Jesuit Idol Round 1 - Wheeling Jesuit University


Jesuit Idol Round 1 - Wheeling Jesuit University
Wheeling Jesuit University
Cardinal Connection
Issue 10
Thursday, March 20, 2014
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$407,000 -
amount of money
vegas man’s
state insurance
charged him after
switching to a faulty
ObamaCare based
number of Medals
of Honor President
Obama recently
gave to Army
veterans who fought
in World War II,
Korea and Vietnam.
the new iPad 4 was
just announced to
replace the aging
iPad 2
The contestants stand together on the stage at the end of
the show. Photo Courtesy: Kyle Davies
Michael Pineda
Mission & Identity Editor
• I was promised free
I was incredibly excited
to be sitting in the first
• Is mayonnaise an
row among my fellow
writers, reporting on the
• Horseradish is not
first round of Jesuit Idol.
an instrument either
When the doors opened,
a crowd filled the Troy
• Where’s the free
Theater as popular music
played overhead. An
• Hi Krista.
interactive text game
With the crowd already
appeared on the front
happy, the show began.
display, which allowed
The lights dimmed as
anyone to post their texts the contestants took the
for all to see.
stage. This week, judges
Some of my personal
included Father Serva,
favorites included:
Brittany Halinka, and
Jennifer Elias, with Justin
Amos and Ryan Nau-
Lucy DeFruscio
The highly anticipated
event of the semester is
rapidly approaching, and
this month, students are
frantically figuring out
who their roommate is
going to be and where
they are going to live for
the 2014-2015 academic
year. Housing Selection
is scheduled for Wednesday, April 2 and Thursday, April 3. Ignatius and
Thomas More Area Coordinator Justin Munz said
housing selection will be
Mission and
Arts and Living.....10-12
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Jesuit Idol Round 1
News Briefs
24 -
Arts &
mann as the hosts.
This week, the show’s
theme was “Song of the
2000s,” so there was a
wide variety for the contestants to choose from.
Kelsey Zimcosky began
the show with an inspiring
version of “Breakaway” by
Kelly Clarkson. Joe Molek
had it goin’ on next with
the classic “Stacy’s Mom.”
Both performers gave stunning acts that pleased the
judges and the crowd.
Patrick Washington
then sang a great version
of “Since U Been Gone,”
another Kelly Clarkson
original, and Nathan
Schmidt got funky with
“She Bangs,” complete
with dancing and crowd
Matt Riffle was not able
to find an instrumental
version of his song, so he
chose to sing A Capella.
He performed a version of
the song “Fish” by Craig
Campbell, which made
every man turn to his girlfriend in protection.
Dan McFarland was
Housing Selection
pretty similar to last year’s
selection, but there is a potential change in the dorm
According to Munz, the
campus is under construction to potentially finalize
the plans of having every
dorm be co-ed by floor
except for Kirby Hall, and
Ignatius would co-ed by
“Most of campus will
be going co-ed per floor
and Iggy will be co-ed on
every floor by door like
we did on the sixth and
seventh floors this year,”
said Munz. “During hous-
ing selection, we will have
to work and see how many
males and how many
females we have in order
to determine which floors
are going to be for which
sex in some of the buildings that are traditionally
all men or all women right
For the freshmen that
have not experienced
housing selection yet, it
is a pretty simple process.
Residence Life assigns
each student a random
number on a lottery ticket,
which they receive when
their Resident Assistant
unfortunately unable to
perform at this production
and thus, was cut from the
Gabrielle Provenzano
picked the show back
up with a stellar edition
of “Too Close” by Alex
Clare, Paige Carpenetti
made White Chick fans
foam with “A Thousand
Miles” by Vanessa Carlton,
and Stephen Probert sang
a fantastic version of “U
Remind Me” by Usher.
Joshua Remaniak
warmed spirits with “You
Raise Me Up” by Josh
Groban, which he dedicated to his roommate and
his mother. Finally, Courtnie Snyder made every
girl lean on her man with
“Bless the Broken Road”
by Rascal Flatts.
The night was extravagant with truly marvelous
performances and genuine
laughter. In the end, it
was Nathan Schmidt and
Daniel McFarland who
were eliminated from the
Seacre…..Pineda out!
hands out each housing
contract before the selection. Of the roommate
pair, the roommate with
the lower number uses his
or her number at the housing selection in regards to
the lottery, but both must
have a ticket with them at
the selection.
Housing selection happens based on what grade
one is classified as in
regards to his or her credit
hours at the end of this
spring semester. Those
credit hours fall as:
Continued on Page 2
THURSDAY, March 20, 2014
Continued from Page 1
90+ hours = senior
60-89 hours = junior
27-59 hours = sophomore
0 – 26 hours = freshman
At the beginning of the
selection, Residence Life
denotes time intervals of
usually about 20 minutes
to each classification of
roommates beginning with
the lowest lottery ticket
number of the senior-senior
pair. The lottery ticket
number one has categorizes
that person plus his or her
roommate into the classification the pair falls under.
The classifications are
very easy as they fall in
order of oldest pairs to
youngest. According to
Munz, super-seniors will be
grouped with seniors, but
will be able to pick first.
For example, it starts with
senior-senior pair and goes
through all options such as;
senior-senior, senior-junior,
senior-sophomore and then
proceeds to junior-junior
and so on.
Munz also discussed the
situation if students would
like to live in the T-More
quads, and have all of the
quad members picked out
in advance.
“We will be sending out
an email about theme hous-
ing for Thomas More in
order to get those in before
housing selection so we can
take those specific quads
offline before the housing selection night,” Munz
For students who may
not have any leads on a
potential roommate for next
year can attend a Single’s
Mingle night hosted by
Residence Life.
“We are planning on
hosting a few Single’s
Mingle nights for those students who are looking for
a roommate and have not
found one yet,” said Munz.
“That should be coming out
sometime in email before
As the end of the year
will be here soon, Residence Life would like to
offer their congratulations
to the RA candidates who
have accepted their position
for the 2014-2015 school
year. The list includes: Sarah Buch, Cydney Comfort,
Sarah Edwards, Bradley
Kakos, Mattie Kliethermes,
Giovanna Loccisano, Scott
Lopez, Kevin Marshall,
Sonia Ndeupen, Courtnie
Snyder, Mariah Spellman,
Jacob Spessard, Shaan
Stuart, and Patrick Washington.
The 60th Anniversary seal. Photo Courtesy:
Alexa Frankovitch
News Editor
In honor of the upcoming
60th Anniversary of Wheeling Jesuit University’s
formation, the school has
been holding various events
to celebrate its upcoming
In February, the university welcomed Fr. John
Padberg, S.J., Director
of the Institute of Jesuit
Sources and internation-
ally recognized scholar and
author. In the speech titled
“The Jesuits Are Still at It:
200 Years of Restoration
and Renewal, 1814-2014,”
Fr. Padberg spoke about the
history of the Jesuit community and Vatican II.
“I thought this was an
event worthy of our 60th
birthday. Fr. Padberg was
witty, well informed, well
spoken and his presentation
was incredible,” said Professor Bev Whelton. “My
SGA Red Notes
Gabbie Marcum
Executive Board V.P.
The few weeks ahead
will be especially busy for
the SGA Executive Board.
Elections for the Fall 2014
term for both E-Board and
Class Officers will be held
in the upcoming weeks.
Primary elections for
Executive Board positions
will be held on March 20th,
student debates will be on
the 24th, and final elections will occur on March
27th and 28th. Class officer
nominations will be due
March 28th with primary
elections beginning on
April 3rd and 4th. All voting will occur in front of
the B Room on the dates
listed above. Any questions
about candidacy or campaigning can be answered
by any E-Board member or
sent to the SGA email.
2014 ACE floor residents
have officially been selected and notified. There
will be a “Single’s Mingle”
social in the B Room on
Wednesday March 19th at
9 p.m. for those students
who have been selected
to live on the floor, but do
not yet have a roommate.
ACE floor housing selection will follow the event at
9:30. For additional details
contact Sarah Sleevi.
Intramural basketball is
heating up as the teams
head into the final rounds
of the competition. At the
close of the season, co-ed
volleyball will begin. Team
registration forms will be
made available closer to the
start date.
