice K. Gandara
Sara Hurley
Shelli Hyrkas
Kris Ilgavizis
Becky & Derrick Isackson
Benjamin & Lenora Ivanek
Phillip & Susan James
Mary C. Janisch &
William S. Stauber
Greg T. Janky
Jacob, Summer &
Norah Jawson
Alan Jennings
Andy Jensen &
Nancy McSharry-Jensen
O’Hara & Christina Jimenez
Brent Johnson
Ethan Johnson
Jeff & Cassy Johnson
Lani Johnson
Marian Johnson
Peter Johnson
Ron A. Johnson
Tory Johnson
Tim Ray & Melissa Johnson
Peter Johnston
Heather Jones
David Jones
Morgan Owain Jones
Peter G. Jones
Thor Kallestad
Joel Kawahara
Steve & Hilary Keim
Steve & Sue Kelly
Margaret Kenly &
Bill Cumming
Nan Kennedy
Patrick Kern &
Jennifer Outhouse
John V. Kew
Karla Kilgore
Junu Kim
Marjorie Kim &
Angel Rivera
The King Family
Shannon Kingston &
Sean Ryon
Paul Kirk
Kristin Kirkby
Michele Kirkpatrick
John Kirschbaum
Bryan Kirschner
Tom & Robin Knipe
Lisa B. Knox &
Paul R. Lundy
Matt Koehl
Bill Koonce
Kevin Kozel & Anna Starr
Todd Krahenbuhl &
Kimberly Wiessner
Connie & Gus Kravas
Andrea & Courtney
Monique LaFollette
Bob Larson
Will B. Larson
Samuel Larson
Angel Latterell
Isaac & Erik Lee
Alexander M. Lee
Maureen Lee
Josh, Asher &
Minerva Legget
Therese A. Leggiere &
Matthew Porosky
Tom Lennon
Kyla & Peter Leon
Erin Leonhart
Dave Lichterman
Tammy Liddle
Dan Lieberman
Jim Liebert
Denise M. Lietz
Linda Werner & Associates
Laura Lindenmayer
Rachel Lister
Oliver Little
Edmund W. Littlefield, Jr.
David N. Loffing
Linda Lonay
Josh Lonn &
Katelyn Broweleit
Brynn Looney &
Daniel Renne
Halie E. Looper
Cindy Lopiccolo-Giles
Christopher Lotorto-Young
Owen & Erin Lourie
Catherine Lu
Julie & Chris Lubke
Rochelle Luer
Beth Lukas
Kyle Lunde &
Ocean Sullivan
Brian & Katie Lyden
Maya E. Lynsey
Jeff P. Malek &
Jenny Sullinger
Monica Maling
Thomas Malone
Jennifer Mamary &
Aron Ruderman
Nathalie Manfull &
David Gackenbach
Erik Marone &
Joanne Hodgins
Jessie Marrs &
Jared Remington
Katherine Marshall
Cheryl Matakis
Matt J. Mathesius &
Melissa Holmes
Suzanne Matulis
Susan B. Maude
Jacqueline & Eric McArthur
Josh McCaffrey &
Lauren Fior
Nick McCarty
Rocio & Kent McCleary
Mike McComb
John McCoy &
Daniel Moore
Paul McDaniel
Charles & Kimberly
James McDonough
Karri McGough
Gary McGregor
Pip McKay
McKinstry Co. Charitable
Sheila & Ken Meidell
David Meinert
Bradley Meissner &
Rebecca Olson
Libby Meren
Patrick & Kiki Merrick
Michael & Debra Metheny
Eric & Lucy Meyer
Timothy J. Mickol
Eric Middleton &
Doug Alder
Tara Miller
Andrew & Dorey Miller
Krista S. Mirhoseini
Andy Mishler &
Kara Ralston
Linda Mitchell
Paula Mitchell
Bruno & Nanci Modolo
Wendy & Scott Moeller
Aaron Mohr
Neil Moir
Ken Monaghan
Gary Moore
April Morgan &
Chris Goins
Cody Morrison
Catherine Morrow
Chip Morton
Diane R. Mower
Nancy G. Munford &
Harry Bingham
Dawn Murin
Teresa Murphy
Brighid Murphy
Allen Murray & Amy Arnold
Kirsten Murray &
Tim Griffith
Michael & Leslie Muto
Lauri B. Nakamoto
Daryn & Brooke Nakhuda
Denise & Van Nelson
Pamela Ness
Patricia Net
Mark, Julie & Ruby Nevins
Nancy Neyhart
Patrick Niemeyer
Michael Nisbett
Emily Norland
Rachel, Emma &
Eli Northquist
Bob & Sandy Nowak
Reed O’Bryan
Holly O’Donnell
Sara O’Donnell
Walter C. Oelwein
Grant E. O’Keefe
Dennis J. Oldroyd
Steve Olson &
Laura Greenamyer
Stefan Ostberg &
Linda Brickey
Sarah Otto
Jan L. Pagel
Shannon Palmer
Adam & Tracy Parmer
Savitha Pathi
Christina & Sean Patterson
Caroline E. Paulsen
Paulsen Family Foundation
Ken Peat-Ross Jr. &
Athena Aneelis
Peet’s Coffee & Tea
Yachun Peng & Erik Lord
Joseph Pentheroudakis
Colby A. Perry
Nicole & Jeremy Pettibon
Becky Pezely
Pfizer Foundation Matching
Gift Program
Neal Philip
Julia Pierson &
Matt Treachy
Steve Pirk
Mike & Molly Pitts
PopCap Games Matching
Gift Program
Scott & Lisa Porad
Jacqui Posey
Joanna Power &
Mike Keran
Amanda Powter &
Avinash Jaisinghani
Prairie Underground
Geoff Prentiss
Hannah & Craig Price
Chris Pucci
Sandra Puckett
Jacques Pugh
Kevin Quaid
Kathleen Quartararo
Elinor Quigley
Margie & Chris Quirk
Matthew Ralston
Ally & Rainier Rames
Kim Ramirez
Nalisha S. Rangel &
Jim Saunders
Natalie Rasmussen
Trevor Rasmussen &
Casey Hick
Razorfish Matching
Gift Program
Richard C. Redman &
Jenny Redman
Lynn Reed & Noel Povlsen
Marcy Reed
Regence Matching Gift
Brian Reiffe
Edward Rejzek &
Rachel Cichowski
Tim Reschly
Jeff & Blue Resnick
Ross Reynolds &
Harriet Baskas
Brett Rice
Owen Richards &
Tania Westby
Kimberly Riehle
Brad S. Roberts
James Robertson &
Jennie Sorce
David M. Robinson
Michelle Robles &
Daniel Coleman
Connie & Scott Rock
Tarsha & Glenn Rockowitz
Christopher Rogers
William & Meredith Rogers
Dina Romano
Cathy Rosamond
Wanda & Amy Rose
Erica Rose
Stephen Rose
Hope Rosen
Jason M. Rosen
Elsa Rosenkrantz
Cole Rottweiler
Dan & Sandra Rozenblum
Paul Rudd
Joshua & Sage Russell
Erin Russell &
Forrest Wieland
Maya Sanford
Niles Sankey
Tony Santos
Satori Software Matching
Gift Program
Michael Saunders
David Scalzo
Jim Schantz
Scott Scharlau
Andrew Scherkus
Jennifer & Katherine
Melissa Schneider &
Zack Stearns
Leslie & Garrett Schwab
Schwab Fund for
Charitable Giving
Eric Schweickert &
Ray Clark
Jennifer Schweitzer
Dan Schwerin
Tim Seagren
Jeff & Kim Seely
Amy & C.B. Shamah
Matt Shaw
Brian Shay
Damon Shearer
Kimberly & Chris Shell
Jason M. Sherron
Topher Shields
Andrew Shuman
Julie Sienko
Jon & Diane Silver
Brad Silverberg
Gregory Silvus
Bridget & Johnathon Simon
Jason Slye
Elizabeth Smith &
Robert Hershberg
Kelsey Smith & Kyle
Jeff Smith & Kellie Nakano
Vince Smith &
Mary Elise Cadera
Jennifer Smithers &
Brandon Brown
Chuck & Heather Snavely
Erin Snodgrass &
Calvin Eleanor
Chris Soli
Shaun Sorensen
Tom Spangenberg
Koren Spas
Tracy D. Speed
Rachelle A. Stanko &
Mike Belknap
Winifred P. Stanton
The Starfish Foundation at
The Seattle Foundation
Ben Steele & Mindy Iwen
Jen Steinberg
Tanea & Timothy Stephens
Shawn Stewart &
Charlie Trout
Jami Stewart
Steven Stolder & Mary Park
John & Jennifer Stormont
Kristin & Jason Stout
John & Vickie Strayer
Alicia C. Strong
Sub Pop
Surf Ballard
Jane M. Sullivan
Grace Sullivan &
Anthony Bennett
Brian Sundberg &
Susan Long
Stephen Sundstrom
Rich & Sarah Svetlik
Shane Swanson &
Molly Hogan
Brandon Tahl &
Olivia Atwood-Tahl
Haychoi Taing
Ali Taleghani
Steven Tapia
Tim & Anita Taylor
John & Karen Taylor
Kymberlee M. Taylor
John Terribili &
Alexandra Adame
Jessica, Mike &
Claire Tholfsen
Troy & Gina Thomas
Elaine & Meagan
Darryl Thompson
Jesse & Laurie Thomsen
Brenda Tincher &
Thatcher Hubbard
Mark E. Tindall
Allen Tompkins
Top Pot Doughnuts
Guenevere Toste
Carol Tranfaglia &
Tim Osborne
John Treptow
Adam Trevor
Robin Troy
Heather & Michael Truman
Hallie Truswell &
Greg Bradley
Joan Tupper
Christine Twiford
Melissa Udd
Mike Uhl
Karine Valliant-Saunders
Jonathan Van Schoick
Nicole D. Vandenberg
Matt Vanderburg
Anne Vedella &
Bruce Roscoe
Veraci Pizza
Veranda Montessori
Aurora Vidin & Dion Walter
Debra Vilhauer
Carrie Vincent &
Dave McKrague
Sara & Ed Voogt
Linda & Wally Walker
Eric R. Wallace &
Judy L. Phleger
Todd & Kyla Wallace
Tasha Walston &
Steven Velozo
Mike P. Walton &
Jennifer L. Chu
Nancy Ward
John & Courtney Ware
Chris Warner
Chris & Nichole Waterman
Michael & Jennifer Watkins
Wendy Watt &
Ray Derryberry
Bill Way & Erica Tiedemann
Julia Wayne
Michelle Webb
David Wehunt
Elisha Weinberg
James Wellman
Stacie Wells
Brad West &
Amber Tabares
Mat & Collyn West &
Cory Ford
Diane E. Wheeler
Misty Wheeler
James Whitesides &
Amanda Cox
Tom Wick & Lila Silverstein
Jeffrey Widmer
Rebecca Wilhelm
Bishop Wilkins
Mikhael Mei Williams
Sarah G. Williams
Ann & Craig Williamson
Dave B. Winkler
Lindsey & Jeff Winter
Cathy Wissink
Ellen Wixted
Daniel & Jill Wright
Andrew & Stacy Wright
Dustin Wylie
Brian Wyse
Michael Xenakis
Paul Yamakawa
Christine Yarrow
Don Yates
Whitney G. Zaring & Ed Lee
Lara Zarowsky &
Andrea Rafanelli
Lynda Zeis
Monica Zilkoski
Tiffani D. Aerts & Taj Franke
Lisa Agard
Sameer Agarwal &
J. Marin Younker
Jay Ahrenholtz
Gregory A. Aide
Stefanie & Michael Albaeck
Gail Alexander
Cheryl A. Allen &
Beth A. Costa
Brandie Allen
Mary Ann & Howard Allen
Amber L. Allison &
Carmine Vincenzo
Amy V. Allred
John & Erin Alving
Ameriprise Matching
Gift Program
Jay M. Anderson
Kathryn B. Anderson
Joanne & Jeff Anderson
Gregory Anderson
Britt Anderson &
Tim Chinowsky
Chloe Anderson
Colleen & Mark Ando
Diane Andolsek
James R. Angerer
Antoinette Angulo &
Julian Perez
Susan & Aaron Aragaki
Brian Arbogast
David Arends
Sara Arevalo
Emilia Arnold
William Asher
Tasha & Shane Atchison
Thomas &
Michelle Atkinson
Paco-Michelle Atwood
William D. Aughenbaugh
William H. Ayre
Steven D. Babbitt
Amie Baca
Luke Baer
Michael & Julie Bagby
Steven Bailey
Michael Bailey
Kate Baker
Kimberly & Sam Baker
Kristen & Lars Bakken
Doris Balderrama &
Matt Williams
Evan Baldwin
Greg D. Bamford &
Shannon Armitage
Carrie Bancroft &
Philip Sewell
Bank of America Charitable
Gift Fund
Jon Banks
Theresa Barlen
Elliott Barrere &
Lexi Mugele
John F. Bartell
Anne Bartholomew
Allison Bauman
Kate & Jason Bavuso
Allison Baxendale
Travis Baxter
Aubbie Beal
Jonathan R. Beard
Jennifer Beatty
Lynelle Beaulaurier
Tim M. Beaver
Jonathan Becker
Emma Beckman
Kellyn & Sydney Beeck
Shawn Behling
Kory Belcher &
Sandie Dolese
Sean & Amy Bell
Carolyn Bell
Kimberly & Michael Belz
Lauren Benech &
Scott Scales
James Bennett
Jim Bennett
Amy M. Benore
Paul Bent
Gabe & Cheryl Berenson
Jim Berman
Susan Bernstein
Donna & Jason Berry
Eric S. Bertelsen
Maris & Inta Berzins
Kent Besaw
Douglas Beyer
Robert & Miina Beyreis
Leigh Bezezekoff
Chris Bezler & Kristi Kubat
Robert Bienes
Sarah K. Bishop
Michael Black
Jerry Black
Josh & Alexa Blackann
Edward & Laurie Blain
John Blethen
Erik Blood & Brian O’Shea
William Bloxom &
Michelle Lanker
Linnet Blumenthal
Jeanie Boawn &
Douglas Einck
Patrick Bohman &
Valorie Cogswell
Ronald Bolisay &
Ken Thompson
Brittney & Ben Bollay
Nick & Lisa Bond
Leigha Bone
Dave Boone
Chris Boucher &
Joan Raymond
Clark & Tami Bowen
Rosemary K. Boyle
Shanda Boyle
Colin Bramhall
Nicholas Brekhus &
Kitty Tang
Jennifer Brett
Rebecca & Donald Brewer
Jesse Bricker
Mark Briggs
Janette & Rick Brimmer
Ken Brinck
Tam & Sean Brine
Chris Bristow
Bonnie & Michael Britt
William Britton &
Felicia Soimis
Rachel & Dan Brombaugh
Kim Brotherton
John L. Brottem
Elizabeth A. Brown
Erika Brown
Mac Brown &
Frances Merenda
Rebecca Brown
Ron Brown
Susanne Brown
Randy & Jenna Bruhl
Miles Buckingham
Andy Buckman
Marta E. Bull
Tim Bunstine
Andrea Burchak
Adam Burd
Stephany Burge
Christina Burgess
Craig Burley
Alan M. Burt
Matthew Burtness
Trey & Edward Busch
Martha Bussard
Alison Cail-Kuntz &
Chris Kuntz
Sarah Calabria
Carolyn L. Callaghan
Blair & Zoe Campbell
Stephanie Campbell &
Zachary Brown
Rebecca Campeau
Geoffrey & Lena Camps
Stacy Cannon
Josh Card
John Carlstrom
Nathan Carmona
Sarah Carnes
Susan M. Carr
Lauren Carr
Christopher Carrington
Matthew Cary
Neil Casserly
Nate Castilleja Iii
Ken Cates
Bryan Cattle
Mark Cevallos
Colin Chaddock
Michelle &
David Chamberlain
Christine Chaney
Andrew Chang
Tess Chapman
Kara M. Charles
Niel Charney
Florian Charvolin
Bert Chavez & Glen Moore
Brandon & Kacie Cherry
J.P. Chevalier
Randal Chicoine
Kristin Ching & Kevin Kiesel
Lindsay P. Chiquoine
Jennifer Chiu &
Mark Williams
Sloan Chong & Ted Koehn
Jeffrey Chrzan
Louis Ciganek
Amanda Ciliberto
Darcy Cinq-Mars &
Kris Luckinbill
John Claiborne
Matt Clarich &
Wacarr Yeomans
Bruce E. Clark
Cory Clark
Randy Clark
Erika Clarke
Jen Clarke & Matt Caruso
Lynn Claudon &
Charles Royer
Karin E. Clayton
Kimberley Cline
Jacob Coakley &
Jessica Hird
David Coats
Marc Cobb
Seth Cohen
Coinstar Matching
Gift Program
Luke & Elizabeth Coleman
Susan Coliton
Donald L. Compton
Michael Compton &
Kate Becker
Fergal Condron
Katherine & Nick Congelli
David A. Conners
Brian D. Connolly
Christy Connor
Christine Conry
Ari Consul
Alessandro Contenti
Rob & Mary Cook
Lauryn Cook
Khrys Cook
Julie & Matt Cook
Greg G. Cooling
Christen Coomer &
Cyrus Hooker
Ryan & Molly Cooper
Jonathan Copeland
Martin Corman &
Naomi Schock
Jenny Cornish
Benjamin Cossel
Tom & Wendy Costello
John Coston
Jennifer & Richard Cota
Jayson Cottam
Matthew &
Elise Cottingham
Sean Courtney
Kristin Covey & Kym Foley
Jim & Christine Craig
Amanda Craig
craigslist Charitable Fund
Alan Crain
Rebecca Crawford
Scott Crawford
Kate Crisham &
Brian Werner
Marian Crkon
Amy & Dan Cronin
James Croning
Del & Drew Cross
Jason Crume
Jorden Cummings
Michael Cummings
Thomas, Anna & Mia
Shannon D. Cunningham
Tim Cunnington
Becci & Ian Curry
Bryan & Renee Curtis
Cam D’Amico &
Brian C. Gliniak
Alethea Daniels
Meriel Darzen &
Kirsten Maito
Hollie A. Daugherty
Michael Daum
Scott P. Davarn
Lisa Davenport
Keith Davidson
Scarlett & Avery Davis
Jeffrey Davis
Madeline & Jane Davis
Victoria Davis &
Zander Nosler
Tara M. Day
Stephanie & Phillip
De Robertis
Tom Deadrick
Sean Deasy
Judi A. Decicco
Karl Deede
Brian DeGeeter
Jeremy Dehnert
Carrie Deichl
Jesse Delaney
Molly & Brian Dennehey
Cory Dennis
Louis & Jackie Denonno
Ethan Derby
Linda Derschang
Marc E. DesCamp
Richard Desimone
Jeff & Shannon DeVos
Brendan E. Dhein &
Tamara Gober
Brian Dickey
Monica Dimas &
Anthony Croghan
Steven & Mindy Dodobara
Jen Doherty &
James Benton
Michael J. Doherty
Jean Domalis
Rachel Donofrio &
Emily Hartl
Patrick E. Donovan
Kelly Dorman
Steve Dorn
Phil & Sasha Downer
Tim Drabandt
Heather & Robert Drake
Donald & Pam Drewel
Karli & Cooper Du Vois
Colin Duffy
Jennifer Duhamel
Aaron Duke
Luwanda Dunfee
Vanessa &
Andrew Dunnells
Julie & Brook Durant
Matt Durgavich &
Lara Saipe
Eddie Duroe
Michael Dziubinski
Travis Earl
Matthew Echert
Erin Eckerman
Ross Eckert
Lisa Eckert
Russell & Ann Edens
Edible Seattle
Correy Edmonds
Andrew Edmonds
Lisa Eeckhoudt
Ally Egge
Paul E. Eide
Leah & Wallace
Susan Elder
Jamie & Niki Elenbaas
Marcus Eliason
Laura Ellis
Sharon & Eman Elmasri
Curt Elsbernd
Trent Elwing
Lynda Emel & Carter
David Ernst
Kimburly Ervin
Patricia Espedal &
John Sims
Ramon Esquivel
Philip Estrada
Leah Etienne
Ruth Etzioni
Andy Evans
Laura Evans
Dena & Sean Evans
Penny, John & Theo
Robert Ewing
Jon Eyer II
David Eytchison &
Kathlene Smithson
Lucy Ezekiel
Catherine Falisbury
Justin Farabee
Paula Fedirchuk &
Margaret Boyle
Alex Fellows
Justin M. Ferrari &
Maggie Hooks
Meliton Fierro
Matthew J. Fildes
Kristin Fiore
Robyn Fisher
Cailyn R. Fisher
Arnie Fleck
Doug J. Fleming
Sarah Fletcher
Eric & Angie Flom
Elizabeth Flores
Darlene Flynn & Tim Fogh
Amanda H. Flynn-Stach &
John R. Stach
Melissa Foley
Christian Folk
Darcy & Jon Foral
Clive Ford
Shelley Forge &
Adam Myers
Jessica & Doug Foss
Albert Foster &
Maureen Horgan
Danielle Fowler
Morgan &
Stephanie Fowler
Norm R. Fox & Tracy
Curt D. Fox
Hugh & Jayn Foy
Celia Framson
Janice Francisco
Danny Frias &
Angelique Fusano
Kaitlin Frick
Wendy Ilene Friedman
Krisjan D. Fritz
Sonia Frojen &
Ossian Smith
Fariba & Mike Fuller
Brian Futch
Mitchell &
Jennifer Gaikowski
Stacy & Jared Gannon
Peggy Gannon
Jessica Garcia
Miguel Garcia-Vicente
Aaron Gardner
Brielle Garling &
Jonti Peterson
Steve Garrou
Patrick Gateley
Dianne Gault
David T. Gauthier
Kevin & Akiko Gaw
Jill Geary
Jenny Gerber
J.P. Geyer & Johnny Castle
Elizabeth Gilliam
Neal Gitkind
Denny Gmur
Steven Goddard &
Heather Scott-Goddard
Erica & Josh Golden
Linda Goldsworthy &
John Zehren
Greg & Sandra Goodale
Mark & Jennifer Goodner
Valerie & Greg Gorder
David & Kim-Terry Gordon
Anna C. Gordon &
Peter A. Kangas
Spencer Graf
Peter C. Graham
Laura E. Graham
Stephen Gralton
Michelle Gray &
Drew Bamford
Stephen & Asia Gray
Randy Green
Robert Green
Rachel Greene &
Marc Beitchman
Callie Greenfield &
Jeff Beck
Dan Greenfields
Susan Greenwood & Trevor
Ron & Anke Greer
Matthew Grimm
Nicolas Grisouard
Nancy Groceman
Annie Groeninger
Bryan Grossman &
Alicia Briones
Jen Guarisco &
Tristen Coffey
Juan & Sierra Guerra
Shawn Guerrero
Steven Guichard
Nikki Guidery-Wold &
Mike Wold
Luke Guidici
Josh Guilfoyle
Benjamin F. Guiney
Christopher & Amy Gulick
Nancy & Joe Guppy
Nancy Gupton
Gary & Debbie Gustafson
Gordon Gyor
David Haavik
Hachette Book Group
Matching Gift Program
Daniel Hadley
Jason Hagan
Suezie E. Hagy
Julie Hahn
Prentis C. Hale &
Tracy Edmonds
Christian Halliburton
Matt Hallman
Jill Hamada
Malin Hamblin
Dave Hamilton
Michael S. Hammerquist
Ellen Hanak
Blair & Casey Hanewall
Linda Hanford
Ash Hanlon
Cindy & Elliott Hansen
Bendt Hansen
Laramie Harding
Walter S. Harley
Dave Harms
Adriene Harris
Marietta Harris &
Scott Bartel
Christopher Harris
Jeff Harrison &
Dionna Couch
Laura Hart & Rich Grady
Otis Hart
Nicole Hart
Seth & Jaime Hartung
Nancy A. Hartunian &
Barak Gaster
Carla Hartwig
Anna Harvey
Karen & Gibran Hashmi
Bret Haskins
Christine Hatcher &
Matt Sutcliff
Brenda Haugaard
Alice Hauschka &
Sean Walsh
Catherine Hawley
Chandra Hayes &
Tanis Harding
Geraldine & Bob Haynes
Bryan Head &
Hilary McMahn
Cory Healey &
Aisling Duggan
Dan Hearing
Richard Heckt
Dean R. Heerwagen
Alison Heidergott
Stephen & Marie Heil
Emily Heindsmann
Adam Heinricy
Savannah Helm
Morgan Henry
Carl & Karla Hensman
Liz Hepner & Tom Jackson
Nan E. Herbert &
G. Andrew Benjamin
David Herman
Jesse & Krystie Hersch
Mike Hess
Kevin Heutink
Carolyn Hewitt
Cory M. Hicks & Mike
Jacob & Sabrina Hill
Sandy & Steve Hill
Susan & Matthew Hillman
Jennifer Hill-Pollick
Monica & Seth Himes
Eric Hink
Luther Hintz
Amanda Hirschhorn &
Derrick Secor
Tom Hochstein
William Hodge
Monette Hodges &
Adam Bruno
Erin Hofto
Tom & Iris Hogan-Schmidt
Lisa Hogeland
Heidi Hoke
Jared & Katie Hoke
Paul M. Holland
Sean & Darcy Hollowell
Thomas Holmes
Beau & Kari Holsberry
Kristen Holt & Chris Higbie
Mark & Carolyn Holtzen
HomeStreet Bank
Graham Hommel
Annika & Daniel
Kevin Hope
Kyle Hopkins & Lydia
Carrie & John Hopperstad
Josh Horowitz
Nigel, Rachael &
Sofia Horton
Wesley Hottot
Holly Houser
Alison Howard &
Clint Chase
Tommy Howard
Blan Hoyman
Valorie Huckins
Erica & Todd Huffman
Heather & Frank Hughes
Jeffra & Gordon Hull
Cozbi & Nicholas Hultz
Teresa G. Humble
Daniel Humphrey
Naomi & Ryan Hunsaker
Thad & Jennifer Hunt
Randy & Sonya Hutchinson
Roanna Hyatt &
David Perkins
Joseph Iano
Michael Ingram
Chip Ingrasci & Patti Beer
Doug Ireton
Martha Jacobs & Michael
Mike Jacobs & Kirsten
James & Deborah Jacobsen
Ben Jahn
Chris & Ashley Jambois
Codi James
Lamont James
Megan Jasper
Suman Jayadev &
Bill Berrington
Andrew & Zoe Jaye
Charity Jeffrey
Matthew P. Jennings
Kurt Jensen
Heather Jensen
Allen & Carleigh Johnson
Americus Johnson
Barbara Johnson
Brendan & Julie Johnson
Dan Johnson & Jill
Don Johnson &
Rebecca Gutterman
Kelly Johnson
Kristy & Grady Johnson
Krystin Johnson &
Peter Konig
Laurie Johnson &
Tom Milnes
Matthew S. Johnson
Nicole Johnson &
Rosa Peralta
Sharim Johnson
Stephen Johnson
Tim & Cole Johnston
Tim Johnstone
Eric E. Jolley & Ann M. Gygi
Anastasia Jones
Jason Jones
Jessica Jones
Michael Jones
Thom Jones
Tim & Lauren Jones
Wesley Jones
Daniel Jordanovic &
Karen Wetzel
Dan & Shannon Jost
Stephen R. June
Kenneth Jung &
Alissa Agnello
Just Give Matching
Gift Program
Abbey Jytte & Jim Simmons
Kasie & Kevin Kaleva
Lori & Daryl Kapp
Paul Karpenko &
Jennifer Wiley
Michael Katims
Kristen Kavaller
James J. Keany
Christopher D. Kelley
Emily Kelley
Chris & Kim Kellogg
Joseph & Jacki Kelly
Seamus & Meg Kelly
Christina Kelsey
Justin Kemerling
Patrick Kemp
Denise Kennedy
Kevin Kenner
Patrick & Kristine Kenney
Erika Kern
Heather & John Ketchpaw
Peter G. Khoury &
Amy Tanner
Ryan & Allison Kiesel
John & Amanda King
Joseph King
Dorthea King
Judy Kirkhuff
Ian Kirkpatrick
Jonathan &
Fuyu Kirshbaum
Mike & Becky Klinicke
Chris Knapp
Mary Jane Knecht &
Roger Risley
Patrick Knight
James Knippel
Erica & Cyrus Knowles
Vanessa & Dave Knudson
Michele Koehler &
Dan Gestwick
Laura Catherine Koehn
Fritz Koenig
Beth Kolko
Seth Kolloen
Rachael Konecky
Josh Koons
Tim Kornacki
Jayson D. Kostelyk
Erin & Brian Kraemer
Heidy J. Krauer &
Randy Coutu
Amanda Kreamer
Corey J. Kreisher
Marc & Sharlene
Mark Krewedl
Pawel Krewin
Josh Kroon
Holly & Kris Krueger
Dieter Krumpelmann
Mark Krzysztopik
Chris Kuhr
Max Kullaway & Amy Taylor
Thomas & Katherine
Ted H. Kuoppamaki
Ben Kuritz &
Jenny Langmann
Kvasnosky Family
Noelle Kvasnosky
Robert Lahnstein &
Kazue Yamanaka
Marc & Geraldine Laidlaw
Heather Laird & Dawn
Daniel Lambros
Dana L. Landon &
Don E. Forney
Anna Lange
Matt Langston
Chris M. Larson
Meredith N. Larson
Craig Laskey
Denise Lathrop &
Phillip Norton
Matt Lawrence &
Katy O’Callaghan
John Lawson
Ken Lawson
Jocelyn Lear &
Greg Melhuish
William J. LeClair
Alfred M. Lee IV
Wendy Lee Connors
Taylor Lehmann
Brian & Kelli Lemker
Jennifer Lesko
Karen Lett
Moishe & Lindsey Lettvin
Joshua T. Levinson
Laura Levy & Jim H. Cox
Matt Lewis
Jacob Vaughn Lewis
Jeff & Judith Light
Kelly & Patrick Lind
Christian E. Lindhjem
David Line
Craig Link
Rachel Linn
Andrea Linsky &
Peter Malarkey
Peter & Leslie Linsley
Tod Lippy & David Hariton
Ken Little
Spencer S. Liu
Doug Livas
Lea R. Liviakis &
Sam T. Nadler
Lauren Lochner
John Locker & Esther Ott
Nicholas Lomonte
Ben London
Rhiannon Loos
Hiromi & Adam Lorenz
Corey Louviere
Jesse Lovell
Evan Lugar
Christine Lukasik
Eric Lund
Jessica & Jessica Lunney
Pauline R. Luppert
Billy Lusk
John & Angela Lynch
Mark Lysynecky
Brandon MacInnis &
Cheryl Tsuhako
Michael MacKillop
Joseph Mackillop
Julie B. Mackoff
Kelly Maddox
David Madson
Marsha Major
Rachel Malen
Megan Manazir
Jim Mancini &
Naomi Winderbaum
Monya Mandich
Rodica Manole
Nick Maquillan
Rachel Marez
Padraic Markle &
Jessica Wiley
Susan Marks
Jennifer Marone
Matthew Marosz
Madeline & Nick Marrs
Matt Marsik
Chris Martin
Peggy & Adam Marvin
Nicholas R Masciotti
Janos Mathiesen
Michael Matisse
Candace & Brian Mauer
Alex Mayer
Chuck & Janette Mayes
Sean McCain
William McCarty
Joseph McCombs &
Kyle Carroll
Rosemary E. McCracken
Ashley McDonald
Allison & Kinnon McDonell
Andrew McDonough
Katherine McDonough &
Sean Small
Morgan McDowell
Diane & Tom McElroy
Joshua & Kate McElwee
Jessi McFarland &
Dan Hudson
Megan McGilvray
Scott McGinnis
Peter McGraw
Stephanie McGregor
Kristin McGunnigle
Marcie & John McHale
David McIntire
Graham McIntyre
Jennifer McIver
Kelsey McKee
Andrea McLean
Tara A. McMahon
Heather R. McManus
Larry & Robin McWaters
Kaitlin Meeks &
Tyler Williams
Patricia & Christian
Robert Mellinger
Mark Melnyk &
Anna Cashman
Angi Mennie
Eric A. Menninga
Ryan Merritt
Boe Messett
Jane Meyerding
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Brent & Laura Michel
Tom Miller &
Pam Kilborn-Miller
Tara Miller
Mandy Miller &
Bryan Gilson
Cristy Miller
Linda Milne
Belle Minchall
James Mitchell
Caitlin Mitchell &
Triston Osborne
Larry Mizell, Jr. &
Sarah Walczyk
Steven D. Moe &
Bess Lehtinen
Alicia Moffat & Eric Lutzker
Hazal Mohammed
Bradley Mohr &
Kathleen Whalen
Chris Mohrhardt
John Montgomery
Jerry Montgomery &
Clarissa Beckman
Robert & Susan Moore
Meghan Moore
Zach Moore
Denita Mora
Cari & Louis Morales
Martin Morfeld
Ron & Wynne
Blanchard Morris
Neil Morrison
Megan Morrison
Steve & Patty Morrissey
Timothy Mosby
Nojan Moshiri &
Rachel Hunter
Kristen Moynihan
Mark Mueller
David Mulcahy
Bret & Sunny Mulholland
Mark Mulvaney
George Munro
Michelle Muri
Susan Murphy
Jessica Murray
Mark Muzi &
Laurie Boehme
Alan Myetce &
Jessica McCarthy
Ashley Nagrodski &
Brandon Batchelor
Emily Nakfoor
Colin Narver
Andrea Nash
Jenny Nazarko
Roxane Neal &
Daniel Ahlstrom
Olivia Neal & Brett Howell
Dan Neidecker
Joshua Nelson
Autumn N. Nero &
Jeremy B. Page
Jessica Newman
James K. Nicholls
David & Henry Nielsen
Christa & Richard Nielsen
John Nienart
Ryan C. Niman
Elaine M. Nonneman
Maddy Noonan
Ronnie & Tracy Northup
Charles Norton &
Stacie Lorenson
John Nuebel
Shelly Nuzum
Dustin Oak
Kris Oakley &
Erick Thompson
Matt O’Brien
Pam & John O’Connor
Robin O’Gaard
Tony Ogden &
Marissa Callaghan
Thomas Ohle
Jessica Olson
Rebecca Olson
Margaret & Patrick Opalka
Open Society Institute
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Joanna Ortolano
Ellena Osis
Jeffrey M. Ottem
Erin Ottosen
Casey & Marguerite Owen
Jim Owens
Claire Packard
Catherine Yoo & Llewellyn
& Pascale Packia Raj
Randy & Kati Pagulayan
Jennifer J. Palecki
Dave Palestine
Demetri Pallis
Jeff Palmer
Laurence Paolicelli &
Julia Tsai
Jacques Parenteau
James Paribello
Stewart Parker
Bradley Parker
Cary Parker
Julya Parr &
Andrew MacDonald
Chris Patin
Drew Patterson
Anthony & Laura Payne
Somer Pelczar
Julian Penaranda
Eric Perlman
Mimi S. Perrin &
Doug D. Nickels
Zachary Perry
Michael Perry
Nicole & Mark Pessl
Brian Peterson
Michael Peterson
Wendy Peterson &
Dennis Timm
Kylee Peterson
Jim Petosa
Joe Petrelli
Myles Philbin &
Margaret Bagshaw
Syd Phillips & Greg
Jason Phillips &
Anna Constant
Michael Piatek
Shannon Pieper &
Matthew Hale
Janine & Damian Pierce
Rob Pitre
Anne, George &
Findlay Pittman
Plum Creek Foundation
Matching Gift Program
James W. Poland & Luann
Amber M. Polivka &
Karl Kooistra
Alessandra Pollock &
Greg Foltz
Juston Poole
Patrick R. Porter
Jean Power
Adam Pranica
Margaret Prescott &
Cyrus Despres
Deborah & Jon Preston
Ron & Kim Preston
Paige Preston &
Leif Aesoph
Leandra Preston
Jesse & Rebecca Proudman
Kimberly Provenzano
Anthony Prudhomme
Nate Prudhon
Matthew Pruett
Mark Puckett &
Jennifer Heydt
Hal C. Quinn
Kristi J. Quinn &
Adam Gould
Steve Quinn &
Lisa Schumacher
Quinn’s Pub
Shanon Radford
Max G. Ralph &
Laura Hughes
Randy & Katy Ramig
Donald A. Ramsay
Scott Rankin
Lorie Ransom & John Weiss
Meighan Rasley
David J. Rasmussen
Kathryn Rathke &
Barry Wright
Isis P. Ray &
Russell Hartwig
Raytheon Matching Gift
Mary Ellen Read
Amy Redmond
Dave Reeck & Marcie Swift
Eddie & Beverly Reed
Laura Reed & Eric P. Jung
Buckminster & Tracy Reed
Kevin Reed
Bruce Reeder
Will Reeves
Pepper & Todd Reicher
Andrew & Diane Reichert
Marlane Rembold
Laura M. Renga
Patrick Ressler &
Mary Bhuthimethee
Jane & Craig Reynolds
Ama Reynolds
Sean M. Richardson &
Elisabeth Sotak
James Richardson
Phil Richardson
Aaron & Hilary Richmond
Mike Richter
Rick Steves Europe
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John D. Rickards, Jr. & Lisa
Steve M. Riddle
Philip Riedel
Raymond Rigo Jr.
