343-438 Addiyar Building, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai / UAE +971 4



343-438 Addiyar Building, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai / UAE +971 4
343-438 Addiyar Building, Sheikh Zayed Road,
Dubai / UAE +971 4 5091 999 Fax: +971 4 380 8660
Company Profile
Agaoglu - having commenced operations in 1981 with the first
company of the group, Akdeniz Insaat, today Agaoglu Group operates
in construction, real estate, energy, and tourism sectors.
In the field of construction, where the majority of the group’s operations
take place, Agaoglu is proud as one of the largest construction firms
of Turkey with the experience of having constructed more than 30
thousand quality residences. The company constructed 16 projects,
including 11 with the “My …” concept where the target audience is
refined white-collar workers with higher education, in B and B+
income groups.
Today, Agaoglu simultaneously carries out the construction of 10
thousand residences.
A player in the tourism industry since 1988, Agaoglu Group is the
owner of Uludag My Resort Hotel and Kartanesi hotel acquired
in 2011, in addition to My City Hotel and My Village Residence in
Istanbul, models of city hotel operations. A new project commenced in
Bodrum, Agaoglu Tourism.
City will be the largest tourism complex of Turkey, containing 4 hotels,
golf courses, and villas.
Also active in the field of Energy, Agaoglu Group invests with priority
in wind, hydroelectricity, and geothermal energy projects, which
represent clean, efficient, and environment-friendly use of local
resources. Investments in such projects are currently estimated to reach
1 billion Euros.
Agaoglu Energy Group commenced operations of Mersin RES with a
capacity of 33 MW, its first wind power plant, and Sah RES, with an
installed capacity of 93 MW. In 2011, Agaoglu Group was awarded the
Gökçeada RES and Tatlıpınar RES tenders, placing the highest bid ever
offered in Turkey for any wind power plant investment. Agaoglu aims
to achieve an installed power of 1,000 MW before the end of 2015,
furthering the success of having installed 492 MW out of the current
wind power capacity of Turkey, which stands at 1,600 MW.
MASLAK 1453 ( delivered in December 2015)
Our latest project called Maslak 1453. It is one of the biggest residential
projects in the history of Turkey. It is located in Maslak district, in the
middle of the forest at the European side of Istanbul. This project has
such attractive spot areas close to it. It is close to the financial center,
as well as airport .
There are 5322 units and out of 4789 of it are residential. The project
has shopping malls, restaurants, cafeterias, theaters, fashion center,
open bazaar areas. It has 1453 meter long street which is between
blocks and will have well known designer’s stores. Project will have
everything we can imagine.

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