Lypsyl Lipbalm review



Lypsyl Lipbalm review
MCP-Lypsyl original
November 10, 2015
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Lypsyl Lipbalm review
Ask and ye shall receive.
I had no idea that people were so into lip balm reviews so here’s one more!
This week, I’ve been using Lypsyl lip balm.. and drum
roll please…..
It blows Eos and Softlips Luxe out of the water! My
lips are so soft and smooth and I could actually notice
the difference after the first day of use.
It also doesn’t claim to be organic, paraben-free, etc,
but if you have really dry lips then I think it’s the only
way to go. It also has beeswax and coconut oil in it,
and they really play up the beeswax although I think
it’s the petroleum jelly that does most of the work.
The lip balm goes on so smooth and leaves a silky layer of hydration on the lips. It’s not
thick like the Softlips luxe lip balm is, and it has no taste like the Eos lip balms. You kind of
forget that it’s there, but your lips feel so good after having it on for a while.
Pick it up at drugstores. I guess this is the most effective lip balm that I’ve tried, but I would
have to say that the Eos lip balm is still a favourite because I lean towards more natural
ingredients. But I’ll be using the Lypsyl for the next little while and I’ll even be using it on my
kids because it’s so effective and quick and if they don’t get rid of dry lips immediately
there’s lots of picking going on, which is just gross and a great way to pick up germs.
This comes in regular, cherry flavour (which is not tinted but just smells like cherry), and
sensitive (which has no flavour or colouring).
Wanted to share with you! A couple of
weeks ago we noticed a beauty blogger
tweet that she needed a vacation and
asked for Calgon to take her away! So we
sent her package of calgon products to
create a staycation with and she tweeted
about it! She has over 6,600 followers.
Original tweet
Response to package tweet
@brillcomm Thank you for the lovely
package I received when I got home
tonight. It was such a nice surprise!
Soothe your senses with Dr. Teal's Epsom Salts Solutions
Publish Date: October 27, 2015
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Sooth Your Senses With Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt Solutions
2015 Holiday Gift Guide
Every night it’s the same. Hubby climbs into the tub to sooth his aching bones, a minor
reflection from his motorcycle accident he sustained over 20 years ago now. Tonight was
different, though. Instead of the generic Epsom salts I usually buy from Walmart.
Tonight, I decided to give hubs a treat opening up a package of Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt.
“The moment I slipped into the tub I felt the difference. Unlike traditional Epsom
Salt, Dr. Teal’s has magical powers. Okay, maybe not magic but you can feel the
eucalyptus working its magic on your body to help soothe aching muscles and
sore spots” — Forgetful Dad
We also tried out Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bath, one of my relaxation
therapies. I love bath spas and having Pure Epsom Salt and essential
oils to soothe the senses, relax my aching and tense muscles in my
neck which get sore working on the computer and provide relief
from stress. Dr. Teals Foaming Bath comes in Lavender (my
favorite), Eucalyptus & Spearmint, Chamomile, Rosemary Mint,
Milk & Honey and Ginger & Clay
Dr. Teal’s Body Lotion is a God send. Lately, I’ve been ill with muscular
pain, hurting all over and this body lotion is so soothing and pain
relieving, plus it moisturizes. It doesn’t say healing, but this lotion is
just that. Enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E like any other skin
care product, it hydrates the skin but it must be the natural Epsom Salt
in the lotion because when hubby rubs it on my back I feel so darn
relaxed and every muscle feels amazing!
Walmart has a Dr. Teal’s Gift Set (5 piece for the holidays) a great gift for him or
her. I’m going to head down and get one this week for hubby and put it away. In
the Lavender or Eucalyptus scent. The gift set comes with trial size Epsom Salt
Soak 396g, Foaming Bath 88ml, Body Wash 88ml, Body Oil 30ml and Body Lotion
28g. Everything you need to soak away stress, exfoliate and moisturize your skin
and give your hair a boost. Hair A Boost? Oh yeah, there are many uses for Epsom
Salt that you have to check out. One being providing some oomph to your hair
among other things.
2015 Holiday Gift Guide
Publish Date: October 31, 2015
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2015 Holiday Gift Guide
WELCOME to our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide. Check back regularly as this post updates and new gift items and ideas are
added. We hope you enjoy our gift suggestions. Click on an image for more information about each product.
Yardly London English Lavender
Collection #giftguide
From the time I was a little girl and used to watch my Nana use bath talc, I’ve been a fan of Yardley London est. in 1770.