Kristin Riley &
Rory Sweet-Burks
Byron Riley
Jeff Ringer
Thomas M. Ritter
Audrey M. Roach &
Catherine West
Stacie & Don Robbins
Marty Roberts
Steven Roberts
Tina & Jonah & Asa
Kevin Roberts
Rees A. Robinson
Eleanor, Derek &
Mason Robinson
Mark Robinson
David Rodriguez
Geoff Rodstrom
Carrie S. Rohlik
Jason Rolfe &
Jennifer Nelson
Damon Rolfs
Kelly Ronan
Kristin Roosa
Amy Roquet
Joe Rose
Dom & Dionne Roselli
Renee Rosette
Matthew Ross
Wilson Rothman
The Rothman Family
Todd Rotkis
Dorothy Routt
Jim Rowan
Keith Rowe
Lisa Rudduck
Stacy Rudolph
Jeff Rueckhaus
Deirdre L. Runnette &
Ingrid Anderson
David Rush &
Tamis Nordling
Ramadan Russell
Wonder Russell
Lynne Russell
Tom & Debbie Rutherford
Jilian Sacks
Robert Sadin
Naoko Sakai
Rob & Corinna Salas
Sigrid Salo
Michael Samples
Natalie San Pietro
Elizabeth & Mauricio
Ashley & Peter Sarmany
Janelle Saylor &
Dave Saylor-Price
Elizabeth M. Scallon
Lukeria Scalzo-Zakharenko
Jane Schachtel &
Brett Martin
Matthew Schaefer
John Scharmen
Robert Scheld
Bob Scheu &
Kathleen Henwood
Brad Scheuffele
Zalt Schloff
Eric Schmidt
Joshua & Amanda Schmidt
Lisa & Mark Schneider
Daniel Schoborg
Jason Schoen
Mark D. Schorn
Janet Schorr
Trevor Schraufnagel
Loretta & Stephen Schuler
John Schuler
Glenn Schwantes
Lucas Schwartz
Will Scott
Pete Segall &
Heather Dolin
Maia Segura & Daimian Lix
Jemal Seid
Michael Seidel
Thea Severn & Scott Gross
Shadowland West Seattle
Ashish Shah
Anjali Shah & Ravi Gopal
Andrew Shanafelt
Marcy Shapley &
Dave Alllan
Douglas Sharp &
Carolyn Rutter
Jeremy Shaver &
Angela Carden
Amanda Shaver
Robin Shearwood
Tiffany Sheehan &
T.J. Baradari
Ezra & Sofia Sheppard
Kelsie Sherman-Hall
Brooke Shirley
Sam Shockley
Ian Shuler
Steve Shuman
Solveig Sieberts
John & Terri Silva
Benjamin Silverman &
Stephanie Moore
Luke Simpson
Shea R. Simpson
Nicholas Simpson &
Francesca Lohman
Sarah Simpson
Sameer Siruguri
Linda & Robert Sismour
Craig Skelton &
Kathy Offner
Sue Skinner
Lloyd & Polly Skinner
John Slater
Tyler Slone
Heidi Smeller &
Ian O’Connor
Benjamin Smith
David & Alyssa Smith
DJ Mr. Smith
Greg & Tara Smith
James S.H. Smith
Jeff Smith
Paul & Rosemary Smith
Pete & Erin Smith
Samuel Smith
Frank Snow &
Joanne Zulaus
Celeste & Ryan Snyder
Jon C. Snyder
Amanda Sorensen &
David Union
Eric Spandl
Gillian Spencer
Heather Spencer
Chad Springer
Joe B. Springrose &
Heather Villars
Jayashree Srinivasan
Kristin & Matthew St.
Ben Staadecker
Rebecca Staffel & Eric Berg
Kelley A. Stangl
Jeremiah Stankus
Derek Stanley & Doug
Trevor & Kathy Stanley
James Stark & Erin Reid
Greg Starup &
Annette Shannon
Scott E. Stearns &
Patty L. Greenwood
Naomi Steele
Ed & Jennifer Steidl
Karla Steinmeier
Whitney Stenstud
Matt Steverson &
Katie Flynn
James Stewart
Karl Stillner
Jeff H. Stiverson
Christine Stoll &
Adam Jundt
Charlotte Stone &
Steven Nasker
Mr. Daniel R. Strader
Tamra Strentz
Vickie Stringfellow
Jim F. Strong
Nate Stuart
Rylee K. Sturgeon &
Tim F. McElroy
Megan & Stephen Sullivan
Barry Sundt
Christina Surawicz &
James Bushyhead
Tom M. Suryan
Tony Susco &
Ryan Suther
Meghen Svoboda
Nathan Swails &
Mary Shaw
Stephany Swinford
Yvan Tabellion
Glenn Tachiyama
Tim R. Tajchman &
Clare O’Connor
Ken K. Takahashi
Kimberly D. Tappan
Ken Tarleton &
Betsey Cotter
Mike Tassielli
Zach & Katie Taylor
Kathleen Taylor
Stephanie & David Temkin
Bryce Tennant
Anna Terp & Joel Allard
Margie & Collin Thoman
Rhodri Thomas
Papai X. Thomas
Tamlyn P. Thomas &
Steve Vrabel
Michael R. Thomas
George Thomas
Jack & Gayle Thompson
Spencer G. Thompson
Matthew Thornton
Lee Thrash
Ada Tieman
Bryan Tiller
Traci E. Timmons &
Paul T. Herrin
Gary Timpe
Jonathan Tinter &
Kelly Cole
Amy Tolsdorf
Rachael Towne
Stefanie Traverso
Simon Travis
Rebecca Tresch
Robert E. Triebel
Meghan Trigg
April Tucker
Sue Tufts & Pete Tomilloso
Nora Tums
Glenn Turner
Tracy A. Turo
Sommer Ueda
Kathy Uggenmerget &
J.D. Merget
Erin Uloth
Rafael Urquia
Jennifer Utley
Jill Vaden & Steve Bird
Brian Van Buren
David Van Gilst
Dennis J. Van Hollebeke
Katherine &
Tarquin Van Slyke
Hannah Van Winkle
Laurie VanKleeck
Joshua J. Vanveldhuizen
Gabriel Vega
Mark R. Verrey
Lisa Vig & Lee Burnside
Joe Vilardi
Marcus Vincent
Greg Vogel
Janet Vogelzang
Tod & Jaylon Von Mertens
Amy Vroom &
Jason Sullivan
Ann Vulles
Jeremy Wadsack
Kirstin Wagner
Julie Walker
Eric L. Walker
James & Sarah Wallace
Rachel A. Waller &
Diarmuid B. Cullen
Timothy Walsh
Karen L. Walter &
Gordy Bryan
Chris & Sara Walters
Jeremy & Kymber
James Wanamaker
Todd A. Wanke
Victor Warkentin
Mark Warner
Kyle & Pam Warnick
Sarah Warren
Alison Waters
Molly A. Weaver
Michael H. Weaver &
Katy Balcer
Jason Webb
Lindsey Webb
Kari Webb
Anne & Chris Weber
Katie & Ryan Weber
Sarah Wedemeyer
Bradley Weed &
Susan Pappalardo
Douglas P. Wehner
Gwendolyn Weinert &
Colin Curfman
Erik J. Weis
Adam Welch
Brian Welcker
Fred & Cinnamon Welland
Deborah West
Margaret Wheeler &
Matt Farmer
Deanna Whetsell
Brooke A. White &
Victoria Lea
Robert White
Jean & Terrence White
Amanda & Matthew White
Kassi White
Duane Whitehurst
Elizabeth K. Whitmire
Brian Whitney
Fred Whittlesey
Rich Wickham
Zahara Wignot
Dylan & Susan Wilbanks
Bill & Jill Wildprett
Bruce Wilkins
George, Renae &
Perry Willard
Sara Green-Williams &
Craig Williams
Rebecca Williams
Hannah Williams
McCree Williams
Jennifer Willson
Jeffrey Wilson
Heather-Marie &
Kenneth Wilson
Jeremy Wilson
Kate Winne & Nate Muller
Jennifer & Eric Wiscovich
Mark & Lauren Wishnie
Chris Wisniewski &
Jade Young
Bart Wittenmyer &
Rachel Digregorio
Glenna & Brian Wolf
Leslie Wolford &
Amy Burdick
Paul M. Wolpe
Tim Wood & Anne
Henry Woods
Chris Wright
Neil & Lorena Wright
Linda Wright
Lalenya J. Wulff
Stephen Wylie
Sarah & Eric Wyttenbach
Shelley Yamamoto-Smith
Stuart Yarfitz & Trudi Fajans
Timothy Yeaglin
Amy Yoakum
Elliott, Mina & Ian Young
Kirsten E. Youngren
Mauntrece Zamzow
Danielle Zarella
Paul B. Zemtseff
Andrew Zinner
Jay Zischke
Sarah M. Zorich
Ashley Zygar
Anonymous (2)
AT&T Foundation Matching
Gift Program
Joe M. Aakre &
Rhonda Spencer
Patricia Abbate
Marilyn Abbink &
Kimbyl Edwards
Jason Abbott &
Nicole Penoncello
Michael Abbott
Catherine &
Michael Abegg
Jennifer Abel &
Jeff Kovitz
Kate Abel
Irene Abiva
John Abodeely &
Ed Kachinske
Cherie Abrahams
Peter Abrahamsen
Jenny Abrams
Kathy Abrusci
Tom Abshire
Felix Aburto
Lauren Acheson &
Chris Tanghe
Kerry Acker
Cliff Acre
Aaron Adams &
Maria Cochran
Carrie Adams
Jude Adams
John Adams
Tyler Adams
Chet & Susan Adams
Therese Adams
David Adams
Kim Adank
Kim & Russ Addy
Prabhu Adie
Eric & Staci Adman
Chris Ager
Lydia Agnese
Leah Agnor
Alvaro Aguilar Garcia de
Alba & Daniela Sanchez
Kathrin Ahl & Sam Meade
Daniela M. Ahmed
Kurt & Mary Ahrensfeld
Alex Aigner
Dawn Aiken &
Miguel De Campos
Gabrielle Aines
Sean G. Airhart
Airport Way
Brian Aitchison
Ari Akmal
Vanessa Alarcon
Emily Alben
Conrad & Carol Albert
Elaine Albert
Aaron Albright
Ethan Albright
Michael Alcantara
Carla Aldinger
Adam Aldridge
Dave & Trudy Alefaio
Stacy & Nik Aleksich
Heather Alevras
Morgan Alexander
Richard Alexander
Kelly Alexander
Tohnia Alexander
Richard W. Alexander
Irene Alexander Tokar
Heather AlexanderEngelbrecht
Rose Alfred
David & Sally Alger
Ken Allan & Naomi Hume
David Allan
Thomas & Hero Alldredge
Rachel & Tyler Allen
Jessie M. Allen
David Allen
Rich & Ann Allen
Casey Allen
David Allen
Mattew & Allison Allen
Jeanne Allen
Matthew C. Allen
Scott & Erin Allen
Ashley Allen
Brian Allen
James Allen
Kimberly Allen
Elizabeth F. Alley
James C. Alley
Jon & Crystal Alling
Heather Allison
Jared Allport
Alex & Jonathan Allred
Jamie Alls
Jesse D. Allum
Jeremy Allyn
Jana & Sage Alma
Jamelia Alnajjar &
William Smith
Michael Alosi
Shanan Alper &
Josie Wulsin
Gabriel Alperovich
Elizabeth Alpisa
Clint M. Alter
John & Jennifer Alton
Hans Altwies & Amy Thone
Chase & Maria Alvord
Tracee Alvord
Kim Ambrose
Meredith Amdur
Nicoli Ames
John Ames & Susan Rich
Yaelle S. Amir
Spencer & Larissa Amir
David Amiton
Aaron Amoroso
Graham Amsden
Pmi Amsterdam
Peter & Patti Amundson
Anna Anafi
Ross Anania
Ancient Arts Holistic
Matthew Andersen
Mary Andersen
Cathleen J. Andersen
Heidi Andersen
Krista Andersen &
Brian Prothero
Phoebe & Jeff Anderson
Eric Anderson
Alexander N. Anderson
Dave & Deirdre Anderson
Kevin & Gryffith Anderson
Brian N. Anderson
Ryan & Tara Anderson
Kurt Anderson
Lara J. Anderson
Susannah Anderson &
John DeShazo
Benjamin Anderson
Kurt Anderson
Adam & Kelly Anderson
Ryan Anderson
Roger Anderson
Angela Anderson &
Chris Meyers
Lulu Anderson
Emily Anderson
Jeremy S. Anderson &
Maidrine Chen
Jason & Molly Anderson
Justin Anderson
Theodore L. Anderson
Steve Anderson
Tom & Beth Anderson
Ryan & Kristen Anderson
Sarah E. Anderson &
Joel Herness
Allison Anderson
Kathleen Andrejack &
Patrick Holmes
Matt Andrejczak
Erich Andren
Michael Andrews
Steve & Elizabeth Andrews
Jennifer Andrews &
Bret Swenson
Nick Andrews
Desiree Andrews
Katrina Angel
Julie & Jeff Angeley
Gilia Angell
Katy Ankenman
Sarah & V.J. Anma
Annie’s Art and Frame
Kevin & Karen Anthony
Lisa Antichow
Carl Anton
Zayde Antrim &
Roger Kittleson
Amanda Anuraga
Avis Anzelc &
Mark Schroder
Lisa Yuka-Anziano
Alyssa Anzur
Richard Apfel
Matthew B. Apfel
David Appel
Judith Appelbaum
Scot Appert
Michael J. Appleton
Meghan Apshaga
Michelle Arab &
Bobby McCullough
Stephen Arbour
Michael Arbuck
Brandon Archibald
Douglas Arensberg
Laura Ariganello
Bruce Arink
Tony Armbrust
Courtney Armenta
Sachiko & Tracy Armour
Jesse D. Arnold
Greta Arnold
Brian & Annie Arnold
Rich & Theo Bonneau &
Clare Aronow
Dan W. Arrington
Greg M. Arvanitakis
Sessyle Asato
Hollie C. Asch &
Richard L. Mann
Katy Asher
Matthew & Sybil Ashworth
Glen Aslin
Eran Asner
Suzanne Asprea
Wyly & Joel Astley
John E. Atkins
Vance Atkins
Michael Atkins
Lisa Atkins & Matt Miller
Stacey Atwell
David Auck &
Kathleen Foster
Jennifer Audette
Clervaux Auguste
Janis Augustin
Karen Auletta
Gladie Austin
Jonathan P. Avedovech
Nola Avienne
John Avila
Peter Avriett
Michael Avzaradel
Elizabeth Award &
Jay B. Smith
Brian & Patrica Axtell
Mackenzie Aylesworth
Omar Ayoub
Molly Ayre-Svingen
Natalie Babij
William J. Babonas &
Marya McCabe
Claudia Bach &
Philip Smart
Susan Bacheller &
Yashar Ozberkmen
Nicholas Bachrach
Christopher I. Backlund
Kelly A. Backmann &
Rob Stefaniak
Tania Backus & Jeff Jensen
Vince Badagnani
Kyndra Bade & Ian Vogel
Shawn & Jessica Baden
Suzanne Bader
Jeremy & April Bader
Kevin & Ashley Badger
Marcus Badger
Chris & John Badgley
Brian Badick
Jeff M. Baenen
Matthias Baer
Karin Baer
Lisa Baer
Laura Baer
Susanne Baessler
John Baez
Deepika Bagchee
David S. Bailey
Amanda & Russell Bailey
Judy Bailey
Tara Bailey
Damian Bailey
Bob Bailey &
Wendy Churchman
Rebecca Bailey
William Bailey
Jessica Bailey
David Bain
Brendon Bain
Jeff Baird
Chris Baird
Lynette & Tom Baisch
Kenneth J. Baker
Maggie Baker
Ralph Baker
Jeannie & Paul Baker
Peter Baker
Fred Baker &
Katelyn Hendricks
Emilie Baker
Melissa & John Baldaulf
Lindsay Baldini
Erin Baldner
Jeremy C. Baldwin
Paul A. Baldwin
Sara & Bryan Baldwin
Ian Balin &
Samantha Warren
Erik & Kristen Balisi
Conrad Ball &
Ulrike Quensel
Rob Ball & Tara Billingsley
Sara Ball
Lance Balla
Paul & Donna Balle
Diana Balliet
Jeanne Ballot &
Kevin Millison
Kirsten Ballweg &
The Black Crabs
Ned Balzer
Emily Bancroft &
Andy Johnson
Susannah Banfield
Alison Bangasser
Robert Bangerter
Gary Bangs &
Deb Quinones
Chris Banken
Brent Banks
Catherine Bankston
Mike T. Bannon
Heather Bansemer
Tammy K. Banua
Banya 5
Mike & Julia Baran
Michael Baran
Daniel Barash
L.J. Barbee
Christine Barber
Randall & Jun-Ji Barber
Melissa Barberer
Roy Barbero
Marisa Barbetta
Elizabeth Barbuto
Sam Bardelson
Brian J. Barger
Sam Barger
Pamela Barger
Helen Baric & Jeremy Berg
Bill Bark
Melissa Barker
Chris & Jennifer Barker
Adam Barley
Paul Barna
Joel Barnard
Dennis & Ilana Barnes
John Barnes
Harvey Barnes &
Angela Bohren
Michael Barnett
Randy Barnett
Donna L. Barnett
Elizabeth Barnett
Amanda Barne
Christopher J. Barney
Jared & Jen Barnhart
Kathleen Baroni
Ian & Laura Baronofsky
Luis Enrique Barragan
Dominic Barranca &
Ellery Scott
Henry & Amy Barrett
Steve Barrett
Christine & John
Jeff & Nikki
Jason Barrus
Chris Barry &
Nancy Patterson
Stephen C. Barry
Eric Bartanen
Susan Barth
Carrie Bartlett
Elizabeth Bartolomeo
Kim Bartolomey
Alan Barton
Paul & Maureen Barton
Chebon Bass
Jason Bass & Ashley
David Bassett
Loren & Amanda Bast
Shane & Rebekah Bastian
Sam & Scarlet Batchelor
Melisa Baterbonia
Sarah Bates
Valerie J. Batey
Chuck Bathurst
Val Batik & Sean Pattison
Summer Battisti
Andrew Bauck &
Tracy Reed
Graydon & Kaylee Baucom
Kevin & Heather Bauer
Brian I. Bauer
Gregory L. Bauer
Brad Baughn
Amy Baum
Tara Bauman
Tricia Bauman
Joshua Baumgardner &
Allie Sadaro
Sarah Baumgartner
Melissa & Steven
Andrew Baxter
Mike Bayer
Julie Bayer & Ilon Logan
Joshua Bayes
Derek Baylor &
C.J. Brockway
Monica Bayne
Michael Bayne
Desiree Bayonet
Trudi Beach
Samantha Beadel &
John Commiskey
Nichole Beal
Sarah Beall &
Jason Sanders
Christopher Beard &
Megan Murphy
Paul Beard
Graig Bears
Barbie Beaton
Forest Beattie
Bryan & Jodie Beatty
Jennifer Beaumont
Barbara & Christian
Colin Beazley
Denise Bechtel
Ingrid A. Beck
Kristin Beck
Stephen Y. Becker-Brown
Guy Beckett
Jim Beckley
Brian Beckman
Jim Beckmann &
Kat Giantis
Bradford & Jennifer
Mitch Beddoe
Sian Beddoe-Stephens
Gary & Diane Bedell
Anastasia Bedish
Seth Bedwell
Lynn S. Beebe &
Bill E. Halstenrud
Glen & Susan Beebe
Pamela Beecroft
Billy Beene
Omar Behery
Renate Behrendt
Jennifer L. Behrens
Patrick & Amanda Behrens
Sydney & Daniel Beier
Kristen Beifus
Jonathan & Chris Beighle
Kelly Beile
Sara E. Beinert
Jessica Bejarano
Anna & Jesse Belknap
Jennifer Bell & Tony Slama
Nicole A. Bell
Megan Bell &
Bethany Haynes
Anthony Bell
Ginger & Rand Bell
Erick Bell
Chris Bell
Rick & Shawna Bellamy
Max & Jayme Belle
Donna Bellos &
Michael Cawrse
Debra Bendel
Paul & Dana Bender
Laura E. Bender
Emily Bender
Lindsey Bender &
John Emerson
Robert E. Bendixen
Charlie & Hannah Bendock
Winda Benedetti &
Richie Costleigh
Lawrence Benesh
Michael Beneviat
Tom Bennett
Trevor & Kara Bennett
Brittany Bennett
Holly Bennett &
John Lebsack
Kristeen Bennett
Hamilton Bennett
Sara Bennett
Rhonda Benoit &
Chris Rogers
Amy Bensinger
Darin Benson & Lisa Eberle
Amanda M. Benson
Mary Clare Benson
David Benson
Cindy Benson
Hale True Benson-Squire
Anne & Mark Bentley
Tim Benton
Larry Bentura
Brad Benz
Bryn Beorse &
Brenda O. Reibel
Jade Berbari
Pamela Berelson
Brody Berg
Ava Berg & Mike Fagerness
Charles M. Berg &
Anya Miller-Berg
Kristen & Justin Berg
Justin & Kristen Berg
Margaret Berger
Ken Berger
Will F. Bergerson
Merigold & Erik Bergman
Paul N. Bergstrom
Erik Bergstrom &
Darlene Becker
Brian Berman
Noell Bernard &
Neal Kingsley
Brian Bernard
William J. Bernhard &
Iris Crawford
Nur D. Bernhardt
Travis & Juliet Bernritter
Cristopher Berns
J.C. Berrey & Lori Arnold
Matt M. Berry
Serena & Sam Berry
David Berry & Betsy Adams
Leslie Berry
Stephanie Berryhill
Tamara & Greg Berst
Alissa Berteig
Josh Besecker
Josh Beser
Emilie Bess
Danielle Bessette
Heidi Best &
Jeremy Flahaven
Melissa Best &
John Bennett
Rachel Best-Campbell &
Alex Campbell
Tobi Bet
Katie Bethell
Saira Bettencourt
Josh Bettenhausen
Elias Bettnecourt
David Betz
Meredith Betzold
Michael C. Beveridge &
Queena Yi
Theo Beyene
Katrina N. Beyer
Blair Bezushko
Marissa Bhatnagar
Aroop Bhattasali
Amanda & Finley B’Hymer
Brian & Pattie Bianco
Dale N. Bickenbach
Patty Bicknell & John Bito
Steve & Gina Biel
Lawrence Biemiller
Michael Bieniosek &
Jasmine Lopez
Steven Bigda
Michael W. Biggins
Amy Bijak
Jason Bilanko
Juliann Bildhauer
Jamie Bilger &
Timothy Hunting
Shelby Bilinski
Gabriel Biller
Logan Billingham
Alison Billings
Mary & Ray Billings
Rose Billington &
Angela Jaeger
Morrie Bills & Zale Carroll
Jeremy Bina
Konrad M. Binder
Leslie Binions
Keith & Jen Binkley
Paula Birchman
James Bird
Stephanie Birdsall
Kenny Birge
Mark Birzell
Kathy Biscardi
Robert Bishop
Brian Bissinger
Lynn & Mark Bitter
Joe & Cindy Bittler
Traci & Kyle Bixby
Max Bixler
Alexandra Bizani
Grace E. Bizzell &
John A. Rueger
Paul L. Bjelajac &
Melanie Reitz
Geoff Bjorkedal
Kevin Bjorklund
John & Joyce Black
Hannah & Ryan Blackbourn
Laura Blackburn &
Markus Bontrause
Eleanore Blackford
Alan Blackman
Craig Blackmon &
Tiffany McDermott
Valancy & Tony Blackwell
Bob & Kristie Blade
Courtney Blair
Kristen E. Blake
Braden Blake
Susannah Blake &
William Pounds
Jennifer Blake
Beth Blanchard
John Blanchard
Paul Blanchard &
Celia Koehler
Frank Blanchette
Fiona Blank
Scott M. Blankenship
Ronald K. Blasing
Jacquee Blaz
Silas Bleakley
Anthony Bleakmore
Samuel V. Bledsoe
Matt Blessing
Ryan Blethen
Ruth & Lana Blinderman
Becky Blixt
Lana Block
Cheri & Patrick Blodgett
Brian K. Blood
Janice Bloom
Beth & Rebecca Bloom
Peter Blossey &
Rekha R. Thomas
Francesca &
Thomas Blueher
Dina Blum
Mark Blunk
David & Carol Bobanick
Lionel Bobbington
Sally Bock
Amy Bockelman
Joshua J. Bockstahler &
Megan Smith
Arianna Bodini
Lara Bodini
Annette E. Boe
Erin Boedeker
Jill Boelter &
Stephen Durham
Amy & Josh Boelter
Michael Boer
Jason Boettcher
Glenn Boettcher
Kevin & Katie Boettcher
Jessica Boettiger
Roxanne Boggio
Jim A. Bohn & Michelle Ota
Ricky Boice
Alba Bolan
Rob Boldt
Kara Boldt
Ryan Bolin
Christine Bombard
Charles & Michelle
Alan & Katharine Bond
Glace Bondeson &
Tanja Schwientek
Ashlea Bonds
Tara Bonhorst
Timothy Bonk
Jesse Bonn
Allison Bonnot
Robert E. Booher &
Terri K. Tarver
Scott Book & Melissa
Bari Bookout
Margot Booth
Stephen Booth &
Krissy Hong
Stacy Booth &
Craig Phillips
Christina L. Boozer
Chris J. Borden &
Julianne Dalcanton
Sam Bordia
Katy & Dustin Boreson
Jeff Borg
Joleen A. Borgerding
Chris C. Borgia
Ben Borgman
Erica Borkowski &
Kate Okeson
Joslin E. Boroughs
Rodel B. Borromeo
Debrah Boskets
Bill & Darlene Bosking
Michelle Bostick &
Margo Carn
Annette L. Bostwick & Eddy
L. Fey
Paul & Paul Bosveld
Eileen & Tokey Boswell
Timothy M. Boudreau
Michael Boudreaux
Mark & Julie Boulter
David & Leah Bouman
Brendan Bourdage
Marc Bourdon &
Sarah McCloskey
Seamus & Anna Bourne
Paul & Kellie Bove
David & Dona Bowen
Taryn Bowen
David Bowermaster &
Annie Livingston
Marcy Bowers &
Paul Rogers
Greg & Sabrina Bowers
William Bowers
Mason Bowles &
Christine Chmielniak
Patti Bowman &
Rahul Joshi
Blaine Bowman
Chris Bowman
Julie E. Bowman
Clayton Bowser
Tim Boyce
Jennifer Boyce-McNeill &
Eric McNeill
Marci Boyd
Peter Boyd
Kristin Boyer
Giuliana Boyer &
James Mirabal
Carolyn Boyle
John Boyne
Brett & Alanna Boynton
Brian Bozareh
Patricia Bozeman
Marquise Brack
Travis M. Brackney
Glen & Christine Bradburn
Tracy Lane Bradfield &
Amy Chase
Tracy Bradford &
Aaron Baca
Tina Bradley &
Nate Hopkins
James Bradshaw
Megan Brady
Kevin Braiden
Peter Braitsch & Rinn &
Sarah Self
Aubrey & Trevor Bramble
Dorothee Brand &
Steffen Rohde
Melanie & Jeff Brandewiede
James S. Brandt
Sarah C. Brandt
Jeff Brann
Mitch Branstetter
Becky Branting
Rachel E. Brantley
Cole Bratcher
Willard Bratten
Tom & Naomi Braun
Julia & Eric Braun
Shannon Brauner
Mark Braungardt
Robert & Christine Braxton
Robert W. Bray
Kyle Bray
Phillip Brazeau
Timothy Lane Breeding
Megan Breen
Katie Breene & Scott Korn
Michael Brehmer
Rebecca Breier
John Breitling
Brian A. Bremen
Nicholas M. Brenckle
Pat Brennan
Valance Brenneis &
Raymond Lee
Robert Brenner
Gene Breshears &
Michael Yust
Moss K. Bresnahan
Lee Breunig
Keith Brewe
Katie Brewel
Dave Brewer
Paul Brewin
Susan Brewster
Lauren V. Briel
Eamon Briggs
Chrystie & Aaron Briggs
Julia Briggs
Rob & Molly Bright
Robert Bright &
Marsha Patty
Karen & Tom Brighton
Shellie & Kevin Brighton
Noah Briller
Jaclyn Bringuez &
Sean Ellick
Jeff Brinker
Kate Brisbois
Mike Britt
Catherine Britt
Aaron Britton
Kevin Britton-Simmons
Cheryl Brock
Tracy Brockmann & Ben &
Mina Holcomb
Amy & John Brodie
Alexander Brogger
Andrew & Betty Brooking
Earl Brooks
James & Bonnie Brooks
Becky Brooks &
Jeff Youngstrom
Katherine Brooks
Michael Brooks
Brad Brooks-Rubin
Nicholas Bross
Erik Brotherton
Maureen & Joe Brotherton
Victor Broto Cartagena
Amanda Brown
Amber & Matthew Brown
Anders Brown
Art Brown
Christopher Brown &
Tracy Prinz
Constance Brown
Deborah C. Brown
Gregg Brown &
Kathryn Boris-Brown
Laura Brown
Mike Brown
Nate Brown
Owen & Debbie Brown
Patrick Browne
Pete Brown
Rebecca Brown
Sally L. Brown
Sarah Brown
Tahirih Brown
Toby Brown
William & Andrea Browning
Barb Brownlee
Philip Brownsey &
Rachel Brush
Philip & Rachel Brownsey
Alice B. Brownstein
Kelly Broxton
Bart Broze
Mark & Thea Bruce
Bjoern A. Bruegemann
Doug & Miriam Brumley
Rodney & Patti Bruneau
Greg Bruninga
Jim & Meg Brunner
Web Brunsteter
Lee Brunz
Marjorie Bruster
Travis & Amy Bryan
Debbie A. Bryant
Jessica Bryant-Bertail
Andre Bras & Soraia Belo
Greg S. Bucci
Scott & Cindy Buchanan
Jennifer Bucher
Brian D. Buck
Dave Buck
Heather Buckle
Kevin Buckley
Daniel L. Buckman
Mark Budash
Christee Buell &
Paola Castellino
Kelly Buelsing &
Blake Schnebly
Andrew Bueno
Danielle Buettgenbach
Thomas Buford &
Laura Skelton
Eric Buhle
Tim Bulger &
Tina Tomljenovic
Andrew Bulkeley
Scott Bullard
Edward K. Bullock
Eric Bullock
Eric & Angela Bultemeier
Elly Bunzendahl &
Christopher Edlin
Melanie & Adam Burch
Richard H. Burcham
Erin R. Burchfield
Mason Burdess
Alex Burdette
Jeff Burdick
Jennifer Burdzinski
Liza Burell & Chris Mack
Mark Burgan
Sarah Burgell
Doug Burke
Travis & Bobbie Burke
Jim Burke & Judith Bloch
Andrew & Sarah Burkhalter
Ann Burkhart
James M. Burkman &
David Caldwell
Greg Burnett
Jeremy Burnett
Patrick Burnett
Denise Burningham
Gary Burnopp
Brendan D. Burns &
Robin Sanders
Kyle & Mary Burns
Patrick Burns
Carl Burns
Dave & Kelly Burns
James Burns
Michaeleen Burns
Roberta Burroughs
Pam Burton &
Jeremy Smithson
Victor C. Burton
Zig Burzycki &
Stephanie Ahlquist
Chris Busbey &
Sonya Strenge
Laura Busch
Tricia Bush
Heidi Bush
Brian Busic &
Sandi Paschall
James & Amy Buskirk
Tina & Dane Buson
Lawrence Bussard
Jason Busse
Derek Butcher &
Mary Murray
Greg Butcher
Chris Butenhoff
Alan Butler
Cindy & Mike Butler
Bruce Butler
Matthew & Rachel Butler
Keely Butters
Ellen R. Butzel &
Mark W. Ruebel
Candace & Jeffrey Butzow
Teresa L. Buxton
Patrick & Susan Byers
Mr. Kevin L. Byers &
Rebecca Aldrich
Jessica Bygd
Ted J. Byram
Joyce Byrne
Cristopher J. Cable
Gingi Cabot
Luis Cabreia
Kevin Cacciotti
Mackay Cadell
Christina Cadenhead
Thomas Cadmus
Regina & Peter Caffrey
Neal Caftelo
Dave, Nash, Rachel &
Stella Cagen
Rebecca & Fitz Cahall
Tim Cahill
Andrea Cain & Jason Knox
Kristina & Giancarlo
Joe Cairnes
John D. Cairns
Gabriel Calas
Sheldon Calbero
Allegra Calder
Emily Calderwood
Catherine Caldwell
Blake Caldwell
Josh Caldwell
Theresa & Edward
Jeremy & Melissa Calkins
David Call
Sheila M. Callahan &
Ken Clay
Nancy Callan
Karen Callander
Jed Callarman & Lisa
Dustin Callif
Kati Rose Callison
Rafael Calonzo
Jonathan Calvert &
Catherine Cline
Colin & Sara Jane
Christine Cambareri
Jennifer Camden
Jeanne Cameron
Tom Cammarata
Cecilia Campagna
Jill & Jamie Campbell
James S. Campbell
Patricia Campbell
Troy Campbell
Mary, George &
Molly Campbell
Nathan Campbell
Trevor Campbell
Peter Campbell
Maureen Campbell
Jesse Campbell
Heather Campbell
Karen Campbell
Eric Camplin
Tracy Campos
Sequoia Campshure
Liz A. Canavan
Elizabeth & Ben Canning
Maura & Ned Cannon
Chris Cannon
Cantinetta G&M
Restaurants LLC
Kristin Canton
James Cantwell &
Katie Meredith
Benjamin N. Cape
Ronald Capko
Jennifer Capouilliez
Joe & Elizabeth Capozzi
Nicole Capozziello
Phil Capp
Amanda Cappelletti
Steve Capps
Danny Capri
Jessica Caragliano &
Lauren Ross
Richard Carbo
Chris Carden
Andres Cardona
Nick Carew
Eliza Carey
Andrea Carino
Jan Carline
Nancy Carlisle
Eric Carlson
Robert Carlson &
Sarah Keller
David J. Carlson
Stig & Angi Carlson
Matt Carlson
Ben Carlson
Ann Carlson
Carl & Frances Carlson
Erik Carlson
Adam Carlton
Mike Carman
Eric S. Carnell &
Angela Walker
Frank Carnevale &
Catherine Hamilton
Riley R. Caron
Tim Carpenter
Lauren Carpenter
Ellen Carpenter
Delesha Carpenter
David Carr & Louise
Kenneth, Catherine, Zoe &
Tate Carr
Mike Carr
Anne & Giuseppe
Chris A. Carrel
Angela Carriaga
Lucas & Michael Carrico
Aileen Carrigan
Denise Carrillo & Una
Michelle & Ken Carroll
Sara Carroll
Catherine Carroll
Carey Carson
Jeremy Carson
Daughtry Carstarphen &
Timothy Roven
Arlie Carstens
Matt, Kristen, Elena &
Dylan Carter
Sid Carter
Thomas Carter
Kara Carter
Sommer & Rob Carter
Terry Carter
Clint Carter
Derek Carter
Scott & Melissa Carter
Liz T. Carter
Melissa Carter &
Mark Zufelt
Molly Cartwright
Minnie & Meg Caruso
Helen & Ben Casady
Sarah Casaletto
John & Jeanne Cascone
Kit Case
Traci Case & Pete Gotseff
Britney Casey
Mary Casey
John Cash & Deb Coughlin
Johnna & W.M. PattersonCashill
Michael Cashman &
Christopher Willard
Amber Caska
Chris & Leslie Caskey
Brad Cason
Louise Cassell
Sonja Cassen
Martin Cassidy
Rachel Cassidy &
Ian Anderson
Andrew Cassidy
Kenneth Cassidy
Andrew Castaldi
Steve Casteel
Michelle M. Castillo-West
& Phil West
Helen Castleman
Eric Castorena
Peter Catapano
Gary Caudillo
Jeanne Cawse-Lucas
Jay Cayton
Lawrence Cayton
Deb Cayz & Nicole Macri
Jennifer Cearley & Jeff
Julie & Brian Cechony
Amanda Cercone & Dane
Andrew & Margaret
Mark Cervero
Ari Cetron
Raman Chadha
Andrea Chalmers
Brad Chamberlain &
Kathy Cowles
Russel Chamberlain
Mary & Lorraine Chambers
Dhruv Chanchani
Christine Chang
Alyson & Aaron Chapin
Catie Chaplan
Clinton D. Chapman
Matthew Chapman
Rhonda Chapman
Michelle Chapman
Renee Chappell
Eric Chappelle &
Ingrid Hurlen
Soleil Chappelle
Kerri Char
Sarah Charlesworth &
Mike Attie
Anne-Cecile Charlot
Zachary Charlton
Chase Race
Amanda Chase
Meredith Chase
Chris Chase
Paul Chatalas
Nik Chatfield
Monique Chatterjee
Andrew & Ammi Chaveas
Steve & Rose Chavez
Daniel Cheah
Chris Cheatham
Tess Cheatle
Hope Chernov
James Chesney
Chris Chesnutt
Tanya Chesterfield
Michelle & Frank
Aalap Chikhalikar
Scott Chilberg
Bryan & Karen Chilcote
Joseph Chilcote
Caroline Childress
Benjamin Childs
Carolyn Ching
Jenny Chinn
Jessie Chism
Anna & Ryan Chittum
Howard J. Chizeck &
Holly J. Glaser
Sandy S. Cho &
Mark Thompson
Grace H. Cho
Bradley & Margaret
Luen Choo &
Warren Tanner
Alex Chorey
Paul Chornobay
Morgan Chosnyk
Rikesh Chouhan
Danny Chrisman
Kelly & Jerry Christensen
Craig Christian &
Jessica Cohen
John Christianson
Rebecca Christianson
Kristina & Rowan
Martin A. Christoffel
Nik Christofferson
Hague Christopher
Adam Christopulos
Frances Chu
Jennifer P. Chu
Chubb & Son Matching
Gift Program
Ashley Church
Anna Church
Nancy Churillo &
Philip Hollins
Mark Ciavarella &
Bevin Taylor
Mark & Amy Cicero
Jack Cieslak
Nick Cihlar
John Cihocki
John Ciochon
Lisa Cirincione &
Michael Vanzant
Meghan & Thomas Cirrito
Dan & Sandra Ciske
Jason & Catherine Civjan
Dulcie Claassen &
Tim Callahan
Jeff Clapsaddle
Adam Clardy-O’Neal
Christopher J. Clark
Rebecca M. Clark
James & Kelly Clark
Christie Clark
Jesse Clark
Daniel Clark &
Heather Dietrick
Travis Clark
William Clark
Alana Clark
Hollis Clark
Steven & Judy Clarke
Terra Clarke &
Randall Olsen
Aimee Clarke
Tobey J. Clarkin
Kevin P. Claussen
Shanti Claussen
Arthur Clawson
Talya Clay &
Leonardo DaCosta
Brad Claypool
Katie Cleary
Melville Cleaver
Kristen Clemens
Matthew Clement
Michael Clement
Steve Clements
Shaney Clemmons
Jason Clerk
Julie R. Cleveland &
Eric Roberts
Ted Clifford
Shelly Rae Clift
Evan D. & Shirley Cline
Erik Clineschmidt &
Helen Rieger
Hass Clint
Barbara Clucas
Tyler Cluderius &
Lauren Mellon
Curt Clugston
Annie Coakley &
Luke McGlasson
Paul S. Coan &
Elizabeth A. Pearson
Richard Coates &
Christine Lange
Jennifer Cobb &
Michael Kuell
Kate Coberly
Phil M. Coburn &
Allison I. Buri
Jennifer Coburn
Kathleen Cochran &
Andy Cummings
Neil Cochran
Siona Cochran &
Lorrie Willis
Robin D. Cockey
Cara Codekas
Scott Codespoti
Halley Cody
Jeffrey Coe
Cory Coffin
Peter Cohan
Trilby Cohen
Shara Cohen
Peter Cohen
Donald Cohn
David Cohrs
Suzanne & Bryan Coker
Doug Coker
Grant Cole
Andrew Cole
Marian Cole
Doug Cole
Joanna Cole & Joel Breems
Thomas & Gail Cole
Chris Cole
Todd & Maya Cole
Mark Coleman
John Coleman
Susan K. Coleman
Emily Coleman &
Brad Osborn
Jason Coleman
Sarah & Nathan Coles
Taryn Coles & Ben Suriano
Ian Coletti
Rebecca Yates-Coley
Seann Colgan
Kevin & Lynn Collar
Maria College &
Scott Smith
Scott & Tonya Collier
Tom Colligan
Carol L. Collins
Brian H. Collins
Karina Collins
Nathan Collins
Corey Colliver
Lori Collner &
Jake Lowenstein
Robyn Colopy
Inge Colsen
Melissa & Mark Colsman
Jason Colton
Marc Coltrera &
Anne Buchinski
Robert Colwell
Combined Federal
Campaign of N. Puget
Sara Combs
Stephane J. Comeau
Roark Congdon
Laura Conklin
Dashiell Conlen
Cliff Conley
Keith L. Conley
Caroline Conley
Bob Connally
Chris & Jessica Conner
Tessa Conners
Dan E. Connors &
Shannon W. McKay
Tom F. Conquergood
Loveday L. Conquest
Darcy Constans
Barry R. Constant &
Kathy Barnds
Gus Conti &
Jennifer Ludovici
Darin Conti &
Jennifer Ludovici
Luke Conyac
Albert Cook &
Brooke Mangold
Steven Cook
My Nguyen &
Eric & Ian Cook
Cyrilla F. Cook
Jeffrey Cook
Joseph H. Cook
Steven Cook
Calico Cook
Matthew Cook
Terri Cook
Feiya & Zachary Cook
Chance & Barb Cooke
Elizabeth Cooke
Nicholas Cooksey &
Stephanie Kirby
James P. Cooper &
Tisha Cain
Dan & Steph Cooper
Kimberly Cooper
Susan & David Cooper
Courtney Cooper
Jeff Coopersmith &
Stefanie Snow
Ted M. Coopman
Jim Copacino
Marilyn Cope
Matt Coppola
Bill Cordero
Margo & David Cordner
Allison Q. Cordrey
Elaine Corets
Kerri A. Corkrum &
Tim Yeadon
Kent & Julia Corley
Vashjuan K. Cornelison
Margaret &
Quinn Cornelius
Jared Cornell
Andrew H. Corner
Vanessa Corona
Thomas & Christina
William Corrigan &
Lucia Athens
Ben Corrow
Ray Cort & Gwen Geslin
Danielle Cosme
Nadia Costa
James Costas
Mitch Cote-Crosskill
Ann Cotton
Matt Couch &
The Couch Family
Andrew Couch
Brad J. Coulter
Emily Coulter
Christine A. Courtie
Cristina Covert
Rick Cowan
Darrel Cowan
Daniel Cowan
Seth Cowdery
Monica Cowdery
Crystle Cowen
Karen Cowgill
Suzy & Matt Cowgill
Lauren Cowley
Tom Cowper
Terrell & Don Cox
Eric Cox & Dipti Vyas-Cox
Jennifer Cox
Rachel Cox
Debra Cox
Will Cox & Cox Family
Janyssa Cox & Gary Fowler
Dave Cox
Stephan X. Coyne
Matthew Craft
Jordan Crago
David Craib
Conor P. Craigen
Michele Cramer &
Josh Hodgman
Michael T. Crampton
Glen Crandall
David & Anne Crandall
Drew Crandall &
Emily Porter
Jean M. Crane
Rebecca Crane
Andrew Crane
Matthew R. Craven
Lia Craven
Ryan & Alicia Cravens
Matt Craver
Sean & Helen Crawford
Colin Crawford &
Heather Hansen
Bethany Creagh-Shoda
Phil Crean
Jeremy & Jill Creed
Donald J. Creighton
Peter & Sharon Cremin
Joel Creswell & Sibyl
Pat Crews
Bob W. Crichlow &
Sheree L. Swanson
Jennifer Crichton
Jason Crider
James Criste
Ryan Cristelli
Eva Croasdale
Pamela J. Crone
Brad Cronk
Tim & Shelly Crosby
Martha Cross & Josh
Barry K. Cross &
Melody Grant
Chelsy & Cyndi Cross
Andy Cross
David Cross
Anna & Scott Crossland
William & Susan Crossley
Seth H. Crothers
Jennifer Crouch &
Sarah Meadows
Jenna Crouch
Jennifer Crowder &
Kevin Sulonen
Brian Crowe
Vincent Crow-Kappel &
Consuelo Crow
Christina Crowl
Erika Croxton
Ian & Sue Cruickshank
Rex & Megan Crum
Eileen Crum
Trevor Crump
Susan & Jack Cruver
Danielle Cruver
Xavier A. Cuadrado
Ethan Cudaback &
Erin Bowman
Michael Cuddy &
Cindy King
Susan Cudnohfsky &
Kraig Rury
Jennifer Culp
Michael Culpepper
Kevin Cummings
Busy Cummings
Scott Cummings
Meg Cummins
Corbett Cummins &
Lisa Damm
Daniel Cummins
Lissa Cunneen & Brian Rice
Laura Cunningham
Matthew Cunningham &
Cindy Reiner
Joel Cuplin
Doug & Cory Curl
Jaime Curl
Susan & Peter Curran
Cheryl Curran
Brent Curran
Timothy Currie &
Tamara Houston
Amy Currie
Reed Andrews Currie
Timothy Currie &
Tamara Houston
Nicole Curry &
Sam Uzwack
Matthew & Michele Curtis
Charles M. Curtis &
Jane Harvey
MLA Curtis
Mary Cushman &
Gregg Anderson
Mary Cusic
Dave Cutler
Carl Cutter
Raul Cuza &
Heather Burack
D&B Matching Gift
Michael J. Dabrowski
Sara Dabrowski
Tucker A. Dacey
Karin E. Dacey &
Chad Hoggard
Marcos & Heather Dachary
Raj K. Daftary
Emily Dahl & Davis Liss
Avery Dahl
Nils & Katie Dahlgren
B. Dahlia
Andy Dahlstrom
Deb Dahrling
Byron & Jennifer Dailey
Jon Daily
Jill Dalager-Brunner &
Jeff Brunner
Bryan & Navah
Rain Daley
Chris & Cheryl Dallos
Scott S. Dally
Roy D’Almada Remedios
Stephanie & Benjamin
Jennifer Damey
Craig Damrauer
Joachim Damstrom &
Carol Bobovski
Sophia Dancel
Kim Dancy
Donald & Linda Danenger
Peter Danford
Engracia Dang
Gus Dangelo
Alicia Daniel
Lou & Cindy Dantas
Gloria Dapra
Stephen Dargo
Kristen Darlington &
Eric Gburski
Lauren Darnell
Danny Darst
Christin Datz
Stephanie & John Daud
Daniel D. Daugherty
Judy Dauphinee &
Damon Bacheller
Colin Dauria
Jeff Davault
Steve Davenport
Naomi Davidson
Greg Davidson
Michael Davidson &
Edith Bishop
Jessica Davidson
Ashley & Jason Davidson
Kelly Davidson
Doug Davies
Peter & Kelly Davio
Rob Davis
Mary C. Davis
Brian T. Davis
Paul M. Davis
Allison S. Davis
John M. Davis
Mark Davis
Philip Davis
Jennifer Davis
Kate Davis
Alisha C. Davis
Todd Davis
Amanda Davis
George & Erin Davis
Ahna Davis
Lauren Davis
Jeff Davis
Kyle & Haley Davis
Genevieve Davis
Jon Davis
Scott Davis
Carlos Davis
Dan & Shana Davis
Kevin Davis
Connie Davison
John D’Avolio
Kim Dawes & Andrew
Tom Dawson
William Dawson
Sam Dawson
Kathryn Dawson
Clayton & Karen Dawson
Dan Day
Sarah Day & Tim Morrison
Rebecca Day
Dayton Foundation
Depository, Inc.