In the upcoming weeks,
SGA members will be
taking part in several
service events. On March
29th, members of the SGA
E-Board and Senate will
be participating in WJU’s
annual Community Day.
These students will be helping with event organization
and directing visitors to
various campus events. On
March 30th, SGA will be
sending volunteers to help
with the Catholic Neighborhood Center’s annual
spaghetti dinner.
On Monday, March 31st
in ASC G10, SGA Student
Senate will host a Hot
Topic with several mem-
bers of the administration
to address issues of campus
safety, dorm life, and physical plant. This event is a
great opportunity to have
your questions answered;
All students are encouraged
to attend.
E-Board has recently
approved $2,500 from the
Special Funds and Programming budget to fund
improvements to the Ratt.
Money donated by SGA
is being matched by the
President’s office to further
this project. These improvements will be taken
on as a senior class project
in hopes of encouraging
student use and making the
space more universal.
Please feel free to contact
SGA with any questions
or concerns. Follow us on
twitter at @WJUSGA and
friend us on Facebook,
Wheeling Jesuit SGA. The
Executive Board can be
reached at any time through
email at [email protected] and
members have office hours
every day in the Swint 106
favorite part of the program
was the attentiveness of the
students. It means much
to faculty to recommend a
program and have it excel
in content and presentation. I learned more about
Jesuit history than at any
other time here at WJU and
I have been here since July
2001. His presentation of
Vatican II was also enlightening and respectful. He
credits the modern revival
of the Jesuits to their reading of Vatican II and their
understanding of upholding
justice and intervening for
the poor.”
In addition to Fr. Padberg’s speech, a new anniversary seal was presented
for Founders day featuring
the Chapel of Mary and
Joseph on a red background
with a banner reading
“Wheeling Jesuit University 1954-2014.”
On March 29, the university will be hosting
Community Day for students, members of faculty,
members of the Wheeling
community, and alumni.
The schedule of events for
the day includes:
• Scenes from the children’s play Wiley and
the Hairy Man at 11a.m
in the Mount de Chantal Music Conservatory
• An art exhibit in the
Kirby Art Gallery from
11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
• WJU’s annual Culture
Fest from 11 a.m. to 2
p.m. in the Benedum
• Research presentations from students and
faculty from 11 a.m. to
3 p.m. in the Center for
Educational Technologies
• “Micronauts” offered
by the Challenger
Learning Center at 11
• Performances from the
WJU Symphonic Band
from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30
p.m. in the Mount de
Chantal Music Conservatory
• Guided campus tours
beginning at 12 p.m.
• A WJU Rugby game
against Michigan State
University at 3 p.m. on
the Bishop Schmitt field
• Tailgating from 12 p.m.
to 5 p.m. in the Sara
Tracy parking lot
• A Mission and Ministry
open house from 12
p.m. to 3 p.m. in the
Chapel of Mary and
• VMI vs. Salisbury State
rugby game at 5 p.m.
• Performances from the
annual musical The
25th Annual Putnam
County Spelling Bee at
3 p.m. in the Mount de
Chantal Music Conservatory
• Dedication of the
Athletic Hall of Fame
Room at 3:30 p.m. in
the McDonough Center
• Wheeling Park HS vs.
Hurricane HS lacrosse
game at 3:30 p.m.
• Mass at 5 p.m.
• The Gaudiosa dinner at
6 p.m.
Wheeling Jesuit’s 60th Anniversary
and Community Day
Alexa Frankovitch
News Editor
When living in a small
town like Wheeling, WV,
residents tend to stay
involved in area activities: they attend close-by
schools, apply for jobs in
the surrounding areas, and
become involved in their
local communities. However, every so often there
is someone who breaks the
mold and does something
unexpected. Jesse Kubanet
can be seen as one of those
A former student of
Wheeling Jesuit University, Kubanet has recently
received a job in California
working as a “professional
TV watcher” for the late
night television host Jimmy
Kimmel. After what he
calls “a series of very fortunate and happy accidents,
coupled with a lot of hard
work,” he is on his way to
Former WJU Student Working
at Jimmy Kimmel Live
his dream job.
Roughly two years ago
Kubanet was offered a
semester-long spot at the
Second City comedy school
in Chicago, IL. It was this
that jumpstarted his career,
in addition to an internship
for Conan O’Brian. While
it was clearly a huge step
in the right direction, it was
an opportunity presented
in the middle of his college
“After being at the
Second City in Chicago, I
was so over school. I went
from writing and performing live comedy to sitting
in a philosophy class that I
didn’t really understand. It
was a really difficult time
for me. I just felt like I was
on the cusp of doing what
I wanted for a living, and
then had to take a step back
to take Intro to Statistics,”
said Kubanet.
While the educational
part was not to his liking,
Kubanet still worked toward his goal here at WJU
through participating in
Jesuit’s Got Talent, hosting
Jesuit Idol, and opening
for comedy acts on Friday
nights in the RATT.
“I don’t miss school, but
I miss the school if that
makes sense. I miss the
people. I miss T-More. It is
kind of a toilet, but it was
our toilet and there is something special about your
toilet,” said Kubanet.
After making the decision
to leave WJU, Kubanet
worked as a Production
Assistant on a Fox sitcom
called Surviving Jack while
simultaneously interning
and taking improv classes
at the iO West Theater in
Hollywood. It was at this
theater that he began writing jokes for sketches and
caught the attention of a
director who invited him
to a workshop with Danny
Ricker, a writer for Jimmy
THURSDAY, March 20, 2014 3
Kimmel Live (JKL). Ricker
opened up the door to an
8-week “try-out” process,
which then led to Kubanet’s
current job at JKL.
“It’s funny, the 8th week
was the worst week I had
there by far. I was not getting any material on the air
and wasn’t finding anything funny on the news.
I thought I was walking
down to my boss’s office to
be fired – I ended up with a
full time job instead,” said
Kubanet now works
this job full time, which
involves watching local
news, reality shows, etc. to
find comedic bits that will
be written into Kimmel’s
monologue for the show.
He also works on sketch
called Unnecessary Sensorship that is featured on-air
on Thursday nights, as well
as on Kimmel’s YouTube
channel. The show consists
of edits to ordinary clips
that make it look like people are saying bad words,
even though they are not.
“For right now, I hope to
be at Jimmy Kimmel Live
for a long time. I really like
what I do and the people
I work with. I am not a
writer, but I am very close
to that. I know that I’m
on that path; I just have to
stick with it,” said Kubanet.
In the mean time,
Kubanet is also keeping up
with his love of performing
by acting in various theaters around town with his
improv group from the iO
West Theater.
“The dream for me has
always been to write for a
late night show, and I do
not see that changing any
time. But for now, watch
Jimmy Kimmel Live at
11:35 p.m. on ABC. I’m
pretty sure I’m contractually obligated to say that at
least 4 times a day,” said
Alexa Frankovitch
News Editor
in a night of questions and
competition between you
and your friends.
Started last semester,
Team Trivia has become a
favorite weekly tradition,
with teams competing for
prizes as well as the glory
of being Team Trivia winners.
Thursday, March 27 will
be round 3 of the very
popular Jesuit Idol. Taking place in its usual spot,
Troy Theater, at 9:30 p.m.,
students are encouraged to
come cheer on their peers
and vote for their favorite
performer to help them get
to the finals. The competition is slimming down and
the action is heating up,
so be sure to check out the
next show.
Comedian Jamie Lissow
will be performing another
Friday Night Live set on
March 28. Lissow is well
known in the comedy relm,
having performed on The
Tonight Show, NBC’s Late
Friday, Last Comic Standing, in his own 1/2 hour
special on Comedy Central
and others.
Finally, the RATT will
hold a theme night on Saturday, March 29. Tune in
to find out the theme when
it is announced this week.
CAB Events
It’s midway through the
semester, spring break has
passed, and the weather
is finally getting warm. In
other words, everyone is
over school. No one really
wants to go to class, but
would rather just lay out
in the sun, play a game of
frisbee, and avoid homework at all costs. While
that may sound pleasing,
it could be detrimental to
your GPA, so my suggestion would be to study hard
and then look out for all of
the exciting events CAB
has planned to fill your
schedules with.
