Community State Bank robbed


Community State Bank robbed
Union County Times
USPS 648-200 — Lake Butler, Florida
Ritz Christmas
Christ Central of Lake Butler
will host a Ritz Christmas Classic
on Friday, Dec. 14, beginning at
7 p.m. This “Red Carpet” event
will have classic holiday music
with swing n’ modern mix
combined with a 50’s cuisine.
Tickets are on sale for $10 and
can be purchased by calling 386365-6968. Wear your tux, suit,
formal gown, etc.
Bingo and
bake sale set
There will be a bake sale
on Saturday, Dec. 15, from 8
a.m. until sold out at Spires
IGA to benefit the seniors of
Worthington Springs.
Bingo will be held on Dec.
15, at 6 p.m. at the Worthington
Springs Community Center to
also raise funds. All are invited
to attend. There will be several
prizes to be won including a cash
Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012
Community State Bank robbed
Times Editor
Monitor Editor
The Union County Sheriff’s
Office said a man walked into
Lake Butler’s Community State
Bank Friday afternoon, handed
the teller a note, and made off
with a small amount of cash.
Lt. Lyn Williams said no
weapons were involved in the
holdup and no one was hurt.
Deputies are looking for a
white male between 30 and 50
years of age with a white beard.
At the time of the robbery, the
suspect was wearing a baseball
cap. Williams described him as
having a slender build, around
6 feet tall and weighing around
180 pounds.
No witnesses saw the suspect
leave the bank, so deputies have
no description of the getaway
Surrounding law enforcement
agencies are also looking for the
suspect and Williams said the
(Above) UCSO Deputies surrounded the Community
State Bank in Lake Butler. (At right) This picture was
captured by surveillance cameras during th robbery.
FBI will join the investigation.
One witness associated with
the bank said this is the first time
the Lake Butler bank has been
On Dec. 13, a Capital City
Bank branch in Gainesville was
robbed by a suspect resembling
the Lake Butler bandit. The
Gainesville man also used the
same methodology that was used
in the Union County holdup. Investigators are working together
on the possible connection.
Code Enforcement Board takes action
Bingo set
Christmas Bingo will be held
at the Union County Public
Library on Saturday, Dec. 15,
from 3 to 5 p.m. for the whole
family. Three cards for $1,
free popcorn, soda and candy
.50 cents each, awesome book
bundles, and more. Call 386496-3432 for more information.
All proceeds benefit the JFOL’ s
scholarship fund.
Banquet set
The Consolidated High School
committee will hold their annual
Christmas banquet on Saturday,
Dec. 15, at 7 p.m. at the Hal
Y. Maines community center
in Lake Butler. This event is
open to the public. There will
be music, food, door prizes and
more. Contact Eddie or Cora
Jackson at 386-496-1670 for
more information.
Post Commander Samuel
Jenkins and VFW Ladies
Pittman announced that the Post
is holding their annual Christmas
party for members and their
families on Saturday, Dec. 15, at
6 p.m. It is pot luck, so if you can,
bring something to share. If you
have any questions, call Barbara
Fischer at 904-263-0647.
Social Club
Dance set
The Lake Butler Social Club
dance will be Saturday, Dec 15,
at the Lake Butler Elementary
School lunch room. The doors
open at 6 p.m. The pot luck
dinner will be at 7 p.m. Dress
code is casual. The band will
be cadillac style, Members is
$7 and nonmembers is $8 at the
door. If you like good music and
like to dance this is the place to
spend your Saturday evening.
All are invited.
This is a smoke and alcohol
free entertainment. Invite your
friends and family to join too.
For more information contact
Sue Ann Waters-Moates at 904263-2438.