Toby Dayton
Ray De Botton
Helena De Grazia
Denisse De Jesus
Carlos & Sarah De La Torre
Benito De Santis
Ed A. Deal
Michael Deal
Chrissy Deal & Shawn R.
Toby B. Dean
Nathan & Michelle Dean
Caitlin Dean
Jenny Dear
David Dearing
Carlie Debuysscher &
Klayton Johanson
Mike Decleene
Chris Dee
Eric Dee
Steven & Jennifer Deem
Kam Deep
Guy Deflorio
Tom & Snookie Degraff
Richard Deininger
Anton & Laura Dejong
Keith & Lisa Dekker
George Del Busto &
Kristina Schroyer
Carlos & Manzanita Rose
del Rio
Pat & Kris Delaney
Lisa Delange
Lucy & Tim Delap
Andrew Delappe
Bob Delavan
Allison Deleone
Joe D’Elia
Stephanie Dellavalentina
Julie & James Delucia
Jeremy Demers
Don Demeyer
Kit Deming
Brianna Demko
Bill Denis
Darin Denison
Patti & Mark Denman
Hanna Denmark
Jason Dennett &
Mary Wemple
Trevor Dennie
Allison Dennin
Ryan Denning
Jim A. Densmore
Miguel Dequadors
Ryan Dergousoff
Scott Dermish &
Melena Weese
John & Laurie Derr
Daibrie Derry
Angela Desilva & Tim
Joshua & Monica Desilvey
Carly & Lee Desrosiers
Gail Deutsch & James Gleit
Jennifer Dever
John Devine
Dan Devine
Greg Deviny
Chris Devita & Test
Anna Devito
Kurt & Alisa Devlaeminck
Tom Devlin & Tracy Chellis
Scott & Benjamin DeVore
Jean & Anne Devour
Leah Dewolf
Roderic & Mary Deyo
Rahul Dhar
Anne & John Diamond
Peter F. Diaz
Antonio Diaz
The Dick and Sharon Friel
Family Foundation at The
Seattle Foundation
Dominic A. Dickerson
Joshua Dickson
Stephanie Dicola &
Jay Schreiber
Anthony DiCola
Joe, Buddy, Kofi &
Iz Diederichs
Jaynalee Diego &
Michael Neugent
Paul Dieterman
Jim Dietrich
Mike Dietrich
Carla DiFranco &
Jeff Packer
Mary Ellen Digennaro &
John Chelico
Aj & Joann Digennaro
Laura Digilio
Maggie DiGiovanni &
Liam Blodgett
David Digiuseppe
Michael Dill &
Gretchen Nelson
Frank J. Diller
Joan Dilley &
Jennie Wojtusik
Megan Dilley
Dan Dillinger &
Margaret Eugenio
Jon & Heather Dillon
Matt Dillon
Samantha Dillon
David & Lisa Diluna
Jonathan Dimas
Matthew & Tandy Dimeo
Bill Dimmick
Brendan Dineen
Shawntel & David Dinkuhn
Phil Dipietro
Leo & Maegan Dirac
John Dirner &
Lauren Chamberlain
Anthony Disanto
Jane Distad
Kaan Divringi
Eileen Divringi
Anne E. Dixon
Jeni Dixon
Nicole & Michael Diz
Dan Dizazzo & Laura Griep
Tien Doan
Jeeyoung & Luke Dobbs
David Dobesh
Cory Dochow
Julie B. Dodd
Nicole Dodge
Emmett J. Doerr
Becky D. Doggett &
Scott D. Krombein
Davis C. Doherty
Michelle Doherty
Michelle Doiran
Timie A. Dolan &
Scott Holpainen
Suzanne K. Dolberg
Larry & Ann Doll
Keith Dollahite
Eric Dolven &
Martha Hurwitz
Mike Dominguez
Jenny Domoto & Nick Frey
Tom & Colleen Donahue
Kelly Donahue
Colin Donnell
William L. Donnelly
Steve J. Donnelly
Benjamin Donnelly
Wayne Donnelly
Kara Donohue
Clinton Donough
Michael Donow
Robert F. Doody
Kate Dooley &
Dan Haverstock
Lynn Doolittle &
Brandon Bussell
Travis Doot
Brendan Dore
Blake Dore
Carrie & Chip Doring
David & Erica Dorland
Jeanne Dorn
Shannon Dorr
Duncan & Jenny Dorris
Shawn Dorrough
Dot’s Delicatessen
Joan Doty
Jeffery Dougherty
James P. Doughty
Jim Douglas &
Sasha Harmon
Kim Douglas
Tomi Douglas &
Barrett Anderson
James Douglass
Benjamin Dove
Patricia Dowd
Serena Down
William T. Downes
Robert Downing
Theresa Dowst
Dirdre Doyle
Kim Drake
Mike A. Draper
Rebekah Drapkin
Sara Dreitzler
Martin Dreyer
Michael Drinen
Dan Drinkard
Nancy Driver
Dwayne Drugge
Carey & Hannah Du Gray
James Dubeck
Joel A. Dubin &
Kelly A. Anthony
Elizabeth Dubreuil
Corey Dubrowa
John Ducar
Mike & Hannah Ducey
Kyle Ducey
Nate & Amy Duchene
Margie & Marjorie
Amy Blair &
Isabella Ducote
Hannah Dueck &
Ryan Good
Chad & Sara Duffer
Kerri Duffield &
Matthew Audette
Angus Duggan
Ian Duggan
Craig Duhamel
Chelsea Duke
Tom Duke & Fiona Bauer
Amanda Dulkinys
Chase Dullinger
Ma’Chell Duma Lavassar
Catherine Dumas
Christa Dumpys
Jared B. Dunbar &
Tina C. Highfill
Fawn & Brad Dunbar
Bonnie Duncan
Andrea Duncan
Jesse Duncan
Ceilidh Duncan
Jennifer Duncan
Douglas &
Elizabeth Duncan
Kady & Brendan Dundas
David Dunham
Peter Duniho & Debra Tan
Michael & Catherine
Alan Dunkin
Annie Dunn
Michael Dunn
Pat Dunn
John Dunne &
Satya Trusdale
David Dunneback
Patrick Dunnigan
Tiffany Dunning
Michael Dunsmuir
Justine, Lisa & Billy Duong
Don Duprey
Carol DuPuis
Mary Durand
Allison Durazzi &
Thomas Hard
Connor Durham
William Duss &
Petra Passell
Andy Duss
Susan E. Duvall
Chris Duvernois
Mitchell Duyser
Jemila Dwyer &
Todd Hargrove
Gregory Dwyer
Stan G. Dyck &
Laura J. Nuechterlein
Shannon Dye &
Mark Mustacci
Michael R. Dyen
Jessica Dyer
Sommer Dykema
Todd D. Dykshorn
L.J. Dykzeul
Kristin Dyrhsen & Kurt
Chris Dziubek
Matt Eads
Sally A. Eagan
Paige C. Eagle
Rachel Earle
Alex Earle & Sabine Parrish
Kevin East
David Eastwold &
Terri Lindow
Jared Eberhardt
Chad Eberle
Dave Echenoz
Alycia J. Eck
Tobin Eckholt & Jean Fisher
Forest Eckley
Andrew Edeen
Lara & Mark Ederer
Chad Edge
Greg Edgerton
Edgren, Hecker &
Lemmon Insurance Inc.
K. Edington
James Edmunds
Linn Edwards
Caroline Edwards
Lee E. Edwards &
Megan E. Tremaine
Jeremy Edwards
Haley Edwards
John Edwards
Scott Edwards
Lucas D. Edwards
Jeffrey Edwards
Diane Edwards
John Edwards
James Edwards
Charlotte E. Eedson
Sean Egan
Bridget Egan
Scott Egashira
Beth Egelhoff &
Stu Gillespie
Tony Eggink
Sophia Egler
Emily Ehlers
Wendy A. Ehringer &
Julie English
Carol Eicher
Ryan Eilders
Erin Eiseman & Travis Fleck
Beth Eisgrau-Heller &
Rob Heller
David Eisner
Mike Eitel
Marla Eizik
Philip Ek
Karen Ekblad &
Gary & Austin Smith
Scott Elderkin &
Kathleen Walsh
Jocelyn Elderkin &
Avery Snyder
Jeff Eldridge
Carl W. Elliott
Katherine Elliott &
Rich Karstens
Ryan C. Ellis
Jennifer Ellis
Wendy Ellis &
Paul Gallagher
Kelly Ellis
Simon Ellison
David Ellison
Amy J. Ellsworth & Stitches
Melinda Elphick &
Dustin Diamond
Wayne Elston
Dave Elvin
Clint Emerson
Steve Emert
Anita Emert &
Kacy Wiggins
Jack Emery
Matt & Leslie Emmons
Scott R. Emmons
Jasen Emmons
Doug Emory
Brooke & William Emrich
Todd Enders
Corey M. Endo &
Mick W. Woynarowski
Danielle Endres
Neilson Eney
Joel Engberg
Russ Engbrecht
Janette & Matthew
Kenneth Engels
David Engelstein
Victoria R. England
Susan England
Paul England &
E. Kerschner
Jennifer Engle
Matthew Engler
Karin Engstrom
Tom Enright
Sarah Enright
Susan Ephron &
Randy Daniels
Jennifer Epler & Jeff Sutch
Bart Eppenauer
Christie Eppler
Brian Epps
Jenny Epstein
Darrett Eraks
Mike Erickson &
Dave Doody
Lesley Erickson
Katherine Erickson
Ben Erickson
Deanna Erickson
Kaye Erickson
Gary M. Erikson
Aaron S. Erlich
Patricia Ernst
Erin Ernst
Erin Ernst
Brad Ervin
Natalie Ervin
Debra Ervin
Ariana Erwood
Bobby Escalante
Leif Espelund
John Essaye
Dan & Laurel Esseff
Tim E. Essington &
Hereen A. Morse
Erin Estep
Hector Estrada &
Miriam Gomez
Mark Etheridge
Aimee Ettel
Lela Eunson & Cash Hyatt
John Eure
Julie Evanoff
Julia Evanovich &
Daniel Wood
Susan Evans
Robert Kevin Evans
Carey Evenson
Aaron Everett
The Everett Brothers
Rich Evon
Laura Ewbank
Andy & Karen Ewing
Robert Ewing
Olivia Exline
Allen Exnicious
C.J. & Tammy Extine
Teresa Eyler
Jennie Eyring
Erica B. Eyring
Jimena Eyzaguirre &
Mark Kepkay
Diane Ezell
Blake Fabian
Maureen Fabregat
Mollie Fabric
Paul Facchini
Johnny Fading &
Alice Goldberg
Amanda Faerber
Janet Fagan
Jeffrey Fagel
Patrick & Debra Fahey
Keith & Elizabeth Fahlgren
Mary & Mike Fahrenschon
Kyla Fairchild &
Ronald H. Wilkowski
Tami Fairweather
Holly Falowey
Richmond Parks Family
David Fandel
Peter Fanning
Micah Farfour
Francesca S. Faridany
Lisa Farin
Kelly Farley
Bill & Laurie Farmer
Elissa & Edward Farmer
Dona & Dan Farmer
Jessica A. Farmer
Janet Farnam
Meghan & Nicholas
Kathryn Farrel
Thomas Farrell
Ben Farrow & Amy Trulson
Faisal & Denali Faruque
Morgan E. Faulkner
Stephanie &
Lance Faulkner
John & Michelle Fauntleroy
Patricia Favero & Dylan
Danielle Fay
Julia & James Fay
Justin & Malisah Fay
Denna Fay
Justin J. Feaster &
Geeta A. Ganesh
Aaron & Dana Feaver
Dan Feckovics
Susan & Len Fedore
Jacquelyn & Myke Fedyk
Beth Fee
Brian & Heather Feinstein
Ken Feldman
Beth Fell
Lindsey Fell
Keith E. Felton
John & Katie Feltz
Johanna Feminear
Lawrence W. Fennell
Kris Fenrich &
Kate Peterson
Mary Fenton
Nick & Anne Fenton
Sarah Ferguson
Matt & Erin Ferguson
Jeff Fernald
Cheryl Fernandez &
Steve Macfarland
Jess Ferrell
Rebecca Ferrell
Gabriel Ferri
Lisa Ferrier
Brian Ferris
Bill Ferris &
Marsha Donaldson
John Ferris
John Ferro
John Ferry
Stephen K. Festor &
Darby N. Ducomb
Stephanie Fiato
Alex Fidis &
Sarah Uhlemann
Josh Field
Mahlon Fields
Cindy Fields
David & Laura Fierce
Johanna Figurelli
Stephen & Judy Fihn
Ryan Fimmen
Susan & Alden Finch
Shannon Findlay &
Derrell Fisk
Kristin & Nate Findley
Rohana Fines
Nathan Fink &
Connie Schachtel
Josh Fink
Peter C. Finkbeiner
Alicia K. Finn
Jessica Finn
Kyle S. Finn
Julia & Adam Finn
Peggy A. Finnegan &
J.B. Walker
Olivia Finney
Richard Fischer
Karsten Fischer-Benzon
Brian Fish
Whitney Fish &
Sean Morgan
Alec Fishburne
Stephen M. Fisher
Megan Fisher
Sarah & Bill Fisher
Chelsea Fisher &
Brett Beery
Laura Fisher
Meredith Fisher
Ken Fishkin
Dianna Fisk &
Stephen Gifford
Kady Fisk
Corey Fitch &
Andrea Goussen
Marie Fitzgerald
Craig Fitzgerald
Chloe Fitzgerald
Dan Fitzgibbons
Deb Fitzpatrick
Tom & Leslie Fitzsimmons
Chris Flack
Eric Flagstead
Don E. Flaherty & Susan
Margaret & Chuck Flaherty
Victor Flake
John R. Flanders &
Molly Church
Dwayne Flansburgh
Michelle Flax &
Loren Spielman
Richard J. Fleck
Lydia Fleck
Stephanie Fleck
Brandon & Crystal Fleet
Paul Fleming
Michelle & Damon Fleming
Megan Fleming
Bryce Fleming-Henning &
Joy Baer
Robert Fleming-Jones
Dylan Flesch
Jessica Fletcher
Jason & Lisa Fligor
Erik S. Flink &
Jennifer Campanile
Russell Flint
William Flitter
Brielyn Flones
Tom & Diane Flood
Andreea Flores
Eve S. Florin
Emily R. Florio
Andrea Florissi &
Phil Brennan
Rachel Flotard
Gregg Flotlin
Eddie N. Floyd, II
Patrick Floyd
Hans Fluegel
Faith Flugel
Julie Flynn
Justin & Tina Fogall
Nicole Fogerty &
Aaron Seeks
Cameron & Lyn Fogle
Joshua R. Fogt &
Misha Werschkul
Annabelle Foianini &
Devin Adams
Squirell Foin
Erin Foley
Jonathan Foley
Patrick Foley
Aaron Follett
Mike Forbus
Jolie Foreman
Clifford K. Forester
Ken Forslund
Amy Forstrom
Nicole Fortier
Nicole Fortner
Eric Fosburgh
Mike & Christy Ann
Brad Fosseen
John F. Fossett &
Berit A. Bergquist
Lisa Foster
Mark Foster
David Foster-Koth
Dara & Jeff Foti
Rachel Foullon
Ms. Laura A. Fournier
Brook Foust
Clinton Fowler
Paul & Ingrid Fowles
Daniel & Susan Fox
Robert J. Fox
Suzy & Jordan Fox
Richard Fox
Andrea Fox
Heath S. Fox
Amy Fox
Jody & Mandey Fox
Kurt France &
Bianca Breland
Angelo L. Franchini
Don & Jeanna Francis
Tessa B. Francis
Andrew Francis &
Kim Strang
Joe Francis
Rob Franco
Danielle Frank
Perri Frank
David L. Franklin
Bill & Stephanie Frans
Robert Fransen
Vanessa Franson &
Holden Basch
Susan Franz
Tom Franzen
David Franzen
Tom Fraser
Don M. Fraser
Malari Fraser
Brian Fraser
Dylan Frazer &
Meghan Bowen
Dann Frazier
Matt & Sundee Frazier
Aaron Frazier
Paul & Athena Frederick
Eric Frederick &
Laura E. Kramer
Josh & Radha Fredman
Robert K. Fredrichs
Wanda & Greg Fredrick
Craig & Jan Fredrickson
Kimberly & Chris Free
Christine Freeland
Charlene Freeman &
Michael Barrows
France Freeman
Tim, Dawn &
Henrik Freeman
Cortney Freeman
Edmund Freeman
Adam Freeze
Matt Freitag
Debora Freixeira Klitzke
Charlie French
Eric French
Crystal G. Fresco-Gifford
Janis Freudenthal
Bridget Frey & Devin Parry
Leah & Kevin Friberg
Neil Fried &
Caren Loebel-Fried
Kristofer Friedeck
John Friederich
Greg Friedrichs &
Amanda Grondin
Kate & Lars Friend
John Fries & Stacey
Tim Frietas
Mike Frisch
Crystal Fritz
Robert Fritz
Gary Fritz & Pamela
Shawn Fritz
Rachel Fromherz
Timothy Frommer
Michael Frost &
Ann Johnson
James Frush
Gabriel L. Fry
Colt Fry
Gary Fryer
Barry Fuchs &
Lauren Kisser
Ernie Fuglevand
John Fuhrman
Amy S. Fujitani
Peter Fulford
Anastasia Fuller &
Jay Fienberg
Lindsay Fuller
Jim Fuller
Dan Fuller
Lindsay Fulmer &
Jason Hitchcock
Khadijah Fulton
Charles D. Funk
Gregg Furie
Joshua Furman
The Future
Diego Gabrieli
Jeffrey Gabster
Lauren Gaddy &
Howard Gefen
Rebecca & Mark Gaertner
Brendan Gaff
Kyle Gaffney &
Shannon Rankin
Durwood Gafford
Josh Gage
Ron Gagliardo &
Paul Huggett
John Gaines
Tom W. Gaisser
Theodore Galaday
Adam & Holly Gale
Nikki Galin
Erin K. Gallagher
Sarah Gallagher
Kathy & Robert Gallagher
Deborah & Lou Gallaro
Audra & Jered Gallegos
Erin Galloway
Edward & Janet Galore
Pat Galvin
Jedahdiah & Christa
Helen Gamble
Roberto Gandolffi &
Emilio Gandoliffi
Soren & Anne Gantt
Brian & Suz Garber-Yonts
Rich Garceau
Victoria Garcia
Timothy Garcia
Carlos Garcia
Maggie A. Gardner
Scott Gardner
Alison Gardner-Shelby &
Bill Shelby
Alyson Garland
Rachel Garlini &
Dave Van Valkenburg
Cecilia Garmendia
Paul D. Garmon
Alan & Sarah Garner
Leslie Garno
Monte Garrett
Maynard Garritty
Jen Garrow
Matthew Garson
Matthew Garvert
Sean & Sarah Garvin
Paul Gaskill & Terry Stewart
Ann R. Gateley &
Terry D. Wynia
Susannah & Chris Gatenby
Donna J. Gathany &
Doug D. Kinzig
Dennis P. Gaughran
Stacie Gault
Marilyn Gauthier
Bo & Heidi Geddes
Charles Gedhardt
Genetech Matching
Gift Program
Olivia Geffner
Todd Gehman
Mike Gehr
Heidi L. Geis
Julija Gelazis
Patricia Geldenbott
Gabrielle & Jeffrey Geller
Michael & Vanessa Gelsey
Jon & Ruth Gelsey
Ariel Gemar
Gretchen Gende & Stephen
Matthew & Diana Gendron
Cecilia Genereux
David Genet
John George
Scott George
Paul Georgieff
Thomas Geraghty &
Bill Owens
Rebecca Gerben &
Amit Mehta
Patrick Gerbracht
Michael Gerhardt
Petra Gerhardt
Mike & Donna Gerity
Anthony J. Germann
Angie Gerrald
Lenny Gerson
Deb & Madelyn Gerth
Paul Gerth
Mike & Joanne Gervais
Jeff Gessert
James Gest
David Geyer
Nicole Ghazal
Eliza Ghitis
Jacob Gibbens &
Alicia Palaniuk
Nat Gibbons
Virginia Gibbons
Mark Gibbs
Margo Gibson & John
Sean Gibson
Michelle Giedt &
Norman Bird
James Giesen
Bjorn Giesenbauer &
Saundrah Humphrey
Beth Gifford
Dave Gifford
Chris D. Giggy
Hannah & Rick Gilbert
Count Gilbert
Steven Gilbert &
Janice Camp
Heidi Gildersleeve
Jason Giles
Barney Gill
Katherine Gillespie &
Eric Haberman
Katharine Gillespie &
John Grant
Sean Gillespie
Shiloh A. Gillespie
Erik Gillespie
Luke Gillespie
Garth Gillespie
Molly Gillette
Tareyn & John Gillilan
Ramelle Gilliland
Kimberlee Gillis-Bridges
Jason Gilmore
Kelly Gilmore
Matthew J. Gilreath
Stephanie & Gary Ginger
Linda Ginger
Nicole Gionet
Ben Gipson
Jeff Gipson
Arnaud, Meg &
Zach Girard
Renee Giroux
Nanette Girzi
Jacqueline Gjurgevich
Brian Glaister
Garrett & Ashley Glanz
Chris Glasgow
Alexander Glass
Emily Glass
Brandon & Michi Glasser
Neil Glassman
Dave Glassner &
April Lasker
Darren & Jamie Glavic
Louise & Lance Gleason
Mark & Maile Gleason
John R. Gleason
Jeff Glendenning
Daniel & Meia Glick
Jonathan Glick
David Glisczinksi
Michele A. Glisson &
Paul Mannino
Jeri & Chris Glogovac
Alex Glover &
Kate Grossman
Alicia Glover
Veronika Glughova &
Doug Seitz
Noah Glusenkamp
Gregory Glynn & Taylor Tan
Susan & Mike Glynn
Reika Go
Jess Gobel
Kevin W. Gobel
Michon D. Godbey
Daniel Goddard &
Heidi Oien
Ash Goddard
Edwin Godfrey
Andreas Godiers
Kirk & Kathy Godtfredsen
Meggan & Benjamin
Scott Goeke
David & Amelia Goerlitz
Lawrence Goerss &
Rietta Stoneman
Hallie Goertz
Colins Goertzen
Emily & Matt Goff
Stephanie & Jennifer
Michael Goggins
Robert Goheen &
Kristen Alvarez
Ian Golash
Andrea Gold
Neal Goldberg &
Audrey Baldessari
Rebecca Goldberg
Mark L. Goldberg
Judah & Kirsten Goldberg
Peter Goldberg
Brian Goldberg
Gail Goldberg
Rebecca Goldberg
Greg Golden
Carey Goldenberg
Grant & Teresa Goldsmith
Aaron Goldstein
Mark & Sarah Goldstein
Andrea Goldstein
David A. Goll & Louise
Michael A. Gonzales
Corliss Gooch
Ryan Good
Clayton Goodall
Courtney & Sarah Goodey
Nicole Goodger &
Nate Gentner
Paul Goodman
Tom Goodwin
Jim Goodwin
Christin J. Gordanier
Neil A. Gordon
David Gordon
Tim Gordon
Marina Gordon & Jeff Linn
David Gordon
Jonathan Gordon
Zach Gore & Alexandra
Melissa Gorham
Hannah Gorham
Mark Goris & Gretchen
Mary Gorjance & Robert
Philip Gorman & Karen
Steve & Molly Gorski
Nicholas Gortari
Shelly Gossard
Nikki Gossell
Samantha Gottlieb
Geoffrey Gottlieb &
Caroline Coates
Brooke Gottlieb
Dr. Greg Gottlieb
Daniel E. Gottschling &
Barbara Berg
Noah Gotz
Matt Gould
James Goundrey &
Sarah Campbell
Jason Gowans
Mike Gowdy
A.J. Grabos
Isobel Grad
Debbie Grades
Daniel A. Grafstrom
Tim Graham
Peter Graham &
Carrie Barnes
Kelly Graham
Robert & Natalie Graham
Stephen Graham
Richard & Karen Gran
Pierre & Dawna Grand
Alex Grande & Louisa
Anthony Grande &
Glenn Tramantano
Joyce Granger
Terry & Melody Granillo
Anthony Granito & Esther
Rischel & Gary Granquist
Aaron Grant
Keri L. Grassl & Jim D.