This Friday, March 21 at
10 p.m., the Friday Night
Live series is jumping back
in with a performance by
the acoustic alternative artist Scott Wesley. You may
have heard some of his
songs in Microsoft commercials, as--fun fact--they
own the rights to his first
album, “Open Eyes.” Be
sure to check out his show
in the RATT.
On Wednesday, March
26 at 7:30, Team Trivia
will be hosted in the RATT.
Assemble your team, grab
a beer, and get ready for
THURSDAY, March 20, 2014
Mission & Identity
Ret reat f or Busy People
Sarah Edwards
Opinion Editor
Life can be stressful. It
can be really stressful for
college students. Especially
when it comes to trying to
find time between classes,
extra-curriculars, applying
for internships, and other
activities, it is often really
hard to make time to spend
with God.
Campus Ministry is
working hard to help those
of us on a busy schedule
to work in some quiet time
with God every day. The
Time Out Retreat, a retreat
for busy people, gives the
opportunity to those with a
busy schedule to still have
community and prayer time
with others while still liv-
ing their busy lives. Puddy
Agans organized the retreat
and explained an overview
of what the retreat is about.
“It’s a time to take 5-10
minutes every day to pray
and listen to God and
then spend time with your
prayer guide once a week
talking about how the devotions for the week impacted
you,” said Agans.
The retreat is centered
on a devotional book with
a different reading for each
day throughout Lent. The
Lenten Little Black Book
gives a scripture reading, a
story, and how this part of
the devotional applies to
those on a busy schedule. It
helps to structure your own
quiet time with God and
to help you through prayer
time during Lent, preparing
for Easter.
An additional part of the
retreat is that you will meet
with a prayer guide to talk
about what you learned
from the book that week
and how it impacted your
life. Some of the prayer
guides include: Puddy
Agans, Fr. Hadi, Matt Cortesse, Dr.Wrobleski, and Dr.
“Our intent is about
creating a culture that is
okay with talking about
spirituality. It doesn’t have
to be awkward, abstract,
or foreign. It is actually
darn-right applicable,” said
The goal of this retreat is
for those involved to take
time to grow in their walk
Spring Semester Retreats:
Kairos Edition
"As a student at WJU, I
have participated in Kairos twice,” said Naumann.
“Once as a retreater and
once as a leader. Now, I
have the privilege to lead
again. Retreats have played
a large part in my life. I
started going to and working retreats several years
ago. When I had the opportunity to attend Kairos,
I jumped at the opportunity.
Lantz Farm is where all of the off-campus retreats are held. On this weekend, you have
Kairos will be held there this April 4 through 6. Photo Cour- the opportunity to connect
with a group of students.
This connection comes
here at WJU as last semesLucy DeFruscio
from the conversations you
ter’s got canceled. He said
have with the students sharthis retreat is a time for stuing in this experience with
dents to relax and reflect on
It is that time of year
you. It is a place where evthe person they have been
again – spring semester
eryone gets along and has
retreats are just around the in comparison to the person
a chance to speak and be
they want to become.
corner for WJU students.
heard. You have a chance
"I didn't get involved in
The upperclassmen retreat
to foster relationships. You
retreats until I was a secalled Kairos is scheduled
have a chance to grow. If
nior,” said Agans. “If I reto take place Friday, April
nothing else, you have a
gret one thing while attend4 through Sunday, April 6
chance to get off campus
at Lantz Farm. Sign ups are ing a Jesuit university it
and visit the beautiful Lantz
was not getting involved in
available in the Campus
the Kairos retreats sooner
Ministry office, which is
As a Jesuit institution, it
located on the bottom floor because this experience reis a person’s duty and right
minds me and invites me to
of the Chapel of Mary &
to reflect on the experiences
be the me I wish to become
that he or she has endured
and the person I was meant
“Kairos is a chance to
at his or her time here at
to be."
get away for a weekend
WJU. Kairos is a great reSenior Ryan Naumann is
and experience authentictreat to take time and reflect
ity, growth, and experience one of the leaders this year
on the direction in which
God’s love within your
of Kairos, and encourages
one’s life is headed.
Cardinal family and bestudents to sign up. He
Like it has been said
yond,” said Campus Minsaid as a retreater and as a
many times before, "Kairos
ster Puddy Agans.
leader, he has had a chance
is a keystone of a Jesuit
Agans will supervise this to grow and foster relationeducation."
trip, and is very excited for ships through his time at
his first Kairos experience
with God. The idea of using
prayer guides helps to keep
those involved accountable
for reading and praying and
spending time with God.
“The idea is to fit you
with someone (prayer
guide) who helps push and
pull you in new ways and
give you another perspective to help you discover
something new about yourself and God.” said Agans.
Puddy explained that the
guides are there to help
you, just like a tour guide
would guide you through
a city; they help guide you
through this devotion during Lent.
“The purpose of Lent
is to help you focus more
on what is distracting you
from your walk with God
and help you improve on
that and in other aspects of
your life,” said Agans.
As someone who is currently participating in the
retreat I can honestly say
that has been really interesting so far. I have learned
a lot about making time
and setting aside time for
devotions every day. Even
if it means going to sleep
a little later or waking up
a little earlier, it becomes
easier and easier to set
apart more and more time
when you want to do it and
are excited about working
on yourself and your walk
with God.
Alexa Frankovitch
News Editor
Mission & Identity
THURSDAY, March 20, 2014 5
MOJO House:
An Alternative to Campus Life
roughly ten hours a week
in community service work
in various centers across
For Wheeling Jesuit unWheeling, including the
dergraduate students, dorm Laughlin Memorial Chapel
life is basically the only
after-school program, the
housing option if a student Catholic Neighborhood
chooses not to commute.
Center, Lincoln Detention
However, there is one other Center, Housing Connections, and Wheeling
option for students: the
Mother Jones House.
In addition, to service
The Mother Jones house
work, the house particiis a Christian service
pates in weekly prayer and
house for WJU students
hosts a community dinner
located just downtown
every Friday night for the
on 14th street in Wheeling. The house, affectionWJU students and faculty,
ately known to many as
as well as members of the
the MOJO House, was
East Wheeling community.
created in a partnership
Every year, the house
between Wheeling Jesuit
holds an event to get students interested in applyand Laughlin Memorial
Chapel. Each student works ing to live at the MOJO
House. This year, they held
a sleepover for anyone
considering living there
next year.
“I thought that having the
sleepover was a great idea.
It gave us a chance to get to
know them, and it let them
see what a typical weekend
at Mother Jones looked
like,” said junior resident
Patrick Washington.
A group of five students
attended Friday night community dinner where they
stayed after to help clean
up and see what some of
the requirements were for
living at the house. They
then simply had a sleepover
full of games and movies.
The next day, they split
into groups, one of which
They are: simplicity, faith,
community, social justice, learning, and service.
Under the direction of the
house mentor, Colleen
Ryan, the residents promise
to live by these values not
only within the house, but
also in their daily lives.
Confirmed residents of
the house for next year are
current freshman Elizabeth
Nawrocki, and current
sophomore Sarah Sleevi.
Other applicants are still
being decided upon.
If you have questions
about the house, contact
Colleen Ryan in the SSAC
office, or call the house at
worked on “lovescaping”
the Stone Center, while the
other went on a meal run.
“I thought the weekend
was very successful,” said
freshman resident Elizabeth Nawrocki. “We were
able to show people the
mission of the house in a
more concrete way. I love
the mission and tenants of
the house – they are two
reasons why I am planning
to live here next year.”
“We had fun!” commented senior resident
Katie Riordan. “I think it
was a good way for people
to experience the house in
a way different from just
community dinners.”
The Mother Jones House
lives by six core values.
Don Mercer, Ph.D.
Chairman of Archives Team, Alumni Council
The purpose of Blasts from the Past is to help current WJU students become more aware of the past events created and experienced by
former students, faculty, coaches, and administrators. Today’s article deals with WJU’s Presidents. Here is the deal: Listed below are 19
correct matches between a President’s name and statements concerning a President’s life history.You are asked to identify the one statement that is associated with the wrong President. Then, match that statement with the name of the correct President.