Trusted for many generations, Yardley soaps have always been crafted with essential oils and skin care ingredients to help
sooth your skin and mind.
Yardley London English Lavender Collection
One of my favorite collections from Yardley London is the English Lavender Collection. This
wonderful scent, rich in lather and amazing in shower formula leaves my skin super soft and
supple, ultra-moisturizing it with natural extracts that are not animals tested.
Yardley London English Lavender Bath Talc is my favorite out of the collection which
you can purchase on I know many people smile at me funny when I tell them
I still use bath talc, but I do. I love the way it feels on my skin, drying the moisture that
collects upon my arms and legs during the day, leaving behind the amazing scent of
lavender, floral and musk notes.
Yardley English Lavender Perfume – Top notes are rosemary, eucalyptus,
lavender, and bergamot; middle notes are clary sage, cedar and geranium;
base notes are tonka bean, musk and oakmoss. You can pick up a bottle at
Shopper’s Drug Mart. Best worn mid-winter as the Lavender fragrance shines.
Yardley London English Lavender Bar Soap – This classic soap is the
finest around, rich in the best lavender found on the planet. Melt
away your stress and soothe your senses. I picked up two bars
from Shopper’s. These bars last a long long time.
2015 Holiday Gift Guide
Publish Date: October 31, 2015
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Province: CDN
Type: Blog
Reach: 40,000
2015 Holiday Gift Guide
WELCOME to our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide. Check back regularly as this post updates and new gift items and ideas are
added. We hope you enjoy our gift suggestions. Click on an image for more information about each product.
Fuse Gelnamel Starter Kit #
Gel nails have come a long way in bringing salon nails to the comfort
of your home. Now Fuse Gelnamel makes it even easier with their
new starter kits. Covered–literally in just one coat. All it takes is 30
seconds in the tiny Fuse LED lamp and you’ve got megashine that lasts
all week long.
Fuse Gelnamel combines the best of polish color + best of gel into an
all-in-one formula you can use yourself. No more going to the salon
and spending money to have fabulous gel nails. Fuse Gelnamel Starter
kits bring the salon to you for a fraction of the price!
With 6 kits to choose from you get everything you need. Included is
the Fuse Gelnamel color of your choice for the kit you choose, all the
accessories, cleaning wipes, tools to push your cuticles, lint free
wipes, double sided nail buffer and instruction. But the most
important the high-powered Fuse LED lamp to help cure your nails in
30 seconds.
Fuse Gelnamel comes in a variety of colors to choose from. The kit as I
said has 6 colors but the colors don’t stop there. Once you buy your
kit, just pick up your favorite gelnamel color to continue using your gel
lamp to show off the beautiful color you want on your nails.
TIP: It’s extremely important to buff and cleanse the nail
before using the polish. You can only Fuse one nail at a time
and only apply a thin coat. Do not place your finger too far
into the lamp, rest it in the groove directly under the bulb.
Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit was featured in
a story titled, “Makeup Classics,” in the November issue
of Allure. Allure is a top women’s publication that has an
approximate circulation of 1,139,932.
Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit was
featured and photographed in a story titled, “How to Get
Fuller Lashes in a Blink,” in the November issue ofMore.
More has an approximate circulation of 1,321,883
Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Extreme
Shimmer & Liner in Smoky was featured and
photographed in a story titled, “Beauty Aisle Bests: Eye
Candy,” in the November issue of People Stylewatch. People
StyleWatch has an approximate circulation of 836,294
This is the first annual award for People Magazine BEST
Drugstore Beauty Products.
Below please find the links, the "BEST" award was featured in
a gallery on (UVPM: 2,426,115), (UVPM: 13,908,180) as well as the Today Show this
morning! The TV segment can be watched in the
link below. The awards were also featured on the People
Instagram account (12.4k Followers).
Beauty Awards 2015: The Best Drugstore Makeup
Get ready to face the day with these 12 new must-have finds for your makeup bag. Not a single one costs more than $20
Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit: Watch out, falsies! When you
layer this mascara with brush-on “extensions” from a second tube, lashes look so long,
people will assume they’re faux.
Buy It! Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash
Nude Wear Glowing Nude Bronzer was featured on
The Marilyn Denis Show in a segment titled, “Look Like a
Celeb” on November 13th. The segment was also posted on (UVPM: 803,671).
Look Like a Celeb
Celebrity Look-a-Like Looks
We are all obsessed with celebrities their glamourous looks. Celebrity stylist, Denise
Caldwell show us easy ways to achieve the same looks.