August Graube
Ken Graves
Craig A. Graves
Amanda M. Gray
John & Kim Gray
Katherine Gray
Don Gray
William & Delaney Gray
Libby Gray
Catherine Grealish
Max Grebe
Joanne F. Grebinoski
Sara Greedy
Libbie & Randy Green
Bob Green
Jeanette & Morgan Green
Daniel & Kim Green
Chad Syme& Kristin &
Avonlea Green
Richard A. Green
Christopher & Sarah Green
Rush Green &
Lisa Bergstrom
Kirby & Erin Green
Gordon Green
Brian Green
Leah Green
Liz Green & Jeramy
Megan Greenaway
Alan Greenbaum &
Laura Thorne
Greencliff Landscape
Paul F. Greene
Jonathan & Colleen Greene
Christina Greene
Ellen Greene
David & Rachel Greenfield
Favero Greenforest & Jan
Daniel Greening & Amanda
Jeffrey S. Greenwell &
Deanna R. Fay
Kevin Greenwell
Emma R. Greer
Rob Greer
Chris Gregerson
Laura J. Gregg & Robert
L. Gidley
Nathan & Whitney Gregory
Anna Gregory
Cary Greif
Tim Grein
Scott Gress
Cathy Greutert
Jeff Grieff
Lindsey M. Grieve
Neal & Laurel Griffin
Kevin Griffis
Art Griffith & Debi Fortin
James Griffith
Ryan Griffith
Tristan & Allison Griffith
Tom Griga
Jeffrey Griglack
Sarah Grigsby-Reiser &
Joel Reiser
Clareann Grimaldi
Mike Grimm
Jaime Grocock & Brad Fitch
David Gronseth &
Angela Wagner
Dave & Gabba Gross
Wendy Gross &
Nathan Seney
Jill Gross
Virginia & Arthur Grossman
Marceline F. Grossman
Jennifer Grove &
Kurt Krusinski
Celia Grover
David & Misti Groves
David Groves
Matt & Rebecca Groves
Aaron & Christa Gruber
Bridget Grusecki
Ben Guerra & Jen Olson
Andrew & Meredith
Jessica L. Guerrette
Cassie Guess
Cary Guglielmo
Rodney Guild &
Tracey Werthman
Brian Gulley
Asela J. Gunawardana
Christian & Julie Gunter
Don Gura & Vida
Mark S. Gurley
Matt Gurney
Carah Gustafson
Hamish Guthrey
Jared Guthrie & Carol
Katie & Isabel Guthrie
Gwen Gutow & Brian
Joanna Guyette
Mark Gyorog
Shane Gysbers & Jill
Sandy Ha
Kevin & Hannah Haag
Anna Haaland
Laurell Haapanen
Gabriel & Brandy Haas
Brad Haase
Chandler Haase & Cody
Michael Hablewitz &
Tris Samberg
Chris R. Habrel
Mary-Liezel &
Thomas Hackett
Patricia Hackett &
Mark Hontchens
Starr Hackwelder
Stewart Haddock
Paul Hadfield
Shannon Hadley
Eric Haerr
Jeffrey Haessler &
Rachel Brucker
Nick & Denise Hagan
Serra Hagedorn
Jennifer Hageman
Tracy Hagen
Laura Hagensick
Ben Haggerty
Maribeth Haglof & Masood
Shaun Hague
Eric Hake
Gerald Halabura
Jenni Hale
Allyssa & Steven Hale
Ryan Hale
Bryan Hale
Peter C. Haley
Andrea & Eric Haley
Nikki Haley
Greg Halfen
Mitchell & Kim Hall
Jennifer Hall
Misha & Lilly Hall
Penny Hall
Mark & Susan Hall
Emily O. Hall &
Mike McDowell
Justin & Andrea Hall
Chris Hall
Jan Hall
Ben Hall
Peter Hallam
Aaron & Christine Hallberg
Alexander & Amanda
Jennifer Haller &
Jeremy Keeton
James Hallisey
Emily Hallman &
Peter Schrappen
Lindsay Halm
Sarah Halverson
Kellie Halverson
Larry & Liam Halvorsen
Leif Halvorson
Nicole Hamam &
Steve Morrison
Darrell Hambley
Beth Hamby
John & Christine Hamby
Brook & Terry Hamilton
Robb Hamilton
Earl & Carol Hamilton
Ed & Sarah Hamilton
Kathleen Hamilton
Jonathan Hamilton
Ryan Hamilton
Nick Hamilton
Shawn Hamilton
Mike Hamm & Darryl
Ken Hammack
Dan A. Hammack
Peter Hammerquist
Julia Hammond
Maya & Brett Hammond
Brynn & Anthony
Mark Hammond
Rachael Hamm-Plett &
Mark Plett
Megan Hamp
Tonya & Sean Hampson
Rachel Hamstra
Simon Han
Jason Hana
Jeremy Handcock
Ashley L. Hanes
Kara L. Haney & Kate
Jim Hanford & Linda Nash
Mark Hankins
Lilly Hankins
Brian Hanley
David & Jennifer Hanlon
Tim Hanlon
Christine Hanna &
Pete Pitcher
Matt Hanna
Will Hannah
Steve & Nancy Hanners
Drew Hanscom
Richard Hansen
Stephanie Hansen
Nathan & Jenny Hansen
Jim & Diana Hansen
Kit & Ray Hanski
Chris Hansom
Sarah & Carl Hanson
Greg Hanson
Lisa Hanson
Sonja Hanson &
Patrick Hurley
Craig Hanson &
Bounce Brewer
Neil Hanson &
Laurin Hammond
Forrest Hanson
Christi Hanson
Steve Hanss
Dan Hanus
Tracy Harachi
Justine Hara-Schwisow &
Todd Schwisow
Eric Hardie
Edward Hardy
Sam Hardy
Lowell Hargens
Allison Harger
Bert Hargesheimer
Tracy Hargiss
Thomas C. Hargrave
Christina Haring
Kevin Harkins &
Rachel Bowell
Alison Harkless
Annie Harlan
Sarah Harlett
Brendan Harley
Emily Harmon &
Arand Pierce
Rebecca & Mark Harper
Bill Harper & Christy Karras
Jessica Harper
Janet Harrington
Carl C. Harrington
Justin & Una Harris
Amy M. Harris &
Paul J. Brown
Tracy & Christopher Harris
Will Harris
Keith Harris
Valarie Harris
James Harris
Andrew Harris
Richard & Arlene Harris
Chelsea Harris & Amanda
Jesse Harris
Ryan G. Harrison
Ned Harrison
Brice & Kristina Harrison
Renee Harrison
Lyndsay & Scott Harshman
Justin & Cherish Hart
Greg Hart
Sam Hart
Jared & Deverie Hart
Aaron Harting
Seth & Heidi Hartley
Don Hartline
Alan & Abby Hartman
Will Hartmann
Jonathan Hartung
Beth A. Hartwick
Heidi Hartz &
Monkey Watson
Allyn Harvey
Brady Harvey
Ryan Harvey &
Christina Kwak
Julie Harwood
Kreg Hasegawa
Lisa A. Hasegawa
Dana Hasert
Arne Haslund & Amy Gidlof
Mark Hassan
Desiree Hastie
Eric S. Hatch
Tyler Hatch
Jeanine Hatfield
Danielle Hathaway &
Charlie Henty
Thomas Hattori
Ben Hattrup
Steve Hatzenbeler
Logan Hauenstein &
Jody Bell
Lori Haugen
Dean Haugen
Peter Haughney
Chris Haun
Larry & Aliza Hauser
Jeniffer Hausmann
Matt Havlik & Julie Frye
Janise & Steve Hawes
Hovie Hawk
Suzy Hawkins
Kevin & Katharine
Chris H. Hawley
Hilary Hawley
Raymund Hawley
John & Susan Haws
Dan Haxton
Jason Hay
Timothy Hayden
Phyllis & Scott Hayden
Dallas Hayes
Daniel Hayes
Teresa Hayes
Chris Hayes
Jean Hayes
Sarah Hayford
Andrea Hays
Louisa Hays
Matthew Hazel
Lyle Hazle & Melinda Mast
Jennifer Hazzard
Tiffany Head
Janice A. Headley &
Michael T. Baehr
Paddy & Erin Healey
Lisa Healey
John Healy
Dena Healy
Ryan Heaney
Alexa Heaverlo &
Mike Kulfan
Tom Heberlein
Lisa & Mark Heberlein
John F. Hebert
Phillip Hecht &
Debi Naanes
Laura & Marcus Hecht
Michael Hechter
Steve & Michelle Heck
Chris Heck
Evan, Doug & Jenn
Kimberly & Zach Heeter
Mark Hefter
Jackie Hegarty
Darlene Hegedus
James Hegge
Dan Heiges
Piet Heijdeman
Chuck Heilig
Lilian Heimbach
Dawn & Michael Hein
Emily Hein
Mary Heinlein
Steven Heinz
Lauren Heitmann
Carri & Derek Heitz
David Helber
Karen & John Helde
Amy Helfeld
Jayme Helgeson
Terra Helke
Ian Hellen & Paula Cerni
Jason Heller
Justin Hellmann
Katharina Hellner-Apelt
Nick Helseth
Mike Helton
Matthew Hemby
Chris & Dawn Hemminger
Ron Hemphill
James Henaghan
Hilary Hendershot &
Gerardo Gonzalez
Scott Henderson
Rebecca Henderson
Wyatt Henderson
Sally Ann Hendren
Alex Hendrex & Ilana
Mark & Kim Hendrickson
Obadiah Hendrickson
Terry Hendrickson
Jennifer Hendrix &
Mark Johnson
Tim & Connie Henion
Marin Henkels
Mark Henley
Erik & Heather Henne
Bruce Henning
Allison Henrich &
Dana Zimmerman
Bill & Susan Henry
Heather Henry &
Sokvannara Khann
Bruce Henry
Ross Henry
Jazmyn Henry
Matthew B. Hensley
Nicole & Nate Henson
Patrick J. Hentges
Jonathan Hentzen
Terrill Herbig
Liz Herlevi
Cormac Herley
Wendy E. Herlich
Dave Herman
Heidi Herman
Jeff Herman
Scott Herman
Meredith Hermann
Rodrigo Hermann
Kendra & David
Olivia Hernandez
Mary Moon HernandezLindsey & Jesse Lindsey
Alexandra Heron
Joe Heroun
Heidi Herr
Matthew Herrera &
Jennifer Steele
Andrew Herrick
Joseph Herrin & Belinda
Nathan Herring &
Miller H. Sherling
Cameron Herrington
Tony Herrman
Kristen Hersh &
Billy O’Connell
Andrew Hertel
Cara D. Herter &
Travis Mattera
Trevor Hertrich
Josh Herzberg
Chase Herzog
Janet D. Hesslein
Craig J. Hetherington
Megan Hetrick
Kari Heus
Jeffrey Hewett
Johnathan Hewit
Shannon S. Hewitt
Cody Hewitt
Lauren Heyne
Kirk D. Heynen
Sam Heyworth
Monica Hiatt
Joe Hicker & Katey Niemer
Tim K. Hickey
Jennifer & Mark Hickey
Kieran Hickey
Jennifer Hickman
Adam Hicks
Polly L. Hicks &
Michael Stringer
Christopher A. Hiemstra
Fiona Higgins
Greg Higgins
Jerry & Kristie Higgins
Sara Higgins
Susan Higgins
Roger Higgs
Highmark Matching
Gift Program
Dennis & Su Hightower
Peter & Lisa Higley
Megan Hilfer
Marla L. Hill
Judith Hill
Paul Hill
Katherine Hill
Michael Hill
James V. Hillegas
Kathryn D. Hilton
Jason Hilton
Margaret & Jerry Hinch
Christa Hinchcliffe & Corey
Alexander J. Hindle
Rodney Hines
Dave & Mary Hiney
Art Hinshaw
Kelly Hintz
Jesse Hirsch
Erin B. Hirschles
Holly Hirzel
Jennifer Hisrich & Jason
Michael & Desi Hite
Jody Hixson
Josh & Mackenzie Hizon
Billie Hjort & Ryen Gilbert
Shelby Hjort
Jake Hjorten
Carl Hlavenka
Melissa Ho & Scott Day
Naomi Hoang
Aaron & Jaime Hoard
Brad & Christy Hobbs
Mara Hobler &
Brendan T. Power
Leif Hockstad
Morgan Hodge &
Josa Mosman
Kirt Hodges
Kevin & Natalie Hodges
Joseph Hodgin
Christopher Hodgson
Amanda E. Hoehler
Sharon Hoel
Brian Hoelzel
Allyson Hoepfner
Cassandra Hoeprich
Kate Hoerster &
Jeff Stelling
Sharmon Hoff &
Mark Campbell
Chris Hoffer
Lucas R. Hoffman &
Ellen Kuwana
Justin Hoffman
Kim Hoffman
Jessica Hoffman
Jeff & Michelle Hoffmann
Jed & Luisa Hoffmann
Darren Hoffmann
Bronwyn Hoffpauir
Peter, Emily &
Joseph Hogan
Mollie C. Hogan &
Steve Lim
Joseph Hogan &
Alayna Painter
Bill Hogg
Barb & John Hoiland
Sara Holcomb
Bradford Holden
Leanne R. Holder &
Frank Sellinger
Eric & Susan Holdsworth
Amy Holiday &
Darek Mazzone
Annette Holland
Jamie Holland
Christopher &
Tiffany Holland
John & Gretchen Hollett
Molly Hollister
William & Esandra Hollman
Mackenly Holmes
Andrae Holmquist
Todd & Kirsten Holmquist
Samantha Holsworth
Yolande Holt & Ryan Keane
Randy & Kirsten Holte
Jackson Holtz
Maxine A. Holtzman
Alec Holyas
Matthew Holzemer
Alexis Holzer
Brandi Homeier
Jon & Stephanie Homer
Grahm Hommel
Gabriel Honaker &
Andrea Mondoy
Maxx Honeydew
Susie Hong & Adam
Alan & Laura Hoofring
Jen Hook
Ben Hooker & Gina Ray
Joel Hooks
Mike Hopkins
Jim Hopkins & Eva Russell
Sarah Jane Hoppe
Justin Hopper
Jeffrey Hopper
Joe Hoppesch
James Horan
Jason & Jessica Horine
Diane Horn
Russell P. Horn
Brandon Horn
Bradley Horsfall
Sean Horst
Ayse Hortacsu & Pete
Erin Horvath
Nicholas Horvath
Hanson Hosein &
Heather Hughes
Mandy Hosford
Twyla & D.J. Hoskins
Kasia & Michael Hoskins
Peggy Hotes
Sue Hott &
Michael Kennelly
Laurie Hottinger &
Nicole Breckle
Jesse Houck
Brian & Catherine Hough
Morgan Hougland &
Kristen Ramirez
David Houlton
Hosanna Houser &
Dan Rohn
Sean Hovendick &
Carrie Will
Kirk Hovenkotter
Lindsey Hoverson
Amanda Howar
Jan Howard & Aaron Moss
Tommy Howard
Arthur Howard
Heather Howard
Dana Howard
Travis & Jill Howard
Austin Howard &
Jennifer Founds
Heidi & Tom Howard
Stephen Howell
Jenna Howes
Lea & Nicole Howlett
Wendy Hoy
Catherine & C.D. Hoyle
Christine & Sal Hoyos
Victoria & Ayna Hoyt
Simone & Alex Hrycenko
Eric Huang
Neil Hubbard
Luther Hubbard
Jameson Hubbard
Jamila Hubbard
Maura C. Hubbell
Andy Hubbell
Amanda Huber
Gary Huber
Aaron Huber
Katherine Hubert
Gary Huck
Nicholas Hudak
Layne Hudes & Marcus
Ginger Hudson
Jason Hudson
Nancy Hudson
Ron & Christina Huebner
Justin Huff & Bill Craven
Jeffrey & Naoko Huffman
Brad Huggins
Paul R. Hughes &
Heidi Broadhead
Grant Hughes
Kyle Hughes
Larry & Suzi Hughes
Paul Hughes
J.R. Hughson
David & Linda Hulen
Randy Hulett &
Sage McCotter
Bryley J. Hull
Miranda Hultin
Richard Humbert
Laura Humiston
Lori & Bill Hundhausen
Thomas Hundley
Rachel Hungerford
Jerry Hunnicutt
Thomas Hunsdorfer
Margaret A. Hunt
Sidney Hunt
Mark Hunt
Richard & Tani Hunt
Brandon Hunt
Graham Hunter
Laura & Allen Hunter
Patrick & Jennifer Hunter
John & Pia Hunter
Douglas Hunter
Kimberly Hunter
Elizabeth Hunter &
West Keller
Kate Huntley
Lindsey Hurd &
Randy Mentele
Adrian Hurditch
Steve Hurlburt
William Hurley Jr. & Jill
Ann C. Hurley
Anne Hurley
Sean Hurley
Brynn Hurlstone
Kamla Hurst &
Mark Yamagishi
Jonathan Hurst
Kyle Hurt
Robert Hurvitz
Ellenora Husarik
Phil Huston
Matt & Courtney Huston
Paige Hutcheson
Randal O. Hutchinson
Doug Hutchinson
Krista Hutley
Alexander W. Hutton-Tine
Sarah Huxhold &
Brett Shirley
Alistair Hyatt
Glen Hyde
Alan Hyden
Angela & Ryan Hylland
Lee Hyslin
Andy Hytjan
Adam Iannos
Trudy & John Ide
Peter Ide
Deanna Iff
Rob Igoe
Brooke & Ryan Ike
Independent Woodworks
Richard Ingber
Claude Iosso
Paul Ip
Greg & Sara Ireton
Mary Irish & Dylan Kilgore
Erin Irvine
Randall & Kimberly Irwin
Irwin’s Bakery &
Coffee Shop
Richard Irwin
Phil Irwin
Jeffrey Isaacs
Lee Isaacson
Megan & Wes Isbell
Kristi & Adam Isgreen
Thomas & Cyndy Israel
Natural Israel
Si Issler
Michael Itano
Aya Itazu
Emily Ittes
Nancy Iverson
Axel Iverson
Jerry & Linda Iverson
Kirsten Iverson &
Aaron Snead
Sunita Iyer &
Jean-Paul P. Boisvert
Caroline Jaap
Rebecca Jablon
Jennifer Jacks
Chrissy & Brian Jackson
Karen Jackson
Katie S. Jackson
Douglas Jackson
John Jackson &
Nicole Ducharme
Jen Jackson
Jennifer Jacobi
Paul Jacobs
Karina Jacobsen
Jeff Jacobsen
Jeffrey Jacobsen
Craig Jacobson
Don Jacobson
Ann Jacobus & John
Joel Jaeggli & Lucy Lynch
Jonathon Jafari
Julie Jagger
Heather Jagman &
Arek Dreyer
Katie T. Jahanmir
Fred Jala
Jamie Jamerson
Laura James
Silas James
Jeffrey & Sue James
Kathleen James
Adrienne James
Christopher James
Nicholas James
Steven Jameson
Paul Jan
Taz Janeen & Ian McBride
Dan Janni
John & Christa Jansen
Nic Jansma
Jake & Cathy Jaramillo
Jim Jarosz
Heather Jarrow
Emily & Steve Jasper
Michael & Julie Jastremski
Cindy Jaswal
Michael Javorski
Terry & Jay Jaworski
John Jeffcoat
Ross Jeffery
James Jeffreys & Suna
Michael & Mary-Colleen
Erin & Tony Jenkins
Bill Jenkins & Cheryl Cluley
Judy Jenkins
Jon Jenks-Bauer
Erin & Brian Jennings
John M. Jennings
Ken Jennings
James Jennings
Doug Jensen & Anna
Michelle Jensen &
Darwin Roberts
Robbert Jensen
Devin Jensen
Molly Jensen
Sara Jensen & Joseph Tate
Tina Jerkovich
Amanda J. Jernigan
Tricia & Jim Jewell
Christopher Jewell
Neil Jezierski & Susan Roth
Nasreen Jilani
Mathew Jillson
Corry Jobin
Erika Johansen
Chantrelle A. Johanson
Aaron Johnson &
Rebecca Ledbetter
Aimee M. Johnson
Andrew Johnson
April Johnson
Brooks Johnson
Bruce E. Johnson
Courtney Johnson
Cynthia Johnson &
Gayle Yamamoto
Daniel & Helen Johnson
Eirik Johnson & Heidi Hall
Eric B. Johnson
Eric Johnson
Eric R. Johnson
Gail Johnson
Gene, Rainee & Mimi
Graham Johnson
Heather Johnson
Jason L. Johnson
Karmen Johnson
Kate Johnson
Katherine Johnson
Kelly Johnson
Keslie Johnson
Krystal Johnson
Laurie & Chris Johnson
Leslie Johnson
Luke Johnson
Marc Johnson &
Sarah Knight
Maria Johnson
Mark Johnson
Mark S. Johnson &
Heather Walek
Melissa Johnson
Michelle Johnson &
Lara Thurman
Monte Johnson
Oliver & Whitney Johnson
Pamela Johnson
Rob Johnson
Roger Johnson
Samuel Johnson
Shelby Johnson
Stane B. Johnson
Steven W. Johnson
Tera Johnson
Trevor Johnson
Wally Johnson
Guenn Johnsen-Genten
Rob Johnston
Paul Johnston
Derek Johnston
Kim Johnston
Anil Joisher & Jennifer
Brian Jonas
Aubrie Jones & Bryan
Bill Jones & Andrea Woody
Daniel R. Jones
Dominique Jones
Erica Jones
Erika P. Jones
Jennifer M. Jones
Jim Jones
Karie Jones
Loren Jones
Rick Jones
Robert Jones
Sherryll & Chris Jones
Stephanie R. Jones &
Jesse Devoid
Steve Jones
Steven J. Jones
Timothy H. Jones
Travis D. Jones
Troy D. Jones
Walker Jones
Marti K. Jonjak
Daniel Joram &
Christie Granquist
Tyler & Veronica Jordan
Walter Jordan &
Jennifer Lind
David & Erika Jordan
Casey Jordan
Benjamin E. Joseph
Gabe Joseph
Irvin & Francesca Joseph
Brad & Theresa Joss
Patrick Joy
Stephanie & Jason Juha
Jeffrey Julius &
Beverly Green
Mike R. Jung &
Renee C. Albert
Jorgen & Karen Junker
Richard & Joyce Juntunen
Matt P. Jurgensen
Adam Juviler & Christine
Brad, Erin & Ezra Kahn
Fred Kahn
Aaron Kahn
Therese Kaitis
Amy Kaiura
Tyler Kalberg
Corey Kalbfleisch &
Charlotte Wiklund
Jill Kalish & Steve Pilon
Kristin & Steve Kalning
Lee Kamentsky
Kamps & Nick Kampman
Joanne Kandler
Philip & Kathleen Kane
Alexis Kane
Jeannette Kane &
Ray Littell-Herrick
Judson Kane
Caroline Kangas
Rob Kangas
Geneva Kanter
Judson & Donna
Annie Kao
Alex & Lisa Kaplan
Katie Karch
Jason Kardong
Michael Karikas
Rasheel Karmacharya
Andy Karnopp
Joel N. Karp
Julia Kase
Emily Kasman
Jason Kasparek
Fred Kassab
Matthew Kassawara
Nathaniel Kassel
Andrew Kasson
Nikki Kateman
Norah Kates
Emily Katz & Eric Juenke
Joel Katzenberger &
Alica Hargis
Kathryn Kauffman
Meegan & Jon Kauffman
Carrie Kaufman
Gina Kaukola &
John Hawkley
Erika Kaumeyer
Matthew B. Kaune
Chie Kawahara
Jeri Kay
Brian Kay & Dana Weir
Eugene Kayal
Lindsey Keach
Catherine & Joes Keatting
Katie Keefe
Bryan Keefe
Mary Keefe &
Adam Michelson
Leonard Keel
Alexis Keeler &
Jennifer Jackson
Patrick Keenan
Kwyn Keenan
Julianne Keenan &
Bjorn Simpson
Jason W. Keese
Aaron & Erin Keeton
Philip & Teri Keeton
Emily Early & Craig
Sean V. Kelleher
Brett Keller
West Keller
Elizabeth Keller
Joel Keller
Danielle Keller
Jamie Kelley
Soleil & Lytang Kelley
George Kelley
John & Ciera Kelley
Laura Kellogg
Kandice Kelly
Shawn M. Kelly
Shana Kelly
Shawn & Nancy Kelly
Matt Kelly
Christopher Kelly
Mitra & Nicole Kelly
Sean Q. Kelly &
Sheen Rajmaira
Oona Kelly
Brian Kelly
Michael Kelly & Lauren
Lee & Kevin Kelly
Tiffany Kelly
Leslie Kelly
Michael Kelly
David & Shannon Kelman
Kathleen Kemly
Christopher Kemp
Branden D. Kempt
Elizabeth A. Kendrick
Jacob J. Kennedy
Kevin & Debbie Kennedy
Perry Kennedy
James Kennedy
Adam Kennedy
Karen M. Kennedy &
Aaron Anderson
Brandon Kennedy
Joan M. Kennedy
Karen Kennell
Laurie & Greg Kenneth
Lisa Kenney
Michael Kenney
Elizabeth Kenny & George
Evan Kentop & L. Tremaine
Jessica L. Keough &
Pierre Kwan
Stephanie Keown
Eric & Courtney Keppler
Kelly & Roxanne Kerani
Jeff Kercher
Rankin Kern &
Jennifer Peterson
Andrew F. Kern
Rebecca & Robert Kern
Zachary Kerwin &
Alison Gabor
Taylor Kesler
Jessica Kessler
Jeff Ketterling
Julie Kettman
Jeff & Diana Keuss
Cristina & Forest Key
Doug Keyes & Diane
Wesley Keyes
Christopher Keyser &
Steven Casteele
Bradley & Kyri Khouri
Kibble & Prentice Matching
Gift Program
Andrew Kiede
Pete Kieliszewski
Christine Kiely
Karen Kienenberger
Carly Kienow
Neil E. Kilgren
Tellier Killaby
Kara Killough
Lisa Kilner
Jin Bae Kim
Anabel Kim
Jennifer Kim & David
Ara Kim
Sara Kimball
Johnathon Kimbell
John & Jenny Kincaid
Paul Kinder
Greg King
Ledawn King
Amy & Pat King
Robert King
Sandra King &
Mohamed Archane
Angela King
Adriana King
Russell King
Kathy King
Jennifer & Jacob Kingaard
Daniel Kingsbury
Dave, Tracy & William
Nick Kinkaid
Bryan & Suzanne Kinkel
Michael K. Kinler
Mr. Gabriel J. Kinney
Thomas Kinzear &
Maggie Chou
Mike Kiplinger
Victor Kippes
Caroline Kiraly
Kathrine Kirby
Lang Kirchheimer
Kendra Kirchmer
Anne & Harry Kirchner
Sarah & Jay Kirk
Vanessa & Liam Kirk-Briley
Marc Kirkeby
Patricia Kirkland &
Cindy Arrowood
Kelly Kirkness
Brian Kirkpatrick
William Kirtley
Aaron Kirtz
Bailey Kitka
Peter Kittas
Tom Kittridge
Sarah Klages
Kristin F. Klatt &
John C. Morrison
Andy Klatt
Adam Klaus
Matt Klein
Joshua W. Klein
Steven J. Klein
Denise Klein
Pearl Klein &
Steve Campbell
Kristen Klein &
James Hancock
David & Ashley Kline
Christopher Kline
Lisa & Doug Klink
Cheryl Klisch
Alley Kloba & Bill Sepeda
Nick Kloba &
Doreen Marie Esparza
Carl Kloos
Eryn Klosko
Michael M. Klotz
Charles Klyn
Phil Knapp
Erin & Tom Knapton
Eric Knesz
McKenna & John Knight
Julie Knight
Allan Knight
Ashlee Knight
Thomas Knight
Amy Knobbs
Patrick J. Knoblauch
Peter J. Knoll
Kipling A. Knox &
Laura E. Wonderlin
JanKeira Knox
Kevin Knox
Dan, Asa &
Benedicte Knudson
Karinne Knutsen &
Noah Daniels
Shane Koball
Eric R. Koch
Gray & Kanta Kochhar-
Katherine Kociolek
David Kocmick
Steven & Leslie Kodish
Heather Koelsch
Fritz Koenig
Ezra Koenig
Russell Koff
Jetta Ilene Kogita
Laura K. Kogler
Dan Kohan &
Elizabeth Cogan
Allen Kohlhepp
Frank Kohn
Tim Kohn
Marc & Vanessa Koivu
Briton Kolber &
Rory Richardson
Jack Kolle
Jennifer Kolln
Mark T. Kolner
Kimberly Kolowitz
Bill Konan
Jackie M. Koney &
John F. Kern
Nathaniel Koons
Augie Koons
Andy Koopmans &
Angela Mihm
Leslie Kooy & Steve Brooks
Richard Kopczynski
Herman & Lizz Kopecek
Jeff Kopecky
Brianna Kopp &
Trafford Crump
Alex & Kathleen Korahais
Matthew & Kim Korn
Anne Kornmann &
Conrad Kornman
Kurt Kors
Philip Korte
Ken Kosakoff
Stefanie Koseff &
Manuel Sander
Kristin Koshida
Eliza Koshland
Kristen Kosidowski &
Eric Kocaja
Kevin Koski
Ryan Koster
Catherine Kosturski
Paul A. Kotas &
Lisa Haselby
Ki Kotkau
Catherine Kovacs
Ellen Kowalczyk
Matt Kowalczyk
Petra Kowalshi &
Shannon O’Neill
Christopher Kozina
Mary Ann Kozlovsky
Brian Kraai
Scott Krajca
Sara M. Krajewski &
Jeff M. Fisher
James M. Kraling &
Beck Krull
Brian Kralyevich
Chris H. Kramer
Anna Kramer
Nat Krancus
Neil & Carol Krantz
Jenn & Michael Krasnow
Mark R. Krause
Richelle Krause
Tristan & Thomas Krause
David Kravetz
Kelly Krehbiel
Katherine Kreilkamp
Janna Krein
Rachel Kreissl
Cecile Krejsa
Rhonda Krider
Danielle Kroeger
Ed Kromer
Leah M. Kroon
Stephen Kropp
Tyler J. Krowiorz
Blaise R. Krueger
Cole J. Krueger
Elizabeth C. Krueger
Andrew & Ingrid Krueger
Urban Krueger
Annie Krueger
Damon J. Kruger &
Jennifer Willson
Carl-Erich Kruse
Lucinda & Rob Kruy
Audrey Kubetin
Brian & Amy Kudej
Dan Kudreyko
Scott Kuehn &
Jennifer Halverson-Kueh
Megan Kuhn
Tiffany Kuhn
Glenn Kuhn & Lisa Schulz
Daniel F. Kujawinski
Sharad Kumar &
Seema Shah
Heather Kunst
Joshua Kupetz &
Shana Ageloff-Kupetz
Jim Kurdy &
Maggie Kurdy-Sparkman
J. Brian Kurtz &
Nina Cindrich
Andrew Kurtz
Craig Kusumoto
Chris Kusy &
Lindsey Buchan
Tanja Kuzmin-Coady
Robert La Velle
Brian Laager
Julie Labelle
Ben & Katie Lacey
Michael Lacher
Richard & Alli Lachowsky
Katherine Lack &
Konrad Will
Brent Lackey &
Heide M. Wachter
Lisa Lacour & Dan Zweben
Nancy Lacy
Lindi Ladron De Guevara
Dave & Lily Laemmle
Michael R. Laemmle
Mark & Laurel LaFata
Laurel Lafayette
William Lafley
Courtney Lafountain
Richard Lafreniere
Laura Lahm & Kirk Johnson
Becky Laird
Cynthia Lake
Eric Lakin & Kelly Jones
Jim A. Lamarca &
Marcy L. Beyer
Howard Lamb
Ronald Lamb &
Nancy Sandine-Lamb
Thomas & Susan Lamb
Michael Lamb
John Lamb &
Nicole Herskowitz
Eric & Angel Lambart
Sonja Lamberson
Ryan Lambert
Alexandra Lambert
Eileen Lambert
Trina Lambert
Michelle L. Lambing
Matthew Aiello Lammens
Joyce K. Lammert
Jon Lamori & Joy Chen
Patrick LaMourie
Darren Lamp
Ann & Julian Lancaster
Brendan Lanctot &
Melissa Ewing
Kelly Land
Mary Land
Brian Landau
Vincent Landay &
Cheryl Clark
Richard Lander
Eric Lander
David Landers &
Jama McMahan
Chris D. Landgraff &
Eileen J. Dordek
Jordan Landin & Megan
Margaret Lane
Joseph & Emily Lang
James & Alison Lang
Chris Lang
Kris Lang
Brad Lange
Greg Lange &
Lynne Behrendt
Daniel Lange
Dayna Lange
Alex Lange & Riley Nagler
Matthew & Laura Lange
Robert Langford
Kasey Langley
Megan Langley &
Colin Davis
Chris Langston
Douglas Lanham
Annie Lant-Smith
Martha Lantz & Andy Fitz
Caroline Lanza
Heather Lanzetta
Glenn Lapierre
Kate & Damon LaPoint
Kate LaPoint
Anne Lapora
Cheryl Lappen
Ainslee & Cooper Lara
Lisa & Tim Largen
Andy & Jen Largent
Minna Larkin
Joel & Mari Larocca
Philip C. LaRose
Karen Larsen & S.J. Klein
Acacia N. Larson
Darcie & Gregg Larson
Ben Larson
Vicky Larson
Fumiko Larson
Ryan Larson
Douglas Larson
Mary Laskowski &
Jake Koenigsberg
Scott D. Lasley
Meryl Latronica
Gail Lau
Jay Laubscher &
Richard Enmon
Chris Laurel
Jim Lauritzen
Nancy Lauterbach
Jevan Lautz & Casey
Heather Laverty
Michael Lavitschke &
Amy Draper
Bear & Whitney Law
Mallory Law
James Lawler
Audrey Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence
Eric Lawrence
Katie Laws
Mark A. Lawson &
Evan B. Shereck
Katherine Lawson
Sara Lawson &
Forrest Gibson
Rhys Lawson
John Lawson
Megan Lawson
Chad Lawson
Amy Lawton
Roy & Ricki Lazelle
Rebekah Lazoritz
Steve Le Neveu
Andrew Leaf
Peter J. Leahy
Cynthia Learned &
Keith Hill
David K. Leask
Erik Leaver
Crystal Leaver
Micheal C. Leavitt &
Jessica Cochran
Beth LeBlanc
Katherine LeBlond
Kenneth A. Leblond &
Kursten Holabird
Emily C. Ledbetter
Stacia & Cal Ledbetter
Jennifer R. Leder
Tom Lee
Christine H. Lee
Dave Lee
Marisa Lee
Kerry Lee
Richard Lee
Catherine Lee
Michael Lee
Robyn Lee
Maria Lee
David Lee
Robin Lee
Josh Leeger
Shawn Leeth & Laura Kitts
Chris & Annette Lefebvre
Devon & Dejah Leger
Lesley Leggett
Serena J. Lehman
Ted & Keelan Lehman
Alexander Lehr &
Michelle O’Connell
Kelsey Leighton &
John Warfield
Kris & Leah Leinbach
Dave Leischner &
Audrey Richards
Matt Leise
Stacy & Kevin Leith
Alex Lemaich
Steve Lemay
Sharon Lemire
Kristin Lemkuil
Carson Lemmen
Kory & Lauri Lemon
Katherine Lenci
Thomas Lendvai
Nick Lenington
Meena R. Lenn
Garrett Lennon
Anny & Dave Lent
Jennifer Lentini &
Kurt Martin
Hap Leon
Jocelyn Leon
Scott & Katy Leonard
Trevor Leonard
Molly Leonard
Angela Leon-Guerrero &
Michael Heald
Tyler & Jennifer Lepard
Garrett R. Leque
Melanie & Andrew Lerchen
Joshua D. Lerner
Adam Lesko
Sean A. Leslie &
Karaka Jolma
Brett, Melissa & Ruby
Benjamin & Desire
Rich Letsinger
Douglas Letterman
Vivien Leung
Jessica Levee
Amy Levenson
Alexander Levi &
Amanda Schachter
David S. Levin &
Naoko Watanabe
Jessica Levin &
Ian Mensher
Jessica C. Levine
Lisa Levine &
Eddie Rehfeldt
Mike, Cynthia &
Beija Levine
Harris Levinson
Jeremy Levy
John Lewis
Gregory Lewis &
Catherine Maxson
Heather V. Lewis
Leah Lewis
Natalie S. Lewis
Rebecca Lewis
J.D. Lewis
Libby Lewis
Adam Lewis
Mark & Kelli Lewis
Will Lewis
Heather Lewis, Buttercup
& Elvis
Corey Lewis
Meghan & Dan Lewis
Kaye Lewis
Elizabeth Lewis
Parker Lewis
Barbara J. Lewy &
Lonna Agree
Haven Ley & Will Wilson
Lisann Leyva
Brian Lhuillier
Renee Lico
Bill Liddell
K. Lieberman
Daniel Liebling
Toby Liebowitz
The Lighting League, LLC
Keith & Mary Ligon
Carina Liley
Laura Lillard
Kirk & Shawn Lilley
Jim Lilly
Deborah Limon
Holly Lin
Randi K. Lincoln
Peter & Lisa Lindburg
Steven A. Linden &
Sumiko A. Huff
Jeff Lindgren
Paul & Julie Lindner
Scott & Anne Lindquist
Doug Lindsey
Mary Lindsley
Arvid Lindstrum
Kathryn Lineberger
Martha Linehan
Kate Lines
Maxine Linial
Amy Link & Todd
Rachel Linkhart
Kristine Linn
Andrew Linton
Simona Lioy
Paul Lippert &
Julie Beckman
Jamie Lipsey
Bill Liston
James Little
Todd Little
Sherry & Matt Littlefield
Nikola Litven
Andy Litzinger
Michael Liu
Keri S. Livingston
Millie Livingston
Jennifer Lobb
Raisa Loboda
Sarah Lockenvitz
Kristie Lockerman &
Erik Person
Scott Lockhart
Devon Lockie &
Tom Hochman
Kelly Locklin
Lois Loe
Don Loeb
Daniel Loeb
Eric & Kristin Loehrmann
Brent Loewen
Karen & David Loffing
Timothy J. Lofgren
Chet M. Lofgren &
Melissa Crenshaw
Dian Lofton
Jenny Loftus & Colin Kratz
Jon A. Loftus
Matt Logalbo
Bill Logan
Scott & Mary Howard
Elizabeth Logerwell
Tish Loh
Angela K. Loihl
Luke Loken
Brandon & Amy Lonac
Adam London
Sasha London
Ian Loney
Joe T. Long
Valerie Long & Doug
David & Sheila Long
Shannon Mat Long &
Julie Ruth
Jim & Barb Longino
Kathleen Looker
Andrew Loomer
Heather Loomis
Jennifer Loomis
Darren Loos
Anna Loosli
John Loperfido
David Lopez
Pamela Lopez
Andy Loquist
Edward, Marcia &
Katie Lorah
Amy & Greg Lord
Alexander Lorden
Jeremy Los
Constance Losvar
Lindsay K. Louden
Nicholas C. Louie
Marti Louther &
Rick Adams
Arnaud Loutrel
Stan G. Love
Hannah Love
Brian C. Love
Margaret & Nick Lovell
Lisa K. Lovering
Mark Lovre &
Audrey Querns
Natalie A. Low
Andrea B. Lowe
Leslie & Chris Lowe
John Lowery
William J. Lowie &
Jill Hoven
Heidi Loyd
Jessica Lubarsky
Ryan Lucas &
Matthew Flesch
Michelle Lucas
Mike & Karen Lucero
Vincent & Mary-Rochelle
Joe & Jill Luczkovich
Christopher & Sarah Luczyk
Chad Ludwig
Barbara Luecke
Paul Luedtke
Ryan Luetkenhoelter
Jared Luexenberg
Kristen Lui
Kyle & Kelly Luiten
Katy Lukas
Russell Luke & Anja Sturm
Cara Lukin
Chad & Kris Lukkarila
Mary Beth Lum
Nico, Justin & Vega Lund
Steve R. Lund & Bree Carey
Bryan Lund
Gary Lund
Maya Luzzi &
Tim Kappenman
Erin Lynch
Sarah Lynch
John Lynch
Ed Lyons
Zane Lyons
Salina Lyons
Leslie Lyshkov
Athena Lyso
Kelli Mabe & Cozell Wilson
Anita Macauley
Jeff MacDermot
Lori MacDonald
Joanna & Carter
Donald Macdonald
Angela & Chris MaceyCushman
Kevin Macfadden
Anne Macfarlane
Stephen MacGillivray
Jason Machacek
Marilou Machelena
Mark T. Machin
Sam H. Machkovech
Sue Machtley
Shelley & Steve Macias
Maria Mack
Kristin & Keith Mackay
Sandra Macke
Graham Mackenzie
Evan Mackenzie
Daniel Mackenzie
Keith C. Mackin &
Joan Labriola
Scott & Kenneth Macklin
Jeff & Krista Macklin
Ellen & Jared Maclachlan
Allison MacLennan
Julie & Edward MacLeod
Alan & Allison Macleod
Megan MacMurray
Jessica MacNaughton
Monika & Jack MacNeill
Shane Macomber
John Macomber
Lindsay D. MacPhee &
Mike G. Davis
Sophia Macris
Mark Madalena
Elizabeth Madaus
Silas Maddox &
Carla Campos
David Maddox &
Betsy Bahn
Susan Maddux
Denver & Kerry Maddux
Chris Maden & Kim Riddell
Mark Madigan &
Jennifer Blasi
Joel Magalnick
Amanda & Brian Magee
Jason Magid
Chris Magill
Justin Magill
John M. Magnuson
Tim Magnuson
Eric Magnuson &
Sarah Trager
Douglas Magruder
David Maguire
Frank Maguire
Brian Mahany
Mita Mahato
Mark Mahomey
Mary Mahoney
Katy Mahoney
Denis Mahony & Carol
Barbara Maichel
Peter L. Maier
Christina B. Maiers
Paul Mailman
Jason Maize
Julia Makous
Deborah J. Malarek
Robert & Erica Malcolm
Eden Malkoc
Tom Mallard
Steve S. Mallett
Nico Mallin
Aj & Barbara Mallory
Kimberly Malone
Erika Malone &
Justin Craig
Eric Maloney &
Jessica Obrist
Gerard Maloney
Molly Maloney
John Maloy
Gerrard & Denise Mamaril
Pamela Man
Dan Manchester
Cynthia Mancinelli &
Matthew Helgeson
Peter Mandell
Elizabeth A. Mandeville
Sara A. Manetti &
Jed Gorden
Bruce & Beth Manger
Steve & Lisa Manghi
Elisabeth & Nicholas
Ruth Mann
Laura Manney
Michael Mannila &
Bunny the Dog
Jane Mannion
John Mannion
David & Patrice Mansisidor
Paul Manson
Karla L. Manus
Kim & Douglas Mapes
Emily Maple
Sean Mara
Todd Maras
Jeanette & Bill Marchand
Christl G. Marcontell
Edward Marcoux
Nick Marcuse
Eva Marczinko
John & Megan Marek
Michael Marez
Voula Margaritis
Eric Marhofer &
Angela Tonkovich
Sean Maria & Alicia
David Marin & Katie Byrne
Melanie Marine &
Steve West
Hope Marinetti
Marisa Mariscotti
Jennifer Mark
Mark Markaryan
Shelli Markee
William A. Marken
Casey Marker
Alina Markiewicz
Ben Markowitz
Kelly & Paul Marks
Rebecca S. Marlowe
Marguerite Maronich
Julie Ann Marra
Briana Marrah &
Liam Roberts
Shannon Marsh &
Sam Foucault
Dan & Trisha Marsh
Chad Marsh
Mike Marsh
Meredith Marsh
Tracey L. Marsh
Helen Marshall & Aaron
Rosalie Marshall
C. S. Marshall
John Marshall
Lindsey Marshall
Coleen & Jason Marta
Francis Martel
Justin Martenstein
Asa C. Martin &
Jaimee L. Leroux
Daniel Martin
John G. Martin
Steve Martin
Chris Martin
Shelly Martin
Billy Martin
Jill Martin & Matt Smith
Katherine Martin
Jonathan Martin
Chase Martin
Roy Martin
Kelly & Mat Martineau
Hector Martinez
Miguel Martinez
Tony & Tracy Martinez
Emmi Martini
Grant Martsolf
Ben Marwood
Jeremy Maschman
Cameron Mason &
Alan Wenokur
Skip W. Masonsmith
Salvatore Massa &
Jane Elefant
Adrienne Massanari
Karen & Scott Masse
Chad Massie
Chris Mast
John Masten
Erin Matayoshi
Keith Matches
Jeffe R. Mather &
Carmen M. Woodson
Nate & Nicole Mather
Nick & Todd Mathews
Michael Mathews
Rob & Barbara Mathewson
Alexandra Mathieu
Robert Matisse
Bruce & Vivian Matlack
Jonathan Matlock
Mart Matsoo
Sachi Matsuda
Beth Matta
Rebecca Matthews
Bronwen Matthews
Jesse Matthews
Josh Mattison
Tara Mattson
Kip & Ingrid Mattson
Mike Matvey
Mark E. Matyjas
Dawn V. Mauberret
Jared Mauck
Henry Mauney
Marc & Blair Maurer
Lindsey Maxfield
Nicole Maxwell
Peter Maxwell
Erika Maxx
Amity May
Christopher May
Jessica May
Christopher & Denise May
Eugene May
Tracy Mayer
Timothy Mayer
Dawn M. Mayes
Lynne & Steve Mayman
Vincent Mazeau
Patrick Mazur &
Kelly Nosse
Becki McAdams &
Brian York
Steve McAdden
Jay McAleer & Connie Yun
Christopher McAndrew
Patrick McAvoy
Nash McBride
Patrick K. McCabe
Christopher D. McCall
Tom & Sheila McCardle
Stormy McCarragher
Sarah McCarry
Glen McCarthy
Eric & Shannon McCarthy
Bridget McCarthy
John McCarthy
Cecile McCarty
Stacy McCauslin
Raina L. McChristian
Heather McClain
Eli & Leah McClintockShapiro
Leo McCloskey
Amanda & Jason
Matt & Heather McClung
Cathleen McCluskey
Jon McConnel &
Gina Macke
John V. McConnell
Kyle W. McConnell
Lisa & Edward McConnell
Jon McConnell
Camille McCool
Karen McCormack
Michelle McCormick
Gabriel McCormick
Lauren McCormick
Carmel McCoubrey
Frederic McCoy
David McCrae &
Suzanne Schweitzer
David McCrate
Mary & Mark McCuane
Erin McCue
Teressa McCulloch
Ellen McCullough
Amy McCullough
Robert & Heidi McDade
Shane McDaniel
Stephanie McDonald &
Joshua Russell
Kelly McDonald &
George Holmes
Rachel & Brandon
Amy M. McDonald
Lance McDonald
Jim McDonald
Matt McDonough
Krzysztofa & James
Ross McDorman
Robin McDougall
Michael McDowell &
Suzanne Matchett
Amity & Colin McElroy
Carol McElvain
David McElwee
Patrick L. McFadden
Meghan McFadden
Brent McFarlane
Shawn McGann
Ciaran McGee
Heather McGee
Joe & Paula McGee
Rebecca & Matthew
Terrence P. McGibbon
Michael McGinn &
Peggy Lynch
Erin McGlinchey
Matthew McGowan &
Peter Parker
Mark McGrann &
Janis Beach-McGrann
James & Jennifer McGrath
Barbara & Peter McGrath
Maria T. McGuire
Michael McGuire
Ed McGurn
Tim McHarg
Marc McHenry
Holly McHugh
Katherine & Pete McHugh
Sean McHugh &
Lindsay Wilson
Matthew & Marie
Tom McIntire
Lara McIntosh
Hannah McIntosh &
Brian De Place
David McIntosh
Annika McIntosh
Dustin McIntyre
Barbara McKay
Lance McKay
Dalena McKay &
Scott Bartlett
Brandon McKay
Alexandra McKay
Steven J. McKay
Paula McKay
Todd McKay
Jason R. McKean
Paul D. McKee &
Michael Lane
Randi & David McKee
Jonathan & Libby McKee
Jodi McKeeman &
Zachary Rozga
Robert McKellar
Carl McKellar
Maureen McKelvey &
Todd Hanna
Sean McKenna
Michelle McKenzie &
Chip Baker
Eamon McKenzie &
Jennilyn Edrosa
Julie McKim
Tina McKim &
Robert Woody
Dara McKinley &
David Ingalls
Shayna L. McKinnon
David McKinnon
Matthew McKinnon
Angelina McLain & Brandy
Kerry McLaughlin
John McLaughlin
Stephen McLaughlin
Sean & Elisa McLaughlin
Andrew McLean
Shawna & Jake McLean
Roderick R. McLeod
Ian McLogan
Brooke McMahon
Beth & Bill McManus
Andrew McMasters
Scott McMillan
Timothy & Kerry McMillen
Brant McMillin
Ian McMorran
Peg McNally
Heather McNamee &
Atticus Card
John McNett &
Stephen Cohen
Bronwyn McNutt
Rich F. McPherson
Patrick & Geneva McQueen
Ann & Kit McQueen
Kathryn McQuinn &
John Mermin
Melinda McRae
Jamie & Radley McReynolds
Kathleen McTigue
Meredith C. Meacham
Brad Mead
Daniel Meade &
Coco Poirier
Garann R. Means
Donald Means
Jenny Mears
Robert Mech
Eric F. Medalle & Carrie E.