Answer in next issue of Cardinal Connection.
1. Rev. Lawrence McHugh, S.J (1955-1959)
2. Rev. William Troy, S.J.
3. Rev. Frank Haig, S.J
4. Rev. Charles Currie, S.J.
5. Rev. Thomas Acker S.J
6. Rev. George Lundy, S.J.
7. Rev. Joseph Hacala, S.J.
8. Rev. Julio Giulietti, S.J.
9. Mr. Richard Beyer
10. Rev. James Fleming S.J.
YOU PICK THE FALSE ONE AND WIN A PRIZE 1. _6__ Arranged to have Janet Reno speak at a WJU Commencement.
2. _5__ Spent time in the Peace Corps (Nepal).
3. _2__ Died at age 47 shortly after leaving WJU.
4. _4__ Host of the NBC Television Show, “New World on Campus”.
5. _4__ Suffered serious injuries from a Helicopter crash in New
6. _3__ Heard Presidential Candidate, Ronald Reagan speak at the
7. _2__ Car ride on campus with Presidential Candidate Hubert
Humphrey. 8. _5__ Served longest presidential term as President.
9. _5__ Good friend of US Senator Robert Byrd.
10. _1__ Expelled from Austria by Nazis.
(2013- Present)
Answers Due 3/27/14
11. _1__ Name associated with the first Men’s Residence Hall.
12. _5__ Name associated with our newest campus building
13. _4__ A nearby road is named after this President.
14. _1__ Heard Adolf Hitler deliver a speech in Austria.
15. _10__ Has a Ph.D. from University of California @ Berkeley.
16. _9__ Graduated from Oliver College, Michigan.
17. _7__ Renewed emphasis on the mission and identity of WJU.
18. _9__ Helped form a Pep Band for WJU sports, Basketball and
19. _3__ Physics Professor at WJU prior to becoming President. 20. _2__ Headmaster at Gonzaga High School in Washington DC.
To Enter: e-mail number of False Presidential Statement & Name of the Correct President to
Note: Presidential reference reviews to help you are available in the Library. A new web-site designed for Archival retrieval will be available soon.
First 2 Students (based on e-mail time) to turn in the correct answers will receive
Winners each receive 2 tickets, one for the winning entry and one for the winner’s guest.
THURSDAY, March 20, 2014
Quantum Physics Causes
Two Laxers to Score Same Goal
The Wheeling Jesuit women’s lacrosse team played their first
home game on the new turf field last Tuesday, March 11.
The Lady Cards fell to Edinboro University 19 to 4. Photo
Nathan Schmidt
Staff Writer
Students finally had the
opportunity to witness a
lacrosse game at home on
March 11, with the new
Bishop Schmitt field sort
of completed. Although
the Cardinals lost 19 to 4
to Edinboro University’s
Fighting Scots in women’s
lacrosse, the game was not
without its highlights. For
example, it seems that a
quantum fluctuation caused
two different players to
score the first Cardinal goal
at the same time.
Although the game recap
at the Cardinal athletics
website credits defender
Danielle Kirby with the
first goal, the box score
clearly indicates that attacker Jessie Tufnell broke
Edinboro’s 9-point streak.
“Jess score 9 to 1” is scribbled in the notebook that
I took to the game, but it
could be that the source of
this information had never
seen a lacrosse game before
in his life. To make matters
worse, the Cardinal Cast on
YouTube inexplicably skips
over the first WJU goal,
although the video does
include a commercial for
how awesome the “Wheeling Metro Area” is.
My strenuous journalistic efforts, such as texting
defender Sara Buckley to
see if she remembered who
scored, failed to resolve
this puzzle. Still, after consulting both Wikipedia and
Yahoo! Answers, I believe I
have found an explanation:
both players scored the first
Now, it might seem
impossible for two players
to score the same goal, but
this could happen in several
ways. First, to quote Tim
O’Brien’s masterpiece of
Vietnam War fiction The
Things They Carried, “A
thing may happen and be a
total lie; another thing may
not happen and be truer
than the truth.” Perhaps one
player’s shot really scored,
and another player’s shot
did not score and was
scorier than the score.
A somewhat more likely
possibility is that the
Cardinals were caught up
in one of the paradoxes of
quantum physics, causing two supposedly separate players to score the
same goal. Physicists have
Should Gymnastics
Be the Next WJU Sport?
The above picture features Olympian gymnast Nastia Liukin. WJU should consider adding gymnastics as an athletic
sport because it boosts enrollment as WJU would be one
of the few smaller universities to offer it. Photo Courtesy:
Sarah Edwards
Opinion Editor
There is always a new
rumor of what sport Wheeling Jesuit will add next.
While the focus lately
has been football, I think
there is another sport being
overlooked: gymnastics.
While this is not the most
common sport, it is really
interesting and one from
which WJU could benefit.
Maybe I’ve seen “Stick It”
too many times, or maybe
we could have real life
“Stick It” at WJU.
I know this may seem
like a crazy idea, but
people thought we were
crazy to add rugby. Look
how well that turned out;
we have one of the top
ranked rugby programs in
the country. Obviously, we
are all about adding sports
teams, I mean, new students. So what better way
to draw in new perspective
students than by offering
them a sport that many colleges do not offer.
It is an Olympic sport.
The world deemed this
sport important enough to
showcase every four years.
This would clearly set WJU
apart from other schools.
Many schools do not have
gymnastics teams. Which
does lead to the question as
to where all of the athletes
come from.
Gymnastics also would
benefit from our University because some of the
old equipment for it is in
the old gym. If you have
ever spent any time in the
old gym you have seen lots
of old mats and even an
old horse (the gymnastics
equipment, not the animal)
in the back closet. Obviously, it is from the 1970’s
but come on guys, we can
totally make it work.
I also think gymnastics
would be a great sport for
WJU to add because it
could be a teaching program. How many times
have you been sore after
not properly stretching after
a workout? The members
of our new gymnastics
team could help teach athletes and non-athletes how
to properly stretch. It would
be beneficial for everyone.
And unlike Zumba classes
that were only available
when we had available
teachers, we would have an
abundant supply of teachers.
Who knows, Nastia
Liukin could come out of
retirement for the right
team to coach. And who
could be a better team to
coach than a fantastic group
of our own WJU Cards.
So let’s change that focus
from football to gymnastics. Sure, we already have
a football field, I mean
lacrosse field…with goal
posts, but come on, we
could have Nastia Liukin
as a coach. Nastia Liukin.
I think we all know what
sport we should add next.
Although it may be a
quite a while before Liukin would coach the WJU
Cards, adding gymnastics
would be a positive thing
as WJU would be one of
the few smaller universities in the country to offer
the sport. This would mean
WJU could recruit men
and women who wanted
a smaller atmosphere for
college, but these athletes
would be able to perform
and compete against larger
universities. It would be a
great way to get the Jesuit name out there and
a chance to really boost
discovered that one electron can go through two
tiny slits at the same time,
because light has properties of both a particle and a
wave. A lacrosse ball seems
like a particle, but several
lacrosse athletes have told
me that the new turf makes
the ball bounce more, much
like how a wave of light
will “bounce off” things.
Electromagnetic interference caused by this quantum event probably caused
the camera to malfunction,
explaining the gap in the
Cardinal Cast.
Quantum physics, then,
has shrouded in mystery
the first-ever Cardinal goal
for any sport on the Bishop
Schmitt field. Also, I suppose it could be that #5
Jessie Tufnell was confused
with #6 Danielle Kirby due
to similar jersey numbers.
