Naatya-Raaga 2011 Event Day Brochure (13 MB, pdf file)



Naatya-Raaga 2011 Event Day Brochure (13 MB, pdf file)
Day 1, Saturday February 19th , 2011: Dance contest - Starting at 9:00AM
Classical, Semi-classical and Folk group dances in Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak and Odissi styles.
Venue: Mt. Pleasant High School Theatre, Address: 1750 S. White Rd., San Jose, CA
Welcome and house rules: 8:45AM-9:00AM
Senior Classical 9:00AM - 10:30AM - Kuchipudi Art center , Sri Krupa Dance Academy , Nrityamala Kuchipudi School ,
Nritanjali , PAMPA , Nrityananda School Of Kuchipudi Dance , Tiruchitrambalam , Natyalaya Kuchipudi School Of Dance , OPAL
Junior Classical 10:30AM - 12:00PM - Sankalpa School Of Dance , Sri Krupa Dance Academy , Indraadhanush , Vrindavan
Indian Dance Academy , California Nupur Dance Academy , Kuchipudi Art center , Nritanjali , Tiruchitrambalam , Natyalaya
Kuchipudi School Of Dance , Nrityarpana , Archana Bangalore Fresno , OPAL , Tiruchitrambalam
Senior Semi-Classical 12:00PM - 1:15PM - Nritanjali, Aerodance, Nataraj School Of Dance, Xpressions, OPAL , Sthree
Junior Semi-Classical 1:30PM - 2:15PM - Aerodance, Xpressions, Omkar, Shivalaya School Of Dance, International
Gurukul, Starrz.
Adult Semi-Classical 2:30PM - 3:00PM - Xpressions, Indian Fusion Dance Academy, Kriyaa Dance Academy
Senior Folk 3:00PM - 3:30PM - Bhangra Fatality, Xpressions, Nupur Folk Dance Academy, Indian Fusion Dance Academy.
Junior Folk 3:45PM - 5:15PM - Kriyaa Dance Academy, Omkar, Sthree Productions, Nrityarpana, Fremont Dancing Stars,
Indraadhanush, Agni, Xpressions, Nrityabhakti Dance Academy, Bhangra Fatality, Indian Fusion Dance Academy.
Adult Folk 5:30PM - 6:15PM - Indian Fusion Dance Academy, Sthree Productions, Dance Beats, Kriyaa Dance Academy,
Judges: Alpana Narayan Sharma, Beejal Gajjar, Gargi Panchangam, Janani Narayanan, Jayanthi Sridharan, Monika Mutakar,
Nirmal Gosavi, Nirupama Vaidyanathan, Priya Das, Radhika Shankar, Ranjani Manda, Reema Kashyap, Roopa Anand, Sangita
Nandy, Srividya Ramesh, Dr. Tulasi Ramachandra, Vidya Subramaniam, Vishal Ramani.
MCs: Anita Satish, Chinmayee Bettadapura, Ashok Handigol
Day 2, Sunday February 20th , 2011: Music contest - Starting at 9:00AM
Classical and Semi-classical group music recital in Carnatic & Hindustani styles.
Venue: Mt. Pleasant High School Theatre, Address: 1750 S. White Rd., San Jose, CA
Welcome and house rules: 8:45AM - 9:00AM
Junior Carnatic Classical 9:00AM - 10:30AM – Sangithalaya School of Music, Sathguru Vidyalaya, Kalalaya Music School,
Mahatee Music Academy, Nadalaya School Of Music, Sriraagasudha School of Music.
Junior Carnatic SEMI-Classical 10:45AM - 12:00PM - Mahatee Music Academy, Sathguru Vidyalaya, Kalalaya Music
School, Nadalaya School Of Music, Sri Rama Lalitha Kala Mandira
Senior Carnatic Classical 12:45PM - 2:00PM - Ragamalika, Sangithalaya School of Music, Sri Rama Lalitha Kala Mandira
Maithri, Sathguru Vidyalaya, Mahatee Music Academy, Neyveli Gurukulum
Senior Carnatic SemiClass 2:00PM - 3:00PM - Mahatee Music Academy, Neyveli Gurukulum, Ragamalika, Sri Rama
Lalitha Kala Mandira
Senior Hindustani Classical 3:00PM - 4:00PM - Saptak Music School, Rajguru Sangeet Vidyaniketan
Adult Carnatic SemiClassical 4:00PM - 5:30PM - Kalalaya Music School, Sri Rama Lalitha Kala Mandira, Sangithalaya
School of Music, Gana Mandira Fina Arts, Shakuntala Murthy, Mahatee Music Academy.