Christi & Greg Medlyn
Richard Mednick
Keith & Jennifer Medonic
William Mee
Anne Meegan
Ryan P. Meeks
Laura Meerkatz
Chris Megrey
Sam Meier
Alan K. Meier
Allison Meier
Jason Meininger
Joanne Meins &
Tony Bleakmore
Anette & Mayson
Christopher Meister
Matt Melaik
Ted L. Melancon
Tom L. Melancon &
Nancy James
Shana Melanson
Anna E. Melby &
David Raible
Michael Meleady
Justin Mellon
Amanda Melton &
Jeff Anderson
Margaret Melvin
John Memminger & Denise
Michael Mena
Jordan Mencher
Zachary Menchini
Merck Matching Gift
John Meredith
Daniel B. Merino
Dina Merrell
Ryan Merrill
Patrick & Yolanda Merritt
Dave Mertes
Alexey J. Merz &
Stephanie R. Zimsen
Beth & David Meshke
Stephanie & Ali Mesiwala
Steve Messick
Nathan Messmer
Christopher M. Metcalf
James Metcalfe
Michael Metzger &
Andrey Eberly
Julia & Joe Metzker
Jeremy Meyer &
Megan Brown
Stephen R. Meyer
Angiela N. Meyer
Alex Meyer
Neva Meyer
Scott & Melissa Meyer
Adrienne Meyer
Brent & Audrey Meyer
Jeremy P. Meyers
Randy & Hillary Meyerson
Melina M. Meza
Susan Miao
Braden Michaelsen
Karyn Michaelson
Thomas Michalik
Paul Michel
Carol Michell
Anna Michnicka
Jerry & Mary Middaugh
Matt R. Middendorf &
Sally Schulze
Frank A. Migliorelli &
Liza Parker
Sheri Miklaski
Raymond & Madeleine
Frana J. Milan &
Alessandro F. Vieira
Henry Milczuk
Rachel Miles
Laurie Milford
Ben Milgrom
Jeremy Miller
Elizabeth Miller &
Paul Killebrew
Jonathan Miller
Melinda Miller
Hayden & David Miller
Danielle Miller
Jason & Letty Miller
Sarah Miller &
Eric Magnuson
David Miller &
Julie Nelson-Miller
Brooke Miller
Nicole & Josh Miller
Eric L. Miller
Joe Miller &
Marina Cappagli
Chad Miller
Jamie & Troy Miller
Nicole Miller
Luke Miller
Tyler Miller
Caren & Michael Miller
Jason Miller
Courtney Miller
Nathan Miller
Robin Miller
David Miller
Cheryl Miller
Kurt Miller
Adrienne Miller
David Miller
Heather Miller
Nicole Miller
Ryan Miller
Brandon & Jennifer Miller
Jane Millett
Greg Mills
Mollie Mills & Sean Silas
Benjamin Mills
Shannon & Mike Mills
Karel Minarik
Melinda Minch &
Eldan Goldenberg
Leslie Minchin
Andrew Minear
Eddie Minkoff
Ronald Minnich
Simeon Minshew
Gregory Minter II &
Karen Minter
Roberto L. Mintiero
Jessica Mintz
Amanda Mintz
Drew Mirante
Tom Mitchell
Heather A. Mitchell &
Peter Tysver
Laura & Steve Mitchell
Barbra Mitchell
Alex Mitchell
Kristina Mitchell
Ann Mitchke
Dan Mittendorf
Jeffry Mixdorf
Yoko Miyashita & Adam
S. Carroll
Sara Mizell
Ani & David Mockler
Jeremy Modjeska
Jena Moe
Matthew C Moffitt
Mireille Moga & Alex Rothe
Marc Mohan
Bob Mohr
Steve Mohundro
Michelle Molan & David
Sergio Molina
Abby Mollen
Angie Monaco
David K. Mondello
David Monk
Sarah Montague & Miles
Sarina & Eric Montenegro
Dennis Montgomery
John Montgomery
Michael Montoure
Stephen & Margaret
Janet Moody
Jennifer Moon
Preston Moon
Zack Mooney
Ian Mooney
Mark Mooradian
David Moore & Lisa
Philippe J. Moore
Casey & Marissa Moore
Matheson D. Moore
Carolyn Moore
Stephanie Moore
Maryanne Moore
Robert Moore
Megan Moore
Jennifer Moore-Arterburn
Barbara M. Moquin
Zach Morache
Kathy Morales
Marin & Brian Moran
Lorie Morawitz
Nicolas Moreau
Steve & Melissa Moreland
Karla Moreno
Hannah Morgan &
Owen Santos
Cricket Morgan & Brad
Tara Morgan
Sean Morgan
Crystal Morgan & Rhonda
Heather Morgenroth &
Darren Huitt
Amy Morgenstern
Amy & Benjamin Mori
Meagan Moriarty &
Brian Fernald
Isabel Morin
Sarah A. Morley
Kevin & Jean Morooney
Alex Morrill & Craig Bush
Jo & Richard Morrill
David P. Morris
Judi Morris & Michael E.
George & Winston Morris
Stan Morris
Jon Morris
Stacey Morris
Jessica Morris
Darlene & Kevin Morris
Sarah Morris
Carra Morris &
Jacob Hughes
Jodi Morrison
Daniel Morrison
Erik Morrison
John Morrison &
Christina Wong
Joshua & Joshua Morrison
Hannah Morrison
Andrew Morrison
Erin Morrissey
Zarrin Morritt
Lisa Morrow & Nick Tayack
Steven Morrow
Chris Morrow
Caryn Morse & Christopher
L.B. Morse &
Alycia Delmore
Jennifer & Mikael
Henry Mortimer
Mark Mortimore
Geoff Morton
Jack Morton
Jeremy Moser
Ken Moses &
Georgia Tsaprali
Mandi Moshay
Brad Mosher & Heidi
Timothy Moshier
Aaron J. Moskowitz
Lynda Jill Mosqueda
Bill & Melissa Moss
Roger Moss
Nicholas T. Motherway
Gina Motoyama &
Dan Hawksworth
Sebastien Motte
Holly Mounce
Sue Mowrer
Anna Mowry
Vickey Moy
Marshell Moy
Josh Moyer
Rex R. Moyer
Tessa Mozdzyn
Allyson Mrachek
Jodi J. Mudgett
Lawrence E. Mueller
Kirstin & August Mueller
Ulrich Mueller
Gretchen & Tom Mueller
Alexis Mugele
Julia Mulder &
Jesse Giordano
Edward Mulherin
Jason Mull
Kevin Mullally
John & Julia Mullaney
Katy Mullen
Brian Mullen
Heather Mullene
Stefany H. Muller
Chelsea Muller
Brad Muller
Patrick & Clara Mulligan
Shawn Mulligan
Nick Mullins & Elizabeth
Meg Mulloy
Zachariah Mully
Lauren Mulroy
Margot R. Munger
Juan Carlos Muniz
Claudia Munoz
Michel Munro
Michael Munro &
Mark Bruchez
Meghan Munro
Tanya Munroe
Brett Munsey
Cleatus Murdaugh III
Gord Murdoch
Vanessa E. Murdock &
Miles Mayhew
Ruth Murphey
Molly E. Murphy
Allyson Murphy & Tim
Glenn Murphy
Alan Murphy
Andrew M. Murphy &
Michelle Duffy
Anthony Murphy
Shawn Murphy
Michael Murphy
Angie Murr
Russell & Madison Murray
Sue C. Murray
Monica C. Murray &
Jane A. Talcott
Sarah Murray
Dan Murray &
Ashleigh Blankenship
Steve Murray
Sean & Devan Murthy
Jeffrey M. Mushen
Bradley & Debra Music
Elizabeth Musick
Jessica B. Musselwhite
Traci & Madeline Mussetter
John C. Muth
Kyle Mutter
Victoria A. Muus
Jane Muxen
Maria Muzzo
Michelle & Tom Myers
Charla Myers
Michelle Myers
Brent & LeeAnn Myers
Elisabeth Myers
Neal & Amanda Myerson
Sully & Dirk Mynatt
Mats Myrberg
Lorraine Nabozny &
Trey Campbell
Carina Nacewicz
Urmila Nadkarni
Antoine G. Nahra &
Rand L. Babcock
Jed Nahum
Carol Naito
Sean T. Nakamura
Albert H. Nakano
David Nakayama
Angie & Marshall Nall
Yvette M. Nameth
David & Raychel Namiotka
Ju Namkung & Zev Handel
Shelly Nance
Michael & Sandra Nanney
Tony Napoletano
Scott Napolitan
Nils Napp
Stuart Napshin &
Evelyn Orenbuch
Ryan Narzisi
Nathan Nash
Michael J. Nash
Christopher &
Laura Nasipak
Brad Nasman &
Suzanne Krueger
Melissa Nathanson &
Jerry Farstad
Eric & Heather NathansonFlowers
Alicia Nather
Wade Naveja & Kathy Furr
Nicole L. Neary &
Shamim Nejad
Erika Nedderman
Rebecca L. Needham
Jed Needle
Lars Nesbakken
Melissa & Jesse Negretti
Sarah & Derek Neher
Katie Nehrbauer
Rob Neill
Gabriel Neises
Colby Nelson &
Christine Wooley
Brandon & Gina Nelson
Sara C. Nelson
Karen A. Nelson
Josh D. Nelson
Christopher Nelson
Brooke H. Nelson
Evan Nelson
Peter Nelson
Maja Nelson & Tory Gruber
Sherry Nelson
Quinn & Amy Nelson
Susan Nelson
Travis Nelson
Elizabeth Nelson
Elizabeth Nelson
David Nelson
Blair Nessier
Matt Nessier
Chelsea Nesvig
Network For Good
Shula Neuman
Monica Neumann
Michael & Gwyneth Neuss
Kasie R. Nevers &
Kevin Kaleva
Joe & Suzanne Newbegin
Nick & Kathryn Newhall
Jon D. Newman
Roberta J. Newsham
Kyle Newton
Philip Newton
Jeremy Newton
Brian & Keri Newton
Theresa Neylon & Jeff Snell
Eugene Ng & Dora Kwong
Emily Ng
Donald Nguyen
Lucy Nguyen &
Mike Maydak
Aaron & Dorothy Nicholls
E. Nichols
Steve Nichols &
Laurie Miller
Martha Nichols
Cindy Nichols
Jamie Nichols
Randy Nicholson & Jack
Kevin Nickel
Jeff & Colleen Nickell
Chardi Nickerson
Julia Nickerson
Spyridon Nicon &
Spin’s Barbershop
Jillian Nieder
Kelseigh Nieforth
Kerry Nielan &
Mary Goodman
Richelle & Bryan Nielsen
Heather Nielsen
Norm Nielsen
Stephen & Irene Nielson
Taylor Niemy
Ariana Nikitas
Kelly S. Niland &
Stephen R. Bramfitt
Daniel T. Niland & Freya
Arvilla Nilles
Meg Niman
Nintendo of America
Matching Gift Program
Christopher Noble
Thomas Noble &
Meg Meredith
Krystal Noga-Styron &
Paul Styron
Sandra Nokes
Karen Nolan
Steven Nolen
Fred Nollan
Jennifer Nomura
Nicole & Gregory Noone
Matt & Milana Norbut
Rory Nordeen
Kathryn Norris
Robert Norris
Erin Norris
Matt North
Hilary Northcraft &
Chad Tenwick
Duain Northrop
Christina Northup
Joe & Anne Marie Norton
John M. Norwood
Mario Notaro
Greg Notes
Nick R. Nourie
Susan Novak
Greg November
Peter Novotney
Gayle Nowicki
Emma Nowinski &
Josh Powers
Marcelle Nowitz
Tom Nuebel
Marjorie Nugent
Jenny & Matt Nuilenburg
Chris Nussbaumer
Heather Nygaard
Susan Nyre & Alan Averill
Wendy Nystrom
Courtney O’ Neill
Heather & Greg Oaksen
Kimberly Oberg
Andrew Oberhardt
Holly & Jeff Obermeyer
Jesse Oberst
Patrick Obrien
Lauren O’Brien & Dave
Barry & Kimm O’Brien
Jennifer O’Brien
Janaki O’Brien
James O’Brien
Hope O’Brien
Sarah Obukowicz
James O’Callaghan &
Jane Yeh
Tasha Ockfen
Bridget O’Connell &
Dan Hable
Elizabeth O’Connell &
Robert Francis
Sean & Merran O’Connor
Peter D. O’Connor
Lucas O’Connor
Mike O’Day
Alexis Odell
Brian O’Dell
Holly Odle
Kate E. Odneal
David Odom
Jim O’Donnell
Jim O’Donnell &
Joanne Grist
Megan O’Donnell
Teresa O’Driscroll
Sabrina Oesterle
Stuart O’Farrell
Alica Ogren & Rohit Butail
Marcy O’Hara &
Gabriella De Francesco
Joe O’Hara
Chad O’Hara &
Kristi Martinez
Patrick Oiye
David Ojala
Lance Okamoto
Jennifer & Nick Okano
Catherine & Michael
Raymond O’Keefe
Alexandra & Paul Okner
Megan O’Laughlin &
Quyen Ho
Jamie Oldham
Angel O’Leary
Ben Oleson
Tim Oleson
Schelley Olhava
Mary & Adam Oliver
Daniel Oliver
Cathy Oller
Derek Olsen
Dean & Beki Olsen
Elena Olsen
Tane Olsen
Todd & Megan Olsen
Mo Olson
Ron Olson
Richard Olson &
Paula Zook
David Olson
Mali Olson
Marsha Olson
Melody & Jared Olson
Carrie Olson & Na Na
Cort Olson
Karmen Olson-Stevens &
Dan Stevens
Kayla Ondracek
Dan & Julie O’Neal
D.J. Patrick O’Neil
Ashley O’Neill
Ryan O’Neill
Edward O’Neill
Stuart Onstad
Marc Oplinger
Holly H. Orbeta
Kevin Orchison
Caressa Ordona
Greg O’Reagan
Julian D. O’Reilley &
Rebecca Diaz
Neil & Lisa Orint
Elisa Orme
Olav Ormseth
India Ornelas
Shawn O’Rourke &
Kathleen Lonergan
Erica Orr & P.J. Alaimo
Jeff Orr
Flint W. Orr & Mikki
Carl Orr
Erika Orsulak & Bryan
Brian & Jen Osborn
Sam & Meabor Osborne
Lily Osborne
Joy Oshell
Rebecca & Dale Oster
Shawn Oster
Shoshanna Osterfeld
Christy Ostler
Benjamin Ostrander
Sean O’Sullivan
Bryant Ott
Daniel Otter
Jennifer & Robert
Gregg Overman &
Leona Strizich
J. & Janelle Overton
Jennifer & Don Owen
Erik Owen
Steve & Erica Owens
David Owens
Kristopher Owens
Abena Owusu-Afriyie
Andrew Pachuta
Andy & Tanya Pack
Alan Packer
Cavan Padreag
Jenn Pae
Chelsea Pagan
Christian Page
Damon Page
Jeremy Page
Sam Pailca
Wade C. Painter
Jonathan M. Pakaki
Lindsay & Behzad Pakzad
Guillermo Palermo
Brent & Suzanne Palmason
Antoinette Palmer &
Billy Markham
Christine & Mikel Palmer
Joe Palmer
Jeanie Palmer
Pat Palmieri
William R. Palmquist
Joseph Pamer
Mark Pan
Brynn & Joel Panchot
Kelly Panciera
Gigi Pandian
Brad & Ali Pankop
Rachel Papdopoulos
Adrienne Papermaster
Scott Pappas
Ann Paradiso
Susan Parapetti
Anthony G. Parillo
Heidi Park
Ju Park
Theresa C. Parker
Emily L. Parker &
Chris Devore
Hannah & Andrew Parker
Kris & Francis Parker
Chan & Stephanie Parker
Christopher & Katherine
Matthew Parker
Natalie Parks
Brian T. Parks
Russell Parks & Julia White
Shawn Parks &
Chris Ruffini
Monica M. Parle &
James Daley
Angie Parle
Kim Parsley & Paul King
Jim Parsons
Steve & Tracy Parsons
Walter Parsons
Jessica Parsons
Doug & Langley Partridge
Mark Partridge
Dave & Susan Pascal
Lara Paskins
Angela Pasquale
Joey E. Pasquinelli
Joe Pasteris
Jennie Pastor &
Bobby Malvestuto
Salina Pastrana
Michael Pasuit
Kara Pate
Margaret Pate
Matthew Pate
Barbara Patejdl
Hemangini Patel
Roger Pates
Joy Patman
James & Justine Patrick
Ryan Patrick & Darcy
Andrew Patrick &
Julie O’Donnell
Todd Patstone
Kristene Patten &
John Schmidlapp
Geoffrey Patterson &
Ann Bradford
Seth Patterson
Amanda Patterson &
Peter Starkenburg
Kerry L. Patton &
Charles W. Hall
Sarah Patzer
Chris Patzman
John Paul & Tracy Andersen
Chris Paul & Megan Bott
Rica & Michael Paull
Justin Paul &
Stephanie L’Paul
Kristi Paulson & Daniel Poei
Amanda Paulson
Michael Pavicic
John Pavlick
John Payne
Tom Payne
Martha Payne
Mike Payson
Matthew & Emily Peabody
Judy & Nora Pearson
Eric Pearson
Sarah Pearson
Kevin Pease
Tara Peattie
Nathan Peck & Sarah Jones
Michael & Lori Peck
Sam & Lissa Peck
Justin Pecott
Nora Pederson
Ann C. Pederson
Kevin Pedraja
Jennifer Peel
Melissa Peffers
Andi L. Peinovich &
Maria De La Calle
Janna & Hugo Pekaar
Lee-Ann Peling &
Randy Hershkowitz
David Pelkey &
Flower Groskoth
Derek M. Pelletier &
Maryann Welsch
Marc Pelletier
Caron Pelletier
Mark & Mary Peltier
Michael Pena
Matthew Pena
Matthew Pence
Lori & Sean Pender
Sarah Pendergrass
Gary & Kim Penfold
Stephen Penn
Geoff Penton
Baylie Peplow
Matthew & Jennifer Percy
Tom & Julie Pereyra
Adrian M. Perez & Lauren
E. Foley
Matthew Perez
Mike Perfetti
Nicole Perfito &
Fergus Hammond
Rommi Performance
Leanora Perillo
Dana Perkins
Molly Perkins
Karen Pernick &
Sayan Papp
John Perron
Marc Perron
Alan F. Perry
Frank A. Perry, Jr.
Holly & Brandon Perry
John Kevin Perry
Adam Perry & Maria Zavala
Jason Perryman
Lauren Persky
Linda Pesha
Jason Petek & Carley
Kevan & Lisa Petek
Rachel Peterkin
Adrian Peters
John & Carol Peters
L. David Peters
Heather Petersen
Jennifer Petersen
Zqwan Peterson
Dana Peterson
Kristina Peterson & Ian
Elizabeth Peterson
Brian A. Peterson
Maureen L. Peterson
Eric R. Peterson
John Peterson
Rohan & Corina Peterson
Kathleen Peterson & Brian
Don & Cindy Peterson
Marcia Peterson
Katie Peterson
Travis Peterson
Aaron Peterson
Erik Peterson
Ann-Marie Petersons &
Aldis Purs
Amy K. Petri
Michael Petricone
Michael J. Petro &
Louise A. Fecher
Vicki Petrokovich &
Chris Eulert
James Pettengill
Joseph Pettersson
Giles & Erin Pettifor
Juli Pettingill
Stephen Pettler
Ruth Petty & Pal Thomas
Shayna Peveler
Jennifer Peyton
Michael & Terri Peña
Lesley Pfeifer
David & Teresita Pfister
Alexandra & James Pfleger
Erica Phelps
Matthew Phelps &
Sarah Craft
Philanthropy Planning
Ron Philbeck
Sandra Philippen &
Joel Schomberg
Kristin Philips
Jason Phillip
Hallie Phillips &
Jeremy Best
Zack & Robbie Phillips
Kevin Phillips
Tomas & Caroline Phillips
Kate & John Phillips
Steve Phillips
Genevieve Phillips
Stephen Phillips
Kent Phillips
Denise Phillips
Justin Phillips
Chris Phillips &
Stephanie Gilbert
Sarah Phillips
Brandi Phipps
Matt Picha
Hilary A. Pickerel
Jacob Pickerel
Ross M. Pickering
Staci Pickles-White
Emily Pickren &
Mark Kudlowitz
Karla & Joe Piecuch
Matt Pierce
Danielle Pierce
Ed Pierson
David S. Pietka
Diana Pietri
Kelly Piette
Rachel Pigott
Micah Pigott
Erica & Jason Pina
Samuel & Kristi Pine
Daniel & Karen Pinkard
Johanna Pirko &
Ian Congdon
Gabriela Pirralho &
Ian Davino
Mike Pisaruck
Helen Pitlick
Andrew J. Pittaway
Charina & Bradley Pitzel
Alaina M. Pizzo &
Rich Widdle
Krista & Matthew Place
Barbara Placek
Colin Plank
Ben & Claire Plehal
Kumar & Sunny Beaver
John & Alyssa Plut
Susan Poague
Shawna Pochan
Michael Podobnik
Chris I. Pohl
Jenny Pohlman
Kristin Poinar
Nichole Poinski
Peter E. Poirier
Janet Polata
Jessica Polin
Ryan Polk
John & Lauren Pollard
Robin Pollard
Jenna & Chris Pollock
Katherine Polson
Charles & Susan Pomeroy
Randy & Cliff Pomeroy
Stephanie Ponder
Peter & Mei Pontano
Jessyca & David Poole
Kathryn Poothamby
Sara Pope &
Joe Campagna
Rebecca Pope
John Popko
Madeleine Poppinz
Cole & Robin Poppsinger
Jim & Eileen Porch
Felicia Porter
Austin R. Porter
Bridey Porter
Michael Porter
Ian Porter & Jodi Ritter
Linda Portnoy &
Joseph Portnoy-Leemon
Alice Portz
Matt Posner
Dan Post
Marcie Post
Alex Postic
Sheli Potmesil & Troy Hatler
Geoffrey Potter &
Jennifer Winkler
K.C. Potter & Jac De Haan
Margaret Potter
Jennifer Potter
Amy Potter
Katherine Poux &
Rupert Berk
Mindy Powell & Kurt Hine
Daren J. Powell
J. David Powell
Roy A. Powell
Elaine Powell
Brad Powell
Josh Powers
Colin W. Powers
Joe Powers
Brian Pratt
Suzi Pratt
Kevin Pratt
Will & Cynthia Prentice
John & Krista Prescott
Ben Preston
Conrad Preston
Pat & Logan Preston
Robbert & Bob Preston
Don Preston
Desiree A. Prewitt
Jennifer A. Price
Darryl Price & Wendy Graff
Geoff Price
Stephen Price
Monica Price
Rachel Price
Eric & Lisa Price
Megan Prikhodko
Kristian Prill
Stacey Prince & Teri Mayo
Barbara & Andy Pritchard
Russell Pritchett
Ian Proffer
Sean Proll
Mark & Christine Protus
Amy & Jen Provenzano
Daniel Puffer &
Yvette Chappell
Kristin Pula
Barbara & Jeff Pullar
Charles & Deanna Puls
Jennifer Puma
Tanya Pundsack
Carrie Purcell
Luc Purdy
Raghvinder & Emilie Purhar
Deborah Pursifull
Elizabeth Pursley
Jonathan C. Puth
Gregory G. Putzel
John Pyle
Qualcomm, Inc. Matching
Gift Program
Steven J. Quarterman
Steven Quattry
Eric Quiat
Melinda Quiat
Josh & Claire Quimby
Alison Quinn
Mercedes Quinn-Blair
Erica Quinones
Lindsey Quitmeier
Bill & Wendy Rabel
John Rabenow
Paul Raden
Alexa Rader
Andrew Rader
David Radke & Amy
Nicole Radloff
Judi Radloff & Dean Wilson
Philip Rae
Wendy & Mark Rafn
Deb Raftus
Shanthi Raghu
Robin Raines
Fred Rains
Ann Raisler
Babu Rajendran &
Jeannette Idiart
Geetha Rajendran
Ramanan Rajeswaran
Melissa & Warren
Aaron Rakoz
Justin Rall
Randhier Ramalchan
Neil Rambo &
Margaret Kelly-Rambo
Tye Ramey
Megan Ramey
Inderjeet Ramgotra
Ana Ramirez & Benito
Christopher Ramsborg &
Laura Karassik
Todd Ramsey
Natalie & Jason Ramsey
Jill Ramsey
Joe & Beth Randall
Chris Randall
Suzanne Randall & Brian
Cynthia Randall
Jeff Randolph & Nazik
Ethan Ranis
Cody Rank
Noah Ransdell
Robert & Griffin Rapier
Xandra Rarden
Bill Rash & Jennifer Puhl
Lily Raskind &
Matthew McDonald
Inger-Lise Rasmussen
Krag Rasmussen
Raegen Rasnic & Arlen
Brian & Emily Ratajczak
Riley Rataushk
Mark Rathbun
Michel Rau
Daniel Rausch
Rachel Rausch &
Eric Johnson
Jessica Ravitsky &
Brad Loetel
Rick & Matthew Ravsten
Jessica E. Rawlings
Saxon C. Rawlings
Kenny Rawlins
Brett Rawson
David & Orit Ray
Roberta M. Ray
Jen Ray & Jimmy Martin
Jeremy Rayburn
Matthew J. Raycroft
Rich Rayhill &
Hilary Hauserman
Bronwen Raymer
Annie Raymond
Joan Raymond
Karen Rea
RealNetworks Foundation
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Christina Reagan
Megan M. Reardon
J.J. Reardon
Sara & David Reasoner
Sally Reavis
Andrew Rebeiro
Elizabeth & Ryan
Ashlee Redfern
Britt Redick
Amy Rediker
Red Cup Espresso
Sage Redman
Ben Redman
Christopher E. Reed
Lynda & Bill Reed
Kyle Reed
Todd Reeder
David Reeder
Nels Reefe
Reelworld Productions
Jake Reese
Nels Reese
Jill Reese
Ali Reeves
Matt Regan
Gabriel Regentin
Marc & Isla Regier
Thomas & Olivia Reh
Erica Reich
Margo D. Reich
Jennifer Reichel & Chirgg
Randall L. Reichenbach
Bill Reid & Henry Leaming
Travis Reid & Sara Nau
Philip Reid & Marshell Moy
John & Kelly Reid
David Reid
Stacy Reid
Nathan Reifke
Kurt Reighley &
Mark Mitchell
Stephen Reiling
Chris & Rebecca Reilly
Tyler Reimann
Keith & Ellen Reimer
Milton A. Reimers
Mark Reinitz &
Betsy Tippens
Karl Reinsch
Marty Reinsel &
Anne Longin
Heather Reis
Sri Remala
Joyce Remy
Stephanie Renaud
Hollis Rendleman
Karen Renne
Rich & Reba Renner
Jordan Rennick
Maria Renz
Joseph Resing
Heidi & Brendon Ressler
Erin Resso & Loni Zook
Nicole Retana &
Justin Nodolf
Brian Retford
Michael & Almadora
Jessica Revling
Jonathan Rex
Paul & Shelly Reyland
Matthew Reynolds
Todd Reynolds
Blair Rezny
Andrew Rezvani
David Rheins
Jessie Rhines
Marian & Steve Rhoades
David Rhodes
Lindsey Rhodes-Purdy
Robert & Robert Riccardi
Kathy Rice & John Welden
Mark Rice
Valerie Rice &
Matthew Baron
John Rice
Scott Rice & Anne Nelson
Gregory Rice
Casey Rich
Jaremy & Sarah Rich
Brooke Richard
Eric Richards
Christopher Richards
Reeves Richards
Greg, Kristy & Kyle
Billy Richardson
Kyle Richardson
Sarah & Valiant Richey
Andrew Richmond & Erin
Jason Richter
Thomas Rickall & Harmony
Karen R. Rickard
Mary Ricque
Gregg Ridgeway
Erich Riehl
Kara Riehman
Matt Rielly &
Erika Craig-Rielly
Daniel Riemann
Brooks Riendl
Nathan Riensche &
Kirsten Hauge
Erin Riepe
Jeff & Ashley Rigby
Stephen J. Rigdon
Jo A. Riggs
Colin Riley & Bizzy Glasser
Kevin Riley & Jae Byun
Michael Riley
Dana Riley Black &
Benjamin Black
Christine L. Ring
Chuck & Janna Rinker
Laura L. Rishel
Liam Ristow
Amy & Jason Ritchie
Alex Ritchie
Buffy Rittweger
Nancy Ritzenthaler &
Albert Odmark
Kelly Riutta
Karen & Frank Rivera
Jeff Rivers
Lou Rivetti &
Janette Mathis
Roey Rivnay
James Rix
David Rizk
Dayna Roberson &
Marcel Kitty
Therese Roberson
Margaret Robert
John Robertazzi
David Roberts
Mark L. Roberts
Starling S. Roberts
Bernadette Roberts
Arthur & Julie Roberts
Dan Roberts
William Roberts
Mandy Roberts-Douma &
Matthew Douma
Don & Susie Robertson
John C. Robinson
Shane C. Robinson & Jen
Lynn & Michelle Robinson
Stephen Robinson
David W. Robinson
Ryder Robinson
Christopher & Kellie
Douglas Robinson
Holly Robinson &
Ben Capdevielle
Marilea Robinson
Mackenzie & Todd
Jenny & Chris Robinson
Eric Robison
Simon D. Robson &
Emma Ward
Carrie Roche
Stephanie Roche
Anne Rochon
Shane Rock
Chris Rock
Mike Rockwell
Kathryn Rode
Aaron Roden
David Rodenhizer
Elizabeth Rodgers
Carlos Rodriguez &
Lee Kellogg
Rhonda Rodriguez &
Joseph Evans
Ivan B. Rodriguez
Angela Rodriguez-Mayers
Julie Roe
Patricia M. Roe
David & Jennifer Roers
Julie Rogan
Rita Rogers & Corinne
Joanna Rogers
Michael Rogers
Jason Rogers
Greg Rogers
Jeff Rohe & Allison
Josh Rohr
Nick, Morgan &
Asimenia Rohrbach
Michelle Roland
Peter Rolewicz
Kyle Rolfe
Suzanne Romain
Chris Roman
Howard Romanko
Fred Romano
Greta Romelfanter
Ann Romeo
Noah Romer
Michael Romero
Glen Romine
Monica G. Rondon
Theresa Ronquillo
John Rood & Coleen
Audrey A. Roofeh
Janelle Rooker
Kenneth Rooney
Christina & John Rooney
Kate Roosevelt &
Caroline Maillard
Katie Root
Jennifer Roper &
Drew Gulsrud
Amy Roraback
Michael Rorke
Lauren A. Rosapep
Rob Rosario &
Amy Surles-Rosario
Michele L. Rosato
Nichole & Martin Rose
Mark Rose & Bilkay Taner
Sue Rose & Donna Darm
Nick Rose &
Mandy Chappell
John Rose &
Amanda Meyer
Rich & Jeanine Rosell
Megan Roseman &
Nick Michal
Scott M. Rosen
David Rosenbaum
Daniel L. Rosenberg
Steve Rosenberg
Jason Rosenberg
Natasha Rosenblatt
Rachel & Avi Rosenfeld
Erik & Ashley Rosenow
Michelle Rosenthal
Larry Rosenthal
Kris Rosentrater
Miriam Roskin
Stephen Rosner
Leah & Paul Ross
Joe & Nicole Ross
Zoe Mae Ross
Gareth Ross
Steven Ross
Amy Rossi & Cam Solomon
Tess Rossi
Matthew Rossman
Michael S. Rossotto
Adam Roth
Timothy Roth
Diana Rothery
Marc & Heidi Rothmeyer
Molly K. Rothwell &
Peter S. Nelson
Laura Rotondo
Lance Rottger
Ruth Ann & Michael Rouse
Daniel Rouseff
Bob, Kari & Belle Rowden
Jason Rowe
Arup Roy