THURSDAY, March 20, 2014
M e n’s B a s k e t b a l l E n d s S e a s o n ;
Falls to UC
Sophomore Eric Siefert shoots a jump shot against the
University of Charleston defender. The Cardinals lost in the
Quarterfinals of the Mountain East Conference Tournament in Charleston, W.Va. These marked the last time lone
senior Andre Harris would wear a WJU uniform. Photo
Patrick Stanton
Staff Writer
The Wheeling Jesuit
men’s basketball team
closed out a streaky season at the Mountain East
Conference Tournament
last weekend (March 4-6),
losing in the Quarterfinals
to #2 seed University of
The 7th seeded Cardinals
opened up the tournament
with a furious 105 to 83
win over the 10th seeded
UVA-Wise. The Cards took
a 20 to 17 lead with an
old fashioned 3-pt play by
sophomore Justin Fritts at
the 10:41 mark of the first
half, and didn’t surrender
that lead for the remainder
of the game. Fritts led the
young Cardinal team with
32 points, 7 assists (against
only one turnover), and
3 steals. Sophomore Eric
Siefert and senior Andre Harris each added 25
The win over UVA-Wise
allowed the Cardinals to
advance to the Quarterfinals to face the University
of Charleston in their home
town. WJU closely split
the two regular season
meetings against UC in the
regular season, so a tough
battle was expected. The
Golden Eagles sprinted out
to a 9 to 0 lead in the early
goings, but the Cardinals
battled back to take a 22
to 20 lead at the 8:47 mark
of the first half, and were
down by only six at halftime. The two teams battled
throughout the second half,
trading leads multiple times
down the stretch.
Andre Harris put the
Cardinals on top 76 to 73
with a layup and made free
throw with 21 seconds left
in regulation. However,
Xavier Humphries answered right back for the
Golden Eagles by nailing a
3-pt attempt. The Cardinals
failed to get a shot off with
15 seconds remaining, so
the teams headed to overtime. In overtime, Charleston took an early lead with
a made jumper by Fred
Simpson and didn’t look
back. The Cardinals ended
up falling to the Golden
Eagles 91 to 85 in OT.
Although the team was
understandably disappointed with the outcome,
they seemed pleased with
the team effort, and the
overall effort throughout
the season.
“We had some battles
against Charleston during
the regular season so we
knew it’d be a tough game.
We started out strong, but
they ended up coming up
with the win in OT,” Harris
commented on the game
against Charleston. Harris added, “Overall it was
a pretty successful season.
The team is still young and
they’ll come back strong.
As the only senior on the
team, I’m wishing them
and the coaches the best of
luck in the future.”
Harris led the Cardinals
with 22 points against
Charleston in his final collegiate game, and averaged
13.5 points along with
5.9 rebounds in the regular season. The Cardinals
will bring back their two
leading scorers, Fritts and
Siefert (18.4 and 17.3,
respectively), in addition to
several other key contributors in the 2014-15 season.
Men’s Lacrosse Continues Perfect Record With Fourth Victory
Kelsey Zimcosky
Sports Editor
of three goals that evening,
while junior Tyler Buchan
added two goals and two
The Wheeling Jesuit
men’s lacrosse team won
At the end of the first
their fourth game of the
quarter, WJU was behind
season against the Lindenthe Lions 3-1. In the secwood Lions, keeping their
ond quarter, teammates
record at 4-0 under head
Tyler Johnson, Rob Mills,
coach Kevin Dugan.
Buchan, Brochu, and Evan
According to WJU’s
Hodel brought the Cards to
athletic page, sophomore
a 6 to 4 lead.
Bryce Brochu scored a total
The men didn’t stop
there, though, as they
scored four more goals
early into the 4th quarter,
giving them a 10 to 5 lead
over the Lions.
The final score of the
game was 11 to 9, with a
Cardinal victory.
The men’s next home
match will be Saturday,
April 4, when they will
face Rollins College at 1
Senior & Freshman Spotlights
by: Jess Zimak
Senior Spotlight: Jennifer McFarland
Freshman Spotlight: Danielle Kirby
Sport: Track & Field
Sport: Women’s Lacrosse
Major: Respiratory Therapy
Major: Double major in Criminal Justice and Psychology
How has being on a sports team
helped you through college: Being
on a sports team has helped me learn
to manage my time better.
What has been your favorite part of
the experience: I have gained friendships that will continue after my time
at Jesuit.
Do you have any advice for the
underclassmen: Don’t take your time
here for granted, it will be your senior
year before you know it.
How had being on a sports team helping you
through college: Coming into a team helped a ton,
especially being a freshman and being so far away
from home. I immediately had a group of friends
who had the same interests I did. Even though
practices and games can be a lot, having a busy
schedule has forced me to become better with time
management, which is a skill I will use forever.
So far, what has been your favorite part of the
experience: I’ve had so much fun with all of it,
but probably the lifelong friends I have made. My
teammates are my best friends and I have no doubt
they will be my friends for the rest of my life. This
makes every hard practice or long
bus ride so much more enjoyable and another
memory in the experience as a whole!
THURSDAY, March 20, 2014
Michael Pineda
Mission & Identity Editor
I went into the theater
with an eager smile for
Disney’s latest film, “Frozen”. As a Disney addict, I
had been looking forward
to the movie since the
with, “Frozen” is here to
rekindle that spark.
“Frozen” is based on
Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytale, “The Snow
Queen”. The CGI film takes
place in the Norwegian-inspired region of Arendelle,
and stars Kristen Bell as
Anna, the newest princess.
Anna has a supernatural
older sister named Elsa
(played by Idina Menzel)
who secretly as kryokinetic
abilities. While Disney
may own Marvel, Charles
Xavier isn’t here to teach
her how to control her powteaser trailer aired months
ers. When Elsa eventually
before. You are never too
loses control, she triggers
old for a Disney movie, and a permanent winter in the
“Frozen” does not disapkingdom, and runs off into
point! The magic of Disney isolation. Anna decides to
is back and a new renaisreconcile with her sister
sance may have just started. and track her down. It
If you loved the classic
does not help that so many
Disney films you grew up
others are determined to
My Wild Spring Break
Kyle Davies
Staff Writer
like and overindulged. I
awoke from my slumber at
2 p.m. the next day.
When Friday rolled
The first thing that went
around I was more than
through my mind was that
excited to spend a week
there was no way I could
away from school. For a
have slept 14 hours. The
college student, Spring
second thing that went
Break has always been a
through my mind was that
cliché. Unfortunately for
sleeping 14 hours is wild
my situation I had not made and crazy. I affirmed to
any plans to go anywhere. I myself that sleeping for
was still determined to have that long is not healthy, so
a crazy week, even if it was I ate some breakfast and
at home.
passed out on the couch for
The first wild and crazy
another 2 hours.
thing I did was drive home.
That weekend a huge
You may be thinking that
snowstorm came through. It
driving home is not wild
was wild and crazy because
or crazy, and you would
the last time I checked it
be correct in saying that.
was spring break and snow
In this instance, driving
is not affiliated in any way
home was wild and crazy
with spring time. Once
because Mother Nature
this snow started melting
just happened to destroy
it made a lot of mud. I hate
the roads this past winter.
mud. My car just happened
When I got half way home
to be parked in a place
I started to see cars lining
surrounded by mud. I hate
the road with broken struts mud. The best part of the
and destroyed suspension.
situation was that I had
Driving through this stretch to find a way into my car
of pavement was a nightwithout getting any mud on
mare but I made it through. my shoes. You may have
Surprisingly, with all four
guessed by now but I hate
tires intact. I guess that’s
mud. This led to some crewild and crazy enough to
ative thinking. As to how
make it in this article.
I got in my car mud-free
Upon arriving home I
remains a mystery but let’s
basically fell into a coma.
say it involved some moves
Not like a medical coma or that would make Bruce Lee
anything that is life threatjealous. That day I spent
ening, but a food coma. I
time with one of my good
forgot what real food tasted friends from high school.
Wild and crazy? Of course.
The next day I got a
haircut. This was the first
haircut I got from a professional in three years. The
woman who cut my hair
was nice. Her name was
Sarah, but she looked more
like a Deborah so I will
refer to her as Deborah.
Anyway, Deborah was
good at what she did. When
she turned the chair around
to show me the fresh cut,
I was impressed. Never
had I looked this dapper
or suave. Delightfully, I
thanked Deborah and went
through the rest of my day
feeling like Fabio. Until my
sister got home from work
and told me that I looked
like Forrest Gump. I was
not amused. Even worse, I
was met with “Lieutenant
Dan” jokes the rest of the
night. Not to mention that
my niece found them amusing so then I was being
made fun of by a toddler
and her mother.
