Nahanni National Park Adventure


Nahanni National Park Adventure
Nahanni National Park Adventure
Der Nahanni Nationalpark liegt im Südwesten der Northwest Territories und bietet
Besuchern die seltene Gelegenheit, die Kraft und das Wunder einer unberührten
Naturlandschaft zu erleben. Der reissende Fluss South Nahanni donnert durch die
Canyons des Parks in Richtung Virginia Falls. Diese gigantischen Wasserfälle sind
doppelt so hoch wie die Niagarafälle. Der Park, der sowohl unter der Obhut von Parks
Canada als auch der Deh Cho First Nations steht, kann sich ausserdem der beeindruckenden Schönheit der hoch aufragenden Mackenzie Mountains und des tosenden
Flat River rühmen.
Tierfreunde dürfen auf keinen Fall Fernglas und Kamera vergessen. Eine erstaunliche
Vielfalt an Fischen, Vögeln und Säugetieren ist in diesem unberührten Land zu Hause.
Aufgrund seiner unendlichen Wildnis wurde der Nahanni sowohl zu einem "Canadian
Heritage River" als auch zu einem Weltkulturerbe der UNESCO ernannt. Bei einem
Besuch des Parks können Sie selbst sehen, dass diese Ehren wohl verdient sind.
Die zweiwöchige Tour von Rabbitkettle Lake bis zum Zusammenfluss des Nahanni und
des Liard Flusses ist eine klassische Reise für den erfahrenen Kanuten. Sie deckt die
ganze Länge des Parks über eine Distanz von 370 Kilometer ab. Mit dem Luxus einer
zweiwöchigen Expedition können Sie an Wanderungen teilnehmen oder die Gegend
ausgiebig auf eigene Faust entdecken.
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Day 1 (D) Mountain Flight
This is the first day listed for your trip.
Your journey north from your home will be a
refreshing departure. You will fly over the
largest expanse of wilderness in the world with
stunning views on cloudless days, pass
through quieter and friendlier airports, meet
friendlier and less harried service personnel
and generally begin to immerse yourself in the
wilderness experience that is about to unfold.
Your trip leader will meet you at the airport (if
you arrive prior, please make your way to your
accommodation). Once everyone has arrived
there will be a chance for last minute
questions concerning clothing, gear, packing
and other details. Those requiring our river
bags will have time to transfer gear from their
own bags. You can leave unrequired items in
our trailer.
After loading our supplies and gear into the
aircraft we begin one of the major highlights of
the adventure – the upriver flight. Flying over
the majestic Nahanni Range and Ram Plateau,
a visually stunning panorama unfolds in front
of our eyes. You want to be sure to have your
camera on your lap with lots of film! Past
participants have stepped off the plane declaring that “if the trip finished now, I would have
my money’s worth!”
At Rabbitkettle Lake we’ll prepare for the
downriver trip. Conditions permitting, we’ll
hike the 7 kilometres (4 miles) to the tufa
We begin the downriver trip. This portion of
the river above Virginia Falls is a flat, meandering section that allows opportunity to learn
the necessary canoeing skills from the guides
or brush up on techniques. The mountains
and U-shaped valley created by the glaciers will
dominate the scenery. Camping will be in the
choicest spots between Rabbitkettle Lake and
Virginia Falls.
Virginia Falls (twice the height of Niagara) will
be the destination. We’ll camp there for two
nights. This is the other spot within Nahanni
National Park where planes may land and we
might see other campers here.
Day 6 (B/L/D) HIKING
This is a day for exploring the area around
Virginia Falls. The vast expanse of the Falls
captivates photographers and hikers with a
tireless display of powerful drama. Keen and
fit hikers may undertake an all-day expedition
to the top of Sunblood Mountain for an excel-
lent view of the surrounding area. Others can
enjoy exploring the expansive area overlooking the brink of the falls.
We’ll make the final portage around the falls.
The trail is downhill and well defined. You
need carry only what is comfortable for you.
Everyone pitches in to carry what they can,
and we take as long as we need to complete
the task. It’s impossible to spend too much
time at Virginia Falls! We’ll assemble the boats
and, after a late shore lunch and briefing,
embark in the late afternoon on an exhilarating run through Painted Canyon (also known
as Fourth Canyon).
Day 8 (B/L/D) THE GATE
We enter Third Canyon, the walls of which rise
1200 metres (3937 feet) over the river. Keen
eyes may spot woodland caribou, moose and
Dall sheep. Stopping at the Gate and Pulpit
Rock for lunch, we’ll hike to the top of the
canyon for a bird’s eye view of the narrow
gorge below and the expanse of the canyon
walls. Camp will be downstream of Pulpit Rock
and the Gate.
Paddling through the Big Bend and Second
Canyon and past Headless Creek, we’ll find
ourselves camped in the vicinity of Deadmen
Valley. The view includes the Tlogotsho Plateau
and Prairie Creek Canyon. It was here, on the
shores of Headless Creek, that the bodies of
the Mcleod brothers were found in 1905 and
the legend of the Headless Valley was born.
Downriver at Sheaf Creek, R. M. Patterson and
his partner, Gordon Mathews, wintered in
1928. Patterson later wrote Dangerous River,
one of the most eloquent accounts of the early
days on the river. Around the campfire, we’ll
read from his book.
village (population 80).
We’ll be hosted by a member of the community who will show us through the village,
sharing the history and culture of the people
who have made this area home for thousands
of years. They will treat us to tea and bannock
and answer any questions we may have about
life in this remote part of the world.
A powerboat ride down the voluminous Liard
River will take us to Lindberg’s Landing where
we’ll be the guests of Edwin and Sue Lindberg
for showers, a BBQ and an overnight stay at
their cabins.
We’ll be picked up by vehicle and driven to
Fort Simpson to meet our plane home. There
may be time to explore around town.
23. Juni bis 06. Juli 2017
08. Juli bis 21. Juli 2017
25. Juli bis 07. August 2017
09. August bis 22. August 2017
Dauer: 14 Tage ab / bis Fort Simpson
Im Preis inbegriffen:
Englischsprachiger erfahrener Reiseleiter
Geführte Kanutour auf dem Nahanni River
Alle notwendigen Transporte
Miete und Transporte der Kanus
Benutzung von Zelten
Komplette Koch- und Campingausrüstung
Komplette Verpflegung während der Kanutour
Parkgebühren und Taxen
Preis pro Person (inkl. Park Fee)
CHF 7355.-
Camp will be in Deadmen Valley or First
The highlights include First Canyon, Canada’s
deepest river canyon at a depth of 1300 metres
(4265 feet), George’s and Lafferty’s Riffles and
White Spray Springs. After stopping at Kraus’
Hot Springs for a soak, we leave the canyons
and carry on to camp in the area known as
The Splits. Here the river braids and twists into
many channels.
While negotiating the huge meanders prior to
the native village of Nahanni Butte, we’ll experience the river valley opening up to meet the
forested flatlands. Camp will be in or near the
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