• Matte Lipstick - Maybelline Siren in Scarlet
• Mascara - Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara
• Nuetrogena Rapid Dark Circle Repair Stick to hide dark circles and eliminate puffiness
• Physicians Formula Nude Wear gives your skin that summerlicious healthy glow
• Benefit Brow Gel for shaping
City Glow Daily Defense Bronzer SPF 30 was featured
and photographed in an article titled, “OK!’s Fave Products of
2015” in the November 30th issue of OK!. OK! has an
approximate circulation of 508,401 and readers are directed
to drugstores for purchase.
The new Shimmer Strips Disco Glam eye shadows
were featured on The Wendy Williams show “Drugstore
Beauty Finds.” Below is a link to read the online story.
Some of the best and most affordable beauty products are available at your local drugstore.
Beauty expert Bahar Takhtehchian shows us some of the hottest new products that will have you looking
fabulous, without breaking your bank!
Eyeshadow & Liner: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips,
This eyeshadow palette contains high-pigmented shadow and eyeliner in one
beautiful package. The palette features some of the season’s hottest metallic shades.
You can use the shadows dry or wet for two dramatically different finishes.
Lip Smacker was featured in an article for Fashion Magazine.
MCP-Wet n Wild bronzer and Mega Glo illuminating powder
November 5, 2015
Reach: 500
Wet N Wild Color Icon Bronzer and Mega Glo Illuminating Powder Review |
Time to eat my words about drugstore makeup
I don't like to say this, but I can be a bit of a makeup snob. There are certain brands
that I've just always snubbed, even though I'm a fan of drugstore makeup, just
because they looked "cheap" to my eyes. A lot of it is to do with packaging, font
styles and marketing. If it's drugstore + marketed towards teens, then for sure I'm
going to stick my nose up at it. Well, it's time to eat crow because after trying my
first Wet n Wild products, I have to say that I was totally wrong about this
"teenybopper" brand.
Wet n Wild is a LA based makeup brand that you've probably spotted at stores like
Walmart. They carry a full line of makeup products and have been around since the
70's! Recently I was sent a package containing a variety of Wet n Wild products. I'd
been hearing rave reviews from other bloggers I knew, so I was finally curious
enough to try it myself, starting with the Wet N Wild Color Icon Bronzer and
the Wet N Wild Mega Glo Illuminating Powder
What it is: A bronzer containing SPF 15 and a softly illuminating finish. This bronzer comes in 3 shades ranging from a golden
medium shade (Reserve your Cabana) to a warm true bronze (Bikini Contest).
My take: Although this product is marketed as a bronzer, it's also a popular choice as a finishing or setting powder thanks to its
decent oil-absorbing qualities and luminous finish. If you're a fan of subtle shimmers like I am, then you'll love the shade
Reserve Your Cabana. It's a gorgeous creamy beige tone that perfectly matches my current skin color and will help give me a
little color when I get even paler in winter. I've been using this as a pressed powder after my foundation to smooth out and set
my base products.
What it is: An illuminating blush and bronzer combo that can be used on face and body. This powder has 4 strips of color that
can be worn individually or swirled together for a warm flush of color. The Mega Glo Illuminating Powder comes in 4 different
combinations: Catwalk Pink (a mix of golds and pink shimmers), Strike-a-Pose Rose (warm pinks and dusky roses), Spotlight
Peach (bronze and warm pinks) and Starlight Bronze (warm golds, peach and bronze).
My take: I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this powder, which I received in Spotlight Peach. Although each strip of
color is too small to be used individually on the face, when swirled together, this powder becomes a most flattering
combination of peach and bronze that really warms up my skin and gives me a lifted, refreshed glow. Most of the shades in
Spotlight Peach are on the matte side, except for the rightmost shade, which has a medium amount of shimmer. Since all the
shades, with the exception of the dark bronze, are quite pink, I would definitely not use this as an all-over powder, but only as a
blush. I love to use a big fluffy blush brush and just swirl this powder generously over my cheekbones. The finish is pretty
summery, but I love it so much that I'm keeping it in my fall makeup rotation anyway!
Beauty Jobs – Every Day Essentials
Publish Date: November 4, 2015
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Spray-On Nail Polish Is The New Beauty Trend You Need To Know About
Publish Date: November 9, 2015
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Reach: 2,890,000
Spray-On Nail Polish Is The New Beauty
Trend You Need To Know About
Wet N Wild Disturbia