Nothing else was really that wild or crazy. I
mean, I attempted to grow
a beard but it was just a sad
excuse for being too lazy
to shave. Then there was
daylight savings time, but
that is more annoying than
it is useful. As crazy as this
whole story may sound, it
is 100 percent true. Was it
wild? Absolutely.
take the law into their own
Walt Disney Pictures
recaptured my attention
through this film. They
modernized “Frozen” and
kept the short, yet catchy
musical numbers we all
know and love. Upon viewing the trailers, I almost
guaranteed the snowman,
Olaf, was going to be
incredibly annoying. I was
never a fan of the comicrelief sidekick that was
typically a wisecracker.
Olaf actually turns out to be
very funny, and used just
enough before he becomes
In regards to the songs,
they remained well placed
and entertaining. It was not
until Elsa’s first solo that
my mind was blown. In
her song “Let it Go” Elsa
throws caution to the wind
and lets herself be. She
stops caring what society
thinks and is happy with
her abilities. You can be
sure the song was downloaded on my phone immediately after the film.
It is interesting that both
of Disney’s breakthrough
movies have been based on
Hans Christian Anderson’s
stories. “The Little Mermaid” sparked the Disney
Renaissance in ’89, and
now “Frozen” is doing
just the same. I put this
film on my top five Disney
list and would love really
enjoy a sequel, so long as
they don’t call it “Frozen
Again”. I hope Disney can
reignite the renaissance
with many more future
classics. By the power
vested in me, I hereby give
Disney’s “Frozen” a chilly
five out of five.
Free Counseling on
Personal counseling provided by
a Licensed Professiona Counselor is available to all students at
Wheeling Jesuit University.
These counseling services are
provided at no additional charge,
are legally confidential, and fully
Students may schedule a private
consultation with the counselor
to learn more about the service.
Students may schedule
appointments by contacting Paul
Belotte at
*The Counseling Office is in
Whelan Hall Suite 01
2012 11
10 Real St. Patty’s Day Facts
Michael Pineda
Mission & Identity Editor
through old records St.
Patrick died March 17 in
461 A.D. The day was then
selected by the Catholic
In honor of St. Patrick’s
Day this week here are
the top 10 facts you didn’t
know about St. Patty’s day
that does not involve Sham- FROM IRELAND
St Patrick was kidnapped
rock Shakes or green beer,
from his family in Wales at
courtesy U.S. 105 Radio
the age of sixteen. He lived
for six years in Ireland as
a slave. He then became
a priest, but returned to
St. Patrick was a Christian
missionary from Ireland.
Ireland after a vision from
He is the patron saint of the God.
country and is also credited with driving out all the DAY PARADE WAS IN
snakes from the country.
The first official St. Patty’s
day parade in 1762 was
History has shown that
help in the Big Apple. It is
now considered the world’s
largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Over 150,000 people
watch live each year.
The United States currently
has around 34 million citizens claim Irish ancestry.
That’s more than the current population of Ireland.
St. Patrick originally used
the shamrock to explain the
Holy Trinity. He explained
that each leaf was to represent God the Father, Jesus,
and the Holy Spirit.
St. Patrick was originally
associated with the color
blue. During the 19th century green became the color
associated with the holiday
because Ireland was commonly called “Emerald
Wondering why you get
pinched for not wearing
green? It started with a legend claimed wearing green
made you invisible to leprechauns. If you did not wear
green leprechauns would
pop up and pinch you.
Chicago and many other
cities dyes their rivers
green with secret dye.
Seattle, Washington holds
a ceremony in which they
paint all of their road
stripes green. And of course
how would America survive St. Paddy’s without
green beer and Shamrock
There are roughly 10,000
three leafed clovers for every one four leafed clover.
They are rumored to bring
good luck.
How Flappy Bird
B - R o o m E t i q u e t t e
timer went off, loudly, and one’s job a little easier.
Almost Ruined My Life Sarah
the mysterious waffle makOpinion Editor
Being those obnoxious
Michael Pineda
Mission & Identity Editor
Animated bird games
have always been a royal
pain in my life. I had a fling
with “Tiny Wings” for a
while, which led into an
obsession with the “Angry
Birds” series. I was addicted to launching raging
feather balls at mischievous
pork. Eventually the game
created a terrible habit of
procrastination, thus forcing me to delete the apps
and set myself free. After
Angry Birds, I thought I
was safe from all forms of
addictive games. Then this
year, the horrors returned
incarnated into the yellow,
flightless ball of feathers
that is “Flappy Bird”.
I had first heard of
“Flappy Bird” from fellow
swimmers, who played it
in the B-Room. No matter how much I tried to
resist, I ended up downloading the app and giving
it a go. Minutes in, I was
instantly hooked. The game
is incredibly difficult, as
gravity pulls little Flappy
down faster than Leonardo
DiCaprio’s Oscar count.
Enormous Mario-style
pipes protrude from the
ground and sky. Unfortunately, not even the famous
plumber can save you from
the limbo of this game.
Flappy Bird almost
drove me insane. I would
go to bed at 10 p.m. permitting myself thirty minutes
to play the game before I
would go to sleep. With
each failure, my hand
would mash the retry button faster than Jonah Hex
was in theaters. Which
movie is Jonah Hex?
Exactly. There were times
when Flaps would divebomb the first pipe. Others,
I would soar for over forty
pipes without dying, only
to have the little twerp give
up on life.
When I was done raging, I had to face the horror
when my clock read 1 a.m.
This game is lethal. I hate
Flappy Bird with all of the
power vested in me. I am
the weary, abused spouse
to Flappy Bird. No matter
how many times it torments
me, I keep coming back.
“One more game. One
more game. I’m sorry baby.
It wasn’t you. It was me!
Please take me back!” Then
I go back and WAM! It’s
over. I guarantee the spirits in purgatory are cursed
to play Flappy Bird on an
endless loop. Maybe it’s
hell? Both? In favor of my
sanity, I deleted the game.
I am now doing very well.
My doctor says I can go
back to game apps in a
month. I still get jumpy
around birds because my
PTSD kicks in.
A serious topic has been
brought to my attention.
No, it’s not the lack of a
slide or zip line course
connecting all of our buildings. Although that is a
serious issue that needs to
be addressed, now is not
the time. The issue I would
like to discuss involves the
B-Room and the etiquette,
or in this case, the lack of
etiquette. While there’s
never been a food fight or
anything dramatic like that,
although I have seen the
people playing a game that
seemed like a confusing
and weird version of tag, let
me explain what happened
a few weeks ago.
My friend and I were
waiting in the waffle line
at brunch on Saturday,
being surprisingly patient
considering the B-Room
was extra crowded - the
one day people wake up on
time for brunch. Finally, we
are the next people in line,
and were prepared to make
the greatest chocolate chip
waffle of all time. (We were
really hungry, don’t judge
us.) The guy who was
finishing his waffle, slowly,
took his waffle out, looked
at the line that had formed,
and pours another cup of
batter in the machine and
walked away.
Confused and slightly annoyed we waited for waffle
boy to return. However, the
er was nowhere. We waited
a few minutes - nothing.
So being the considerate
people we are, we carefully removed his waffle,
making sure not to touch it
because that’s weird, and
put it under the heat light
so it would stay warm. We
continue on and make our
waffles and go sit down to
enjoy our brunch.
Anyway, back to the topic
of discussion. Waffle boy
at some point, I’m still not
sure when or how he did
this, came and took his
waffle without the plate.
Then proceed to stare down
our entire table for the rest
of our meal. What is the
point of this little story, you
may ask? My point, while
slightly disorganized and a
little sidetracked, is that we,
as a whole, don’t always
have the best B-Room
A few things that I’ve noticed or have had brought to
my attention: Saying please
and thank you. While all of
our parents taught us to say
these words to them when
they do something for us
we forget that it’s polite to
say it when you are receiving a good or a service. For
example, how many of us
remember to say thank you
after our card is swiped or
when we receive that awesome cheeseburger? A little
courtesy goes a long way
and may help make some-
people in the cafeteria does
not make other people like
you. We’ve all done it,
been that “loud, obnoxious
table” that everyone in the
B-Room stares at. I’ll admit
it, my friends will say
things at dinner to see how
loud our table will laugh,
usually by making someone’s face turn as red as the
spaghetti sauce in the pasta
line, usually my face actually… maybe I need some
new friends. However,
being those people who everyone has to glare at every
day is not someone you
want to be. So have fun at
dinner, but try to keep the
laughter and loud inappropriate comments to a once a
week thing, because no one
wants to be “that table”.