Union deputies
catch five with
marijuana at
Lakeside Park
Monitor Editor
Times Editor
The City of Lake Butler’s code
enforcement board met last week
to discuss a residential property
located on SW 1st Terrace in
Lake Butler that is in violation of
two city ordinances.
section 26-52 states, “It shall
be the duty of every owner,
lessee or occupant of a lot or
portion thereof, and of every
representative or employee of
such owner, lessee or occupant
having control of any lot or
portion thereof, within the city
limits, to maintain the premises
in such a manner that they shall
at all times be clean and sanitary
and present a neat and slightly
City ordinance No. 0505, section 26-53 (a) states,
“ The existence if excessive
accumulations of untended
growth of weeds, undergrowth
or other dead or living plant
life, overgrowth of lawn, grass
or weeds or stagnated water,
rubbish, debris, or trash is hereby
prohibited and declared be a
public nuisance and unlawful.
Board Members Tom Riherd,
Maggie Wetzel, Mary Bristow,
Katherine Filer and Janette
Redmond were given the
details of the property with a
See Action page 2A
Christmas Parade 2012
Party set
100th Year —33rd Issue — 75 CENTS
Times Editor
The sidewalks and curbs were
packed on the parade route this
year with community members
eager for the parade to begin.
All of the floats participating
in the parade were in competition
to see who would be named the
winner for the best decorations.
First place received $200, second
place received $100 and third
place received $50.
participants included the Boy
Scouts. Girl Scouts, Grace
Christian Fellowship Church,
4-H cooking club, Union County
High School Marching Band,
Okito Karate, Community State
Bank, First Christian Church,
Skips Deli, UC growers and
showers, the All-American
Twirling Academy, UC food
pantry, Order of the Eastern Star,
the city commissioners, Union
County Sheriff’s Office, UC
road department and solid waste,
Cooper Law Firm, Johnstown
Comfort Tanning Salon, student
(SWAT), Spires IGA, Jackson’s
Building Supply, Lake Butler
Rotary, Lake Butler Hospital,
Robert’s Insurance, Smokey
the Bear (forestry), Lake Butler
Fire Department, Union County
Riding Club, Santa on a city fire
truck waving to all, and more.
First Baptist Church won first
place, Lake Butler Hospital won
second place and Community
State Bank won third place.
The sponsors for the parade
were: FPL, Jackson Building
Supply, EZ Ice Co., George
First Baptist Church of Lake Butler won first prize for their Radio Flyer float.
After receiving a tip from an
anonymous caller, Union County deputies and a Florida wildlife
officer caught five juveniles with
marijuana at Lake Butler’s Lakeside Park Dec. 1.
According to an arrest report,
just after 7:30 p.m., two deputies
and the state officer approached
a black Ford Mustang convertible stationed on the north side
of the park.
Deputy John Henry Whitehead wrote in a report that he
detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from the car as he
walked up to the vehicle. However, when he asked the driver
if anyone had the illegal drug on
them, the driver replied no.
While searching the vehicle,
officers found marijuana in the
passenger side seat, the center
console, on the back floorboard
and throughout the back passenger seat.
Roberts Insurance and Lake
Butler Elementary School.
The City of Lake Butler said
that they are thankful to all of
the participants and sponsors and
for the donations received for
the annual Christmas parade and
On behalf of the City of
Lake Butler, Kia Paige said,
[email protected]
“We would like to thank our
Christmas parade float judges,
County Commissioner Jimmy
Tallman, UC School Board
Member Curtis Clyatt and newly
elected Clerk of Courts Kellie
More photos on page 2A
Ciara Woodall was dressed for the part on the Radio
Deadline Monday 5 p.m. before publication • Phone 386-496-2261 • Fax 386-496-2858
They also discovered a package of blunt wrappers in one
of the suspects’ pants pocket. Whitehead wrote that the
wrappers are commonly used to
consume cannabis.
The deputy added that he
asked all five suspects who the
cannabis belong to and told them
that if no one identified the owner he would arrest all five. No
one spoke up.
Whitehead wrote that when
attempting to place handcuffs on
the suspects, one of them, Chad
Ali, 15, of Lake Butler snatched
his hand away from the wildlife
officer, hurled an expletive at
him and ran away.