Showcase: Students of Revathi Narayan, Ravi Gutala, Satish Tare, Shubhashree Chaki, Ramesh Srinivasan
Judges: Aditya Das, Aparna Iyer, Arvindan Lakshmikanthan, Gayatri Satya, Hari Devnath, Jayashree Dasarathy, Lakshmi
Balasubramanya, Madan Oak, Madhuvanti Bhide, Mohan Rangan, Ragavan Manian, Shanthi Shriram, Subhapriya Srivatsan,
Vasudha Ravi.
MCs: Ashok Handigol, Vivek Sundararaman
Founded in 2003, OSAAT (One School at a Time) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping schools in rural India, in dire need of
strong, safe infrastructure. Since its inception in 2003, we have very successfully funded all or in part the rebuilding of U.B.M.C Higher
Primary School, Bajegoli, Karnataka State; Bannerghatta Primary School on the outskirts of Bangalore; SS Matriculation Thandalam
School, Tamilnadu; Govt. People’s Park School, Nazarbad, Mysore and Vishwa Bharati Vidya Samasthe, Bhadravati, Karnataka. Projects
are evaluated and chosen continuously from amongst the applications we receive, and funded by means of cultural and other events we
host periodically. A dedicated team of volunteers and board of directors get involved in every step of the way, from selection to
monitoring and completion of projects. As a 100% volunteer-run organization, our administrative costs are absolutely minimal. Every
dollar raised is thus utilized optimally to help the chosen school.
We raise funds to help rural schools in dire need of infrastructure. We focus primarily on building, improving, maintaining and sustaining
infrastructure of schools, selected - one at a time - in order to achieve optimum results in terms of scalability, achievability, accountability
and measurability.
For 2010-2011, OSAAT is helping five schools from Karnataka & Maharashtra. All of the selected schools are catering to educational needs
of the children from economically backward families. Following are the five schools that have been taken up by OSAAT for renovation.
1. Mahadeva school, Ravalgundevadi, Maharastra
2. Jai Gurudeva Schol, Muttagi, Bijapur, Karnataka
3. Tejaswi Shcool, Dharawad, Karnataka
4. Chinmaradi School, Tarikere, Karnataka
5. Chaitanya School, Mulakwad, Haliyal, Karnataka
Total cost of renovation of infrastructure for these schools is about 100,000 USD. Two more additional schools are currently
being evaluated for 2011-2012.
OSAAT is also planning to register its subsidiary in India. This will help speed up project executions as well attract local support in India.
As we continue to fund more needy schools, we rely on the generosity of donors, sponsors and partners who believe in our mission. We
welcome anyone who believes in our vision to join us at any time, in any capacity. No amount of your monetary contribution is too small,
and no amount of your time is too short. OSAAT is a 501 (c) (3) corporation, with Tax ID 20 2043649. Please join us in helping the rural
schools and kids in India. Please visit us at or email us at [email protected]
Together, we can make a difference.
Sincere Thanks on behalf of OSAAT to … Peacock Indian Restaurants
(Trophy sponsorships)
Peacock Indian Restaurants
Dosa Bawarchi
Dosa Place
Rekha Shivapa
Ravindra JN
Vikram Holla
Harsha Nagaraju
Shrisha Yelluru
Aaron Jenson
Robin Edwards
Mt. Pleasant High School
Media Partners
Serra Theatres, Milpitas
Mansoor Tax consultants
Sitarre TV
Dance contest Judges
Trained in Banaras gharana under Pt. Murli Dhar Shastri and also in Lucknow Gharana and obtained "Nipun" from Bhaatkhande
University. Received scholarships from University of Minnesota and apprenticeship under Kathak dancer Rita Mustafi. Extensive
experience in performing, conducting shows and workshops in the USA and India. Offering classes in Tracy.
Beejal has training in both Bharatanatyam and Manipuri dance. As a college student in Bombay, she took several workshops in folk
dance to learn the Tipni, Lezim, Garba, Raas and Kohli dance. After coming to USA, she furthered training in Bharatanatyam from
Sundara Swaminathan. She now teaches Garba and Raas during Navarathri, at Kalavandana Dance Academy to intiate many
dancers to this beautiful folk dance.
Trained under the renowned dancing couple, Shri. Shridhar and Smt. Anuradha Shridhar. Ranked first in the state level dance exams
and won numerous prizes in state level dance competitions. Trains students at her school, SamarpaNa Dance and Music Academy.