So let’s be a little more
polite and courteous in the
B-Room. Remember making your friend’s face turn
so red she wants to hide
under the table is not nice,
and is awkward for everyone walking by wondering
why she’s hiding under the
table. Waiting patiently in
line for your omelet will
not kill you. Neither will
actually eating your applesauce instead of throwing
it at your friend across the
table. Have a great meal
and remember to tell Darlene, Donny, and the other
wonderful cafeteria workers thank you. Stay classy
THURSDAY, March 20, 2014
Arts & Living
Billboard Hits and S#!ts
more Oscars for sound edit- announced, beginning with
ing and sound mixing.
Gravity’s seventh win of
Lucy DeFruscio
Next up, Best Supportthe night going to Alfonso
ing Actress. And the Oscar Cuarón for Best Director.
went to the stunning Lupita Maybe it was the exciteThe Journey of the Disney Channel Stars
ment, or maybe it was
Nyong’o for her breakout
role in “12 Years a Slave.” the fact that the show had
Hit: “Neon Lights” by Demi Lovato
Nyong’o gave an enchant- extended its time limit and
*Recommended by Ryan Naumann
ing speech about her
everyone was tired, but the
awards seemed to speed up
I have to admit the main reason I picked Demi for the hit is because her voice is flawwith the film, and also said at this point. Cate Blanchett
less regardless of what song she is singing. “Neon Lights” is Demi’s most recent song
took the stage to accept
to kick off her new Neon Lights tour. The vocal range she possesses is definitely notice- thank you to her mother
her win for Best Actress in
able in “Neon Lights.” Demi takes a step towards the pop, pump-up type song from her
Blue Velvet, and as she was
recent single called “Heartattack.” This is a song you would most likely hear a bunch of Everyone loves moms.)
walking off stage, Jennifer
teenage girls (or Ryan Naumann) blaring in their rooms or at the club on the weekends
because of its high tempo sound. Demi proves she has the voice of a strong woman with the big awards of the night, Lawrence was walking on
Ms. DeGeneres decided
to announce Matthew Mcthe emotional tone and as she sings louder and louder towards the end. Like Naumann
Conaughney’s win as Best
would say, she’s basically a perfect human being.
Actor for his performance
might want a little snack
to keep them going, so she in “Dallas Buyers Club.”
S#!T: “We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus
Both gave touching speechordered pizza. And sure
es, but with McConaughenough, a deliveryman
Miley’s “We Can’t Stop” is the S#!t this week solely based upon how terrible the lyrbrought three pizzas to the ney’s being a little longer
ics are to this song. I personally think Miley has an awesome singing voice and enjoy
performance for the nomi- and including a thank you
listening to her, but this song is not the best one she has released. I understand the whole
nees to share.
to his father (dad’s need
“party songs” and party anthems of the year, but I do not think this one is appropriate. In
Jumping back into the
love too).
the second verse, she sings about girls who have big butts shaking it like strippers and
awards, “Gravity” sweeps
Finally, the Oscar for this
people trying to do a line of cocaine in the bathroom. I find that completely ridiculous,
up yet a few more Oscars
year’s best picture was givand as a celebrity she should not be condoning using cocaine, even if she does do drugs.
for its cinematography, ed- en. Though many expected
I believe there a better ways to sing party anthem songs without calling all females who
iting, and score, and “The
“Gravity” to sweep it up,
shake their butts strippers and a constant reference to drugs. Also, this whole sense of
Great Gatsby” takes two
as it had been throughout
entitlement throughout the entire song is actually really annoying. No Miley, “We run
for production design and
the entire show, “12 Years
things / Things don’t run we” is entirely stupid. Great singing voice though.
set design.
a Slave” took the prize
If you heard nothing else
instead. The cast and crew
about the Oscars, you prob- took the stage, with director
ably heard at least someSteve McQueen at the head
thing about John Travolta’s of the pack. He gave a very
Alexa Frankovitch
Following the first award
Around this time, if you
name slip-up, calling Idina humble thank you speech,
News Editor was a performance of one
tried to search for ‘Ellen
Menzel “Adele Dazeem,”
then proceeded to physiof the three nominated
DeGeneres’ on Twitter, an
cally jump in a circle. But
With the four basic
Best Songs. Pharrell sang
error page came up. AKA,
memes. Regardless of what how could you not let your
weather seasons, everyand danced his way into
Ellen broke Twitter. The
he called her, Menzel sang inner child out after winone has a favorite: Spring
everyone’s hearts through
site was down for several
ning the biggest film award
a spectacular rendition of
for the new, bright colors;
his song “Happy” from
minutes after she tweeted
the song “Let it Go,” from of the year.
Summer for the warm
“Despicable Me 2.” He had a “selfie” of herself and a
To sum it all up, Ellen
the film “Frozen,” which in
weather; etc. Personally, I
a dancing team who looked several other nominees,
like Autumn but my ablike they walked straight off which received over 1 mil- turn won the Oscar for Best DeGeneres should host all
of the shows from now on,
solute favorite season...
of the Corny Collins show, lion retweets in less than 10 Original Song.
even celebrities love a good
and even managed to get
pizza, teleprompters really
falling leaves and crisp
Back to the lesser-known Original Screenplay and
some stars in the audience
are important in helping anBest
weather is great, but you
to dance along, like Lupita categories, the Oscars for
nouncers pronounce names,
followed suit, going to
know what is even better?
Nyong’o and Meryl Streep. Best Foreign Language
“Her” and “12 Years a
and “12 Years a Slave” is a
Sparkly dresses and crying The next few awards
Film went to “The Great
super important movie – go
nominees and two hours
Beauty”, Best Documenwere for technical artistry,
watch it. Thank you.
of hilarious live-Tweeting
including Catherine Martin tary went to “20 Feet from Finally, the ‘Big 5’ were
from everyone and their
Stardom”, Best Short went
for the costume design of
to Helium, and Best Docu“The Great Gatsby” (she
A few weeks ago, the 86th pulled her speech out of her mentary Short went “The
annual Oscars took place,
bra, much to the surprise of Lady in Number 6”, which
hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. the audience), Adruitha Lee told the life of Holocaust
Here’s what happened:
and Robin Mathews for the survivor Alice Herz-Som Ann Hathaway was the
hair and makeup in “Dallas mer. Herz-Sommer lived
first presenter, taking the
Buyers Club”, and the edit- to be 110 and passed away
stage with a reflective dress ing team of “Gravity”, for
just days before the awards
that only blinded half of the visual effects.
ceremony. The director
audience. She presented the In the animation categocommented that she said
award for Best Supporting
ries, “Mr. Hublot” won for she was simply happy
Actor to Jared Leto for his
Best Animated Short, and
someone wanted to hear her
role in the movie “Dallas
as no surprise to anyone
Buyers Club.” The only
watching, “Frozen” won
A very amped up Bono
thing distracting us from
for Best Animated Feature
took the stage next with U2
Celebrites, including Ellen DeGeneres, Bradley Cooper,
his long, luscious hair was
Film of the year. What is
to sing their song “Ordihis incredibly touching
surprising, however, is this nary Love” from the Man- Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Jenspeech, which was dedidela biopic. Keeping on the nifer Lawrence, Kevin Spacey, Angelina Jolie, and Brad
is actually the first Disney
Pitt pose in the “Twitter-breaking Selfie” Photo Courtesy :
cated to his mother, his date film to win Best Animated
topic of music and sound,
for the evening.