Whitehead wrote that he
caught Ali approximately 50
yards from the car and while he
was cuffing the juvenile, Ali continued to struggle, trying to break
The 15-year-old was booked
into the Union County Jail for
resisting officer with violence,
possession of cannabis less than
20 grams and possession of drug
An additional suspect was also
jailed for possession of cannabis
and of drug paraphernalia. The
other three suspects were given
notices to appear in court for the
possession charges and released
to their parents.
Union County Times • Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012
Christmas in the Park
(At left) Helene Elixson and Chelsea Pendergast stop
and visit with the Grinch.
(Above) Artist Lynda Perry from Interlachen paints
Kaitlyn Rheinheimer’s face.
(At top right) Ty Crawford, Taytum Gaskins and her mom
Tasha Gaskins enjoy the train ride.
(At right) Molly Massey and her daughters Alyssa and
Katie stop for a picture while browsing the accessories.
(Bottom right) Tom Wright of Fort White sold Karl’s fresh
popped kettle corn at the event with a variety of flavors
like cinnamon and jalapeño.
Times Editor
The Christmas in the park
event held in the Worthington
Springs this past weekend was
filled with vendors and events.
The turnout was very pleasing
stmas P
according to the Worthington
Springs Mayor Shane Massey.
There were booths set up
around the park with a variety
of items to offer. Some of the
vendors were Tom Wright
selling Karl’s Kettle Corn, Loven-Loops by Alysha Larsson,
Bobbi’s Best Aromatherapy
and Leaf Motif, Brooks Lawn
and Patio Furniture, Luxury
Hand Dyed Yarns, Curly Girlie
Boutique, Heavenly Boutique
LC, Artwork from Kellie Inez and
GoDaddy Lures. Other vendors
offered jewelry, glassware, train
rides, handmade scarves, face
painting and
Marlana Pinkston won the
raffle on the vendors basket.
Travis Worrell won the raffle on
the GoDaddy Lures tackle box.
Massey said that there was
a great turnout and that the
Worthington Springs city council
hopes to have the Christmas in
the Park event again in the future.
(Top left) Marching
with SWAT (students working against
tobacco) are (At front, l-r) Savannah Woodall, Samantha
Cruz and Jonathan Beville.
(Above) Santa Claus waved to everyone from the top of
the city fire truck driven by Laurie Ash.
(At left) Kelsey Harrison, Chaton Croft and Savannah
Woodall stop for a quick picture.
Continued from Page 1A
suggestion from City Manager
Dave Mecusker to take action on
resolving the issues.
Mecusker said that the
residence on the property
is vacant and in unlivable
conditions. The compliance
issues with the residence and the
property have been a concern
according to Mecusker, for the
last several years. Due to the
continually declining condition
of the property, action is
The board was informed that
the owners of the property were
given the option of the city
removing the mobile home at no
cost. The owners are said to have
denied the offer and have yet to
address the compliance issues.
Mecusker explained to the
board that the front porch was
lying on the ground. The water
heater, which was hanging from
an open panel on the side of the
mobile home, was now missing.
The windows were broken and
all of the doors were damaged
and unsecured. Mecusker also
claimed that nearby residents
had expressed their concerns of
illegal activities that have been
witnessed at the vacant mobile
After a recommendation from
Mecusker, the board agreed
unanimously to place a lien of $5
per day against the property to
begin thirty days after the board
meeting, that would continue
until the property and mobile
home were in compliance or the
mobile home was removed from
the property.
Mecusker said that a certified
letter was sent to inform the
property owners of the code
enforcement meeting but that no
one was present on their behalf.
Earlier communication with the
property owners on a solution
for the compliance issues has
been unsuccessful. Mecusker
said that the homeowner had
previously offered to allow the
city to remove the dwelling
if the six months given in the
land development regulations
to replace the home could be
extended to 5 years.