Tiffany M. Royal
Ron Royals
Mark Roylance
Maria Ruano
Aaron Rubardt
Jordan & Leanne Rubin
Camille Rubinelli
Doug Rucker
Stefania Rudd
Alan Ruder
Keith & Kelly Rudie
Deborah A. Rudnick &
Robert A. Ast
John Rudoy
Carole & Atri Rudra
Jacob Rueda
Molly Ruf
Briana Rummel
Erik Rundell
Jim Rundle
Jeff Runnels
Paul Rupnick
Steve Ruppert &
Bridget Callahan
Dylan Rush & Jan Ruona
Emma L. Russell
Andrew R. Russell
Julie & Brandon Russell
James Russell
Willow Russell &
Karen Myers
Nicola & David Russell
Russell Investment Group
Matching Gift Program
Jade Russell
Ellery Russian
Peter Rust
Cooper Rust
Cosmin Rusu
Megan Rutherford
Jeff Rutledge & Joy Hinkle
Benjamin I. Ruttenberg
Alley Rutzel & Christopher
Jessica Ruzzicone
Diana Ryan
Mary Ellen Ryan
Shawn Ryan
Graham & Mariesa Ryan
Shannon Ryan &
Warner Macey
Michele & Adam Ryen
Michael Sabag
Celeste Sabers &
Mance Webb
Jason Sachs
Michelle Sadlier
Christopher Sadlier
Andrew Saeger
Alisson Safir
Analeah Saga
Logan Sailer
Chris Sailer
Carolyn & Derrick Sakata
Nina R. Salama &
Peter D. Smith
Io, Ophir, Tamir &
Zoe Salant-Ronen
Christine Saleeby
Joseph M. Salender
Rachel Saletel
Brooke & Prabhu Salisbury
Andy Salkin
Piper Salogga & Kent
Angela Salvadalena
Aimee & John Salyer
Mark Salzer
Laura J. Sammons
Pam J. Samper & Greogory
D. Sawyer
Kevin Sampson
Steve Samuelson
Rebecca Sandee
Tyler & Heather Sandell
Todd & Julie Sandell
Murl Sanders
Bob Sanderson
Todd Sanderson
Brett Sandstrom
Erik Sanford
Matt & Ruth Sanford
Anne Sanicki
Tom & Kelly Sanidas
Liz Sanocki
Walter & Ellen Santarelli
Todd Santee
Gerry Santillan
Bryn Santillan
Andrea Sanz
Kimo Saper
Alex & Christian Sarason
Alana Sasaki
Rebekah N. Sasek
Porter Sasoldt
Angela Satcher &
Dorothy Maples
Rachael Satherley
Casey Sattler
Leslie Saucedo
Greg Saulinskas
Bedoot & Pantrickles
Matt Saunders
John F. Savage
Tom Savelle
Cynthia & Jacob Savin
Benjamin Savlov
Caroline Saxton
Timothy Say
Lauren E. Sayoc
Rebecca Sayre
Dylan Scalora &
Becky Capone
Mindy Scanagatta
Blair Scanlan
Daniel Scarpine
Michael & Joanna Scavezze
Julie Schaar
Mary Schaeffer
Justin & Amy Schaeffer
Matthew Schaft
Chelo Schal
Traci Schalow
Deanna & John Schapperer
Josef Schauer
Rebecca & Greg Schayes
Amit Schechter &
Oksana Udovitska
Adam Schechter
Alex Schechter
Rebecca Scheel
Scott & Michelle Scheff
Matthias Scheiblehner
John Scheleen
Dawn M. Schellenberg
Bernadette M. Scheller
Kristina Schellie
Jill Scherensky & Cedar
Lynn Scherer &
Christopher E. Walter
Jeff Scherpelz
David Scheuneman
Nikole Schick
Ken Schiele
Jessica & Michael Schiewe
Melissa Schiff &
An-Shyang Chu
Matt A. Schiffer
Keith A. Schild
Jack Schilling
Nathan Schimke
Sandy Schimmeyer
Jeffrey Schindall
Samara Schlimgen
Andrew Schlotfeldt &
Jennifer Moore
Joseph Schmalz
Joe Schmeller
Tristan Schmid
Dan Schmidt &
Kelly Zuehlsdorsf
Kelli Schmidt
Amy Schmiesing
Chris Schnaars
Maren Schnebeck
Melody Schneider
Zachary Schneider
Mark Schneider
Melissa Schneider
Emily Schnoor
Walter & Margaret
Brandon Schoepf
John Schoettler
Denis B. Schofield
Steven Schofield &
Marisa Wilson
Carrie Schonwald &
Filmore Fossett
Elisa Schrader
Suzanne Schrader
Pheobe Schraer
Dawn Schreck
Collin Schreiber
Steffen Schreier & N
Heidi Schroder
Mary Ann Schroeder
Emily Schuch
Mary Schuh & Sandy Milne
Jason Schuler
Morgan Schulte
Alaina Schultz
Jaime Schultz
Tom Schulz
Andrew Schulz
Jillian A. Schumm
Pippin Schupbach
Michael Schwakopf
Juliet Schwalbach &
Steven D. Mempa
Steve Schwartz
Daniel R. Schwartz
Jen Schwartz
Erik Schweighofer
Bryan P. Schweitzer
Stephanie Schwenger
Bianca Sciotto
Michael S. Scisco
Jeff & Cilla Scofield
Jerry Scott
Kevin J. Scott
Ryan & Melissa Scott
Gwen Scott
Lindsay Scott
David & Alana Scott
Rachel Scott
Caren Scott
Matthew Scott
Janae Scott & Thomas
Jeff Scott
Kaitlyn Scott
Robert Scoverski
Bill Scroggs
Lindsey Scully & Kevin
Brett C. Seager
Chris Seager
Melissa Seago
Sandra & Sheridan Seale
Knute Sears &
Lauren Locke
Leah Seaver
Joseph Seaver
Renah Seay
David Sebba
Chad See
Skip Seeder
Patrick Seeley
David Seelig
Rebecca Seguin &
George Fowler
Ellis Seichepin
Janis Seil
Chris Seiler
Dea Self
Jiri Selig &
Alexandra Azocar
Mark Seligman
Matt Sellars &
Nicole Brown
Trisha Sellars
Drew Sellers
David J. Sellinger
Tyler Sellon
Erin Sells
Mike & Janice Selman
Matthew Seltzer
Erik Selz & Amy Kaplan
Marie Sepich
Peter L. Septoff
Peter & Lauri Serafin
Laurie & Daniel Serdahl
Alma Serna
John Serres
Randy & Christina Sesser
Carolyn Settlemire
Myong & Jeff Sevel
Phil, Willena &
Nick Severson
Jane Jansen &
Paul Seymour
Becky Shaddox &
Mark Roberts
Mark E. Shadell
Gemma Shafeean
Buckley Shaffer
Tristan Shaffer
Neil B. Shah &
Toni-Ann Lupinacci
Adam Shain
Lauren Shakalis
Stacey & Michael Shaler
Diane & Chris Shambaugh
Daniel Shanahan
Ryan & Sylvia Shanahan
Peter Shank
Craig Shank & Meredith
Bryan Shannon
Janice Shapiro
Gita Sharma & Oliver
Ashwani Sharma
Andrew Sharnoff
Ryan Sharp
Dave Sharp
Jeanne Sharp
Emily Sharp
Chris Sharpe
Bud Sharpe
Kimberly Sharpe-Jones &
Kendall Jones
Joleen Shaughnessy
Kimberly Shavender
Joe Shaw
Dave Shaw
Jason Shaw
John Shaw
Aaron Shaw
Steve Shawley
Kylie Shea & Jason Roberts
Casey Shea & Patrick Rigby
Catherine N. Sheehy
Michael & Melanie Sheets
Eric & Jenny ShefferStevens
Isaac & Ashly Sheldon
Joanne Shellan & John
Brian Shelley
Stephanie Shelton
Lynn Shemanski
Paul Shemeta
Alan T. Shen
Rahul Shendure &
Erika Schroeder
Russell Shenk & Kate
Allison Shephard
Robert Shepherd
Angela Sheppard &
Zackary Pahlman
David K. Sherman
Jessica Sherman &
Neil Corp
Janessa & Chad Sherman
Toby Sherrard
Shelly Sherwood &
John Peekstock
Ashley Sherwood &
Josh Park
Darcia Sherwood
Kristie Shields &
Charlie Soffel
Travis Shields
Christine Shields
Paula & John Shifley
Yun Joo Shin &
Marc Prewitt
Scott & Avery Shinneman
Dennis Shinners
Stephanie N. Shippen
Giridhar Shivaram &
Sapna Cheryan
Timothy Shockley
Ann L. Shoemaker
Alexander Shook
Anna Shope & Ben
Richard M. Shor
Derrell Short & Joanne
Motthow Show
Kenneth Showman
David Shreve
Carrie Shriver
Matthew Shropshire
Jasmin Shroy
Mike Shull
Amy & David Shumann
Scott & Sarah Sibley
Emmanuel Sibrian
Alex Siddons
Rebecca & Regan Sidie
Seth Siegal &
Mary G. Doherty
Justin & Brooks Siegal
Lesley N. Siegel
Jackie Siegel &
Steve McFadden
Greg Siegel
Deane M. Sienega
Stephanie Sievers
Daniel Sievert
Birna Sigurbjörnsdóttir
Sandra K. Sikonia &
Jon Yelsky
Larry Silber
Stephanie Silk
Craig Silva
Amanda Silver
Randy Silver
Daniel Silverberg
David Silverman
Matt Silvie
Robert Sim
Greg Simmons &
Heidi Farrar
Luke Simmons
Molly Simmons
Betina F. Simmons
Luke Simmons
Randy Simon & John Meier
Matthew & Marlena Simon
Geoff Simons &
Julie Brandt
Lindsay Simons
Theresa Simpson
Jason & Aurelia Simpson
Natalie Simpson
Don Simpson &
Sara Schmidt
Jason Simpson
Megan Simpson
Ryan & Jocelyn Sims
Alexander Sinclair
Margaret Singbeil
Hazel Singer &
John Griffiths
Karan Singh
Lauren Singleton &
Ken Noble
Carl & Amy Singmaster
Kurt Sinnamon
Elizabeth Sinnott
Chris Siron
Sean C. Sirutis
Paul M. Siscel &
Gwen McCullough
Mary S. Sison
Susan Sivitz
Susan Sivyer
Mark Siwek & Emily Woods
Suzanne Skadowski
Carmen Skager
Paul & Kari Skalleberg
Hilary Skinner
Steve Skochdopole
Natalie C. Skogerboe
Julian Skonberg
Steve Skonieczny
Jason Skorup
John D. Skovron
Leah Skrien
Jeff Skruck
Catherine M. Skrzypek
Eric Skubinna &
Karyl Boser
Maria Skuratovskaya
Samantha Slater
James Slater
Nicholas Slavich
Keith Slawson
Amy Sleeth
Garett R. Slettebak
Victor Sletten
David Sloan
Lisa Slouffman
David & Kate Slyker
Grady Smalling
John Smallman
Austin L. Smart
Eric Smeby
Kim Smelcer
Mitchell Smiley
Adam L. Smith &
Tobi L. McMullen
Andrew Smith
Andrew O. Smith
Andy Smith
Chad Smith
Charles Smith
Chris & Michael Smith
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith
Curtis D. Smith & Jill Potter
Cydly L. Smith
Emily Smith
Eric & Alice Smith
Hayla Smith
Holly Smith
Ivan Smith
Jeff Smith
Joe Smith
Justin Smith & Erin Sweeny
Kailyn Smith
Kirk Smith
Leonard A. Smith
Luke Owen Smith
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith &
Michelle McMurdy
Melissa Smith
Nicholas Smith &
Nicholas Name
Paula & Josh Smith
Rachel Smith
Ryan Smith
Shannon Smith
Sherah Smith
Steven G. Smith
Tiffany Smith
Travis Smith
Tricia & Matthew Smith
Tyson Smith
Wyatt Smith
Tiffany A. Smith-Fleischman
Tyler & Lori Smits
Brian Smoliak
Matthew Smucker &
Andrea Allen
Karen & Mark Smuland
Sylvia Smullin
Brendon Smyth &
Gloria Cropper
Lynn Smythe
Kascha & John Snavely
Matt Sneddon &
Julie Severson
Jeff Sneden
Ray Sneeringer
Kathryn E. Snell
Valerie Snider
Jeremy Snider
Cathy Snow
Mary Catherine Snyder
Craig Snyder
Devon & Brooke Snyder
Angela Snyder &
Eric McClellan
Hemmy So
Michael Sobel
Jennifer Sobieraj
Darlene Soellner &
Tom Kolar
Jason Solbeck
Travis Solberg
Michelle M. Solis
Dave R. Solle
Andrea Solomon &
Nathan Bohlig
Laurie Soloway
Soraya Soltani
Josho Somine
Michelle & Erik
Erika Sommer &
Robert Pigott
Jamie Sommer &
Patrick Dimichele
Marcia & Lance Sommer
Amber Sondreal
Clayton Sontheimer
Shannon Sorem
Adam Sorensen &
Naniki Moloto
Jamie Sorensen
Chris Soriano
Pavel Sorokin
Ronald Sorrell
Jeff W. Sorrentino
Scott Sosebee
James & Jennifer Sosik
Arthur B. Soule
Austin Sousa
Patricia Southard
David Southworth
Jesse A. Southworth &
Kari A. Keys
Aimee Souza
Ana Maria Spagna &
Laurie Thompson
Ryan & Margaret Spain
Cathrine A. Spain
Andrew & Jordan Spain
Renee Spampinato &
Amanda Willshire
Brett Spangler & Shrie
Carol Sparer & David Zieve
Joanne & Paul Sparks
Kali Sparks
Jacob Sparling
Matthew Sparrow
Mark & Jennifer Spatz
Billy Spazante
Wayne Specht
Gabriel & Alisha Speciale
Jeffrey C. Spector
Carolyn & Darren Spehr
Charles Speidel
Marianne Spellman
Michael D. Spence &
Sharon Hashimoto
Ted Spencer
Daniel Spencer
Mona & Gordy Spencer
Sarah Spencer
Hillary Spencer
Tom & Chrissy Spendlove
Maryanne Speroni
Patrick M. Sperry
Karyn Spetz
Dieter Spiegel
John Spoden
Nick & Jean Sprague
Mark Spranger
Jeremy Spring & Alexandra
Miles Springer
Aaron & Karina Sprinkle
Richard Spry
Jeremy Spurgin
Scott Squire & Amy Benson
Sarah A. Squire &
Eddie Watkins
Storey Squires
Ruby Stacey
Lara Stack
Krista E. Stackhouse
Trevor & Erin Stadtmiller
Mary Jo & Jeff Staebler
Joe Staebler
Matthew J. Stafford
Hillary Staley
Stacey Stambaugh &
Clare Maxwell
Andrew Stamm
David Stammel &
Alicia Watras
Bennae Stanfield
Serge Stanich
Daniel Stanley
Jane A. Stanley
Katherine Stano
Kelly Staples
Maggie Stapleton
Michael Starc
Lori Starke
Aaron Starkey & Jeannie
Keele Starr
Cynthia S. Starr
Lindsey Staruch
State Street Matching Gift
Jenni & Troy Staudacher
Ryan & Lanne Stauffer
Rob Stearns
Terrance Stearns
Edward Stebbins
Diana Steeble &
Karin Johnson
James A. Steele
Alexandra Steele
Jenn Steff & Jill Killen
Jay Steffensmeier &
Kimberly Cogdill
Erik Stegemann
Scott Steiger &
Maia Piccagli
Richard & Carolyn Stein
Marissa Stein
Adrienne M. Steinberg
Dan Steinert &
Gina Nagy-Steinert
Jeremiah & Jessica
Marla Steinhoff & Talis
Adam Stelle
Amy Stelljes & Charles
Cindy Stenbeck
Rich & Alisa Stendardo
Tamara & Petr Stepanek
Timothy Stephens
David E. Stephenson
Jeff Stepp
Cynthia J. Stern
James A. Stern
Jeff Stern
Sam Stern
Kristin & Jeremy
Kyle P. Steuck
Anne & Trippy Stevens
John J. Stevens &
Yuriko Brunelle
Amy E. Stevens
Iain & Kim Stevens
Rob Stevenson
Jorgi Stever
Steve D. Stewart
Christina M. Stewart
Benjamin D. Stewart
John Stewart
Tonya Stewart
Kenneth Stewart
Jane & John Stiehl
Lisa Stiffler &
Brent Roraback
Brett & Mae-Mae Stiles
Mariya Stimson
Rebecca Stinson-Lane &
Morgan Stinson
Peter J. Stirling
Anna Stiver
Steven Stivers
Jennifer Stoakes
Amanda M. Stock
Karen Stocker
Kate Stockert
Raymond & Kelly Stockstad
Karen & Ethan Stockton
Elizabeth Stohr &
Greg Cunningham
Liliana Stoisor-Olsson
Maria Stolyar
Leilani M. Stone
Matthew Stone
Leigh Stone
Pete Stoppani
Jack Storey
Poppy Storm
Sarah Story
Mark Stout
Brooke & Joe Stout
Veronica Stradley
Anna Strahan
Jamie & Lea Stralka
Robert C. Strandoo
Peter Strang & Deb Patrick
Michael Strate
Josh Strater
Robert & Suzanna Stratford
Gretchen Strauch
Thomas Straughn
Brian Strause
Norma Straw &
Angie Harrison
Michael Street &
Carrie Klumpar
Elizabeth Streeter
William Stretch
Anne & Jeremy Streufert
Karen Strickland
Rebecca & Edwin Strisower
Jim Strom
Fred & Rebecca Strong
Jen Strongin & Chris Sharp
Stephanie L. Stroud
Erin Strozyk
Kenneth Strunk
Joe Strybel
Royal Stuart &
Danielle Troy-Stuart
Lou Stubecki
Anna Studebaker
Darren Stueber &
My Phung Huynh
Pam Stuller
Nora Stully & Andy Stully
Susan Stumpf
Jason Sturgeon
Jock Sturges
Christa Sturgis &
Simon Read
Timothy J. Stutman &
Nora A. Burton
Katherine Styer
Sushupta Sudarshan
Reyna-Lee Sueda
Michael Sulis
Lesa Sullivan
Kathleen Sullivan
John Sullivan &
Paula Stokes
Thomas C. Sullivan
Kristi L. Sullivan
David Sullivan &
Kyrsa Dixon
Anna & Michael Sullivan
Terri Sullivan
Jody Sullivan
Merette L. Sullivan
Jennifer Sullivan &
Jerry Riener
Valerie Sultan
Jason & Kimberly Summa
Eden Peach Summer
Alexander Summers
Tom Sumter
John Sundstrom
Alicia M. Supernavage &
Brian Henry
Ann Surbridge
Marek Surdykowski
Roubina Surenian
Alissa Surges & Jeff Hutsler
Alan Susnow
Steve & Elaine Sutherland
Kyle Sutherland
Kelly Sutter
Aaron Sutter
Richelle A. Suttle
Ian Sutton
Chelsea Sutton
Adrienne Sutton &
John Meyer
Shontel Sutton-Heim &
Dan Heim
Shane Suzuki
Aae Suzuki
Dominic Svornich
John Swagerty
Dave & Jennifer Swallwell
Aaron & Ida Swan
Danielle Swan &
Valiant Poole
Jason Swank
Rick Swanson
Molly Swanson
Dan & Alex Swanson
Rhonda Swanson &
Bill Evans
Chase Swanson &
Mandy Deboer
Eric Swanson
Eric Swanson
Serena Swanson
Laurie Swartz
Sherry Swason
Kiana & Kristian
Erica Swedberg
Jamie Swedler
Miriam & Daniel Swedlow
Lily Sweeney
Kevin M. Sweeney &
Barbara A. Scheetz
Jay R. Sweeney
Teresa M. Sweeney
Owen Sweeney
Kyla M. Sweet & Sergio A.
Samuel Sweet
Matthew Sweet
Eric Swenson
Tim L. Swetonic
Billie Swift & Dustin
Christopher Sykes
Brendan Sylvander
Mark Szarko & Olivia
Kevin Tabari
Carol Ann & Andrew Tack
Richard Tait & Karen Fries
Jade Takahashi
Raven Takimoto
Joe Talbert
James W. Talbot & Ron C.
Rebecca L. Talbot-Bluechel
Kendra & Adam Talley
Lisa Tam
Na-Il Tamimi
Mabel Tampinco
Joe Tan
Catherine M. Tangen
Jill & Reagan Taplin
Haley Tapp
Lisa M. Tarrach
Bob Tarvell
Mara Tatman
Justin G. Tatosian
Martin Taucher
Kelly Tavenner
Kent W. Taylor &
Jill Cartwright
Margaret Taylor
Chris Taylor & Larisa Avens
Cabryn & Brian Taylor
Ian & Calin Taylor
Brett Taylor
Emily Taylor
Sarah & Doug Taylor
Tim Taylor & Kelly Peterson
Jay & Dena Taylor
Karla V. Taylor
David Taylor
Kristen Taylor
Frank Taylor
James Taylor
Eli Tayrien
Sandy & Doug Teakell
Matthew Tebo
Chris & Eliza Tector
Pete Teigen
Amber Tejada
Camila Tejo Haristoy
Dale Temple
David M. Terenzio
Michelle & Brian Terril
Troy Terrill
Todd Terry
Gail Terzi
Emily J. Testa
Timothy & Mary Tetrault
Patrick G. Tewson
Laura Texera &
Ryan Courtney
Hoa Thai
Rupin Thakkar
Kara Thauer
William Thayer
Angela M. Thelen &
Brent C. Spillner
Linda & Charles Therrell
Ben Thibert
Nicholas S. Thiel
Duncan Thieme
John Thieroff & Jill Unferth
Theodore Thoerig
Melissa Thole
Koel Thomae
Mark L. Thomas
Larry Thomas & Ronda
Rich Thomas
Chris Thomas & Nicole
Alison & Tim Thomas
Kevin Thomas
Alison Thomas
Courtney Thomas
Jennie Thomas &
Cyril Falvo
Evan Thomas & Jason
Rohan Thomas & Kathleen
Ann Thomas
Marguerite & Nate Thomas
Shaliza Thomas
Kim Thomas & Eric Basha
Lindsay Thomas
Paulette Thompson
Giles Thompson
Denise Thompson
Laura B. Thompson
Travis & Sara Thompson
Chad Thompson &
Kim Gonzales
Ryan Thompson
Phoebe A. Thompson
Ingrid L. Thompson
Nick Thompson
Talitha Thompson &
Dan Sinkovich
Jonathan Thompson
Philip Thompson
Wendell Thompson
Cara Thompson
Stewart I. Thompson
Lynne Thompson
Ellen Thompson
Tobin Thompson
Sam Thompson
Chalene & David
Megan Thompson
Roger Thompson
Kristin Thomson
Gary Thomson &
Kristin Kildall
L. Christine Thoreen
Whitney Thoren
Eric Thoreson
Kevin Thorgerson
Abigail Thorne-Lyman &
David Hall
Alexis Thornton
Michelle Thorson &
Przemek Pardyak
Elizabeth Thorstenson &
Chris Hamill
Thomas Threlkeld
Kyle Throssell
Shelby & Inky The Dog
Angela Thyer
Todd & Anne Tibbetts
Michael Ticherich &
Nikki Campbell
Sarah Tiedeman
Danielle Tiedt
Laura Tiefenbruck
Katie L. Tiehen
Genevieve Tietjen &
Gustavo Alvarez
Michael Tiger
Paula & Travis Tigner
Kat & Jim Tillman
Robert Tims
Robert Tirawat
Adam & Stacy Tischler
Brian Tittel
Daniel To
Jim Tobey
Scott Tobiason
Benjamin Tobler
Jonathan L. Todd
Olivia Todd
Melody Toddy
Marc Toenyan
Eric R. Tognetti
Jessica N. Toguchi
Jonathan Toksoy
Kelly Toland & Jeff A. Jones
Lindsey Toler
John Toll & Lisa Ye
John D. Tollefson
Matt & Kristen Tollini
Shelley Tolman &
Brandon Young
Cammie Toloui
Abbe & Erik Tolzmann
John Tomlinson
Joann Tonmellato
Adam Toothaker &
Emery Dean
Jon Topolewski
Arthur P. Torelli &
Shannon Moynihan
Rick & Paula Torgeson
John Torrence
Fernanda Torres &
Rusty Leech
Elod Toth & Lisa Thomas
Megan Touhey
Beth Touschner
David & Jen Traina
Whitney Trainor
Dung T. Tran
Stephen Trani
Wes G. Trantham
Stephanie Travers & Nicolas
Bryce Travis
Philip Travis
Dorothy Trawick
Emily Treakle
Amy-Ellen Trefsser
Matthew &
Deanna Tregoning
Jennifer Treibert &
Ted Baughman
Don Tremblay
Tina Trenkler
Cliff Trent
Morgan Treston &
Valorie Jones
Tim Trevor
Bruce Tria
Richard J. Triblets
Joey Trimmer
Chris Trinies
Jeffrey & Christine Tritt
Derek Trobaugh
Valeriy Trofimov
Tim Trohimovich
Thomas D. Trombley &
Katie Geiser
Patrick Trombley
Tristan Tronic
Eric Trott
Sean Troup
Richard Truax &
Sally Hiserman
Stephanie Truax
Mark Truckenbrod
David True
Gregg Trueman &
Sarah Bell
James E. Truitt
Carrie & Paul Trujillo
Maya Trujillo-Ringe &
Ryan Ringe
David & Michele Trump
Jessica A. Trundy
Carley & Garry Truyens
James & Tina Tsai
Nicholas B. Tsocanos
Amy Tsui & Michael Webb
Eric & Beth Tubbs
Patrick Tucker
Jake Tucker
Tiffany Tudder
David & Lisa Tuel
Jason Tuenge
Allen Tullos
Dennis Tully
Amy Tumminello
Kim & Joe Tumney
Robert Tung
Kenny E. Tuomi & Deb
L. Reul
Julie Turcott & Byron Go
Courtney Turich & Dariusz
Alan Turkus
Morgan Turnbow & Lucas
Dan & Loretta Turner
Grant Turner
Steve & Heidi Turner
Cameron & Annie Turner
Stuart W. Turner
Jennifer Turner
Anne Turner
Devin Turner
Alex Turner
Kyle Turner
Diane & Rick Turner
Cara Tuttle
Jeff Tuttle
Kim & Tom Twambly
Daniel Twarezik
Dawn Tyler
Travis & Rachel Tyler
Leah Tyler & Chris Weber
US Bancorp Matching
Gift Program
Christopher Uchytil
Elif Uçuk & Gnrkan Erdemli
Tristan J. Uecker
Joni A. Uehara
Zach Uhlmann
Heidi & Dan Ullom
Matt Ulman
Bob & Debbie Ulrich
Lowell Umayam
James Umbanhowar
Andrew Umlauf
Anna Ungar
United Way of The
National Capital
Samantha Updegrave
Shane Updike
Brian & Liz Urban
Eva Urbatsch
Paul Urla
Joshua Urness
Jen Urso & Christy Puetz
Tina & Chad UrsoMcDaniel
Matt T. Uyttendaele
Christopher Vail
Steffen Vala
Julia Valcik
Andrea Valdez
Peter & Sara Valente
Andrea Valenti
Giuliano Valentino
Anne Valles
Ian Valley
Virginia & Frank Van
Kim Van Cleave-Michaels &
Robert Michaels
Gary Van De Ven
Willem Van Der Hoeven &
Sandra S. Kim
Stephen J. Van Dien
Ruby Van Dyck &
Dan Clifton
Covahgin Van Dyk
Garrett & Gretchen
Van Dyke
Ben Van Dyke
Chris Van Ert
Kelly Van Gelder &
Alex Shapleigh
Vivian Van Gelder &
Venu Pillarisetty
Mieko & Derrick Van Kirk
Steve Van Lente
Mary-Claire Van Leunen
Erin Van Ness
Irene Van Nostrand
Stephanie Van Tuyl &
Nathan Riley
James Van Vuren
Karen Van Wart &
David Morfi
Aaron & Crystal Van
Nadia Vanatter
Victoria Vanbruinisse
Robin Vandenheuvel
Kenneth Vanderhoef
Chris Vanderwarker &
Liz Kracen
Nick Vanderzwan
K Vanhuysen
Grace & Randy Vanzandt
Dan Varelia &
Amanda Miramte
Peter Vargas &
Jacob Phillips
Lennae Varlinsky
Martha & Gary Vartanoff
Jay Vary
Chris Vasquez
Raymundo Vasquez
Annie & Dino Vasquez
Matt Vaughan
Leonard & Julie Vaughn
Lori Vaughn
Christina Vaule
Spencer Vea
Jeanie Veal
Silvia C. Vega
Ronald & Christine Vega
Donald Vehige
Oscar Velasco-Schmitz
John Velazquez
Matt Velinder
Jennifer Veninga
Ann & Jude Ventic
Don Verity
John Vermeulen
Todd M. Versaw &
Myla M. Causing
Lindsay Vespignani
Will Vial
Andres Vicente
Leslie Victor
Molly Viers
Jason Viers
Christopher & Lora Vigil
Rajeev Vijas
Tiffany Villigan
Brad A. Vinall & Katherine
L. Morales
Ann Vine
Jeremy Vining & Alec Mills
Bob Vinton
Gregor Visconty &
Emily Armstrong
Josh & Alisa Vitello
Marisa Vitiello & Tom Yoder
Amanda Vogardsen
Sarah Vogel &
Justin Hammond
Colette Vogele
Christine Vogeler
Stephen P. Voght
Christy L. Vogt &
Corey Dwinnell
Benjamin Vogt &
Jeff Albertson
Jack Voigt & Lisa Pacilio
Kelsey Volker &
John Churchman
Alex Vollmer
Richard G. Von Hagel
Janice Von Itter
Brittany & Jonah
Von Spreecken
Nicholas O. Von
Sally Vongasthorn &
Jeff Warner
Mike Voran
Andrew A. Vorono
Genevieve J. Vose
Brian Voss & Beth Zirngible
Anne Voyer
Anh Vu
Lani Vue
Tony & Amy Vujovich
Shane Wade
Akiko Wade Davis &
Jim Davis
Amy Wadley
John T. Waechter
Gregory A. Wagener
Anita Wagner & Paul
Thor & Bradiagh Wagner
Lis Wagner
John & Brenda Wahl
Chris Wahl & Suzanne
Kyle Waite
Shannon Waits &
Rebecca Sheperd
Barb & Bob Wakelee
Brooke Wakeley &
Jeannette Jenkins
Amy Wakeman &
Jack Swenson
Katy Walden
Scott Waldhalm
Celine Waldmann
Steve Waldron
Julie & Brian Waldrop
Brian K. Walker &
Kaylea Trowbridge
Jason G. Walker
Thomas H. Walker
Robert & Vivienne Walker
Catherine Walker
Dave Walker
Kyle Walker
Justin & Ana Walker
Sarah Walker
Whitney Walker
Joseph Walker
Chelsey Walker-Watson
Louise Wall
Mary Ann Wall
John W. Wallace
Jessica Wallace
Jason Wallace & Ami Patel
Erik & Annie Wallace
Leslie A. Wallace
Flora Wallace
Wendy Wallace
Mary Wallace
Lawrence Wallach &
Jo Viney
Todd W. Wallar
Keith Wallem
Marko T. Wallenius
Orly & Carmon Waller
Michael Waller
Kaari Wallerich
Kelly Wallis
Michael Wallock
Wayne Walsh
John Walsh
Sean M. Walsh
Fiona Walsh
Rian Walsh
Charles & Nora Walsh
Christine Walsh-Rogers &
Chuck Rogers
Chris & Ashlea Walter
Robert Walter
Keith Walters
Matthew Walters
Jessica Walters
Andrew Walton
Marni Wandner
Lynn & Aaron Wang
Raechy Wang
Eileen Wang & Jeff Stoner
Noah Wangerin
Mike C. Ward
Alison Ward
Collin Ward & Katie
Jeremy Ward
Elizabeth Ward
Brad J. Ware
Nathaniel Warehime
Kit Warfield & Nancy J.