“Gravity” swept up two
In Case You Missed It:The Academy Awards
Arts & Living
House of Lies
Soundtrack Review:
A Compilation of
Soul, Funk and Blues
Daniel McFarland
Arts & Living Editor
sor for “House of Lies” and
two-time Grammy-award
nominee, Chris Douridas,
To climb the corpoworked closely with Larry
rate ladder, you’re going
Klein (Grammy-award winto have to step on a few
ning producer) to arrange
heads. This is the basic
the 12 song compilation.
theme to Showtime’s hit
Douridas and Klein gathcomedy-drama series
ered critically acclaimed
“House of Lies.” Starring
artists such as Gary Clark
Don Cheadle as Marty
Jr., Aloe Black, and the
Kaan and Kristen Bell as
timeless jazz icon, Count
Jeannie Van Der Hooven,
Basie, along with debuting
“House of Lies” satirizes
artists for the soundtrack.
the corporate world with
The album opens with
fast talking businessmen,
Gary Clark Jr.’s “Bright
deep-pocketed CEO’s, and Lights”, a slow, smooth
the casual frontal nudity
Blues Rock tune. The lyryou would expect from
ics “you gonna know my
premium networks. While
name/ you gonna know my
it started as a quick witted
name” are repeated concomedy, “House of Lies”
stantly through the song;
evolved with dramatic ele- amplified by powerful
ments that tackle controver- guitar riffs and solos, the
sial issues such as race and song reflects Marty Kaan’s
sexual orientation. Garner- goal of making a statement
ing attention from critics
in the business world. The
for its radical humor and
song was featured in the
satire, “House of Lies” has show’s ending credits in the
become one of Showtime’s first episode and leaves this
most successful programs. album to a great start.
Capitol Records released
In a strange contrast,
an original soundtrack for
“Bright Lights” is followed
the series, featuring popular by “Midnight Sun” by Isaac
artists and Grammy-award Delusion, a trance-like,
synthpop experience. The
The soundtrack, released sudden, unexpected shift
March 3, features 12 songs in genres feels like discovfrom the show’s pivotal
ering that a neat glass of
moments. Musical supervi- whiskey you just pulled had
The album cover for the House of Lies Soundtrack. “House of
Lies” is currently on its third season. Photo Courtesy: Capitol
traces of dissolved ecstasy
and now you’re feeling the
effects. In itself, “Midnight
Sun” is not a bad song at
all, just a strange choice in
the track order.
The third track, “Brains
Out” by Kim Cesarion,
is upbeat and catchy, but
suffers from laughable
lyrics. “I wanna love your
brains out” is repeated six
times in the song’s second
minute, leaving little to the
imagination of the writer’s
intentions. Fortunately,
“Brains Out” is only a
small blemish on what is
soon to follow.
After “Brains Out”, the
album starts to get in the
groove of becoming an
amazing compilation of
souls, funk, and blues.
Aloe Blacc with “Take Me
Back” stands out among
the soulful collection of
artists such as Thomas
Dybdahl, and Fat Freddy’s
Drop. The searing sounds
of southern blues is enough
to warm the body during
this extended winter. Fans
of the show will recognize
Dybdahl’s funky track,
“This Love is Here to
Stay”, when it is featured in
the tenth episode of season
3 when it is played in its
entirety on March 16.
Count Basie’s “Belly
Roll” serves as a short jazz
instrumental bridge as the
album winds to a slow,
yet strong close. The final
track, “It Always Comes
Back Around” by Michael
Kiwanuka, is yet another
relaxing, melancholic blues
number. “It Always Comes
Back Around” is a great
closer to this blues centered
album and was written for
the show’s season four finale. At the time of the song’s
television premiere, we will
likely see better context
in the lyric’s karma-esque
“This Love is Here to
Stay”, “Take Me Back”,
and the the album’s opening and closing tracks stand
out in this compilation of
blues. This album is enjoyable to listen to from beginning to end, with possibly
the exception of “Brains
Out.” Buy this album if you
are a fan of the show, or
a fan of blues and soul in
general. I give the House of
Lies Soundtrack four stars
out of five.
THURSDAY, March 20, 2014 11
“Non-Stop”: Liam Neeson
Solves a Crime at 30,000
Michael Pineda
Mission & Identity Editor
The other night I went
to the theater with one
purpose: to watch Liam
Neeson bring the pain on
evil-doers. “Non-Stop”
delivered an excellent story
with amazing visuals and
heart-pounding moments.
The film stars Neeson as
Bill, a depressed air marshal living a stagnant life.
The gruff marshal boards a
seemingly boring flight to
London next to an incredibly nosy redhead. As the
plane hits the midway point
across the Atlantic Ocean,
Bill receives an anonymous
text message. His heart
drops when the texter asks
for 150 million dollars, otherwise he will kill someone
on the plane every twenty
I sat at the edge of my
seat, eager to figure out
who this dastardly villain
was. Each lead proved
false. Evidence, devious
passengers, and scheming
officials kept changing, and
left me guessing. Every
while a good suspenseful
film emerges and “NonStop” is it.
I enjoyed every minute of
the movie. It was able to be
action-packed and thrilling without being bloody.
Special effects were minimal, keeping the audience
focused on a driving story.
The studio can be guaranteed that I will purchase
a DVD copy when it is
released. “Non-Stop” is
thrillride for the record
The movie also has an
amazing lesson. No matter
who you are, where you
are from, or what you do,
The man has trained both
Obi-Wan and Batman, and
has saved his daughter
from gangsters twice. Liam
Neeson is the kind of man
• Calls you to tell you he
left his phone charger at
your house.
• Gets angry when you
tell him you’ll give it to
him tomorrow.
• Drugs you in your sleep
as you awake the next
morning with jumper
cables strapped to your
• Screams ,”WHERE’S
Overall, “Non-Stop” gets
five Liam Neeson punches,
out of five.
The theatrical poster for “Non-Stop.” “Non-Stop” stars Liam
Neeson as an Air Marshall in a high-flying thrill ride. Photo
THURSDAY, March 20, 2014
Lucy DeFruscio
News Editor
Alexa Frankovitch
Mission & Identity Editor
Michael Pineda
Sports Editor
Kelsey Zimcosky
Opinion Editor
Sarah Edwards
Arts & Living Editor
Daniel McFarland
Chris Rouhier
Arts & Living
Superhero Movies: How Many More?
Michael Pineda
Mission & Identity Editor
“Man of Steel”, “Thor:
The Dark World” , “The
Amazing Spiderman: 2”.
Comic book movies are
emerging in drones with
a host of others on the
way. How many of these
films do we need? My
answer: You can never
have enough! From as far
back as I can remember,
I was a major superhero
fan. I remember waking up
bright and early on Saturday mornings and running
for the TV. I would flip
to “Kid’s WB” and watch
“Batman: The Animated
Series” from beginning to
end. I remember cheering
on the Dark Knight during
his adventures and raging hard when the episode
ended on a cliffhanger. I
almost threw the remote
out of anger, but I feared
my Cuban mother’s rage
more. When Batman was
over, I was watching Superman, Spiderman, and every
other hero out there. Heck,
I even remember having a
crush on Batgirl. Admit it,
all of us had a toon crush
growing up. I have always
loved superheroes and look
forward to each cinematic
I enjoy seeing how Hollywood can recreate these
legends and bring them to
the big screen. The Avengers left me speechless with
what Marvel and Disney
could do after building up a
saga of hero movies. I can
gladly say I will be excitedly inhaling popcorn as I
watch “Captain America:
The Winter Soldier” this
April. The film will feature
the first avenger taking on a
long lost friend turned foe
in an epic battle for humanity’s fate, again. “The
Amazing Spiderman 2”
will also be hitting theaters
soon. Peter Parker will be
facing off against Electro,
Rhino, and the Green Goblin while trying to maintain
a relationship with the police chief’s daughter, Gwen
Stacy. The superhero stakes
are high this spring and
only get more exciting this
summer. Marvel releases
“Guardians of the Galaxy”
on the first of August. I
believe it may even top the
I will never be old
enough for a superhero
movie and get pumped for
each new installment. As a
true DC fan, I really wish
the company would make
more films. I would love to
see another Green Lantern,
Batman, and Superman
movie. Only time will tell,
and the films are nearing!
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university’s mission
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be published in. The Cardinal
Connection does not publish
anonymous letters.
A poster for the upcoming Marvel film “Captain America: Winter Soldier.” This sequel to the 2011 film will star Chris Evans
reprising his role as the first Avenger, Captain America. Photo Courtesy:
Ask the 540’s
Spell the word “sardoodledom”
Matt Riffle
Brandon Marshall
Dan McFarland
Patrick Stanton