According the City of Lake
Butler, the land development
regulations, section 4.2.13, states,
“For the purpose of these land
development regulations, the
phrase, existing mobile homes
shall mean mobile homes which
existed as of the effective date
of the adoption or amendment
of these land development
regulations. In those districts,
which do not permit the erection
of new mobile homes but do
permit existing mobile homes,
such existing mobile homes may
be removed and replaced by
another mobile home, provided
that a period of not greater than
six consecutive months elapses
between the removal of the
mobile home and the erection
of another mobile home. Where
a mobile home is removed and
is not replaced for a period
greater than six consecutive
months for any reason (except
where governmental action
impedes access to the premises)
such mobile home shall not be
replaced and any subsequent use
shall conform to the regulations
for the district in which the use
is located.”
At the end of the thirty-day
period, the property must be
brought to livable standards
or the mobile home must be
removed. Riherd said that if the
property could not be brought up
to standards before that date, a
good faith effort must at least be
made by the thirty days to avoid
further action.
City Attorney John Maines
IV said the homeowners could
appeal the decision within the
thirty-day period. Fines will
begin accruing the first week of
Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012 • Union County Times
UC Historian reflections of Christmas
(At front, l-r) Hayley Locke, Nomie McMinn, (back, l-r) Alana Castleberry, Chloe McMinn
and Samantha Douglas had fun in the bounce house.
The Christmas
Shoe Tree
Academy presents the Christmas
Shoe Tree Farm. All are invited
to join the adventures of LBCA’s
“Secret Service” as they visit the
Loggins unique Christmas Tree
Farm. The event will be held
Thursday, Dec. 20, at 7 p.m. at
the Lake Butler Church of God.
Parents Day
out set
If you are tired of not being
able to go Christmas shopping
or not being able to wrap your
child’s Christmas gifts until late
at night, America’s Students
Bettering Communities at UCHS
has a solution for you.
ASBC will be hosting a
parent’s day out on Saturday,
Dec. 15, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
in the UCHS media center for
children 11 and under (babies
are welcome.) Qualified and
responsible ASBC members
and sponsors will be watching
your children. This will give you
time to do whatever you need to
during your day out.
It is $10 (per child) for the
whole day. That $10 will be put
towards your children’s lunch,
snack, and crafts. All other
proceeds will be donated to the
Food Pantry to help families in
If you planning to participate
in parents day out, go by your
child’s day care or school to pick
up a form and send it back with
your child (to their daycare or
This form must be filled out
and turned in by Wednesday,
Dec. 12, in order for your child
(children) to participate.
For more information you may
contact one of the following:
Terra Godwin 904-364-6540,
Haley McRee: 904-239-0179 or
[email protected]
The United Daughters of the
Confederacy® Olustee chapter
will meet in Lake City on
Saturday, Dec. 17, at 5:15 p.m. at
the China Buffet located at 345
West Duval Street. The buffet
will be served after the meeting.
The cost is $9 however the is
drink extra. Reservations are not
required. For more information
call Linda Williams at 352-2158776.
5th Annual
The 5th annual Christmas
extravaganza will be held at the
Lake Butler Hospital on Friday,
UC Historian
Ho ho ho, what a beautiful parade everyone witnessed Saturday night. All down by the lake, viewing
the lighted shelters and the community center with “happy holidays” across the front of the building
all lit up. Everyone should thank the city officials for sponsoring such a wonderful annual celebration
to remind us of the “reason for the season,” the birth of Jesus Christ, who came into the world to save
everyone from their sins”. Lets not forget this blessing.
With the Union County High school band leading the parade, dressed in their beautiful lighted
uniforms, what a joy. They marched from west to east up Main Street with a fabulous crowd of
bystanders from one end of town to the other. Let’s thank the leader of this wonderful parade, including
many who walked the long way and the decorated cars and floats.