Also a trained Hindustani classical vocalist.
Learnt under 'The Kirans' in India, continuing her dance education under Smt. Vidhya Subramaniam at Lasya Dance Company. Also a
folk dancer and started "Nrityakalya Dance Company" for teaching and promoting the folk dances of India, and co-founded Sanhiti –
a South Indian Dance Troupe.
Jayanthi learnt the art of Bharatanatyam from Padmashri Shri Adyar K. Lakshman and is one of his senior-most disciples. She has
toured the world, performing and conducting lecture demonstrations on the art of Bharatanatyam. Jayanthi is the founder and artistic
director of Bharathakala Kutiram school of Bharatanatyam. The school has been a part of all community events in the bay area and
has presented some of its major productions Samarpanam, Nala Damayanthi and Maitreem Bhajatha in US & India.
Trained under guru Rekha Nadgauda, who is a disciple of dance maestro Pandit Gopikrishna, received ‘Nritya Visharad’ degree in
Kathak. Received formal training in folk dances. Teaching Kathak and Folk Dance in south & east bay locations for the past 5 years.
Learnt Bharatnatyam and also completed formal training in folk dance under the guidance of Guru Ramesh Purav, and Guru Acharya
Parvati Kumar. performed in several TV and professional stage productions. A successful choreographer for the last 22 years of
numerous folk dances and stage plays for various cultural and educational organizations.
Learnt Bharatanatyam under well-known gurus Swamimalai S.K. Rajarathnam and Kalanidhi Narayanan. Artistic Director of the
Sankalpa School of Dance in Fremont, involved in teaching, performing and writing about the arts. Has more than 200 performances
to her credit.
Priya Das is an arts critic and preview writer for India Currents and a student and performer of BharataNatyam for over twenty
years. She is an avid follower and performer of folk traditions such as Bhangra, Dhamail, Kaikottikali, Koli, Garba, Dandiya, and
Flamenco. Her arts career highlights include over thirty performances in India and USA, teaching physically and mentally challenged
children, and participating in the acclaimed TV series Bharat Ek Khoj.
Dance contest Judges
Trained under Padmashree Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam, performed with her troupe throughout the world and was awarded “Bharata
Nritya Seva Mani”. Featured prominently in several major Bay Area performances benefiting Livermore Hindu Temple, Aasra, and
Asian Tsunami fund raiser.
Director of Aerodance, school of semi-classical dance in Fremont, won numerous awards in several Bay Area dance festivals, events
and competitions for the past eleven years. Obtained advanced training in Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi for 12 years at Bharatiya
Kalakshetram, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Specialized in Andhra folk dances such as 'Kolattam' and 'Lambadi'.
Reema Kashyap has undergone extensive training in Bharatanatyam from Sri Shivarao and Smt Vijayalakshmi with additional
guidance programs from renowned artists like Smt Rashmi Gopi & Smt Narmada. She has given a many performances at prestigious
Sabhas in Bangalore and in South India. She has received many honors including 'Karnataka Nritya Academy' scholarship, top place
at Kalaimaghal Sabha competition. Reema is the artistic director of 'Natya Mayuri Dance School'.
Roopa Anand has been trained under Smt. Nirmala, Sri K R S Prasanna and Guru B Bhanumathi in Bangalore. She has performed in
major productions in India and abroad and toured UK with Guru Bhanumathi’s troupe, Bharatanjali. She has also performed on the
television network in India. Since moving to the Bayarea in 1999, Roopa has been performing in the dance circuit. Roopa, founded
Nrityarpana dance school to train younger generation into this art form.
A leading student of Kathak maestro Nritya Shiromoni Guru Bandana Sen, Sangita is a dance choreographer, performer, and
educator of the North Indian classical dance, Kathak in bay area.
Trained under teachers in India and the bay area, including the Dhananjans, Sri Adyar K. Laxman and Smt Kalanidhi Narayanan.
Performs at various community events in the Bay Area.
Dr . Tulasi Ramachandra is a senior guru, performer and a choreographer from India. She is the founder director of Nrityalaya
trust,An academy of performing arts. She has trained more than 1000 students since 31 years. Dr. Tulasi is the exponent of
Bharatanatyam, Kathak and Kuchipudi dance styles. She has been awarded doctorate for her thesis on dance and literature and has
been conferred with Rajyotsava and “Karnataka kalasri” awards . She has reconstructed the special dance forms of Karnataka
namely Perani and Goundali & has authored three books on dance. She names her style of dance as MADHURYA MAARGA. She has
composed, directed and presented 30 dance dramas till now. She is an accomplished singer, a composer and a Reiki master too.
Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher and Actor, Vidhya Subramanian studied Bharatanatyam under her Gurus Sri S.K. Rajarathnam and
Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan. She has performed internationally and has the distinction of performing before President R.
Venkatraman, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. The awards and titles of 'Singar Mani', 'Natya Arasi', 'Yuva Kala Bharati', and
'Nadanamamani' have been conferred on her. She is a grade ‘A’ artiste on Indian television. Vidhya is the founder and artistic director
of Lasya Dance Company. She has collaborated with other Bay area artists to offer spell-binding presentations.
Founder-Director of Shri Krupa Dance Foundation of San Jose, with over 32 years of experience in teaching and choreography in the
bay area, and before that in India. Trained under Guru Mahalingam Pillai and Guru Govinda Raj Pillai of Shri Raja Rajeshwari
Bharata Natya Kala Mandir of Bombay. Has won numerous awards and accolades.
Music contest Judges
Aditya is a senior Disciple of Shrimati Lakshmi Shankar (Patiala Gharana) since 1994. He learnt Sarod from his father-Shri Pradip
Das, and Rabindrasangeet from his mother-Amita Das, Smt. Shukla Mitra and Smt. Gita Sen. A tenor with the Madrigal Singers of
Clarksburg (1990-1993) led by Don Gardner (Western Classical Chorale and Medieval Hymns). Aditya’s notable performances include:
House of Soviet Culture (Mumbai); Renaissance Invitational Festival (Annapolis, MD); California Center for the Arts (Escondido)accompanying Pandit Ravi Shankar.
Trained in Carnatic vocal for over 25 years by eminent Gurus Smt. Rohini Venkatachalam, Sri. H. Meenakshisundaram and Smt.
Alamelu. Aparna continues her training under Guru Smt. Asha Ramesh. She has won many awards including tops awards by Sri
Shanmukhananda Fine Arts & Sangeetha Sabha, Bombay, for Raaga alaapana and Krithi renditions. She has performed in many solo
and group concerts, the most recent one being “Shakthi Shree Sharadha, The Divine” – a fundraiser concert for South Bay Hindu
Center by Guru Smt Asha Ramesh.
Trained with Smt Lalgudi Srimathi Brahmanandam. An accomplished soloist, has performed extensively in India and in several cities
in the US. Has accompnaied acclaimed musicians including Nedunuri Krishnamurthi, T.V. Gopalakrishnan, O.S. Thiagarajan,
Unnikrishnan and Bombay Jayshri.
Trained under gurus Shri. Manakkal S. Rangarajan, Shri. Manakkal.S.Natarajan, Sangeetha Acharya Shri.O.V.Subrahmanyam, and
Smt.S.Sowmya. She continues learning with Sangeetha Kalanidhi Smt.R. Vedavalli. Her CD album "Bhakthi Rasa" has gained
popularity among the Carnatic Music rasikas. She recently released an audio CD album, "Gaana Maaduryam", that focuses on
relaxing the mind and soul with the therapeutic ragams of Carnatic Music.
Trained and continues to be groomed under Vidwan Neyveli Sri Santhanagopalan. Hari has performed in established sabhas such as
Bharath Kalachar and Mylapore Fine Arts Club in Chennai and at many music festivals in the mid-west and the bay area. Hari teaches
vocal carnatic music in the bay area through Sri Paduka Academy. Hari has performed several unique and thematic concerts and is
committed to supporting Indian Classical music activities in the bay area.
An All India Radio graded artist, Jayashree commenced her music training in both vocal and Veena. She started her training under
Kamala Aswatthama, and then continued under Madurai T.N. Seshagopalan. She has performed in various renowned sabhas in India,
and is a recognized musician and teacher in the Bay Area, with her own music school. She emphasizes purity, a firm adherence to the
principles of Carnatic music, and uncompromising quality in her teaching.
Received guidance from Prof. H.V. Krishnamurthy, Vid. S.V.Narayan and Vid. H.K. Venkataram. Has accompanied numerous artists
including Vid. TV Gopalakrishnan, Vid RK Srikanthan, Vid. Seetalakshmi Venkatesan, and Vid RA Ramamani. Has received awards
from Ananya Cultural Academy. Malleshwaram Sangeeta Sabha, Gayana Samaja, Nadajyoti Sangeeta Sabha, Karnataka Gana Kala
Parishat and many others. She ranked first 1 in Junior, Senior and Vidwat Music Exams. With more than 800 concerts to her credit,
Lakshmi is a A B-High grade artist of All India Radio.