Mike Wargel
Jennie Warmouth
William E. Warner
Chris Warner & Heidi
Sarah Warner & Corrado
Greg Warnick & Patrick
Jamie Warren
Laurel Warren
Clayton Warstler
Sara Washburn
Robert Waskins
Shannon Waterman
Cheryl Waters
Sean & Rebecca Waters
Ivon Waters
Thomas Waters
Emily Watkinn
Catherine Watson
April Watson
Jayson Watson
Karen Watson
Meg & Ron Watson
Nate Watters &
Virginia Eadder
Gregg Watts &
Jane Trancho
John Watts
Laura & Richard Watts
James Waugh
Sara Wayman
Samantha Wayne
Jonny Wayne
Sarah Wayne &
Derek Rutledge
Joy Weakley &
Matthew Bailey
Jill & Thomas Wear
Jeff A. Weatherill
Leah Weathersby &
Larry Collum
Scott Weaver
Allison Webb & Ron Wilson
Lisa Webb
Randy Webb
Rich Webb
David Webb
Terry Webb
Ted Webber &
Courtney Flora
Amy Weber
Anne & Wayne Webster
Allison Wegg
Hannelore Wegner
John & Devi Weier
Wade Weigel
Stephanie & David Weiner
Ken Weingartner
Rebecca Weinhold &
Britt Piehler
Maarten Weisbeek
Sarah Weisensel
Eli Weiss
Taylor P. Weiss
Jeremy Weiss &
Mayra Cortes-Torres
Jordan Weitz
Leecia Welch
David Welch
Monica Welch
Sasha Welland
Shahleena & Ira Weller
Dena & Joe Weller
Dana Wellhausen
Jake Wellington
Todd & Kate Wells
Cliff Wells
Neal Wells
Zachary Wells
Devin Wells
Mark Wells
Dan Welsh
David Wenham
Kim Wenning
Rich Wensel
Bryce Wentworth
Alison Weppler
Bill Weptner
Johannah A. Wergin
Erik & Oliver Wermus
Jessica Werner
Dan Wershow &
Elaine J. Katz
Lea Wesbrook
Karen Wesley
Sean & Corinna Wessels
Martha West
Erin West & Matt
Claire West
Angelique & Nick West
Eric Westberg
Emily Westbrook
Jenny Westbury
Meg & Luke Westendorf
Tom Westerback
Cary & Julie Westerbeck
Carl Westerdahl
Jennie & Joe Westfall
Christine & Alexander
Kevin Weyer
Kristy Weyhrich &
Joshua Evett
Jon Whalen
Kevin & Sara Whalen
Rob Whaley
Jill Wheeler &
Melissa Peters
Jay & Kat Wheeler
Sean Whelan & Zoe Janzen
Jeremiah T. Whitaker
Shaun Whitcher
Greg & Rosemary White
John & Mary Ann White
Scott White & Mallory
Wallace & Catherine White
Rich White
John White
Carolyn White
Stewart White
Rick White & Tammy
Beth & Josh White
Carol & Ned White
Randy & Ellie Whitehill
Christine Whitehurst
John Whiteman &
Cynthia Maletz
Jon Whiten
Ben Whitener
Carolyn Whiteside
James David Whitfield
James Whitlock &
Cynthia Slate
Ina Whitlock
Ryan C. Whitney
Elyse Whitney
Teri Whitney
Sarah Whitson
Kyle Whitson
Deborah & Dale
Kevin Whitworth
Noel Whorton
Stephanie & Glenn Wiborg
Kristen Wicker
David & Julie Wicklund
Brandon Wicks &
Carrie Mashaney
Andrew Wickund
Jeanne Wicomb
Heidi Wiebe
Charles & Jennifer
Jessica Wiegand
Mike Wierusz
Christopher Wierzbicki
Daryl & Julie Wiese
Ryan Wieseler
Degas Wilcox
D’Arlyn J. Wilde
Samantha Wilder
Edward & Lauren Wilensky
Nada Wiley
Walter Wilfinger
Jeremy Wilhelm & Susan
Kraig Wilhelmsen
Kathryn A. Wilie
Daniel Wilk
Jacque Wilk & Zack Gurney
Jana Wilkins
Lisa M. Wilkins
Sean J. Wilkinson
Mike Will
Keith & Kathy Williams
Gareth Williams
Todd Williams
Ryan E. Williams
Mason Williams
Steve & Karen Williams
Jeremy Williams
Corbett H. Williams
Ian Williams
Harry Williams &
Anita Khandelwal
Scott Williams
Cicely & Dan Williams
Scott Williams
Andrew Williams
Elizabeth Williams
Jeremy Williams
Glenn Williams
Michael & Sarah Williams
Maxine Williams &
Kimberly Allen
Bronwen Williams
Clara Williams
Aaron Williams
Araby Williams
Maria Williams
Kimberly Williams-Guillen
Margaret Williamson
Adrienne Williamson
Michael Willig
Kezia Willingham
Josh Willis
Cynthia S. Willis
Jerrell Wills
Maggie Willson
Chris J. Wilmes
Sarah C. Wilmot
Michael Wilsey
Doug & Dana Wilson
Aaron Wilson
Paul Wilson
Thomas Wilson
Mike Wilson & Sarah
Annie Wilson
A.G. & Rebecca Wilson
Shea Wilson & Molly Abbey
Bree D. Wilson
David G. Wilson
Mark & Valerie Wilson
Stephen Wilson
Jim Wilson
Raleigh Wilson &
Robert Pitre
Jack Wilson
Jeremy Wilson
Donna Wilson
Matt Wiltse
Lynn Wimer
Gary Winberg
Kate Winborn
Brad & Elizabeth Winchell
Dianna Winegarden &
Noah Edelstein
Aaron C. Wines &
Jennifer Levy
Tracy & Marie Winjum
Maria Winkler
Kristen Winkler
Kristen Winn
Stacy Winnick
Gabe Winogrond
Danielle Winslow
Stephen Winter
Molly & Steve Winter
Kelly & Mark Winter
Anna Winter
Daniel Winterbottom
Meredith Wirsching
Nathan Wise
Kristen Wisehart &
Jamie Crandall
Merrell T. Wiseman &
Brian R. Perry
Cory G. Wishak
Christine Witcher
Sheryl Witlen
Doug Witmer
John Witt &
Western Haunts
Walter & Catherine Wittel
Scott Wittet
Adam Witwer
Julian Wixson
Catherine Wohlwend
Christian Wold
Kenny Wolf &
Lauren Lavoie
Erin Wolf
Jennifer Wolfe
Leigh A. Wolfe
Rickie Wolfe
Erika Wolfe
Steven Wolfson
Melissa Wolfstone
Marty & Liz Wolk
Tom Wollney
Howard Wolosky
Veronica Wols &
Kevin McCluskey
Lance B. Wolsey
Lily Wong
Jasmine Woo
Justin Wood
Stacy & Doug Wood
Tobin Wood & Allie
Laura Wood & Steven
Megan Wood
Peter Woodburn
Max & Tali Woodbury
Chandler Woodfin
Paul & Airi Woodgen
Kim A. Woodrow
Cheryl K. Woodruff
Athena & Michael Woods
Kathleen Woodward
Bryan & Maeva
Oren & Trinity Wool
Leila Woolsey
Julia Wootten &
Doug Lyons
Ira & Annemarie Worden
Sarah Worden
Lauren Work
Schemata Workshop
Adam Worobec
Steve A. Worthley
Pete Woychick
Brent Wozow
Stephen Wraspir
Seth Wray
Joan & Craig Wrench
Brendon Wright
Cindy Wright
Sharon & Gerald Wright
David & Kristina Wright
Kat Wright
Daniel Wright
Lorne & Katrina Wright
Wayne Wright
Anne Wright-Cunniff
Lisa Wu
Breanna Wucinich
Bruno Wueest
Stephen Wuesthoff
Jamie Wurtz & Mia Dydek
Justin Wyatt
Will & Pricilla Wyatt
Nate Wybenga
Gabriella Wyffels
Jessie Wylie
Linda Wynans
Thomas Wyngaard
Richard A. Wynne &
Catherine Sweeney
Michelle M. Wynne
Kirsten Wyss
Eric Wyttenbach
Michael Xenos &
Jenell Johnson
David Yake
Keiko Yamada
Debra Yamakami & Keith
Andrew Yamane
Ming-Hui Yang
Anthony Yang
Stuart & Leigh-Ann Yanow
Jennifer Yasukochi
Phil Yates & Sarah VenutiYates
Eric W. Yeargan
John R. Yearsley
Lachlan & Natasha Yeoman
KaDeena Yerkan
Evan Yesberger
Mary B. Yglesia
Joonas & Jessica Ylimaula
Ken Yocum
Aiko Yonamine
Jim Young
Dan Young
Marc Young
Michael & Christine Young
Janet M. Young
Hayley Young
Lauren A. Young &
Joseph G. Bradshaw
Tanya & Jeremy Young
Rebecca Young & Ed Bland
Jennifer Young
Alan Young
Emily Young
Scott Young
Stuart Young
Steve Young
Ian Young
Rebecca Youngers &
Jeremy Turner
Toren Youngquist
David & Ashley Yousling
Ming Yuan & John Hurd
Jessica Yuen
Seth Yumich
Mackenzie Yunick
John Yunker
Chad & Amanda Yurich
Abby Yuskis
Jackie Yust
Lindsay Zaccara
Amy Zachara
Rachel Zachariah
Vera P. Zago
Rachel Zajano &
Andrew Hayden
Michael Zak
Debbie Zamd
Julie Zammarchi
Romero Zamora
Dianna L. Zaorski
Geoff Zapata
Armando Zapata
Jennie & Eric Zappa
Angelina Zappia
Charles Zaragoza &
Ed Sheppard
Ashley Zari
Susan Zarnick
Peter Zatloukal
Miguel Zavala-Allen
Lesley Zavar & David
Drew Zavatsky
Pauline Zeestraten &
Klaus Shuler
Lisa Zefkeles
Cindy K. Zehnder
Catherine Zeigler
Peter & Audrey Zekonis
Laurie Zelesnikar
Steve Zeliadt & William
Adrian & Justine Zeller
Jennifer Zelski
Jessica Zemba
Nasstaja Zepeda
Barbara Zepeda
Francis Zera
Amy & Tim Zern
Laurie Zettler & Eric Bailey
Louis R. Zibelli
Robin Ziegler
Renee Ziemann
Stefan Zillioux
John Ziltener
Elizaveta Zinina
Nara I. Zitner
Adam & Lorna Zivin
Garth Zoller
John Zook
Nathan Zorich
Robert & Diane Zormeir
Mary Ellen & John Zoulas
Vicki & Ken Zuber
Sara & Andy Zuchetto
Dave Zucker
Heather & Jason Zucker
David Zuger
Gillian E. Zulauf
Deborah Zulick
Todd Zumwalt
Julianne M. Zurovec
Kathryn S. Zwack
Josh Zwart & Linda Ding
Jeremiah Zweiger
Kelli & Jonathan
Gerard Zytnicki
Ron Zywicki
Anonymous (3)
ADP Matching Gift
Larry Aagesen
Ashley Aasand
Janelle Abbott
Adam Abel
Chris & Jill Acker
Summer Adair
Gaby Adam
Alex Adame
Kym Adams &
Gino Jezbjedie
Chris Adams
Kristi & Scott Adams
Martin Adams
David Adams
Dave Adams
Ilana Addis
Annette P. Ademasu
Alea Adigweme
Administaff Matching
Gift Program
Rob Agee
Mark & Tanya Aggar
Rebecca J. Agiewich
Michelle Agne
Damon A. Ahola
Trevor P. Ainardi
Kristin Ainslie
Drew Airone
Christine Ajudua
Mary Akamine
Anne E. Akin
Rebecca Albarado
Travis Albin
Mark Albonizio
Jennifer Albright
Tyler Alden
David Alexander &
Stephanie Simpson
Lylianna Allala
Gina Allamano
Ruth Allanbrook
Cassandra L. Allen &
Jay Boynton
Beth Allen
Mary Lynn Allen
Robertson Allen
Machelle A. Allman &
Kenan L. Isitt
Joseph Altendahl
Rachael Alter
Deb Alterman
Ariel Altman
Taylor Alton
James Alumbaugh
Roxanne Alvarez
Michael Alvino
Lawrence B. Ambrose
Aaron & Dorothy Ambuske
Steve Ammidown
Melissa & Seth Amrhein
Kimberly Amsberry
Jordan Andersen
Helen Andersen
Karen L. Anderson
Jennifer & Scott Anderson
Anna & Sean Anderson
Sarah Anderson
Ethan & Cynthia Anderson
David Anderson
Jennifer Anderson
Melissa Anderson
Colin Anderson
Jim M. Anderson
Brian Anderson
Lindsey Anderson
Julian Anderson &
Eric Skundrick
Kirk Anderson
Shawn Anderson &
Kiyo Horie
Lisa Anderson
Zach Andre
Lisa & Marcus Andrews
Mary F. Andrews
Shane Andrews
Rebecca Andros
Jem’Ma Anduvate
Rema Aneliunas
Rob Angus
Jacqueline Anonuevo
David Anthes
Jim Anthony &
Alissa Imamura
Barbara & James Antonio
Lindsey Apodaca
Rick Applegate
Raphael Aquino-Jose
Janet Arbogast
Jessica Arden-Wilson
Mark V. Arduini
Yasameen Arefi-Afshar
Elizabeth Arel
Serene Arena
Corrie Ariens
Kurt E. Armbruster
Becky Armbruster
Moria Armen
Margaret Armijo
Alisa Armstrong
Stacey J. Armstrong
Peter Arndt
Jim & Danna Arnett
Bill Arnold
Neil Arnold &
Christine Arrasmith
Jonathan Aronson
Max Artemov &
Andra Artemova
Kathleen Arthur &
Dmitry Gourkine
Rich C. Arzberger
Jamee L. Ashburn
Jake R. Ashcraft
Jordan Ashcraft
Tammy Ashcroft
Eli Asher & Amy Hamlin
Nick Ashman
John Askins
Wendy Asplin
Leslie Asplund
Emiko Atherton
Roy F. Atizado
Sarah Atkins
April Atwood & Brian
Janet Aubin & Jeff Horwath
Anthony Aue
Jeffrey E. Auer
Melissa Aukstakalnis
Mr. Trevor B. Ault & Paige
James M. Austin
Buddy Austin &
Megan Davis
Ashley & Russell Austin
John R. Avery
Jura Avizienis
Claire Avriett
Lauren Axelrod
Scott, Diane &
Alex Axworthy
Matthew Ayers
Renee & Jon Baars
Tim Baars
Jefferey Babauta
Kyle & Heather BabbittPhillips
Kate Baber & Jay
Dana Bach
Syd & Chris Bacon
Matthew & Regina
David & Katherine Bagley
Meredith Bagley
Cathy Bahn
Valerie & David Bahr
Kellen Bailey
Becky Bailey
Dan Bailie
David D. Bair
Joseph Bajorek
Craig Bakeman
Elizabeth Baker
Sarah Baker &
Andrew Stevenson
Kirstie Baker
Kevin Baker
Kevin Baker
Melany Baker
Stephanie Baker
Sanjeev Balajee
Kathleen Balatero
Wendy Baldwin
Caitlin Baldwin
Nicole Ball
Steven Ball
Courtney Ball
Katherine Ball
Annie Ballard
Sherri Balmain
Jill Baltan
Julia Bandy
Natalie Bangs
Ralee Bankston &
Michael Akers
Marc Baptie
Jenifer & Nick Barber
Susan Barclay
Donald W. Barden
Aaron Barker
Warren V. Barkley
Darren Barnes
Roz Barnett
Adam Barnett & Christine
Sarah Barnett
Sara Barnhart
Craig Baron
Julianne Baroody
Ariane Barr
Theresa Barreras
Matthew Barrett
Ciara Barrett
Thomas Barrett
Michael Barrett
Mary Barrett
Sarah Barrick & Steb Mo
Charles Barritt
Nick Barrows
Judith Barry &
Donna Boysen
Michelle & Mo Barry
Ronia Bartanen
Janelle Bartelt
Ryan P. Barth
Janelle Bartlemay
William & Elizabeth Barton
Isobel & Will Bascus
Judith Baseden
Jim Basinski &
Michal Spektor
Steve Bass
Andrew Bassett
Julie Bassuk &
Christopher McHam
Timothy Batchelder
John Batchelor
Michelle Batchelor
Karl L. Bates
Rajiv Batra
Patrick Batson
Andy Batt &
Therese Gietler
Peter Battie
Elisabeth Battin
Jennifer Battis
Henry Bauck
Jessica K. Baxter
Brent Bay
Carlos Bayerri
Benjamin Bayliss
Mike’s Four Star BBQ
Henry & Leigh Beach
Beth Beadling
Sean Beaudoin
Matt Beaulier
Aimee Bebeau
Karen M. Bech
Kelsey Beck
Thomas & Lisa Beck
Georgia & Scott Beck
Dan Becker
Cindy Bee
Mike Beebe & Carol Heinz
Catherine Beekman
Charles R. Beene
Nick, Sykie & Gus Beer
Michael Beeson
Barry & Liz Begus
Tim Beigle
Kevin Beireis
Laura Belanger
Joel Bell & Julia Kuskin
Clayton Bell
Keaton Bell
Chris Bell
Ian Bell
Adam Bellefeuil
Shana Bellot
Matt Below
Alexander Belskis
Matthew Bender &
Sarah Osborne-Bender
Sam Bender
Nicole Aurora Bender
Shantha Benegal &
Niranjan Benagal
Tamara Bennell
Robert Bennett &
Terry Drussel
Adam Bennett &
Billy Tennant
Andrew Bennett
Ashley Benson
Brett & Gina Bentley
Mark Bentley
Tal Benzion
Kristin Bepthauser
Herbert & Erica Bergamini
Alex Berger
Chris Berger & Stacey
Paul E. Berger & Vicki
Sam Berger
Amy Bergin & Jeff Reitan
Sydney Berman Beeck
James & Celeste Bernard
Ara Bernardi
Robert Bernethy
Mary Bernson
Evan Berquist
J. Berry
Eric Bertelsen
Christine Berube
John & Monia Besch
Austin Besse &
Sarah King-Besse
Brian Bessembinders
Carol Bestwick
Gregory Bethel
Jeff Bettger
Merritt Bettineski
Dana Bettinger
Jessalin R. Beutler
Peter Beveridge &
Alicia Kramer
Sara Bevington
Catharine Beyer
Emily Beyer
Jonathan Bibler
Anthony Bice
Janet Bickford
Patricia D. Bicknell
Leslie Biddle
John Bieda & Jordan Fox
Holly & Stefan Bieniawski
Laura Bilderback
Kaila Bilger & Matt Roberts
Christopher Bille
Eve Binder
Christopher Binns
Mark Bir
Zenta Birnbaums &
Doug Cleveland
John & Chloe Birnel
Debbie Bischoff
Matthew & Kris Bishop
Todd Bisson
Cordual Biwersi
Nicholas Bixler &
Kristie Miller
Sara Bizarro
Mark & Heidi Bjerkestrand
Peter Bjordahl
Kerri Bjorkholm
Robyn Bjornson
Lisa Black
Bethany Black
Christina Black
Don & Cynthia Black
Chris Black
Brooke Black
Black & Decker
Matching Gift Program
Kellie & Logan
Jennifer Blaesing
Leslie Blaine
Renee Blake
Carole M. Blakey
Eric Blakley
Alisha Blalock
Steven Blank
Alexander Blanton
Simone Blaser
Justin Blau
Ruth Blaw
Curt Blazich
Mary Bleck
Kolby & Kait Blehm
Jasper Bleijs
Samoui Bleu
Amber Blondin
Sharon & Ray Bloom
Megan Blunda
Aaron & Elizabeth Bly
Christopher A. Boaro
Raine Boatright
Ziggy Bobo
Bill L. Bockman
Cameron D. Bockorick
Kevin Bodle
Paul Bodnar
Catherine Boeger
Richard Boerth
Jenny Boettiger
Andrew Bogaard
Kevin Bogle
John Bohn & Heather
Bridget Bohorfoush
Anna Boiko-Weyrauch
Julia Bokma
Marc Bolan
Brenda Bole
Jessica Bolis
Shelley & Kenneth Bolser
Catherine Bombico &
Daniel Rowe
Meg Bommarito
Tracy & Roberto
Laura Bonagura
Kate Bond
Jonathan Bond
Nicholas M. Bond
Kurt Bonigut
Elliot Bonnet
Whitney Borden
Jota Borgmann
Robert Borrego
Ryan Bort
Samantha Boshnack
Keith Bosley
Eleanor Bosman-Clark
Matt Boss
Lynn T. Bossange
Kristina L. Bostrom
Jere Bott
Matthew W. Botwin
Rachel Boudin
Mary Clare Bourjaily
Brooke Bourn & Austin Lott
Steve Bourne
Tamar Boursalian
Heather Bowen
Matt Bower
Christian Bowers
Jordan Bowers
Sean Bowles
Eric & Ella Bowman
Nick & Sabrina Bowman
Laura J. Boyd
Andrew J. Boyd & Cristal
R. Weber
Stephen L. Boyd & Sheryl
Janet Boyd
Meghan & Dustin Boyd
Todd Boyd
Peter Brace
Martha Bracken
Damian & Desiree Bradley
Steve Bradley
Lindsay & Matthew Bradley
Jay Bradshaw
Ryan Brady
Colby Brady
Heather M. Brammer
Catherine & Ralph Brand
Linda Brandolini
Lindsay Brandon
Adam Brandt & Scott Weiss
David Brandt
Sean Brannen
Michael Branscum
Peter Branson
William Brassell
Barbara Braun &
Curtis Allred
Roger Braunstein
Virginia Bray &
Chad Gentes
Charles Breen
Rebecca Brenneman &
Laird Harris
Jeff Brenner &
Cristina Vargas
Emmanuel Briche
Natalie Briggs &
Colin Wold
Alice Brillhart
John Brinker
Rebecca T. Brinson &
Doug Woodbury
Danielle Brinson &
Derek Amstuz
Karin M. Britt &
Jeremy E. Higgins
Nathan Brixius
J.B. Brockman &
James Johnson
Joe Brokken & Joe
Hara Brook &
Scott Hannah
Reg Brookins
Emily & Brian Brooks
Dana Brooks
Todd Brooks
Alicia Brown
Anna Brown
Anthony Brown
Autumn Brown
Caroline Brown
Charlotte Brown
Dillon & Maria Brown
Don Brown
Douglas Brown
Frank Brown
Fraser Brown
Jacqueline Brown
Jessica Brown
Kurt E. Brown
Lauren Brown
Laurie Brown
Melanie Brown
Rachel Brown
Rebecca Brown
Richard W. Brown
Sarah Brown & Brandon
Tonja Brown
Vicki R. Brown
Bruce W. Browning
Michael & Robin Bruchas
David Brummel
Sally & Andrew Brunette
Zachary Brunette
Christine Bruno
Jenny & Gabriel Brunz
Maria Brusher
Kathryn & Wally Bubelis
Jonas D. Buck
Travis Buck
Jay Buckingham
Louie Buckles
Jon Buckley
Brian Buckner
Josh Buckno
Lindsey & Todd Budden
Will, Claire &
Andrew Budge
Brice Budke
Darcy Buendia
Akvile Bukauskaite
Rachel Buker
Jonathan Bullard
John Bullis
Katie Bullock
Sarah Bunch
Scott Burbidge
Carol Burch
John Burch
Sarah Burdell
Kimberlee Burfiend
Jo-Elle M. Burgard
Philip Burger
Heather & Phillip Burger
Elizabeth Burgess
Mark Burgess
Bette Burgoyne
Michael Burke
Benjamin & Megan Burke
John Burke
Julie Burke
Anesa Burkic
Kris Burks
Karen M. Burner
Daniel & Rilla Burnett
Matthew P. Burnett
Carl N. Burnett &
Mary Stark
Jim Burnham
Sarah Burns
Christopher Burns
James Burns
Joshua Burns
Angie Burr
Steve Burr
Angie & Jacob Burrell
Kit Burroughs
Lou & Mizu Burruss
Eric & Trisha Burton
Dan Burton
Megan R. Buscho
Jacqueline Buscombe
Derek Bush
Andrea Bushdorf
Shayne Bushfield
Genevieve & Gary Buss
Gregorio Bustamante
Laura Butcher
Christopher Butler
Ian Butler
Brian Butnick
Jeffrey Butzoh
Alan & Ciara Byars
Tasia E. Byfield
Valerie Bykowski
J. L. Byrne & Mark Hersh
Karl-Erik Bystrom
Jordi Cabre
Sergio Cabrera
Kelley Cade
Dealla M. Cahow
Barry & Sheila Caillier
Max Calabro
Janet Calcaterra
Louis Caldwell
Claire Caldwell
Jay R. Calixto
Julie Calkins
Jennifer Calkins
Moshe Calm
Jennie Cambier
Jay & Nancy Cambron
Bart Cameron
Christopher Cameron
Ryan S. Cammer &
Dawn M. Sebock
Marla Camp
Adam Camp
Kris Campanale &
Liz Kelly-Campanale
Doug Campbell
Rich J. Campbell &
Michelle Englehart
Paul D. Campbell
Bill Campbell
Mary Campbell
Adrian Campbell
Daniel & Robyn Campbell
Karen Campbell
Martin Campbell
Ayako O. Campion &
Eric D. Ennis
Karl Campos &
Laura Nelson
Annie & Michael Campos
Kate Canady
John Canfield &
Emily Thompson
Ben Canning
Jc And Renee &
Darrell Cannon
Matt Cantrell
Warren Cantrell
Richard Cantwell
Scott Caparelli
Andre Capers
Marteena Caple
Kevin Capp
Erica Capuana
Stephanie Carapetian
Augusto R. Cardoso
Aimee Cardwell
Thad Cardwell
Matt & Melanie Carey
Kristie Carlon
Kady Carlson
Julia Carlson
Erin Carlson
Annika Carman &
David Benedict
Emily Carmichael &
Ethan Babock
Will Carnaghi
Dan Carney
Jennifer Caron
Andrew Carothers &
Katherine Wilson
Louis & Pamela Carpinelli
Anne Carr
Patrick & Karen Carr
Rob Carr
Jose Carrillo
Enky Carrizo
Ann Carrol
Robert T. Carroll
Robert A. Carroll
David C. Carroll
Christopher D. Carson
Jessica L. Carson
Dean Carson
Scott Carson
Tara & Chad Carson
Todd A. Carter
Anna L. Carter &
Stanislav Petrasek
Elizabeth D. Carter
Jason J. Carter
Lori Carter
Maria Carullo
Diane Cassidy
Heather Castagno
Marissa Castello
Karlin Castor-Peck
Sam Castrale
Gregg Cato
Charles Causey &
Erin Gengo
Matthew Caws
Natasha Cayco Gajic
Darcie Cebula
Corey Cerise
Michael Cetress &
Jeremy Baird
Shannon Chadwell
Sarah & Craig Chadwick
Corie & Kevin Chalcraft
Amy Chamberlain
Rachel Chamberlain
Sylvia & Craig Chambers
Joshua & Christine
Michael M. Champion
Bobmond Chan
Trudy Chan
Shane Chandler
Brittany Chaney
Allison Chang
Arryvanh Chanthamaly
Terra Chapek
Kassie Chapel
Erik & Andrea Chapman
Bambi Charez &
Michael Gilbride
Geep & Sunny Charlebois
Jody Charters
Joanne M. Chartier &
Tom Conrad
Colleen Chartier
Anthony Chartier
Andrew Chase
Davis Chastain
Dana Chavarria
Conrad Chavez
Bert Chavez
Renn Cheadle
Crystal Cheairs &
Tim Buettner
Terra T. Chen &
Marc S. McClintock
Robert Cheng
Ellen Chesley
John Chestnut
Jon Chew
Hsiao Chi
Mario Chicas
David Chick
Austin Chick
Michael Childley
Patrick Chinn
Michael Chmielewski
Jason Chochola &
Moira McNellis
Mark Chotiner
Eray Chou
Erica Chow
Barbara R. Christensen &
Jeff Meyer
Blair Christensen
Zachary Christensen
Matthew Christensen
Giulia Christianson
Brett Christie & Katy Portier
Libby Christie
Nicole Christos
Kevin Chu
Deanna Chyn
Sheldon Cierley
Kristy Cietz
Rachel Cirricione
Peter Ciskowski
Ted & Angela Claflin
Marca Clark &
Chris Minnich
James Clark
Sally Clark
Andrew Clark
Valerie Clark
Nathan Clark
Gracie Clark
William Clark
Kathryn Clark
Douglas Clarke &
Bambi Semroc
Jenny Clay
Jerry Clayton II
Nicole Clayton
Adam Clayton
Joshua Clements
Loren Cline
David Close
Leana D. Clothier
Josh Cloud
Bert & Jane Clough
John Clowry
Steve Clymer
Amanda Cobb
Caroll Cochran
Paula N. Cockerham
Harriett Cody &
Harvey Sadis
Michael Cody
C.J. Cogburn
Sean Cohen & Melissa Gill
Avigail Cohen
Brian Cole & Barbara Herry
Diane Cole
Jordan Cole
Peter Cole
Regina Coleman &
Danien Carter
Matthieu Colle
Lizabeth Coller
Melissa Collett
Brady Collins
Christopher Collins
Alison Collins &
Justin Dombrowski
Sidney Collins
Nick Collins
Jerritt Collord &
Tarashea Nesbit
Matthieu Collt
Shay & Ally Colson
Alexandra Comer
Nicole Commins
Alex Compton
Jeff Conaway
Cate Concannon
Rebecca L. Conde &
Kevin Hogg
James Condon
Riisa Conklin
Amelia Conlen
Brian Connaughton
Joseph Conniff &
Robyn Thompson
Michael Connolly &
Monica Bailey
Thomas Connolly
Steven Connor
Tom Conser
Dennis Conte
Joseph P. Conuel
Jeremy Conyac
Lang Cook & Martha
Steven Cook
Steve Cook
Jason Cook
Greg Cook
Linnea Cookson
Lauren Cooley &
Emily Visveek
Ali Cooley
Daniel Cooner
John & Jill Cooper
Lisa A. Cooper
George Cooper
Stephanie Cooper &
Jonathan Meuvord
Sheldon Cooper
Merv Coover
Kimberly Copeland
Sarah, Eli & Felipe Coplen
Tony Coppola
Nicole Corbo
Bruce Cordingly
Lisa M. Corey
Peter Cornelissen
Pascale Corneloup
Cornerstone Advisors, Inc.
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Timothy R. Aguero
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Jason Creech & Vanessa
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Jeni Sadler
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Robert Buchanan
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Mike McClellan
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Tim Cunningham
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Daniel R. Sohn
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Margaret & Max Dean
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Kory Deangelo
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Megan A. Debell &
David C. Friedle
Julie Dececco
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Jill Deckman Cooper
Elizabeth Decoursey
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Jennifer Dee
Dekker Deen
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Annie Gornam
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Cara Diaconoff
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Shaw & Charles Dixon
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Robert Dofflemyer
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Leela Dominoski
Elizabeth Donahue
Matthew P. Donald
Drew Donaldson
Tom Donlea
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Edward Lovett
Eric Donnelly &
Christy Given
Lauren Donnelly
Brian Donohue
Molly Donovan &
Dave Dreyer
Lucas Doran
Marion Dorer
Julie Doring
Lynnette Dornak
Ernst Dornfeld &
Sylvia Peterson
Andrea Dossett
Nicole Dossett
James Douglas
Carl S. Douglass
Meredith Douma
Gabriela & Marcus Dovey
David Dow
Kara Dowdall &
Ron Gershind
Chris Dowell
Patricia S. Dowman
Heather A. Downey &
Linda Balabuch
Rachel Dowty
Jenny Dox
Douglas & Bethany Doyen
James & Carmel Drage
Ailien Draheim
Jana Drajpuch
Jim Dreesen &
Carmenita Higginbotham
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Ian Babbitt
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Fred Drewien
Katrin Drinkard
Dan Driscoll
Madelyn Driscoll
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Alice Drury & Van Helter
Melanie Dubin
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Reese & Niki Duck
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Andrea Duenas
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Peter Dully
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George E. Ciardi
Joe Dunn & Evan Nelson
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Terra Primavera
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Sky Mason
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Monnix Jelinek
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Randi Courtmanch
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Andrew Nedimyer
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Erik Bergman
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Adam & Peter Benjamin
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Kania Lou
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Maria Galante
Debbie Galassi
Lynn Galbreath
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Patty Gale
Stephany Gale
Ari Galen
Joy Gallagher
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Jake Galle
Randy Gallier
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Youna L. Kwak
Dan Galloway
Alex Gamboa
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Geoffrey Gamshy
Todd Gandee
Lars Gandil
Lauren Gandurski
Robert Gandy
Robin Ganser
Emily & Anthony Ganyo
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Mike De Lilla
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Jim Gilbert
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Mary Zajac
Sarah Gardner
Sean Gardner
Joel & Eunice Gardner
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Austin Garfield
Andrew Garn
Adam Garren
Margaret L. Garrett
Jonathon Garrison
Jonathon Garrison
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Will Garrity-Binger
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Kip Gatto
Kathleen Gauder
Janelle Gauthier
Kathleen Gayder
Norah L. Gaynor
Adam Geager
Claire Gebben
Andy Gebby
Jay Gedir
Robert J. Gehr
Lindsey Geller &
Greg Rodgers
Brian Gens
Sharla George
Geoff Georges
Lou Nell & Klee Gerard
Ross Gerber
Rachel & Adam Gerken
Earl Gerlach
Bobbi Gerlick
Jason Gernat
Burke Gerstenschlager
Lauren Getchell
John Matthew Geyman
Saro Ghazarian
Shiane Giglio
Renee Giliberti
Harmony Gill
Larry Gill
Leland Gilliam &
Carissa Foster
Anne Gillingham
Rachel & Brian Gillis
Michael Gillis
Bill & Bobbi Ginder
Dave Gingerich
Donald Giordano
Juan Giraldo
George Giroux
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Matt Glaser
Brittany J. Glass
Daniel & Michele Glasser
Dennis Glavin
Katie Glaze
Gregory Glenn
Lisa Glenn
Carson Glickman-Flora
Meaghan Glynn
Ingrid Goatson
Kristin & Kjell Godo
Casey Goebel &
Christopher Ortiz
Dylan Goebel
Russ C. Goedde
Susan Gohd &
Ralph Bradshaw
Sophia Golborne
Laurie Gold
Laura Goldberg
Trevor S. Golden
Loren Goldstein & Erica
Robin L. Goldstein
Charlette Golliday
Daniel & Ingrid Golosman
Sergio Gomez
Tiffany Gonzales &
Teri Johnston
Virginia Gonzalez
Dan Gonzalez
Samantha Good &
Amy Ferlazzo
Good Search
David W. Goodin
Phillip & Barbara Gooding
Casey Gooding
Ken Goodrich
Cheryl S. Goody
Bradley Goorian
Erica Gordon
Emma Gordon & Matt
Deborah Gorham
Jeannie Gorman
Jennifer Gormley
Konstantin Gorshkov
Peter Gorsuch
Susan Goslee
Caleb Gostnell & Ada Otter
John K. Gotwals
Benjamin B. Gould
Damon Grady
Aaron Grady-Brown
Anthony Graesch
Mitchel Grafstein
Keven Graham
Sylvia Graham
Thomas M. Granata
Renee Grandall
Grant A. Granger
Suzanne & Tom Granger
Charles E. Grant &
Linda S. Hall
Richard & Pat Grass
William Grasso
Kristyn Graves
Matthew Graville
Sue Gray
Russ Gray & Jody Tiesman
Kristopher Gray
Meghan Graybow
Bruce Greeley
Shannon Green
Sara Green
Aaron Green
Doug Green
Rachel Green
Carter Green
Julia Green
Granger Greenbaum
Dawn S. Greenberg
Alex Greene
Christopher Greenway
Ben Grefe
Michelle & Justin Gregg
Lee Gresko
Ingrid Gretzinger
Ben Greuel
Pamela Grieff
Amy Griffin
Lisa & Alec Griffith
Juice & Kelly Grigg
Holly Grigsby
Rebeckah Grim
Jacob O. Grindal
Kyle Grisz
Sonja Groset &
Gavin Wallard
Justin Grosnick
Shaine Gross
Scott & Kara Gross
Theresa Grosse
Andrew Grossman
Jon Grout
Cyrus Grout
Max Grover
Dominic Groves
Suzie Gruber
Joe Gruber
Jonathan Grudin &
Gayna Williams
Grace Guenther
Kourteney Guenther
Juliette Guilbert
Gaysha Gujmer
Lauren Gulley
Matthew Gullicksrud
Edward Gunderson
Susan Gunn
Anne Gunnison
Jon Gunther
Heather W. Gurk
Rachel Guthrie
Davina Gutierrez
Michael A. Guttormsen &
Mary L. Hyde
Susan Guttzeit
Anya L. Guyer
Marli Guzzetta
Linda M. Gwilym
Arjan Haak & Allison Villa
Todd D. Haas
Liesha Haas
Renate Haberpointner
Thomas Habitz
Heidi & Kirk Hackler
William Haddican
Leah Hadfield & Derek
Eric A. Hadley
Kari Haga
Joel Hagemeyer
Dick L. Hagen
Chris Hagen
Ellen Hagen
Harold & Mark Hager
William Hagge
Seth Haines
Judith & Bill Hajek
Nicholas Hakala
Megan Halbrook
Mike Halekakis
Jeremy Halinen
Porter Hall
Sarah M. Hall
Daniel A. Hall
Audra Hall
Jason & Angie Hall
Becca Hall
Emily Hall
Christian & Rebecca Hall
Nichole Halleen
Shane Halverson
Marc Hamel
Suzanne Hamilton
Bob Hamilton
Dallas Hamler
Todd Hamm &
Amber Moon
Gef Hammer
Randy Hammond
Joseph Hamner
Wiley R. Hampton
Stephanie E. Hampton
Annie Han
Michael Handler
Tim Hanken & Katrina
Chelsie & Jason Hanner
Rebecca H. Hannover
Erik, Jennifer, Kyler &
Bridger Hansen
Wendy Hansen
Keith Hansen
Katie Hansen
Jack Hanson
Michael D. Hanson
Taj Hanson
Todd & Sarah Hanssen
Maroof Haque
Ruth Harbaugh
Danielle Harder
Frederic W. Harder, Jr
Dawn Hardin
Sarah Hardin
John & Kimberly Harding
John Hargrove
Jennifer & Paul
Matt & Ingrid Harkleroad
James Harless
Molly Harmon & Dave
Cheryl, Madeline &
Christian Harmon
Daniel & Alissa Harp
Toby Harris & Ronald Shure
Starr Harris
Abigail L. Harris
Ryan Harris & Angie Peace
Emelia Harris &
Victoria Gibson
Emily Harris
Erin N. Harris
Chris Harris
Crisy Harris
John Harris
Brooke Harrison
Emily Harrison
Scott Harrison
Burton David Harrison
Jeffrey Harrison
Lyle Harrod & Nicole
Nathaniel Harrold
Rainer Harstrick
Heidi H. Hart
Elisabeth Hart
Jamie Hartman
Anne Hartner
Jack C. Hartsock
Lisa Harvey &
Adrian Linton
Kelsey Harvey
Kenneth Hass
Stephanie Hasselman
Tiffany Hatch &
Christian Ellerbee
Sarah Hatley
Emily Hatt
Mark Haubner & Julie Park
Jens & Oesa Hauch
Mack Hauff &
Nicole Sarsfield
Chad & Emily Haugen
Erik Haunreiter
Ben Hausinger
Walker Hauttman
Samantha & Ivan
David Hawk
Ryan Hawkes
Ryan Hawkins
Kimberly Hawks
David Haxton
Scot Hay
Matt Hayden
Lara Hayes
Dana & Travis Hayes
Suzanne & Matthew
Graham A. Hays
Scott & Kate Hazard
Julie Haze
Bradley D. Hazelrigg
Patrick Head
Tabitha & Jack Headrick
Kelsey Heard
Amy Hearon
Greg Heasley
Stephanie Heater
Deborah Heath & Don P.
Michelle Heath
Luciana E. Hebert
Lee Heck & Bill McGee
Bill Heckart
Barbara Hecker
Jessi Hector
Joseph Heffernan III
Jason & Valerie Heggenes
Chris Heim
Corrina Heimbuch
Tess Heles-Hunt
Finn Helgesen
Sandra L. Helgeson
Tim Hellendrung
Stuart & Jordana Heller
Emma Heller
Brad & Erin Helpap
John Helton
Claude Hemmerich
Eva Hendershot
Chris Henderson
Steve & Jenny Henderson
Bethany & Justin
Travis Henderson
Irene Henderson-O’Brien
Adrian Hennessy
Chris Hennessy
Michael Henning
Katherine Hennings
Harley Hensley
Karen Hensley &
Daryl Williams
Eric Hentenann
Davis Herbig
Eric Herbig
Jeffrey Herbstman
Cristina Herdman &
Chris Behrens
Carmell Hergert
Andrea P. Hernandez
Jalene Hernandez
Steve Herndon
Katie Heron
Barbara Herr
Zack Herr
Dayne Herren
Joan Herrick
David & Elizabeth Herrick
Jake & Jessica Herron
Michelle Hersh
Kenneth G. Hertel
Elizabeth Hertz-Wahl
Erika S. Herzog
Michael Hess
Jocelyn Hess
Eric Heydrick
Christie Heyer
Cynthia Hickey
James & Lynn Hickey
Timothy Hicks
Barbara Hiesiger
Cathy Higgins
Kevin & Sarah Higgins
Kyle Higman
Michael Hildebrand
Andrea Hildebrandt
John & Sharon Hill
Genevievee Hill
Elizabeth Hill &
Andrew Hunt
Julie Hill
Jennifer Hillert
Zachary Hills
Haley Hills
Sadie Hinklin &
Spencer Dosico
Cindy Hirsch
Jeff Hirt
Roger Ho
Daniel G. Hobbs
Milo Hobbs
Laura & David Hoberecht
Holly Hochstadt
Ben & Mel Hodgman
Steph Hodsoll
Mark Hoefer
Tekla Hoehn
Sarah Hoehn &
James Wolcott
Jennifer Hoerth
Angela Hofeldt
Sarah J. Hoffman
Shane Hoffman
Jeffrey Hoffman
Kathleen Hofmann
David M. Hogan &
Robin Barr
Kristy Hogue
Jedediah Hohf
Elizabeth & Josh Holcomb
Jeremy Holcomb
Cassandra Holdeman
Kassana Holden
Teresa Holder
Heather L. Holdridge
Scott A. Hollander
Pete Hollitscher &
Dominique Vitali
Dawna Holloway
Will Holman
Carey Holmes
Stacey Holmes &
Kelli Robson
Sam Holtane
Lauren Honaker &
Ian Hunter
Jennifer & Graham Honda
Jon M. Honea
Wayne S. Hoofnagle
Elizabeth Hopfauf
Michael Hopkins
Nathaniel Hopkins
Kenneth Hopper
Kelle & Mark Horn
Amy Horn
Hornall Anderson
Matching Gift Program
Ron J. Horne
Stacy M. Horner
Dawn L. Horrell
Anndrey & David Hosier
Tom Hoskins
Amy Houghton
Andrew Houle
Tamara Houston &
Tim Currie
Taylor Houston
Gail A. Howard
Zachary Howard &
Amanda Darling
Stephanie Howard
Dennis Howard
Allen Howard
Richard M. Howard &
Michelle Foshee
Justin Howard
Jessica Howe
Michelle & Brian Howe
Mike Howe & Rachel
Elicia L. Howell
Matthew Howland &
Joanna Segal
Amy Lee Hsieh
Ben Hsu
Chia Chi Hsu
Ann & Shengjun Huang
Cheryl & Craig Hubbell
Edward & Letha Hudek
Peter M. Hudelson
Sarah Hufbauer & David
Conor Hughes
Justin Huguet & Emily
Stephen Huh
David Hull
Thomas Hulsey
Tom & Harper Hults
Kathryn Humphrey
Jake D.C. Humphreys
Kevin Humphreys
Ann Hunstiger
Shari Hunt & Shawn Staley
Ken Hunt
Benjamin Hunt
Heather Hunt
Kimberly Hunter
Desiree L. Hunter
Jeff Hunter
David C. Huntington
Kristen Hurd-Demeule
Brian M. Hurlen
Sean & Justine Hurley
Adrienne Hurn
Allen Hurn
William Hutchinson
Pete Hutchison
John Hutchison
Emily Hutchison
Bruce Hutson
Brian Huttenburg
Tuen Huynah
Susan Hyde
Roslyn Hyde
Jennice Hyden &
Nat Bradley
Jennifer Hydrick
Rob Igo
Mark & Zuzana Ikels
Aleksandra Ikovic
Brendan Impson
Erin Ingersoll
Bret Ingold
John W. Ioriolo
David & Rita Ireland
Lance Irven
Michelle Irwin
Dean Irvine
Carol Isaac
Dawn Isaacs
Jenna Isakson
Kurt Isensee
Erin & Justin Ison
Nathaniel Israel
Sara Iversen
Samuel T. Ives
Sara Ivey
Natalie Izzo
Boris Jabes
Matthew L. Jabloner
Beata Jachulski-Baker &
Steven Baker
Gierra Jack
Vance & Adair Jackson
Catherine & Rob Jackson
Brittany A. Jackson
Megan Jackson
Stephen Jackson
Karen Jacob
Freddy Jacobs
Gabriel Jacobs
Heidi & John JacobsenWatts
Richard L. Jacobson
Darren Jacobson
David Jacowitz & Julie
Kristian J. Jaech
David Jaeger
Katie Jameson
Shad Janeen &
Guy W. Tebay
Mark Janicke
Raymond Janik
Leo Janks
Michael Janney
Chris Jansen
Teresa & Claus Janssen
Clairesse Jauregui &
Joseph Creighton
Nicole Javayti &
Jeff Roverson
Bill P. Jeanguenat
Tracy Jedrycyek
Debbie L. Jefferson
Erik & Sara Jeffries
Suganthi Jeganathan
Stephen Jenich
Mike Jenkins & Vickey
Nathan Jenkins
Jacob Jenkins
Alex Jenkins
Avery Jenkins
Jennifer Jenks
Kathi & Lan Jenness
Luke A. Jennings
Josh Jensen
Forrest Jespersen
Kelly Jewell &
Michiel Cuibweg
Dave Jezowski
Antonia E. Jindrich &
David D. Dicks
Koriel Jock & Zac Brownell
Matt Joelson &
Arlene McBride
Adrienne Johanson
Jon Johnnidis
Alissa Johnson
Amy Johnson
Bobby Johnson
Candace Johnson
Clay Johnson
Colette Johnson
Erika Johnson
Jason Johnson
Jennifer Johnson &
Lafter Commons
Jessica Johnson
Kathy L. Johnson
Kevin Johnson
Kristan Johnson
Lara M. Johnson
Laura Johnson &
Sultan Mohamed
Leann & Jeff Johnson
Leslie Johnson
Lewis Johnson
Lorraine Johnson &
Geoffrey Reed
Michael Johnson
Nikala Johnson
Pamela & Silvermoon
Phil Johnson, Jr
Rick Johnson
Sara Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson-McKee
Elizabeth Johnston
Rebeckah Johnston
Elizabeth Jolley
Adam Jones
Alexis Jones
Austin Jones & Anna
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Catherine L. Gaylord
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Leda Nornang
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Miranda Uth
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Grace Anne Turner
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Matthew Lipps
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Chuck Caldart
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Victor Stover
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Leona McQueen
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Simon Vied
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Jeffrey Stein
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Kim Reading
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Reed Lane & Kelley
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The Questioneers
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Sean & Robin McGlinchey
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Brad Douglass
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Heron R. Prior
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Josh Maximoff
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Brett McNamara
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Robert Wood
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Jeanette & Brian Meek
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Lorra D. Cornetet
Jim Meissner
Luiz & Birgit Marques
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Jim Melrose
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Sam Melton
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Eric Gertsman
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Miles Mercer
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Zac Merten & Erin Griffin
David W. Merz &
Sandy Sabersky
Jane Meseck
Ryan Mesheau
Allan E. Mesia
Amanda Mesick
Kat Metrovich
Nora Metzger
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Maddox Meuter
Maya Icela Meuter
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Rick Ebrecht
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Michelle Michaelis
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Ty & Brenda Migota
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Gerry Austin
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Ben Hockenberry
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Elizabeth Ungar
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Merrit Mitchell &
Ben Scott-Killian
Eric Miyake
Mark Mladineo
Paul Mocha &
Anne Pettinger
Kristina Mody
Luke Mohlman
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Jess Moll
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Damian G. Monda
Ron Mondri
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Maria Monroe-Devita
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Aisling & Chris Montague
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William Horne
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Gary Monzon
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Graham Mooney
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Heather Boyer
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Samantha Russell
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Janelle Morano
Jean-Marc Morassutti
Daniella Moreano &
Lucas Nurmi
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Leah Bucco-White
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Patricia Murphy
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Nancy Musgrove
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Paul Mussleman
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Laura C. Lippman
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Laszlo Szabo
Charles G. Muzio
Susanna Myers
Andrew Myers
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Davis Herbit
Nick Myrick
Lloyd & Emily Nackley
Gary & Michelle Nadolina
Nigel Nagle
Uraina Nagy & Dave Faigin
Chris & Jennifer Nail
Tyler Nakatsu
Kelli Nakayama
Elizabeth & Steven Nance
Patrick Napper &
Rebecca Luke
Philip Narodick
Heidi Narte & Greg Butler
Eric Nassau
Urania Nazy & Baze Saigin
Davis Neable
Bryan Nealer
David A. Neff
Jonathan G. Nehrbass
Lisa Neidrauer
Matt Neill
Robert L. Nellams
Douglas O. Nellis &
Susan L. Davis
Troy Nelson &
Mackenzie Mercer
Mark Nelson
Sara J. Nelson
Roger Nelson &
Lindsey Peugh
Emmett Nelson
Bradley Nelson
Veronica Nelson
Tobey Nelson
Jonathan Nelson
Megan & Fargo Nelson
Chris Nelson
Debrakaye Nelson &
Graham Stansbery
David A. Nelson
Ian Nelson-Roehl
Zachary Nesgoda
Jason Neverburg
Meghan Newcomb
Darrin Newell
Shari Newman
Lacy Newman
Virginia Newman
Constantinos Nezis &
Vicky Tsagari
Peter Nguyen
Kelly Nicholas
Holly Nichols
Melissa Nicholson
Delia R. Nickolaus
Matt Nielsen
Martin Nigrelle
Tobin Nilson
Michael Noble
Courtney Noble &
Thomas Bates
Josephine P. Noe
Dawn Noel-Chen
Michelle Noguera
Gary Nolan
Stephanie T. NomuraHenley
Tim Noonan
Alex Nord
Cicily Nordness
Anna Nordstrom
Marcus & Elizabeth
Daniel Norman
Cecily Norris
Jenn Northington
Cora Northrop
Paul Norton
Paul Norton &
Eleanor Reimer
Erik Norwood
Eric W. Nothdurft
Bruce Nourish
Nancy E. Nourse
Susako Nozaka
Tegra Nuess
Paul Nuesslein
Lucia Nunes
James Nunn
Don Nygaard
Kevin O’ Neill
Nathan & Melissa Oakes
Linda Oakley &
David Bibus
Andrew Oakley
Reed O’Beirne
Elizabeth D. O’Boyle
Chris O’Brien
Kevin O’Brien
Danny O’Brien
Rachel O’Connel
Amy & Corny O’Connell
Chase O’Connor
John Oday
Brigid Odonnell
John O’Donnell
Sabrina Ogle & Paul Cates
Jennifer & James O’Hair
John O’Hare
Lauren T. Oickle
Mandy Ojendyk
Uche Okezie
Joe Okubo & Heather Otis
Krystel Olafson &
Wendy Watkins
Dennis O’Leary
Megan Oleson
Jane Oliver
Carol Olivier
Kirsten S. Olsen &
Greg Stumph
Michael Olsen &
Kelda Martensen
Jeff & Mary Olsen
Ruhiyyih Olsen
Emma Olsen
Thomas G. Olsen &
Natalie Doerr
Becky Olsen
Hanna Olsen
Mark E. Olsoe
Donald Olson
Jim Olson
R. Court Olson
Dahlia Olson
Abraham Olson
Erik Olson
Paul Olson
Julie Olufson
Don J. Olund
John & Patricia O’Malley
Natalie Oman
Susan O’Neil & David
Brian & Bridget O’Neill
Bethany & Shawn O’Neill
Patrick O’Neill
Stuart O’Neill
Anna Lise O’Neill
Eve O’Neill
Nikki Ono
Allison Oosta
Espher Opersteny
Peter & Liz Ophoven
Dvorah Oppenheimer
Matt Opsahl
Oracle Matching G
ift Program
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Alejandro Aragon
Genevieve Orchard
Beth Orcutt
Peter Ordal
Melissa Osborne
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Kevin & Sara OshikawaClay
Shyril O’Steen
Bruce Ostien
Kevin Ostrowski
Maxence Otero-Royer
Ayu Othman
Lauren Othon
Miranda & Jeff Otjen
John A. Ott
Kelly L. Otto
Roland Ouellette &
Rebecca Allen
Maxim Oustiougiov
Rebecca Over
Tim Overland
Keir Overton &
Jennifer Wilson
Nikki Overway
John H. Owen, Jr.