Also, for the end of the parade, many decorated horses with their happy riders. This old woman has
been blessed to live in my hometown all my years and is so thankful to wish each and every one “a very
Merry Christmas and Happy 2013.”
When I was a little girl, our family went to the woods and cut a small pine tree. Dad put it in a large
can filled with dirt and we decorated it with paper red and green circles, which we pasted together
making a chain to wrap around the tree. Then we 4 children were ready for Santa Clause to come down
the chimney and leave a few gifts. Of course I was looking for a baby doll, which I still have under my
little lighted white tree, with lots of miniature dolls and bright lights. My joy.
Many thanks, Marjorie McGill Driggers- 91 years Historian.
Dec. 21, from 6 to 8:30 p.m.
Register to win prizes including
a kindle fire with a $50 Amazon
gift card. All kids ages 10 and
under receive a goody bag and
small gift from Santa. Take
pictures with Santa for $6, play
carnival games, crafts, train
ride, cupcake walk, karaoke,
entertainment and more. For
more information call 386-4962323 ext. 9227.
The Big Red Christmas Drive
will be held on Saturday, Dec.
22, from 10 a.m. to noon at
the Hal Y. Maines community
center in Lake Butler. Families
in need of assistance for children
ages 2-12 are asked to bring
the child’s social security card
or birth certificate and proof
of residency. Your child must
be with you. The Big Red
Christmas Drive is funded
through individuals who want
to provide a child in need with
a Christmas gift. Families are
asked to consider their need
before attending so that those
in severe need will not do
without. If anyone would like
to donate a gift, you can drop
it off at the office of the Union
County Times for pick up. The
Times is not affiliated with the
program but will contact the
appropriate individuals for pickup. Donations must be made
by Friday, Dec. 21. Monetary
donations can be mailed to PO
Box 151, Lake Butler 32054. For
questions or information email
[email protected]
UCHS class of
97’ reunion set
counseling set
help change young lives in
by SHINE on the 1st and 3rd
the community. Take Stock in
Wednesday of every month from
Children in a statewide non-profit
2 to 4 p.m. at the Union County
organization and the Foundation
Health Department, 495 E. Main
for Florida Gateway College
St. in Lake Butler.
serves as the lead agency for the
SHINE counselors assist
There will be free Medicare/
program in Baker, Columbia, Medicaid counseling sponsored seniors and persons with
Dixie, Gilchrist and Union
counties. Take Stock in Children
pairs good students, who have
the odds stacked against them,
with mentors who provide the
support, encouragement and
guidance they need to succeed in
school. Mentors meet with their
mentees for 30 minutes every
week on the school campus.
All it takes is a little time to
make a difference that will last
a lifetime. For more information
on Take Stock in Children,
contact the program office at
386-754-4392 or mailto:antonia.
[email protected]
Programs to
benefit Senior
Citizens of WS
The fifteen-year reunion for
the Union County High School
class of 1997 will be held on
Friday, Dec. 28, at Jax River
Cruises from 6 to 9 p.m. Contact
Wendy Burton Bird at 342Activity programs have been
509-1884 for more information set at the Worthington Springs
or visit the Facebook page at community center to benefit the
senior citizens of Worthington
Springs. Programs will be held
on Mondays and Wednesdays
from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. A
variety of games are available.
Non-expensive meals are also
The Take Stock in Children available to help raise funds.
program in Union County is
looking for new mentors to
disabilities to understand health
insurance choices, apply for
assistance and file appeals.
SHINE does not sell insurance
or represent any insurance entity.
See Worth Noting page 6A
Union County Times • Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012
High School Straight A’s
9th grade (Back row, l-r) Willie Rogers, Treyce Hersey, Lexi Whitehead, Kent Coburn,
Patrick Miller and Philip Brown. (Front row, l-r) Latia Jackson, Amanda Snyder, Andrea
Gaskins, Michael Rizer, McKenzie Mobley, Savannah Baggett and McKenzie Pilcher.