A disciple of the legendary Santoor Maestro Pundit Shivkumar Sharma. Built his own Santoor, received many University awards and
the AIR Best Instrumentalist National award. Has performed on AIR Pune Radio Station & several given public concerts in India and
USA. He is a trustee of the Lata Mangeshkar Foundation.
Madhuvanti Bhide has been in the Hindustani Classical music for more than 18yrs. Learnt a blend of three perstigious gharanasJaipur,Kirana & Gwalior ,from her Guru Dr.Alka Deo Marulkar and Lt.Pt.Rajabhau Deo. Along with various awards, she was was
awarded the most prestigious scholarship from the Govt. of India for classical vocal. Madhuvanti performs classical as well as semi
classical, hindi, marathi light vocal, all over USA and India. Madhuvanti's first Marathi album Ase Sur Gawe, was recently released in
Pune and is available here in the USA too.
Music contest Judges
Mohan Rangan is a well known musician who was inspired to learn flute from his father Sri H. D. Govindaraj. He started his flute
career under the tutelage of Vidwan S.A. Sashidhar at Vijaya College of Music, Bangalore. He continued his advanced music education
under the guidance of Sangeetha Kalarathna Prof. H.V. Krishnamurthy. By profession Mohan works as a software engineer by in
Synopsys, Inc, striving to do his best in both professions. Mohan's goal is to grow immensely and gain experience by playing in
prestigious venues while maintaining manodharma and adherence to tradition.
A senior disciple of 'Padma Vibhushan' Dr. Balamurali Krishna, has been giving full-length Carnatic concerts since the age of thirteen.
He has performed in all the major musical venues in Madras, including Music Academy, Krishna Gana Sabha, Bharat Kalachar,
Indian Fine Arts, Narada Gana Sabha, Mylapore Fine Arts and Karthik Fine Arts. Has appeared on Doordarshan and AIR, and has
received wide acclaim for his concert technique, voice culture and innovativeness. Has won numerous awards for raga, swara and
pallavi singing from several music institutions. A versatile artiste, his other interests include playing the violin, flute and harmonica.
Granddaughter of Sangeetha Vidwan Sri.Sathur A.G. subramaniam, disciple of her mother and guru Smt.Lakshmi Sundaram, the
violin maestro Sri Lalgudi G.Jayaraman, Sri.Sundaravaradan and Smt. Seethamani Srinivasan, and her mother-in-law Mrs.Lalgudi
Srimathi Brahmanandam. She has won several awards from The Music Academy, Indian Fine Arts Society, Mylapore Fine Arts Club.
Performed in Australia for the University of Queensland and at the Woodford International Folk Festival. Shanthi and her husband
Shriram Brahmanandam, a renowned Mridangam artiste are founders and directors of Nadalaya, a successful music institution in the
bay area.
Introduced to Carnatic vocal music by her parents Smt. Radha & Thiruvaiyaru Sri S. R. Krishnan who were themselves acclaimed
singers musicologist. Subhapriya has performed with her sisters Padmapriya and Harini in many prestigious venues, All India Radio
and Doordharshan. She underwent extensive training under Professor S. Ramanathan. She has also had the privilege of briefly
learning under Vid.Vairamangalam Sri Lakshminarayanan and Vidwan & Sangeeta Kalanidhi Palghat Sri K.V.Narayanaswamy. She
has performed in Europe, India and the U.S. and has coordinated numerous concerts and music festivals. She is one of the core founder
of the bay area classical music organization SVLOTUS.
Commenced her long standing musical training with Dr.Manjula Sriram, who is a Retired Lecturer from The Music Academy, Chennai
for the TTC (Teachers’ Training Course) & the Sangeetha Rathna Course, for over 16yrs. Vasudha is a proud recipient of the prestigious
title “Yuva Kala Bharathi”. She is a ‘B-High’ Graded artist of the All India Radio, Chennai. She was also the top-10 upcoming artistes
featured in Ananda Vikatan in the year 2006. Subsequently, her interview was published in the tabloid named “Youth Jugalbandhi” by
Ananda Vikatan in the year 2008. Vasudha holds master degrees in MBA-HR and MA-Music. She was the Secretary of Youth
Association for Classical Music (YACM) for the tenure 2006-2008.
OSAAT’s sincerely thanks
Naatya-Raaga participants & their families
for the continued support!
To OSAAT’s Donors…
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[Athena management & immigration services]
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