Ramona Owen
Casey & Catherine Owens
Kelly & Webster Owens
Amy & Shawn Owens
Mitch Owens & Lisa Schurb
Nate & Emily Oxnard
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Robert Frangooles
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Thomas Pack
Luke Padgett
Elizabeth Padilla
Talia Page
Chelsea Page
Michael Page
Michael Pagel
Kate Paisley
Sherran Pak
Mark Palmatier
Markus Palme
Stephanie Palmer
Christopher Palms
David Pandolfe
Lisa Panepinto
Michael Panico
Chris W. Pansulla
Autumn Pardee
Kini & Vico Parente
Julie & David Park
Seung-Hae Park
Josephine Park
Justine Park & Jason Leisge
Chris Park
Shannon Parker
Kenneth Parker
Emily Parker
Ian Parker
Billy Parker
Seth Parker & Heather Cox
Sumner & Marjorie
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David Parrish
Jonathan Partee
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Linda Pastor
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Laura Pasztor
Meera Patankar &
Daniel Gero
Vijya L. Patel & Scott Block
Cindy Patereau
Jeremy Paterson
Paige Patterson
Kaarin Patterson
Michael & Jennifer
Carol Patterson
Amy Patti
Kelly Pattison
Devin Pattison
Shane Patton
Patrick Paulett
Paul Pauper
Dave Paxton
Aidan Payson
Steve Pearce
Carol Pearl
Loren Pearlman
Matt G. Pearson
Chad D. Pearson
Krissi D. Pearson
Benjamin D. Pearson
Jay Pearson
Brigid Pearson
Elizabeth & Greg Pearson
Cindy V. Peck
Karen Peck
Kevin & Corie Pedersen
Sarah Pedro
Jasper Peet-Martel
Janna L. Pekaar
Mark Pemberton
Scott Pemewitz
Andrea Penglase
Christopher Pense
Albert Penta
Noah Perabo
Constance Perenyi &
Denice Taylor
Maria Perez
Cristian Perez
Jeaneva Perez-Lehmann
David Peris
David Perk
Mary Perkins
Jenn Perman
Anna Peroutka &
Ashley Kmiecik
Lisa N. Perry
Sharon Perry
Heidi Perry
Xaverie Persiani &
Michael Butler
Lisa Pertoso
Michael G. Peskura
Laurence D. Pesyna
Sophie Peter
Lynn Petermann
Mary Anne Peters
Steve Peters
Erin Peterschick &
Craig Hamblin
Andrew Petersen
Beth Peterson
Isaac Peterson
Sarah Peterson
Arthur & Courtney
Eric Peterson
Elizabeth & Andrew Petko
Edward & Brenda Petkus
Elizabeth H. Peto
Edgar Petriccione
Kelly L. Petrie
Bridgett Petritz
Erin Pettigrew &
Donald Morgan
Chris Petzold
Riana Pfefferkorn
Kimberly Pfeifer
Sally Pfeiffer & Ish Wood
Marc Pfeuffer &
Evelyn Thornton
Dyan L. Pfitzenmeier
Uyen H. Phan
Lynne Phelps
Carrie Philips
Carmen Phillips
Otis Phillips
Daphne Phillips
Todd Phillips
Susan Jessica Phillips
Mary Phillips-Sandy
Roxanne E. Phinn
Chris Phonpituck
James Pickell
Eric Pidkameny
Webster Pierce &
Cynthia Taylor
Kelsey Pierce
Elizabeth Piercy
Robert Pierosh
Kris Pietrzak
Ben B. Piggot
Adam Pike
Dean Pilkington
Alana Pina
Benjamin Pinkowitz &
Sonja Myklebust
Karah Pino
Meghan Pino
Brianna Pintens
Geoff Piper
Mark Piper
Dave Pippin
Kelly Pittman
Jeanelle Pittman
Justin Pitts
Brenda Pittsley
Ingrid K. Pixel
Sindi Pladsen & Jake Soule
Eddie & Ann Plana
Neil Planert & Pam Shea
Josh Platis
Joe Platt
Kevin & Kelly Platt
Brian Plauger
Meghan Plichta
Joe Plummer
Carli Plute
Sarah Poe
Jeffrey Poedger
John Policar
James M. Policar
Maggie Pollack
Regina Polok
Gerardine Pond
Jennifer Pool
Jessica Poort
Nick Pope
Grigore Pop-Eleches
Doug Popeney
Tracy Popowics
Lisa, Scott & Ari Porad
Christopher C. Porter
Iris Porter
Scot Porter
Lyn Porterfield &
Patrick Barta
Portland General Electric
Co. Matching Gift
Emily Poster
Douglas & Katie Postlewait
Tim & Francie Pott
Lincoln Potter
Dina Potter
Courtney Potter
Nico Potterat
Robert & Kathy Poulk
Victoria Poulton
William & Darlette Powell
Joshua Powell
Denise Powers
Linda Powers
Barbara Powers
Joe Poz
John R. Prendergast
Jeff & Elizabeth Preston
Rebecca M. Price
Adam & Jackie Price
Courtney Price
Charles Priester
Pat Priestley &
Vicki Buechting
Chaylee Priete
Hunter Prigg
Jennifer Prince
Samantha Prins
Becky & Sean Prior
Robert Prohaska
Taras Prokopchuk
Rob S. Prufer &
Lesley James
Laura Prugh
Heather Pruitt
Carrie & Michael Pruitt
Carol Pruzan
William & Margaret Ptacek
Heather Pugh
Melanie Pugh
Sarah & Benjamin Pulanco
Kyle & Stephen Pullman
Joaquin Pullo
Dylan Purchase
Stephanie Pure & David
Heather Purser
Damian Putney
Kurt Putterbaugh
Lois Pyanowski
Doug Pyle
Shannon Pyman
Jacob Quammen
Kent Questad
Kristin Quick
David Quick
Jennifer Quigley-Gould &
Eric Gould
Erin N. Quirk
Jesus & Ana Quiroz
Amanda Raab
Brandon M. Racer
Meredith A. Radella
John Rader
Beth Radical
Shana Radtke
Ian Rae
Matthew B. Ragen
Maria Rainey
Pat Rainsberger
Chelsey Rajavuory
Remi Rajotte
Barbro Rakos
Laurie Rallsen-George
Emma A. Ramey
Christina Ramirez
Cynthia Ramnarace
Peter & Michelle Ramos
Jeff & Jennifer Ramos
Sara Ramsay
Isabelle R. Rancier
Elizebeth Randall
Elizabeth Randall
Lindsay Ranger
Charlie Ranlett
Ramesh Rao
Vivek Rao
Andrea Rappaport
Lottie Rapson
Victor Rasgaitis
Kristen Rask
Will Ratcliff & Marcine Hull
Jeff Ratliff
Nick Ratzloff
Stan Raucher
Susanna Ray &
Patrick McNelly
Nicole Ray
Daniel Raymond
Chris Rayner
Jon Re
Sheriese Reabec
Ally Reaber &
Charlie Kunkel
Kevin & Cyndi Read
Brian Reaney
Erin & Dan Rearden
Heather Reddy &
Steve Libbey
Brian Reddy
Joanna M. Redman-Smith
William E. Reed
Jessi Reed
Melanie Reed
Erica Reed
Heather & Dierdre Reedy
Heather Reedy
Chris Reese
Rebecca Reeves
Kyle Regan
Bruce Rehm
Eli Reich
Leo Reich
Darin S. Reid
Lindsay Reid
Jacqueline A. Reid &
Scott D. Brewer
Todd Reidy
Fenton & Carolyn Reighley
Phil Reilly
Jennifer & Patrick Reinbolt
Aaron Reincheld
Brice Reinhardt-Beltran
Greg Reinhiller
Ann Marie Reinking
Jon Reinsch
Becky Reisinger
Jeff Reiter
Mark Relph
Hilary Remnant
Alicia Renee
Bergen Rentfrow
Ken Reppart & Kim Schulz
Dave Resnick
Lauren Ressler
Jude Restis
Paul Rettig
Lisa Reynolds
Josh Reynolds
Corrie Reynoso
Megan Reznicek
Sandra Rezola
Maxine Rhodes
James Rhodes
Jason Rhodes
Matt Rhodes &
Erina Malarkey
Rebecca J. Ricards
Jake Rice
Jennifer Rice
Julia Rice
Kim Richan
Eric Richards
Kent Richards &
Maria Agne
Tim Richards &
Pam Garfield
Sarah Richards
Jacob Richardson
Scott Richardson
John Richelsen
Pennie Richerson
Deborah Richert
Mindy Richlen & Rich Fox
Efus Richman
David & Nina Richter
Lynzee Ricoy
Stephanie Riddiford
Maxwell & Gregg
Jeffrey Rieger
Cynthia Riegler
Valdis & Bryn Riekstins
Alex Riffle
John Rigg
Dave Riggleman
George Riggs
Emily Rimas
Mike Rimoin &
Danielle Rose
Nicholas Rinaldi
Brian Rinckenberger &
Shauna Suarez
David Rindlaub
Travis Riney
Kathleen Ringo
Christa & Kent Rinne
Nif Rios & Matthew
Michelle L. Ritter
Teresa Ritter
Kitty Ritzenthaler & Sam
Andrew Rivett
Justin & Jennifer Robbins
Hannah Robbins
Paul Roberts
Beth Roberts &
Keith Seinfeld
Matt Roberts
Chris Roberts
Karen Roberts
Jason Roberts & Tina
Crystal Roberts & Tony
John & Janet Roberts
Bryan T. Robertson
Colleen Robertson
Zerk Robertson
Richard Robertson
Eva Robins
Shivaun Robinson & Dustin
Johanna Robinson &
Christian Gunther
Andrew Robinson
Lawrence Robinson
Peter Robison
Brendan Roche
Rachelle Rochelle
Danny & Adele Rodarte
Rich Rodgers
Ian Rodney
Jon & Laurie Rodriguez
Anna Rodriguez
Evelyn Roehl
Stacey Roesberry &
Ben Firestone
Marisa R. Rogers
Carla Rogers
Victor J. Rohret
Katrina Roi
Rachel Roisman &
Jason Koenig
Michael Rollins
Tracy & Michael Romoser
Jason Rone
Lisa Rongren
Samantha Ronich
Nathaniel Rooks
Megan Rooney
Anna Roquemore
Ben Rosas
Scott M. Rose
Matt Rose
Jennifer Rose
Dana & Todd Rose
James & Vanessa Rose
Angie Rose
Cirilia Rose
Mark E. Roselle
Ryan Rosen
Deena Rosen
Phyllis Rosen
Katie Rosenberg
Evan Rosendahl
Adam Rosendahl
Amy Rosenleaf
S.X. Rosenstock
Joe Rosinski
Deborah Rosof & Mike
Melissa Ross
Adam & Nora Ross
Steven Ross
James J. Rostosky &
Martina Bendel
Lorraine Rotanelli
Miranda K. Roth &
Matthew Knowles
Lisa Roth
Jim Rothwell
Mike & Varrow Rotskoff
Tiffany Rounds
Diane Rousseau
Brian Rowe
Trina Roy
Adam Ruben & Sarah
Joy L. Rubin
Raphael C. Rubin
John Ruby
Matias & Sarah Rudback
Jessica Rudman
Luke Rudolf
Richard Rudolph
Randy Rue & Kara Kahler
Ana Ruediger
Nancy Ruester
Lindsay & Keven Ruf
Austin & Tonya Ruf
Shelby Ruge
Paul Rugland
Elizabeth Ruhl
Nicky Ruiz
Russel Ruiz
Shauna Rumsey
Kurt Runco
Lowe Runkle
Venetia Runnion &
Richard Hill
Kevin Rusch
Amanda Rush
Bonnie & Robert Russell
Justin Russell
Jonathan & Felice Russell
Emily & Andrew Russin
Julie Ruth & Shannon Long
Bradley Rutkowski
Joshua Rutkowski
April Ryan & Ben Strobel
Janice Ryan
Gemma Ryan
Rob Ryan
Nathan & Jessica Ryan
Samuel Ryan
Aaron Ryba
Chelsea Ryberg
Andrew Ryder
James A. Rymsza &
Priscilla Pierce
Nicholas Saad
Bert Sacks
Toni E. Saddler-French
Amanda & Andrew Sadler
Lindsey Sadler
Kent & Parris Sadow
Skip Safford
Sarah Safranek &
Gary Kelsberg
Stephen Sage
Rebecca Sager
Jennifer Sahn &
Nick Thielker
Linda Sakai
Denise Sakaki
Keith & Julie Salas
Maurine Salas
Ray Saldivar
Ian Saling
Allison Sall
Gus Salloum
Donato Salvitti
Jennifer Salzburg
Saba Samakr
Joseph Sambataro
Scott Sammons
Jennifer Samnick
Adrian Sampson
Scott Samuelson
Harry Sanders
Leonard Sanderson &
Anna Dicklhuber
Sara Sandford
Debra Sandler
Aaron Sandstrom
Jeff Sandys
Christopher Sanford
Craig Santerre
Adrien Santos
Felipe Saraiva
Anastasia Sarames
Samuel Sarkisian
Tony Sarno
Becky Saroukos
Shannon M. Sauter
Marc Savage
Jocelyn Savage &
Chris Raynham
Jesse Savage
Gail Savage
Marco & Jane Savaris
Leonardo Savinon-Mota
Meg & Chucho Savlov
Ann Saxton & Eric Darcy
Dawn Sayers
Will & Kate Scales
Mica Scalin
Ryan Scammell
Keith Scandora
Erin Schadt &
Karrin Daniels
Merrill Schadt
Lisa Schaefer &
Nate Walker
Haley Schaening
Jennifer Schaening
Dennis Schaffer
Michael Schaible
David Schanen
Emily J. Schankerman
Aimee M. Schantz
Katie Scharer
Suzanne Scharff &
Jeremy Scharff-Kim
John & Susan Schatz
Todd Scheidegger
Marjorie Scheidl
Matte & Ande Scheinker
Geoff Schemmel
Aneka Schenk
Joe Schenk
Steven Schenk
Inga Schenker &
Chad Frost
Paul & Brooke Scherlie
Evan Schiefelbine
Aleksander Schilbach
Jeff Schinckle
Robert & Melinda
Lydia & Michael Schmeltzer
Andrew Schmid
Rowan Schmidt
Eric Schmidt
Aaron Schmidt
Jennifer Schmidt
David Schnapper
David & Sheila Schneider
Joan & Philip Schneider
Naomi Schoch
John Schochet &
Tenaya Scheinman
Lori Schoenfeld &
Doug Goodman
Koen Schold & Jaki Ferenz
Sam & Dave Scholl
John Scholten
Erica Schommer &
Celestine Gallegos
Jeffrey Schoner
Melissa Schorn
Phoebe Schraer
Adam Schreiber
Dirk Schreier
Ari Schriger
Kjell Schroder
Denise M. Schroeder
Andrew Schroeder &
Rebecca Kurek
Laura Schuck
Erin Schuldt
Kiri M. Schultz &
Michael Wills
Kara & Brian Schultz
Tracy Schultz
Camille Schultz
Stacey Schultz
Jordan M. Schulz
Courtney J. Schumacher
Thomas Schumann
Ellen A. Schur &
Louis Whitford
Amanda Schuster
Aaron Schwab
John A. Schwampe
Heather Schwampe
Sara Schwartz
Penny Schwin
Michael Sciarra
Tracey Sconyers
Brian Scott
Alan P. Scott
Angela Scott
Darrell Scott
Jack Scott
Ian & Sabina Scott
Todd Scott
Ryan Scott
William T. Scroggs
Kate L. Scully
Maura Scully
Jonas Seaman
Joel Seaton
Hans Sebastian
Nicholas Seckel
Misty Sedotal
Matt See
Aaron Seeks
Bryan Sehmel &
Tracy Nowack
Michael D. Seiwerath &
Rachel Kessler
Gregg Selby
Stefanie Selivanoff
Rick Sellers
Leah Selvidge &
Nigel Smith
Elena Semeraro
Karen Senboutarath
Steve Sendlakowski
Laurel Sercombe &
Darwin Alonso
Mark Serda
Kristopher Seridell
Ariel B. Serim
Kyle Setzer
Charles & Denise Severson
Luke Sevigney
Chris Sewell
Tom Seyss & Leslie Schicht
Howard Shack &
Julia Hibarger
Lucius Shafer
Randall & Siona Shaffer
Andre D. Shaffer
Anna M. Shaffer
Bessia Shank
Michael Shannon
Jeff Shannon
Sarah Shapiro
Brian Shapley
Nicole Sharkey
Ronica Sharma
Cathleen Shattuck &
Acep Hale
Karen Shauwecker &
Noel Lacey
Lynette Shaw
John A. Shaw
Nancy Shawn
Kim Shearer
Traci Sheehan & T. Farley
Tom W. Sheehan
Jay & Michelle Sheely
Kevin Sheen
Dale Sheets
Carly Sheldahl
Jill Sheldon
Dave J. Sheldon
Danielle Sheldon
Michael Shelton
James Shepard
Kristina & Gregory
Noel Sherrard
Dana Sherry &
Gordon Sweet
Sheila Shidnia &
Jason Moriber
Sarah Shifley
Heidi Shininger-Forrer &
Mark Forrer
Rie Shintani
Frank Shober
Ron Shoff
Justin Shoman
Robert Shook
Brooke Shoostine
Rebecca J. Shore
David S. Short
Laurence Short
Kelly Shrumm
Eran Shtiegman
Hezy Shuhendler
Jeremy Shulkin
Rachel Shumat &
Izaak Koller
Jonathan Shurin
Dean Shwedyk
T.D. Sidell
Sheila J. Siden
Cyndi Sieber
Daniel & Jill Siegel
Naomi Siegel
Greg Siegel
Ed H. Siemienkowicz
Randy M. Signor & Jane
Leigh Sikorski & Todd
Shira Silberman &
Chrystal Loyer
Lennin, Michael &
Ryah Silvernagel
Alfred M. Sim
Lara & Mark Simmons
Shannon N. Simmons
Abby Simmons
Jytte Simmons
Jennifer Simonds
Laurie J. Simpson
Laura Simpson
Dale Simpson
Laura A. Sinai
Justin Singleton
Melanie & Suparat Sirirot
Karen Siscel-Smith &
Gauntt Smith
Jonathon M. Siu
Daniel Sivertson
Nathan & Sara Sjol
Brent, Stefanie &
Astrid Skadan
Adam Skewgar
Shelby & Leonard Skiena
Sheldon Skillie &
Kellie West
Maggie Skinner &
Jonathon Bez
Rebekah &
Jennifer Skiver-Thompson
Richard Skolits
Kristiane Skolmen
Courtney Skony
Diane J. Skudlarek &
Ray Richardson
Keith Slack
Charmaine Slaven &
Charlie Beck
Sandy & Roy Slayton
Poppy M. Slocum
Alistair Sloley
Karin Smaaladen &
David Harrison
Aleisha Smith
Alissa Smith
Chris Smith
Curtis Smith
Derek Smith
Edward Smith
Edward Smith
Greg Smith
Gregory Smith
Jaala Smith
Jason Smith
Jeffrey & Vishaka Smith
Mr. Jeffery P. Smith
Jillian M. Smith &
Kyle M. Gustafson
Joanna Smith
Kareem Smith &
Kevin Schwandt
Kim Smith
Kristen Smith
Lisa M. Smith
Matt Smith
Mica Smith
Mikki Smith-Salvetti
Milo Smith
Nadine Smith &
Michael Hintze
Nick Smith
Randolph Smith
Shauna Smith
Shannon J. Smith
Sherry Smith &
Matt Huston
Tommy Smith
Tony Smith
Virginia Smith
Wendy Smith
Kathy Smith-Dijulio & Don
Nancy Snapp
Aaron Snead & Vanna
Denise Snow
Mark & Holly Snyder
Brad Snyder
James Snyder
Barbara Snyder
Andrew Snyder
Miki Sodos
Tony Sofge
Elizabeth Sokol
Todd Soligo
Xavier Soliz
Jason Sommer
Christina Sorbello
Norbert E. Sorg
Laura & Brian Soriano
Emily Sorman
Neal Soto
Sasha Soukup
Abra Soule
Matthew & Seretta Soule
Jen Soupios
Joe Souther
Stuart Southerland
Julie A. Souza
Philip Spanel
Ryan Spano
Matt Spaulding
Eric Speck
Elizabeth Spector
Jessica Speigel &
Stephen Singer
Jessica Spengler & Jeremy
Kristin Speranza
Travis, Kelley & Micah
Lynette Splinter
Rob Splinter
Tom Sponheim
Chris Spott & Dana Cali
Frank Sprague
Ralph Sprague
Adam Spring
Kevin Springer
Judy Spunt &
Richard Salitra
David A. Squires
Emily St Martin
Gayle St. Luise
Jasmine Stack
Janelle R. Stafford
Veronica Stafford
Janine Stallings &
Janna Westover
Emily Stallman
Olivia & Patty Stambor
Chara Stamp &
Victoria Wockenfus
Jason Stanfield
Jim Staniforth
Jason Starman
Emily States
Cole Stauffer
Ruby Stauffer
Zach Stednick
Rozlyn Steele
Nelle, Matt & Louie Steele
Margaret & John Steenson
Stuart A. Steere
Leilah Stehman
Carmel & Tom Steindam
Curtis Steiner
Jeremiah Steingraber
Bill Steinmetz
Edward Steinshouer
Crystal Stelzer
Beau D. Stengel
Dylan Stensland
Gita Stephan
Sri Stephens
Rebecca Stephens
Jennifer Stepler
Tyler Steringer
Amy M. Sterling-Page &
Joe S. Page
Elias Stern
Curt Stevens
Sunshine Stevens
Mitchell & Julie Stevens
Rob Stevens
Laura Stevens
Max Stevens
Daniel Stevens
Rachel Stevens
Sarah Stevenson
Elliott Steward
Mark & Jody Stewart
Nancy Stewart
Ben & Rachel StewartKoster
Yvette Stickell
Marc L. Stifelman & Loretta
A. Vosk
John Stifter
Robert Stinnett
Helena Stitzel
Susan Stocking
Heidi & Dylan Stockman
Laura & Christopher
Danielle Stoeck
Candace Stokey
Shannon Stoll
Bob Stone
Reid & Karen Stone
Ivan & Nicole Storck
Diane Tooze & Tyler Storer
Christina Storm
Jesse Stout
Jeremy & Elizabeth Stout
Vera P. Stoynova
Kelsey Strague
Stuart E. Strand & Galynn
D. Zitnik
Michael Strandberg
Eric Strandberg
Nora M. Strang
Andrew Strathdee &
Kimberly Moniz
Hazel Kim Strathmann
Staci Stratton
John Straub
Ian Strauss
Steve Strauss & Lu Lu
Cale Street
Denis Streeter
Erin Streitz
Leslie Strickland
Shannah Striker &
Lucian Wischik
Gail Stringer
Chris Stripinis &
Beth Andrews
Chris Strnad
Zach Stroum
Robinette Struckel
Gregory Stump
Shannon & Thomas Sturm
Rachel Su
Toby & Holly Sudduth
Eric Suesz
Peter C. Sugarman
Lora & Kevin Suggs
Jonathan Sui
Jillian Suleski & Saral
Kevin & Cheryl Sullivan
Chris Sullivan
Don Sullivan
Jamey Summa
Rob Sumner
John Surdam
Heather A. Surerus-Lopez
Esad Suskic
Yve Susskind & James
Brian Sussman
Dillon Sussman
Anne Sustar
Norman & Wendy Sutaria
Irene Svete
Cliff & Jordan Swain
Anita E. Swaney
William Swann
Jennifer G. Swanson
Mick Swanson
Bruce Swanson
Katie Swartz
Jesse Sweeney
Ann Sweeney
John Sweeney
Nolan Sweeney &
Heather Smith
Kendall Sweeney
Erika Sweet & Jay Moulton
Christopher Swere
Shaun Swick
Aly Swindley & Cuyler
Paul A. Swinehart
Sandra Sykora
Kevin & Erin Sylvester
Symetra Matching
Gift Program
Paul W. Symington
Andrew & Carrie Syvertsen
Lisa Szymanski &
James Lung
Regina F. Szyszkiewicz &
Thomas Cohan
Ellen R. Taagen
Desiree Tabares & John
Kari & Ray Tai
Jonah Takagi
Martin Talarico &
Patrick Allison
Rob Tallon
Landon Tan
Brian Tanenbaum
Brian Tang
Lilly Tao
Zofia E. Taranu
Anne-Estelle Taranu
Karen Tarr & Bob Trutnau
Walt Tatum
Brenda Tausch-Lapora
Mason & Bruce Taylor
Moira S. Taylor
Nicholas Taylor &
Jillian Lubow
Meredith Taylor
Lindsey Taylor
Josh Taylor & Audrey Walls
Jen & David Taylor
Josh Taylor
Shan Taylor
Eric Taylor
Michael Taylor
Ryan Teal
Teddy Bulls Catboarding
William Tedford &
Chantal Pritchard
Karl Tegenfeldt
Celene Temkin &
Mike Bonilla
Charles G. Temple
Sally Templeton
Mandy Terkhorn
Laura Terry
Scot & Jessica Terry
David Tetrault
Vern Teuscher
Kim Thal
Jonathan Thaler &
Janet Margolis
Amir Thapa
Ethan Thee
Melissa Thelemaque
Dylan Theobald
Molly Theobald
Khiota A. Therrien &
Tim G. Kerans
Angela Thibault
Tyler Thirloway
Katarina & John Thisner
Lance & Juanita Thomas
Tamra A. Thomas
Christopher Thomas
Mary Thomas
John Thomas
Rachel Thomas
Devin Thomas
Autumn Thomas &
Holly George
Rich Thomas
Kaitlin B. Thompkins
Jodi & Brett Thompson
Justin Thompson
Skylar S.
ThompsonChristopher &
Laura Thompson
Micah Thompson
Nicole Thompson
Chris Thomsen
Brenda Thoreson
Kristina Thorne
Bill & Susie Thorness
David Thovson
Patrick Thrasher
Thomas Thriveni
Heather Thueringer
Alyssa Thunberg
Tom Thurber
Jeremy Thurston
John Tilleman &
Samantha Rayner
Stina & Ben Tillotson
Time Warner Matching
Gift Program
Michele L. Timko
Joey Timlick
Ross Tinti
Pax Tirrell
Daniel Toader
Kevin Todd
Bob & Janis Tokunaga
Val & Mary Tollefson
Kate & Peter Tomassi
Katherine Tomasulo
Chris Tomkins
Katie & Alan Tomlinson
Tanaquil & Niles Tomlinson
Laila & Justin Tomsovic
Kutlay Topatan
Beth Topping
Carla Torgerson
Jane Tornatore
Aaron Torok
Jill Tourtillotte
Rosemary Townsend
Kyle Tozer
James Tracy
Scott Travis
Chelsea Tremblay &
Geoff Ringwald
Erin Tremlin & David Trever
Jennifer Trerise &
Brian Willett
Heather Trim &
Lawrence Jacobson
Christy Trimble
Eric J. Triplett
Jenny Triplett
Jon J. Trohimovich
Sharon E. Troupe &
David A. Crabtree
Julian Trowbridge
Devin True
Jennifer A. Tsai
Jim Tsen
Michael Tsu
Leonid A. Tsybert
Laura Tuck
Scott & Aimee Tuck
Stephanie Tuck
Dan Tucker
Leigh & Tyler Tucker
Jessica L. Tudor &
Glen C. McKnight
Megan Tully
Andrew Turman
Katie Turnbull
Kathleen E. Turner
Hal & Aggie Turner
Carrie Turner
Deanna Turner
Kimisha Turner
Adi Turner
Janis Tuttle
Jennifer Tuttle
Maggie Tweedy
Phillip Twiss &
Mercedes Smith
Chris C. Twombley
Chris Tyler
Keri Tyler
Marcos Ubilla
Michael Udesky
Jenna Udren
Karen Uffelman &
Scott Stevens
Kevin Uhl & Hannah Israel
Andrea Ulrich
Nicole & Annea Umaya
Marc Umeno
Nicole Underhill
Brian Underwood
United Way Of Snohomish
County Matching Gift
Alison & Anthony Uno
Helen Upin
Zachary Urban &
Shannon Walmsley
Pedro J. Uriz-Borras
Sam Urmy
Richard & Connie Urps
Harri & Marja Vaananen
Julie L. Valdez
Carolee Valentine
Helen Valentine & Doug
Amy Van Fossen & Mark
Pieter Van Hattem
M. Lee Van Horn
Jessica H. Van Houten
Kirk L. Van Scoyoc
Kelli Van Vleet Pleskac
Jennifer Vanbenschogen
Lydia Vanderloo
Lauren Vanderlugt
Annie Vandermeer-Mitsoda
Amara Vandervort
Amy Vanderzanden
Kate Vanderzee & Troy
Alexa E. Vanselow
Cynthia Varela
Laura Varley
David Varon
Victoria Vassall
Jessica Vaughan
Genevieve Vayda
Patrick Vecchio
Nick Vega
Beth Veile
Allison Veishlow
Rick J. Veit
Atle Lee & Stephanie Veka
Cory Verellen
Zachary Verhoff
Verizon Foundation
Matching Gift Program
Chris M. Verrill
Nathan R. Viavant
Tammy & Robert Victor
Lindsay Victoria
Kim & Matt Vielle
Nacho Vilchis
Carmela Villa
Ryan Villanueva
Ian Vincent
Jonathan Vincent
Craig Vinet
Van S. Vinikow
Ross Vitale
Matthew Vivian
Mariah Vlach
Sarah Volpon &
Ryan Connolly
Johann J. Von Hoffmann
Ann Von Holle
Skadi Von Reis
Carl Von Rueden
Toni & David Von Scheele
Tiffany D. Vongerichten
Kurt Vonnahme
Michael B. Voran
Emily & Eric Voreis
Dana Vukajlovich
Andrew T. Wade
Jonathan & Jennifer Wagar
Erin Wager-Miller
John Wagner
Jessica P. Wagoner
Jonathan & Zoe Wakefield
Ted Wakefield
Katherine Walag
Vanna Waldron
Ashley Waldron
Zanna Waldron
Jody Waldron
Starr Chiropractic Center
Joseph Walker
John Walker
Nathan Walker & Kat
Michael W. Walker
Wendy Wallace
Jamie Wallace
Rowena Wallace
Bailey Wallace
Jen Wallin
Matthew Wallrath
Joelle Wallstrom
Tammy Walsh
Donna Walsh
Lauren Walsh &
Scott Nemeth
Stephen Walston
Kat Walter
Robert Walter
Arlene M. Walters
Ryan G. Walters
Connie Walton
Daniel Walvatne
Jonathan F. Walz
Leilei Wang & Larry
Yue Wang
Phyllis Wang & Anthony
Kristina Wang
Bill & Ellen Wanless
Delia M. Ward
Laura Ward
Jay K. Wardle
Keith Wardley
Chris Ware
Amy Warner
Jennifer Warren
Scott Warren
Rob Warren
Ray Warrick
Erin A. Waters
Chloe Waters
Heidi & Mark Watson
J.A. Watson
Chad Watson
Richard Wattles
Carly Waude
Melissa J. Weakly
Andrew Weaver
Chris Weaver
Luke Weaver
Dan Webb
Eric Webb & Angela Loera
Mary Weber
Thomas & Amy Weber
Katie Weber
David Webster
Drew Webster &
Rebecca Kingscott
Jessica Webster
Meredith T. Webster
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Gift Program
Andrew Weekes
Robert R. Weeks &
Sally J. Shintaffer
Thomas Wegner
Graham H. Wehmeier
Tom Weiner
Adam Weinstein
Liz Weinstein
Paige Weir
Melissa Weis
Richard D. Weisberg
Joan Weisberg &
Doug Beyerlein
Joan Weisenbloom
Manny & Sarah Weiser
Brittany Weiss
Laurie Weitkamp
Janet & Emily Weitzel
Keith M. Welle
Steven Wells
James Wells
Gregory & Jeannie Wells
Toni & Chris Wells
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KEXP Programming AND Production STAFF
Senior Director, Programming
& The Afternoon Show DJ
Associate Program Director
& The Morning Show DJ
Music Director
& Swingin’ Doors DJ
General Manager,
Broadcast Services
Production Manager
Variety Mix DJ
Expansions DJ
Fill-in DJ
Sonic Reducer DJ
Wo’ Pop DJ
Variety Mix DJ
Shake the Shack DJ
Variety Mix DJ
Web Developer
Jazz Theatre DJ
Mind Over Matters Host
Variety Mix/Expansions DJ
Sonarchy DJ
Variety Mix DJ
Variety Mix DJ
Audio Engineer
Junior Events Producer/
Audioasis DJ/Board Operator
Variety Mix DJ
Online Director
Assistant to Senior
Director, Programming
Street Sounds DJ
Chief Engineer
Board Operator
Swingin’ Doors DJ
Web Content Coordinator
Video Producer
Variety Mix DJ
Fill-in DJ
Positive Vibrations/
Expansions DJ
Variety Mix DJ
Mind Over Matters Host
Production Assistant
& El Sonido DJ
Preachin’ the Blues DJ
Variety Mix DJ
Sonic Reducer DJ
Audio Engineer
Traffic Assistant
LOUIS O’Callghan
Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Production Assistant
Seek & Destroy DJ
Traffic Coordinator, Fill-in DJ
Board Operator
Variety Mix DJ
Audio Engineer
Fill-in DJ
Shake the Shack DJ
Fill-in DJ
Variety Mix DJ
Voiceover Artist
Fill-in DJ
Fill-in DJ
Seek & Destroy DJ
Variety Mix DJ
Board Operator
Variety Mix DJ
Board Operator
Audio Engineer
Assistant to Associate Director,
& Variety Mix DJ
Sonic Reducer DJ
Licensing & Podcast
The Roadhouse DJ
Live Performances Producer
& The Midday Show DJ
Online Video Production
Assistant, Board Operator
KEXP Administration
Executive Director
Director of Business & Operations
Computer & Information Systems Manager
Administrative Assistant/
Live at KEXP CD Project Manager
Administrative & Financial Manager
Information Specialist
Volunteer Coordinator
Administrative & Financial Assistant
Director of Development
General Manager, Business Support
Senior Account Executive, Business Support
Assistant Director of Development, Annual Giving
Outreach & Events Coordinator
Account Executive, Underwriting & Business Support
Interim Grants Manager
Development Assistant
Development Data Entry
Account Executive, Sponsorship & Business Support
Gift Processor
Individual Giving Coordinator
Director of Leadership Giving
Audience at the Mural Amphitheater.
Photo: Brittney Bollay
Thank you.

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