11th grade at right (Back
row, l-r) Benjamin Riggs,
Chase Shadd, Makenzie
Romrell, Quay Drawdy and
Tristan Andrews. (Front
row, l-r) Taylor Wilkins,
Holly Tucker, Savannah
Chastain, Kyla Ward,
Taylor Cross, Autumn
Ray, Jessica Church and
Michaela Clemons. (Not
pictured) Breanna Bryan,
Samantha Perez and Nancy
10th grade all A
Madison Thornton
Below (l-r) Dustin Bielling,
Austin Thomas, Matt
Brown, Sammy Bustrycki,
Shane Hendricks, Dalton
Townsend, James Brown
and Tim Estes. (Not
pictured) Clay Abraham,
Alexis Benefield, Lane
Bishop, Kelsey Brooker,
Megan Lahman, Chandler
Mann, Kamil Mazal,
Danielle Pate, Marina
Ramos, Dana Seager and
Gregory Tucker.
Church News
welcomes all
Morningstar Baptist Church
invites everyone to come to
worship. The church is located
on C.R. 18, one half mile west
of S.R. 121 and the C.R. 18
intersection in Worthington
Springs. Sunday school begins
at 10 a.m., Sunday morning
worship begins at 11 a.m. and
Sunday evening worship begins
at 6 p.m. Wednesday evenings
there will be a covered dish meal
and fellowship at 6 p.m. Children
and adult bible study and prayer
at 7 p.m. For more information
contact 386-719-2148 or email
[email protected]
Santa Fe
Santa Fe Mennonite Church
welcomes all to attend service on
Sundays at 9:30 a.m. and the 1st
and 3rd Sunday of each month
at 6 p.m. The church is located
at 4555 SW 107th Ave. Contact
386-984-0938 or 352-339-2249
for more information.
10th grade (Back row, l-r) Dylan Durrance, Garrett Norman and Travis Durrant. (Front,
row, l-r) Savannah Woodall, Abigayle Lahman, Madison Archer, Meagan Sellers,
Brandi Whitehead and Macy Adams. (Not pictured) Crysta Fairfield and Malory Lemay.
10th grade all A
Kelsey Thornton
12th grade below (Back
row, l-r) Caitlin Shealy,
Kelsey Harrison, Christine
Wight, Emily Akridge
and Stacy Norman.
(Front row, l-r) Jessica
Loznicka, Scarlett Mines,
Kierra Maxwell, Victoria
Whiteley, Tanner Lemay,
Hailey McRee, Lesley
Barnes, Sarah Fischer,
Deana Parrish and
Destiny Elixson.
honor roll
The Union County High
School first nine weeks A/B
honor roll students were:
9th grade: Nia Alexander,
Samuel Baker, Colby Brideman,
Cooper, Courtney Christine,
Crews, Katherine Deshong,
Christopher Driggers, Timya
Edmonds, Francisco Gomez,
Allie Hedman, Honor Hines,
Sarah Holder, Kortney Jenkins,
Johnson, Nicole Lanterman,
Loznicka, Shelby McDowell,
Billy Miller, Molly O’Steen,
Edward Padgett, Tara Parrish,
Cassity Phillips, Serena Roberts,
Meridth Schmidt, Krista Scott,
Carly Shaw, Emilee Southwell,
Aaron Sowders, Dalton Teston,
Troy Underhill, Nolan Ward,
Ashante Warren, Emily West,
Kymberlynn Williams, Wyatt
Williams, Madison Worth,
Worrell, Katie Zipperer and
Jordan Zoltowski.
10th grade: Kayla Andrews,
Michael Bryant, Cody Church,
Brittany Cooley, Caleb Cox,
Taylor Crosby, Cayla Davis,
Gavin Drawdy, Kaleb DuBose,
Madison Ellis, Case Emerson,
Brittany Gaylord, Samantha
Gillick, Jordan Gore, Kaytlynn
Grigsby, Stephanie Guadagnoli,
Hedman, Antonio Hendrieth,
Christopher Hodgson, Shelby
Hopkins, Nicholas Horn, Kierstin
Jenkins, Ashley Johnson, Clyde
Kuczenska, Amanda Lahman,
Natahja Lee, Tyler Lewis,
KuKoyi Lockett, Brianna Martin,
Ashley O’Steen, Alexa Park,
Lane Parrish, Amanda Russell,
Brian Smith, Kelsie Smith,
Tristin Southerland, Trey Spitze,
Brittany Tucker, Nashantal
Walker, Thomas Webb, Chase
Wilkerson, Patricia Will, Callie
Worthington and Shyla Young.
11th grade: Brandon Bell,
Jonathan Besso, Carolyn Black,
Randa Conner, Bradley Deshong,
Dukes, Daquin Edwards, Ashley
Feltner, Robert Gartman, Conner
Gordon, Ericka Griffis, Jacob
Hedman, Christina Hernandez,
Luis Hernandez, Hannah Hicks,
Johnson, Colton Kelley, Haley
Libby, Logan Morneau, Samuel
Nelson, Kayla Nettles, Corey
Palmer, Coutney Personette,
Peyton Powell, Shelbie Regar,
Michael Riggs, Spencer Shannon,
Nicholas Silcox, Dalton Sumner,
Katie Tricocci, Chance Vaughn,
Elizabeth Veals, Ryan Ward,
Duke Waters, Beverly WestfallJones, Paul Whitlow and
Danielle Willis.
12th grade: Dylan Allen,
Alanna Bell, Steven Bonesio,
Devin Boone, Mariah Bowen,
Kavia Bradley, Adam Casto,
Gary Cecil, Kyle Chaffin, Dylan
Clark, Chaton Croft, Yoshika
Dixson, Michael Ellis, Robert
Gockley, James Griffis, Caitlyn
Halle, Alex Hankins, Ashlyn
Harden, Jessica Hartley, Darci
Hendricks, Kristin Hodgson,
Ashley Holtzclaw, Leslie Horn,
Joe Kent, Troy Kite, Vanessa
Love, Amber Regar, Caroline
Rimes, Chelsea Roberts, Drayton
Shealy, Tiandra Sirmones,
Ashley Smith, Kevin Thornton,
Justin Waters, Haylee West,
Brittney Williams and Garrett
16-yearold struck
man with
fire poker
Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012 • Union County Times
Got a
story, tell
us about
Monitor Editor
Union deputies arrested a
16-year-old after a family member accused the boy of hitting
him in the head with a fire poker.
Brandon Lee Peacock was
charged with aggravated assault
with a deadly weapon, Nov. 28.
According to a sheriff’s office
report, the victim told the deputy the assault followed an argument between the two.
However a witness said the
victim choked the 16-year-old
before Peacock grabbed the poker. The witness added that the
victim has a history of picking
on the boy.
When Deputy James B. Goodwin interviewed Peacock, the
accused told him the confrontation arose because someone had
left an empty box on the kitchen
counter. He told the lawman that
he ran to the area of the fireplace
after the victim lunged at him
in the kitchen. He added that
the victim attempted to strike
him around the fireplace and he
picked up the fire poker in response.
The deputy wrote in a report
that the witness corroborated
much of the boy’s story and added that the victim struck Peacock
in the eye and threatened to kill
him while he was choking him.
The victim denied choking or
striking Peacock.
The deputy wrote that this
type of incident has been occurring for years inside the house,
several times in his presence.
According to Lt. Lyn Williams of the sheriff’s office, the
victim, John Johnson, was also
“Both parties were at fault,”
he wrote in an email, “and both
parties committed a crime.”

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Deputies: Lake Butler bank robber caught

Deputies: Lake Butler bank robber caught a Capital City Bank branch in Gainesville on Dec. 11. A spokesperson for the Union County Sheriff’s Office said tips from the public initially led them in the direction of the man they identified a...

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